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Newfoundland 1921 Census
S.W. Pacquet,
St. Barbe District
{186 Individuals in 38 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

This community did not have any dwelling or family numbers entered. This is why the two columns are blank.

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 349                    
  RALPHGeorgeMHead Married 1877Aug44 Little Coney Arm
  RALPHElizaFWife Married 1879Sept42 Bay Roberts, C.B.
  FRADSHAM EthelFSister in Law Single (sic) 1906Oct15 Southern Arm, W.B.
  DECKERGeo. W.MHead Married 1894Nov27 Unknown
  DECKERCathy M.FWife Married 1894Aug27 Wild Cove
  DECKERCarolineFDaughter Single 1917May4 S.W. Pacquet
PAGE 350                    
  DECKERChesleyMSon Single 1919Aug2 S.W. Pacquet
  ELLIOTT SamuelMHead Married 1890Feb31 Horse Islands
  ELLIOTT Emeline(?)FWife Married 1892Oct29 Seal Cove, WB
  ELLIOTT MaryFDaughter Single 1905Jan6 S.W. Pacquet
  ELLIOTT GordonMSon Single 1906June5 S.W. Pacquet
  ELLIOTT EffieFDaughter Single 1908June3 S.W. Pacquet
  ELLIOTT AgustusMSon Single 1920April1 S.W. Pacquet
  SIMMSJamesMHead Married 1844Feb77 Twillingate
  SIMMSHannahFWife Married 1859April62 Twillingate
  SIMMSArthurMSon Single 1899 Mar22 S.W. Pacquet
  SIMMSHarryMHead Married 1893June28 S.W. Pacquet
  SIMMSIreneFWife Married 1898Oct23 Flat Islands, B.B.
  REGULAR JamesMHead Married 1889May32 Wild Cove, W.B.
  REGULAR Fanny E. FWife Married 1893Oct28 Bay Verte
  REGULAR NettaFDaughter Single 1913May8 S.W. Pacquet
  REGULAR RebeccaFDaughter Single 1916Jan5 Bishop Falls
  REGULAR MalcolmMSon Single 1919Aug2 S.W. Pacquet
  DRYERHenryMHead Married 1887May34 Hauling Point, WB
  DRYERHarrietFWife Married 1889Jan32 Wied Cove, W.B.
  DRYERMabelFDaughter Single 1912May9 Bishop Falls
  DRYER Frederick A. MSon Single 1914Oct7 S.W. Pacquet
  DRYERAgnes LFDaughter Single 1915May6 S.W. Pacquet
  DRYERAubreyMSon Single 1917Nov4 S.W. Pacquet
  DRYERRossenMSon Single 1918Nov2 S.W. Pacquet
  DRYERLesterMSon Single 1921May3M S.W. Pacquet
  MOREYSamuelMHead Married 1876Jan45 Robert's Arm, NDB
  MOREYDebraFWife Married 1872Dec49 Sunday Cove Ise.
  HEWLETT SamuelMHead Married 1902July19 Padicks Bight
  HEWLETT Irena (?) FWife Married 1903Sept18 Seal Cove, WB
  HEWLETT CarolineFDaughter Single 1921 No Entry 10D S.W. Pacquet
  PECKWOOD Caml, ?MHead Married 1892June29 Not Known
  PECKWOOD VirtueFWife Married 1898Dec23 Wild Cove, W.B.
  PECKWOOD John L.MSon Single 1917June4 S.W. Pacquet
PAGE 351                    
  PECKWOOD JuliaFDaughter Single 1919Nov1 S.W. Pacquet
  REGULARSelbyMHead Married 1894Oct27 Wild Cove
  REGULARPheobeFWife Married 1896July25 Caplin Cove, W.B.
  REGULARElsieFDaughter Single 1915Oct6 S.W. Pacquet
  REGULARGilbertMSon Single 1917Feb4 Bishop Falls
  REGULARWillieMSon Single 1920Oct1 Botwood
  DECKERJohnMHead Married 1889Sept32 Not Known, W.B.
  DECKERElizabethFWife Married 1890June31 Unknown
  DECKERAllenMSon Single 1909April12 Tilt Cove
  DECKERThomasMSon Single 1913July8 S.W. Pacquet
  DECKERJohnMSon Single 1915Aug6 S.W. Pacquet
  DECKERGordonMSon Single 1920April1 S.W. Pacquet
  PECKWOOD GeorgeMHead Married 1886April35 Kings Cove
  PECKWOOD MaryFWife Married 1891Dec30 Southern Arm, W.B.
  PECKWOOD FannyFDaughter Single 1914June7 S.W. Pacquet
  PECKWOOD BlancheFDaughter Single 1917 Mar44 Tilt Cove
  PECKWOOD HaroldMSon Single 1919Dec1 S.W. Pacquet
  FRADSHAM Frederick MHead Married No Entry No Entry 45 Bay Roberts
  FRADSHAM EmmaFWife Married No Entry No Entry 38 Seal Cove
  FRADSHAM EllenFDaughter Single 1907July14 Southern Arm
  FRADSHAM MalcolmMSon Single 1910Oct11 Southern Arm
  FRADSHAM EmilyFDaughter Single 1911Jan10 S.W. Pacquet
  FRADSHAM MyrtleFDaughter Single 1913June8 S.W. Pacquet
  FRADSHAM HarveyMHead Married 1893Jan28 Seal Cove
  FRADSHAM MinnieFWife Married 1902June19 N.E. Pacquet
  FRADSHAM AzariahMSon Single 1920Dec8M S.W. Pacquet
  FRADSHAM HaroldMHead Married 1889Dec32 Seal Cove
  FRADSHAM JessieFWife Married 1897 Mar24 Lobster Hr WB
  SAUNDERS Charles HMHead Married 1891July30 Tilt Cove
  SAUNDERS EthelFWife Married 1899Aug22 Unknown
  SAUNDERS GertieFDaughter Single 1918Dec2 S.W. Pacquet
  SAUNDERS OliverMHead Married 1858May63 Tilt Cove
  SAUNDERS MaryFWife Married 1869Dec52 Unknown
PAGE 352                    
  SAUNDERS WilliamMSon Single 1901Oct20 Caplin Cove
  SAUNDERS RolandMSon Single 1906Nov15 Caplin Cove
  SAUNDERS GarlandMSon Single 1909Dec12 Caplin Cove
  DECKERGeorgeMHead Married 1872May49 Wild Cove
  DECKERJaneFWife Married 1875May46 Wild Cove
  DECKERDavid G.MSon Single 1901Aug20 Wild Cove
  DECKEREleazerMSon Single 1906Oct15 N.E. Pacquet
  DECKEREliasMSon Single 1911 Mar10 N.E. Pacquet
  DECKERManuelMSon Single 1916 Mar5 N.E. Pacquet
  DECKEROliverMSon Single 1915Feb6 N.E. Pacquet
  DECKEREliasMBrother Single 1874Aug47Tilt Cove
  DECKERJosephMHead Married 1882July39 Horse Island
  DECKERAliceFWife Married 1884Aug37 Little Bay
  DECKERDorothyFDaughter Single 1909 Mar12 S.W. Pacquet
  DECKERMaryFDaughter Single 1912Nov9 S.W. Pacquet
  DECKERFrancesMSon Single 1914July7 Bay Verte
  DECKERWilliamMSon Single 1916July5 Bay Verte
  DECKERIsraelMSon Single 1919Dec1 S.W. Pacquet
  DECKERDavidMHead Married 1864June57 Caplin Cove
  DECKERKatherineFWife Married 1872June49 Brents Cove
  DECKERPercivalMSon Single 1900Aug21Tilt Cove
  DECKERSusie M.FDaughter Single 1903July18 Baie Verte
  DECKERFrancesMSon Single 1907Oct14 N.E. Pacquet
  DECKER Frederick J. MSon Single 1909July12 S.W. Pacquet
  SPARKES JohnMHead Married 1879Sept42 Brigus
  SPARKES BerthaFWife Married 1888Aug33 Seal Cove
  SPARKES HenryMSon Single 1911Dec10 S.W. Pacquet
  SPARKES AmbroseMSon Single 1913 Mar8 S.W. Pacquet
  SPARKES GarlandMSon Single 1915Nov6 S.W. Pacquet
  SPARKES EdithFDaughter Single 1917May4 S.W. Pacquet
  SPARKES HubertMSon Single 1919Nov1 S.W. Pacquet
  EVELEIGH MartinMHead Married 1894April27 S.W. Pacquet
  EVELEIGH Emalora (?) FWife Married 1896Dec25 Seal Cove
PAGE 353                    
  EVELEIGH Robert J. MSon Single 1915Dec6 Seal Cove
  EVELEIGH Myrtle F.FDaughter Single 1917Nov4 Seal Cove
  EVELEIGH Agustus W. MSon Single 1919Dec1 S.W. Pacquet
  PARDYJohnMHead Married 1873July48 Lobster Harbour
  PARDYOliviaFWife Married 1880Oct41 Hauling Point
  PARDYEsther E.FDaughter Single 1907Aug14 S.W. Pacquet
  PARDYVirtueFDaughter Single 1910May11 S.W. Pacquet
  WEEKSRobertMHead Married 1868Feb53 Brigus, C.B.
  WEEKSMary AFWife Married 1878Nov43 Brigus, C.B.
  WEEKSWilliam JMSon Single 1897May24 Hauling Pt., W.B.
  WEEKSIdaFDaughter Single 1902April19 Seal Cove
  WEEKSMariaFDaughter Single 1906April15 S.W. Pacquet
  WEEKS Louise (?) FDaughter Single 1909Nov12 S.W. Pacquet
  WEEKSGeorgeMSon Single 1911June10 S.W. Pacquet
  WEEKSJessieFDaughter Single 1916May5 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMS*1JacobMHead Married 1873Oct48 Bay Roberts
  ELOMSRoseFWife Married 1888Dec33 Horse Island
  ELOMSAllanMSon Single 1907Oct14 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSJohnMSon Single 1909Aug12 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSMaryFDaughter Single 1910June11 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSGeorge A.MSon Single 1912Dec9 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSWillis HMSon Single 1914Feb7 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSSarahFDaughter Single 1916Feb5 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSRexMSon Single 1918Dec3 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSIrene BFDaughter Single 1919 Mar2 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSRalphMSon Single 1921July1M S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMS*1GeorgeMHead Married 1886Jan35 Bay Roberts
  ELOMSMaryFWife Married 1893 Mar28 Seal Cove
  ELOMSVirtueFMother Widow 1847Nov74 Port De Grave
  ELOMSRolandMSon Single 1919Jan2 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMS Laura M. FDaughter Single 1921July1M S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMS*1HenryMHead Married 1883Nov38 Bay Roberts
  ELOMSJuliaFWife Married Unknown Unknown 36 * Wild Cove
PAGE 354                    
  ELOMSMinnieFDaughter Single 1910Oct11 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSRebeccaFDaughter Single 1912May9 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSAlbertMSon Single 1914April7 S.W. Pacquet
  ELOMSAlice PearlFDaughter Single 1919June2 S.W. Pacquet
  REGULAR NormanMHead Married 1895Oct26 Sops Arm, W.B
  REGULAR SelenaFWife Married 1896 No Entry 25 Caplin Cove, W.B.
  REGULAR Eli Wm.MSon Single 1920 Mar1 Jackson Arm, W.B.
  REGULAR JohnMHead Married 1868 No Entry 53 Harbour Grace
  REGULAR ElizabethFWife Married 1871 No Entry 50 Twillingate
  REGULAR EliMSon Single 1901July20 Lobster Harbour
  MITCHELLWilliamMHead Married Unknown Unknown 28 * Horse Island
  MITCHELLJuliaFWife Married 1898June23 Horse Island
  MITCHELLJessieFDaughter Single 1912Nov9 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLAliceFDaughter Single 1914Nov7 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLAllanMSon Single 1911May10 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLKatieFDaughter Single 1906June5 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLDormanMSon Single 1920Sept1 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLEdwardMHead Married 1888 Mar33 Horse Island
  MITCHELLLilyFWife Married 1892April29 Horse Island
  MITCHELLHenryMSon Single 1918Dec2 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELLJamesMFather Widower 1843Dec78 Broad Cove
  FOSTERJamesMHead Married 1871 No Entry 50 Caplin Cove
  FOSTER SushannahFWife Married 1871 No Entry 50 Culisell Arm (?)
  MITCHELL EarnestMHead Married 1891Feb 30Horse Island
  MITCHELL IsabellaFWife Married 1890Nov31 Horse Island
  MITCHELL Peter F MSon Single 1908Sept13 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL JamesMSon Single 1910Sept11 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL EdwardMSon Single 1910July11 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL AdolphusMSon Single 1914Aug7 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL Maud B.FDaughter Single 1919Sept2 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL EarnestMSon Single 1917 Mar4 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL JohnMHead Married Unknown Unknown 40 * Shoe Cove
  MITHCELL ElizabethFWife Married Unknown Unknown 38 * Horse Island
PAGE 355                    
  MITCHELL JohnMSon Single No Entry No Entry 15 S.W. Pacquet
  MITCHELL GladysFDaughter Single No Entry No Entry 12 S.W. Pacquet
  CLARKE JohnMHead Married Unknown Unknown 50 * (?)
  CLARKE MaryFWife Married Unknown Unknown 48 * (?)
  CLARKE JosephMSon Single Unknown Unknown 18 * S.W. Pacquet
  CLARKE BeatriceFDaughter Single Unknown Unknown 16 * S.W. Pacquet
  CLARKE MaryFDaughter Single Unknown Unknown 13 *Tilt Cove
  CLARKE Martha JFDaughter Single Unknown Unknown 19 * S.W. Pacquet
  SACREYZacariahMHead Married 1855May66Tilt Cove
  SACREYAlmaloraFWife Married 1867 Mar54 Moretons Hr
  SACREYDormanMHead Married 1885 Mar26Tilt Cove
  SACREY Hermenia (?) FWife Married 1914Nov17 Nain, Labrador
  RIDEOUTJohnMHead Married 1892Aug29 Horse Isle
  RIDEOUTLoraFWife Married 1905Oct15Tilt Cove

NOTE: * The entries with a red asterisk were all written in on the original
pages later by a different person than the original enumerator

Original Transcription by Nancy Lamming, Terrace, BC Canada
and Vera Short, Pickering ON, Canada

Posted May 8, 1999

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

ELOMS families*1 I believe what the enumerator mis-spelled the surnames of these families. They should have been enumerated as ELMS. Warren Elliott

Page Last Modified: Sunday May 08, 2011 (Don Tate)

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