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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Holyrood Central,
Harbour Main District
{289 Persons in 58 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 158                    
121 123BYRNE JohnMHead Married 1858 Oct 63 Holyrood C
  BYRNE LizzieFWife Married 1862June59 Colliers
  BYRNE SusieFDaughterSingle 1898Dec23 Holyrood C
  BYRNE AmbroseMSon Single 1889July32 Holyrood C
  BYRNE GeraldMSon Single 1891July30 Holyrood C
  BYRNE CyrilMSon Single 1900Nov21 Holyrood C
  BYRNE FelixMSon Single 1905Mar16 Holyrood C
122 124BENNETT FrankMHead Married 1875Nov46 Holyrood C
  BENNETT Mary EllenFWife Married 1887Mar34 Holyrood C
  BENNETT IdaFDaughterSingle 1905May16 Holyrood C
  BENNETT CeciliaFDaughterSingle 1907Feb14 Holyrood C
  BENNETT JasMSon Single 1920 Oct 10MHolyrood C
  LEWIS EllenFMother In-lawWidow1841 Oct 80 Holyrood C
123 125BYRNE Mary EllenFHead Widow (sic) 1870Nov50 Holyrood C
  O'BRIEN FrancesFMother Widow (sic) 1846May75 Holyrood C
124 126BYRNE WmMHead Married 1871April50 Holyrood C
  BYRNE LucyFWife Married 1861June52 Holyrood C
  BYRNE FredMSon Single 1904 Oct 17 Holyrood C
  BYRNE WillieMSon Single 1909May12 Holyrood C
PAGE 159                    
  BYRNE RitaFDaughterSingle 1911Jan10 Holyrood C
125 127HANNON JnoMHead Married 1887June34 Hr. Main
  HANNON MayFWife Married 1888Aug33 Holyrood C
  HANNON FrankMSon Single 1925 (sic) Mar5 mo Holyrood C
126 128LEWIS Capt. JnoMHead Married 1867June54 Holyrood C
  LEWIS LizzieFWife Married 1872Sept49 Holyrood C
  LEWIS Philip JMSon Single 1900Nov21 Holyrood C
127 129HAWCO MatthewMHead Married 1882June39 Salmonier
  HAWCO Mary AFWife Married 1883 Oct 38 Holyrood C
  HAWCO CyrusMSon Single 1907Aug14 Holyrood C
  HAWCO LeonardMSon Single 1912 Oct 9 Holyrood C
  HAWCO MarionFDaughterSingle 1914June7 Holyrood C
  HAWCO LauraFDaughterSingle 1917June4 Holyrood C
  HAWCO CorneliaFDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 Holyrood C
  HAWCO AnnaFDaughterSingle 1921Jan 6 M Holyrood C
  BARRON MlM Boarder Widower 1867Jan60 Holyrood C
  BARRON Ana (sic) FDaughterSingle 1914May7 Holyrood C
128 130O'NEIL PhilipMHead Married 1859 Oct 62 Holyrood C
  O'NEIL Mary AnnFWife Married 1868Sept53 Hearts Content
  O'NEIL JohnMSon Single 1892April29 Holyrood C
  O'NEIL NellieFDaughterSingle 1898Mar23 Holyrood C
  O'NEIL RitaFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Holyrood C
129 131MORRISSEY PatrickMHead Married 1842Aug79 Holyrood C
  MORRISSEY MaryFWife Married 1849June72 Holyrood C
  MORRISSEY MaggieFDaughterSingle 1886Aug35 Holyrood C
  MORRISSEY PtMSon Single 1891Aug31 Holyrood C
130 132JOY WalterMHeadWidower1836Dec85 Holyrood C
  WALL JnoM Son In-law Married 1880Aug41 Holyrood C
  WALL MayFDaughterMarried 1887Feb34 Holyrood C
  WALL FrancesF Grand Daughter Single 1920Aug 11 M Holyrood C
131 133DWYER RdMHead Married 1863Dec58 Hr. Grace
  DWYER AnnaFWife Married 1865 Oct 56 Hr. Grace
  DWYER ThosMSon Single 1890Feb31 Hr. Grace
PAGE 160                    
132 134 BOLAND DavidMHead Married 1857Sept64 Holyrood C
  BOLAND MaggieFWife Married 1861July60 Fogo
  BOLAND MayFDaughterSingle 1902Mar19 Holyrood C
  BOLAND WinifredFDaughterSingle 1905May16 Holyrood C
  BOLAND JasMSon Single 1909Sept12 Holyrood C
133 135BARRON LawrenceMHeadWidower1855April66 Holyrood C
  BARRON Lawrence, JrMSon Single 1893April28 Holyrood C
  BARRON MlMSon Married 1882April39 Holyrood C
  BARRON MaryF Daughter In-law Married 1894Jan27 St. Johns
  BARRON Mary, JrF Grand Daughter Single 1916 Oct 4 Holyrood C
  BARRON StephenM Grand Son Single 1918Mar3 Holyrood C
  BARRON NoraFGrand Daughter Single 1920July1 Holyrood C
  BARRON StephenMSon Single 1891Jan30 Holyrood C
  BARRON MaggieFAuntWidow1862 Oct 59 Holyrood C
134 136WALSH KateFHeadWidow1851Dec70 St. Mary's
135 137VEITCH JohnMHead Married 1890Sept31 Holyrood C
  VEITCH AnnieFWife Married 1891Aug29 Holyrood C
  VEITCH ClaraFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Holyrood C
  VEITCH HildaFDaughterSingle 1920Sept1 Holyrood C
136 138VEITCH WmMHead Married 1880Feb41 Holyrood C
  VEITCH MinnieFWife Married 1883Dec38 Holyrood C
  VEITCH GeorgeMSon Single 1908Feb13 Boston, USA
  VEITCH GregoryMSon Single 1911Sept10 Holyrood C
  VEITCH AnnaFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Holyrood C
  VEITCH LizzieFDaughterSingle 1909Mar12 Holyrood C
  VEITCH WmMSon Single 1913Nov8 Holyrood C
  VEITCH JamesMSon Single 1915Sept6 Holyrood C
  VEITCH JnoMSon Single 1917Dec4 Holyrood C
137 139WALSH PtMHead Married 1858July63 Holyrood C
  WALSH LizzieFWife Married 1860Sept61 Holyrood C
  WALSH AugustineMSon Single 1887Feb24 Holyrood C
  WALSH LeoMSon Single 1903Feb18 Holyrood C
138 140WALSH ThosMHeadWidower1863May58 Holyrood C
PAGE 161                    
  WALSH PatrickMHead Single 1899 Oct 22 Holyrood C
  WALSH MayFDaughterSingle 1898Sept23 Holyrood C
  WALSH ChristopherMSon Single 1920Sept16 mo Holyrood C
  WALSH RitaFDaughterSingle 1904May17 Holyrood C
139141WALSHJnoMHead Legally Separated 1851June70Holyrood C
140 142MALONEY Jas JMHead Married 1889Jan32 Holyrood C
  MALONEY MinnieFWife Married 1890Dec31 Holyrood C
  MALONEY WalterMSon Single 1908Sept13 Holyrood C
  MALONEY GordonMSon Single 1915Aug6 Holyrood C
  MALONEY MinnieFDaughterSingle 1910Mar11 Holyrood C
  MALONEY JosephineFDaughterSingle 1911Feb9 Holyrood C
  MALONEY AnnaFDaughterSingle 1914June7 Holyrood C
  MALONEY GenevieveFDaughterSingle 1918Jan3 Holyrood C
  MALONEY MaggieFDaughterSingle 1920Nov1 Holyrood C
141 143BARRON PeterMHead Married 1885June36 Holyrood C
  BARRON LucyFWife Married 1886Jan35 Holyrood C
  BARRON MargtFDaughterSingle 1915 Oct 6 Holyrood C
  BARRON RolandMSon Single 1917 Oct 4 Holyrood C
  BARRON FrancisMSon Single 1919May2 Holyrood C
  BARRON JohnMSon Single 1921June1 mo Holyrood C
  WALSH RonaldM Brother In-law Single 1890 Oct 31 Holyrood C
142 144KENNEDY CorneliusMHead Married 1889May32 Holyrood C
  KENNEDY AnnieFWife Married 1886Aug35 Holyrood C
   TYMMS RoseFServant Single 1904Sept17 Holyrood C
143 145COADY WmMHead Married 1878Aug43 Holyrood C
  COADY AnnieFWife Married 1878Aug43 Holyrood C
  COADY HaroldMSon Single 1907Nov14 Holyrood C
  COADY WillieMSon Single 1908Dec13 Holyrood C
  COADY AlbertMSon Single 1910May11 Holyrood C
  COADY FrankMSon Single 1914Sept7 Holyrood C
  COADY NicholasMSon Single 1916Mar5 Holyrood C
  WALL AliceFServant Single 1903May18 Holyrood C
144 146MALONEY MaggieFHead Single 1873 Oct 48 Holyrood C
PAGE 162                    
145 147LEWIS Pr, SrMHead Married 1861 Oct 60 Holyrood C
  LEWIS LizzieFWife Married 1862June62 Brigus
  LEWIS JohnMSon Single 1887Dec34 Holyrood C
  LEWIS Pt, JrMSon Married 1889Dec32 Holyrood C
  LEWIS BrideF Daughter In-law Married 1895Jan26 Hearts Content
  LEWIS PatrickM Grand Son Single 1917June4 Grand Falls
  LEWIS HaroldM Grand Son Single 1920Sept9 mo Grand Falls
  LEWIS JennieFGrand Daughter Single 1919 Oct 2 Grand Falls
  FOWLER RachaelFServant Single 1907Jan14 Brigus
146 148BENNETT FrankMHead Married 1841May80 Holyrood C
  BENNETT JuliaFWife Married 1871July50 Holyrood C
  LEWIS MargtFStep-Dau Single 1905Nov16 Boston, USA 1910
  LEWIS MadelineFStep-Dau Single 1907June14 Boston, USA 1910
147 149LEWIS AaronMHead Married 1853 Oct 68 Holyrood C
  LEWIS LucyFWife Married 1856Feb65 Hr. Main
148 150FINN Rev. W.P.MHead Parish Priest 1868Aug52 Carbonear
  FLYNN NellieFWard Single 1888 Oct 32 Hr. Grace
  HAWKE BrideFServant Single 1896Feb25 Little Fogo Isl
  MAC MILLAN PatMServant Single 1905May16 Torbay
149 151LEWIS Jno FMHead Married 1874Feb47 Holyrood C
  LEWIS SarahFWife Married 1876Sept45 Holyrood C
  LEWIS WmMSon Single 1902 Oct 18 Holyrood C
  LEWIS BernardMSon Single 1906Aug14 Holyrood C
  LEWIS JeromeMSon Single 1910Sept11 Holyrood C
  LEWIS FrankMSon Single 1911Nov10 Holyrood C
  LEWIS MaryFDaughterSingle 1905Sept16 Holyrood C
  LEWIS JosephineFDaughterSingle 1914Nov7 Holyrood C
  RYAN JnoMIn-law Separated 1867Jan54 Holyrood C
150 152LEWIS JasMHead Married 1833May88 Holyrood C
  LEWIS ElizabethFWife Married 1843Mar78 Holyrood C
  KELLY EdwardM Son In-law Married 1877Nov44 St. Brendan's
  KELLY CeciliaF Wife (sic) Married 1880Sept41 Holyrood C
  KELLY MauriceM Son (sic) Single 1904Mar17 Gambo
PAGE 163                    
150 152KELLY PhilipMSon Single 1908Aug13Holyrood Central
  KELLY EdwardMSon Single 1911Sept10Holyrood Central
  KELLY JohnMSon Single 1914Oct7Holyrood Central
  KELLY Wm.MSon Single 1918Aug3Holyrood Central
  KELLY LizzieFDaughter Single 1910Oct11Holyrood Central
  WALSH LizzieFNiece Single 1917 (sic) Oct 14 (sic) Holyrood Central
152 (sic) 154 (sic) LEWIS PhilipMHead Married 1828Apr93Holyrood Central
  LEWIS MaryFWife Married 1852Nov69Holyrood Central
153 155KENNEDY Capt. W.MHead Married 1861Sept60Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY KatherineFWife Married 1862May59Holyrood Central
  156KENNEDY Jno.MHead Married 1883Sept39Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY KatieFWife Married 1881June40Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY WalterMSon Single 1911Nov10Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY Anna L.FDaughter Single 1913Oct8Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY GeorgeMSon Single 1917Nov4Holyrood Central
154 157KENNEDY Ml. J.MHead Married 1864Sept57Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY Mary F. FWife Married 1865Aug56 Conception Harbour
  KENNEDY LizzieFDaughter Single 1900Aug21Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY LillianFDaughter Single 1901Nov20Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY EdwardMSon Single 1904Dec17Holyrood Central
155 158KENNEDY AnnieFHeadWidow1867July54Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY GenevieneFDaughter Single 1900Feb21Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY RosieFDaughter Single 1903Sept18Holyrood Central
156 159KENNEDY R. J.MHead Married 1856Feb65Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY TeresaFWife Married 1855Jan66Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY AnnieFDaughter Single 1888Aug33Holyrood Central
  KENNEDY Ml.MSon Single 1895Sept26Holyrood Central
157 160BEESO JanieFHeadWidow1868Aug53Holyrood Central
  MURPHY MaryFDaughter Single 1897July24Holyrood Central
  BEESO Pt.MSon Single 1901 March20Holyrood Central
  BEESO PeterMSon Single 1905Nov16Holyrood Central
  BEESO FrankMSon Single 1907Jan14Holyrood Central
158 161BEESO ElizabethFHeadWidow1871Aug50Holyrood Central
PAGE 164                    
   BEESO EricMSon Single 1893Aug23 Holyrood C
  BEESO EdwardMSon Single 1899July22 Holyrood C
159 161BEESO JamesMHead Married 1882Jan39 Holyrood C
  BEESO LenaFWife Married 1891June30 Colinet
  BEESO WalterMSon Single 1913Aug8 Colinet
  BEESO AllanMSon Single 1917Aug4 Colinet
  BEESO RaymondMSon Single 1919Jan2 Colinet
  DYER MrsFBoarder Married 1870Aug51 St. Johns
  DYER GeorgeMSon Single 1910April11 St. Johns
160 162BARRETT ThosMHead Single 1848April73 Holyrood C
161 163BARRETT BernardMHead Married 1884Sept37 Holyrood C
  BARRETT LizzieFWife Married 1884Aug37 Holyrood C
  BARRETT BridgetFMotherWidow1843Sept78 Holyrood C
  MARTIN JaneFCousinWidow1844Sept75 Holyrood C
162 164JOY JnoMHead Married 1854 Oct 67 Holyrood C
  JOY MaryFWife Married 1874 Oct 47 Holyrood C
  JOY WalterMSon Single 1895 Oct 26 Holyrood C
  JOY LeoMSon Single 1901June20 Holyrood C
  JOY LizzieFDaughterSingle 1906Mar15 Holyrood C
  JOY AggieFDaughterSingle 1907June14 Holyrood C
  JOY JohnnyMSon Single 1908Nov13 Holyrood C
  HENNESSEY BridgetF Sister In-law Single 1887Sept34 Holyrood C
163 165TYMNS PhilipMHead Married 1857May64 Holyrood C
  TYMNS JohannaFWife Married 1863Jan58 Holyrood C
  TYMNS BrideFDaughterSingle 1896Mar25 Holyrood C
  TYMNS KittyFDaughterSingle 1898June23 Holyrood C
  TYMNS EdwardMSon Single 1901Sept20 Holyrood C
  O'ROURKE SadieFDaughterMarried 1899May22 Holyrood C
  O'ROURKE FrankM Son In-law Married 1898Aug23 Holyrood C
  TYMNS WillieMSon Single 1907Feb14 Holyrood C
  ROURKE JamesMBoarder Single 1905Dec16 Holyrood C
164 166KELLY EdwardMHead Married 1873April48 Halifax, NS
  KELLY MaryFWife Married 1879Jan42 Holyrood C
PAGE 165                    
  KELLY MichaelMSon Single 1904April17 Halifax, NS
  KELLY HenryMSon Single 1906June15 Halifax, NS
  KELLY EthelFDaughterSingle 1910June11 Halifax, NS
  KELLY MaryFDaughterSingle 1913July8 Holyrood C
  KELLY EdwardMSon Single 1915Aug6 Holyrood C
  167BENNETT PtMHead Married 1885Mar36 Holyrood C
  BENNETT DinaFWife Married 1892July29 Gambo
  BENNETT PtMSon Single 1914Mar7 Red Island
  BENNETT VeraFDaughterSingle 1916May5 Grand Falls
  BENNETT PeterMSon Single 1919Sept2 Bishop Falls
  BENNETT JnoMSon Single 1920Jan1 Holyrood C
165 168WALL JamesMHead Separated 1851June70 Holyrood C
  WALL SarahFSister Single 1849Aug72 Holyrood C
  HICKEY MaryFSisterWidow1855July66 Holyrood C
166 169WALL Nl, JrMHead Married 1858May63 Holyrood C
  WALL AnnieFWife Married 1884Sept37 St. Mary's
  WALL PeterMSon Single 1907June14 Holyrood C
  WALL StanislausMSon Single 1911Aug10 Holyrood C
  WALL GarrettMSon Single 1917July4 Holyrood C
  WALL GertrudeFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Holyrood C
  WALL AnnieFDaughterSingle 1915May6 Holyrood C
  WALL JosephineFDaughterSingle 1920Sept10 mo Holyrood C
167 170WALL Nl, SrMHead Married 1843Aug78 Holyrood C
  WALL MargaretFWife Married 1848Sept73 Holyrood C
  WALL FrankMSon Married 1882Aug39 Holyrood C
  WALL CicilyF Daughter In LawMarried 1894June27 Holyrood C
  WALL PtM Grand Son Single 1917July4 Grand Falls
  WALL GregoryM Grand Son Single 1919Aug2 Grand Falls
  WALL JnoMVisitor Single 1905June16 Holyrood C
168 171VEITCH PhilipMHead Married 1875Sept46 Holyrood C
  VEITCH MinnieFWife Married 1876Aug45 Torbay
  VEITCH EddieMSon Single 1904Aug17 St. Johns
  VEITCH CyrilMSon Single 1910May11 St. Johns
PAGE 166                    
  VEITCH JamesMSon Single 1912Jan9 Holyrood C
  VEITCH PhilipMSon Single 1915Dec6 Holyrood C
  VEITCH JohnMSon Single 1919Dec2 Holyrood C
  VEITCH NellieFDaughterSingle 1906Jan15 St. Johns
  VEITCH MayFDaughterSingle 1908April13 St. Johns
  VEITCH MadelineFDaughterSingle 1914Feb7 Holyrood C
169 172GROUCHY Const Matthew MHead Married 1879Dec42 St. Johns
  GROUCHY MaggieFWife Married 1882July39 Cape Broyle
  GROUCHY WillieMSon Single 1905April16 St. Johns
  GROUCHY JasMSon Single 1910Jan11 Hr. Grace
  GROUCHY MatthewMSon Single 1911May10 Hr. Grace
  GROUCHY JohnMSon Single 1913Sept8 Hr. Grace
  GROUCHY RobertMSon Single 1915Feb6 Hr. Grace
  GROUCHY PhilipMSon Single 1916July5 Holyrood C
  GROUCHY AugustineMSon Single 1920April1 Holyrood C
  GROUCHY BridieFDaughterSingle 1907Aug14 St. Johns
  GROUCHY MaryFMotherWidow1836April85 St. Johns
170 173BUTLER EdwardMHead Married 1867July54 Holyrood So
  BUTLER KateFWife Married 1874Jan47 Holyrood So
  BUTLER ThosMSon Single 1897Sept24 Boston, USA
  BUTLER LillianFDaughterSingle 1898Dec23 Boston, USA
  BUTLER MargtFDaughterSingle 1901April20 Boston, USA
  BUTLER NeddieMSon Single 1905Dec16 Holyrood C
  BUTLER Wm JMSon Single 1912Dec9 Holyrood C
  BUTLER JasMSon Single 1914Feb7 Holyrood C
171 174WALSH RdMHead Married 1871June50 Holyrood C
  WALSH MaryFWife Married 1873Jan48 Holyrood C
  WALSH PtM Brother Single 1861Mar60 Holyrood C
172 175WALSH MlMHead Married 1856Feb65 Holyrood C
  WALSH MaryFWife Married 1871June50 Holyrood C
173 176WALSH JohnMHead Married 1893Mar28 Holyrood C
  WALSH Mary EllenFWife Married 1897July24 Holyrood C
174 177PENNEY WmMHead Married 1879Nov42 Holyrood C
  PENNEYJohannaFWife Married 1881Feb41 Holyrood C
  PENNEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1912Nov9 Holyrood C
  PENNEY ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1917Nov4 Holyrood C
PAGE 167                    
175 178WALSH John T MHead Married 1878 Oct 43 Holyrood C
  WALSH BridgetFWife Married 1875June46 Holyrood C
176 179WALSH WillieMHead Married 1865April56 Holyrood C
  WALSH Mary LFWife Married 1870 Oct 51 Holyrood C

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Theresa Doran-Lunny, Scituate, MA, USA

Posted May 24, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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