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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Little Bay West,
Fortune Bay District
{145 Persons in 32 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 185                  
1 1RIDGLEY Edward MHead Married 1861 Feb 60 Miller's Passage
  RIDGLEY Lucy FWife Married 1859 Aug 62 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Hubert MSon Single 1894 Aug 27 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Eugene MSon Single 1897 Jul 24 Little Bay West
  VALLIS Sadie FGrand DaughterSingle 1907 Feb 14 Coombes Cove
2 2HYNES Philip MHead Married 1860 May 61 Miller's Passage
  HYNES Emily FWife Married 1877 Nov 43 Coombes Cove
3 3DRAKE Stephen MHead Married 1858 May 63 Little Bay West
  DRAKE Julia FWife Married 1856 Feb 65 Bay D'L'Eau Island
  JARVIS Albert M Adopted Son Married 1897 Mar 24 Broad Cove, Hr. Breton
  JARVIS Frances F Wife of Above (sic) Married 1894 Dec 26 Little Bay West
  JARVIS Stephen R.M Son of Above (sic) Single 1921 Jul 2M Little Bay West
4 4RIDGLEY WilliamMHead Married 1859 Feb 62 Miller's Passage
  RIDGLEY Eliza FWife Married 1863 Jun 58 Little Bay West
5 5SKINNER Thomas MHead Married 1872 Apr 49 Sagona
  SKINNER Mary FWife Married 1874 Jul 47 Little Bay West
  SKINNER StanleyMSon Single 1899 Oct 21 Little Bay West
  SKINNER Emily FDaughterSingle 1906 Jul 15 Little Bay West
  SKINNER CharlesMSon Single 1909 Apr 12 Little Bay West
  SKINNER Mary FDaughterSingle 1911 Jan 10 Little Bay West
PAGE 186                    
  6SKINNER John Joseph M Head Married 1895 Apr 26 Little Bay West
  SKINNER RosannaFWife Married 1899 Mar 22 Little Bay West
  SKINNER Stanley W.MSon Single 1921 Aug 1M Little Bay West
6 7DRAKE Thomas J.MHead Married 1880 Dec 40 Little Bay West
  DRAKE Sarah J. FWife Married 1887 Sep 34 Great Hr., Connaigre
  DRAKE John Hy. MSon Single 1910 Mar 11 Little Bay West
  DRAKE Elsie R. FDaughterSingle 1912 Oct 8 Little Bay West
  DRAKE Levi M.MSon Single 1917 Dec 3 Little Bay West
7 8CRANT Thomas MHead Married 1888 Oct 32 Bay D'Espoir
  CRANT Bessie FWife Married 1894 Nov 26 Little Bay West
  CRANT Wm. John MSon Single 1913 Nov 7 Little Bay West
  CRANT Julia R. FDaughterSingle 1917 Jun 4 Little Bay West
  CRANT Vincent G.MSon Single 1918 Nov 2 Little Bay West
  CRANT Albert Thos.MSon Single 1920 Feb 1 Little Bay West
  CRANT James C. MSon Single 1921 Apr 5M Little Bay West
  DRAKE Elizabeth A.FMother in LawWidow 1856 Jul 65 Coombes Cove
8 9ROSE Wm. GeorgeMHead Married 1875 Sep 46 Little Bay West
  ROSE Matiilda FWife Married 1876 May 45 Sagona
  ROSE George MSon Single 1904 Jun 17 Little Bay West
  ROSE Lillian FDaughterSingle 1905 Jul 16 Little Bay West
  ROSE Anna Mary FDaughterSingle 1906 Mar 15 Little Bay West
  ROSE Emily FDaughterSingle 1909 Jun 12 Little Bay West
  ROSE Leonard MSon Single 1911 Jul 10 Little Bay West
  ROSE Adelaide FDaughterSingle 1914 Apr 7 Little Bay West
  ROSE John S. MSon Single 1917 May 4 Little Bay West
9 10RIDGLEY AlexanderMHead Married 1890 Nov 30 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY HenriettaFWife Married 1894 Jan 27 Coombes Cove
  VALLIS Vivian FNeice Single 1915 Oct 5 Coombes Cove
10 11ROSE Allan MHead Married 1891 Jan 30 Little Bay West
  ROSE Lucy FWife Married 1894 Oct 26 McCallum
  ROSE Jessie FDaughterSingle 1911 Feb 10 Little Bay West
  ROSE Mary Ann F MotherWidow 1841 Feb 70 Little Bay West
11 12CAINES Jacob MHead Married 1898 Dec 22 Pushtrough
PAGE 187                    
  CAINES Mary AnnFWife Married 1900 Aug 21 Little Bay West
  CAINES John JosephMSon Single 1920 Aug 1 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Wm. JosephMFather in LawWidower 1879 Jul 42 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY LlewelynMBrother in Law Single 1905 May 16 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Norman MBrother in LawSingle 1911 Oct 9 Little Bay West
12 13HARDING David MHead Married 1859 Jan 62 Little Bay West
  HARDING Phoebe FWife Married 1870 May 51Little Bay West
  HARDING RichardMSon Single 1898 Nov 22 Little Bay West
  HARDING John MSon Single 1901 Jul 20 Little Bay West
  HARDING Frank MSon Single 1903 Jul 18 Little Bay West
  HARDING FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1906 Aug 15 Little Bay West
  HARDING TrypheniaFDaughterSingle 1910 Dec 10 Little Bay West
13 14KEEPING Wm. JamesMHead Married 1860 Mar 61Little Bay West
  KEEPING Amelia FWife Married 1892 Jan 29McCallum
14 15HARDING Joshua MHead Married 1892 Oct 28 Little Bay West
  HARDING ElizabethFWife Married 1891 Aug 30 Hr. Breton
  HARDING Alma FDaughterSingle 1914 Oct 6 Little Bay West
  HARDING Ernest MSon Single 1917 Jul 4 Little Bay West
  HARDING Allan MSon Single 1919 Feb 2 Little Bay West
  HARDING Mamie FDaughterSingle 1921 May 4M Little Bay West
15 16ROSE Cecil MHead Married 1899 Sep 22 Little Bay West
  ROSE Beatrice FWife Married 1901 Jan 20 Little Bay West
16 17 ROSE Jacob MHead Married 1871 Aug 50 Little Bay West
  ROSE Jane FWife Married 1873 Nov 47 Burgeo
  ROSE Annie FDaughterSingle 1902 Apr 19 Little Bay West
  ROSE George G. MSon Single 1903 Nov 17 Little Bay West
  ROSE Maud FDaughterSingle 1905 Oct 15 Little Bay West
  ROSE Alexander W.MSon Single 1907 May 14 Little Bay West
  ROSE John MFather Widower 1835 Dec 85 Little Bay West
17 18 ROSE George MHead Married 1858 Nov 62 Little Bay West
  ROSE Ellen FWife Married 1871 Jul 50 Pushtrough
  ROSE Jeremiah MSon Single 1905 Mar 16 Little Bay West
  ROSE Effie M. FDaughterSingle 1907 Dec 13 Little Bay West
PAGE 188                    
  ROSE Emily MariaFDaughterSingle 1910 Sep 11 Little Bay West
  ROSE John JosephMSon Single 1913 Aug 8 Little Bay West
18 19 ROSE Levi MHead Married 1874 Jan 47 Little Bay West
  ROSE Elizabeth FWife Married 1878 Sep 43 Fortune
  ROSE Lloyd MSon Single 1910 Jul 11 Little Bay West
  ROSE Isalena sic FDaughterSingle 1906 Oct 14 Little Bay West
  ROSE Reginald G.MSon Single 1916 Sep 5 Little Bay West
19 20 ELFORD ElizabethFHeadWidow 1866 Aug 55 Little Bay West
  ELFORD Ralph Sidney M Son Single 1905 Apr 16 Little Bay West
20 21 GREEN Stephen MHead Married 1881 Apr 40 Bay D'L'Eau Island
  GREEN Amelia FWife Married 1884 Apr 37 Hr. Mille
  GREEN Lineas MSon Single 1904 Mar 17 Little Bay West
  GREEN Frank MSon Single 1909 Apr 12 Little Bay West
  GREEN John Ben. MSon Single 1917 Oct 3 Little Bay West
  ROSE Thomas MFather in LawMarried 1844 Dec 76 Little Bay West
  ROSE Elizabeth FMother in LawMarried 1858 Jan 63 Hr. Mille
  22 ROSE Charles MHead Widower 1882 Jan 39 Hr. Mille
  ROSE Susan FDaughterSingle 1915 Aug 6 Grand Bank
21 23ROSE William Hy.MHead Married 1878 Dec 42 Hr. Mille
  ROSE Jessie FWife Married 1883 Dec 37 Hr. Breton
  ROSE Chesley MSon Single 1906 Jul 15 Little Bay West
  ROSE Hector MSon Single 1909 Jun 12 Little Bay West
  ROSE Walter MSon Single 1911 Feb10 Little Bay West
  ROSE Henrietta FDaughterSingle 1912 Sep 9 Little Bay West
  ROSE Evelyn B. FDaughterSingle 1915 Jun 6 Little Bay West
  ROSE Martha E. FDaughterSingle 1918 Dec 2 Little Bay West
  ROSE George S.. MSon Single 1920 Jan 9M Little Bay West
22 24LAUGHLIN EdwardMHead Married 1887 May 34Little Bay West
  LAUGHLIN Mary M.FWife Married 1897 Nov 23 Little Bay West
  LAUGHLIN Sarah FDaughterSingle 1917 Oct 3 Little Bay West
  LAUGHLIN Arthur P.MSon Single 1920 Jul 1 Little Bay West
  25ROSE William MHead Married 1847 Sep 74 Little Bay West
  ROSE Frances FWife Married 1865 Oct 55 Bay D'L'Eau Island
PAGE 189                    
  ROSE Abram MBrotherSingle 1848 Sep 73 Little Bay West
23 26RIDGLEY Joseph MHead Married 1865 Aug 56 Red Cove
  RIDGLEY Mary E.FWife Married 1875 Aug 46 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Thomas MSon Single 1902 Feb 19 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Daisy G.FDaughterSingle 1911 Aug 10 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Wm. AaronMSon Single 1915 Dec 5 Little Bay West
24 27MAY Simeon MHead Married 1865 Dec 55 Point Enragee
  MAY Edith J. FWife Married 1879 Oct 41 Ramea
  MAY John MSon Single 1905 Oct 16 Little Bay West
  MAY Ivy FDaughterSingle 1907 Dec 13 Little Bay West
  MAY Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1909 Sep 12 Little Bay West
  MAY Olive FDaughterSingle 1915 Jan 6 Little Bay West
  MAY Mabel FDaughterSingle 1920 Jun 1 Little Bay West
  28FORD George MHead Married No Entry No Entry 80 Pushtrough
  FORD Caroline FWife Married 1842 Jan 79 Little Bay West
25 29ROSE Eli John MHead Married 1885 Aug36 Hr. Mille
  ROSE Emily FWife Married 1881 Jun 40 Little Bay West
  ROSE Georgina FDaughterSingle 1911 Aug 10 Little Bay West
  OSBORNE Rachel FMother in LawWidow 1851 Feb 70 English Hr. West
26 30ROSE Henry MHead Married 1861 Oct 59 Great Hr., Connaigre
  ROSE Rosanna FWife Married 1866 Oct 54 Little Bay West
  31ROSE John RobertMHead Married 1893 May 28 Little Bay West
  ROSE Mary FWife Married 1891 Nov 29 Jersey Hr.
  ROSE Harold MSon Single 1915 Oct 5 Little Bay West
27 32RIDGLEY George S.MHead Married 1897 Sep 24 Little Bay West
  RIDGLEY Amelia FWife Married 1898 Nov 22 Great Hr., Connaigre

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Bill Crant

Posted Mar. 25, 2000

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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