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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Grand Bank,
Burin District)
{717 Persons in 153 Households}

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Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 352                    
11MACDONALD AllanMHead Married 1854Jan67 Sydney, C.B.
  MACDONALD EmmaFWife Married 1856June65 Sydney, C.B.
  MACDONALD BessieFDaughterSingle 1892Nov29 Grand Bank
  MACDONALD StanleyMSon Single 1894Oct26 Grand Bank
  PARSONS RoseFServantSingle 1902Aug19 Grand Bank
22CAMP JohnMHead Married 1848May72 Garnish
  CAMP LucretiaFWife Married 1847Oct73 Channel
33EVANS AmbroseMHead Married 1870Mar51 Grand Bank
  EVANS AdelaideFWife Married 1878July43 Burin
  MILLS LindaFDaughterSingle 1898Aug22 Burin
  MILLS AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1901Aug20 Burin
44WALSH BenjaminMHead Married 1880Aug41 Grand Bank
  WALSH EllenFWife Married 1881June40 Brunet
55DUNFORD RobertMHead Married 1872Aug49 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD SarahFWife Married 1874Jan47 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1900Mar21 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD MaxwellMSon Single 1902Mar19 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD LeonardMSon Single 1904Feb17 Grand Bank
66MOULTON GeorgeMHead Married 1862Aug59 Burin
  MOULTON LidiaFWife Married 1871June50 Burin
  MOULTON HaroldMSon Single 1905Mar16 Burin
  MOULTON EmilyFDaughterSingle 1913Sept8 Grand Bank
  MOULTON FredMSon Single 1909Mar12 Grand Bank
77WHITE CorbettMHead Married 1874Oct47 New Perlican
  WHITE EdithFWife Married 1883May38 St. John's
  WHITE AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
  WHITE MaryFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Grand Bank
88FORSEY RobertMHead Married 1868May53 Grand Bank
  FORSEY EmmaFWife Married 1870Sept50 Grand Bank
  FORSEY MiltonMSon Single 1896Oct24 Grand Bank
  FORSEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1899July22 Grand Bank
  FORSEY ThomasMSon Single 1911Dec10 Grand Bank
  FORSEY MarthaFDaughterSingle 1904Oct17 Grand Bank
PAGE 353                    
99DUNFORDAnnFHead Widower 1847Sept74 Grand Bank
1010HISCOCK GeorgeMHead Widower 1854Dec66 Grand Bank
1111HARRIS GeorgeMHead Married 1873Nov48 Great Hr
  HARRIS MariaFWife Married 1872Nov49 Grand Bank
  HARRIS JosiahMSon Single 1899Dec22 Grand Bank
  HARRIS Mary E.FDaughterSingle 1901Mar20 Grand Bank
  HARRIS Emily J.FDaughterSingle 1904Aug17 Grand Bank
  HARRIS IraMSon Single 1902April9 Grand Bank
  HARRIS MyrtleFDaughterSingle 1915June6 Grand Bank
1212HISCOCK JosiahMHead Married 1876Mar45 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK BeatriceFWife Married 1877Nov44 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK FrancesFDaughterSingle 1904Nov17 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK ShirleyMSon Single 1906Aug15 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK ChristieFDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK MaryFDaughterSingle 1910Nov11 Grand Bank
  HISCOCK GeorgeMSon Single 1917Aug4 Grand Bank
1313ANSTEY HenryMHead Married 1897July24 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY LauraFWife Married 1897July24 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY ThomasMSon Single 1919Nov2 Grand Bank
 14ANSTEY SamuelMGrand FatherWidower 1862Sept59 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY CharlieMSon Single 1904Jan17 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY SamuelMSon Single 1911Dec10 Grand Bank
  DUNN ThreseaFServantSingle 1907Sept14 Dantic Cove
1415ANSTEY AaronMHead Married 1888Aug33 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY LizzieFWife Married 1899Aug22 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY LauraFDaughterSingle 1910April11 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1913July8 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY BessieFDaughterSingle 1914July7 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY EdwardMSon Single 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
PAGE 354                    
1516WARREN JamesMHead Married 1873Nov48 Grand Bank
  WARREN AnnieFWife Married 1897April24 Harcourt
  WARREN GeorgeMSon Single 1903Nov18 Grand Bank
  WARREN AlbertMSon Single 1905Dec16 Grand Bank
  WARREN John B.MSon Single 1920July1 Grand Bank
1617MORRIS SusieFHead Widower 1885June36 Grand Bank
  MORRIS EmmaFDaughterSingle 1909May12 Grand Bank
  MORRIS LannyFDaughterSingle 1911Mar10 Grand Bank
  MORRIS Nellie (?)FDaughterSingle 1913June8 Grand Bank
  MORRIS IdaFDaughterSingle 1915July6 Grand Bank
 18BARNES GeorgeMHead Married 1895Oct26 Grand Bank
  BARNES AudreyFWife Married 1898Aug23 Lamaline
1719PENWELL MorganMHead Married 1881Dec40 Grand Bank
  PENWELL ElizaFWife Married 1884May37 Coomes Cove (sic)
  PENWELL RobertMSon Single 1907May14 Grand Bank
  PENWELL Annie F.FDaughterSingle 1910April11 Grand Bank
  PENWELL VirginiaFDaughterSingle 1912July9 Grand Bank
  PENWELL Kaleb*1MSon Single 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
  PENWELL ThomasMSon Single 1917Nov5 Grand Bank
  PENWELL IreneFDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 Grand Bank
1820ASCROFF JohnMHead Married 1896Aug35 Sydney, Australia
  ASCROFF JennieFWife Married 1893June28 Burin
1921WARREN JOHN S.MHead Married 1880Oct41 Grand Bank
  WARREN HarrietFWife Married 1886Feb35 Grand Bank
  WARREN Annie M.FDaughterSingle 1908April13 Grand Bank
  WARREN LucyFDaughterSingle 1910April11 Grand Bank
  WARREN HaroldMSon Single 1912Jan9 Grand Bank
2022WARREN AlbertMHead Married 1875Jan46 Grand Bank
  WARREN ClaraFWife Married 1877Jan44 Grand Bank
  WARREN LeviMSon Single 1905May16 Grand Bank
  WARREN SarahFDaughterSingle 1909May12 Grand Bank
  WARREN FredMSon Single 1915April6 Grand Bank
  WARREN JohnMSon Single 1918Nov3 Grand Bank
PAGE 355                    
  RODGERS LeviMGrand FatherWidower 1846Jan75 Fortune
  MAYMinnieFServantSingle 1903Dec18 Lolly Cove
2123SMITH JohnMHead Married 1883Sept38 Har Mill
  SMITH EstherFWife Married 1885Oct36 Grand Bank
  SMITH RobertMSon Single 1907Dec14 Grand Bank
  SMITH LucyFDaughterSingle 1910Mar11 Grand Bank
2224PENWELL GeorgeMHead Married 1860May61 Grand Bank
  PENWELL CharlotteFWife Married 1869Nov52 Sagona
  PENWELL JohnMSon Single 1900July21 Sagona
  PENWELL CharlieMSon Single 1902Dec19 Sagona
  PENWELL MaryFDaughterSingle 1905Dec16 Sagona
  PENWELL JamesMSon Single 1908Aug13 Sagona
  PENWELL AnnieFDaughterSingle 1911Oct10 Sagona
2325SNOOK BenjaminMHead Married 1892Jan29 Sagona
  SNOOK WinifredFWife Married 1897Oct24 Lolly Cove
2426SNOOK JamesMHead Married 1861Nov60 Sagona
  SNOOK AnnieFWife Married 1866Sept55 Coomes Cove
  SNOOK LeviMSon Single 1900Aug21 Sagona
  JANES JohnMBoarderSingle 1862Nov59 Sagona
  SNOOK WilliamMSon Single 1906June15 Sagona
  SNOOK AllanMSon Single 1911Mar10 Sagona
2527GRANT WilliamMHead Married 1884June37 Grand Bank
  GRANT JaneFWife Married 1893Mar28 Jersey Hr
  GRANT ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1920Mar1 Grand Bank
  FUDGE Elizabeth FFMotherWidow 1854Sept67 Jersey Harbour
2628BANFIELD DavidMHead Married 1852April69 Brunet
  BANFIELD AnnFWife Married 1850Oct71 Grand Bank
  BANFIELD GertrudeFNieceSingle 1902Mar19 Grand Bank
2729PENWELL JohnMHead Married 1857Aug64 Grand Bank
  PENWELL AnnFWife Married 1858Feb63 Fortune Bay
  PENWELL WilliamMSon Single 1887July34 Grand Bank
2830COURTNEY William J ?MHead Married 1860April61 Grand Bank
  COURTNEY Rose A.FWife Married 1863Nov58 Burin
PAGE 356                    
2931PATTEN John B.MHead Married 1859Dec62 Grand Bank
  PATTEN ElizabethFWife Married 1865July56 Grand Bank
  PATTEN SarahFDaughterSingle 1895Oct25 Grand Bank
  PATTEN HowardMSon Single 1902Jan19 Grand Bank
  PATTEN GustaveMSon Single 1904Dec17 Grand Bank
  PATTEN GeraldMSon Single 1907Sept14 Grand Bank
  PATTEN GraceFDaughterSingle 1908Feb13 Grand Bank
  HATCH FlossieFServantSingle 1905Sept16 Stones Cove Fortune Bay
3032KEEPING ThomasMHead Married 1884June37 New Hr
  KEEPING MinnieFWife Married 1886June35 English Harbour West
  KEEPING IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1915June6 Grand Bank
3133DOLIMOUNT AbrahamMHead Married 1891Mar30 Ramea
  DOLIMOUNT CharlotteFWife Married 1894Nov27 Grand Bank
  DOLIMOUNT JohnMSon Single 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
  DOLIMOUNT RetaFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
  DOLIMOUNT AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1918Aug3 Grand Bank
  DOLIMOUNT RubyMSon Single 1920Nov9M Grand Bank
  DODGE EmilineFServantSingle 1902May19 Hr Mill
3234NICHOLLE PhilipMHead Widower 1851July70 Grand Bank
3335EVANS WilliamMHead Married 1862Oct59 Grand Bank
  EVANS HelenFWife Married 1867Aug54 Lamaline
  EVANS JosephMSon Single 1897Sept23 Grand Bank
  EVANS OliveFDaughterSingle 1900Feb21 Grand Bank
  EVANS VidaFDaughterSingle 1903Jan18 Grand Bank
  EVANS MetaFDaughterSingle 1907Oct13 Grand Bank
  EVANS BessieFDaughterSingle 1911Dec10 Grand Bank
  EVANS EllenFAdopted Single 1911Aug10 Grand Bank
  BENNETT MariaFServantSingle 1903Jan18 Grand Bank
PAGE 357                    
3436WELSH Thomas B.MHead Married 1888July33 Grand Bank
  WELSH FrancesFWife Married 1889Jan32 Brunet
  WELSH StephenMSon Single 1910Nov11 Grand Bank
  WELSH BeatriceFDaughterSingle 1914Oct7 Grand Bank
  WELSH ClaytonMSon Single 1916May5 Grand Bank
  WELSH MaxMSon Single 1919Nov2 Grand Bank
  KEEPING JessieFServantSingle 1902Dec19 Grand Beach
3537MARTIN AlfredMHead Married 1892Aug29 Burin
  MARTIN RebeccaFWife Married 1894Feb27 Grand Bank
  MARTIN WinifredFDaughterSingle 1917Mar4 Grand Bank
  MARTIN GeorgeMSon Single 1919May2 Grand Bank
  MARTIN RalphMSon Single 1920Sept11 Mo Grand Bank
  RALPH JuliaFGrand MotherWidow 1848Feb73 Grand Bank
3638THORNHILL JamesMHead Married 1881Feb40 Little Bay East
  THORNHILL HannahFWife Married 1882Sept39 Burin
  THORNHILL PercyMSon Single 1912Sept9 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL EthelFDaughterSingle 1919Mar2 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL MaxMSon Single 1921Feb6M Grand Bank
  DOWNEY MayFServantSingle 1907Aug14 Grand Bank
3739SKINNER CharlieMHead Married 1882Sept39 Sagona
  SKINNER LidiaFWife Married 1890Oct31 Grand Bank
  SKINNER JohnMSon Single 1913July8 Grand Bank
  SKINNER AgnesFDaughterSingle 1916Sept5 Grand Bank
  SKINNER ThomasMSon Single 1918Nov3 Grand Bank
  SKINNER JohnMGrand FatherWidower 1827Aug94 Rose Blanche
  SKINNER JamesMSon Single 1861Sept60 Sagona
3840RALPH SamuelMHead Married 1873May48 Grand Bank
  RALPH EvelynFWife Married 1874Dec47 Victoria Carbonear
  RALPH JohnMSon Single 1899Oct22 Grand Bank
  RALPH JuliaFDaughterSingle 1902April19 Grand Bank
  RALPH RuebenMSon Single 1905Oct16 Grand Bank
  RALPH RobertMSon Single 1913July8 Grand Bank
PAGE 358                    
3941JAYNES WilliamMHead Married 1881June40 St. John's
  JAYNES EstherFWife Married 1881Mar40 Broad Cove
  JAYNES VioletFDaughterSingle 1905Jan16 St. John's
  JAYNES William H.MSon Single 1918Dec13 St. John's
  JAYNES WalterMSon Single 1911Jan10 St. John's
  JAYNES GordonMSon Single 1912Mar9 St. John's
  JAYNES ArthurMSon Single 1914Aug7 St. John's
4042PIKE ThomasMHead Married 1874Oct46 St. Mary's
  PIKE RuthFWife Married 1872Oct44 ? Grand Bank
  PIKE MargaretFDaughterSingle 1897June24 Grand Bank
  PIKE MaryFDaughterSingle 1900Mar21 Grand Bank
  PIKE WilliamMSon Single 1906Feb15 Grand Bank
4143PENWELL JacobMHead Married 1883Sept38 Grand Bank
  PENWELL SarahFWife Married 1890Aug31 Lolly Cove
  PENWELL RoseFDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 Grand Bank
  PENWELLWilsonMSon Single 1915May6 Grand Bank
  PENWELL EdithFDaughterSingle 1917July4 Grand Bank
  EMBERLEY WilliamMBoarderWidower 1837Nov84 Burin
4244PENWELL ThomasMHead Married 1871July50 Grand Bank
  PENWELL SarahFWife Married 1890Sept31 Rose Ambrose
4345DOUGLAS George T.MHead Married 1857April64 Brunet
  DOUGLAS MaryFWife Married 1859Jan62 Grand Bank
  DOUGLAS MaxwellMSon Single 1900Aug21 Grand Bank
4446THORNHILL HarryMHead Married 1885Sept36 Little Bay East
  THORNHILL MahalaFWife Married 1887Nov34 Grand Beach
  THORNHILL MaudFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL ChesleyMSon Single 1916Sept5 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL EthelFDaughterSingle 1918Oct3 Grand Bank
  MILES ThyphenaFServantSingle 1901Feb20 Pooles Cove
PAGE 359                    
4547FOX LawsonMHead Married 1891Oct30 Grand Bank
  FOX CarrieFWife Married 1889May32 Grand Beach
  FOX JessieFDaughterSingle 1913Mar8 Grand Bank
  FOX RoseanaFDaughterSingle 1918Feb3 Grand Bank
  FOX FrederickMSon Single 1921Mar5M Grand Bank
4648KEATING EuniceMHead Married 1877April44 Grand Bank
  KEATING MaryFWife Married 1885June36 Grand Bank
  KEATING Mary P.FDaughterSingle 1907Aug14 Grand Bank
4749HICKMAN Henry S.MHead Married 1873Feb48 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN Sarah J.FWife Married 1879Sept42 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN CharlieMSon Single 1905Feb16 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN WillieMSon Single 1910Sept11 Grand Bank
 50THOMPSON HarryMHead Married 1897Nov24 Copenhagen, Den
  THOMPSON ElizabethFWife Married 1901April20 Grand Bank
  THOMPSON HerbertMSon Single 1920May1 Grand Bank
4851HAUSE EliasMHead Married 1876Dec45 Great Burin
  HAUSE ElizabethFWife Married 1881Mar40 Grand Bank
  HAUSE JaneFDaughterSingle 1905June16 Grand Bank
  HAUSE WilliamMSon Single 1908Oct13 Grand Bank
  HAUSE Heubert (sic)MSon Single 1910April11 Grand Bank
  HAUSE SarahFDaughterSingle 1913Sept8 Grand Bank
  HAUSE MarthaFDaughterSingle 1915April6 Grand Bank
  HAUSE LidiaFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Grand Bank
  GRANT JohnMGrand FatherWidower 1846July75 Grand Bank
4952PRICE ThomasMHead Married 1891May30 Grand Bank
  PRICE HannahFWife Married 1897July24 Stones Cove
  PRICE BenjaminMSon Single 1917May4 Grand Bank
  PRICE EstherFDaughterSingle 1918Jan3 Grand Bank
  PRICE MaxwellMSon Single 1920Mar1 Grand Bank
PAGE 360                    
5053RODGERS BenjaminMHead Married 1885Oct36 Grand Bank
  RODGERS EdithFWife Married 1883Aug38 Lamaline
  RODGERS StephenMSon Single 1908Sept13 Grand Bank
  RODGERS CharlieMSon Single 1910Oct11 Grand Bank
  RODGERS HerbertMSon Single 1912Sept9 Grand Bank
  RODGERS ElizaFDaughterSingle 1915Oct6 Grand Bank
  RODGERS FredMSon Single 1917Sept4 Grand Bank
  RODGERS CharlotteFDaughterSingle 1920Aug9M Grand Bank
5154GRANDY JosephMHead Married 1889Aug32 Garnish
  GRANDY CharlotteFWife Married 1879Aug42 Grand Beach
  EVANS MaggieFDaughterSingle 1901Aug20 Grand Bank
  EVANS ThomasMSon Single 1905May16 Grand Bank
  EVANS JohnMSon Single 1907June14 Grand Bank
  GRANDY HarryMSon Single 1911Aug10 Grand Bank
  GRANDY StanlyMSon Single 1908May3 Grand Bank
 55WEST PatrickMHead Married 1893Aug28 Bay L'Argent
  WEST BerthaFWife Married 1903May18 Grand Bank
  WEST JosephMSon Single 1920Nov9M Grand Bank
5256GRANT CalebMHead Married 1861Dec60 Grand Bank
  GRANT JaneFWife Married 1873May48 Grand Beach
  GRANT EdithFDaughterSingle 1899June22 Grand Bank
  GRANT GeorgeMSon Single 1901Sept19 Grand Bank
5357BELBIN JamesMHead Married 1882Feb39 New Chelica
  BELBIN EleanorFWife Married 1883July38 Grand Bank
  BELBINWilsonMSon Single 1912July9 Grand Bank
  BELBIN LorenzoMSon Single 1915Aug6 Grand Bank
  BELBIN FannyFDaughterSingle 1929Dec1 Grand Bank
  BELBIN MabelFAdopted Single 1903Feb18 New Chelica
5458RODGERS GeorgeMHead Married 1891Oct30 Grand Bank
  RODGERS BessieFWife Married 1894Nov27 Stones Cove
  RODGERS GladysFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Grand Bank
PAGE 361                    
5559RODGERS JoshuaMHead Married 1855Feb66 Grand Bank
  RODGERS EstherFWife Married 1873July48 Hare Hr
  RODGERS LouisMSon Single 1903Dec18 Grand Bank
5660EVANS EseauMHead Married 1874Sept47 Grand Bank
  EVANS ElizaFWife Married 1876May45 Burin
  BRETON AnnieFAdoptedSingle 1902Aug19 Burin
5761KEATING JohnMHead Married 1864June57 Burin
  KEATING EmilyFWife Married 1867Jan54 Brunet
5862KEATING DavidMHead Married 1869Nov52 Grand Bank
  KEATING EstherFWife Married 1872Aug49 Grand Bank
  KEATING SalenaFDaughterSingle 1898Sept22 Grand Bank
  KEATING MinnieFDaughterSingle 1900Sept20 Grand Bank
  KEATING ClarenceMSon Single 1903April18 Grand Bank
  KEATING ThomasMSon Single 1906July15 Grand Bank
  KEATING PhilipMSon Single 1908Mar13 Grand Bank
5963HICKMAN James R.MHead Married 1879Nov42 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN SarahFWife Married 1881Oct40 Grand Beach
  HICKMAN George F.MSon Single 1915May6 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN RuebenMSon Single 1920Feb1 Grand Bank
6064BANFIELD WilliamMHead Married 1895Aug26 Grand Bank
  BANFIELD AnnieFWife Married 1892Nov29 Fortune
  WILLIAMS HarryMSon Single 1907Jan14 Grand Bank
  WILLIAMS ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1910Oct11 Grand Bank
  WILLIAMS Willimena ?FDaughterSingle 1916Nov5 Grand Bank
  BANFIELD JoyFDaughterSingle 1917Aug4 Grand Bank
  BANFIELD Amy ?FDaughterSingle 1920June1 Grand Bank
  MONETER Silva (?)FGrand Mother Widow 1847June74 Boxey
  BANFIELD BennieMSon Single 1917Nov4 Grand Bank
6165HOLLETT EdwardMHead Married 1884Aug37 Stag Island
  HOLLETT ElizabethFWife Married 1886Dec35 Grand Bank
  HOLLETT GordonMSon Single 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
  HOLLETT MaryFDaughterSingle 1916Sept5 Grand Bank
  HOLLETT HaroldMSon Single 1920April1 Grand Bank
PAGE 362                    
6266KEATING LukeMHead Married 1874May47 Grand Bank
  KEATING MaryFWife Married 1876July45 Anderson's Cove
  KEATING EvangelineFDaughterSingle 1901Sept20 Grand Bank
  KEATING WilliamMSon Single 1903Sept18 Grand Bank
  KEATING HarveyMSon Single 1910Sept11 Grand Bank
6367RODGERS ElizaFHead Widow 1879Aug42 Grand Beach
  MILLER HowardMSon Single 1904Sept17 Grand Bank
  MILLER JohnMSon Single 1905Aug16 Grand Bank
6468GRANDY Willaim H.MHead Married 1873June48 Garnish
  GRANDY SophiaFWife Married 1872Jan49 Frenchmn's Cove
  PATTEN LillianFDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 Grand Bank
  PATTEN HenryMSon Single 1905Dec16 Grand Bank
  GRANDY FannieFDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Garnish
  GRANDY WillieMSon Single 1913Dec8 Garnish
6569WOODEN ThomasMHead Married 1866Nov54 Grand Bank
  WOODEN CarrieFWife Married 1872June49 Grand Bank
  WOODEN GeorgeMSon Single 1897Dec24 Grand Bank
  WOODED BenjaminMSon Single 1901Nov19 Grand Bank
  WOODEN BronsonMSon Single 1905Mar16 Grand Bank
  WOODEN MariaFDaughterSingle 1909Nov12 Grand Bank
  WOODEN ThomasMSon Single 1915Oct6 Grand Bank
  COURTNEY MinnieFAunt Single 1860 (sic)Dec51 (sic) Grand Bank
6670PARDY FrederickMHead Married 1872Sept49 Grand Bank
  PARDY JaneFWife Married 1881Dec40 Grand Bank
  PARDY LindaFDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 Grand Bank
  PARDY NellieFDaughterSingle 1906Sept15 Grand Bank
6771HICKMAN Mary H.FHead Widow 1849Nov72 Grand Bank
6872PRIOR AlbertMHead Married 1891Dec30 Sagona
  PRIOR RosettaFWife Married 1897April24 Lamaline
  FOOTE PearlFSisterSingle 1903Aug18 Lamaline
6973PARDY WilliamMHead Married 1874July47 Grand Bank
  PARDY BeatriceFWife Married 1877Feb44 Grand Bank
  PARDY JaneFDaughterSingle 1902Dec18 Grand Bank
  PARDY RonaldMSon Single 1909July12 Grand Bank
PAGE 363                    
7074MULLINS CurtisMHead Married 1888Dec33 Jersey Hr
  MULLINS LillianFWife Married 1883June38 English Hr
  MULLINS MaryFDaughterSingle 1917July4 Grand Bank
  MULLINS HazelFDaughterSingle 1919June2 Grand Bank
  MULLINS BelleFDaughterSingle 1921May4M Grand Bank
  MULLINS AmeliaFGrand MotherWidow 1842Jan79 Jersey Hr
  MULLINS JohnMSon Single 1902Sept19 Jersey Hr
7175MULLINS FrederickMHead Married 1887Nov34 Jersey Hr
  MULLINS AliceFWife Married 1889Oct32 Brunet
  MULLINS FrankMSon Single 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
  MULLINS EthelFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 Grand Bank
  MULLINS EllenFDaughterSingle 1918Sept3 Grand Bank
  MULLINS OliveFDaughterSingle 1920May1 Grand Bank
  LAWRENCE Harriet MullinsFGrand MotherWidow 1845Nov76 Brunet
7276PARDY EliMHead Married 1885June36 Har Mill
  PARDY Gusie ?FWife Married 1892Oct29
  PARDY FannyFDaughterSingle 1913July8 Harbour Breton
  PARDY GeorgeMSon Single 1915Aug6 Harbour Breton
  PARDY DorothyFDaughterSingle 1919Oct2 Harbour Breton
  PARDY ElizaFDaughterSingle 1921Aug2W Grand Bank
7377MATTHEWS Aaron G.MHead Married 1881Oct40 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS ElizabethFWife Married 1882Mar39 Round Hr
  MATTHEWS JohnMSon Single 1908Oct13 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS StanleyMSon Single 1913Sept8 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS GordonMSon Single 1920Aug1 Grand Bank
  CANDLE BerthaFNieceSingle 1906Oct15 Round Harbour
7478HARRIS George R.MHead Married 1879Sept42 New Melbourne
  HARRIS SarahFWife Married 1879Feb42 Brunet
  HARRIS ClaraFDaughterSingle 1902Mar19 Grand Bank
  HARRIS RobertMSon Single 1906Dec15 Grand Bank
  HARRIS PhilipMSon Single 1912July9 Grand Bank
PAGE 364                    
7579SMITH AlecMHead Married 1885Feb36 Har Mill
  SMITH AmeliaFWife Married 1886Dec35 Grand Bank
  SMITH DorothyFDaughterSingle 1913Oct8 Grand Bank
  SMITH EdithFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
  SMITH LeslieMSon Single 1917July4 Grand Bank
  SMITH AlfredaFDaughterSingle 1919Dec2 Grand Bank
  SMITH John C.MSon Single 1920April1 Grand Bank
  MULLINS MillieFServantSingle 1898Aug23 Grand Bank
7680RODGERS Luke R.MHead Married 1890Nov31 Grand Bank
  RODGERS Kezia (?)FWife Married 1894Nov27 Lolly Cove
  RODGERS RebeccaFDaughterSingle 1913Dec8 Grand Bank
  RODGERS HenrietteFDaughterSingle 1914Jan7 Grand Bank
  RODGERS SamuelMSon Single 1921April4m Grand Bank
7781ROSE ThomasMHead Married 1875Dec46 Grand Bank
  ROSE SarahFWife Married 1876Feb45 Fortune
  ROSE AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1897Aug24 Grand Bank
  ROSE AbrahamMSon Single 1900Aug21 Grand Bank
  ROSE FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 Grand Bank
  ROSE GraceFDaughterSingle 1908Oct13 Grand Bank
  ROSE WilliamMSon Single 1909May12 Grand Bank
  ROSE FreemanMSon Single 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
  ROSE LucyFDaughterSingle 1915July6 Grand Bank
7882MILLER GeorgeMHead Married 1868April53 Sagona
  MILLER MaryFWife Married 1881Oct40 Fortune
 83MILLER ThomasMSon Married 1897Feb24 Brunet
  MILLER LidiaFWife Married 1897April24 Corbon
  MILLER RosetteFDaughterSingle 1921May4 Grand Bank
PAGE 365                    
7984EVANS JosephMHead Married 1838Nov83 Grand Bank
  EVANS RuthFWife Married 1841Nov80 Grand Bank
  EVANSWilsonMSon Married 1879Nov42 Grand Bank
  EVANS JuliaFWife Married 1885Dec36 Round Hr Hermitage
  EVANS SarahFDaughterSingle 1905Nov16 Grand Bank
  EVANS JohnathonMSon Single 1907June14 Grand Bank
  EVANS CarrieFDaughterSingle 1911July10 Grand Bank
  EVANS ArthurMSon Single 1915Aug6 Grand Bank
  EVANS ElizaFDaughterSingle 1918Nov3 Grand Bank
8085HUDSON JamesMHead Married 1858April63 Pouch Cove
  HUDSON MaryFWife Married 1858June63 Grand Bank
8186PRIOR CharlieMHead Married 1879Dec42 Sagona
  PRIOR LauraFWife Married 1881Sept40 Belloram
  PRIOR EmmaFDaughterSingle 1911April10 Grand Bank
8287WATTS WilliamMHead Married 1881Oct40 Burin
  WATTS SarahFWife Married 1883April38 Great Harbour
  WATTS Cluda ?FDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Grand Bank
8388BAKER WalterMHead Married 1862April59 Har Mill
  BAKER ElizabethFWife Married 1869Dec52 Rose Ambrose
  BAKER JessieFAdopted Single 1915Dec6 Jack Fountain
8489HARTLING MaryFHead Widow 1862Mar59 Grand Bank
  HARTLING AlmiraFDaughterSingle 1892Oct29 Grand Bank
  DUFFNEY WilliamMGrand SonSingle 1903July18 Grand Bank
  DUFFNEY NellieFGrand DaughterSingle 1906July15 Grand Bank
  GRIMES Meadie ?FBoarderSingle 1918Feb3 Grand Bank
8590GREGORY DanielMHead Married 1880June41 Grand Bank
  GREGORY EstherFWife Married 1864Nov57 Grand Bank
  FORSEY HedleyMSon Single 1897Oct24 Grand Bank
8691FOX WilliamMHead Married 1852Mar69 Halifax, NS
  FOX SusanFWife Married 1857Nov64 Grand Bank
  FOX AgnesFDaughterSingle 1904Dec17 Grand Bank
  FOX WilliamMSon Single 1899June22 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS LawsonMGrand SonSingle 1908Aug13 Grand Bank
PAGE 366                    
  HICKMAN AlexanderMGrand SonSingle 1915Sept6 Grand Bank
 92FOX SamuelMHead Married 1897June24 Grand Bank
  FOX HannahFWife Married 1898Aug23 Lawn
  FOX MargaretFDaughterSingle 1920April11 Mo Lawn
8793HICKMAN MaryFHead Widow 1882May39 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN AliceFDaughterSingle 1905Aug16 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN ClarenceMSon Single 1908Sept13 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1908Sept13 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN Edith M.FDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN LucyFDaughterSingle 1917April4 Grand Bank
8894RODGERS JohnMHead Married 1855April66 Grand Bank
  RODGERS FrancisFWife Married 1862June59 Garnish
8995THORNE ThomasMHead Married 1858June63 Burin
  THORNE AliceFWife Married 1857June64 Burin
 96ANSTEY AnnieFDaughterWidow 1892Sept29 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY WilliamMSon Single 1915Jan6 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY LizzieFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY CarrieFDaughterSingle 1918Mar3 Grand Bank
  ANSTEY RoseFDaughterSingle 1919Sept1 Grand Bank
9097MULLINS JohnMHead Married 1884July37 Jersey Hr
  MULLINS KeziaFWife Married 1892Aug29 Grand Bank
  MULLINS HannahFDaughterSingle 1912Aug9 Grand Bank
9198HAWKINS EdwardMHead Married 1865Feb56 Grand Bank
  HAWKINS DinahFWife Married 1876June45 Grand Bank
  HAWKINS JohnathonMSon Single 1901Nov20 Grand Bank
9299SAMS JohnMHead Married 1988 ?Mar33 Codroy
  SAMS ElizaFWife Married 1894April27 Grand Bank
  SAMS BerthaFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
  SAMS ThomasMSon Single 1916Nov5 Grand Bank
  SAMS ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1918Sept3 Grand Bank
  SAMS EdithFDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 Grand Bank
PAGE 3367                    
93100SMITH JosephMHead Married 1837June84 Bay du Nord
  SMITH MargaretFWife Married 1852April69 Hr Mill
  SMITH LeoMSon Single 1893June28 Hr Mill
94101THORNHILL RuebenMHead Married 1890Jan31 Anderson's Cove
  THORNHILL AddieFWife Married 1892Oct29 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL FrankMSon Single 1914Mar7 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL GeorgieFDaughterSingle 1916Dec5 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL RussellMSon Single 1917Mar4 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL StellaFDaughterSingle 1920April1 Grand Bank
  DOMINAX ? ElizaFServantSingle 1899Aug22 Hare Hr
95102BAKER JamesMHead Married 1872Nov49 Lolly Cove
  BAKER AmeliaFWife Married 1892April29 Grand Bank
  MULLINS FrankMAdopted Single 1916Nov5 Grand Bank
96103KELLAND NathanMHead Married 1883Sept38 Trinity Bay
  KELLAND EstherFWife Married 1891July30 Grand Bank
  KELLAND EmilyFDaughterSingle 1912July9 Grand Bank
  KELLAND LillianFDaughterSingle 1915April6 Grand Bank
  KELLAND WilliamMSon Single 1917Aug4 Grand Bank
97104VINCENT GabrielMHead Widower 1889Aug32 Grand Bank
  VINCENT ThomasMSon Single 1917Sept4 Grand Bank
 105WARREN JennieFBoarderMarried 1890Sept31 Grand Bank
  VINCENT SusieFDaughterSingle 1920June1 Grand Bank
98106DRAKES DennisMHead Married 1880Mar41 Sagona
  DRAKES MarthaFWife Married 1889July32 Sagona
  DRAKES CecilMSon Single 1903Aug18 Sagona
  DRAKES AnnieFDaughterSingle 1907Nov14 Sagona
  DRAKES JohnMSon Single 1909July12 Sagona
  DRAKES ArthurMSon Single 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
PAGE 368                    
99107THORNE WilliamMHead Married 1884Jan37 Grand Bank
  THORNE MaggieFWife Married 1889Dec32 Brunet
  THORNE George R.MSon Single 1913April8 Grand Bank
  THORNE CurtisMSon Single 1919Nov2 Grand Bank
100108SMITH DinahFHead Widow 1891Nov30 Grand Bank
  SMITH Burleigh ?MSon Single 1916Oct5 Grand Bank
101109PRICE JohnMHead Married 1867Nov54 Brunet Is
  PRICE Mary A.FWife Married 1887Dec34 English Harbour
  PRICE MinnieFDaughterSingle 1900Oct21 Brunet Is
  PRICE EmmaFDaughterSingle 1903Nov18 Grand Bank
  PRICE FrancisFDaughterSingle 1909Mar12 Grand Bank
  PRICEWilsonMSon Single 1913July8 Grand Bank
102110PRICE StephenMHead Married 1873June48 Brunet
  PRICE MaryFWife Married 1871May50 Belloram
  LAWRENCE AnnieFAdopted Single 1904Dec17 Brunet
  BAKER AlfredMBrother Widower 1846Oct75 Lolly Cove
103111FOLLETT BenjaminMHead Married 1877Mar44 Grand Beach
  FOLLETT ElizabethFWife Married 1887July34 Broad Cove
  FOLLETT StanleyMSon Single 1908July13 Grand Bank
  FOLLETT RosettaFDaughterSingle 1912Oct9 Grand Bank
  FOLLETT AliceFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
  FOLLETT IreneFDaughterSingle 1916Sept5 Grand Bank
104112SKINNER ArthurMHead Married 1897June24 Sagona
  SKINNER EstherFWife Married 1898Nov23 Grand Bank
  SKINNER GeorgieFDaughterSingle 1919Oct2 Grand Bank
  SKINNER WalterMSon Single 1920Aug1 Grand Bank
105113HICKMAN MorganMHead Married 1892Oct29 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN MaggieFWife Married 1892Mar29 Grand Bank
  HICKMANWilsonMSon Single 1918Sept3 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN JanieFDaughterSingle 1919July2 Grand Bank
  WITHERALL JanetFAdopted Single 1908Nov13 Grand Bank
  HYNES ElizabethFMotherSingle 1848Dec73 Lamaline
PAGE 369                    
 114CREWS CarrieFHead Widow 1880July41 Grand Bank
  CREWS WilliamMSon Single 1905Dec16 Grand Bank
106115BARNES SamuelMHead Married 1888June33 Grand Bank
  BARNES ValettaFWife Married 1894Dec27 Grand Bank
  BARNES EuniceMSon Single 1915Oct6 Grand Bank
  BARNES WilliamMSon Single 1920Dec1 Grand Bank
107116SIMMS ElizabethFHead Widow 1845May76 Grand Bank
108117LEE HenryMHead Married 1871Dec50 Grand Bank
  LEE MarthaFWife Married 1874Jan47 Grand Bank
  LEE EdwardMSon Single 1901June20 Grand Bank
  LEE DinahFDaughterSingle 1903Sept18 Grand Bank
  LEE EmmaFDaughterSingle 1913May8 Grand Bank
 118LEE GeorgeMSon Married 1896July25 Grand Bank
  LEE EllenFDaughterSingle 1900Sept21 Frenchman's Cove
  LEE GordonMSon Single 1920Sept1 Grand Bank
  LEE AnnFGrand MotherSingle 1848April73 Grand Bank
109119GILLIARD LizzieFHead Widow 1873Nov48 Pass Island, Hermitage Bay
  GILLIARD HildaFDaughterSingle 1903May18 Grand Bank
  GILLIARD RobertMSon Single 1905Nov16 Grand Bank
  GILLIARD AdaFDaughterSingle 1906July15 Grand Bank
  GILLIARD PhilipMSon Single 1911Mar10 Grand Bank
  GILLIARD BerthaFDaughterSingle 1913Jan8 Grand Bank
110120SKINNER AbrahamMHead Married 1864Mar57 Sagona
  SKINNER EmilyFWife Married 1873Aug48 Sagona
  SKINNER MaryFDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Sagona
  SKINNER CharlieMSon Single 1909July12 Sagona
111121BOND StephenMHead Married 1891Aug30 Frenchman's Cove
  BOND MaryFWife Married 1898Oct23 Grand Bank
  BOND BenjaminMSon Single 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
  BOND MyrtleFDaughterSingle 1918June3 Grand Bank
  BOND CatherineFDaughterSingle 1920Nov1 Grand Bank
PAGE 370                    
112122NOSEWORTHYWilsonMHead Married 1875Oct46 Grand Bank
  NOSEWORTHY AgnesFWife Married 1874Aug47 Frenchman's Cove
  NOSEWORTHY Francis R.FDaughterSingle 1900April21 Grand Bank
  NOSEWORTHY GeorgeMSon Single 1903Nov18 Grand Bank
  NOSEWORTHY BertramMSon Single 1911Feb10 Grand Bank
 123WHITE SamuelMHead Married 1893May28 Garnish
  WHITE BelindaFWife Married 1898Sept23 Grand Bank
  WHITE WinifredFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Grand Bank
  WHITE NellieFDaughterSingle 1919July2 Grand Bank
113124GRANDY GeorgeMHead Married 1874Oct37 Garnish
  GRANDY SalenaFWife Married 1877Nov34 Grand Bank
  GRANDY SimeonMSon Single 1913July8 Grand Bank
  GRANDY AnnieFDaughterSingle 1917July4 Grand Bank
  GRANDY HarrietFDaughterSingle 1920Feb1 Grand Bank
114125OSBURN JohnMHead Married 1864Aug57 Stones Cove
  OSBURN FrancisFWife Married 1875Feb46 Rose Ambrose
  OSBURN WilsonMSon Single 1900Jan21 Tramer ?
  OSBURN FrederickMSon Single 1902June19 Hook Cove
  OSBURN SarahFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Hook Cove
  OSBURN ThomasMSon Single 1907Aug14 Hook Cove
115126GIRARDIN JosephMHead Married 1871June50 St. Pierre
  GIRARDIN MarthaFWife Married 1881Aug40 St. Jacques
  GIRARDIN AndreMSon Single 1905Feb16 St. Pierre
  GIRARDIN MarcelMSon Single 1907Aug14 St. Pierre
  GIRARDIN JeanMSon Single 1909Aug12 St. Pierre
  GIRARDIN MarieFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 St. Pierre
  GIRARDIN YvonneFDaughterSingle 1913June8 Grand Bank
  HICKEY Cecila ?FServantSingle 1899Nov22 Bay Largent
116127TIBBO George W.MHead Married 1873Mar48 Grand Bank
  TIBBO Letitia ?FWife Married 1875Feb46 Grand Bank
  TIBBO LucretiaFDaughterSingle 1900Oct20 Grand Bank
  TIBBO GilbertMSon Single 1913April9 Grand Bank
PAGE 371                    
117128HYDE GeorgeMHead Married 1867Aug54 Grand Bank
  HYDE RebeccaFWife Married 1869Dec52 Grand Bank
  HYDE MaryFDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 Grand Bank
  HYDE GeorgieFDaughterSingle 1914May7 Grand Bank
118129WOODEN BenjaminMHead Widower 1842Nov79 Halifax,N.S.
  PATTEN MinnieFGrand DaughterSingle 1899July22 Grand Bank
119130STOODLEY SusanFHead Widow 1851April70 Grand Bank
120131JAMES Avaline ?FHead Widow 1875May46 Grand Bank
  JAMES ErsulaFDaughterSingle 1897Aug24 Grand Bank
  BOND WilliamMGrand FatherWidower 1835Jan86 Frenchman's Cove
121132HICKMAN WilliamMHead Married 1852June69 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN EmmaFWife Married 1863Oct59 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN ThomasMSon Single 1885Jan36 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN GeorgeMSon Single 1896Aug25 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN RandallMSon Single 1901Feb20 Grand Bank
122133ROSE MaryFHead Widow 1866July55 Grand Bank
  ROSE AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1900Aug21 Grand Bank
  ROSE NellieFDaughterSingle 1902Oct19 Grand Bank
123134THORNHILL JohnMHead Married 1881April40 Brunet
  THORNHILL DinahFWife Married 1882Aug39 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL Thresa ?FDaughterSingle 1907Oct14 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL RobertMSon Single 1910Mar11 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL Dorothy M.FDaughterSingle 1916Mar5 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL (infant)FDaughterSingle 1921Aug2W Grand Bank
  PARSONS Dinah A.FServantSingle 1900Aug21 Grand Bank
124135EMBERLEY FrancisFHead Widow 1842July79 Grand Bank
125136GREEN MaryFHead Widow 1854Nov67 Grand Bank
  TROWBRIDGE JessieFDaughterWidow 1880Mar41 Grand Bank
  TROWBRIDGE JaneFDaughterSingle 1901May20 Grand Bank
126137GREEN JohnMHead Married 1881June40 Grand Bank
  GREEN Margaret ?FWife Married 1882Sept39 Louisburg
  GREEN AlbertMSon Single 1911Aug10 Glace Bay
PAGE 372                    
127138CANNING ?LeviMHead Married 1881Nov40 Bard Island
  CANNING MaryFWife Married 1883Oct38 Seal Cove
  CANNING Gordon J.MSon Single 1911Mar10 Burin
  CANNING Jessie G.FDaughterSingle 1902Aug9 Fortune
  CANNING Levi W.MSon Single 1915Oct6 Mortons Hr
  CANNING Walter W.MSon Single 1918Mar3 Musgrave Town
  ELLIOT HaroldMBoarderSingle 1896Aug25 Newmans Cove
128139HOWSE CharlesMHead Married 1864Feb57 Gooseberry Isl
  HOWSE AlfredaFWife Married 1869Mar52 Shoal Harbour
  HOWSE MillicentFDaughterSingle 1901June20 Tilt Cove
  HOWSE Earnest M.F.MSon Single 1902Sept19 Twillingate
  HOWSE KathaleenFDaughterSingle 1903Dec17 Twillingate
  HOWSE ClaudeMSon Single 1907Nov14 Burin
  HOWSE CarlMSon Single 1910Feb11 Blackhead
  HOWSE WillieMSon Single 1912Aug9 Blackhead
  MOSHER LizzieFServantSingle 1906Mar15 Fortune
129140HISCOCK SusannaFHead Widow 1856April65 Grand Bank
130141HICKMAN James H.MHead Married 1882Feb39 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN ElizabethFWife Married 1882Sept38 Rencontre West
  HICKMAN SarahFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN JessieFDaughterSingle 1917Nov4 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN JohnMBoarderWidower 1878Oct43 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN JoshuaMSon Single 1919Nov2 Grand Bank
131142HICKMAN LionelMHead Married 1879July42 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN SusanFWife Married 1879Oct42 Rencontre East
  HICKMAN ClydeMSon Single 1903Sept18 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN FrankMSon Single 1914May7 Grand Bank
  HICKMAN MaryFDaughterSingle 1916July5 Grand Bank
132143DOUGLAS GeorgeMHead Married 1895June26 Grand Bank
  DOUGLAS ElizabethFWife Married 1895Aug26 Grand Bank
  DOUGLAS JohnMSon Single 1917Oct4 Grand Bank
  DOUGLASG. LesterMSon Single 1919Oct2 Grand Bank
PAGE 373                    
133144BUTLER IsaacMHead Married 1860Oct61 Flat Island
  BUTLER SarahFWife Married 1864Dec57 Brunet
  BUTLER SamuelMSon Single 1899May22 Flat Island
134145ROYAL CharlesMHead Married 1884Dec37 Jobs Cove
  ROYAL ElizabethFWife Married 1892Mar29 Grand Bank
  ROYAL JessieFDaughterSingle 1912Oct8 Grand Bank
  ROYAL FredMSon Single 1917Nov4 Grand Bank
  ROYAL EdwardMSon Single 1917Nov4 Grand Bank
  ROYAL SusieFDaughterSingle 1921April6m Grand Bank
  SIMMS BessieFServantSingle 1900June21 Grand Bank
135146DUNFORD AnnieFHead Widow 1865July56 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD MaryFDaughterSingle 1896Sept25 Grand Bank
 147DUNFORD WilliamMSon Married 1885Nov36 Grand Bank
  DUNFORD SarahFWife Married 1895July26 Fortune
  DUNFORD RichardMSon Single 1915Nov6 Grand Bank
136148BRUAER ?? DinahFHead Widow 1847Aug74 Grand Bank
  VINCENT ThomasMBoarderSingle 1896Aug25 Grand Bank
137150 (sic)COMBEN ? CharlesMHead Married 1879May42 Grand Bank
  COMBEN DinahFWife Married 1874Nov47 Grand Bank
  COMBEN ByattMAdopted Single 1903Aug18 Grand Bank
  TRIM BertramMBoarderSingle 1900July21 Grand Bank
138151WELSH Emma J.FHead Widow 1865Aug56 Grand Bank
  WELSH DinahFDaughterSingle 1900Oct21 Grand Bank
  WELSH George S.MSon Single 1902Dec19 Grand Bank
  WELSH AnnieFDaughterSingle 1905June16 Grand Bank
139152RIGGS BertramMHead Married 1892Sept29 Grand Bank
  RIGGS RosellaFWife Married 1887Sept34 Grand Bank
  RIGGS Mary GFDaughterSingle 1919Oct1 Grand Bank
140;153FOWLER SamuelMHead Widower 1856Aug65 Oderin,P.B.D
 154FOWLERWilliamMSon Married 1888April33 Grand Bank
  FOWLER AlfredaFWife Married 1896Aug25 New Melbourne
  FOWLER EdwardMSon Single 1910Oct11 Grand Bank
  FOWLER MaryFDaughterSingle 1920June1 New Melbourne
PAGE 374                    
141155MATTHEWS JoshuaMHead Married 1877Mar44 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS LeonaFWife Married 1877July44 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS AlmedaFDaughterSingle 1909Sept12 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS StellaFDaughterSingle 1910Dec11 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS LorettaFDaughterSingle 1912May9 Grand Bank
  MATTHEWS ClarissaFDaughterSingle 1915June6 Grand Bank
  BANFIELD LizzieFServantSingle 1902July19 Bay L' Argent
142156FORSEY FrederickMHead Married 1870Feb51 Grand Bank
  FORSEY MariaFWife Married 1873May48 Hermitage Cove
  FORSEY AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1905Aug16 Grand Bank
 157FORSEY JohnMSon Married 1898Nov23 Grand Bank
  FORSEY MaryFWife Married 1901Oct29 Grand Bank
  FORSEY WinifredFDaughterSingle 1919Nov2 Grand Bank
143158RIGGS EdwardMHead Married 1868Feb53 Grand Bank
  RIGGS SarahFWife Married 1871Nov50 Grand Bank
  RIGGS BenjaminMSon Single 1905Nov16 Grand Bank
144159HABBOTT ThomasMHead Married 1877Feb44 Musgrave Hr
  HABBOTT ElizabethFWife Married 1887Oct33 Fortune
  HABBOTT JohnMSon Single 1905June16 Grand Bank
  HABBOTT Mabena ?FDaughterSingle 1917Oct4 Grand Bank
  HABBOTT ArthurMSon Single 1919June2 Grand Bank
  MULLINS JanieFDaughterSingle 1908Mar13 North Sydney
  MULLINS CarrieFDaughterSingle 1910Sept11 Bay of Islands
  MULLINS HildaFDaughterSingle 1912July9 Grand Bank
145160HAYWARD WallaceMHead Married 1892Jan29 La Poile
  HAYWARD FrancisFWife Married 1892July29 Brunet Island
  HAYWARD AnnieFAdopted Single 1914Aug7 Grand Bank
146161NICHOLLE John P.MHead Married 1884May37 Grand Bank
  NICHOLLE Emolaline ?FWife Married 1886Dec35 Grand Bank
  NICHOLLE EdwardMSonSingle 1917Oct4 Grand Bank
  NICHOLLE RoseFDaughterSingle 1920April1 Grand Bank
  NICHOLLE HannahFGrand MotherSingle 1855Aug66 Grand Bank

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Nancy Lamming, Terrace, BC, Canada

Posted June 20, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Don Tate)

* See the following errata

Kaleb PENWELL*1 Caleb's name was officially and always spelled Caleb from the day he was born until the day he died. The 1935 Census, Burin District, Grand Bank part 1 has his name spelled correctly. It's just the 1921 census that has the spelling error. Bob Topley

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