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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bay St. George District
{153 Persons in 30 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 329                    
76 82 SHEARS George N M Head Married 1872 July 48 Crabbes
    SHEARS Sarah F Wife Married 1878 Feb 43 Channel
    SHEARS Howard S. M Son Single 1901 June 30 Jefferys
    SHEARS Annie M. F Daughter Single 1903 Sept 17 Jefferys
    SHEARS Jennie F Daughter Single 1905 Sept 16 Jefferys
    SHEARS Llewelyn O. M Son Single 1906 Nov 14 Jefferys
    SHEARS George D. M Son Single 1908 Nov 12 Jefferys
    SHEARS R. Bissett M Son Single 1910 Nov 10 Jefferys
    SHEARS Viola D. F Daughter Single 1914 Dec 6 Jefferys
    SHEARS Fannie Alice F Daughter Single 1916 Oct 4 Jefferys
    SHEARS Martha F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 2 Jefferys
    SHEARS Effie L. F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 Jefferys
77 83 HULAN Otto M Head Married 1884 Mar 37 Jefferys
    HULAN May O. F Wife Married 1893 Dec 27 St. George
    HULAN Arnold M Son Single 1909 Dec 11 Jefferys
    HULAN Osborne M Son Single 1911 Nov 9 Jefferys
    HULAN Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1914 Aug 7 Jefferys
    HULAN Edith F Daughter Single 1916 Feb 5 Jefferys
    HULAN Wilfreda F Daughter Single 1916 Oct 4 4 Jefferys
    HULAN Jacob M Father Widower 1851 Aug 70 Jefferys
    HULAN Edward C. M Cousin Single 1899 May 22 Jefferys
78 84 CHAFFEY James M Head Married 1848 Dec 72 Jefferys
    CHAFFEY Mary F Wife Married 1846 Mar 75 Jefferys
  85 MORRIS William H. M Head Married 1880 Dec 41 Robinsons
    MORRIS Elizabeth M. F Wife Married 1886 June 35 Jefferys
    MORRIS Clyde M Son Single 1906 June 15 Jefferys
    MORRIS Dinah F Daughter Single 1907 April 13 Jefferys
    MORRIS James M Son Single 1910 Dec 11 Jefferys
PAGE 357                    
  MORRIS Herbert M Son Single 1911 Oct 9 Jefferys
  MORRIS Percival M Son Single 1914 May 7 Jefferys
  MORRIS Arthur D. M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 Jefferys
  MORRIS Edward G M Son Single 1921 Jul 1/6Jefferys
79 86CHAFFEY Isaac G M Head Married 1859 Jul 62 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Marcella F Wife Married 1864 Aug 57 Robinsons
  CHAFFEY Isaac JamesM Head Married 1891 Apr 30 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Catherine E F Wife Married 1894 Jan 28 Crabbes
  CHAFFEY Haycinth F DaughterSingle 1914 Jun 7 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Howard E M Son Single 1916 Apr 5 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Martha JaneF DaughterSingle 1918 Feb 3 Jefferys
80 88CHAFFEY Octavius M Head Widower 1853 Apr 68 Jefferys
81 89 CHAFFEY W. Benjamin M Head Married 1882 Sep 39 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Martha Ann F Wife Married 1891 Aug 29 Crabbes
  CHAFFEY Wilhelmina F DaughterSingle 1910 Jan 11 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Alberta F DaughterSingle 1912 Nov 8 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Eldon M Son Single 1915 Sep 6 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Hilda F DaughterSingle 1917 Jun 4 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Mary GertrudeF DaughterSingle 1919 May 2 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY William P. M Son Single 1921 Jul 3M Jefferys
82 90MADORE William Fred M Head Widower 1860 Aug 61 St. Georges
  MADORE Stephen M Son Single 1901 Nov 19 Jefferys
  MADORE Earnest M Son Single 1904 Jan 17 Jefferys
  MADORE Royal M Son Single 1906 Jan 15 Jefferys
  MADORE Anabelle F DaughterSingle 1909 May 12 Jefferys
83 91CHAFFEY George F. M Head Married 1876 Jan 45 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Mary Ann F Wife Married 1878 Oct 42 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Octavius M Son Single 1902 Jul 19 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Warren M Son Single 1904 Sep 17 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Elvina F DaughterSingle 1906 Oct 15 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Carol M Son Single 1909 Jan 12 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Robert M Son Single 1911 Jan 10 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Frederick M Son Single 1913 Feb 8 Jefferys
PAGE 358                    
  CHAFFEY Ethel P. F DaughterSingle 1915 May 6 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Edward L. M Son Single 1916 June 6 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Lloyd George M Son Single 1918 Nov 2 Jefferys
84 92HARVEY George M Head Married 1861 Feb 60 Isle au Mort
  HARVEY Prisella F Wife Married 1861 Jun 60 Jefferys
  HARVEY Reta F DaughterSingle 1901 Jun 20 Robinsons
  HARVEY Bertram M Son Single 1905 Aug 16 Jefferys
  HARVEY Richard Roy M Grand Son Single 1913 Aug 8 Jefferys
85 93FORTUNE Isaac EdwardM Head Single 1898 May 23 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Caroline F Mother Widow 1865 Oct 55 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Hubert N. M Brother Single 1900 Apr 21 Jefferys
86 94FORTUNE James M Head Married 1860 Oct 61 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Mary Ann F Wife Married 1860 Oct 61 Jefferys
87 95GILLAM William A. M Head Married 1885 Oct 35 Jefferys
  GILLAM Emma A. F Wife Married 1881 Jan 40 Sandy's Point
88 96GILLAM Charles M Head Married 1860 Oct 60 Jefferys
  GILLAM Mary JaneF Wife Married 1861 Nov 59 Jefferys
  GILLAM Adelaide F DaughterSingle 1900 Aug 21 Jefferys
  GILLAM Richard T. M Son Single 1901 Nov 19 Jefferys
  GILLAM Gyola ? F DaughterSingle 1904 Jan 17 Jefferys
  GILLAM Olvie F DaughterSingle 1905 Oct 15 Jefferys
89 97MCEACHERN Archibald M Head Married 1877 Aug 44 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Catherine F Wife Married 1882 Sep 39 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN John D. M Son Single 1900 Dec 21 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Cecil M Son Single 1902 Jul 19 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Cassimira ? F DaughterSingle 1904 Apr 17 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Isabella F DaughterSingle 1908 Sep 13 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Ella Gladys F DaughterSingle 1911 Jul 10 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN ???? F DaughterSingle 1914 Oct 6 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Stephen L. M Son Single 1918 Jan 3 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Alfred R. M Son Single 1921 Feb 2/3Jefferys
90 98MCEACHERN Thomas M Head Widower 1871 Dec 49 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Thomas Jr. M Son Single 1901 Nov 19 Jefferys
PAGE 358                    
  MCEACHERN Millicent F Daughter Single 1904 Apr 17 Jefferys
91 99MCEACHERN Hugh M Head Married 1884 Dec 37 Jefferys
  MCEACHERN Caroline F Wife Married 1895 Mar 26 Jefferys
92 100FORTUNE Thomas M Head Married 1858 Aug 63 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1868 Dec 52 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Obediah M Son Single 1905 Mar 16 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Catherine F DaughterSingle 1900 Nov 20 Jefferys
93 101FORTUNE Isaac C. M Head Married 1877 May 44 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Mary M. F Wife Married 1874 Nov 46 Jefferys
  FORTUNE William M Son Single 1901 Mar 20 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Veronica F DaughterSingle 1905 Jul 16 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Andrew M Son Single 1906 Aug 15 Jefferys
  FORTUNE Norman M Son Single 1909 Oct 11 Jefferys
94 102HARVEY William J. M Head Married 1895 Mar 26 Jefferys
  HARVEY Annie E. F Wife Married 1895 Oct 25 Jefferys
  HARVEY Noah G M Son Single 1919 Jan 2 Jefferys
95 103HARVEY Isaac T. M Head Married 1886 Sep 35 Jefferys
  HARVEY Priscilla A. F Wife Married 1897 May 24 Middle Barachois
  HARVEY Drucella F DaughterSingle 1917 Dec 3 Jefferys
  HARVEY Eva B. F DaughterSingle 1920 Feb 1 1/2 Jefferys
96 104PARSONS James E. M Head Married 1878 Nov 42 Sandy Point
  PARSONS Dianah J. F Wife Married 1891 May 30 Jefferys
  PARSONS Arthur M Son Single 1916 Nov 4 Jefferys
  PARSONS James M Son Single 1917 Feb 3 Jefferys
97 105CHAFFEY Edward J M Head Married 1876 Nov 44 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Catherine Ann F Wife Married 1877 Oct 43 Heatherton
  CHAFFEY Mary F DaughterSingle 1901 Mar 20 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Ulric M Son Single 1902 Oct 18 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Theora? F DaughterSingle 1904 Sep 17 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY William M Son Single 1908 May 13 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Peter M Son Single 1910 Oct 10 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Evelina F DaughterSingle 1912 Sep 9 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Douglas M Son Single 1914 Aug 7 Jefferys
PAGE 360                    
  CHAFFEY Gerald O. M Son Single 1917 Jul 4 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Lewis M Son Single 1921 Mar 1/2Jefferys
98 106CHAFFEY William J. M Head Married 1874 Feb 47 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Fanny J. F Wife Married 1870 Mar 51 Channel
  CHAFFEY Annie J. F DaughterSingle 1901 Feb 20 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Sarah J. F DaughterSingle 1897 Sep 24 Jefferys
  107CHAFFEY James E. M Head Married 1895 Aug 26 Jefferys
  CHAFFEY Helen F Wife Married 1892 Feb 29 ??, Scotland - 1919
  CHAFFEY ChristinaF DaughterSingle 1919 Aug 2 Jefferys
99 108HULAN Chas. Henry M Head Married 1877 Jul 44 Jefferys
  HULAN Maud F Wife Married 1884 Nov 36 St. John's
  HULAN George A. M Son Single 1909 Feb 12 Jefferys
  HULAN Charles Ford M Son Single 1911 Dec 9 Jefferys
  HULAN Dorothy M. F DaughterSingle 1914 May 7 Jefferys
  HULAN William W. MDaughterSingle 1917Jun 4 Jefferys
  HULAN Annie P.. F DaughterSingle 1920 Jun 1 Jefferys
100 109HULAN Louise E F Head Widow 1852 Aug 69 Cow Head
  HULAN Leonard S. M Son Single 1880 Oct 40 Jefferys
101 110SHEARS Belman M Head Married 1895 Dec 25 Crabbes
  SHEARS Caroline J. F Wife Married 1896 Dec 24 Jefferys
102 111HULAN Leonard M Head Married 1854 Oct 66 Jefferys
  HULAN Margaret M Wife Married 1875 Jan 46 Robinsons
  HULAN Albert A. M Son Single 1899 Jan 22 Jefferys
103 112HULAN Philip M Head Married 1866 Feb 55 Jefferys
  HULAN Louise M. F Wife Married 1866 Aug 55 Channel
  HULAN Lillian M. F DaughterSingle 1904 Jul 17 Jefferys

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Leona Chatwood, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Posted 10 Sept., 1998

Updated July 7, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Saturday November 09, 2013 (Don Tate)

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