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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Greenspond Pt.2
{462 Persons}

The missing information such as Sex, Relation, Birth Month, Birth Year, Dwelling
and Family information was not recorded by the enumerator.
Thus it will not be found in the posting
for these areas in Bonavista Bay District.

1921 Census Greenspond (Part 2)
(from New Harbour, exclusive to Loo Cove, inclusive)

    ORAM Oratio Greenspond 38 S Army
    ORAM Edith Greenspond 33 S Army
    ORAM Llewellyn Greenspond 9 S Army
    ORAM Sarah Greenspond 7 S Army
    ORAM Pearl Greenspond 5 S Army
    ORAM Nelson Greenspond 3 S Army
    ORAM Arthur Greenspond 2wk S Army
    ORAM Hugh Greenspond 2wk S Army
    ORAM Henry Greenspond 26 Meth
    ORAM Carrie Greenspond 20 Meth
    ORAM Alexandria Greenspond 9m Meth
    ORAM John Greenspond 28 S Army
    ORAM Harriet Greenspond 24 S Army
    ORAM Maggie Greenspond 4 S Army
    ORAM Herbert Greenspond 2 S Army
    EASTON Richard Greenspond 52 Meth
    EASTON Johanna Greenspond 53 Meth
    EASTON Thomas Greenspond 26 Meth
    EASTON Mary Greenspond 24 S Army
    EASTON Dorothy Greenspond 20 Meth
    EASTON Abram Greenspond 18 Meth
    EASTON Mary Greenspond 83 C E
    EASTON Margrett Greenspond 26 Meth
    EASTON Daniel Greenspond 22 Meth
    EASTON Edward Greenspond 42 Meth
    EASTON Rebecca Greenspond 21 Meth
    EASTON Job Greenspond 4 Meth
    EASTON Annie Greenspond 3 Meth
    EASTON Greta Greenspond 9m Meth
    BURGESS Ellen Greenspond 62 Meth
    BURGESS Daisy Greenspond 27 Meth
    BURGESS John Greenspond 35 Meth
    BURGESS Ellen Greenspond 29 Meth
    BURGESS Ethie Greenspond 1 Meth
    BURGESS Arthur Greenspond 33 Meth
    BURGESS Beatrice Greenspond 33 Meth
    BURGESS Laura Greenspond 6 Meth
    BURGESS Ellen Greenspond 4 Meth
    HARDING Samuel Greenspond 71 Meth
    HARDING Ellen Greenspond 60 Meth
    HARDING Jessie Greenspond 25 Meth
    HARDING Kenneth Greenspond 35 Meth
    HARDING Batrice Greenspond 30 Meth
    HARDING Jacob Greenspond 69 C E
    HARDING Susan Greenspond 63 C E
    HARDING William Greenspond 41 C E
    HARDING Patience Greenspond 27 C E
    HARDING Martha Greenspond 25 C E
    HARDING Emily Greenspond 22 C E
    SPARKS Sarah Greenspond 62 Meth
    SPARKS George Greenspond 42 Meth
    McROBERTS Dorothy Greenspond 33 Meth
    McROBERTS Stella Greenspond 12 Meth
    McROBERTS Gordon Greenspond 10 Meth
    DOWDEN Walter Greenspond 50 Meth
    DOWDEN Sarahana Greenspond 49 C E
    DOWDEN Fredrick J. Greenspond 19 Meth
    DOWDEN Chesley Greenspond 15 Meth
    DOWDEN Malcom Greenspond 13 Meth
    DOWDEN Dorothy Greenspond 10 Meth
    DOWDEN Walter Greenspond 8 Meth
    DOWDEN Edward Greenspond 42 C E
    DOWDEN Susanah Greenspond 47 C E
    DOWDEN Thomas Greenspond 14 C E
    CARTER James Greenspond 35 C E
    CARTER Sarah Greenspond 37 C E
    CARTER Pierce Greenspond 11  
    CARTER Daisy Greenspond 8  
    CARTER Olive Greenspond 6  
    CARTER Clarence Greenspond 4  
    CARTER Stella Greenspond 2  
    CARTER James Greenspond 10days  
    WEEKS Benjamin Greenspond 66  
    WEEKS Caroline Greenspond 53  
    WEEKS Charlie Greenspond 27  
    MULLINS Stephen Greenspond 30  
    MULLINS Florence Greenspond 29 
    MULLINS Evelyn Greenspond 7 
    BURGESS William Greenspond 75  
    BURGESS Abram Greenspond 30 
    CARTER Mary Greenspond 64 
    WORNELL Job Greenspond 43 
    WORNELL Lydia Greenspond 43  
    WORNELL Marie Greenspond 17 
    WORNELL Catherine Greenspond 12  
    WORNELL Coral Greenspond 10  
    WORNELL Beatrice Greenspond 8  
    WORNELL William Greenspond 5 
    WORNELL Edgar Greenspond 2  
    CARTER Job Greenspond 52 
    CARTER Susanah Greenspond 52 
    CARTER Hannah Greenspond 77  
    MULLINS George Greenspond 55  
    MULLINS Ellen Greenspond 53  
    MULLINS John Greenspond 19  
    MULLINS Garland Greenspond 16  
    MULLINS Mabel Greenspond 11  
    MULLINS Walter Greenspond 50  
    MULLINS Martha Greenspond 43  
    HARDING Harriet Greenspond 64 Meth
    HARDING Willington Greenspond 34 Meth
    HARDING Priscilla Greenspond 29 Meth
    HARDING Harriet Greenspond 6 Meth
    HARDING Olive Greenspond 5 Meth
    WAY James Greenspond 73 C E
    WAY Maryann Greenspond 75 C E
    WAY Edgar Greenspond 36 Meth
    WAY Clara Greenspond 34 Meth
    WAY Gertrude Greenspond 15 Meth
    WAY Maryann Greenspond 12 Meth
    WAY James Greenspond 9 Meth
    WAY Agnes Greenspond 7 Meth
    WAY Cathleen Greenspond 3 Meth
    HARDING Job Greenspond 40 Meth
    HARDING Francis Greenspond 36 Meth
    HARDING Myrtis Greenspond 13 Meth
    HARDING Pierce Greenspond 8 Meth
    HARDING Benjamin Greenspond 62 C E
    HARDING William Greenspond 28 C E
    HARDING Chesley Greenspond 14 C E
    HARDING Thomas Greenspond 65 C E
    HARDING Abigal Greenspond 63 C E
    HARDING Jacob Greenspond 42 C E
    HARDING Alfred Greenspond 24 C E
    HARDING Elizabeth Greenspond 28 C E
    HARDING Lucy Greenspond 21 C E
    HARDING Gertrude Greenspond 18 C E
    HARDING Reuben Greenspond 63 C E
    HARDING Eliza Greenspond 58 C E
    HARDING Rachel Greenspond 18 C E
    YOUNG Sidney Greenspond 41 C E
    YOUNG Eliza Greenspond 40 C E
    YOUNG Viola Greenspond 12 C E
    YOUNG Jacob Greenspond 85 C E
    HOWSE Gilbert Greenspond 45 Meth
    HOWSE Ester Greenspond 42 Meth
    HOWSE Louisa Greenspond 20 Meth
    HOWSE Harriet Greenspond 18 Meth
    HOWSE Alma Greenspond 15 Meth
    YOUNG Alexander Greenspond 54 C E
    YOUNG Ellen Greenspond 52 C E
    YOUNG Jessie Greenspond 21 C E
    YOUNG William Greenspond 18 C E
    YOUNG Ebenezer Greenspond 58 C E
    YOUNG Ella Greenspond 53 C E
    YOUNG Gertrude Greenspond 22 C E
    YOUNG Benjamin Greenspond 68 C E
    LANG William Greenspond 78 Meth
    GREEN Ernest Greenspond 32 C E
    GREEN Beatrice Greenspond 26 C E
    GREEN Sophia Greenspond 60 C E
    GREEN Gertrude Greenspond 26 C E
    HODDINOTT Louis Greenspond 46 Meth
    HODDINOTT Mary Greenspond 46 Meth
    HODDINOTT Edgar Greenspond 19 Meth
    CHEATOR Chesley Greenspond 17 Meth
    BOURNE Francis Greenspond 60 Meth
    BOURNE Allen Greenspond 21 Meth
    PARSONS Tobias Greenspond 33 C E
    PARSONS Ellen Greenspond 29 C E
    PARSONS Olive Greenspond 3 C E
    PARSONS Louisa Greenspond 1 C E
    DYKE Garfield Greenspond 37 C E
    DYKE Gertrude Greenspond 38 C E
    DYKE Mannie Greenspond 9 C E
    DYKE Charles Greenspond 6 C E
    DYKE Ronald Greenspond 5 C E
    DOMMINY Edgar J Greenspond 49 C E
    DOMMINY Annie A Greenspond 50 C E
    DOMMINY Edna Greenspond 23 C E
    DOMMINY Gracie Greenspond 20 C E
    DOMMINY John Greenspond 18 C E
    DOMMINY Mable Greenspond 15 C E
    DOMMINY May Greenspond 13 C E
    KEAN Ellen Greenspond 69 C E
    KEAN Edward Greenspond 32 C E
    HUMPHRIES William Greenspond 53 C E
    HUMPHRIES Fannie Greenspond 49 C E
    HUMPHRIES Lena Greenspond 16 C E
    HUMPHRIES Charlie Greenspond 13 C E
    HUMPHRIES James Greenspond 18 C E
    HARDING Reuben Greenspond 53 S Army
    HARDING Susan Greenspond 48 S Army
    HARDING Cecil Greenspond 21 S Army
    HARDING Fredrick Greenspond 11 S Army
    HUMPHRIES Robert Greenspond 50 C E
    HUMPHRIES Maryann Greenspond 47 C E
    HUMPHRIES Irene Greenspond 21 C E
    HUMPHRIES Margret Greenspond 15 C E
    HUMPHRIES Lillian Greenspond 13 C E
    HARDING Thomas Greenspond 29 C E
    HARDING Carrie Greenspond 30 C E
    HARDING Ethie Greenspond 7 C E
    HARDING Murriel Greenspond 5 C E
    HARDING Frank Greenspond 2 C E
    PARSONS William Greenspond 75 C E
    PARSONS Edward Greenspond 59 C E
    PARSONS Ellen Greenspond 61 C E
    PARSONS Benjamin Greenspond 23 C E
    PARSONS Mark Greenspond 27 C E
    PARSONS Maggie Greenspond 24 C E
    PARSONS Edward Greenspond 4 C E
    PARSONS Wilfred Greenspond 2 C E
    PARSONS Clarence Greenspond 6m C E
    DEWEY Frank Greenspond 53 Meth
    DEWEY Edith Greenspond 49 Meth
    DEWEY Alberta Greenspond 21 Meth
    DEWEY Benjamin Greenspond 25 Meth
    DEWEY Murriel Greenspond 19 Meth
    DEWEY Hannah B Greenspond 15 Meth
    DEWEY Robert G. Greenspond 13 Meth
    DEWEY Maggie J. Greenspond 12 Meth
    DEWEY Enid M. Greenspond 7 Meth
    MAHAR Isabella Greenspond 49 C E
    MAHAR Baxter Greenspond 26 C E
    MAHAR Clara Greenspond 13 C E
    POND William Greenspond 44 C E
    POND Jemima Greenspond 42 C E
    POND Edward Greenspond 17 C E
    POND John Greenspond 13 C E
    POND Effie Greenspond 10 C E
    POND Mary Greenspond 8 C E
    POND Wiliam Greenspond 6 C E
    POND Samuel Greenspond 4 C E
    POND Kenneth Greenspond 38 C E
    POND Irene Greenspond 28 C E
    POND Annie Greenspond 81 C E
    POND Joseph Greenspond 42 C E
    PARSONS Edward Greenspond 38 C E
    PARSONS Elija Greenspond 38 C E
    PARSONS Emma Greenspond 16 C E
    PARSONS Amelia Greenspond 13 C E
    PARSONS Bessie Greenspond 8 C E
    PARSONS Greta Greenspond 1 C E
    PARSONS Joseph Greenspond 44 Meth
    PARSONS Lucy Greenspond 39 Meth
    HARDING James Greenspond 65 Meth
    HARDING Joseph Greenspond 30 Meth
    HARDING Effie Greenspond 30 Meth
    PARSONS James Greenspond 38 C E
    PARSONS Mary Greenspond 34 C E
    PARSONS Sarah Greenspond 9 C E
    PARSONS Hurbert Greenspond 7 C E
    PARSONS Caroline Greenspond 70 C E
    PARSONS Shirley Greenspond 15 C E
    PARSONS Samuel Greenspond 29 C E
    PARSONS Minnie Greenspond 29 C E
    PARSONS Joseph Greenspond 8 C E
    PARSONS Raymond Greenspond 6 C E
    PARSONS Lena Greenspond 4 C E
    PARSONS Gordon Greenspond 2 C E
    PARSONS Samuel Greenspond 8m C E
    PECKFORD William Greenspond 73 C E
    PECKFORD James Greenspond 48 C E
    PECKFORD Martha Greenspond 47 C E
    PECKFORD Abram Greenspond 18 C E
    PECKFORD James Greenspond 14 C E
    PECKFORD William Greenspond 25 C E
    PECKFORD Rosana Greenspond 25 Meth
    PECKFORD Winifred Greenspond 2m C E
    PARSONS John Greenspond 46 Meth
    PARSONS Clementina Greenspond 33 C E
    PARSONS Reuben Greenspond 21 Meth
    PARSONS Daisy Greenspond 19 Meth
    PARSONS Bessie Greenspond 6 Meth
    PARSONS John M. Greenspond 2 Meth
    PARSONS Josephine Greenspond 1 Meth
    HOWELL James Greenspond 38 Meth
    HOWELL Maud Greenspond 43 Meth
    HOWELL Mayitable Greenspond 17 Meth
    HOWELL John Greenspond 10 Meth
    LUSH Joseph Greenspond 37 C E
    LUSH Hannah Greenspond 34 C E
    LUSH Robert Greenspond 7 C E
    CROCKER Edward Greenspond 39 C E
    CROCKER Rebecca J Greenspond 35 C E
    BRAGG Emma Greenspond 15 C E
    BRAGG Maryann Greenspond 14 C E
    CROCKER Mary L. Greenspond 9 C E
    CROCKER Edith M. Greenspond 6 C E
    CROCKER Frank Greenspond 4 C E
    CROCKER Hannah Greenspond 2 C E
    CROCKER Darius Greenspond 11m C E
    CROCKER John Greenspond 47 C E
    DOWDEN John Greenspond 47 C E
    DOWDEN Emily Greenspond 39 C E
    DOWDEN Raymond Greenspond 12 C E
    DOWDEN Harold Greenspond 8 C E
    DOWDEN Mildred Greenspond 4 C E
    DOWDEN Mark Greenspond 45 C E
    DOWDEN Hannah Greenspond 47 C E
    DOWDEN Caroline Greenspond 15 C E
    DOWDEN William R. Greenspond 8 C E
    TUCKER Aleander Greenspond 31 C E
    TUCKER Elizabeth Greenspond 31 C E
    CARTER Kenneth Greenspond 61 C E
    CARTER Maryann Greenspond 60 C E
    CARTER Francis Greenspond 20 C E
    CARTER John S. Greenspond 19 C E
    HARDING Mable M. Greenspond 8 Meth
    GREEN George Greenspond 72 C E
    SAMSON Ellen Greenspond 62 Meth
    JANES James Greenspond 61 Meth
    JANES Laura M. Greenspond 46 Meth
    JANES Nellie M Greenspond 13 Meth
    JANES Mildred A. Greenspond 11 Meth
    JANES Edna L Greenspond 10 Meth
    JANES Margret Greenspond 9 Meth
    HARDING Edward Greenspond 77 Meth
    HARDING Fanny J. Greenspond 45 Meth
    DOMINY James A Greenspond 42 Meth
    DOMINY Susanah Greenspond 42 Meth
    DOMINY Sadie Greenspond 13 Meth
    DOMINY Marjorie Greenspond 7 Meth
    BRAGG Mark Greenspond 41 C E
    BRAGG Alcie Greenspond 38 C E
    BRAGG Stewart Greenspond 15 C E
    BRAGG Daniel Greenspond 13 C E
    BRAGG Reginald Greenspond 11 C E
    BRAGG Fredrick Greenspond 8 C E
    BRAGG Thomas Greenspond 5 C E
    BRAGG Pauline Greenspond 2 C E
    DOMINY John C Greenspond 40 C E
    DOMINY Louisa Greenspond 37 C E
    DOMINY Ada B Greenspond 12 C E
    DOMINY Clarence Greenspond 10 C E
    DOMINY Bertram Greenspond 9 C E
    DOMINY Harry Greenspond 4 C E
    STOCKLEY Patience Greenspond 68 C E
    HUTCHINGS Henry Greenspond 57 C E
    HUTCHINGS Louise Greenspond 52 C E
    HUTCHINGS Annie L Greenspond 17 C E
    HUTCHINGS Edith Greenspond 11 C E
    DAWE Samuel Greenspond 77 C E
    DAWE Elija J Greenspond 76 C E
    BLANDFORD Samuel Greenspond 42 C E
    BLANDFORD Daisy A. Greenspond 41 C E
    BLANDFORD Mona M Greenspond 13 C E
    BLANDFORD Olive L Greenspond 12 C E
    BLANDFORD Samuel R Greenspond 9 C E
    BLANDFORD May D Greenspond 7 C E
    BLANDFORD Gwyndaline Greenspond 3 C E
    PECKFORD Henry Greenspond 69 C E
    PECKFORD Thomas Greenspond 35 C E
    PECKFORD Caroline Greenspond 32 C E
    PECKFORD Herbert Greenspond 12 C E
    PECKFORD Fredrick Greenspond 11 C E
    PECKFORD Beatrice L Greenspond 8 C E
    HUNT Jane Greenspond 81 C E
    HUNT Thomas P Greenspond 41 C E
    HUNT Mary S. Greenspond 36 C E
    HUNT Jane M. Greenspond 1 C E
    HUNT William Greenspond 53 C E
    HUNT Emily Greenspond 50 C E
    HUNT Louisa Greenspond 19 C E
    HUNT Edna Greenspond 15 C E
    HUNT William Greenspond 7 C E
    HUNT Harry Greenspond 22 C E
    HUNT Elizabeth Greenspond 19 C E
    MICHELL Reginald Greenspond 33 C E
    MICHELL Annie Greenspond 23 C E
    PHILLIPS Charles G Greenspond 23 C E
    HUNT Sarah J Greenspond 47 Meth
    HUNT Susie Greenspond 16 Meth
    HUNT Violet Greenspond 15 Meth
    LUSH George Greenspond 49 C E
    LUSH Priscilla Greenspond 39 C E
    PECKFORD Frank Greenspond 7 C E
    PECKFORD Harry Greenspond 7 C E
    LUSH Sarah Greenspond 91 C E
    LUSH Arron Greenspond 52 C E
    CARTER Fredrick L. Greenspond 30 C E
    CARTER Josephine Greenspond 29 C E
    CARTER Mary G. Greenspond 1 C E
    BUTTON Edgar Greenspond 37 C E
    BUTTON Lilly Greenspond 29 C E
    BUTTON Edgar J Greenspond 6 C E
    BUTTON Elias J Greenspond 3 C E
    BUTTON Edward J Greenspond 2 C E
    BUTTON Arthur Greenspond 1week C E
    UPWARD Rev T W Greenspond 50 C E
    UPWARD Sarah Greenspond 43 C E
    UPWARD Allen M Greenspond 11 C E
    UPWARD Jesse C. Greenspond 9 C E
    UPWARD Mary Greenspond 7 C E
    UPWARD Hillery B Greenspond 6 C E
    HANDCOCK Mary Greenspond 39 C E
    BUTLER Samuel Greenspond 54 Meth
    BUTLER Deborah Greenspond 54 Meth
    BUTLER Gertrude Greenspond 27 Meth
    HODDINOTT Samuel Greenspond 45 Meth
    HODDINOTT Ellen A Greenspond 46 Meth
    HODDINOTT Edith M Greenspond 21 Meth
    HODDINOTT Ada L Greenspond 19 Meth
    HODDINOTT Isa L Greenspond 13 Meth
    HODDINOTT Charles W Greenspond 11 Meth
    HODDINOTT Boyd C Greenspond 9 Meth
    HAWKINS Jane Greenspond 66 Meth
    HAWKINS Arthur Greenspond 30 Meth
    HAWKINS Effie Greenspond 26 S Army
    HAWKINS William Greenspond 10m S Army
    EDGAR Ellen Greenspond 65 C E
    EDGAR Lillian E Greenspond 22 C E
    EDGAR Clarissa M Greenspond 33 C E
    EDGAR Olive Greenspond 20 C E
    EDGAR Jessie L Greenspond 29 C E
    JAMEISON D.G. MD Greenspond 38 Presby
    JAMEISON Elizabeth B Greenspond 36 Presby
    JAMEISON Carrie B Greenspond 7 Presby
    JAMEISON Marion B Greenspond 6 Presby
    JAMEISON Thomas B Greenspond 5 Presby
    JAMEISON Dugald Greenspond 2 Presby
    WEEKS George W Greenspond 44 C E
    WEEKS Sarah M Greenspond 44 C E
    WEEKS Nita A Greenspond 14 C E
    WEEKS Ethel M Greenspond 12 C E
    WEEKS Edgar Greenspond 12 C E
    WEEKS George Greenspond 10 C E
    WEEKS Queenie Greenspond 9 C E
    BUTLER Rebecca Greenspond 82 C E
    BUTLER Caleb Greenspond 42 C E
    BUTLER Alice Greenspond 42 C E
    BUTLER Charles E Greenspond 3 C E
    GRANTER Abraham Greenspond 70 C E
    GRANTER Sarah J Greenspond 62 C E
    EDGAR Mary S Greenspond 32 C E
    EDGAR Nina K Greenspond 8 C E
    EDGAR Agnes L Greenspond 4 C E
    EDGAR Patricia M Greenspond 2 C E
    WHITE William H Greenspond 63 Meth
    WHITE Lucy C. Greenspond 61 Meth
    WHITE Beatrice E Greenspond 24 Meth
    WHITE Henrietta Greenspond 21 Meth
    WHITE Dorothy Greenspond 13 Meth
    DYKE Theresa Greenspond 69 Meth
    DYKE Fredrick Greenspond 43 Meth
    DYKE Rosetta L Greenspond 44 Meth
    DYKE Frank Greenspond 8 Meth
    DYKE Eleanor Greenspond 5 Meth
    DYKE Aubrey Greenspond 37 C E
    DYKE Susie Greenspond 30 C E
    DYKE Jeanie Greenspond 8 C E
    DYKE Violet Greenspond 7 C E
    DYKE Beatrice Greenspond 5 C E
    DYKE Olive Greenspond 4 C E
    DYKE Vera Greenspond 6m C E
    DYKE Thomas Greenspond 67 C E
    DYKE Sarah Greenspond 62 C E
    BURTON James Greenspond 65 Meth
    BURTON Sophia Greenspond 58 Meth
    BURTON Sidney Greenspond 39 Meth
    BURTON Lucy Greenspond 34 Meth
    BURTON Olive G Greenspond 5 Meth
    SAINSBURY John Greenspond 63 C E
    SAINSBURY Silas J. Greenspond 32 C E
    HISCOCK John Greenspond 43 C E
    HISCOCK Abi Greenspond 34 C E
    HISCOCK William Greenspond 7 C E
    HISCOCK Caroline Greenspond 3 C E
    HISCOCK Robert Greenspond 70 C E
    HISCOCK Charlotte Greenspond 63 C E
    HISCOCK George Greenspond 35 C E

Transcribed by, Cyndi Beales-Alcock
Posted 2 Aug, 1998

Page Last Modified: Monday November 21, 2016

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