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Newfoundland 1921 Census
St. John's West District

WARD 5 (Part 8)

{497 Persons in 100 Households}

Pages 462 - 476

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 462                    


528 848 LEONARD Mary F Mother Married 1846 Aug 75 Trinity Bay
529 849 HAYES Thomas M Head Married 1881 Aug 40 Port Ray
    HAYES Mary F Wife Married 1891 Feb 30 Brigus
    HAYES Mary F Daughter Single 1919 May 2 St John's
530 850 BURKE Thomas M Head Married 1899 April 22 St John's
    BURKE Lilian F Wife Married 1900 Jun 21 St John's
    BURKE Mary F Daughter Single 1921 No Entry 8 mts St John's
  851 DOYLE William M Head Married 1889 Oct 32 King's Cove
    DOYLE Norah F Wife Married 1893 Machr 28 Topsail Road
    DOYLE Benedict M Son Single 1920 Aug 1 St John's
531 852 STEELE Archibald M Head Married 1883 Sept 38 Scotland
    STEELE Ida F Wife Married 1895 Dec 25 St John's
    STEELE David M Son Single 1908 April 13 St John's
    STEELE Bella F Daughter Single 1910 Juyl 11 St John's
    STEELE Mary F Daughter Single 1911 July 10 St John's
    STEELE Doris F Daughter Single 1914 Nov 9 St John's
    STEELE George M Son Single 1917 July 4 St John's
    STEELE Grace F Daughter Single 1919 July 2 St John's
532 853 ANTLE John M Head Single 1888   33 Brigus
  854 ANTLE John A M Head Married 1894 Oct 27 Brigus
    ANTLE Agnes F Wife Married 1896 Aug 25 Scotland
    ANTLE Rose F Daughter Single 1920 Mar 1 St John's
533 855 MUGFORD William M Head Married 1873 Nov 48 Clarkes Beach
    MUGFORD Minnie F Wife Married 1877 Sept 44 Catalina
    MUGFORD Evelyn F Daughter Single 1910 Aug 11 St John's
    MUGFORD James M Son Single 1912 July 9 St John's
    MUGFORD Florence F Daughter Single 1916 Jan 5 St John's
    MUGFORD Ethel F Daughter Single 1918 June 3 St John's
    BADCOCK Caroline F Servant Single 1904 Nov 17 Bay Roberts
534 856 JONES John M Head Married 1870 June 50 St John's
    JONES Rachel F Wife Married 1878 June 43 Spaniards Bay
    JONES Sadie F Daughter Single 1902 May 19 Whitbourne
    JONES Bella F Daughter Single 1905 Oct 16 St John's
PAGE 463                    


534 856 JONES Mildred F Daughter Single 1914 Sept 7 St John's
    JONES Janet F Daughter Single 1916 Nov 5 St John's
    JONES William M Son Single 1918 Dec 3 St John's
535 857 EBSARY William M Head Married 1887 July 34 Whitbourne
    EBSARY Edith F Wife Married 1894 April 27 St John's
    EBSARY Evelyn F Daughter Single 1912 Sept 9 St John's
    EBSARY Ina F Daughter Single 1914 March 7 St John's
    EBSARY George M Son Single 1917 Feb 4 St John's
    EBSARY Frederick M Son Single 1919 Feb 2 St John's
    EBSARY James M Son Single 1921 June 5 M St John's
  858 SACREY Arthur M Head Married 1887 May 34 Tilt Cove
    SACREY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1891 May 30 St John's
    SACREY Maxwell M Son Single 1913 Sept 8 St John's
    SACREY Edith F Daughter Single 1917 June 4 Tilt Cove
    SACREY Lloyd M Son Single 1920 Feb 1 St. John's
536 859 BUTT Alan M Head Married 1870 Jan 50 St John's
    BUTT Adelaide F Wife Married 1885 Feb 36 Fredericton
    BUTT John M Son Single 1903 March 18 St John's
    BUTT Lilian F Daughter Single 1908 July 13 St John's
    BUTT Dorothy F Daughter Single 1911 June 10 St John's
    BUTT Vera F Daughter Single 1913 June 8 St John's
    BUTT Adelaide F Daughter Single 1916 March 5 St John's
537 860 RODWAY Charles M Head Married 1887 Sept 34 Kingwell, P.B.
    RODWAY Florence F Wife Married 1893 Sept 28 Greenspond
    RODWAY George M Son Single 1915 Aug 6 Hants Hr T.B.
    RODWAY Marjorie F Daughter Single 1905 March 16 Kingwell P.B.
    SWEETAPPLE Jane F Servant Single 1905 Aug 16 Alexander Bay
538 861 BAILEY Pearce M Head Married 1882 Sept 39 Bonaventure TB
    BAILEY Mary F Wife Married 1886 May 35 Throughfare TB
    BAILEY Victor M Son Single 1909 June 12 Bonaventure TB
    BAILEY Mildred F Daughter Single 1920 Jan 1 Bonaventure TB
    LANGER Caroline F Daughter Single 1898 Feb 23 Throughfare TB
  862 PAUL John M Head Married 1894 Nov 27 Irelands Eye
PAGE 464                    


    PAUL Hannah F Wife Married 1896 June 25 Thoroughfare
539 863 GARDENER George M Head Married 1891 Oct 30 Bareneed
    GARDENER Edith F Wife Married 1891 Aug 30 Port De Grave
    GARDENER Edna M Daughter Single 1913 April 8 St John's
    GARDENER Anthony M Son Single 1918 Sept 3 St John's
540 864 GLYNN James M Head Married 1891 June 30 St John's
    GLYNN Hannah F Wife Married 1894 April 27 St John's
    GLYNN Mary F Daughter Single 1919 Feb 2 St John's
    GLYNN Loretta F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 St John's
    MURPHY William M Brother in Law Single 1891 April 30 St John's
    MURPHY Bessie F Sister in Law Single 1901 Aug 20 St John's
541 865 GARDENER George M Head Married 1872 Oct 49 North River
    GARDENER Susanna F Wife Married 1871 Jan 50 Clarkes Beach
542 866 CUMMINGS William M Head Married 1877 June 44 Trinity Bay
    CUMMINGS Emma F Wife Married 1880 April 41 Seal Cv, Fortune
    CUMMINGS Anora F Daughter Single 1907 Nov 14 St John's
    CUMMINGS Cora F Daughter Single 1909 June 12 St John's
    CUMMINGS Myrtle F Daughter Single 1913 Feb 8 St John's
    CUMMINGS Irene F Daughter Single 1914 Oct 7 St John's
    CUMMINGS George M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 St John's
    CUMMINGS Harry M Son Single 1919 Dec 2 St John's
    CUMMINGS Ruby F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 1 St John's
543 867 GUSH James M Head Married 1882 Dec 39 Dorset, England
    GUSH Mary F Wife Married 1885 Oct 36 Trinity
    GUSH Frederick M Son Single 1918 June 3 St John's
544 868 BUTT Thomas M Head Married 1875 Oct 46 Western Bay
    BUTT Elizabeth F Wife Married 1876 Sept 45 Ochre Pit Cv
    BUTT Sadie F Daughter Single 1911 Feb 10 St John's
    ENGLISH Rita F Niece Single 1898 July 23 St John's
545 869 REID Frederick M Head Married 1887 June 34 St John's
    REID Miriam F Wife Married 1895 Feb 26 Brigus
    REID Phyllis F Daughter Single 1914 Oct 7 St John's
    REID Fred M Son Single 1915 Nov 6 St John's
PAGE 465                    
545 869 REID Audrey F Daughter Single 1917 March 4 St.John's
    REID Bertram M Son Single 1919 March 2 St.John's
    REID Max M Son Single 1921 Oct 3 Weeks St.John's
546 870 PIKE Maxmilian M Head Married 1891 Oct 30 Belleoram
    PIKE Edith F Wife Married 1894 May 27 St.John's
    PIKE Jessie F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 3 St.John's
    PIKE Jean F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 St.John's
547 871 PIKE Elizabeth F Head Widow 1881 July 40 Catalina
    PIKE George M Son Single 1914 April 7 St.John's
    PIKE Eleanor F Daughter Single 1907 June 14 St.John's
548 872 NEWBURY Frederick M Head Married 1849 Aug 72 Brigus CB
    NEWBURY Mary Ann F Wife Married 1856 June 65 Cupids
    NEWBURY Charles M Son Single 1894 Sept 27 St.John's
  873 OSMOND Alexander M Head Married 1888 Oct 33 St.John's
    OSMOND Phoebe F Wife Married 1891 Dec 30 St.John's
    OSMOND Alex M Son Single 1919 May 2 St.John's
    OSMOND Roy M Son Single 1920 June 1 St.John's
549 874 SMALL Joseph M Head Married 1875 July 46 Burgeo
    SMALL Minnie F Wife Married 1875 (sic) Oct 36 (sic) Brigus
    SMALL Edith F Daughter Single 1905 Feb 16 Brigus Juncrion
    SMALL Murriel F Daughter Single 1906 Oct 15 Avondale
    SMALL Rita F Daughter Single 1908 Sept 13 Avondale
    SMALL Harry M Son Single 1910 Oct 11 Brigus Junction
    SMALL Lionel M Son Single 1910 Oct 11 Brigus Juncrion
    SMALL Nina F Daughter Single 1912 March 9 Avondale
    SMALL Olive F Daughter Single 1915 March 6 St.John's
    SMALL Cyril M Son Single 1914 (sic) July 4 (sic) St.John's
550 875 CLARKE George M Head Married 1883 July 38 St.John's
    CLARKE Amy F Wife Married 1884 Oct 37 Port Rexton
    CLARKE Frank M Son Single 1910 Feb 11 St.John's
551 876 NOSEWORTHY Philip M Head Married 1887 Aug 34 St.John's
    NOSEWORTHY Annie F Wife Married 1887 Sept 34 St.John's
    NOSEWORTHY Charles M Son Single 1909 march 12 St.John's
PAGE 466                    
    NOSEWORTHY Victor M Son Single 1911 Nov 10 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Edgar M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Evelyn F Daughter Single 1914 Feb 7 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Hettie F Daughter Single 1917 Aug 4 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Dorothy F Daughter Single 1919 April 2 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Olive F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 1 St. John's
    MAIDMENT Bertha F Servant Single 1902 Oct 19 Hants Hr
552 877 TUCKER John M Head Married 1887 Sept 34 Burnt Pd BDV
    TUCKER Annie F Wife Married 1892 July 29 Coley's Point BDV
    TUCKER Eddon (?) M Son Single 1914 May 7 St. John's
    KEOUGH Kate F Servant Single 1901 July 20 Plate Cove BB
553 878 DAWE Harvey M Head Married 1888 Dec 33 Upper Gullies
    DAWE Jeremiah F Wife Married 1889 Dec 32 Upper Gullies
    DAWE Enid F Daughter Single 1914 Sept 7 St. John's
    DAWE Jean F Daughter Single 1916 March 5 St. John's
    DAWE Douglas M Son Single 1918 Nov 3 St. John's
    DAWE Robert M Son Single 1919 Oct 2 St. John's
    DAWE Doris F Daughter Single 1921 April 7 M St. John's
    BOONE Annie F Boarder Single 1889 Oct 32 Bareneed CB
    CHANCY Nora F Servant Single 1903 Nov 18 Colliers
554 879 BURNELL Henry M Head Married 1879 Feb 42 Trinity
    BURNELL Frances F Wife Married 1879 Dec 42 Trinity
    BURNELL David G. M Son Single 1902 Nov 19 Trinity
    BURNELL Edwin M Son Single 1904 July 17 Trinity
    BURNELL Frances F Daughter Single 1910 July 11 Trinity
555 880 SAUNDERS Elisha M Head Married 1870 Oct 51 Greenspond BB
    SAUNDERS Drucilla F Wife Married 1869 Sept 52 Herring Neck
    SAUNDERS Gordon M Son Single 1909 July 12 St. John's
556 881 LeGROW Chedia (?) M Head Married 1875 Sept 46 Broad Cove CB
    LeGROW Mary F Wife Married 1878 Jan 43 Carbonear
    LeGROW Clarence M Son Single 1908 Sept 13 Broad Cove CB
557 882 KELLOWAY John M Head Married 1875 No Entry 46 Perry's Cove
    KELLOWAY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1880 Nov 41 Carbonear
PAGE 467                    
    KELLOWAY Mabel F Daughter Single 1903 May 18 Perry's Cove
    KELLOWAY Donald M Son Single 1905 Jan 16 Perry's Cove
558 883 BARRETT John M Head Married 1885 May 36 Old Perlican
    BARRETT Laura F Wife Married 1885 Sept 36 Carbonear
    BARRETT Robert M Son Single 1912 May 9 St. John's
    BARRETT Pauline F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 3 St. John's
559 884 LEWIS Charles M Head Married 1874 Nov 47 St. John's
    LEWIS Laura F Wife Married 1877 Oct 44 St. John's
    LEWIS Hugh M Son Single 1902 Jan 19 St. John's
    LEWIS Wilfred M Son Single 1903 July 18 St. John's
    LEWIS Jessie F Daughter Single 1905 Sept 16 St. John's
    LEWIS Annie F Daughter Single 1908 July 13 St. John's
    LEWIS Doris F Daughter Single 1913 Feb 8 St. John's
    LEWIS John M Son Single 1915 May 6 St. John's
    LEWIS May F Daughter Single 1915 May 6 St. John's
    LEWIS Wilson M Son Single 1918 May 3 St. John's
560 885 FITZPATRICK Frederick M Head Married 1866 No Entry 55 Tor Bay
    FITZPATRICK Agnes F Wife Married 1886 March 35 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK Frederick M Son Single 1914 Dec 7 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK Mary F Daughter Single 1916 Sept 5 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK Josephine F Daughter Single 1919 March 2 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK William M Son Single 1910 Dec 11 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK James M Son Single 1900 Jan 21 St. John's
    FITZPATRICK Bride F Daughter Single 1905 No Entry 16 St. John's
    DREADDY Mary F Servant Single 1902 July 19 Argentia
561 886 DOWNTON Mark M Head Married 1873 Dec 48 Exploits
    DOWNTON Martha F Wife Married 1879 Dec 42 St. John's
    DOWNTON Hilda F Daughter Single 1909 Oct 14 St. John's
    DOWNTON Mildred F Daughter Single 1908 Dec 13 St. John's
    DOWNTON Frank M Son Single 1912 Dec 9 St. John's
    DOWNTON Clarence M Son Single 1918 Sept 3 St. John's
562 887 RUSSELL William M Head Married 1881 Feb 40 St. John's
    RUSSELL Margaret F Wife Married 1884 March 37 Carbonear
PAGE 468                    
    RUSSELL Grace F Daughter Single 1909 Aug 12 St. John's
    RUSSELL Stan M Son Single 1911 Jan 10 St. John's
    RUSSELL Angela F Daughter Single 1904 June 7 St. John's
    RUSSELL Aiden M Son Single 1919 Oct 2 St. John's
    RENDELL Claud M Boarder Single 1891 No Entry 30 Seldom
563 888 RUSSELL Edward M Head Married 1881 July 40 St. John's
    RUSSELL Annie F Wife Married 1875 (sic) Oct 36 (sic) Vermont USA
    RUSSELL Edward M Son Single 1907 June 14 St. John's
    RUSSELL Irma F Daughter Single 1908 Oct 13 St. John's
    RUSSELL Clifford M Son Single 1911 Feb 10 St. John's
    RUSSELL Cyril M Son Single 1913 April 8 St. John's
    RUSSELL Vera F Daughter Single 1915 June 6 St. John's
    RUSSELL Marie (?) F Daughter Single 1920 Feb 1 St. John's
    RUSSELL Gertrude F Niece Single 1895 March 26 St. John's
564 889 NOSEWORTHY Joseph M Head Married 1879 June 42 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Maggie F Wife Married 1894 Oct 27 Bonavista
    NOSEWORTHY Bernice F Daughter Single 1903 Aug 18 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Marion F Daughter Single 1907 Dec 14 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Minnie F Daughter Single 1914 June 7 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Cyril M Son Single 1916 Feb 5 St. John's
565 890 COCHRANE John M Head Married 1872 Oct 49 St. John's
    COCHRANE Lena F Wife Married 1878 Jan 43 Placentia
    COCHRANE John M Son Single 1910 April 11 St. John's
    COCHRANE Leo M Son Single 1913 May 8 St. John's
    COCHRANE Edward M Son Single 1915 April 6 St. John's
566 891 BRADBURY James M Head Married 1880 Dec 41 St. John's
    BRADBURY Agnes F Wife Married 1882 March 39 St. John's
    BRADBURY Albert M Son Single 1909 Dec 12 St. John's
566 892 BUGDEN George M Head Married 1870 May 51 Trinity
    BUGDEN Martha F Wife Married 1868 Dec 53 Bonavista
    BUGDEN Eric M Son Single 1904 Feb 17 St. John's
567 893 RICHARDS William M Head Married 1846 Nov 75 Bareneed
    RICHARDS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1866 June 55 Greenspond BB
PAGE 469                    
    RICHARDS John M Son Single 1896 June 25 St. John's
    RICHARDS Stanley (?) M Son Single 1906 Jan 15 St. John's
568 894 SUMMERS Patrick J. M Head Married 1867 June 54 St. John's
    SUMMERS Georgina F Wife Married 1874 Sept 47 St. John's
    SUMMERS Henry M Son Single 1903 Aug 18 St. John's
    SUMMERS Joseph M Son Single 1905 March 16 St. John's
    SUMMERS Bernard M Son Single 1906 Oct 15 St. John's
    SUMMERS Mary F Daughter Single 1908 July 13 St. John's
    SUMMERS Charles M Son Single 1910 Jan 11 St. John's
    SUMMERS Margaret F Daughter Single 1912 Dec 9 St. John's
    SUMMERS Georgina F Daughter Single 1913 June 8 St. John's
    SUMMERS Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1915 Feb 6 St. John's
    SUMMERS Ruth F Daughter Single 1917 July 4 St. John's
    SUMMERS William M Son Single 1919 Sept 2 St. John's
    SOPER Debrah F Servant Single 1898 Dec 23 Bonavista
569 895 RALPH Daniel M Head Married 1889 Jan 32 Flat Islands
    RALPH Mary F Wife Married 1896 Jan 25 Turks Cove
    RALPH John M Son Single 1918 Nov 3 St. John's
  896 SAMSON Garland M Head Married 1891 Feb 30 Flat Islands BB
    SAMSON Una F Wife Married 1899 Jan 22 Seal Islands Labdr
  897 KAVANNAGH Edward M Head Married 1893 July 28 St. John's
    KAVANNAGH Florence F Wife Married 1897 April 24 St. John's
    KAVANNAGH William M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 St. John's
    KAVANNAGH Edna F Daughter Single 1918 march 3 St. John's
    KAVANNAGH Margaret F Daughter Single 1921 Jan 9 M St. John's
570 898 CULLEN William M Head Married 1869 No Entry 52 Pictou NS
    CULLEN Catherine F Wife Married 1869 Jan 52 St. John's
    CULLEN Mary F Daughter Single 1899 Nov 22 St. John's
    CULLEN Bessie F Daughter Single 1903 Feb 18 St. John's
571 899 MURPHY Michael M Head Married 1885 Feb 36 St. John's
    MURPHY Rose F Wife Married 1886 July 35 St. lawrence
    MURPHY Margaret F Daughter Single 1909 March 12 St. John's
    MURPHY William M Son Single 1912 April 9 St. John's
PAGE 470                    
    MURPHY Kevin M Son Single 1916 Jan5 St. John's
    MURPHY Gerald M. M Son Single 1919 June2 St. John's
    MURPHY Joseph M. M Son Single 1921 May5 mo St. John's
    MURPHY Jennie S. F Sister in law Single 1895 March26 St. Lawrence
572 900 POLLARD Sarah F Head Widowed 1870 Nov51 Twillingate
    POLLARD Emmie F Daughter Single 1896 Sept25 Twillingate
    POLLARD May F Daughter Single 1898 Oct23 Twillingate
    POLLARD Minnie F Daughter Single 1900 Oct21 St. John's
    POLLARD Hilda F Daughter Single 1902 Nov19 St. John's
    POLLARD Harold M Son Single 1904 Jan17 St. John's
    POLLARD Jean F Daughter Single 1907 May14 St. John's
    POLLARD Estella F Daughter Single 1909 June12 St. John's
573 901 COURISH Bride F Head Single 1886 Feb35 St. John's
  902 DEAXIN Charles M Head Married 1893 Sept28 St. John's
    DEAXIN Margaret F Wife Married 1897 Nov24 St. John's
    DEAXIN Margaret F Daughter Single 1921 Aug3 mo St. John's
    DEAXIN Hannah M Mother Widow 1860 Oct61 St. John's
574 903 PEDIGREW William M Head Married 1891 April30 Halifax, NS
    PEDIGREW Catherine F Wife Married 1893 March28 St. John's
    PEDIGREW Leo M Son Single 1920 July1 St. John's
  904 PEDIGREW Patrick M Head Married 1895 Oct26 St. John's
    PEDIGREW Mary F Wife Married 1892 Feb29 St. John's
    PEDIGREW Gordon M Son Single 1920 Dec10 mo St. John's
575 905 CHANCEY William M Head Married 1853 Oct68 St. John's
    CHANCEY Rose F Wife Married 1815 May56 St. John's
    CHANCEY Jack M Son Single 1896 April25 St. John's
    CHANCEY James M Son Single 1902 Aug19 St. John's
    CHANCEY Albert M Son Single 1907 April14 St. John's
576 906 O'NEILL Arthur M Head Married 1871 Feb50 St. John's
    O'NEILL Bridget F Wife Married 1873 Dec48 St. John's
    O'NEILL Mary F Daughter Single 1903 March18 St. John's
    O'NEILL P? F Daughter Single 1904 Oct17 St. John's
    O'NEILL Catherine F Daughter Single 1904 Oct17 St. John's
PAGE 471                    
    O'NEILL Thomas M Son Single 1905 June16 St. John's
    O'NEILL Margaret F Daughter Single 1908 Dec13 St. John's
577 907 LITTLEJOHN William M Head Married 1874 Sept47 Bay Roberts
    LITTLEJOHN Louise F Wife Married 1873 April48 Trinity
    LITTLEJOHN Beatrice F Daughter Single 1900 Sept20 St. John's
    LITTLEJOHN Thomas M Son Single 1903 March18 St. John's
    LITTLEJOHN Euard (?) M Son Single 1904 Nov17 St. John's
    LITTLEJOHN Isaac M Son Single 1907 Nov14 St. John's
    LITTLEJOHN Norman M Son Single 1908 July13 St. John's
    LITTLEJOHN Max M Son Single 1912 April9 St. John's
    PITCHER William M Brother in law Single 1861 Dec60 Trinity
578 908 BRADBURY Robert M Head Married 1869 May52 Hr Grace
    BRADBURY Annie F Wife Married 1871 Oct50 Hr Grace
    BRADBURY Robert M Son Single 1912 July9 St. John's
579 909 ADAMS James M Head Married 1856 May65 Trinity
    ADAMS Annie F Wife Married 1856 May65 Old Perlican
580 910 AUCHINLECK James M Head Married 1872 Aug49 St. John's
    AUCHINLECK Margaret F Wife Married 1878 Oct43 St. John's
    AUCHINLECK Vera F Daughter Single 1914 Oct7 St. John's
    AUCHINLECK Lorraine F Daughter Single 1916 Oct5 St. John's
    OSBORNE Keith M Step Son Single 1901 Dec20 St. John's
    OSBORNE William M Step Son Single 1904 July17 St. John's
    OSBORNE Geraldine F Step Daughter Single 1906 Dec15 St. John's
    OSBORNE Margaret F Step Daughter Single 1907 Oct14 St. John's
    OSBORNE Richard M Step Son Single 1910 July11 St. John's
581 911 WHITE Andrew M Head Married 1857 April64 Trinity
    WHITE Martha F Wife Married 1868 April 53 St. John's
582 912 TILLEY William M Head Married 1858 May63 Kelligrews
    TILLEY Selena F Wife Married 1866 Nov55 Upper Gullies
    TILLEY Lizzie F Grand Daughter Single 1903 Jan18 Twillingate
    TILLEY Phoebe F Grand Daughter Single 1906 Dec15 Twillingate
583 913 MURPHY Leo M Head Married 1888 Dec33 Colliers PB
    MURPHY Annie F Wife Married 1887 Dec34 Argentia
PAGE 472                    
    MURPHY Mary F Daughter Single 1913 Aug8 St. John's
    MURPHY Rose F Daughter Single 1916 July5 St. John's
584 914 CHANCEY Stanley M Head Married 1890 July31 St. John's
    CHANCEY Isabel F Wife Married 1894 Sept27 St. John's
    CHANCEY Stanley M Son Single 1920 July1 St. John's
585 915 BISHOP Joseph M Head Married 1858 Feb63 Coley's Pt
    BISHOP Sarah F Wife Married 1861 Feb60 Clarkes Beach
    BISHOP John M Son Single 1895 Feb26 St. John's
586 916 SPRATT James J M Head Married 1877 July44 St. John's
    SPRATT Annie F Wife Married 1880 June40 St. John's
    SPRATT Mollie F Daughter Single 1905 Aug16 St. John's
    SPRATT Frank M Son Single 1907 Nov14 St. John's
    SPRATT William M Son Single 1909 July12 St. John's
    SPRATT Edward M Son Single 1910 Jan11 St. John's
    SPRATT Gerard M Son Single 1912 June9 St. John's
    SPRATT Raymond M Son Single 1914 July7 St. John's
    SPRATT Isabel F Daughter Single 1916 Oct5 St. John's
    SPRATT Dermot M Son Single 1918 June3 St. John's
    SPRATT Herbert M Son Single 1921 June4 mo St. John's
587 917 SPRATT Bartholmew M Head Married 1873 Sept48 St. John's
    SPRATT Mary F Wife Married 1874 Aug47 St. John's
    SPRATT Mary F Daughter Single 1897 Sept24 St. John's
    SPRATT William M Son Single 1901 Nov20 St. John's
    SPRATT Cyril M Son Single 1904 July17 St. John's
    SPRATT Anne F Daughter Single 1905 May16 St. John's
    SPRATT Ida F Daughter Single 1907 Sept14 St. John's
    SPRATT Dorothy F Daughter Single 1909 June12 St. John's
    SPRATT Kevin M Son Single 1912 April9 St. John's
    SPRATT Gerald M Son Single 1918 Feb3 St. John's
659 918 BRYAN William M Head Widow 1841 No Entry80 St. John's
  920 O'MARA Alice F Head Married (sic) 1872 April49 St. John's
    CURREY Bridget F Cousin Single 1881 Nov40 St. John's
660 921 JANES Herbert M Head Married 1890 May31 St. John's
PAGE 473                    
    JANES Minnie F Wife Married 1888 Aug33 Brigus
    JANES Clarence M Son Single 1916 March5 St. John's
    JANES Roy M Son Single 1918 Jan3 St. John's
    JANES Helen F Daughter Single 1920 Aug1 St. John's
    BISHOP Alice F Servant Single 1902 Nov19 Greenspond BB
661 922 MULLETT James M Head Single 1896 Nov25 Oderin PB
    MULLETT Rosella F Mother Widow 1877 Aug44 St. Kyrans
    MULLETT Victor M Son Single 1900 Dec21 Oderin PB
    MULLETT Emma F Daughter Single 1901 July20 Oderin PB
    MULLETT Bride F Daughter Single 1904 May17 Oderin PB
    MULLETT Hannah F Daughter Single 1907 Feb14 Oderin PB
    MULLETT George M Son Single 1910 Nov11 Oderin PB
    MULLETT Lizzie F Daughter Single 1910 Nov11 Oderin PB
662 923 ABBOTT Alphonsus M Head Married 1883 July38 Oderin PB
    ABBOTT Emily F Wife Married 1884 Feb37 Placentia
    ABBOTT Annie F Daughter Single 1912 April9 St. John's
    ABBOTT Mary F Daughter Single 1914 Oct7 St. John's
    ABBOTT Patrick M Son Single 1916 Aug5 St. John's
    ABBOTT Aiden M Son Single 1919 Dec2 St. John's
663 924 HOGAN Frank M Head Married 1875 March46 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Catherine F Wife Married 1877 Jan44 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Gregory M Son Single 1905 Nov16 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Anna F Daughter Single 1906 Sept15 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Edward M Son Single 1908 May13 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Michael M Son Single 1912 July9 St. Brendens
    HOGAN Cecil M Son Single 1914 Oct7 St. John's
    HOGAN Mary F Daughter Single 1916 Oct5 St. John's
    HOGAN Francis M Son Single 1919 March2 St. John's
664 925 VINCENT Emma F Head Widow 1852 Nov69 Bonavista
    VINCENT Attie (?) F Daughter Single 1888 Feb33 Bonavista
    VINCENT Dorcas F Daughter Single 1897 April24 Bonavista
    STONE Frances F Grand Daughter Single 1897 March24 Catalina
    TAYLOR Elizabeth F Grand Daughter Single 1911 Nov10 Boston, NY
PAGE 474                    
665 926 KELLEY Margaret F Head Widow 1861 No Entry60 St. John's
    KELLEY Kathleen F Daughter Single 1884 Dec37 St. John's
    KELLEY Aileen F Daughter Single 1892 July29 St. John's
666 927 MURPHY James M Head Married 1866 Feb55 Carbonear
    MURPHY Annie F Wife Married 1877 Sept44 Fogo
    MURPHY Michael M Son Single 1902 Aug19 St. John's
    MURPHY Clara F Daughter Single 1905 July16 St. John's
    MURPHY Carrie F Daughter Single 1907 Nov14 St. John's
    MURPHY Charles M Son Single 1911 May10 St. John's
    MURPHY Gertrude F Daughter Single 1913 Nov8 St. John's
    MURPHY Thomas M Son Single 1917 June4 St. John's
667 928 ADAMS Joseph M Head Married 1877 Jan44 St. John's
    ADAMS Mary F Wife Married 1876 Aug45 St. John's
    ADAMS Mary F Daughter Single 1900 May21 St. John's
    ADAMS Leo M Son Single 1904 July17 St. John's
    ADAMS Joseph M Son Single 1901 Aug18 St. John's
    ADAMS Edward M Son Single 1913 Nov8 St. John's
668 929 SIMMONDS James M Head Married 1860 No Entry61 Bonavista Bay
    SIMMONDS Jessie F Wife Married 1864 Nov57 Fogo
    SIMMONDS Irene F Daughter Single 1902 June19 St. John's
    SIMMONDS James M Adopted Son Single 1917 Feb4 St. John's
    SKIFFINGTON Janie F Servant Single 1906 Oct15 Bonavista
669 930 RENNIE Robert M Head Married 1856 June65 St. John's
    RENNIE Caroline F Wife Married 1867 Dec54 LaPoile
    RENNIE Doris F Daughter Single 1897 May24 St. John's
    RENNIE Robert M Son Single 1900 Nov21 St. John's
    RENNIE Phyllis F Daughter Single 1905 Feb16 St. John's
    RENNIE Elsa F Daughter Single 1908 Feb13 St. John's
670 931 GREENE Edward M Head Married 1861 Sept60 Greenspond BB
    GREENE Mary F Wife Married 1871 Feb50 Carbonear
    GREENE Tobias M Son Single 1895 Aug26 Greenspond BB
    GREENE Effie F Daughter Single 1903 Oct18 Greenspond BB
    GREENE Sadie F Daughter Single 1905 Sept16 Greenspond BB
PAGE 475                    
    GREENE Susy F Daughter Single 1907 Oct14 Greenspond BB
    GREENE Herbert M Son Single 1913 April8 St. John's
  932 WILLAR James M Head Married 1900 Aug21 Greenspond BB
    WILLAR Frances F Wife Married 1901 Sept20 Greenspond BB
    GREENE George M Head Married 1887 Feb34 Greenspond BB
  938 GREENE Winnie F Wife Married 1895 Nov26 Fortune
    GREENE Jane F Mother Widow 1851 Dec70 Greenspond BB
671 933 MURPHY Clement M Head Married 1889 Jan32 St. John's
    MURPHY Kitty F Wife Married 1891 Jan30 St. John's
    MURPHY Sheila F Daughter Single 1917 June4 St. John's
    MURPHY Gordon M Son Single 1918 Oct3 St. John's
    MURPHY Edward M Son Single 1920 Nov1 St. John's
    MURPHY Frances F Mother Widow 1847 Nov74 Bay Roberts
672 934 BIRD Thomas M Head Married 1850 No Entry70 Placentia
    BIRD Jane F Wife ? 1851 Married 70 St. John's
    BIRD William M Son Single 1889 Sept32 St. John's
    BIRD James M Son Single 1892 Sept29 St. John's
  935 KEOUGH Patrick M Head Married 1881 No Entry40 Dublin Ireland
    KEOUGH Mary F Wife Married 1886 Sept35 St. John's
    KEOUGH John M Son Single 1918 Aug3 St. John's
673 936 EDWARDS John M Head Married 1885 Sept36 London Eng
    EDWARDS Kate F Wife Married 1888 Jan33 Twillingate
    EDWARDS Gordon M Son Single 1911 May10 St. John's
    EDWARDS Edna F Daughter Single 1913 March8 St. John's
    EDWARDS Bert M Son Single 1914 Sept7 St. John's
674 937 MYRON Patrick M Head Married 1843 No Entry78 St. John's
    MYRON Charlotte F Wife Married 1866 May55 St. John's
  939 PRESTON Frank M Head Married 1896 Nov25 St. John's
    PRESTON Christina F Wife Married 1896 June 25 St. John's
  940 WALSH Daniel M Head Married 1884 Nov37 Holyrood
    WALSH Anna F Wife Married 1890 Oct31 St. John's
    WALSH John M Son Single 1914 Sept7 St. John's
    WALSH Madeline F Daughter Single 1915 Nov6 St. John's
PAGE 476                    
    WALSH Lottie F Daughter Single 1919 Aug2 St. John's
675 941 THOMPSON James M Head Widower 1858 March 63 St. John's
    THOMPSON Patrick M Son Single 1892 Jan29 St. John's
    THOMPSON William M Son Single 1893 Nov28 St. John's
    THOMPSON Edward M Son Single 1893 Nov28 St. John's
    THOMPSON Anna F Sister Single 1871 Oct50 St. John's
  942 KELLY John P M Head Married 1894 May27 St. John's
    KELLY Gertrude F Wife Married 1894 Nov27 St. John's
    KELLY Margaret F Daughter Single 1921 May6 mo St. John's
676 943 PAYNE George M Head Married 1871 March50 Brigus
    PAYNE Emma F Wife Married 1874 Nov47 Brigus
    PAYNE Alice F Daughter Single 1895 Nov26 Brigus
    PAYNE Audrey F Daughter Single 1909 Oct12 St. John's
    PAYNE Olga F Daughter Single 1914 July7 St. John's
677 944 LAMBERT George M Head Married 1854 July67 Old Perlican
    LAMBERT Emily F Wife Married 1854 No Entry67 Topsail
    LAMBERT George M Son Single 1894 Dec27 St. John's
    BUTLER Annie F Daughter Widow 1891 Nov30 St. John's
  945 SHEPPARD Kenneth M Head Married 1888 May33 Hr Grace
    SHEPPARD Jennie F Wife Married 1889 Sept32 St. John's
    SHEPPARD Edna F Daughter Single 1914 Oct7 St. John's
    SHEPPARD Gordon M Son Single 1917 Aug4 St. John's
    SHEPPARD Raymond M Son Single 1920 Sept1 St. John's
678 946 LUNDSTROM John M Head Married 1845 Oct76 Umea, Sweden
    LUNDSTROM Catherine F Wife Married 1848 Feb73 Carbonear
  947 ROBERTS Maud F Head Widow 1885 July36 St. John's
    ROBERTS Cedric M Son Single 1912 Dec9 St. John's
679 948 PIERCY Joseph M Head Married 1859 No Entry62 Trinity
    PIERCY Jessie F Wife Married 1864 May57 Greenspond
    PIERCY Samuel M Son Single 1890 Aug31 St. John's
    PIERCY William M Son Single 1887 March24 St. John's
    PIERCY Kitty F Daughter Single 1899 April22 St. John's
    PIERCY Maggie F Daughter Single 1894 June27 St. John's

Transcription (Pages 462-469) by John Connors, Mt. Pearl, NF, Canada

Posted Aug 23, 1998

Transcription (Pages 470-476) by Lenora Furey

Posted May 2009

Page Last Modified: Monday November 21, 2016

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