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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Parson's Pond,
St. Barbe District
{144 Individuals in 24 Household}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November-December 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 92                    
84 92 BLANCHARD Ambroze (sic) M Head Married 1887 July 34 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Aggi F Wife Married 1897 Sept 24 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Myrtle F Daughter Single 1914 Oct 6 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD John M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Anna F Daughter Single 1919 Dec 2 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Albert M Son Single 1921 June ?? Parsons Pond
85 93 PAYNE Simeon M Head Married 1862 Jan 59 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Julia F Wife Married 1873 Oct 48 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Charlott (sic) F Son Single 1899 June 22 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Jacob M Son Single 1895 June 26 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Leona E F Daughter Single 1906 Oct 15 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE George M Son Single 1910 Oct 11 Parsons Pond
86 94 HENRY James D M Head Married 1864 March 57 ? On Tyne England 1916
    HENRY Ellen F. F Wife Married 1873 July 48 ? On Tyne England 1916
    HENRY Kathleen R. F Daughter Single 1902 Dec 18 Musnell Hill Eng 1917
    HENRY Joan F Daughter Single 1907 March 14 Lingfield Eng 1917
    HENRY John M Nephew Single 1901 May 20 ? Shield Eng 1919
87 95 PAYNE William I. M Head Married 1879 April 44 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Mary J. F Wife Married 1879 Aug 40 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Lily F Daughter Single 1902 March 19 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1903 July 18 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Stedman M Son Single 1913 Jan 8 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Philip M Son Single 1917 May 4 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Amos L. M Son Single 1921 Feb 6 M Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Minnie (?) F Daughter Single 1921 Feb 6 M Parsons Pond
88 96 GOOSNEY Charlotte F Head Married 1894 Oct 27 Parsons Pond
    GOOSNEY Thomas M Husband Married 1885 Nov 36 Parsons Pond
PAGE 93                    
    GOOSNEY Leslie M Son Single 1915 Aug 6 Parsons Pond
    GOOSNEY Ebbard M Son Single 1916 June 5 Parsons Pond
    GOOSNEY Sydney M Son Single 1919 March 2 Parsons Pond
    GOOSNEY Amelia F Daughter Single 1910 April 10 Parsons Pond
89 97 PAYNE James C. M Head Married 1893 June 28 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Alice F Husband Married 1896 March 25 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Neaman (?) M Son Single 1918 Aug 2 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Reginald Freeman M Son Single 1921 June 3M Parsons Pond
90 98 PAYNE Esau M Head Widower 1853 April 68 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Gladys F Daughter Married 1904 June 17 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Aldric M Husband Married 1902 Nov 19 Parsons Pond
91 99 ORGAN Michael M Head Married 1869 Aug 52 Parsons Pond
    ORGAN Caroline F Wife Married 1880 Aug 41 Parsons Pond
    BUTLER Mary F Daughter Married 1899 May 22 Parsons Pond
    BUTLER Peter M Husband Married 1897 Sept 27 Parsons Pond
    BUTLER Caroline F Daughter Single 1917 Feb 4 Parsons Pond
    BUTLER Michael M Son Single 1920 Nov 1 Parsons Pond
92 100 DECKER James R. M Head Married 1880 Feb 41 Rocky Harbour
    DECKER Charlotte M. F Wife Married 1879 Aug 42 Rocky Harbour
    DECKER John M Son Single 1900 March 21 Bakers Brook
    DECKER Maria F Mother Widow 1845 Nov 76 Trout River
93 101 BLANCHARD William M Head Married 1870 May 51 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Elizabeth F Wife Married 1861 Dec 60 Cow Head
    THARNELL James M Adopted Son Single 1903 Sept 17 Fortune Bay
    BLANCHARD Martha F Adopted Daughter Single 1908 April 13 Parsons Pond
94 102 BLANCHARD John M Head Married 1881 Oct 37 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Susanna F Wife Married 1883 Dec 35 Daniels Harbour
    BLANCHARD Ostend M Son Single 1908 May 13 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Cecelia F Daughter Single 1910 May 11 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Hedley M Son Single 1912 June 9 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Roland M Son Single 1919 Aug 2 Parsons Pond
95 103 KEHO Martin M Head Married 1889 Sept 32 Daniels Hr
    KEHO Francis F Husband Married 1889 Dec 32 Trout River
PAGE 94                    
    KEHO Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1911 May 10 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Mary A. F Daughter Single 1913 March 8 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Florence F Daughter Single 1916 March 5 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Raymond M Son Single 1918 June 3 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Arthur M Son Single 1920 April 1 Parsons Pond
96 104 KEHO Nicholas M Head Married 1879 May 42 Daniels Harbor
    KEHO Mary F Wife Married 1877 Jan 43 Conche
    KEHO Fredrick M Son Single 1906 Oct 15 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Dorothy F Daughter Single 1909 Dec 12 Parsons Pond
    KEHO William M Son Single 1911 May 10 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Nicholas M Son Single 1913 March 8 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Percey M Son Single 1016 March 5 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Bert M Son Single 1918 Aug 3 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Rowland M Son Single 1921 March 5M Parsons Pond
97 105 KEHO Michael M Head Married 1883 June 38 Daniels Harbor
    KEHO Annie F Wife Married 1887 Aug 34 St. Modeste Lab
    KEHO May F Daughter Single 1917 July 14 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Lucy F Daughter Single 1911 June 10 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Clayton M Son Single 1913 June 8 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Cassina F Daughter Single 1916 April 5 Parsons Pond
    KEHO Clifford M Son Single 1919 Feb 2 Parsons Pond
98 106 PARSONS William M Head Married 1879 June 42 Trout River
    PARSONS Caroline F Wife Married 1880 Feb 41 Broom Point
    PARSONS John H. M Son Single 1901 April 20 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS George W. M Son Single 1905 Aug 16 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Chesley M Son Single 1906 June 15 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Stanley M Son Single 1908 Dec 13 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Emily F Daughter Single 1911 Jan 10 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Pearl F Daughter Single 1912 Aug 9 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Ella F Daughter Single 1914 May 7 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Wnila (?) F Daughter Single 1916 Sept 5 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Maggie F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 3 Parsons Pond
    PARSONS Amy F Daughter Single 1921 Feb 6M Parsons Pond
PAGE 95                    
99 107 BLANCHARD Thomas M Head Married 1844 Jan 77 Bay Of Islands
    BLANCHARD Mary F. F Wife Married 1871 Feb 50 Bonne Bay
    BLANCHARD Isabel F Daughter Single 1903 Nov 18 Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Katherine F Daughter Single 1910 Oct 11 Parsons Pond
100 108 PAYNE Samuel C. M Head Married 1869 Jan 52 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Katherine F Wife Married 1873 Oct 48 Rocky Harbor
    PAYNE Rose E. F Daughter Single 1901 Aug 20 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Elsie B F Daughter Single 1905 Aug 16 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Percey M Son Single 1912 April 9 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Maisie F Daughter Single 1916 Oct 5 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Arthur M Adopted Son   1916 Oct 5 Parsons Pond
101 109 PAYNE Anna F Wife Married 1975 Feb 46 Bonne Bay
    PAYNE George T. M Husband Married 1866 July 55 Cow Head
    PAYNE Garland M Son Single 1896 Sept 25 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Emanuel M Son Single 1901 Feb 20 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE William T. M Son Single 1905 Dec 16 Parsons Pond
102 110 PAYNE John C. M Head Married 1894 July 27 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1899 Jan 22 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Charles S. M Son Single 1917 March 4 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Viola F Daughter Single 1918 April 3 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Lucy Ellen F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 1 Parsons Pond
103 111 PAYNE Nichodemous M Head Married 1873 Nov 48 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Mary J. F Wife Married 1883 July 39 Parsons Pond
104 112 VERGE Enos M Head Married 1895 Nov 26 Parsons Pond
    VERGE Margarett F Wife Married 1898 May 23 Parsons Pond
    VERGE Elwa (?) F Daughter Single 1919 Aug 2 Parsons Pond
    VERGE Opel F Daughter Single 1920 (?) Dec ?? Parsons Pond
105 113 VERGE Phoebe F Head Married 1902 No Entry 19 Parsons Pond
    VERGE Howard M Husband Married 1867 July 54 Parsons Pond
    VERGE Howard M Son Single 1920 July 1 Parsons Pond
106 114 DECKER George W. M Head Widower 1879 Feb 42 Parsons Pond
    DECKER Dulcie J. F Daughter Single 1906 Aug 15 Parsons Pond
    DECKER Blanche F Daughter Single 1907 July 14 Parsons Pond
PAGE 96                    
    DECKER Henry T. M Son Single 1912 May 9 Parsons Pond
107 115 PAYNE Ambroze M Head Married 1847 Aug 72 Daniels Harbor
    PAYNE ?? F Wife Married 1849 Aug 72 Daniels Harbor
    PAYNE Norman M Son Married 1887 Dec 34 Trout
    PAYNE Mary A. F Wife Married 1897 July 24 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Eliza F Daughter Single 1915 Oct 6 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Catherine F Daughter Single 1917 Dec 4 Parsons Pond
    PAYNE Alexandra M Son Single 1921 May 3M Parsons Pond
    BLANCHARD Wallace M Adopted Son Single 1905 Sept 16 Parsons Pond
108 116 MATHEWS Thomas M Head Widower 1852 March 69 Petites
    MATHEWS Laura F Daughter Single 1900 Sept 21 Bonne Bay
    MATHEWS Abel M Son Married 1878 June 43 Bonne Bay
    MATHEWS Caroline F Wife Married 1881 Jan 39 Bonne Bay
    MATHEWS George M Son Single 1905 Oct 16 Parsons Pond
    MATHEWS Laura B. F Daughter Single 1907 Aug 14 Parsons Pond
    MATTHEWS (sic) Ethel F Daughter Single 1909 Nov 12 Parsons Pond
    MATHEWS Solomon M Son Single 1918 May 3 Parsons Pond
    MATTHEWS (sic) Effie F Daughter Single 1920 (sic) Sept 9 (sic) Parsons Pond

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Transcription by Don Tate (December 2007)

Verified to Original Pages (November-December 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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