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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Marystown, (South),
Burin District)
{342 Persons in 74 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (February 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 29                    
1 1 HODDER William T.MHeadMarried 1883April 38 Marystown
  HODDER Martha L.FWifeMarried 1880Oct 31 Marystown
  HODDER Violette FDaughterSingle1907July14 Marystown
  HODDER L. L. MSonSingle1909Jan12 Marystown
  HODDER Hebor MSonSingle1910Aug11 Marystown
  HODDER Frank ? MSonSingle1916Sept5 Marystown
  HODDER Elga FDaughterSingle1920Aug1 Marystown
    HODDER Thos Jr M Father Single 1843 Nov 78 Marystown
2 2HODDER George B.MHeadMarried 1892April29 Marystown
  HODDER Lucy FWifeF1893Feb28 Rock Harbor
  HODDER Elizabeth J.FDaughterSingle1913April8 Marystown
  HODDER Alma FDaughterSingle1915April6 Marystown
  HODDER Winnie J.FDaughterSingle1918Aug3 Marystown
  HODDER Anthony MSonSingle1921Aug 1Marystown
3 3CLEAL John MHeadWidower 1868Oct53 Marystown
  CLEAL Chas. MSonSingle1905Sept16 Marystown
  CLEAL Samuel MSonSingle1908Sept13 Marystown
  CLEAL Alice FDaughterSingle1903Nov18 Marystown
  CLEAL Martha FDaughterSingle1911Feb10 Marystown
4 4MOULTON Joseph MHeadMarried 1861April50 Burin
  MOULTON ElizabethFWifeMarried 1873Dec48 Port au Bras
  MOULTON EarnestMSonSingle1906Nov15 Burin
  5MOULTON Adolph MHeadMarried 1894Nov27 Burin
  MOULTON Eliza A.FWifeMarried 1891Dec30 Marystown
  MOULTON Thelma FDaughterSingle1918Sept3 Marystown
  MOULTON Jack W.MSonSingle1919Dec2 Marystown
  MOULTON Allen J.MSonSingle1921Aug1 mo Marystown
5 6MOULTON RichardMHeadMarried 1881April40 Burin
  MOULTON Susan FWifeMarried 1891Oct30 Marystown
  MOULTON Mary A.FDaughterSingle1920July1 Marystown
  BRUSHETT DonaldMNephewSingle1918Aug3 Marystown
6 7HODDER Joseph MHeadMarried 1869July52 Burin
  HODDER Selma FWifeMarried 1876June45 Marystown
PAGE 30                    
  HODDER James J.MSonSingle1930Jan18 Marystown
  HODDER David S MSonSingle1914Aug7 Marystown
  HODDER Cara M FDaughterSingle1912 Nov9 Marystown
  HODDER Reoma A.FDaughterSingle1918 Mar3 Marystown
7 8EVELEY George MHeadWidow 1884Sept37 Marystown
  EVELEY James J.MSonSingle1910July11 Marystown
  EVELEY Adolph MSonSingle1914July7 Marystown
  EVELEY Anne FDaughterSingle1912July9 Marystown
  EVELEY Bertha FDaughterSingle1915Sept6 Marystown
  MOULTON Annastia ? FServantSingle1895Sept26 Flat Beach ?
  MOULTON Eavdem MBoarderSingle1919Jan2 Great Burin
8 9BRUSHETT John MHeadMarried 1895Aug26 Burin
  BRUSHETT Mary J.FWifeMarried 1900 Mar21 Woody Island
  BRUSHETT EarnestMSonSingle1920June1 Marystown
9 10TUNOR Adolph MHeadMarried 1860Sept61 France
  TUNOR Liza A. FWifeMarried 1867May54 Marystown
  TUNOR Thomas MAdopted SonSingle1902Aug19 Salt Pond
10 11CLARK Samuel MHeadMarried 1883Aug38 Marystown
  CLARK Charlotte F Wife Married 1893June28 Marystown
  CLARK John S. MSonSingle1914June7 Marystown
  CLARK Stephen H.MSonSingle1917Oct4 Marystown
  CLARK Dinah FDaughterSingle1920May1 Marystown
11 12CLARK Henry MHeadWidower 1850April71 England
  13CLARK Joseph MHeadMarried 1896Feb25 Marystown
  CLARK Jesse FWifeMarried 1890May31 Great Burin
  CLARK Berth W. FDaughterSingle1917Jan4 Marystown
  CLARK Charlotte A.FDaughterSingle1919June2 Marystown
  CLARK Henry MSonSingle1921Jan2 mo Marystown
  14CLARK Stephen MHeadMarried 1894June27 Marystown
  CLARK Gertrude FWifeMarried 1896Jan25 St. John's
  CLARK Albert J.MSonSingle1919Jan2 St. John's
12 15CLARK John MHeadMarried 1882July39 Marystown
  CLARK Susan FWifeMarried 1884Sept37 Burin Bay
PAGE 31                    
  CLARK George MSonSingle1905July16 Lewin's Cove
  CLARK Maggie FDaughterSingle1909Nov12 Lewin's Cove
  CLARK John S. MSonSingle1911June10 Marystown
  CLARK Hazel FDaughterSingle1916Aug5 Marystown
  CLARK William H.MSonSingle1920July1 Marystown
13 16FARRELL John (J.P.)MHeadMarried 1869Jan52 Marystown
  FARRELL Mary L.FWifeMarried 1879Oct42 Salt Pond
  FARRELL RichardMSonSingle1897Aug24 Marystown
  FARRELL BeatriceFDaughterSingle1905July16 Marystown
14 17HANRAHAN John J.MHeadMarried 1878Aug43 Little Bay
  HANRAHAN Ellen FWifeMarried 1878Feb43 Marystown
  DRAKE Mary F Step DaughterSingle1905Jan16 Marystown
  DRAKE Joseph B.MStep SonSingle1906July15 Marystown
15 18FARRELL Michael Sr.MHeadMarried 1832Jan89 Little Bay
  FARRELL Mary A.FWifeMarried 1849Oct72 Little Bay
16 19CHEEK Edward MHeadMarried 1893Aug28 Marystown
  CHEEK Mersedes ? FWifeMarried 1900Aug21 Beau Bois
17 20WALSH William MHeadMarried 1864June57 Little Bay
  WALSH Johannah FWifeMarried 1865Jan56 Sp Room
  FARRELL MichaelMStep SonSingle1898Jan23 Marystown
18 21FARRELL Michael B.MHeadMarried 1882Jan39 Marystown
  FARRELL Maggie FWifeMarried 1889May32 Burin Bay
  FARRELL CharlotteFDaughterSingle1918May13 Marystown
  FARRELL Lizzie FDaughterSingle1910Aug11 Marystown
  FARRELL John C.MSonSingle1912June9 Marystown
  FARRELL Will H.MSonSingle1917Sept4 Marystown
  FARRELL AlphonsusMSonSingle1918Nov3 Marystown
19 22FARRELL William T.MHeadMarried 1875Oct46 Marystown
  FARRELL Anne E. FWifeMarried 1876May45 Marystown
  FARRELL John MSonSingle1904Aug17 Marystown
  FARRELL George MSonSingle1916April15 Marystown
  FARRELL Joseph MSon Single1910Dec11 Marystown
  FARRELL MargretFDaughterSingle1904Aug17 Marystown
PAGE 32                    
20 23HUNT John MHeadMarried 1862July59 Iona
  HUNT Rochell FWifeMarried 1865Sept56 Little Bay
  HUNT James MSon Single1899June22 Little Bay
21 24FLUTHY John MHeadMarried 1846June75 Herring Cove
  FLUTHY ElizabethFWifeMarried 1881June40 Sp Room
  FLUTHY John W. MSonSingle1903 Mar18 Marystown
  FLUTHY Joseph MSonSingle1907Nov14 Marystown
  FLUTHY Thos MSonSingle1910Oct11 Marystown
  CHEEK Mary FGrand DaughterSingle1917May4 Marystown
22 25REDDY Catherine FHeadWidow 1873Oct48 Beau Bois
  REDDY Richard MSonSingle1897July24 Beau Bois
  REDDY Hugh MSonSingle1901 Mar20 Marystown
  REDDY Eddy MSon Single1904Aug17 Marystown
  REDDY John MSonSingle1906June15 Marystown
  REDDY Mary FDaughterSingle1898Nov23 Marystown
  DYNES Lizzie FServantSingle1901May20 Bay-de-North
23 26WALSH Philip M HeadMarried 1890Feb31 Marystown
  WALSH Josie FWifeMarried 1897June24 Marystown
  WALSH Thos F.. MSonSingle1919Aug2 Marystown
  WALSH AdrainMSonSingle1921Sept4 mo Marystown
24 27WALSH Thomas MHeadMarried 1855Dec66 Little Bay
  WALSH Cecilia FWifeMarried 1869Sept52 Spanish Room
  WALSH Ambros MSonSingle1908July13 Marystown
  WALSH Angle FDaughterSingle1904Dec17 Marystown
  WALSH Cecilia FDaughterSingle1906Aug15 Marystown
  WALSH Anna D. FDaughterSingle1913Nov8 Marystown
25 28WALSH Leo MHeadMarried 1896July25 Marystown
  WALSH Kate FWifeMarried 1898Nov23 Marystown
26 29WALSH Earnest MHeadMarried 1899Sept22 Marystown
  WALSH Cecilia FWifeMarried 1899Sept22 Salt Pond
  WALSH Moses MSonSingle1919July2 Marystown
  WALSH Gertrude W.FDaughterSingle1921July3 mo Marystown
27 30KILFOY Leo MHeadMarried 1896Oct25 Little Bay
PAGE 33                    
  KILFOY Lizzie FWifeMarried 1902 Mar19 Beau Bois
  KILFOY Marion FDaughterSingle1921June2 mo Marystown
  DOBER Mary J. FNieceSingle1911April10 Beau Bois
28 31LONG J. E. MHeadMarried 1869May52 Open Hall
  LONG Anna D. V.FWife Married 1871Sept50 Black River
29 32WALSH John T. MHeadMarried 1891Nov30 Marystown
  WALSH Anna FWifeMarried 1895Aug26 Rushoon
  WALSH Gordon MSonSingle1914Dec7 Marystown
  WALSH Michael MSonSingle1916June5 Marystown
  WALSH MayFDaughterSingle1918Oct3 Marystown
  WALSH Cecilia FDaughterSingle1920Oct1 Marystown
30 33WALSH Lizzie FHeadSingle1893May28 Marystown
  WALSH Susie FSisterSingle1898Nov23 Marystown
31 34WALSH Patrick MHeadMarried 1887Oct34 Marystown
  WALSH Lillian FWifeMarried 1891 Mar30 Marystown
  WALSH James MSonSingle1912Oct9 Marystown
  WALSH Lottee FDaughterSingle1914Aug7 Marystown
  WALSH Tresa FDaughterSingle1915Sept6 Marystown
  FLEMMING Lisa FServantSingle1897Jan24 Lamaline
32 35FLYNN M. T. MHead Widower 1852Feb69 Kings Cove
  FLYNN James M. MSonSingle1893Sept28 Burin
  FLYNN Corneilius M SonSingle1900May21 Burin
  FLYNN Jossie FDaughterSingle1892Aug29 Burin
33 36BRINTON CharlesMHeadMarried 1861Nov50 Rushoon
  BRINTON Mary FWifeMarried 1879July42 Marystown
  BRINTON John MSonSingle1900Oct21 Marystown
  BRINTON Sarah FDaughterSingle1903Nov18 Marystown
  BRINTON Adell FDaughterSingle1905Aug16 Marystown
  BRINTON James MSonSingle1908July13 Marystown
  BRINTON MichaelMSonSingle1909Oct12 Marystown
  BRINTON Mary A.FDaughterSingle1910Oct11 Marystown
  BRINTON WilliamMSonSingle1913Oct8 Marystown
  BRINTON Katherine ? FDaughterSingle1920July1 Marystown
PAGE 34                    
  37MALLAY Sarah FHeadWidow 1848May73 Marystown
34 38KEEF CatherineFHeadWidow 1867July54 Beau Bois
  KEEF Richard MSonSingle1893July28 Beau Bois
  KEEF James MSonSingle1900Aug21 Little Bay
  39DOBER John MHeadMarried 1894Feb27 Spanish Room
  DOBER Mary J. FWifeMarried 1898Oct23 Little Bay
  DOBER Anna M. FDaughterSingle1921May4 mo Marystown
35 40 MOLLOY Andrew MHeadMarried 1852May69 Beau Bois
   MOLLOY Lizzie FWifeMarried 1858April63 Beau Bois
  KELLY Mary FSisterWidow 1849Sept72 Beau Bois
  BRAKE Nellie FServantSingle1903Sept18 Beau Bois
36 41 BRUMAN ? Albert MHeadWidow 1896Aug25 Lit. Paradise
   BRUMAN ? Michael MSonSingle1919April2 Marystown
  HEARTSTON CarrieFHouse KeeperWidow 1898Aug23 Salt Pond
  HEARTSTON Anna M.FBoarderSingle1919Oct2 Salt Pond
37 42WALSH John MHeadMarried 1881Aug40 Marystown
  WALSH Maggie FWifeMarried 1886 June 35 Rushoon
  WALSH Thomas MSonSingle1905Sept16 Rushoon
  WALSH Lucey ? FDaughterSingle1907July14 Marystown
  WALSH Andrew MSonSingle1908Oct13 Marystown
  WALSH Daniel MSonSingle1910Sept11 Marystown
  WALSH DominicMSonSingle1911Nov10 Marystown
  WALSH Rita FDaughterSingle1912Nov9 Marystown
  WALSH Charles MSonSingle1914Feb7 Marystown
  WALSH Douglas MSonSingle1916May5 Marystown
  WALSH Bridget FDaughterSingle1919July2 Marystown
38 43MALLEA Edward MHeadMarried 1877Aug44 Marystown
  MALLEA JuliaFWifeMarried 1887Aug34 Salt Pond
  MALLEA BeatriceFDaughterSingle1908 Mar13 Salt Pond
  MALLEA James MSon Single1909Nov12 Marystown
  MALLEA Alice FDaughterSingle1912Oct9 Marystown
  MALLEA Lizzie FDaughterSingle1914Feb7 Marystown
  MALLEA John J. MSonSingle1915May6 Marystown
PAGE 35                    
  MALLEA PiousMSonSingle1919 July 2 Marystown
39 44MALLEA James MHeadMarried 1850Nov71 Marystown
  MALLEA Bridget FWifeMarried 1867Dec54 Marystown
  MALLEA James Jr.MSonSingle1905Oct16 Marystown
   BRIDLE James MGrand SonSingle1905April16 Marystown
40 45FARRELL John (B.P.)MHead Married 1869 Mar52 Marystown
  FARRELL Mary FWifeMarried 1877July44 Marystown
  FARRELL John MSon Single1910Nov11 Marystown
  FARRELL Maggie FDaughterSingle1904May17 Marystown
  FARRELL Annie FDaughterSingle1906July15 Marystown
  FARRELL MayFDaughterSingle1913Oct8 Marystown
  FARRELL Norah FDaughterSingle1904Nov7 Marystown
41 46DRAKE Joseph MHeadMarried 1855May65 Little Bay
  DRAKE ElizabethFWifeMarried 1855Dec65 Oderin
  47 PERRNI ? WmMHeadMarried 1893Feb28 Burin
   PERRNI ? Mary FWifeMarried 1899May22 Marystown
42 48KELLY Thos MHeadMarried 1869Feb52 Beau Bois
  KELLY Mary A. FWifeMarried 1878Oct43 Marystown
  KELLY John T. MSonSingle1904 May17 Beau Bois
  KELLY AlphonsusMSonSingle1906July15 Beau Bois
  KELLY Leonard MSonSingle1909Aug12 Beau Bois
  KELLY Julia FDaughterSingle1912Oct9 Marystown
  KELLY James P. MSonSingle1917Aug4 Marystown
43 49SPENCER Edward MHeadMarried 1868Mar53 Marystown
  SPENCER MargaretFWifeMarried 1884Oct37 Marystown
  SPENCER VincentMSonSingle1905Aug16 Marystown
  SPENCER John MNephewSingle1901Oct20 Marystown
44 50DRAKE Thos MHeadMarried 1872Aug49 Marystown
  DRAKE Mary A. FWifeMarried 1879June42 Beau Bois
  DRAKE Mary L. FDaughterSingle1904Nov17 Marystown
  DRAKE ChristinaFDaughterSingle1907July14 Marystown
  DRAKE JosephineFDaughterSingle1908Oct13 Marystown
  DRAKE Mulliarn ? MSonSingle1910Aug11 Marystown
PAGE 36                    
  DRAKE Richard MSonSingle1914July7 Marystown
45 51DRAKE Elizabeth FHeadWidow 1842Sept79 Marystown
46 52DRAKE John MHeadMarried 1874 June47 Marystown
  DRAKE Rachel FWifeMarried 1878 July43 Marystown
  DRAKE Michael MSonSingle1904Feb17 Marystown
  DRAKE Mary FDaughterSingle1910Aug11 Marystown
47 53REID Joseph MHeadMarried 1881Nov40 Marystown
  REID Mary FWifeMarried 1886Oct35 St. Joseph's (Placentia Bay)
  REID Carrie FDaughterSingle1918Oct13 Marystown
  REID Mary M. FDaughterSingle1911Oct10 Marystown
  REID Madaline FDaughterSingle1914Oct7 Marystown
  REID Lillian FDaughterSingle1919Nov2 Marystown
48 54REID John MHeadMarried 1884June37 Frenchman's Cove
  REID Maggie FWifeMarried 1888Oct33 Marystown
  REID Mary J. FDaughterSingle1909Nov12 Marystown
  REID Edward MSonSingle1912Sept9 Marystown
  REID William MSonSingle1915Aug6 Marystown
  REID Kate FDaughterSingle1919 July 2 Marystown
49 55REID Thomas MHeadMarried 1892Oct29 Marystown
  REID Jessie FWifeMarried 1891July30 Salt Pond
  REID Ilene FDaughterSingle1915Oct6 Marystown
  REID William of ThosMSonSingle1916Sept5 Marystown
  REID AmmillMSonSingle1920Sept1 Marystown
50 56REID William Sr.MHeadMarried 1884Sept77 Rock Harbor
  REID Mary FWifeMarried 1855Oct66 Marystown
51 57REID George MHeadMarried 1878Oct43 Frenchman's Cove
  REID Lily FWifeMarried 1884Mar37 St. Joseph's
  MILK John MBoarderSingle1905Oct16 Portugal
52 58FARRELL James MHeadMarried 1883Aug38 Marystown
  FARRELL PricillaFWifeMarried 1888Aug33 Marystown
  FARRELL MichaelMBrotherSingle1844Dec37 Marystown
  GINEK Matilda FNieceSingle1911Dec10 S. Lawrence
53 59REDDY Michael MHeadMarried 1873Sept48 Burin
P)AGE 37                    
  REDDY Alice FWifeMarried 1875Dec 46Placentia
  REDDY Thomas MSonSingle1903Mar18 Burin
  REDDY Johannah FDaughterSingle1904Dec17 Burin
  REDDY James MSonSingle1906July15 Marystown
  REDDY Tresa FDaughterSingle1908Aug13 Marystown
  REDDY Richard MSonSingle1909Sept12 Marystown
  REDDY Hugh MSonSingle1912Jan9 Marystown
  REDDY Michael MSonSingle1914Jan7 Marystown
  REDDY Mary FDaughterSingle1916Jan5 Marystown
  REDDY Patricia FDaughterSingle1918Mar3 Marystown
54 60MILLER Thomas MHeadMarried 1880Sept41 Marystown
  MILLER Mary M. FWifeMarried 1886Sept35 Little Bay
  MILLER Mary C. FDaughterSingle1907Sept14 Marystown
  MILLER John T. MDonSingle1911July10 Marystown
  MILLER Richard MSonSingle1913Sept8 Marystown
  MILLER Annie M. FDaughterSingle1916July5 Marystown
  MILLER Vincent MSonSingle1918April3 Marystown
  MILLER Sarah M.FDaughterSingle1919Nov2 Marystown
55 61WALSH James MHeadMarried 1884July37 Marystown
  WALSH Susan FWifeMarried 1889Oct32 Marystown
  WALSH Michael T.MSonSingle1912July9 Marystown
  WALSH Mary C. FDaughterSingle1914July7 Marystown
  WALSH Hannah M.FDaughterSingle1916July5 Marystown
  WALSH John J. MSonSingle1918May3 Marystown
  WALSH Annie FMotherWidow 1843Oct78 Little Bay
  BRUSHETT James J.MNephewSingle1902Nov19 Marystown
56 62CHEESMAN Frank MHeadMarried 1876 Jan 45 Rushoon
  CHEESMAN Ellen FWifeMarried 1886Oct35 Marystown
  CHEESMAN John MSonSingle1905Dec16 Marystown
  CHEESMAN MaggieFDaughterSingle1907Jan14 Marystown
  CHEESMAN GeorgeMSonSingle1909April12 Marystown
  CHEESMAN BernardMSonSingle1912Aug9 Marystown
  CHEESMAN James MSonSingle1914May7 Marystown
PAGE 38                    
  CHEESMAN JeanannFDaughterSingle1917April4 Marystown
  CHEESMAN Tresa FDaughterSingle1921Sept3mo Marystown
57 63HANRAHAN Michael Jr.MHeadMarried 1898Aug23 Marystown
  HANRAHAN MyriaFWifeMarried 1899Oct22 Long Cove
  HANRAHAN George Jr.MSonSingle 1920 Aug 1 Marystown
    HANRAHAN Anna M. F Daughter Single 1912 April 9 Marystown
58 64HANRAHAN George Sr.MHeadMarried 1859June62 Marystown
  HANRAHAN Mary A.FWifeMarried 1862Sept59 Frenchman's Cove
59 65CAINS Saul MHeadMarried 1859Nov62 Rencontre (FB)
  CAINS Frances FWifeMarried 1874 July 47 Marystown
  HANRAHAN George Jr.MStep SonSingle1891May20 Marystown
  HANRAHAN CharlesMStep SonSingle1905Aug16 Marystown
60 66COWN Richard MHeadMarried 1893Oct28 Port au Bras
  COWN Selma FWifeMarried 1899May22 Marystown
  COWN William MSonSingle1920June1 Marystown
61 67MITCHELL Josefon ? MHeadMarried 1854April61 France
  MITCHELL Mary J.FWifeMarried 1869May52 Marystown
  MITCHELL Lena FDaughterSingle1903May18 Marystown
  MITCHELL VictorMSonSingle1904July11 Marystown
  MITCHELL Mary C FDaughterSingle1907May14 Marystown
62 68DRAKE Isaac MHeadMarried 1888 May33 Marystown
  DRAKE Mary A. FWifeMarried 1892Dec29 Marystown
  DRAKE John Jr. MSonSingle1912Oct9 Marystown
  DRAKE Thos MSonSingle1914Nov7 Marystown
  DRAKE Patrick MSonSingle1916Mar5 Marystown
63 69MITCHELL George W.MHeadMarried 1895April26 Marystown
  MITCHELL Isabell FWifeMarried 1896Oct25 Burin
  MITCHELL MargretFDaughterSingle1917Aug4 Burin
64 70HOBIE William T.MHeadMarried 1895Oct26 Marystown
  HOBIE CatherineFWifeMarried 1898June23 Marystown
  KILFOY L. M. FNieceSingle1914April7 Little Bay
65 71 PIGEON Paul MHeadMarried 1866Mar55 France
  PIGEON Katie FWifeMarried 1871Mar50 Marystown
  PIGEON Victor MSonSingle1902Sept19 Marystown
  PIGEON VictoriaFDaughterSingle1905July16 Marystown
  PIGEON Mary J. FDaughterSingle1909June12 Marystown
  PIGEON Ellen FDaughterSingle1914July7 Marystown
  72BRUSHETT John MHeadMarried 1889Jan32 Salt Pond
  BRUSHETT Emma FWifeMarried 1892Oct29 Marystown
66 73 PIGEON Michael J. M Head Married 1888 Sept 33 Marystown
    PIGEON Martha F Wife Married 1886 Aug 35 Marystown
  PIGEON AugustMSonSingle1916Nov5 Marystown
  PIGEON JosephineFDaughterSingle1920Mar1 Marystown
67 74NOWLAU Martha FHeadWidow 1862Feb59 Marystown
  SPENCER StephenMAdopted SonSingle1902July19 Marystown
68 75HANRAHAN Michael Jr.MHeadMarried 1849June72 Little Bay
  HANRAHAN EllenFWifeMarried 1873June48 Fox Cove
  HANRAHAN M MSonSingle1897Oct24 Fox Cove
  HANRAHAN BridgetFDaughterSingle1907Feb14 Fox Cove

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Lil Sandling, Meza, AZ, USA

Posted 17 July, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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