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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Great Burin,
Burin District)
{239 Persons in 49 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (February 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 123                    
14 15Adams Stephen C. MHeadMarried1863April57 Burin
  Adams Hannah M FWifeMarried1862Oct55 Burin
  Moulton Maud FStep DaughterSingle1893July28 Burin
  Adams James MSonSingle1897Nov23 Burin
  Adams Claude MSonSingle1901Aug20 Burin
15 16Adams Ernest MHeadMarried1873Aug48 Burin
  Adams Alice FWifeMarried1881April40 Burin
PAGE 124                    
  Adams Hazel FDaughterSingle1904Oct16 Burin
  Adams Berkley MSonSingle1906July15 Burin
  Adams Frank MSonSingle1909Aug11 Burin
16 17Adams George MHeadMarried1873Sept47 Burin
  Adams Jane FWifeMarried1879April42 Burin
  Adams Lewis MSonSingle1901July20 Burin
  Adams Wilson MSonSingle1907Dec 13Burin
17 18Adams John MHeadMarried1879Aug42 Burin
  Adams Lillian FWifeMarried1886May35 Burin
  Adams Ronald MSonSingle1909Nov12 Burin
  Adams Cecil MSonSingle1911Oct11 Burin
  Adams Herbert MSonSingle1916Oct4 Burin
  Adams Edith M. FDaughterSingle1921Jany8 mo Burin
  Adams Francis P. FDaughterSingle1921Jany8 mo Burin
  Metchill Cordelia FNieceSingle1903Nov17 Burin
18 19Adams Stephen MHeadMarried1868Nov52 Burin
  Adams Ruth FWifeMarried1882Mar39 Burin
  Adams Sydney M. MSonSingle1904Dec16 Burin
  Adams Raymond P. MSonSingle 1906Mar15 Burin
  Adams Reginald MSonSingle1909Feby12 Burin
  Adams Victor Curtis MSonSingle1913Dec7 Burin
  Adams Samuel MSonSingle1918Oct2 Burin
19 20Emberley William J.B.MHeadMarried1871Dec49 Burin
  Emberley Jane FWifeMarried1874Feby45 Burin
  Emberley Garfield MSonSingle1903Nov17 Burin
  Emberley Wallace MSonSingle1905Dec15 Burin
  Emberley Blanche FDaughterSingle1909June12 Burin
  Emberley Matilda FDaughterSingle1911Aug10 Burin
  Emberley WillieMSonSingle1913Oct8 Burin
  Emberley Randolph MSonSingle1916July5 Burin
  Matthews Matilda FVisitorMarried1860Dec60 Burin
20 21Adams Herbert MHeadMarried1896July25 Burin
  Adams Ethel FWifeMarried1900May21 Burin
PAGE 125                    
21 22Adams Mary FHeadWidow1873Nov47 Burin
  Adams Manuel MSonSingle1909Oct11 Burin
22 23Emberley George MHeadMarried1877Oct43 Burin
  Emberley Mary FWifeMarried1879Aug 42Salvage
  Emberley Richard MSonSingle1903Oct17 Burin
  Emberley Edward MSonSingle1905Nov15 Burin
  Emberley Clayton MSonSingle1908Sept12 Burin
  Emberley Ella FDaughterSingle1910Mar11 Burin
  Emberley Vida FDaughterSingle1912Dec8 Burin
  Emberley Elsie FDaughterSingle1915Oct5 Burin
  Emberley Hilda FDaughterSingle1917July4 Burin
  Emberley Thomas MSonSingle1919Aug2 Burin
  Emberley Bertha FDaughterSingle1921April4 mo Burin
23 24Emberley Thomas MHeadWidow1866Aug51 Burin
  Emberley Rebecca FDaughterSingle1900Oct20 Burin
  Emberley Ethel FDaughterSingle1904Dec16 Burin
24 25 Emberley Joseph MHeadMarried1870Dec50 Burin
  Emberley Phoebe FWifeMarried1871Jany44 Burin
  Emberley Louisa FDaughterSingle1906Sept14 Burin
25 26 Darby William F MHeadWidow1869Dec51 Burin
  Darby Lewis MSonSingle1903Mar18 Burin
  Darby Roland MSonSingle1906Nov14 Burin
  Foote Emma F House Keeper Single1878Jany43 Burin
26 27 Darby Thomas MHeadSingle1866July55 Burin
  Darby Mary FSisterSingle1871May50 Burin
  Darby Benjamin MBrotherSingle1874June47 Burin
27 28 AdamsWilliam MHeadMarried1869Sept51 Burin
  Adams Mary FWifeMarried1879April42 Burin
  Adams Lillian FDaughterSingle1901Jany20 Burin
  Hollett Annie FStep DaughterSingle 1900 Dec20 Burin
  Adams Alfred MSonSingle1914Oct6 Burin
28 29 Holett Edward MHeadMarried1871Dec49 Burin
  Hollett Mary Ann FWifeMarried1872July49 Burin
PAGE 126                    
  Hollett Robert I. MSonSingle1900Oct21 Burin
  Hollett Georgina B. FDaughterSingle1902Aug19 Burin
  Hollett Eleanor B. FDaughterSingle1904May17 Burin
  Hollett Susan FDaughterSingle1906May15 Burin
  Hollett Carl P. MSonSingle 1908Aug13 Burin
  Hollett Jessie M. FDaughterSingle1911Feby10 Burin
  Hollett Hubert E. MSonSingle1914July7 Burin
29 30Hollett Oliver MHeadMarried1888Oct32 Burin
  Hollett Bertha FWifeMarried 1892Nov28 Burin
  Hollett Nelson MSonSingle1914Dec6 Burin
  Hollett Samuel MSonSingle1916Sept4 Burin
  Hollett Edna FDaughterSingle1919Nov1 Burin
  Hollett Mary J. MMotherWidow1852Aug68 Burin
30 31Walsh Avalon MHeadMarried1881Dec40 Burin
  Walsh Louisa FWifeMarried1881Dec40 Burin
  Walsh MadelineFDaughterSingle1906Sept14 Burin
  Walsh Mira FDaughterSingle1913Sept7 Burin
  Walsh Emma FSisterSingle1891Oct30 Burin
  Walsh Andrew MNephewSingle1919July2 Burin
31 32Walsh Philip MHeadMarried1881Sept40 Burin
  Walsh Frances FWifeMarried1884Nov36 Burin
32 33Walsh Elizabeth FHeadWidow1852Oct68 Burin
  Walsh MyrtleFDaughterSingle1897Aug24 Burin
  34Walsh Flossie FHeadWidow1893Aug28 Burin
  Walsh Lydia FDaughterSingle1915Mar6 Burin
  Walsh Mabel FDaughterSingle1920Mar1 Burin
33 35Revel William MHeadMarried1880Oct40 Burin
  Revel Hattie FWifeMarried1883Aug38 Burin
  Revel Alma FDaughterSingle1908July13 Burin
  Revel Velva FDaughterSingle1913Feby8 Burin
  Revel Carita FDaughterSingle1914Oct6 Burin
  Revel Netter FDaughterSingle1917Jany4 Burin
  Revel William MSonSingle1920Jany1 Burin
PAGE 127                    
34 36Revel William MHeadWidower1843Oct77 Burin
  37Whalen Jethrow MHeadMarried1891Dec30 Burin
  Whalen Theresa FWifeMarried1891April30 Burin
  Whalen Glyndon MSonSingle1916Dec4 Burin
  Whalen Viola FDaughterSingle1920Feby1 Burin
35 38Hollett Cyrus MHeadSingle1870June51 Burin
  Hollett Melinda FSisterSingle1874Dec46 Burin
  Hollett Ella FSisterSingle1886July35 Burin
36 39Hollett Gabriel MHeadMarried1876Nov44 Burin
  Hollett Edith FWifeMarried1876Aug44 Burin
  HollettMadge FDaughterSingle1907Aug15 Burin
  Hollett Grace F Daughter Single1910Jany11 Burin
  Hollett Eva FDaughterSingle 1913July8 Burin
  Hollett Lloyd MSonSingle1916Dec5 Burin
37 40Hollett Benjamin MHeadSingle1866July55 Burin
  Adams Dinah FHousekeeperWidow1843July78 Burin
38 41Hollett Robert F. MHeadMarried1875Aug46 Burin
  Hollett Minnie FWifeMarried1876Oct45 Burin
  Hollett Lester MSonSingle1903Mar18 Burin
  Hollett Morgan MSonSingle1905July16 Burin
  Hollett Lottie FDaughterSingle1908June13 Burin
  Hollett Robert MSonSingle1909Aug12 Burin
  Hollett Alva MSonSingle1911Nov9 Burin
  Hollett Nita FDaughterSingle1913Aug8 Burin
  Hollett Roy MSonSingle1916Oct4 Burin
39 42Hollett Harold P. MHeadMarried1886Aug35 Burin
  Hollett Elsie F. FWifeMarried1885Aug36 Burin
  Hollett Clyde MSonSingle1910April11 Burin
  Hollett Dorothy FDaughterSingle 1911Dec9 Burin
  Hollett Mildred FDaughterSingle1913Sept7 Burin
  Hollett Marie FDaughterSingle1915Nov5 Burin
  Hollett Malcolm MSonSingle1918Dec2 Burin
40 43Hollett Henry MHeadMarried1849Oct72 Burin
PAGE 128                    
  Hollett Mary A. FWifeMarried1859April62 Burin
  Hollett Wilbret MSonSingle1882Sept39 Burin
  Hollett Malcolm MSonSingle1892April27 Burin
  Hollett Etta FDaughterSingle 1891Nov24 Burin
  Hollett BeatriceFDaughterSingle1896Dec28 Burin
41 44Hollett Joseph A. MHeadMarried1880May41 Burin
  Hollett Bessie FWifeMarried1887Dec33 Burin
  Hollett Mary A. FMotherWidow1851June70 Burin
  Mitchell Dinah M. FNieceSingle1905July16 Burin
  Simms Anthony MBoarderSingle1904Feby11 Oporto Por.
42 45Hollett Joseph MHeadMarried1852July69 Burin
  Hollett Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1855Dec66 Burin
  46Hollett Stephen MHeadMarried1885July36 Burin
  Hollett Rosella FWifeMarried1892Aug29 Burin
  Hollett Martha FDaughterSingle1917July4 Burin
  Hollett Austin R. MSonSingle1919Nov1 Burin
43 47Hollett Lydia FHeadWidow1891Nov30 Burin
  Hollett Ruby FDaughterSingle1914Oct7 Burin
  Hollett Charles MSonSingle1918July3 Burin
44 48Darby George C. MHeadMarried1871Oct51 Burin
  Darby Mary J. FWifeMarried1891June30 Burin
  Darby Enos W. MSonSingle1919May2 Burin
  Darby Hannah M. FDaughterSingle1921Mar5 mo Burin
45 49Dancey Hannah B. FHeadWidow1879June42 Burin
  Dancey William MSonSingle1902May19 Burin
  Dancey Helen FDaughterSingle1904Oct16 Burin
  Dancey Rodney MSonSingle1909Feby12 Burin
  Dancey Boyd MSonSingle1914Dec7 Burin
  Dancey Howard MSonSingle1919Jany2 Burin
46 50Darby Hedley MHeadMarried1864May57 Burin
  Darby Jane FWifeMarried1874July47 Burin
  Darby Maria FDaughterSingle 1902Oct18 Burin
47 51Hodder Benjamin MHeadWidower1891Sept30 Burin
PAGE 129                    
  Hodder BeatriceFDaughterSingle1920Sept11 mo Burin
  Hodder Dulcie FDaughterSingle1920Sept11 mo Burin
48 52Darby Edgar MHeadMarried1862June59 Burin
  Darby HannieFWifeMarried1861Sept59 Burin
49 53Snow Ernest MHeadMarried1872Oct48 Burin
  Snow Elizabeth FWifeMarried1878Mar43 Burin
  Snow Stanley MSonSingle1899June22 Burin
  Snow Flossie FDaughterSingle1901July20 Burin
  Snow Annie FDaughterSingle1904Dec16 Burin
  Snow Etta FDaughterSingle1909Nov11 Burin
  Snow May FDaughterSingle1913May8 Burin
  Snow Willie MSonSingle1918Jany3 Burin
  Snow Baby MSonSingle1921June2 mo Burin
50 54Snow Agusta FHeadWidow1846May75 Burin
  Snow Charlie MSonSingle1885Oct35 Burin
  Snow Laura FDaughterSingle1888June33 Burin
  Snow Norman MGrandsonSingle1895Dec25 Burin
51 55Hannsford James MHeadMarried1866Aug55 Burin
  Hannsford Mary A. FWifeMarried1876April45 Burin
  Hannsford Lena FDaughterSingle1896Aug24 Burin
  Hannsford Kenneth MSonSingle1898Sept22 Burin
  Hannsford James MSonSingle1902Sept17 Burin
  Hannsford Fannie FDaughterSingle1906May15 Burin
  Hannsford Adrain MSonSingle1910May11 Burin
  Hannsford Henry G. MSonSingle1915Nov5 Burin
  Hannsford Jane FMotherWidow1834Aug86 Burin
52 56 Parsons Elizabeth P. FHeadSingle1853Oct68 Burin
53 57Banton William MHeadWidower1845Oct75 Burin
  58Banton Thomas MHeadMarried1885May36 Burin
  Banton Ida FWifeMarried1886Aug36 Burin
  Banton Pearl FDaughterSingle1905April16 Burin
  Banton George MSonSingle1915Aug6 Burin
54 59Whalen Plemon ? MHeadMarried1879Aug42 Western Bay
PAGE 130                    
  Whalen Stella FWifeMarried1884Jany37 Burin
  Whalen Clara FDaughterSingle1909Feby12 Toronto
  Whalen Gertrude FDaughterSingle1911Jany10 Toronto
  Whalen Willis MSonSingle1914July8 Toronto
  Whalen Susie FDaughterSingle1918 July3 Burin
55 60Hussey Sydney C. MHeadMarried1860June61 Wymouth Engl.
  Hussey Jessie A. FWifeMarried1882July39 Rock Hbr.
  Hussie BeatriceFDaughterSingle1907Dec13 Burin
  Hussey Elizabeth FDaughterSingle1911June10 Burin
  Hussey James H. MSonSingle1914June1 Burin
56 61Inkpen Joseph MHeadWidower1861Feby60 Burin
  Inkpen Maggie FDaughterSingle1896July25 Burin
  Inkpen Maud FDaughterSingle1898July23 Burin
  Inkpen Roy MSonSingle1900Mar21 Burin
  Inkpen Hubert MSonSingle1903Sept18 Burin

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Hope Hillier Michael and Jerry Michael Rockville MD USA

Posted May 17 1998

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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