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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burin District)
{242 Persons in 53 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (February 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 274                    
1 2 Collins Andrew MHeadMarried 1861April60 Lamaline
  Collins Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1873May 48 Lamaline
  Collins Maxwell MSon Single 1900June 21 Lamaline
  Collins Michael MSon Single 1902March 19 Lamaline
  Collins Margaret FDaughter Single 1903Sept 18 Lamaline
  Collins John MSon Single 1905June 16 Lamaline
  Collins Charlotte FDaughter Single 1907Aug 14 Lamaline
  Collins Mary FDaughter Single 1910May 11 Lamaline
2 1 Collins David MHeadMarried 1848April73 Bay d.Nord
  Collins Mary FWifeMarried 1848Feb 73 Burin
3 1 Collins John MHeadMarried 1881Nov 40 Lamaline
  Collins Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1871Sept 49 Lamaline
  Collins Leanilla FDaughter Single 1913March 8 Lamaline
4 1 Collins John MHeadMarried 1843April78 Lamaline
  Collins Priscella FWifeMarried 1846Sept 74 Lamaline
  Collins Leonard MSon Single 1880Nov 40 Lamaline
  Collins Henry MSon Single 1882Sept 38 Lamaline
  CakeSusanna FNieceSingle 1900Nov 20 Lamaline
5 1 Boland Thomas MHeadMarried 1875Aug 46 Lamaline
  Boland Mary FWifeMarried 1875Feb 46 Lamaline
  Boland Emily FDaughter Single 1904July 17 Lamaline
  Boland Michael MSon Single 1905Aug 16 Lamaline
  Boland Gladys FDaughter Single 1907Feb 14 Lamaline
  Boland Lewis MSon Single 1910Sept 11 Lamaline
  Boland Stanley MSon Single 1916May 5 Lamaline
6 1 Collins Lewis MHeadMarried 1887July 34 Lamaline
  Collins Agatha FWifeMarried 1889Jany 32 Lamaline
  Collina William MSon Single 1919Jany 2 Lamaline
  Collins Louisa FMotherSingle 1854Aug 67 Lamaline
7 1 Walsh David MHeadMarried 1889Jany 32 Lamaline
  Walsh Margaret FWifeMarried 1899Feb 22 Lamaline
  Walsh Edward MSon Single 1920Sept 1 Lamaline
  Walsh David MSon Single 1921April4mos Lamaline
PAGE 275                    
  Walsh George MNephewSingle 1898March 23 Lamaline
  Walsh Thomas MNephewSingle 1900Sept 21 Lamaline
8 1Boland Alexander MHeadMarried 1882Oct 38 Lamaline
  Boland Mary FWifeMarried 1891April30 Lamaline
  Boland Gertrude FDaughter Single 1913Feb 8 Lamaline
  Boland Elena FDaughter Single 1915April6 Lamaline
  Boland Lawrence MSon Single 1915Dec 5 Lamaline
  Boland William MSon Single 1917Dec 3 Lamaline
  Boland Selvester MSon Single 1920March 1 Lamaline
  Boland Patrick MNephewSingle 1900March 21 Fortune Bay
9 1Haley James MHeadMarried 1874May 47 Lamaline
   Haley Mary FWifeMarried 1878June 43 Lamaline
  Haley Philip MSon Single 1901Oct 19 Lamaline
  Haley Robert MSon Single 1903Oct 17 Lamaline
  Haley AnnaMary ? FDaughter Single 1906Feb 15 Lamaline
  Haley Matilda FDaughter Single 1908Sept 13 Lamaline
  Haley Albert MSon Single 1912Aug 9 Lamaline
  Haley Julia FDaughter Single 1914June 7 Lamaline
  Haley Michael MSon Single 1915Oct 5 Lamaline
  Haley Albert MFatherWidower1843April78 Lamaline
  Haley Thomas MHeadMarried 1878Dec 42 Lamaline
  Haley Cecelia FWifeMarried 1891Oct 29 Lamaline
  Haley Emma FDaughter Single 1905May 16 Lamaline
  Haley Sylvia FDaughter Single 1907Feb 14 Lamaline
  Haley Mary FDaughter Single 1916April5 Lamaline
  Haley Annie FDaughter Single 1918June 3 Lamaline
11 1Collins Michael MHeadWidower 1846May 75 Lamaline
  Collins Stanley MSon Married 1891Sept 29 Lamaline
  Collins Effie FDaughter in LawMarried 1894Dec 26 Lamaline
12 1Boland Simon MHeadMarried 1888Dec 32 Lamaline
  Boland Sarah FWifeMarried 1894May 27 Lamaline
  Boland Frances FDaughter Single 1907June 14 Lamaline
  Boland Rosie FDaughter Single 1910April11 Lamaline
PAGE 276                    
  Boland Mary FDaughter Single 1914June 7 Lamaline
  Boland James MSon Single 1916April5 Lamaline
  Boland Alexander MSon Single 1918Feb 3 Lamaline
  Boland Susanna FDaughter Single 1912 (sic) Dec 8mos (sic) Lamaline
  Boland Lawrence MFatherMarried 1843Aug 78 Holy Rood G.B.
  Boland Bridget FMotherMarried 1849Sept 72 Lamaline
13 2Collins Thomas MHeadWidower1850April71 Lamaline
  Madigan Mary FDaughterWidow 1877Dec 43Lamaline
  Madigan Norah FGrand ChildSingle 1905July 16 Lamaline
  Madigan Chesley MGrand ChildSingle 1907May 14 Lamaline
  Madigan Margaret FGrand ChildSingle 1909Aug 12 Lamaline
No # No # Collins William MHeadMarried 1886March 35 Lamaline
  Collins Caroline FWifeMarried 1898Oct 22 Lamaline
  Collins Celestina FDaughter Single 1920Aug 1 Lamaline
14 2Saux Peter MHeadMarried 1868May 53 Plance Fr
  Saux Bridget FWifeMarried 1856June 65 Lamaline
No # No # Brinton Mary FHeadWidow1876Nov 45 Lamaline
  Brinton Bridget FDaughter Single 1907March 14 Lamaline
  Brinton Susanna FDaughter Single 1909April12 Lamaline
15 1Madigan Edward MHeadMarried 1861March 60 Lamaline
  Madigan EmeliaFWifeMarried 1869May 52 Lamaline
16 1Collins John MHeadMarried 1884Dec 37 Lamaline
  Collins Josephine FWifeMarried 1880Nov 40 Lamaline
  Collins Harriet FDaughter Single 1910Oct 10 Lamaline
  Collins James MSon Single 1912Sept 8 Lamaline
  Collins Gerald MSon Single 1914June 7 Lamaline
  Collins Elizabeth FDaughter Single 1917Sept 4 Lamaline
  Collins Monica FDaughter Single 1920Sept 11mo Lamaline
17 1Collins George MHeadMarried 1879May 42 Lamaline
  Collins Mary FWifeMarried 1890Dec 30 Lamaline
  Collins Michael MSon Single 1917Sept 3 Lamaline
  Collins Theresa FDaughter Single 1919April2 Lamaline
  Collins Catherine FDaughter Single 1921March 5mos Lamaline
PAGE 277                    
18 1Pitman Samuel MHeadMarried 1881Aug 40 Lamaline
  Pitman Maud FWifeMarried 1884June 37 Lamaline
  Pitman Edgar MSon Single 1910June 11 Lamaline
  Pitman Eric MSon Single 1913Oct 7 Lamaline
  Pitman Lucy FDaughter Single 1917Dec 3 Lamaline
  Pitman Charles MSon Single 1919Dec 1 Lamaline
19 1Pitman Henry MHeadSingle 1893June 28 Lamaline
  Pitman Jane F Mother Widow 1849Dec 71 Burin
20 1Collins Thomas MHeadMarried 1890Nov 30 Lamaline
  Collins Mary FWifeMarried 1896Feb 25 Lamaline
  Collins Roland MSon Single 1918Aug 3 Lamaline
  Collins Rita FDaughter Single 1921March 5mos Lamaline
21 1Haley Thomas MHeadMarried 1881July 40 Lamaline
  Haley Charlotte FWifeMarried 1885July 36 Lamaline
  Haley James MSon Single 1907April14 Lamaline
  Haley Catherine FDaughter Single 1909April12 Lamaline
  Haley William MSon Single 1912July 9 Lamaline
  Haley Frank MSon Single 1915March 6 Lamaline
22 1Ayers Edgar MHeadSingle 1920May 21 Lamaline
  Ayers Winifred F Mother Widow 1872Oct 48 Lamaline
  Ayers Emily FSister Single 1898March 23 Lamaline
  Ayers Elizabeth FSister Single 1902April19 Lamaline
  Ayers Louisa FSister Single 1904Feb 17 Lamaline
  Ayers George MBrother Single 1909Feb 12 Lamaline
23 1Hillier Robert MHeadMarried 1850Dec 70 Lamaline
  Hillier Deborah FWifeMarried 1855May 66 Lamaline
  Hillier Chesley MSon Single 1895Jany 26 Lamaline
24 1Pitman Leonard MHeadMarried 1891June 30 Lamaline
  Pitman Frances FWifeMarried 1899April22 Lamaline
25 1Hooper Charles MHeadMarried 1863Nov 57 Lamaline
  Hooper Mary FWifeMarried 1865Dec 55 Lamaline
  Hooper Annie FDaughter Single 1897April24 Lamaline
26 1Hillier Cyrsas ? MHeadSingle 1877Aug 44 Lamaline
PAGE 278                    
27 1Pitman William MHeadMarried 1868Aug 53 Lamaline
  Pittman Clara FWifeMarried 1867Dec 53 Lamaline
  Pitman Roderick MSon Single 1900Aug 21 Lamaline
  Pitman Charlotte FDaughter Single 1903April18 Lamaline
  Williams Blanch FNurseSingle 1920May 1 Lamaline
28 1Pitman Joseph MHeadMarried 1884April37 Lamaline
  Pitman Frances FWifeMarried 1893Aug 28 Lamaline
  Pitman Dorothy FDaughter Single 1914July 7 Lamaline
  Pitman Thomas MSon Single 1916April5 Lamaline
  Pitman Emma FDaughter Single 1918July 3 Lamaline
  Pitman Mary FDaughter Single 1914 (sic) Jany 7mos (sic) Lamaline
29 1Madigan Michael MHeadWidower 1869Nov 51 Lamaline
  Madigan Lucy FDaughter Single 1901Sept 19 Lamaline
  Madigan Mary FMother Widow 1873June 88 Lamaline
30 1Tuff Thomas MHeadMarried 1877April44 Lamaline
  Tuff Mary FWifeMarried 1885Oct 35 Kings Cove B.B.
  Tuff Madge FDaughter Single 1914Jany 7 St. John's
  Tuff Gerald MSon Single 1915Nov 5 Lamaline
  Tuff Benidict MSon Single 1917April4 Lamaline
  Tuff Gertrude FDaughter Single 1918Dec 2 Lamaline
31 1Pitman William MHead Widower 1843March 78 Lamaline
  Pitman George MSon Single 1882Jany 39 Lamaline
  Pitman Alice FDaughter Single 1884Dec 36 Lamaline
  Pitman Thomas MGrand SonSingle 1901March 20 Lamaline
32 1Tuff James MHeadMarried 1872Oct 48 Lamaline
  Tuff Mary FWifeMarried 1871Nov 49 Lamaline
  Tuff Louisa FDaughter Single 1900Dec 20 Lamaline
  Tuff Mary FDaughter Single 1903May 18 Lamaline
  Tuff Joseph MSon Single 1905June 16 Lamaline
  Tuff William MSon Single 1907April14 Lamaline
  Tuff Maurice MSon Single 1909April12 Lamaline
  Tuff James MSon Single 1911July 10 Lamaline
33 1Hooper Harriet FHead Widow 1875May 46 Lamaline
PAGE 279                    
  Hooper Ruth FDaughter Single 1904Dec 16 St. Pierre M.
  Hooper George MSon Single 1908April13 St. Pierre M.
  Pitman Caroline FMother Widow 1840June 81 Lamaline
34 1Haley Albert MHeadSingle 1862Oct 58 Lamaline
  Haley Louisa FSister Single 1888Jany 33 Lamaline
35 1Pitman Cyrus MHeadMarried 1867April54 Lamaline
  Pitman Catherine FWifeMarried 1866Aug 55 Brewly, P.B.
  Pitman Blanch FDaughter Single 1892March 23 Lamaline
  Pitman James MSon Single 1901Feb 20 Lamaline
  Pitman Barbara ? FDaughter Single 1903Oct 17 Lamaline
  Pitman Marion FDaughter Single 1905Sept 16 Lamaline
  Pitman Frank MSon Single 1907March 14 Lamaline
  Pitman Mary FDaughter Single 1908June 13 Lamaline
  Pitman John MSon Single 1909Dec 11 Lamaline
36 1Pitman Christopher MHeadMarried 1875Aug 46 Lamaline
  Pitman Elsie FWifeMarried 1897Dec 23 Lamaline
  Pitman Phelix ? MSon Single 1918July 3 Lamaline
  Pitman William MSon Single 1920April1 Lamaline
37 1Madigan James MHeadSingle 1874Sept 46 Lamaline
  Madigan Annie FSister Single 1871June 50 Lamaline
38 1Madigan Sidney MHeadMarried 1890Aug 31 Lamaline
  Madigan Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1898Dec 22 Lamaline
  Madigan Leslie MSon Single 1920April1 Lamaline
39 1Canies Philip MHeadMarried 1889Nov 31 Lamaline
  Canies Gertrude FWifeMarried 1898April23 Lamaline
40 1Hillier Harold MHeadMarried 1885April36 Lamaline
  Hillier Georgina FWifeMarried 1886March 35 Lamaline
  Hillier Hilda FDaughter Single 1914Nov 6 Lamaline
41 1Hooper Harold MHeadMarried 1891Feb 30 Lamaline
  Hooper Harriet FWifeMarried 1891April30 Lamaline
  Hooper Marion FDaughter Single 1921July 1mo Lamaline
42 2Purchase Thomas MHeadMarried 1891Feb 30 Lamaline
  Purchase Bessi FWifeMarried 1894Aug 27 Lamaline
PAGE 280                    
  Purchase Christana FDaughter Single 1915Feb 6 Lamaline
  Purchase Harriet FDaughter Single 1917July 4 Lamaline
  Purchase Earnest MSon Single 1918Aug 3 Lamaline
  Purchase Voilet FDaughter Single 1911 (sic) Dec 9mo (sic) Lamaline
  Purchase Edward MBrother Single 1901May 20 Lamaline
  Purchase Albert MBrother Single 1901May 20 Lamaline
43 1Stacey William MHeadMarried 1871Dec 49 Lamaline
  Stacey Lucy FWifeMarried 1881March 40 Lamaline
  Stacey Annie FDaughter Single 1911Feb 10 Lamaline
  Stacey Alfred MSon Single 1913May 8 Lamaline
  Stacey Harriet FDaughter Single 1917April4 Lamaline
44 1Kelland Edgar MHeadMarried 1849Jany 72 Winterton T.B.
  Kelland Mary FWifeMarried 1864July 57 Lamaline
  Kelland Ronald MSon Single 1891April31 Lamaline
  Kelland Gladys FDaughter Single 1895Sept 26 Lamaline
  Kelland Mona FDaughter Single 1900Sept 21 Lamaline
  Kelland Otto MSon Single 1905Aug 16 Lamaline
45 1Hooper James MHeadMarried 1875June 46 Lamaline
  Hooper Lucy FWifeMarried 1886June 35 Coombs Cove
  Hooper Adeliade FDaughter Single 1908Feb 13 Lamaline
  Hooper Charlotte FSon Single 1913Aug 8 Lamaline
  Hooper John MSon Single 1915Oct 5 Lamaline
  Hooper Bertram MNephewSingle 1892Aug 29 Lamaline
46 1Haley Leo MHeadMarried 1880July 41 Lamaline
  Haley Martha FWifeMarried 1883March 38 Lamaline
47 1Caines George MHeadMarried 1861April60 Lamaline
  Caines Maryann FWifeMarried 1863May 58 Lamaline
  Caines Leslie MSon Single 1897Aug 24 Lamaline
  Caines Winnie FDaughter Single 1901March 20 Lamaline
  Caines Hilda FDaughter Single 1903June 18 Lamaline
48 1Caines Edwin MHeadMarried 1883Feb 38 Lamaline
  Caines Alice FWifeMarried 1893Jany 28 Lamaline
  Caines Effie FDaughter Single 1915Aug 6 Lamaline
PAGE 281                    
  Caines Mary FDaughter Single 1920June 1 Lamaline
49 1Purchase Albert MHeadMarried 1863Nov 57 Lamaline
  Purchase Jane FWifeMarried 1872May 29 Lamaline
50 1Longue Clement MHeadMarried 1868Aug 53 Lamaline
  Longue Eva FWifeMarried 1873July 48 Lamaline
  Hann Clement MNephewSingle 1912June 9 Lamaline
  Hooper Frank MAdoptedSingle 1898April23 Lamaline
51 1Hillier Frederick MHeadMarried 1863Aug 58 Lamaline
  Hillier Florence FWifeMarried 1867March 54 Lamaline
  Hillier Voilet (sic) FDaughter Single 1895April26 Lamaline
  Hillier John MSon Single 1898April23 Lamaline

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Hope Hillier Michael and Jerry Michael, Rockville, MD, USA

Posted May 16, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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