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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Harbour Deep,
St. Barbe District
{74 Individuals in 14 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

George Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 275                    
200   POLLARD William M Head Married 1872 Oct 49 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Virtue F Wife Married 1887 Jan 34 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Clara F Daughter Single 1903 Jan 18 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Alfred M Son Single 1906 July 15 Hr Deep
    POLLARD James M Son Single 1909 Jan 12 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Uriah M Son Single 1910 May 11 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Isaac M Son Single 1913 Dec 8 Hr Deep
    POLLARD George M Son Single 1915 Mar 6 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Cecil M Son Single 1917 Feb 4 Hr Deep
    POLLARD Dorama (?) F Daughter Single 1920 Dec 16 M (?) Hr Deep
201   CASSELL William M Head Married 1888 April 33 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Louisa F Wife Married 1891 Mar 30 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Annie F Daughter Single 1911 Oct 10 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Minnie F Daughter Single 1920 June 14 M Hr Deep
202   CASSELL John M Head Widower 1855 Sept 66 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Johnathan M Son Single 1885 July 36 Hr Deep
    ??? Anna F Housekeeper Widow 1853 Feb 68 Herrijng Neck
203   CASSELL Albert M Head Married 1891 Oct 30 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Harriett F Wife Married 1893 Aug 28 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Gertie F Daughter Single 1914 Aug 7 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Leah F Daughter Single 1917 Dec 4 Hr Deep
204   FUDGE Eli M Head Married 1837 Dec 84 Hr Deep
    FUDGE Emma F Wife Married 1867 June 54 Hr Deep
    FUDGE Rebecca F Daughter Single 1896 Dec 25 Hr Deep
    FUDGE Levi M Son Single 1889 April 32 Hr Deep
205   CASSELL John T. M Head Married 1880 July 41 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Prescilla F Wife Married 1880 Sept 41 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Ishmael M Son Single 1905 Oct 16 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Manuel M Son Single 1906 June 15 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Florence F Daughter Single 1908 Mar 13 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Selena F Daughter Single 1910 July 11 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Laura F Daughter Single 1912 April 9 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Charlotte F Daughter Single 1916 April 5 Hr Deep
PAGE 276                    
206   CASSELL Simeon M Head Married 1881 Feb 40 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Harriett F Wife Married 1889 Sept 32 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Prudence F Daughter Single 1905 March 16 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Nathaniel M Son Single 1907 Oct 14 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Mark M Son Single 1909 Sept 12 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Stanley M Son Single 1911 Nov 10 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Walter J. M Son Single 1918 Jan 3 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Alfred M Son Single 1920 Oct 9 M Hr Deep
    PITTMAN Elijah (?) M Boarder Single 1893 Oct 28 Hr Deep
207   PITTMAN Edward Wm M Head Married 1871 Nov 50 Hr Deep
    PITTMAN Martha F Wife Married 1873 June 48 Hr Deep
    PITTMAN Rachel F Daughter Single 1899 Oct 22 Hr Deep
    CAMELL William Jr. M Adopted Single 1898 May 23 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Theophalus (?) M Son Single 1909 Nov 12 Hr Deep
208   PITTMAN Noah M Head Married 1896 July 25 Hr Deep
    PITTMAN Ellen F Wife Married 1901 July 20 Hr Deep
    PITTMAN Chesley M Son Single 1921 June 2 M Hr Deep
    ROB??? Jarmine F Servant Single 1908 Jan 13 Hr Deep
209   CASSELL Samuel M Head Married 1893 Dec 28 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Patience F Wife Married 1899 Feb 22 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Wilfred M Son Single 1915 July 6 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Hezekiah M Son Single 1918 July 3 Hr Deep
210   CASSELL Joseph M Brother Married 1895 Aug 26 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Lucy F Sister in Law Married 1897 Jan 24 Hr Deep
211   RICKETTS Abraham M Head Married 1885 June 36 Hr Deep
    RICKETTS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1892 Nov 29 Hr Deep
    RICKETTS Noah M Son Single 1908 Aug 13 Hr Deep
    RICKETTS Florence F Daughter Single 1913 Aug 8 Hr Deep
    RICKETTS Leonard M Son Single 1918 Aug 3 Hr Deep
    RICKETTS Julia F Daughter Single 1920 Dec 8 M Hr Deep
212   CASSELL William M Head Married 1835 April 86 Herring Neck
    CASSELL Jane F Wife Married 1835 April 86 Herring Neck
    RICKETTS Thomas M Laborer Single 1895 Sept 26 Hr Deep
PAGE 277                    
213   CASSELL Baxter M Head Married 1877 July 44 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Annie F Wife Married 1879 Nov 42 Englee
    CASSELL Sarah F Son Single 1904 Sept 17 Hr Deep
    CASSELL William M Daughter Single 1908 June (?) 13 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Martha F Son Single 1909 July 12 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Samuel M Daughter Single 1914 April 7 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Nathaniel (?) M Son Single 1918 Aug 3 Hr Deep
    CASSELL Andrew M Brother in Law Single 1885 Jan 36 Hr Deep

Contribuited and Transcribed by Don Tate, (April 2008)

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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