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Newfoundland 1921 Census
( Bay St. George District
{109 Persons in 20 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 477                    
21 476 BRAKEJosephMHeadMarried1871 No Entry 50 Bay of Islds
  477 BRAKEJessieFWifeMarried1868No Entry 53Isle au Morte
  478 BRAKEHaroldMSonSingle1899No Entry 22Bay of Islds
  479 BRAKEStanleyMSonSingle1902No Entry 19Bay of Islds
  480 BRAKERitaFDaughterSingle1904No Entry 17Bay of Islds
22 481 TUCKERJohnMHeadMarried1867No Entry 54Bay of Islds
  482 TUCKEREmilyFWifeMarried1868No Entry 53Bay of Islds
  483 TUCKERWm MSonSingle1891No Entry 30Bay of Islds
  484 TUCKERJosephMSonSingle1901No Entry 20Bay of Islds
  485 TUCKERGilbertMSonSingle1903No Entry 18Bay of Islds
23 486 TUCKERArthurMHeadMarried1898No Entry 23Bay of Islds
  487 TUCKERElizaFWifeMarried1894No Entry 27Trout River
  488 TUCKERStellaFDaughterSingle1920No Entry 1Bay of Islds
24 489 BLANCHARDNormanMHeadMarried1896No Entry 25Bay of Islds
  490 BLANCHARDBeatriceFWifeMarried1896No Entry 25Bay of Islds
  491 BLANCHARDArthurMSonSingle1916No Entry 5Bay of Islds
  492 BLANCHARDJohnMSonSingle1918No Entry 3Bay of Islds
25 493 BRAKEJohn HMHeadMarried1867No Entry 54Bay of Islds
  494 BRAKERebeccaFWifeMarried1857No Entry 64Trout River
  495 BRAKEJosephMSonSingle1895Apr24Bay of Islds
PAGE 78                    
1 496BRAKEBriantMHeadMarried1893Dec28Bay of Islds
  497BRAKECarrie VFWifeMarried1898Jan23Bay of Islds
  498BRAKEJoseph DMSonSingle1920Sept1Bay of Islds
2 499BRAKEGeo EMHeadMarried1878Mar43Bay of Islds
  500BRAKEHanna EFWifeMarried1881Apr40Parson's Pond
1 501BRAKEIsraelMHeadSingle1874Feb47Bay of Islds
2 502BRAKEThomas AMHeadMarried1885Dec36Bay of Islds
  503BRAKEIsabellaFWifeMarried1896Jan25Trout River
  504BRAKEEthel MFDaughterSingle1915Aug6Bay of Islds
  505BRAKEHarvey GMSonSingle1917Aug4Bay of Islds
9 506BRAKEJoseph HMHeadMarried1872Mar49Bay of Islds
  507BRAKEBeatriceFWifeMarried1885Dec36Bonne Bay
  508BRAKEStanleyMSonSingle1912Dec9Bay of Islds
  509BRAKEHarvyMSonSingle1914Aug7Bay of Islds
  510BRAKEVioletFDaughterSingle1920Sept1Bay of Islds
  511PayneBellaFServantSingle1899July22Rocky Harbour
  512CrockerMinaFServantSingle1904Dec 17Trout River
4 513BRAKEThomas HMHeadSingle1881June40Bay of Islds
  514BRAKEFrancisMBrotherSingle1886Oct35Bay of Islds
  515RobertsJuliaFServantSingle1875Apr46Bonne Bay
5 516BRAKEJerryMHeadMarried1875Dec46Bay of Islds
  517BRAKEMary EFWifeMarried1885Dec36Bonne Bay
  518BRAKEEdward HMSonSingle1907Oct14Bay of Islds
  519BRAKEClaytonMSonSingle1908Jan13Bay of Islds
  520BRAKELeslieMSonSingle1911July10Bay of Islds
  521BRAKEMurdockMSonSingle1913Oct8Bay of Islds
  522BRAKEFrankMSonSingle1916Apr5Bay of Islds
  523BRAKEFaith MFDaughterSingle1905Jan16Bay of Islds
  524BRAKEMarieFDaughterSingle1919July2Bay of Islds
6 525BRAKEA EMHeadMarried1867Apr54Bay of Islds
  527BRAKEFredMSonSingle1897July24Bay of Islds
  528BRAKEWm HMSonSingle1899Apr22Bay of Islds
PAGE 79                    
  529BRAKESydneyMSonSingle1901Nov20Bay of Islds
  530BRAKERolandMSonSingle1903Aug18Bay of Islds
  531BRAKEFrankMSonSingle1909Mar12Bay of Islds
  532BRAKEOliveFDaughterSingle1905Feb16Bay of Islds
8 533BRAKEJohn WMHeadMarried1869June52Bay of Islds
  534BRAKEMary FWifeMarried1873Sept48St. Barbes
  535BRAKE John C. MSonSingle1902Jan19Bay of Islds
  536BRAKEWalterMSonSingle1903Jan18Bay of Islds
  537BRAKEJames LMSonSingle1907Jan14Bay of Islds
  538BRAKECecilMSonSingle1909Jan12Bay of Islds
  539BRAKEMinnie EFDaughterSingle1901Dec20Bay of Islds
  540BRAKERubieFDaughterSingle1905Jan16Bay of Islds
2 541LEWIS Lewis ? MHeadMarried1868Oct53Fortune Bay
  542LEWISElizabethFWifeMarried1878Mar43Bonne Bay
  543LEWISJohnMSonSingle1899Oct22Bay of Islds
  544LEWISGertieFDaughterSingle1901Nov20Bay of Islds
  545LEWISWallaceMSonSingle1902May19Bay of Islds
  546LEWISEvaFDaughterSingle1906 Apr15Bay of Islds
  547LEWISLauraFDaughterSingle1909July12Bay of Islds
  548LEWISMildredFDaughterSingle1912Nov9Bay of Islds
  549LEWISFosterMSonSingle1917June4Bay of Islds
  550LEWISAdaFDaughterSingle1921June 3 M Bay of Islds
2 551ANDERSONJohnMHeadMarried1875Jan46Bonne Bay
  552ANDERSONAnnieFWifeMarried1886Nov35Bay of Islds
  553ANDERSONAliceFDaughterSingle1906Aug15Bay of Islds
  554ANDERSONEffe AFDaughterSingle1908Mar13Bay of Islds
  555ANDERSONArthur RMSonSingle1910Dec11Bay of Islds
  556ANDERSONWilbert RMSonSingle1911June10Bay of Islds
  557ANDERSONEdley LMSonSingle1914Oct7Bay of Islds
1 558DAVISArthur JMHeadMarried1891Apr30Bay of Islds
  559DAVIS Hanah ? MFWifeMarried1897Apr24Bay of Islds
  560DAVISDorthy A EFDaughterSingle1919Feb2Bay of Islds
3 561BRAKEWalterMHeadMarried1876Dec45Bay of Islds
PAGE 80                    
  562BRAKESarahFWifeMarried1877Jan44Bay of Islds
  563BRAKEAugustusMSonSingle1901Oct20Bay of Islds
  564BRAKELucyFDaughterSingle1902Sept19Bay of Islds
  565BRAKECarolMSonSingle1904Oct17Bay of Islds
  566BRAKEGordonMSonSingle1906Oct15Bay of Islds
  567BRAKEDorothyFDaughterSingle 1915Dec6Bay of Islds
4 568DAVISEdward PMHeadMarried1858Apr63Carbonear
  569DAVISAliceFWifeMarried1860May61Bay of Islds
  570DAVISJames MSonSingle1905Aug16Bay of Islds
  571DAVISFlossieFDaughterSingle1899Dec22Bay of Islds
3 572DAVISGeo AMHeadMarried1887Oct34Bay of Islds
  573DAVISEdith MFWifeMarried1888Sept33Bay of Islds
  574DAVISClydeMSonSingle1914June7Bay of Islds
  575 DAVIS John C. M Son Single 1916 May 5 Bay of Islds
  576DAVISWilson RMSonSingle1918Nov3Bay of Islds
3 577BRAKECorneliusMHeadMarried1862Apr59Bay of Islds
  579BRAKE EarlMSonSingle1905May16Bay of Islds
  580BLACKMOREMaxwellMBorderSingle1901Dec20Bonavista Bay
3 581BRAKEHaywardMHeadMarried1891Nov30Bay of Islds
  582BRAKEMinnie FWifeMarried1891Nov30Conception Bay
  583BRAKEJessieFDaughterSingle1915Nov6Bay of Islds
  584BRAKEGeoMSonSingle1913Apr8Bay of Islds
  585BRAKEAaronMFatherWidowed1858Dec63Bay of Islds

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Marlene Companion, Halifax, NS Canada

Posted Feb. 21, 2000.

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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