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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Fox Trap (Harbour Main),
Harbour Main District
{466 Persons in 108 Households}

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Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 214                    
1 1 PORTOR Joseph MHeadMarried 1879March42 Fox Trap
  PORTOR FannieFWifeMarried 1886May35 Fox Trap
  BUSSY Elizabeth FStep DaughterSingle 1910March11 Fox Trap
  PORTOR Noah MSonSingle 1917Sept4 Fox Trap
2 2PORTOR Reuben (?) MHeadMarried 1875March46 Fox Trap
  PORTOR Emma P. FWifeMarried 1870Sept51 Long Pond
  PORTOR Edward J. MSonSingle 1899Jan22 Fox Trap
  PORTOR William G. MSonSingle 1908Nov13 Fox Trap
  PORTOR Adella FDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Gordon MStep SonSingle 1900Sept21 Fox Trap
3 3MALEY Joseph MHeadMarried 1865March56 Fox Trap
  MALEY Caroline FWifeMarried 1866Nov53 Middle Bight
  MALEY John MBrotherSingle 1866Feb55 Fox Trap
4 4MALEY William MHeadWidower 1871Feb50 Fox Trap
5 5RIDOUT George MHeadMarried 1892Dec29 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Emily FWifeMarried 1895Aug26 Port De Grave
  RIDOUT Althea FDaughterSingle 1915June6 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Appolos R. MSonSingle 1917July4 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Victoria B. FDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Alice FDaughterSingle 1920April1 Fox Trap
6 6RIDOUT William MHeadMarried 1885Sept36 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Susy FWifeMarried 1892Nov29 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1913May8 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Robert J. MSonSingle 1915Oct6 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Kitchener MSonSingle 1916April5 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Sarah L. FDaughterSingle 1919Oct2 Fox Trap
  RIDOUT Douglas MSonSingle 1921June 3MFox Trap
7 7BULLOR ReubenMHeadWidower 1852Feb69 Fox Trap
  8PETTEN Samuel MHeadMarried 1875June 46 Middle Bight
  PETTEN Margaret FWifeMarried 1894June 27 Long Pond
  PETTEN ReubenMSonSingle 1914Aug7 Fox Trap
PAGE 215                    
  PETTEN Nicholas MSonSingle 1915April6 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Ralph MSonSingle 1917May4 Fox Trap
8 9JONES William MHeadMarried 1851April70 Broad Cove
  JONES Annie FWifeMarried 1858June 63 Fox Trap
9 10JONES George MHeadMarried 1878Dec43 Fox Trap
  JONES Susie FWifeMarried 1885Oct36 Fox Trap
  JONES Jordon MSonSingle 1909Sept12 Fox Trap
  JONES William MSonSingle 1911April10 Fox Trap
10 11PORTOR James MHeadMarried 1872Jan49 Fox Trap
  PORTOR Katie FWifeMarried 1876May45 Quidi Vidi
  PORTOR Edgar J. MSonSingle 1906July15 Fox Trap
  PORTOR William R. MSonSingle 1909Dec12 Fox Trap
11 12BATTEN William H MHeadMarried 1872Nov49 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Fannie FWifeMarried 1875June46 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Lizzie FDaughterSingle 1901May20 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Emma L. FDaughterSingle 1904Nov17 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Charles MSonSingle 1911Aug10 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Edith FDaughterSingle 1918Feb3 Fox Trap
PAGE 228                    
  HEFFERNMrsl. WmFAuntWidow1845Oct73Port de Grave
PAGE 215                    
12 13BUTLER James MHeadMarried 1872Dec49 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Martha FWifeMarried 1876July45 Manuels
  BUTLER Robert J. MSonSingle 1905Jan16 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Lizzie FDaughterSingle 1907Aug14 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Henry T. MSonSingle 1914Dec7 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Annie FDaughterSingle 1918April3 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Grace FMotherWidow 1844Sept77 Fox Trap
13 14BUTLER Bernard MHeadMarried 1878Oct43 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Eliza J. FWifeMarried 1889Sept32 Middle Bight
  BUTLER William C. MSonSingle 1915Feb6 Long Pond
14 15BUTLER Rebecca FHeadWidow 1876April45 Fox Trap
  BUTLER James W. MSonSingle 1902July19 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Francis FDaughterSingle 1905Sept16 Fox Trap
15 16PORTOR Solomon MHeadWidower 1881Feb40 Fox Trap
PAGE 216                    
  BUTLER James MGrand SonSingle 1906May15 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Florence F Grand Child Single 1904April17 Fox Trap
  PORTOR Emma J. FDaughterSingle 1910March11 Fox Trap
16 17BUTLER James J. MHeadMarried 1884July37 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emma P. FWifeMarried 1887Feb34 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Lily FDaughterSingle 1910Dec11 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Samuel MFatherWidower 1845Nov76 Pick Eyes
17 18BUTLER Alfred MHeadMarried 1894Jan27 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Florence FWifeMarried 1899July22 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Eliza F. FDaughterSingle 1918April4 Fox Trap
  BUTLER James W. MSonSingle 1920July1 Fox Trap
  GREELY Eliza A. FSisterWidow 1888Feb34 Fox Trap
  WARFORD Eliza FMother in LawWidow 1872March49 Port De Grave
18 19BUTLER Annie J. FHeadWidow 1849Feb72 Long Pond
  BUTLER Chas F. M Grand Child Single 1901Nov20 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Frederick M Grand Child Single 1906May15 Fox Trap
19 20BUTLER Emma J. FHeadWidow 1873 (sic) Oct 58 (sic) Indian Pond
  BUTLER Joseph C. MSonSingle 1907April14 Fox Trap
20 21BUTLER James J. MHeadMarried 1880Jan41 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Margaret J FWifeMarried 1882June 39 Pouch Cove
  BUTLER Jessie S. FDaughterSingle 1903March18 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Esther FDaughterSingle 1904June 17 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary E. FDaughterSingle 1906Sept16 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Fannie J. FDaughterSingle 1908April13 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Caroline FDaughterSingle 1912May9 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Fred W. MSonSingle 1914July7 Fox Trap
  BUTLER John C. MSonSingle 1916Aug5 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Lydia FDaughterSingle 1921June 1MFox Trap
21 22BUTLER Wm James MHeadMarried 1876April45 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Caroline FWifeMarried 1878Jan43 Middle Bight
  BUTLER Edward MSonSingle 1902Jan19 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emma J. FDaughterSingle 1905Aug16 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Abigail (?) FDaughterSingle 1908Nov13 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Violet FDaughterSingle 1913July8 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Beatrice FCousinSingle 1910Dec11 Fox Trap
PAGE 217                    
  BUTLER JohnMSonSingle 1909Oct12 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mildred FDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 Fox Trap
22 23KENNEDY Wm John MHeadMarried 1891March30 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1891June 30 Long Pond
  KENNEDY Lily M. FDaughterSingle 1914Jan7 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Evelyn FDaughterSingle 1919June2 Fox Trap
23 24BUTLER William H. MHeadMarried 1876Aug45 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary A. FWifeMarried 1884March37 Long Pond
  BUTLER Uriah MSonSingle 1906May15 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Laura FDaughterSingle 1909June 12 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Fox Trap
  BUTLER William C. MSonSingle 1915June 6 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Susie FDaughterSingle 1917Aug4 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Lloyd MSonSingle 1919June2 Fox Trap
24 25KENNEDY Ed John MHeadMarried 1876Aug45 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Florence FWifeMarried 1878Aug 43Port De Grave
  KENNEDY Eli MSonSingle 1905Dec16 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Randolf MSonSingle 1910June 11 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Robert MSonSingle 1912May9 Fox Trap
25 26BUTLER Albert MHeadMarried 1883March38 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emma FWifeMarried 1888Aug33 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mildred FDaughterSingle 1915Oct6 Fox Trap
26 27BUTLER Albert J. MHeadMarried 1847April75 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Abagil FWifeMarried 1850Nov71 Fox Trap
  28BUTLER AbramMHeadMarried 1885May36 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Caroline FWifeMarried 1893Dec28 Fox Trap
27 29BUTLER Joseph MHeadMarried 1886Aug35 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Bertha FWifeMarried 1895Feb26 Port De Grave
  BUTLER Muriel FDaughterSingle 1915Feb6 Fox Trap
  BUTLER William C. MSonSingle 1907April4 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Selina FDaughterSingle 1920Nov1 Fox Trap
28 30PORTOR Christopher MHeadMarried 1877Oct44 Port De Grave
PAGE 218                    
  PORTOR Jemima FWifeMarried 1886Aug35 Fox Trap
29 31PORTOR Lorenza (?) MHeadMarried 1881Aug40 Port De Grave
  PORTOR Selina FWifeMarried 1880July41 Fox Trap
30 32PORTOR John MHeadMarried 1888Feb33 Port De Grave
  PORTOR Georgina FWifeMarried 1888July33 Spaniards Bay
  PORTOR Violet F Adopted (?) Single 1910June11 St. Johns
  PORTOR Alex M Adopted (?) Single 1917 Aug 4 St. Johns
31 33KENNEDY Isaac MHeadWidower 1891Sept30 Fox Trap
32 34KENNEDY ElizaFHeadWidow 1883March38 Kelligrew
  GREENSLAVE Blanche FDaughterSingle 1903Nov18 Long Pond
  JONES Frank MSonSingle 1912June 9 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Ellen FDaughterSingle 1920June 1 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Providence FMother in LawWidow 1865Nov56 Middle Bight
33 35BUTLER Job MHeadMarried 1842Nov79 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Margaret FWifeMarried 1866 (sic) Jan 65 (sic) Fox Trap
  36BUTLER Samuel MHeadMarried 1896Jan25 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Annie M. FWifeMarried 1896Sept25 For Bay
  BUTLER Margaret M. FDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 Fox Trap
34 37BUTLER Reuben MHeadMarried 1884Jan37 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Agnes FWifeMarried 1886July35 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Jacob MSonSingle 1907June 14 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Beatrice FDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Cecil MSonSingle 1918July3 Fox Trap
35 38BUTLER Charles MHeadMarried 1870Sept52 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary J. FWifeMarried 1873June 48 Long Pond
  BUTLER Charles MSonSingle 1904Jan17 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Isaac MSonSingle 1908Oct13 Fox Trap
36 39DAWE Robert MHeadMarried 1884Dec37 Port De Grave
  DAWE Edith FWifeMarried 1894Oct27 Fox Trap
  DAWE Gladys FDaughterSingle 1919Nov2 Fox Trap
  DAWE Myrtle FDaughterSingle 1920Jan1 Fox Trap
  SCOULE Lizzie F ServantSingle 1906March15 Kelligrew
37 40DAWE Reuben MHeadMarried 1888May33 Port De Grave
PAGE 219                    
  DAWE Sarah FWifeMarried 1887Feb34 Fox Trap
  DAWE Winnie FDaughterSingle 1914Jan7 Fox Trap
  DAWE Hazel FDaughterSingle 1919June 2 Fox Trap
  DAWE Emma FMotherWidow 1858June 63 Fox Trap
38 41HAYES Robert MHeadMarried 1866June 55 Brigus
  HAYES SelinaFWifeMarried 1868Oct53 Long Pond
39 42GREELY John MHeadMarried 1891June 40 Fox Trap
  GREELY Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1879Nov42 Fox Trap
  GREELY Esaw MFatherMarried 1851June 70 Fox Trap
  GREELY Patience FMotherMarried 1851June 70 Fox Trap
40 43GREELY William MHeadMarried 1884March37 Fox Trap
  GREELY Jessie FWifeMarried 1891Nov30 Fox Trap
  GREELY Daniel MSonSingle 1907Dec14 Fox Trap
  GREELY Jacob MSonSingle 1909July12 Fox Trap
  GREELY Lilly FDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Fox Trap
  GREELY Dorela FDaughterSingle 1914Oct7 Fox Trap
  GREELY John MSonSingle 1917 Jan 4 Fox Trap
  GREELY Nancy FDaughterSingle 1918 (sic) May 11M (sic) Fox Trap
  GREELY Jacob MFatherWidower 1840May81 Fox Trap
41 44GREELY James MHeadMarried 1888Sept33 Fox Trap
  GREELY Susy FWifeMarried 1898Sept23 Fox Trap
  GREELY Herbert MSonSingle 1919Feb2 Fox Trap
  GREELY Emma FMotherWidow 1856Nov65 Upper Gullies
42 45GREELY Albert MHeadMarried 1894June 27 Fox Trap
  GREELY Mary A. FWifeMarried 1896April25 Fox Trap
  GREELY Janet FDaughterSingle 1920July1 Fox Trap
43 46GREELY Samuel MHeadMarried 1849Jan72 Fox Trap
  GREELY Mary J. FWifeMarried 1865Nov56 Middle Bight
  GREELY Nathenial MSonSingle 1892Oct29 Fox Trap
  GREELY George MSonSingle 1899 Dec 22 Fox Trap
  GREELY Matthew MSonSingle 1901March20 Fox Trap
  GREELY Abram MSonSingle 1903July18 Fox Trap
44 47GREELY Edward MHeadMarried 1883Oct38 Fox Trap
PAGE 220                    
  GREELY Martha FWifeMarried 1881March40 Hr. Grace
  GREELY Arthur MSonSingle 1914Jan7 Bell Island
  GREELY Roy MSonSingle 1915Dec6 Fox Trap
  GREELY Robert MSonSingle 1916Sept5 Fox Trap
  GREELY Ed G. MSonSingle 1919Sept2 Fox Trap
  GREELY Flora B. FDaughterSingle 1921April 7MFox Trap
  FRENCH Sarah FMotherWidow 1851Aug70 Hr. Grace
45 48BUTLER Ann FHeadWidow 1857 (sic) Aug 70 (sic) Fox Trap
46 49BUSSEY Noah MHeadMarried 1866Jan55 Fox Trap
  BUSSEY Thresa FWifeMarried 1871Feb50 Fox Trap
47 50BUTLER Nicholas MHeadMarried 1881April40 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary E. FWifeMarried 1888Sept33 Long Pond
  BUTLER Levi MSonSingle 1908July13 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Fred MSonSingle 1912 Feb 9 Fox Trap
  BUTLER William MSonSingle 1916May5 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Lucy FDaughterSingle 1914Feb1 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emma P. FDaughterSingle 1918Aug3 Fox Trap
48 51BATTEN Benj MHeadMarried 1898Oct23 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Mildred FWifeMarried 1897Aug24 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Margaret FMotherWidow 1849Aug72 Fox Trap
49 52BUTLER James MHeadMarried 1878Oct43 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emily J. FWifeMarried 1879Oct42 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Chas G. MSonSingle 1903Oct18 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Ida FDaughterSingle 1905July16 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Emma FDaughterSingle 1907June 14 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Andrew MSonSingle 1910Aug11 Fox Trap
  BUTLER James MSonSingle 1912June9 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Sarah FDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Clara M. FDaughterSingle 1920Jan1 Fox Trap
50 53BATTEN Nathanial MHeadMarried 1877Dec44 Long Pond
  BATTEN Maria FWifeMarried 1883Oct88 Long Pond
51 54 DEARIN (?) Elizabeth FHeadWidow 1875Feb46 Long Pond
  DEARIN (?) William MSonSingle 1906May15 Fox Trap
PAGE 221                    
  DEARIN (?) Frank MSonSingle 1913March8 Fox Trap
  DEARIN (?) Evelyn FDaughterSingle 1918May3 Fox Trap
52 55BATTEN Rob J. MHeadMarried 1891Aug30 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Emily FWifeMarried 1899Nov22 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Frank MSonSingle 1921May 5MFox Trap
53 56CABLE John MHeadMarried 1866Dec55 Fox Trap
  CABLE Martha FWifeMarried 1873March48 Fox Trap
54 57CABLE James MHeadWidower 1878Jan43 Fox Trap
  CABLE Herbert MSonSingle 1908Oct13 Fox Trap
  CABLE Joseph MSonSingle 1912Sept9 Fox Trap
  CABLE William G. MSonSingle 1914Aug7 Fox Trap
55 58CABLE Jacob MHeadMarried 1881 Sept40 Fox Trap
  CABLE Francis FWifeMarried 1891May31 Middle Bight
  BUSSY Elizabeth FStep DaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Long Pond
  BUSSY Edward MStep SonSingle 1913June 8 Long Pond
56 59CABLE Benj MHeadMarried 1868July53 Fox Trap
  CABLE Caroline FWifeMarried 1880Aug41 Long Pond
  CABLE Clara FDaughterSingle 1902July19 Fox Trap
57 60CABLE EleazerMHeadMarried 1869July52 Fox Trap
  CABLE Susie FWifeMarried 1877March44 Fox Trap
  CABLE Heber MSonSingle 1902Nov19 Fox Trap
  CABLE Mary A. F Adopted Daughter Single 1913Sept8 Fox Trap
  CABLE Doris F NieceSingle 1917July4 Fox Trap
58 61BUTLER William MHeadMarried 1855March66 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary A. FWifeMarried 1865Jan55 Fox Trap
  PEACH William J. M Adopted Son Single 1912June 9 Fox Trap
59 62BATTEN William B MHeadMarried 1877July45 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Mary A. FWifeMarried 1878July44 Upper Gullies
  BATTEN Samuel MSonSingle 1906March15 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Llewellyn FSonSingle 1909July12 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Eliza FDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Effie FDaughterSingle 1916Dec5 Fox Trap
  BATTEN William B. MSonSingle 1919Oct2 Fox Trap
PAGE 222                    
60 63BATTEN James MHeadMarried 1883Oct38 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Rebecca FWifeMarried 1884Aug37 Portugal Cove
  BATTEN Abram MSonSingle 1912April9 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Sarah J. FDaughterSingle 1915May6 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Mary E. FDaughterSingle 1917May4 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Lucy FDaughterSingle 1920Jan1 Fox Trap
61 64BATTEN Samuel MHeadWidower 1881July40 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1905Aug13 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Rachel FMotherWidow 1832Feb89 Fox Trap
62 65PEACH John MHeadMarried 1863March58 Middle Bight
  PEACH Emma FWifeMarried 1871March50 Long Pond
63 66PEACH Albert MHeadMarried 1899Oct22 Middle Bight
  PEACH Julia FWifeMarried 1898Nov23 Middle Bight
64 67FAGAN George MHeadWidower 1870Feb51 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Jebadiah ? MSonSingle 1898Nov23 Fox Trap
  FAGAN William J. MSonSingle 1899April22 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Florence FDaughterSingle 1901Feb20 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Beatrice M. FDaughterSingle 1910Sept11 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Elsie R. FDaughterSingle 1912March9 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Ernest MSonSingle 1916March5 Fox Trap
65 68PEACH Richard MHeadMarried 1875Jan46 Fox Trap
  PEACH Sibora (?) FWifeMarried 1876Oct45 Fox Trap
  PEACH Peter MSonSingle 1897Aug24 Fox Trap
  PEACH Heber MSonSingle 1901June 20 Fox Trap
  PEACH Olive FDaughterSingle 1907Jan14 Fox Trap
  PEACH Isadora FGrand DaughterSingle 1917June 4 Fox Trap
66 69PETTEN Patience FHeadWidow 1855Jan66 Fox Trap
67 70PEACH Samuel MHeadMarried 1876Jan45 Fox Trap
  PEACH Bertha FWifeMarried 1890Oct31 Fox Trap
  PEACH George MSonSingle 1921Oct 1MFox Trap
  PEACH Fannie FDaughterSingle 1915Nov6 Fox Trap
68 71DELANEY William MHeadMarried 1865Aug56 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Annie FWifeMarried 1866Aug57 Long Pond
PAGE 223                    
  DELANEY Mark MSonSingle 1895 June26 Fox Trap
  DELANEY William MSonSingle 1903Feb18 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Harold MSonSingle 1908March12 Fox Trap
PAGE 228                    
  DELANEYEdithFDaughterSingle1905Aug16Fox Trap
PAGE 223                    
69 72FAGAN Abram MHeadMarried 1870Aug 51Fox Trap
  FAGAN Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1876Dec45 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Alice FDaughterSingle 1903March18 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Belinda FDaughterSingle 1907Sept14 Fox Trap
70 73CABLE Fred MHeadMarried 1873March48 Fox Trap
  CABLE MaryFWifeMarried 1884Aug37 Manuals
  CABLE Harold MSonSingle 1905July16 Long Pond
  CABLE Ellen FDaughterSingle 1907Dec14 Long Pond
71 74CABLE Azareth MHeadMarried 1877Feb44 Fox Trap
  CABLE Rebecca FWifeMarried 1889June 32 Pouch Cove
  CABLE Alex MSonSingle 1914Feb7 Fox Trap
72 75KENNEDY John J. MHeadMarried 1875July46 Long Pond
  KENNEDY Eva FWifeMarried 1879March42 St. Philips
  KENNEDY Clement MSonSingle 1908July12 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY John H. MSonSingle 1912Oct9 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Charles MSonSingle 1914Sept7 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Eldred MSonSingle 1917June 4 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Edward MSonSingle 1920July1 Fox Trap
  KENNEDY Richard MSonSingle 1921July 4M (sic) Fox Trap
73 76CABLE Henry MHeadMarried 1872Dec49 Fox Trap
  CABLE Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1873July48 Long Pond
  CABLE Walter MSonSingle 1902Nov19 Fox Trap
  CABLE Chesley MSonSingle 1905Oct16 Fox Trap
  CABLE Jacob MSonSingle 1917Sept4 Fox Trap
  CABLE Mary A. FDaughterSingle 1907Dec14 Fox Trap
  CABLE Fannie J. FDaughterSingle 1910Sept11 Fox Trap
  CABLE Emily FDaughterSingle 1914Dec7 Fox Trap
74 77GREELY Noah MHeadMarried 1877March44 Fox Trap
  GREELY Maria FWifeMarried 1902Sept19 Fox Trap
75 78GREELY Esaw MHeadSingle 1881Sept40 Fox Trap
PAGE 224                    
  GREELY Mary A. FSisterSingle 1872Aug49 Fox Trap
  GREELY Elizabeth E. FSisterSingle 1913May8 Fox Trap
76 79CABLE Em???MHeadSingle 1871Jan50 Fox Trap
  GREELY Bridget FCousinSingle 1876Sept45 Fox Trap
77 80CABLE William MHeadMarried 1871Nov50 Fox Trap
  CABLE Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1891April30 Fox Trap
  CABLE Jordan MSonSingle 1903Oct18 Fox Trap
  CABLE Edith FDaughterSingle 1908April13 Fox Trap
  CABLE Stella FDaughterSingle 1912Sept9 Fox Trap
  CABLE Robert W. MSonSingle 1914Jan7 Fox Trap
78 81FAGAN Alfred MHeadMarried 1883July38 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Martha FWifeMarried 1889Oct32 Port De Grave
  FAGAN Henry MSonSingle 1914Feb7 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Mary E. FDaughterSingle 1918Jan3 Fox Trap
79 82FAGAN Michael MHeadMarried 1857May74 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Mary FWifeMarried 1852July69 Fox Trap
  FAGAN William J. MSonSingle 1883May38 Fox Trap
80 83FAGAN Jordon MHeadMarried 1847May74 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Selina FWifeMarried 1849July72 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Abram MSonSingle 1897Sept24 Fox Trap
81 84JENNINGS Edward MHeadMarried 1879Sept42 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Mary A. FWifeMarried 1879Aug42 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Winnie FDaughterSingle 1913Dec8 St. Johns
82 85JENNINGS George MHeadMarried 1873Oct48 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Mary FWifeMarried 1881Sept48 Carbonear
  JENNINGS James MSonSingle 1905March16 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS William MSonSingle 1908July13 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Alfred MSonSingle 1912March9 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Philip MSonSingle 1914Dec7 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Robert C. MSonSingle 1916June 5 Fox Trap
  JENNINGS Allan MSonSingle 1920Sept2 Fox Trap
  PELLEN Virtue FServantWidow 1861March60 Manuels
83 86DELANEY Richard MHeadMarried 1876Sept45 Fox Trap
PAGE 225                    
  DELANEY Amelia FWifeMarried 1876Sept45 Fox Trap
  DELANEY James MSonSingle 1901Oct20 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Daniel MSonSingle 1911May10 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Voilet FDaughterSingle 1904Oct17 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Leah FDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Fox Trap
  DELANEY May FDaughterSingle 1913Jan8 Fox Trap
84 87PETTEN John MHeadMarried 1863May58 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Eliza B. FWifeMarried 1864March57 Fox Trap
  PETTEN George MSonSingle 1898July24 Fox Trap
  PETTEN William J. MSonSingle 1901April20 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Ethel FDaughterSingle 1908Sept13 Fox Trap
  PIKE John MGrand SonSingle 1913Aug8 Bell Island
85 88PETTEN Geo. MHeadMarried 1883 (sic)Oct 34 (sic) Fox Trap
  PETTEN Fannie FWifeMarried 1883 (sic) Nov 34 (sic) Fox Trap
  PETTEN Wilson MSonSingle 1918Aug3 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Julos (?) MSonSingle 1907March14 Fox Trap
86 89DELANEY George MHeadMarried 1889Jan32 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Rachel FWifeMarried 1893Nov28 Fox Trap
87 89PETTEN James MHeadMarried 1862March59 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Elizabeth FWifeMarried 1874Sept47 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Mary E. FDaughterSingle 1899Sept22 Fox Trap
  PETTEN SamuelMSonSingle 1900June 21 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Henrietta FDaughterSingle 1904July17 Fox Trap
  90PETTEN William MHeadMarried 1895 Sept (?) 26 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Lillian FWifeMarried 1896Nov25 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Geo V. MSonSingle 1918Nov3 Fox Trap
88 91PETTEN Wm. T. MHeadMarried 1858March63 Middle Bight
  PETTEN Susanah FWifeMarried 1860Sept61 Portugal Cove
  PETTEN Wm. T. MSonSingle 1895March26 Portugal Cove
  CLARK Herbert MGrand SonSingle 1911June 10 Penn. USA 1918
89 92BUTLER Robert MHeadMarried 1887July34 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Annie FWifeMarried 1890June 31 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Bessie FDaughterSingle 1907Dec14 Fox Trap
PAGE 226                    
  BUTLER Robert MSonSingle 1911Sept10 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Alfreda FDaughterSingle 1916June 5 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Geo. A MSonSingle 1918April2 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Roy MSonSingle 1921Jan1 Fox Trap
90 93DELANEY John MHeadMarried 1885April36 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Susie FWifeMarried 1889 Jan 32 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Fannie FDaughterSingle 1912July9 Fox Trap
  DELANEY William C. MSonSingle 1918Sept3 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Andrew MSonSingle 1920May1 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Emma FMotherWidow 1840July81 Port De Grave
91 94PICCO William MHeadMarried 1868Aug53 Portugal Cove
  PICCO Rebecca FWifeMarried 1868Nov51 Upper Gullies
  PICCO Alfreda FDaughterSingle 1910Nov11 Fox Trap
  PICCO George MSonSingle 1895Nov25 Fox Trap
92 95BUTLER Chas S. MHeadMarried 1879July42 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Mary J. FWifeMarried 1882June 39 Fox Trap
  DELANEY Jacob MCousinSingle 1889March32 Fox Trap
93 96FAGAN Henry MHeadMarried 1861Sept60 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Selina FWifeMarried 1872May49 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Agnes FDaughterSingle 1901Jan20 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Emma F Adopted Daughter Single 1907May14 Fox Trap
94 97FAGAN John MHeadWidower 1851March70 Fox Trap
95 98PETTEN Garland MHeadMarried 1891Sept30 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Marya FWifeMarried 1895July26 Long Pond
  PETTEN William R. MSonSingle 1917Nov4 Fox Trap
  99PETTEN Jacob MHeadMarried 1856March65 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Patience FWifeMarried 1860Jan66 Fox Trap
96 100FAGAN Joseph MHeadWidower 1877Oct44 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Peter MSonSingle 1905Aug16 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Herbert G. MSonSingle 1907April14 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Lydia FDaughterSingle 1908July13 Fox Trap
97 101FAGAN James MHeadMarried 1866Sept55 Fox Trap
  FAGAN Margaret FWifeMarried 1862Nov59 Fox Trap
PAGE 227                    
  102PETTEN Joseph MHeadMarried 1889Sept32 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Naomi FWifeMarried 1896Aug25 Fox Trap
  PETTEN James W. MSonSingle 1918Aug4 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Emma L. FDaughterSingle 1919March2 Fox Trap
  PETTEN William MSonSingle 1921Aug 3MFox Trap
98 103BATTEN Thos. MHeadMarried 1845Jan76 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Rebecca FWifeMarried 1858Sept63 Middle Bight
  BATTEN Alex MSonSingle 1899Nov22 Fox Trap
99 104BUTLER Patience FHeadWidow 1845Nov76 Port De Grave
  BUTLER Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1872June49 Fox Trap
  BUTLER Samuel MGrand SonSingle 1899Nov22 Fox Trap
100 105BATTEN Abram MHeadMarried 1861Aug60 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Sarah F. FWifeMarried 1868June 53 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Thomas MSonSingle 1898Feb23 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Elizabeth FSisterSingle 1857March64 Fox Trap
  106BATTEN Geo. B. MHeadMarried 1896March25 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Susan FWifeMarried 1900March21 Middle Bight
  BATTEN Harriet FDaughterSingle 1916Jan5 Fox Trap
101 107BISHOP Samuel MHeadMarried 1898Sept23 Upper Gullies
  BISHOP Marion FWifeMarried 1896Sept25 New Chelsea GB
  TAYLOR Gordon MSonSingle 1913Jan8 St. Johns
  TAYLOR Ronald MSonSingle 1915Feb 6St. Johns
102 108PETTEN Samuel MHeadMarried 1879July42 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Harriet FWifeMarried 1881April40 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Edward J. MSonSingle 1905Aug16 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Nath. MSonSingle 1907April14 Fox Trap
  PETTEN John J. MSonSingle 1910July11 Fox Trap
  PETTEN Fred MSonSingle 1917July4 Fox Trap
  PETTEN George J. MSonSingle 1921Jan 9MFox Trap
103 109BATTEN Joseph MHeadMarried 1881July40 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Caroline FWifeMarried 1887June 36 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Ethel FDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Lena FDaughterSingle 1915Nov6 Fox Trap
PAGE 228                    
104 110BATTEN Eli MHeadMarried 1881Sept40 Fox Trap
  BATTEN Susie FWifeMarried 1887Oct36 Fox Trap
  BATTEN John MFatherWidower 1845Nov73 Fox Trap
105 111BUSSEY Mrs. Joseph FHeadWidow 1846Nov72 Fox Trap

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Al and Sue O'Neill, Welland ON Canada

Posted May 1, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

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