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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Lally Cove,
Fortune Bay District
{111 Persons in 22 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 88                  
125 139 MAY Wm. M Head Married 1856 May 65 Lally Cove
    MAY Julia F Wife Married 1864 Jul. 57 Corbin
    MAY Clarence M Son Single 1886 Sep. 25 Lally Cove
    MAY Ernest J. M Son Single 1900 May 21 Lally Cove
    MAY Mary A. F Daughter Single 1904 June 17 Lally Cove
126 140 MAY Wm. J. M Head Married 1887 Jul. 34 Lally Cove
    MAY Hannah F Wife Married 1889 Sep. 32 Lally Cove
    MAY Hazel F Daughter Single 1915 May 6 Lally Cove
    MAY Rhynie F Daughter Single 1917 Nov. 4 Lally Cove
    MAY Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1919 Nov. 2 Lally Cove
    MAY Newman M Son Single 1910 Aug 11 Lally Cove
    MAY Allen M. M Son Single 1913 Feb. 8 Lally Cove
137 141 MAY John M Head Married 1858 Aug. 63 Lally Cove
    MAY Sarah A. F Wife Married 1873 Jan. 48 Lally Cove
    MAY Al??? F Daughter Single 1903 Jan. 18 Lally Cove
    MAY Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1894 Jun. 27 Lally Cove
    MAY Elsie F Daughter Single 1904 ? Sep. 14 Lally Cove
    MAY Phillip O. M Son Single 1910 Apr. 11 Lally Cove
  142 BAKER Geo. T. M Head Married 1898 Oct. 23 Lally Cove
    BAKER Alma M. F Wife Married 1901 Jun. 20 Lally Cove
    BAKER Manville M Son Single 1919 Aug. 2 Lally Cove
128 143 SMITH Joseph M Head Married 1884 Aug. 37 Lally Cove
PAGE 89                  
    SMITH Mary J. F Wife Married 1884 Aug. 37 Lobster Cove
    SMITH John F. M Son Single 1904 Dec. 17 Lally Cove
    SMITH Alamedia F Daughter Single 1909 Aug. 12 Lally Cove
    SMITH Leo M Son Single 1913 Dec. 8 Lally Cove
    SMITH Phyll M. M Son Single 1918 Aug. 3 Lally Cove
    SMITH Isabella F Daughter Single 1920 Nov. 9M Lally Cove
    HURRAGE ? Cecil M Son Single 1913 Sep. 8 Lally Cove
    HURRAGE ? Corrella F Daughter Single 1915 Aug. 6 Lally Cove
129 144 MAY Denis M Head Married 1882 Jun. 39 Lally Cove
    MAY Emily F Wife Married 1891 Jun. 30 Corbin
    MAY Jennette F Daughter Single 1909 Sep. 12 Lally Cove
    MAY Susan F Daughter Single 1911 Nov. 9 Lally Cove
    MAY Lucy F Daughter Single 1914 Oct. 7 Lally Cove
130 145 DRAKES Thos. M Head Married 1857 Jun. 64 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Francis F Wife Married 1862 Dec. 59 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Angelo M Son Single 1897 Jan. 24 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Alex M Son Single 1901 Aug. 20 Lally Cove
131 146 COX James M Head Widower 1868 Dec. 52 Gaultois
    COX John M Son Single 1911 Sep. 10 Lally Cove
    COX Henry M Son Single 1903 May 18 Lally Cove
    COX Hilda F Daughter Single 1909 Sep. 12 Lally Cove
132 147 DRAKES Chas. M Head Married 1893 Aug. 28 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Irene F Wife Married 1899 Jul. 22 Lally Cove
    COX Annie F Adopted Single 1915 Nov. 7 Lally Cove
133 148 DRAKES Owen M Head Single 1854 Aug. 67 Lally Cove
134 149 DRAKES John J. M Head Married 1866 Aug. 55 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Elsie M. F Wife Married 1892 Nov. 28 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Levi M Son Single 1909 Aug. 12 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Cyril M Son Single 1912 Sep. 9 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Albert M Son Single 1914 Sep. 7 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Clarence M Son Single 1916 Sep. 5 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Clyde M Son Single 1919 Jun. 2 Lally Cove
135 150 BAKER Edward M Head Widower 1860 Feb. 61 Lally Cove
PAGE 90                  
    BAKER Elizabeth F Dau Single 1892 July 29 Lally Cove
136 151 MAY James T. M Head Married 1882 Aug 39 Lally Cove
    MAY Clara F Wife Married 1884 Jan 37 Corbin
    MAY Lains ? F Dau Single 1903 Oct 17 Lally Cove
    MAY Ellen A. F Dau Single 1907 July 14 Lally Cove
    MAY Chesley M Son Single 1909 Oct 11 Lally Cove
    MAY Muriel F Dau Single 1911 May 10 Lally Cove
    MAY Ivey F Dau Single 1914 Aug 7 Lally Cove
    MAY Freeman M Son Single 1916 Aug 5 Lally Cove
    MAY Gorden M Son Single 1918 Aug 3 Lally Cove
    MAY Theresa F Dau Single 1821 Mar 4 m Lally Cove
137 152 DRAKES Stephen M Head Married 1889 Oct 32 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Violet F Wife Married 1899 Sept 22 St. John's
    DRAKES Isabella F Dau Single 1916 Aug 5 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Levi M Son Single 1918 June 3 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Marjorie F Dau Single 1920 Aug 1 Lally Cove
138 153 BAKER Levi J. M Head Married 1866 June 55 Lally Cove
    BAKER Alice F Wife Married 1878 April 43 Lally Cove
    BAKER Edward M Son Single 1899 June 22 Lally Cove
    BAKER Garfield M Son Single 1905 Oct 15 Lally Cove
    BAKER Annie F Dau Single 1910 Dec 10 Lally Cove
    BAKER Elizabeth F Dau Single 1909 Dec 12 Lally Cove
    TIBBO James M Adopted Single 1912 Aug 9 Lally Cove
    BAKER Isaac M Brother Single 1864 Oct 56 Lally Cove
139 154 DRAKES John M Head Married 1898 May 28 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Ellen F Wife Married 1897 Mar 24 Bay du Nord
    DRAKES Dorothy F Daughter Single 1918 Aug 3 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Geo. M Son Single 1920 May 1 Lally Cove
    OSBORNE John M Relative ? Single 1882 May 39 Lally Cove
140 155 DRAKES Geo M Head Married 1862 Dec 59 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Isabella F Wife Married 1864 Oct 56 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Levi M Son Single 1898 Oct 22 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Frank M Son Single 1902 Mar 19 Lally Cove
PAGE 91                  
    DRAKES Clayton M Son Single 1908 June 13 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Stanley M Son Single 1914 Nov 7 Lally Cove
141 156 DRAKES Wm J. M Head Married 1888 Aug 33 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Lucy F Wife Married 1894 April 27 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Alvinia F Dau Single 1921 July 1 m Lally Cove
142 157 KEEPING Edward M Head Married 1853 April 68 Lally Cove
    KEEPING Elizabeth F Wife Married 1857 Sept 64 Hr. Mille
    KEEPING John M Son Single 1897 July 24 Lally Cove
    KEEPING William M Son Single 1900 June 20 Lally Cove
    KEEPING Herbert M Son Single 1908 April 13 Lally Cove
143 158 DRAKES Jabez M Head Married 1882 Sept 39 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Sarah F Wife Married 1886 Oct 35 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Olive F Dau Single 1917 Aug 4 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Mary F Dau Single 1919 June 2 Lally Cove
    DRAKES Rose F Dau Single 1920 Aug 1 Lally Cove
    DODGE Ellen F Servant Single 1907 June 14 Lally Cove
144 159 KEEPING James M Head Widow 1867 July 54 Lally Cove
    KEEPING Harvey M Son Single 1908 Sept 13 Lally Cove
    KEEPING Catherine F Dau Single 1902 Oct 19 Lally Cove
145 160 BAKER John M Head Married 1867 Oct 53 Lally Cove
    BAKER Mary A. F Wife Married 1884 Sept 37 Lally Cove
    BAKER Chas M Son Single 1911 Oct 10 Lally Cove
    COX Harold M Boarder Single 1901 Aug 20 Lally Cove

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Bill Crant

Posted Mar. 7, 1998

Updated Jan. 20, 2000

Updated to include the name RHYNIE MAY for the family of Wm J. May (126-140) (January 2007)

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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