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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bay St. George District
{116 Persons in 21 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 83                    
3 687 LOVELLJoseph AMHeadMarried1872Apr49Bay of Islds
  688 LOVELLRebeccaFWifeMarried1879Dec42Bay of Islds
  689 LOVELLFlorence JFDaughterSingle1899June22Bay of Islds
  690 LOVELLHannaFDaughterSingle1901Dec20Bay of Islds
  691 LOVELL Rachael M FDaughterSingle1903Oct18Bay of Islds
  692 LOVELLAlice GFDaughterSingle1904July17Bay of Islds
  693 LOVELLWm BMSonSingle1910June11Bay of Islds
PAGE 84                    
  694 LOVELLThosMSonSingle1913May8Bay of Islds
4 695 LOVELLEsauMHeadMarried1868Dec43Bay of Islds
  696 LOVELLElizabethFWifeMarried1875Jan46Bay of Islds
  697 LOVELLAlbertMSonSingle1905Mar16Bay of Islds
  698 LOVELLDonald PeterMSonSingle1910Jan11Bay of Islds
  699 LOVELLWalter RMSonSingle1912Jan9Bay of Islds
  700 LOVELLEli GMSonSingle1913Jan8Bay of Islds
  701 LOVELLMary RFDaughterSingle1907Aug14Bay of Islds
  702 LOVELLJos HMSonMarried1897Mar24Bay of Islds
  703 LOVELLHannahFDaughter in LawMarried1903Dec18Bay of Islds
3 704 PARKJesseMHeadWidower1855Mar66Bay of Islds
  705 PARKFrankMSonSingle1903Jan18Bay of Islds
  706 PARKWilliamMSonSingle1905Apr16Bay of Islds
  707 PARKIgenaFDaughterSingle1911Oct10Bay of Islds
  708 PARKEthelFDaughterSingle1907Mar14Bay of Islds
3 709 LOVELLElizabethFHeadWidower1865Aug46Bay of Islds
  710 LOVELLWm BMSonSingle1908June13Bay of Islds
  711 LOVELLJamesMSonSingle1907Apr14Bay of Islds
  712 LOVELLThosMSonSingle1904Sept7Bay of Islds
2 713 BLANCHARDChas EMHeadMarried1889Dec32Bay of Islds
  714 BLANCHARDDoraFWifeMarried1897May24White Bay
  715 BLANCHARDJ L C MSonSingle1915Oct6Bay of Islds
  716 BLANCHARDRich WMSonSingle1916May 5Bay of Islds
  717 BLANCHARD Chas F MSonSingle1918June3Bay of Islds
  718 BLANCHARDElsie L MFDaughterSingle1921Oct 6 M Bay of Islds
2 719 BLANCHARDLukeMHeadMarried1891Mar30White Bay
  720 BLANCHARDLeveniahFWifeMarried1891Oct30Bay of Islds
  721 BLANCHARDDelsie EFDaughterSingle1910June11Bay of Islds
  722 BLANCHARDPhebe EFDaughterSingle1912Sept 9Bay of Islds
  723 BLANCHARD Herbert H. MSonSingle1916 Nov5Bay of Islds
  724 BLANCHARDFlossie EFDaughterSingle1917Aug4Bay of Islds
  725 BLANCHARD Ivy I FDaughterSingle1920Mar1Bay of Islds
3 726 PARKRheubenMHeadMarried1864Mar57Bay of Islds
PAGE 85                    
  727 PARKFannyFWifeMarried1871Dec50Bay of Islds
  728 PARKPhilipMSonSingle1892Oct29Bay of Islds
  729 PARKFeanderMSonSingle1897May24Bay of Islds
  730 PARKEdwardMSonSingle1901Sept20Bay of Islds
  731 PARK PermetierFDaughterSingle1905July16Bay of Islds
  732 PARKWm MSonSingle1908 Nov13Bay of Islds
  733 PARKSusanaFDaughterSingle1910Mar11Bay of Islds
2 734 PARSONSJohnMHeadMarried1886Nov35White Bay
  735 PARSONSEliz. JFWifeMarried1892Apr29Bay of Islds
  736 PARSONSNelsonMSonSingle1911May10Bay of Islds
  737 PARSONSSarah EFDaughterSingle1913June8Bay of Islds
  738 PARSONSFaith MFDaughterSingle1914Dec7Bay of Islds
  739 PARSONSDanielMSonSingle1918July3Bay of Islds
2 740 PARKRichardMHeadMarried1884Jan37Bay of Islds
  741 PARK MaudFWifeMarried1887Mar34Bay of Islds
  742 PARKOlive BFDaughterSingle1909Jan 12Bay of Islds
  743 PARKAnnie MFDaughterSingle1911June10Bay of Islds
  744 PARKSelena EFDaughterSingle1913May8Bay of Islds
  745 PARKGeoMSonSingle1916Nov5Bay of Islds
  746 PARKBenj. LMSonSingle1918Nov3Bay of Islds
  747 PARKAlice MFDaughterSingle1919Sept2Bay of Islds
2 748 PARKJohn ThosMHeadMarried1879Sept42Bay of Islds
  749 PARKFrancesFWifeMarried1884June37Bellburns
  750 BALDWIN HaywardM Son (Adopt) Single1905Jan16Bay of Islds
3 751 PARSONSZachariaMHeadMarried1886June35White Bay
  752 PARSONSMary FWifeMarried1886Oct35Bay of Islds
  753 PARSONS Arthur W. MSonSingle1912Aug9Bay of Islds
  754 PARSONSChesleyMSonSingle1915Dec6Bay of Islds
  755 PARSONSRolandMSonSingle1920July1Bay of Islds
  756 PARSONSPrecellaFDaughterSingle1910Oct11Bay of Islds
  757 PARSONS Winnifred ? FDaughterSingle1918Dec3Bay of Islds
  758 PARSONSMabelFDaughterSingle1915Dec6Bay of Islds
  759 PARSONSLucyFDaughterSingle1907Sept14Bay of Islds
PAGE 86                    
1 760 BEVERLEYThosMHeadMarried1894Feb37Bay of Islds
  761 BEVERLEY Ethel M. FWifeMarried1897Jan24Botwood
3 762 PARKJohnMHeadMarried1846Jan76Bay of Islds
  763 PARKElizabethFWifeMarried1861Mar60Burgeo
  764 PARKMatildaFDaughterSingle1898Apr23Bay of Islds
  765 PARKAgustusMSonSingle1896Mar25Bay of Islds
1 766 PAYNEJacobMHeadMarried1896Mar25Bay of Islds
  767 PAYNEEffie MFWifeMarried1901Mar20Bay of Islds
  768 PAYNEAlvinaFDaughterSingle1919June2Bay of Islds
  769 PAYNEElvaFDaughterSingle1921Mar 6 M Bay of Islds
3 770 PARSONSRich.MHeadMarried1862Jan59Burgeo
  771 PARSONSElizabethFWifeMarried1865Feb55White Bay
  772 PARSONSChesleyMSonSingle1892Feb29White Bay
  773 PARSONSThosMSonSingle1899Sept22Bay of Islds
  774 PARSONSJoseph MSonSingle1902Oct19Bay of Islds
  775 PARSONS JaneFDaughterSingle1905Feb16Bay of Islds
  776 PARSONSJobieMSonSingle1908Feb13Bay of Islds
  777 PARSONSOlive FDaughterSingle1912Jan 9Bay of Islds
3 778 LOVELLRobertMHeadMarried1879May42Bay of Islds
  779 LOVELLDebraFWifeMarried1859Jan62Burgeo
  780 Joyues?GeorginaFAdopted DaughterSingle1912Aug9Bay of Islds
4 781 LOVELLHenryMHeadMarried1866Nov55Bay of Islds
  782 LOVELLRosieFWifeMarried1888Nov33Bay of Islds
  783 LOVELLAliceFDaughterSingle1907Dec14Bay of Islds
  784 LOVELLWallaceMSonSingle1910Mar11Bay of Islds
  785 LOVELLElizabethFDaughterSingle1912Jan9Bay of Islds
  786 LOVELLDorothyFDaughterSingle1918Feb3Bay of Islds
  787 LOVELL DonnaFDaughterSingle1920Aug1Bay of Islds
4 788 PARKThomasMHeadMarried1859Aug62Bay of Islds
  789 PARKMariahFWifeMarried1862Dec59Burgeo
  790 PARKEdwardMSonSingle1895June26Bay of Islds
  791 PARKWmMSonSingle1899June22Bay of Islds
  792 PARKJohn SMSonSingle1904Oct17Bay of Islds
PAGE 87                    
  793 PARSONSIsabellaF Sister Widow1865May56Bay of Islds
3 794MORGANJohnMHeadMarried1878Nov43Bay of Islds
  795MORGANElizabethFWifeMarried1894Apr27Bay of Islds
  796MORGANJuliaFDaughterSingle1917Jan4Bay of Islds
  797MORGAN WinifredFDaughterSingle1919Apr2Bay of Islds
  798MORGANThos GMSonSingle1904May17Bay of Islds
  799MORGANMariahFDaughterSingle1905Oct16Bay of Islds
  800MORGAN FannieFMotherWidower1832Dec89Burgeo
3 801PARSONSJohn JMHeadMarried1867Aug54Bay of Islds
  802PARSONSMaryFWifeMarried1851Nov64Bay of Islds

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Marlene Companion, Halifax, NS Canada

Posted Feb. 21, 2000.

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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