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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Jackson's Arm,
St. Barbe District
{222 Individuals in 47 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

Research notes were added by Jill Marshall & by Linda Elkins-Schmitt
PAGE 281                            
234   JAMES HEWETT M Head Married 1881 April40 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING   A James Hewitt, son of Alexander, md a Susanna Jacobs, (born circa 1892), dau of Robert.
    LILLIAN HEWETT F Wife Married 1892 June29 Jacksons Arm CE      
    IDA M. HEWETT F Daughter Single 1913 Aug8 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ALMA ELIZA HEWETT F Daughter Single 1916 Oct5 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ARTHUR C. HEWETT F Son Single 1918 July3 Jacksons Arm CE      
235   HEZEKIAH HEWETT M Head Widower 1879 Sept49 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
236   ALBERT BURTON M Head Married 1873 Aug48 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    SUSY BURTON F Wife Married 1896 April25 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELIZABETH BURTON F Daughter Single 1911 Dec10 Jacksons Arm CE      
    WILLIE BURTON M Son Single 1908 Jan13 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELIZABETH NICHOLAS F Adopted Single 1911 Dec10 Jacksons Arm CE      
237   WILLIAM J. COMBDEN M Head Married 1878 March43 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING    
    DORCAS COMBDEN F Wife Married 1889 Aug33 Seal Cove CE      
238   SHEM COMBDEN M Head Married 1869 May52 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING    
    LAVINIA COMBDEN F Wife Married 1881 Nov40 Moretons Hr CE      
    LEAH COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1893 Sept28 Jacksons Arm CE      
    SARAH COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1895 Sept26 Jacksons Arm CE      
    DORA COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1904 March17 Jacksons Arm CE      
    WALTER HEWETT M Boarder Single 1900 Oct21 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING    
239   JOSIAH OSMOND M Head Married 1894 Sept27 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING LUMBERING  
    SARAH OSMOND F Wife Married 1896 Sept25 Jacksons Arm CE      
    LEAH OSMOND F Daughter Single 1916 July5 Jacksons Arm CE      
    AMBROSE OSMOND M Son Single 1919 Aug2 Jacksons Arm CE      
240   CHARLIE LANGFORD M Head Widower 1879 Nov42 Hampden CE FISHING STOREKEEPER  
    EVA RANDELL F Niece Single 1908 Nov13 Duggans Cove CE      
241   AENAS SAUNDERS M Head Married 1880 July41 Lt. Bay South Meth ENGINEER   Baptized as Enos Saunders, born Jul 26 1880 Little Wards Hr, son of Josiah & Susanna.
    AMELIA SAUNDERS F Wife Married 1880 June41 Lt. Bay South Meth     Susanna Amela BUDDEN, born June 22 1880 Indian Burying Place, dau of John Budden & Mary Elliott.
    JESSIE SAUNDERS F Daughter Single 1913 Nov8 Jacksons Arm Meth      
242   AARON BUDDEN M Head Married 1885 Feb36 Lt. Bay South Meth SAWYER   Aaron was born Feb 22 1886 Woodfords Cove, son of John Budden & Mary Elliott.
    BESSIE BUDDEN F Wife Married 1881 April40 Lt. Bay South Salvation Army     Candidate: Rachel Bessy Osmond b apr 20 1882 Birchy Cove NDB, dau of Alfred Osmond & Mary White.
    ALFRED BUDDEN M Son Single 1906 June15 Jacksons Arm Meth LUMBERING    
    DOROTHY BUDDEN F Daughter Single 1908 Sept13 St. Anthony Meth      
    LUCY BUDDEN F Daughter Single 1910 Feb11 Jacksons Arm Meth      
PAGE 282                            
    SADIE BUDDEN F Daughter Single 1915 Sept6 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    BLANCHE BUDDEN F Daughter Single 1917 Nov4 Jacksons Arm Meth      
243   ELIJAH NEWMAN M Head Married 1873 Aug48 Jacksons Arm Meth NOT GIVEN   Elijah was the s/o Elias Newman & Lydia Cassell who md 1872 at Grandvache. They are likely the same couple as Elijah Newman 1873-1948 & Amelia Newman 1876-1953, buried at Roddickton. (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    AMELIA NEWMAN F Wife Married 1877 No Entry44 Jacksons Arm Meth     Candidate: Amelia Randell bap Jul 19 1878 Grandvache, dau of Adam Randell & Elizabeth Gillingham (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    ELIZABETH NEWMAN F Daughter Single 1903 July18 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    LYDDIA NEWMAN F Daughter Single 1906 Nov15 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    STEWART NEWMAN M Son Single 1912 July9 Jacksons Arm Meth      
244   JOHN BUDDEN M Head Married 1855 Aug66 Round Harbour Meth NOT GIVEN   John was bap June 21 1855 Round Hr NDB age 9 mo, son of Richard Budden & Susanna Wiseman.
    MARY BUDDEN F Wife Married 1855 Jan66 Fogo Meth     Nee Mary ELLIOTT, bap May 18 1856 Eastern Tickle, Fogo, dau of Abel Elliott & Amelia Brown. Md Jul 1 1879 Fogo ANG to John Budden.
    SYLVIA* BUDDEN M Son Single 1896 Feb25 Lt. Bay South Meth NOT GIVEN   *Selby John b Jan 27 1896 Woodfords Cove NDB - died Dec 27 1977 Coquitlam BC. Married Emma Beulah Adams, d/o James Adams & Martha Batstone (see later in this census).
    DAISY NEWMAN F Servant Single 1899 Jan22 Lt. Hr Deep Meth     Daisy Newman was the d/o William Newman & Sarah Ann Cassell; she married Andrew Simon Randell (b Jan 1884). Daisy died 1991, and is buried at Embree NDB. (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
245   STANLEY BUDDEN M Head Married 1891 Feb30 Lt. Bay South Meth MERCHANT (LUMBER)   Stanley was born Feb 21 1891 Woodfords Cove NDB, son of John Budden & Mary Elliott; died 1973, buried Sops Arm.
    ALFREDA BUDDEN F Wife Married 1893 March28 Jacksons Arm Meth     Nee Alfreda Martha COMBDEN born 1892 - died 1984. Buried Sops Arm. Daughter of Joseph Combden Sr.
    EFFIE BUDDEN F Daughter Single 1912 Jan9 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    LEANDER BUDDEN M Son Single 1914 Aug7 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    WATSON BUDDEN M Son Single 1916 Nov4 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    HORACE BUDDEN M Son Single 1920 April1 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    LIZZIE NEWMAN F Servant Single 1903 July18 Jacksons Arm Meth     May be Elizabeth Newman, dau of Elijah & Amelia Newman as per the 1935 Sops Arm Census (Linda Elkins-Schmitt)
246   GEORGE REID M Head Married 1874 June47 Joe Batts Arm CE LUMBERING   Baptized Jul 26 1874 Joe Batts Arm, son of James & Susannah Reid.
    REBECCA REID F Wife Married 1883 Aug38 Sops Island CE      
    SIDNEY G. COMBDEN M Adopted Single 1915 July6 Jacksons Arm CE      
    SUSANNA REID F Mother Single 1852 Feb69 Joe Batts Arm CE     Marital status was given as 'single'.
    FRANCIS JONES? M Boarder Single 1874 March27 Uupper Isld Cove CE CATECHIST    
247   JAMES ADAMS M Head Married 1858 July63 Shoe Cove Meth MERCHANT FISHING James was bap Sep 8 1857 Indian Burying Place - d May 11 1938 Jacksons Cove, son of Francis Adams & Eunice Winsor; grandson of James & Rosa Adams, and of George Winsor & Mary Cole(s).
    MARTHA ADAMS F Wife Married 1867 Oct54 Nippers Hr Meth     Martha was born Oct 16 1866 Nippers Hr - d Oct 4 1948 Jacksons Arm, dau of Thomas Batstone & Mary Ann Langdown.
    SIDNEY F.T. ADAMS M Son Single 1897* Sept24 Nippers Hr Meth MERCHANT   Sidney Francis Thomas was born Sep 13 *1897 - d Sep 28 1952 Jacksons Arm. He married Mary Ann Alice FORD, dau of Simeon & Julia Ford (see later in this Census).
    EMMA B. ADAMS F Daughter Single 1901 Oct20 Nippers Hr Meth     Emma Beulah was b Oct 31 1901 Nippers Hr. Married Selby John Budden (1896-1977), son of John Budden & Mary Elliott.
248   ISAAC SPARKES M Head Married 1871 Oct50 Bay Roberts CE TEACHER    
    ROSANNA SPARKES F Wife Married 1873 Feb48 Hr Round CE     Nee Rosanna FORD, b Feb 14 1874 Hr Round, dau of Job Ford & Sarah Cumberland; both her parents were from Fogo.
    WINNIE MAUD SPARKES F Daughter Single 1904 Jan17 Jacksons Arm CE      
    REGINALD SPARKES M Son Single 1906 June15 Jacksons Arm CE      
    SARAH FORD F Mother in Law WIDOW 1834 April87 Joe Batts Arm CE     Nee Sarah CUMBERLAND, widow of Job FORD.
PAGE 283                            
249   ANDREW FORD M Head Married 1887 Oct34 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING   Andrew was born Oct 12 1886 Jacksons Arm, son of John & Amelia.
    JULIA FORD F Wife Married 1882* (sic) Oct 29 (sic) Jacksons Arm CE     Nee Julia WICKS, daughter of John Wicks. Her year of birth should be closer to 1892.
    LEWIS G. FORD M Son Single 1911 Feb10 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ERNEST FORD M Son Single 1914 Oct7 Jacksons Arm CE      
    SIDNEY FORD M Son Single 1915 March6 Jacksons Arm CE      
250   JOHN FORD M Head Married 1856 Nov68 Joe Batts Arm CE FISHING   John was bap Jul 12 1857 Joe Batts Arm, the son of Job Ford & Sarah Cumberland.
    AMELIA FORD F Wife Married 1857 Oct66 Moretons Hr CE     Amelia Jane LOCKE was b Oct 16 1859 Moretons Hr, the dau of Thomas Locke & Ann Stuckless. She and John were married Sep 15 1880 Twillingate.
    NAOMI FORD F Daughter Single 1883 Sept38 Jacksons Arm CE      
    THOMAS FORD M Son Single 1887 Oct 31 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    SIMEON FORD M Son Single 1891 Sept30 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    PEARCY FORD M Son Single 1893 June28 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    MARJORIE FORD F Adopted Single 1905 April16 Jacksons Arm CE      
251   SIMEON FORD M Head Married 1866 Feb55 Indian Burying Place CE FISHING   Simeon was bap May 26 1867 Barr'd Islds, the son of Job Ford & Sarah Cumberland.
    JULIA FORD F Wife Married 1874 July47 Joe Batts Arm CE      
    MARY FORD F Daughter Single 1898 Nov23 Jacksons Arm CE TEACHER   Mary Ann Alice died Apr 25 1984 Jacksons Cove age 85 yrs; she married Oct 8 1921 Jacksons Arm UC to Sidney F.T. Adams (1897-1952), son of James Adams & Martha Batstone.
    SUSY FORD F Daughter Single 1901 Aug20 Jacksons Arm CE      
    FRANK FORD M Son Single 1906 Aug15 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING LUMBERING  
    EUNICE FORD F Daughter Single 1908 May13 Jacksons Arm CE      
    PEARLE FORD F Daughter Single 1910 Nov11 Jacksons Arm CE      
256 2 ISRAEL GOULDING M Head Married 1894 April27 Gambo CE LUMBERING    
    ADA GOULDING F Wife Married 1897 Dec24 Jacksons Arm CE     Candidate: Ada Ford, dau of Simeon & Julia Ann Ford.
    FRANCES GOULDING F Daughter Single 1918 July3 St. Anthony CE      
257   WALTER COMBDEN M Head Married 1888 Dec33 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBER/SURVEYOR    
    MARY COMBDEN F Wife Married 1893 April28 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELIZA COMBDEN F ? Widow 1856 June65 Fogo E CE     Relationship to head of house hold was illegible
    ELSIE COMBDEN F Sister Single 1898 April23 Jacksons Arm CE POSTMISTRESS    
258   KENNETH LUSH M Head Married 1884 June37 Gambo CE LUMBERMAN   Kenneth was the son of William Lush.
    EMMA LUSH F Wife Married 1886 Dec35 Jacksons Arm CE     Nee Emma COMBDEN, daughter of William Henry Combden.
    MALCOLM LUSH M Son Single 1908 Feb13 Jacksons Arm CE      
    TRYPHENA LUSH F Daughter Single 1910 June11 Jacksons Arm CE      
    GLADYS LUSH F Daughter Single 1913 June8 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ??LIZZ J. LUSH F Daughter Single 1917 Aug4 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELSIE LUSH F Daughter Single 1920 Jan1 1/2 Jacksons Arm CE      
PAGE 284                            
    WILLIS REGULAR M Adopted Single 1903 Jan18 Wild Cove, W B CE LUMBERMAN   Believed to be the Willis Regular, son of Noah Regular & Lilly Small, who married Lucy Gale.
259   CHESLEY REID M Head Married 1894 Aug24 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    VIRTUE REID F Wife Married 1900 April21 Jacksons Arm CE      
260   SHEM FORD M Head Married 1859 Jan62 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING   Shem was born Jan 24 1858 Hr Round, son of Job Ford & Sarah Cumberland.
    JULIA FORD F Wife Married 1866 Jan55 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ARTHUR J. FORD M Son Single 1899 Nov22 Jacksons Arm CE      
261   ELIAS GILLINGHAM M Head Married 1874 Sept47 Sops Island CE LUMBERING    
    CECELIA GILLINGHAM F Wife Married 1878 Oct43 Westport CE      
    VIRTUE GILLINGHAM F Daughter Single 1904 May17 Middle Arm CE      
    EPHRAIM GILLINGHAM M Son Single 1905 Aug16 Middle Arm CE LUMBERING    
    JOSEPH GILLINGHAM M Son Single 1908 Sept13 Middle Arm CE      
    THOMAS GILLINGHAM M Son Single 1912 Sept9 Middle Arm CE      
    EDGAR GILLINGHAM M Son Single 1914 Oct7 Middle Arm CE      
    JENNIE GILLINGHAM F Daughter Single 1918 July3 Middle Arm CE      
262   ARCHIBALD HYNES M Head Married 1889 Dec32 Coney Arm CE LUMBERING   Archibald was the son of Henry Hynes & Jane Sacrey (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    TAMOR HYNES F Wife Married 1894 Dec27 Duggans Cove CE      
    WATSON HYNES M Son Single 1911 Aug10 Duggans Cove CE      
    VIRTUE HYNES F Daughter Single 1913 Dec8 Duggans Cove CE      
    GEORGE HYNES M Son Single 1916 April5 Duggans Cove CE      
    WILLIE HYNES M Son Single 1918 Oct3 Duggans Cove CE      
    MARY J. HYNES F Daughter Single 1921 Aug1 MO Jacksons Arm CE      
263   CHARLIE HYNES M Head Married 1883 Feb38 Coney Arm CE LUMBERING   Charlie was the son of Henry Hynes & Jane Sacrey (Linda Elkins-Schmitt)
    JANET HYNES F Wife Married 1889 April32 Grandfers Cove CE     Janet was the dau of Edward Randell & Mary Ann Lewis (Linda Elkins-Schmitt)
    DORCAS HYNES F Daughter Single 1911 March10 Jacksons Arm CE      
    BESSIE HYNES F Daughter Single 1913 Feb8 Coney Arm CE      
    BERTHA HYNES F Daughter Single 1915 Oct6 Coney Arm CE      
    ANNIE HYNES F Daughter Single 1918 April3 Coney Arm CE      
    ETHEL HYNES F Daughter Single 1920 Mar (?) 1 1/4 Coney Arm CE     Month of birth may have been March.
264   EDWARD RANDELL M Head Widow 1853 Dec68 Grand Vatch CE LUMBERING   More recent spelling of his place of birth is "Grandvache". Edward believed to have married (1) Elizabeth Langford 1872 and (2) Mary Ann Lewis 1882 (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    JOE RANDELL M Son Single 1902 Dec19 Grand Vatch CE      
    SIMEON? RANDELL M Son Single 1905 Dec16 Grand Vatch CE      
    MARTHA RANDELL F Daughter Single 1897 Jan24 Grand Vatch CE      
PAGE 285                            
265   JAMESRICKS M Head Married 1860 Jan61 Hauling Point CE ENGINEER    
    PATIENCE RICKS F Wife Married 1876 No Entry 45 Browns Cove CE      
    JANE RICKS F Daughter Single 1898 No Entry 23 Hauling Point CE      
    KATIE (?)RICKS F Daughter Single 1901 No Entry 20 Hauling Point CE      
    HARRIET RICKS F Daughter Single 1917* (sic) Jan 14 (sic) Hauling Point CE     If true age was 14, then yr of birth should be 1907 instead of 1917.
266   JAMES RANDELL M Head Married 1882 Feb39 Grand Vatch CE LUMBERING   May be the son of Edward Randell & Mary Ann Lewis (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    ALBERTA RANDELL F Wife Married 1896 Feb25 Seal Cove CE      
    MARY RANDELL F Daughter Single 1915 Aug6 Grandfers Cove CE      
    PHOEBE RANDELL F Daughter Single 1921 Aug1 MO Jacksons Arm CE      
267   NATHANIEL RICKETTS M Head Married 1888 Sept33 Grandby Island CE LUMBERING   Nathaniel was b 1889 - d 1969, buried Sops Arm, son of Cornelius Ricketts & Elizabeth Stuckless. His father was from Smarts Island, and was baptized at Greenspond, Bonavista Bay, son of James Ricketts and Lucy Ford (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    MINNIE RICKETTS F Wife Married 1896 April25 Sops Island CE      
    RICHARD RICKETTS M Son Single 1919 Sept2 St. Anthony CE      
268   ROBERT EARL M Head Married 1889 Oct32 Bay Roberts Meth CARPENTER   William ROBERT Earle was born Oct 24 1888 - died Aug 6 1964, son of William Henry Earle & Sarah Jane Hood. This couple were double listed in the 1921 Census: also listed at Shearstown, Bay Roberts.
    MAUD EARL F Wife Married 1891 Nov30 Tilt Cove Meth     Nee Alice MAUD ADAMS, born Nov 8 1890 Nippers Hr - d Jan 20 1960 Shearstown, Bay Roberts. She was the dau of James Adams & Martha Batstone.
    ROY EVERARD EARL M Son Single 1913 Aug8 Bay Roberts Meth     This son was from Robert's 1st marriage.
    LILLY EARLE F Daughter Single 1916 Dec5 Bay Roberts Meth     This dau was from Robert's 1st marriage. Also known as Nellie.
    JAMES EARL M Son Single 1920 Nov1 Bay Roberts Meth     William James Adams Earl was born Mar 26 1920 - d 2005 St Johns. He married Margaret Russell of Bay Roberts.
269   DANIEL HYNES M Head Married 1895 Aug26 Coney Arm Meth LUMBERING   Daniel was the son of Henry Hynes & Jane Sacrey (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    ELIZABETH HYNES F Wife Married 1898 No Entry 23 Sops Island Meth      
    VIOLET HYNES F Daughter Single 1917 Dec4 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    EMILYHYNES F Daughter Single 1918 Sept3 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    LEANDER HYNES M Son Single 1921 Jan9 MO Jacksons Arm Meth      
    JANE HYNES F Mother Widow 1853 Dec68 Jacksons Arm Meth     Nee Jane Sacrey, bap Sep 3 1855 Leading Tickles age 9 mo, dau of Thomas Sacrey & Theresa Warford; widow of Henry Hynes
270   ARTHUR BATH M Head Married 1881 Jan40 Herring Neck Meth LUMBERMAN   This couple resided Pilleys Island 1935.
    SARAH BATH F Wife Married 1890 Nov31 Browns Cove Meth     Nee Sarah LANGFORD: married Oct 24 1906 at Pilleys Island.
    JOSEPH BATH M Son Single 1907 July14 Springsale Meth      
    MABEL MURIEL BATH F Daughter Single 1917 April4 Bear Cove Meth      
    MAXWELL BATH M Son Single 1919 Oct2 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    MILDRED BATH M Daughter Single 1921 Aug? Jacksons Arm Meth      
271   CHARLES WEEKS M Head Married 1854 Feb67 Jacksons Arm Meth FISHING    
    MATILDA WEEKS F Wife Married 1869 Jan52 Jacksons Arm Meth      
    BERTHA (?) BURTON F Adopted Single 1909 Dec12 Jacksons Arm Meth      
272 1 JOSEPH COMBDEN M Head Married 1860 March61 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    HARRIET COMBDEN F Wife Married 1867 Feb54 Jacksons Arm CE      
  2 THOMAS COMBDEN M Son Single 1897 Feb24 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    MARGARET COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1899 May22 Jacksons Arm CE      
    DORIS COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1920 Aug1 Jacksons Arm CE      
  3 ELIZABETH CURRIE F Daughter Widow 1890 July31 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELLEN MAY CURRIE F Grand Daughter Single 1919 May2 Seal Cove CE      
273 4 WILLIAM RANDELL M Head Married 1897 March24 Jacksons Arm CE NOT GIVEN    
    EMMA RANDELL F Wife Married 1902 Dec19 Duggans Cove CE      
    LOT COMBDEN M Head Married 1867 June54 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING   First married to Dulcie Taylor (Linda Elkins-Schmitt).
    AGNES COMBDEN F Wife Married 1879 March42 Jacksons Arm CE     Nee Agnes Susannah Hynes, md 1896 (Linda Elkins-Schmitt)
    CHARLES W. COMBDEN M Son Single 1899 June22 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    SIMION (?) COMBDEN M Son Single 1901 May20 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING   Simeon Reid Combden married Sarah Grace Pittman (d/o John Pittman & Mary Jane Critch) (Linda Elkins-Schmitt)
    EDWARD J. COMBDEN M Son Single 1905 Sept16 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
275   TITUS COMBDEN M Head Married 1888 Feb33 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING   Son of William Henry Combden.
    RHODA COMBDEN F Wife Married 1890 Aug31 Hampden CE     Nee Rhoda GALE, daughter of Robert John Gale.
    RITA COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1912 Jan9 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ALLAN COMBDEN M Son Single 1914 Sept7 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ETTIE COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1916 July5 Jacksons Arm CE      
    LEANDER COMBDEN M Son Single 1918 Sept3 Jacksons Arm CE      
    MILDRED COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1921 Aug8 MO Jacksons Arm CE     Age and given DOB do not match given census was taken 1921.
276   LOT Head M Head Married 1867 Sept54 Joe Batts Arm CE FISHING   Lot was bap Nov 8 1868 Joe Batts Arm, the son of George & Mary.
    RUTH Head F Wife Married 1894 March27 Jacksons Arm CE      
    HENRY HEAD M Son Single 1917 Nov4 Jacksons Arm CE      
    MARY HEAD F Mother Widow 1846 Sept75 *Jacksons Arm CE     *Re place of birth: Joe Batts Arm appeared to be crossed out.
277   JAMES Head M Head Married 1878 Sept43 Joe Batts Arm CE FISHING   James was bap Nov 2 1879 Joe Batts Arm, the son of George & Mary Head.
    HARRIET Head F Wife Married 1882 Nov39 Jacksons Arm CE      
    BEATRICE HEAD F Daughter Single 1907 Jan14 Jacksons Arm CE      
    GEORGE Head M Son Single 1916 Aug5 Jacksons Arm CE      
278   LOT COMBDEN JR M Head Married 1880 July41 Harbour Round CE FISHING    
    MALINA COMBDEN F Wife Married 1886 Jan35 Herring Neck CE     Likely nee Malina MURSELL, b Jan 30 1887 Starve Hr, Herring Neck, dau of Robert BARTLETT & widow Hannah (Dwyer) MURSELL, who were not married. Her mother remarried 1892 to Peter Randell.
    STEWART COMBDEN M Son Single 1907 May14 Jacksons Arm CE      
    JESSIE S. HEWLETT F Adopted Single 1914 May7 Jacksons Arm CE      
PAGE 287                            
279   JOSEPH TAYLOR M Head Married 1843 Oct77 Joe Batts Arm CE FISHING    
    MARY TAYLOR F Wife Married 1847 Oct74 Joe Batts Arm CE      
    CYRIL TAYLOR M Grand Son Single 1900 March21 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING    
280   SILAS COMBDEN M Head Married 1891 March30 Jacksons Arm CE LUMBERING    
    LUCY COMBDEN F Wife Married 1898 July23 Sops Island CE      
    ELI COMBDEN M Son Single 1914 June7 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ELIAKIM (?) COMBDEN M Son Single 1916 March5 Jacksons Arm CE      
    LYDDIA COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1920 May1 Jacksons Arm CE      
281   ELIZABETH WICKS F Head Widow 1868 April53 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ALICE (?) WICKS F Daughter Single 1903 Dec18 Jacksons Arm CE     1st name overwritten and hard to read.
    DULCIE WICKS F Daughter Single 1906 May15 Jacksons Arm CE      
    TREBECCABLE (?) WICKS F Daughter Single 1910 Nov11 Jacksons Arm CE     1st name difficult to read; could be "Ireccable".
    HARVEY WICKS M Son Single 1914 June7 Jacksons Arm CE      
    ANNIE WICKS F Daughter Single 1896 Dec25 Jacksons Arm CE      
282   W.T (J?) WICKS M Head Married 1874 Sept47 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    EMMA WICKS F Wife Married 1875 Dec46 Jacksons Arm CE      
    HAROLD J. WICKS M Son Single 1901 Aug20 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING    
    EDGAR WICKS M Son Single 1903 Oct18 Jacksons Arm CE      
    WILFRED WICKS M Son Single 1910 July11 Jacksons Arm CE      
    FLORENCE WICKS F Daughter Single 1914 July7 Jacksons Arm CE      
    VINCENT WICKS M Son Single 1916 Oct5 Jacksons Arm CE      
283   ABEL OAKE M Head Single 1898 June23 Indian Burying Place CE LUMBERING   Abel was born June 10 1900 Bobbys Cove, near Indian Burying Place NDB, son of James Oake & Thyrza Elliott.
    THEREASA OAKE F Mother Widow 1856 May65 Fogo CE     Nee Thyrza Elliott; bap June 13 1858 Fogo - died Mar 24 1928 age 71, buried Springdale UC Cemetery; dau of Abel Elliott & Amelia Brown. Md Jul 27 1878 Fogo ANG to James Oake of Eastern Tickle.
284   HERBERT COMBDEN M Head Married 1888 Sept33 Jacksons Arm CE FISHING FISHING WARDEN Son of Joseph Combden Sr.
    MARY COMBDEN F Wife Married 1893 Jan28 Jacksons Arm CE     Nee Mary Jane BUDDEN, born Jan 25 1893 Woodfords Cove NDB, dau of John Budden & Mary Elliott.
    RICHARD COMBDEN M Son Single 1909 Oct12 Jacksons Arm CE      
    E?? Maud (?) COMBDEN M Son Single 1913 March8 Jacksons Arm CE      
    JOSEPH COMBDEN M Son Single 1915 Dec6 Jacksons Arm CE      
    MARY COMBDEN Jacksons Arm F Daughter Single 1917 Aug4 Jacksons Arm CE      
    HENRY G. COMBDEN M Son Single 1919 April2 Jacksons Arm CE      
    FANNY COMBDEN F Daughter Single 1921 Sept1 Jacksons Arm CE     Either age should be about 1 month, or was born 1920.
285   EPHRAIM COMBDEN M Head Married 1896 Feb 25 Jacksons Arm        
    SOPHIA COMBDEN F Wife Married 1898 Sept 23 Jacksons Arm        
    ? WM WHITE M Visitor Married 1868 Dec 53 Jacksons Arm        
    JOSEPH COMBDEN M Father Widower 1854 May 67 Jacksons Arm        

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Jill Marshall

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