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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bonavista Bay District
{495 Persons in ?? Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (July 2006 by Don Tate)
The missing information such as Sex, Relation, Birth Month, Birth Year, Dwelling
and Family information was not recorded by the enumerator.
Thus it will not be found in the posting
for these areas in Bonavista Bay District.

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Age Religion
    OSMOND Peter J.       58 Meth
    OSMOND Ellen K.       58 Meth
    OSMOND Emma J.       18 Meth
    OSMOND Charlie B.       34 Meth
    OSMOND Emma       32 Meth
    OSMOND Peter B.       4 Meth
    OSMOND Walter G.       48 Meth
    OSMOND Julia A.       44 Meth
    OSMOND Raymond       18 Meth
    OSMOND Minnie G.       16 Meth
    OSMOND Emily M.       11 Meth
    OSMOND Walter M       4 Meth
    DYKE Darius       72 C of E
    DYKE Mary       72 C of E
    DYKE Harold A.       27 C of E
    DYKE Ralph       24 C of E
    DYKE Rita       19 C of E
    DYKE Loraine       7mths C of E
    GRANTER Nathaniel       58 C of E
    GRANTER Maria E.       38 C of E
    GRANTER Cecelia       15 C of E
    GRANTER Agnes       11 C of E
    GRANTER Randolph       9 C of E
    GRANTER Wilfred       6 C of E
    HAWKINGS James       19 C of E
    BRAGG Jacob       45 C of E
    BRAGG Rhoda       44 C of E
    BRAGG Edgar J.       23 C of E
    BRAGG James       21 C of E
    BRAGG Mary       17 C of E
    BRAGG Muriel       14 C of E
    BRAGG Daisy P.       8 C of E
    BRAGG Harriet       7 C of E
    BRAGG Robert       4 C of E
    GRANTER Thomas       71 C of E
    GRANTER Elizabeth       69 C of E
    GRANTER Job       21 C of E
    BLACKWOOD Dinah       15 C of E
    OSMOND Jesse B.       40 Meth
    OSMOND Elizabeth       35 Meth
    OSMOND Olive       11 Meth
    OSMOND Wilbur       5 Meth
    OSMOND Mary W.       3 Meth
    GRANTER James       58 C of E
    GRANTER Emma       47 C of E
    GRANTER Cecil       19 C of E
    JAMES Benjamin       18 C of E
    GRANTER Jane       11 C of E
    GRANTER Anita       8 C of E
    JAMES Charles       3 C of E
    WRIGHT George       48 Meth
    WRIGHT Unice       42 Meth
    WRIGHT Thyma       18 Meth
    WRIGHT Albert       14 Meth
    WRIGHT Kenneth       11 Meth
    WRIGHT Eliabeth       81 S Army
    WHEELER Edward       32 C of E
    WHEELER Elizabeth       35 S Army
    WHEELER Edward       9 S Army
    WHEELER Edgar       7 S Army
    WHEELER Frances       5 S Army
    WHEELER Baxter       3 S Army
    WHEELER Catherine       11m S Army
    RODGERS John       59 Meth
    RODGERS Elizabeth       58 Meth
    GILLINGHAM Lillian       26 Meth
    SAUNDERS Thomas       44 C of E
    SAUNDERS Elizabeth       42 C of E
    SAUNDERS Lena       16 C of E
    SAUNDERS Amelia       12 C of E
    SAUNDERS Harriett       10 C of E
    SAUNDERS William       8 C of E
    SAUNDERS Mable       7 C of E
    SAUNDERS Clara       5 C of E
    SAUNDERS Maxwell       2 C of E
    SAUNDERS Frederick       64 Meth
    SAUNDERS Sophia       53 Meth
    SAUNDERS Elsie       26 Meth
    SAUNDERS Harold       16 Meth
    SAUNDERS James       14 Meth
    SAUNDERS Ernest       33 Meth
    SAUNDERS Emma       35 Meth
    SAUNDERS Isaac       1 Meth
    SAUNDERS Martin       30 Meth
    SAUNDERS Deborah       28 Meth
    SAUNDERS Mildred       4 Meth
    SAUNDERS Robert       1 Meth
    BURRY Job       67 Meth
    BURRY Matilda       55 Meth
    BURRY Clara       25 Meth
    BURRY Robert       24 Meth
    BURRY Walter       14 Meth
    SAUNDERS George       35 C of E
    SAUNDERS Annie       30 C of E
    SAUNDERS Francis       15 C of E
    SAUNDERS Clotilda       12 C of E
    SAUNDERS Job       10 C of E
    SAUNDERS Lewis       8 C of E
    BROWN Rachel       7 C of E
    BROWN Frances       5 C of E
    GRANTER George       43 C of E
    GRANTER Eliabeth       36 C of E
    GRANTER Dinah       11 C of E
    GRANTER Loyd       4 C of E
    WHEELER Alpheaus       27 S Army
    WHEELER Ellen       29 S Army
    WHEELER Lucy       6 S Army
    WHEELER Malcom       4 S Army
    WHEELER Ralph       2 S Army
    WHEELER Roland       11m S Army
    WHEELER George       56 S Army
    WHEELER Drusilla       55 S Army
    WHEELER Ralph       23 S Army
    WHEELER Baxter       22 S Army
    WHEELER Josephine       19 S Army
    WHEELER George       14 S Army
    WHEELER Darius       49 C of E
    WHEELER Mary       50 C of E
    WHEELER Effie       25 C of E
    WHEELER William       27 C of E
    WHEELER Muriel       21 C of E
    WHEELER Darius       14 C of E
    WHEELER Sarah       85 C of E
    WHEELER John       50 Meth
    WHEELER Sarah       39 Meth
    WHEELER Elizabeth       14 Meth
    WHEELER Lumuel       9 Meth
    WHEELER Evelyn       7 Meth
    WHEELER Frida ?       4 Meth
    WHEELER Edna       7mths Meth
    WHEELER Joseph       17 S Army
    POND James       70 Meth
    POND Annie       70 Meth
    BARROW Edward       60. C of E
    BARROW Lucy       59 C of E
    BARROW Hubert       22 C of E
    BARROW Edwin       46 C of E
    BARROW Clara       32 C of E
    BARROW Elizabeth       17 C of E
    BARROW Job       62 Meth
    BARROW Sarah       59 Meth
    BARROW Susanah       27 Meth
    BARROW Emma       25 Meth
    BARROW Francis       23 Meth
    BARROW Lucindra       21 Meth
    BARROW Edith       18 Meth
    BUTLER Alfred       54 S Army
    BUTLER Melina       51 S Army
    BURRY Elsie       25 S Army
    CHEATOR Charlie       67 Meth
    CHEATOR Jane       65 Meth
    CHEATOR Walter       27 Meth
    CHEATOR Norman       24 Meth
    CHEATOR Fredrick       20 Meth
    CARTER Augustus       28 C of E
    CARTER Mary       24 C of E
    CARTER Lucy       68 C of E
    CARTER Peter       51 C of E
    CARTER Charlotte       48 C of E
    CARTER Samuel       28 C of E
    CARTER Josephine       20 C of E
    CARTER Francis       76 C of E
    DYKE J ?       45 Meth
    DYKE Dinah ?       45 Meth
The above two entries were hard to read due to a folded corner of the page
    DYKE Edgar       20 Meth
    DYKE Hazel       15 Meth
    MEADUS Norman       35 Meth
    MEADUS Lillian       24 Meth
    MEADUS Marjorie       3 Meth
    MEADUS Mable       1 Meth
    MEADUS Jane       77 Meth
    MEADUS Martin       34 Meth
    MEADUS Clara       30 Meth
    MEADUS Fredrick       11 Meth
    MEADUS Willis       8 Meth
    MEADUS Sylvester       6 Meth
    MEADUS Reginald       2 Meth
    MEADUS Ena       1mth Meth
    MEADUS Isabella       68 Meth
    MEADUS William       46 Meth
    MEADUS Amelia       46 Meth
    MEADUS Edmund       19 Meth
    MEADUS Sylvester       42 Meth
    MEADUS Francis       34 Meth
    GILLINGHAM Jesse       47 S Army
    GILLINGHAM Leah       40 S Army
    POND Edward       58 Meth
    POND Jane       58 Meth
    POND Theresea       24 Meth
    POND Archibald       30 Meth
    POND Bessie       24 Meth
    POND Edward       3 Meth
    POND Theresea       6mths Meth
    POND William       35 Meth
    POND Dorcas       34 Meth
    POND *       9 Meth
    BURRY Abram*       36 S Army
* The above two entries were hard to read due to a folded corner of the page
    BURRY Elsie       32 S Army
    BURRY James R.       12 S Army
    BURRY Josephine       11 S Army
    BURRY Nita       8 S Army
    STANFORD David       67 S Army
    STANFORD Louisa J.       68 S Army
    STANFORD Herbert       25 C of E
    STANFORD Mary J.       25 C of E
    STANFORD Baxter       3 C of E
    STANFORD Benjamin P.       11mths C of E
    JANES Job       28 C of E
    JANES Sarah J.       25 C of E
    JANES Philip C.       1 C of E
    CHEATOR William       42 S Army
    RUSSELL Jane       70 S Army
    LOVELESS Edwin       47 Meth
    LOVELESS Margrett       39 Meth
    LOVELESS Herbert       21 Meth
    LOVELESS Francis M.       18 Meth
    LOVELESS William       16 Meth
    LOVELESS Arthur B.       14 Meth
    LOVELESS Elizabeth       3 Meth
    CHEATOR John       66 Meth
    CHEATOR Annie E.       57 Meth
    CHEATOR Eli A       29 Meth
    WHEELER John       61 Meth
    WHEELER Suana       56 Meth
    WHEELER James       20 Meth
    WHEELER Fredrick       18 Meth
    WHEELER Edith       15 Meth
    WHEELER Edward A.       13 Meth
    DYKE Walter       49 Meth
    DYKE Charlotte       50 Meth
    DYKE Maggie       27 Meth
    DYKE Fredrick       14 Meth
    DYKE Alice S.       11 Meth
    OAKLEY Arthur       41 S Army
    OAKLEY Naomi       39 S Army
    OAKLEY Walter C.       13 S Army
    OAKLEY Sarah J.       11 S Army
    OAKLEY Herbert       10 S Army
    OAKLEY Lucendra       7 S Army
    OAKLEY Darius M.       4 S Army
    OAKLEY Arthur       2 S Army
    OAKLEY Llewellyn       1mth S Army
    DOWNER Charlie       42 C of E
    DOWNER Susanna       42 C of E
    DOWNER Cecil       15 C of E
    DOWNER John       13 C of E
    DOWNER Maggie       11 C of E
    DOWNER Marjorie       10 C of E
    DOWNER Lena       8 C of E
    DOWNER Daniel       4 C of E
    DOWNER Edith C.       3 C of E
    DOWNER Charles B.       1mth C of E
    OAKLEY Kenneth       42 Meth
    OAKLEY Elizabeth       42 Meth
    OAKLEY Fredrick       15 Meth
    OAKLEY Jean M.       10 Meth
    OAKLEY Austin L.       7 Meth
    OAKLEY Charles V.       5 Meth
    OAKLEY Kenneth       2 Meth
    OAKLEY Barbra E.       1 Meth
    BOORNE Jesse       50 Meth
    BOORNE Margrett A.       66 Meth
    CARTER Lothe E       12 Meth
    LANG Agnes       61 Presb.
    WRIGHT Robert       52 Meth
    WRIGHT Emily       56 Meth
    WRIGHT Madge       27 Meth
    WRIGHT Ralph       24 Meth
    WRIGHT Harry H.       22  
    BROWN Donald       24  
    BROWN Florence       26 Meth
    BROWN Malcom H.       5mths Meth
    BLANDFORD Darius       37 C of E
    BLANDFORD Alice       37 C of E
    BLANDFORD Fredrick       13 C of E
    BLANDFORD Darius C.       12 C of E
    BLANDFORD Herbert A.       10 C of E
    BLANDFORD Nina G.L.       8 C of E
    BLANDFORD Alice       5mths C of E
    GRANTER Robert       74 ? Meth
    GRANTER Anna       70 Meth
    OLDFORD Andrew       52 S Army
    OLDFORD Louisa       42 S Army
    BURRY Henry       33 S Army
    BURRY Ellen       36 S Army
    BURRY Francis M.       11 S Army
    BURRY Walter R.       9 S Army
    BURRY Mary J       7 S Army
    BURRY Thriocie ?       4 S Army
    BURRY Roland A.       2mths S Army
    EASON Ernest       27 S Army
    EASON Edna L.       26 S Army
    EASON Granville M       6mths S Army
    WOODLAND Edward       68 Meth
    WOODLAND Caroline       68 Meth
    WOODLAND Samuel       23 S Army
    WOODLAND Martha       19 S Army
    WOODLAND Caroline       1mth S Army
    STOCKLEY Mary J       52 C of E
    STOCKLEY Edward       29 C of E
    STOCKLEY Joseph       25 C of E
    STOCKLEY Mary       21 C of E
    STOCKLEY Elizabeth       19 C of E
    STOCKLEY Dinah       17 C of E
    STOCKLEY Carrie       15 C of E
    STOCKLEY Elija       12 C of E
    STOCKLEY James       5 C of E
    STOCKLEY Gwendoline       10mths C of E
    HOUSE Kenneth       43 Meth
    HOUSE Elija       34 Meth
    HOUSE Irene       13 Meth
    HOUSE Walter       8 Meth
    HOUSE George       3 Meth
    HOUSE Wilmore       1 Meth
    LUSH Henry T.       66 Meth
    LUSH Sarah       67 Meth
    JANES Andrew       26 C of E
    JANES Maud       20 C of E
    JANES Charles R.       1 C of E
    JANES Ratricia M.       1 week C of E
    WOODLAND Peirce (sic)       33 Meth
    WOODLAND Priscilla       33 Meth
    WOODLAND Daisy       13 Meth
    WOODLAND Edward       10 Meth
    WOODLAND Albert       9 Meth
    WOODLAND Samuel       4 Meth
    EASTON Charles       39 Meth
    EASTON Lydia       34 Meth
    EASTON William       11 Meth
    EASTON Charles L.       9 Meth
    HARRIS Rev. Wm       65 Meth
    HARRIS Sophia       61 Meth
    HARRIS Agnes W.       28 Meth
    HARRIS William J.       23 Meth
    HARRIS David L.       21 Meth
    OAKLEY George       60 Meth
    OAKLEY Rebecca       56 Meth
    OAKLEY Oratio S.       27 Meth
    OAKLEY Ronald       20 Meth
    OAKLEY William E.       18 Meth
    OAKLEY Helena L.       16 Meth
    CRUMMEY Edward J.       46 Meth
    CRUMMEY Ellen E.       48 Meth
    CRUMMEY Clarence B.       13 Meth
    CRUMMEY Owen W.       9 Meth
    PITTMAN Julian       61 Meth
    PITTMAN Sarah       63 Meth
    BURRY David       44 S Army
    WHITE Tobias       42 Meth
    WHITE Maria       41 Meth
    WHITE Susan B.       4 Meth
    POND Joseph       71 C of E
    POND Amelia       62 C of E
    DYKE Gertrude       24 C of E
    BURRY Edward       54 Meth
    BURRY Maria       60 C of E
    BURRY Edward D.       18 C of E
    BURRY Joseph       52 Meth
    BURRY Harriett       42 Meth
    BURRY Pierce       18 Meth
    BURRY Eldon       17 Meth
    BURRY Peter       15 Meth
    BURRY Noah       10 Meth
    BURRY Ena       1 Meth
    LOVELESS Egbert       42 C of E
    LOVELESS Eliza       38 C of E
    LOVELESS Harry       14 C of E
    LOVELESS Bessie       12 C of E
    LOVELESS William       10 C of E
    LOVELESS Everett       1 C of E
    LOVELESS Everett J.       46 C of E
    LOVELESS Mary       40 C of E
    LOVELESS Janet       16 C of E
    LOVELESS Edna       16 C of E
    LOVELESS William       77 C of E
    GRANTER Elias       64 C of E
    GRANTER Julia       58 C of E
    GRANTER Edgar J       29 C of E
    GRANTER Mary       26 C of E
    GRANTER Martha       21 C of E
    GRANTER Edwin       37 C of E
    GRANTER Clara J       32 C of E
    GRANTER May L.       9 C of E
    GRANTER Martha H.       6 C of E
    GRANTER Ena G.       1 C of E
    GRANTER Lewellyn       34 C of E
    GRANTER Miriam       30 C of E
    GRANTER Ernest M.       6 C of E
    GRANTER Duncan C.       4 C of E
    GRANTER Myrtle       10mths C of E
    GRANTER William       66 C of E
    GRANTER Anastica       64 C of E
    GRANTER Murriel       30 C of E
    GRANTER Malcome       27 C of E
    GRANTER Elizabeth       43 C of E
    GRANTER Tricie ?       20 C of E
    GRANTER Job       67 C of E
    GRANTER Jane       66 C of E
    GRANTER Louisa       23 C of E
    OLDFORD Mary J.       53 C of E
    OLDFORD Walter       23 C of E
    OLDFORD Harry       18 C of E
    OLDFORD Martin       11 C of E
    OLDFORD Minnie       6 C of E
    OLDFORD Beatrice       14 C of E
    STARKS George       57 Meth
    STARKS Rebecca       57 Meth
    RODGERS George       46 Meth
    WHITE Edgar       33 Meth
    WHITE Sarah J.       31 Meth
    WHITE Gertie       9 Meth
    WHITE Lester       1 Meth
    BURRY William       80 C of E
    BURRY Dinah       77 C of E
    RALPH William       40 C of E
    RALPH Emily       37 C of E
    RALPH Mary       16 C of E
    RALPH Bertha       13 C of E
    RALPH Lydia       8 C of E
    RALPH Daniel       4 C of E
    RALPH Clara       2 C of E
    BURRY Sidney       46 C of E
    BURRY Delilah       55 C of E
    BURRY Aaron       54 Meth
    BURRY Dora       48 Meth
    BURRY Janet       22 Meth
    BURRY Cecil       17 Meth
    BURRY John       70 C of E
    STRATTEN Edwin       42 S Army
    STRATTEN Alice M.       19 S Army
    STRATTEN William       16 S Army
    STRATTEN Fredrick       13 S Army
    STRATTEN Clarence       10 S Army
    BURRY Stephen       50 C of E
    BURRY Eliza ?       45 C of E
    BURRY Edward       18 C of E
    BURRY John       14 C of E
    BURRY Kenneth       12 C of E
    BURRY Sidney       11 C of E
    STRATTEN Llewellyn       31 S Army
    STRATTEN Ethel       24 S Army
    STRATTEN Murriel       7mths S Army
    STRATTEN John       67 Meth
    STRATTEN Sarah       55 Meth
    STRATTEN Joseph       28 Meth
    STRATTEN Henry       26 Meth
    STRATTEN Garland       20 Meth
    STRATTEN William       18 Meth
    STRATTEN Edith M.       16 Meth
    WHITE Darius A.       24 ? Meth
    WHITE Sarah A.       63 Meth
    WHITE Frank       27 Meth
    WHITE Hubert G.       49 C of E
    WHITE Beatrice       37 C of E
    WHITE Stephen       16 C of E
    WHITE Victor J.       14 C of E
    WHITE Caroline       9 C of E
    WHITE Edith M.       7 C of E
    WHITE Janet S.       5 C of E
    WHITE Greta A.       2 C of E
    WHITE John F..       44 Meth
    WHITE Ethel H.       36 Meth
    WHITE Willis       37 Meth
    WHITE Catherine       38 Meth
    WHITE Malcom       6 Meth
    WHITE William G.       1mth Meth
    WHITE Stephen       35 Meth
    WHITE Lizzie       30 Meth
    WHITE Gordon       7 Meth
    WHITE Raymond W.       5 Meth
    WHITE Nina C.       3 Meth
    BISHOP Susan       64 Meth
    BISHOP Malcom J.       29 Meth
    BISHOP Eric G.       2? ? Meth
    BISHOP Annie E.       21 Meth
    BISHOP Alice       18 Meth
    BISHOP Baxter       35 Meth
    BISHOP Margarett       27 Meth
    BISHOP Marjorie       4 Meth
    BISHOP Gorgena       2 Meth
    BISHOP William       36 C of E
    BISHOP Annie E.       34 C of E
    BISHOP Evelyn M.       13 C of E
    BISHOP Henry       11 C of E
    BISHOP Darius E.       2 C of E
    WHITE Fredrick       29 Meth
    WHITE Clara       27 Meth
    WHITE James       6mths Meth
    WHITE Eunice       69 Meth
    POND Samuel       54 C of E
    POND Delilah       54 C of E
    WHITE Arthur       37 C of E
    WHITE Annie       33 C of E
    WHITE Harold       13 C of E
    WHITE Wilfred       8 C of E

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Cyndi Beales-Adcock

Verified to Original Pages (July 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday October 13, 2015 (Don Tate)

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