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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burgeo - La Poile District

{201 Persons in 48 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (August 2003 by Don Tate)

Hr La Cou

Col. 1
Col. 2
Col. 3
Given Name
Col. 3
Col. 5
Col. 6
Col. 7
Col. 8
Birth Yr.
Col. 9
Birth Month
Col. 10
Col. 11
Birth Pl.
PAGE 151
1 1 George HERON M Head Married 1879 June 42 Hr La Cou
    Fanny HERON F Wife Married 1878 Aug 42 West Point
    Ethel HERON F Daughter Single 1906 June 15 Hr La Cou
    Clara HERON F Daughter Single 1907 Oct 14 Hr La Cou
    Ida HERON F Daughter Single 1909 July 12 Hr La Cou
    Wilson HERON M Son Single 1910 Dec 11 Hr La Cou
    Roy HERON M Son Single 1912 June 8 Hr La Cou
    Reginal HERON M Son Single 1915 June 6 Hr La Cou
    Nora HERON F Daughter Single 1917 Jan 4 Hr La Cou
    Gertrude HERON F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 2 Hr La Cou
2 2 Albert HERON M Head Married 1883 Dec 37 Hr La Cou
    Lavina HERON F Wife Married 1885 Dec 35 Baker's Tickle
    Arthur HERON M Son Single 1914 June 7 Hr La Cou
    Rita HERON F Daughter Single 1918 Nov 2 Hr La Cou
    George PAYNE M Adopted Son Single 1906 Aug 15 Rose Blanche
    Hilda PAYNE F Adopted Daughter Single 1908 May 12 Rose Blanche
3 3 Jonas BUCKLAND M Head Widower 1872 May 49 Hr La Cou
    Bessie BUCKLAND F Sister Single 1861 Mar 60 Hr La Cou
4 4 Adolphus HERON M Head Married 1855 Apr 66 Jersey, Channel Isle
    Harriet HERON F Wife Married 1858 Mar 63 Hr La Cou
5 5 John BUCKLAND M Head Widower 1854 Apr 67 Hr La Cou
    Eva ANDERSON F Servant Single 1896 July 25 Otter's Point
    Montford INGRAHM M Adopted Son Single 1905 May 14 Grand Bruit
6 6 Charles RIDEOUT M Head Married 1864 Nov 56 Hr La Cou
    Ruth RIDEOUT F Wife Married 1869 Jany 52 Hr La Cou
    Steven RIDEOUT M Son Single 1903 Oct 17 Hr La Cou
    Wilford RIDEOUT M Son Single 1906 Jan 15 Hr La Cou
    Maria RIDEOUT F Daughter Single 1908 Apr 13 Hr La Cou
7 7 Augustus BUCKLAND M Head Married 1887 Oct 39 Hr La Cou
    Pheobe BUCKLAND F Wife Married 1881 April 40 Hr La Cou
    Mary Leah BUCKLAND F Daughter Single 1909 Feb 12 Hr La Cou
    Rowland BUCKLAND M Son Single 1914 Dec 8 Hr La Cou
    Naomi BUCKLAND F Daughter Single 1914 Dec 8 Hr La Cou
PAGE 152
    Edgar BUCKLAND M Son Single 1914 May 7 Hr Cou
    John BUCKLAND M Son Single 1916 Dec 4 Hr Le Cou
    Lilian BUCKLAND F Daughter Single 1919 Mar 2 Hr Cou
    Chas. SHEA M Shareman Seperated 1881 May 40 Lorries
8 8 Rachel TAYLOR F Head Widow 1856 Ap 65 Hr Le Cou
    John GRAHAMS M Son Single 1879 Oct 41 Hr Le Cou
  9 Gilbert GRAHAMS M Head Married 1897 Jany 24 Hr Le Cou
    Harriet GRAHAMS F Wife Married 1901 Dec 20 Grand Bruit
9 10 George HANN M Head Married 1854 May 67 Burgeo
    Hannah HANN F Wife Married 1861 Mar 60 Seal Islds
    John HANN M Brother Single 1869 May 52 Hr La Cou
10 11 Charles BROWN M Head Married 1876 Apr 45 Seal Islds
    Susan BROWN F Wife Married 1898 Sept 23 Cul de Sac
    George BROWN M Son Single 1918 Oct 2 Hr La Cou
11 12 Samuel ELLSWORTH M Head Married 1865 Oct 55 Petites
    Mary ELLSWORTH F Wife Married 1880 June 42 Burnt Islands
    Cristina ELLSWORTH F Daughter Single 1902 Feb 19 Burnt Islands
    Frank ELLSWORTH M Son Single 1904 Sept 16 Burnt Islands
12 13 George STICKLAND M Head Married 1874 Dec 47 West Point
    Ruth STICKLAND F Wife Married 1881 Dec 39 Hr La Cou
    Albert STICKLAND M Son Single 1902 Aug 19 Hr La Cou
    Florence STICKLAND F Daughter Single 1905 Feb 16 Hr La Cou
    Kate STICKLAND F Daughter Single 1909 Mar 12 Hr La Cou
    Amy STICKLAND F Daughter Single 1913 Feb 8 Hr La Cou
    Hazel STICKLAND F Daughter Single 1916 May 5 Hr La Cou
    Nina STICKLAND F Daughter Single 1921 June 2 mos Hr La Cou
13 14 Thomas HANNAM M Head Married 1855 Mar 66 Hr La Cou
    Kate HANNAM F Wife Married 1861 Mar 60 Hr La Cou
14 15 John HERRIDGE M Head Widower 1846 Sept 74 La Poile Bay
    H? HERRIDGE F Adopted Daughter Single 1905 Jan 16 Hr La Cou
  16 Capt. Thomas ROSE M Head Married 1888 Apr 33 Rose Blanche
    Adelaide ROSE F Wife Married 1890 July 31 Hr La Cou
15 17 Matthew PINK M Head Married 1886 May 35 Cape La Hune
PAGE 153
    Florence PINK F Wife Married 1888 June 33 Hr La Cou
    Verna PINK F Daughter Single 1912 Dec 8 Hr La Cou
    Fredk. PINK M Son Single 1914 Nov 6 Hr La Cou
    Lorane PINK F Daughter Single 1918 Jan 3 Hr La Cou
    Edna PINK F Daughter Single 1921 Mar 5 mos Hr La Cou
16 18 Mrs Wm HERRIDGE F Head Widow 1883 Oct 37 Rose Blanche
    Corella HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1908 Aug 12 Hr La Cou
    Clayton HERRIDGE M Son Single 1910 July 11 Hr La Cou
    Geneva HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1912 Sept 8 Hr La Cou
    Mabel HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1914 Dec 6 Hr La Cou
    Alma HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1917 June 4 Hr La Cou
17 19 Cornelius BUTT M Head Married 1861 June 60 Hr La Cou
    Harriett BUTT F Wife Married 1878 May 43 Hr La Cou
    Simion BUTT M Son Single 1904 July 17 Hr La Cou
    Gladys BUTT F Daughter Single 1910 Ap 11 Hr La Cou
    Stanley BUTT M Son Single 1912 Jan 9 Hr La Cou
    Maria BUTT F Daughter Single 1915 July 6 Hr La Cou
    Garfield BUTT M Son Single 1917 Nov 3 Hr La Cou
18 21 Jesse BUTT M Head Married 1878 Mar 43 Hr La Cou
    John BUTT M Brother Single Age Not Known Hr La Cou
Note for John Butt: "Age not know" written as original entry.Date "1881 - June - 40"was written in, apparently at a later date above original entry.
    Mrs. Margaret BUTT F Mother Widow 1836 Mar 85 Hr La Cou
19 22 Thomas PINK M Head Married 1846 Feb 75 Cape La Hune
    Eliza PINK F Wife Married 1857 Mar 64 Hr La Cou
  23 Ernest HERRIDGE M Head Married 1892 Dec 28 Hr La Cou
    Violet HERRIDGE F Wife Married 1898 Mar 23 Cape La Hune
    Myrtle HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1916 Sept 4 Hr La Cou
    Syabella HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1918 Nov 2 Hr La Cou
    Edith HERRIDGE F Daughter Single 1921 Mar 5 mos Hr La Cou
20 24 John PINK M Head Married 1887 Mar 34 Cape La Hune
    Annie PINK F Wife Married 1890 Ap 31 Hr La Cou
    Pearl PINK F Daughter Single 1915 Ap 6 Hr La Cou
    Blanche PINK F Daughter Single 1916 Dec 4 Hr La Cou
    Randall PINK M Son Single 1913 Feb 8 Hr La Cou
PAGE 154
21 25 Jonas THOMAS M Head Married 1855 July 76 Hr Le Cou
    Harriet THOMAS F Wife Married 1855 Aug 75 Groule Htge Bay
    Maud THOMAS F Grand Daughter Single 1903 June 18 Hr La Cou
22 26 Absalom THOMAS M Head Married 1862 Dec 58 Jersey Hr, Fortune
    Harriett THOMAS F Wife Married 1869 Sept 51 Hr La Cou
    Bertha THOMAS F Daughter Single 1898 Sept 22 Hr La Cou
    Mary THOMAS F Daughter Single 1904 Apr 17 Hr La Cou
    Willoughby THOMAS M Son Single 1905 Dec 15 Hr La Cou
    John HANNAM M Servant Widower 1861 May 60 Hr La Cou
23 27 Mrs. Hannah THOMAS F Head Widower 1863 May 58 Hr La Cou
    Mrs. Emily BILLARD F Daughter Widow 1891 Dec 29 Hr La Cou
    Albert THOMAS M Son Single 1902 May 19 Hr La Cou
    Ethel THOMAS F Daughter Single 1906 Dec 15 Hr La Cou
23 28 Mrs. Robt CLARKE F Head Married 1887 Nov 33 Hr La Cou
    Robt CLARKE M Husband Married 1881 Apr 40 Hr La Cou
    Lilian CLARKE F Daughter Single 1910 Jan 11 Hr La Cou
24 29 Robt RIDEOUT M Head Married 1862 Dec 58 Hr La Cou
    Agnes RIDEOUT F Wife Married 1867 Jan 54 Hr La Cou
25 30 Mrs. Geo THOMAS F Head Married 1888 May 33 Grand Beach, Fort. Bay
    George THOMAS M Husband Married 1882 Jany 39 Hr La Cou
    Percival THOMAS M Son Single 1908 Sept 12 Hr La Cou
    Rita THOMAS F Daughter Single 1909 Dec 11 Hr La Cou
    Samuel THOMAS M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 Hr La Cou
    Ivy THOMAS F Daughter Single 1919 Dec 1 Hr La Cou
26 31 Thomas RIDEOUT M Head Married 1887 May 34 Hr La Cou
    Georgina RIDEOUT F Wife Married 1895 Apr 26 Bonne Bay
    Jennie RIDEOUT F Daughter Single 1915 July 6 Hr La Cou
    Stanly RIDEOUT M Son Single 1918 May 3 Hr La Cou
27 32 Wm THOMAS M Head Married 1855 ? Oct 65 Hr La Cou
    Susan THOMAS F Wife Married 1838 (sic) Feb 63 ? Hr La Cou
    Dinah THOMAS F Daughter Single 1899 Oct 22 Hr La Cou
28 33 Mrs. Geo CLARKE F Head Married 1890 Oct 29 ? Hr La Cou
    Geo CLARKE M Husband Married 1888 Nov 31 Hr La Cou
PAGE 155
    Carrie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1918 Jan 3 Hr La Cou
29 34 Capt Chas CLARKE M Head Married 1851 Aug 70 Hr La Cou
    Mrs Chas CLARK (sic) F Wife Married 1857 Aug 64 Hr La Cou
30 35 Robt WELLS M Head Married 1870 Nov 50 Hr La Cou
    Kate WELLS F Wife Married 1877 Sept 43 Petites
31 36 Charles WADMAN M Head Married 1872 Nov 48 Hr La Cou
    Elizabeth. WADMAN F Wife Married 1880 Aug 41 Petites
    Thomas ROSE M Adopted Son Single 1907 Jan 14 Rose Blanche
32 37 Jas. HORWOOD M Head Married 1877 Feb 44 Hr La Cou
    Violet HORWOOD F Wife Married 1890 Jan 31 Hr La Cou
    Henry HORWOOD M Son Single 1910 Mar 11 Hr La Cou
    Clyde HORWOOD M Son Single 1913 Sept 7 Hr La Cou
    Alma HORWOOD F Daughter Single 1919 June 2 Hr La Cou
    Andrew HANNUM M Boarder Widower 1853 Dec 67 Hr La Cou
33 38 Robt EDWARDS M Head Married 1863 Feb 58 Rose Blanche
    Jane EDWARDS F Wife Married 1867 Sept 53 Hr La Cou
    John EDWARDS M Son Single 1907 Mar 14 Hr La Cou
    Dora EDWARDS F Daughter Single 1909 July 12 Hr La Cou
34 39 Thomas CLARKE M Head Married 1884 Aug 37 Rose Blanche
    Susanna CLARKE F Wife Married 1889 Dec 31 Petites
    Alford CLARKE M Son Single 1908 Sept 12 Hr La Cou
    Martha CLARKE F Daughter Single 1912 June 9 Hr La Cou
    Chrissie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1916 Aug 5 Hr La Cou
    Cassie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1919 Oct 1 Hr La Cou
    Wilson PARSONS M Adopted Son Single 1918 Feb 3 Rose Blanche
    Mrs. John MATTHEWS F Mother In Law Widow 1855 July 66 Petites
35 40 Theophilus RIDEOUT M Head Married 1893 May 28 Hr La Cou
    Irene RIDEOUT F Wife Married 1899 Mar 22 Rose Blanche
    Marjorie RIDEOUT F Daughter Single 1917 Aug 4 Hr La Cou
36 41 John CLARKE M Head Married 1887 May 34 Hr La Cou
    Abigail CLARKE F Wife Married 1893 Nov 27 Hr La Cou
    Russell CLARKE M Son Single 1914 Aug 7 Hr La Cou
    Maimie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1916 May 5 Hr La Cou
PAGE 156
    Theresa CLARKE F Daughter Single 1918 April 3 Hr La Cou
    Maude CLARKE F Daughter Single 1920 Dec 7 mos Hr La Cou
37 42 David CLARKE M Head Married 1895 May 26 Hr La Cou
    Bert PARSONS M Nephew Single 1899 Mar 22 Hr La Cou
    Mrs. Jane CLARKE F Mother Widow 1860 June 61 Hr La Cou
    Jennie PARSONS F Niece Single 1904 Mar 17 Rose Blanche
    Jacob BUTT M Shareman Single 1898 May 23 Rose Blanche
    Hy EDWARDS M Head Married 1898 May 23 Hr La Cou
38 (sic) 43 (sic) Minnie EDWARDS F Wife Married 1900 Aug 21 Rose Blanche
    Gordon EDWARDS M Son Single 1919 Feb 2 Hr La Cou
    Joseph EDWARDS M Son Single 1920 Nov 8 Mths Hr La Cou
39 44 Edward BILLARD M Head Married 1888 Nov 32 Grand Bruit
    Hannah BILLARD F Wife Married 1890 Sept 30 Hr La Cou
    Alice PARSONS F Adopted Daughter Single 1906 March 15 Rose Blanche
    Carrie BILLARD F Daughter Single 1913 Dec 7 Hr La Cou
40 45 Mrs. Geo. CLARKE F Head Married 1885 May 36 Grand Bank
    Geo. CLARKE M Husband Married 1881 Sept 39 Hr La Cou
    Harriet CLARKE F Daughter Single 1906 Oct 14 Hr La Cou
    Rachel CLARKE F Daughter Single 1908 Sept 12 Hr La Cou
    Abner CLARKE M Son Single 1909 Aug 11 Hr La Cou
    A ? CLARKE F Daughter Single 1912 July 9 Hr La Cou
    Jessie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1915 June 6 Hr La Cou
    Rosie CLARKE F Daughter Single 1918 Oct 2 Hr La Cou
41 46 John HILLARD M Head Married 1863 July 58 Rose Blanche
    Alice HILLARD F Wife Married 1891 May 30 Burgeo
    Martha HILLARD F Daughter Single 1913 Mar 8 Rose Blanche
    Levi HILLARD M Son Single 1916 Oct 4 Rose Blanche
    Selina HILLARD F Daughter Single 1920 Apr 1 Hr La Cou
    Aenas HILLARD M Brother Single 1881 Dec 39 Rose Blanche
42 47 Mrs. Abigail HORWOOD F Head Widow 1876 Mar 45 Hr La Cou
43 48 Mary BROWN F Head Married 1878 Sept 42 Hr La Cou
    Philip BROWN M Husband Married 1877 Apr 44 Seal Islands
    Eva BROWN F Daughter Single 1904 Jan 17 Hr La Cou
PAGE 157
44 49 Mrs. Susan PINK F Head Married 1876 Oct 44 Hr La Cou
    George PINK M Husband Married 1869 May 52 Cape La Hune
    Ella PINK F Daughter Single 1904 June 17 Hr La Cou
    Kate Pink F Daughter Single 1910 Oct 10 Hr La Cou

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Transcription by Jean Hardy, St. John's, NF, Canada

Posted Jan. 29, 1999

Updated July 20, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected as necessary (August 2003 - Don Tate)

Page Revised: September 2003 (Don Tate)

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