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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Placentia and St. Mary's District


{52 Persons in 9 Households}

PAGE 100                    
1 1 BUTLER Thomas M Head Married 1873 April 48 Path End
    BUTLER Rose F Wife Married 1874 July 47 Gaskers
    BUTLER James M Son Single 1900 Dec 20 Path End
    BUTLER John M Son Single 1902 Nov 18 Path End
    BUTLER Michael M Son Single 1906 April 14 Path End
    BUTLER Alphonsus M Son Single 1905 Dec 12 Path End
    BUTLER Anistasia F Daughter Single 1911 May 10 Path End
    BUTLER Amelia F Daughter Single 1913 June 8 Path End
    BUTLER Dermot M Son Single 1914 March 7 Path End
2 2 BUTLER James M Head Married 1880 Oct 50 Path End
    BUTLER Mirium (?) F Wife Married 1875 March 45 Riverhead
    BUTLER Maggie F Daughter Single 1900 Dec 20 Path End
    BUTLER May F Daughter Single 1902 Jan 18 Path End
    BUTLER Eliza F Daughter Single 1905 July 15 Path End
    BUTLER Joseph M Son Single 1907 Oct 13 Path End
    BUTLER Patrick M Son Single 1909 Oct 11 Path End
    BUTLER Stella F Daughter Single 1912 Jan 9 Path End
    BUTLER Bridget F Daughter Single 1914 Sept 6 Path End
    BUTLER Margaret F Mother Widow 1846 May 75 Path End
    SMITH Francis M Grand Son Single 1921 June 2M Path End
3 3 HARVEY Daniel M Head Widower 1860 June 60 Path End
    HARVEY Michael M Son Single 1891 Oct 28 Path End
    HARVEY Jane F Daughter Single 1901 June 19 Path End
    CHAFE Daniel M Son in Law Married 1896 Sept 25 St. John's
    CHAFE Marie F Daughter Married 1898 Aug 23 Path End
4 4 ROUSELL George M Head Married 1854 March 63 Path End
    ROUSELL Bridget F Wife Married 1867 July 54 Path End
    ROUSELL Catherine (?) F Daughter Single 1896 Sept 24 Path End
5 5 ROUSELL Patrick M Head Married 1866 Aug 55 Path End
    ROUSELL Mary F Wife Married 1889 Jan 33 Path End
    ROUSELL Edward M Son Single 1913 Sept 8 Path End
6 6 ROUSELL William M Head Married 1868 July 52 Path End
    ROUSELL Marjorie? F Wife Married 1868 June 52 Path End
PAGE 101                    
    ROUSELL Mary F Daughter Single 1903 Dec 17 Path End
    ROUSELL Fred M Son Single 1901 Oct 19 Path End
NOTE: Month of birth and age for both Mary and Fred were left blank on the original page. Displayed information was written in at a later date by a different person than the numerator.
    ROUSELL John M Son Single 1911 July 10 Path End
    ROUSELL George M Son Single 1913 April 8 Path End
7 7 CULLITON Elizabeth F Head Widow 1859 Sept 62 Path End
    CULLITON William M Son Single 1896 March 25 Path End
    CULLITON John M Son Single 1891 March 30 Path End
    CULLITON James M Son Single 1889 Jan 32 Path End
8 8 ROUSELL Robert M Head Married 1858 June 63 Path End
    ROUSELL Mary F Wife Married 1861 April 59 Path End
    ROUSELL Stella F Daughter Single 1903 July 18 Path End
    ROUSELL Bernard M Son Single 1904 Sept 16 Path End
    ROUSELL Fred M Son Single 1897 Sept 23 Path End
9 9 EZEKIEL Paul M Head Married 1864 March 57 North Arm, CB
    EZEKIEL Minnie F Wife Married 1870 March 51 St. Mary's
    EZEKIEL Mollie (?) F Daughter Single 1902 Oct 18 Path End
    CULLITON Patrick M Grand Son Single 1913 May 8 Path End
    CULLITON Mary F Grand Daughter Single 1915 March 6 Path End
    CULLITON John M Grand Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Path End
    EZEKIEL Bridget F Mother Widow 1836 Dec 84 North Arm, CB

Transcription by Bill Crant

Posted April 15, 2000

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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