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Newfoundland 1921 Census
English Harbour East,
Fortune Bay District
{166 Persons in 23 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 60                    
405 446 LABOUR?? JosephMHead Married 1876 Aug 45 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? MaryFWife Married 1878 Feb 43 Terrenceville
  LABOUR?? Sarah H.FDaughterSingle 1900 Aug 21 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1902 Oct 19 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? JohnMSon Single 1904 July 17 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? WilliamMSon Single 1907 July 14 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? PatrickMSon Single 1910 Jan 11 English Hr E.
  LABOUR?? LeoMSon Single 1913 Oct 7 English Hr E.
406 448 CLARKE John J.MHead Married 1892 Nov 28 English Hr E.
  CLARKE VioletFWife Married 1896 Jan 25 Petit Forte
  CLARKE MariaFMotherWidow1866 Jan 55 English Hr E.
  CLARKE AlliceFSister Single 1901 Mar 20 English Hr E.
  CLARKE RobertM Brother Single 1902 Aug 19 English Hr E.
  CLARKE MichaelMSon Single 1921 Aug 1m English Hr E.
  KEEPING Charles H. M Adopted Son Single 1913 Oct 7 English Hr E.
407 449 CLARKE William H. MHead Married 1886 Aug 35 English Hr E.
  CLARKE JuneFWife Married 1888 Sept 33 Grammes ??
  CLARKE Mary A.FDaughterSingle 1907 Jan 14 English Hr E.
  CLARKE AnnieFDaughterSingle 1909 May 12 English Hr E.
  CLARKE Sarah A.FDaughterSingle 1911 Oct 9 English Hr E.
PAGE 61                    
  CLARKE CelestineMSon Single 1913 Sept 8 English Hr E.
  CLARKE William H.MSon Single 1916 Jan 5 English Hr E.
  CLARKE John J.MSon Single 1918 July 3 English Hr E.
408 451 HYNES SarahFHeadWidow1851 Nov 64 Terrenceville
  HYNES JosephMSon Married 1894 May 27 English Hr E.
  HYNES MonicaF Daughter in Law Married 1896 May 25 English Hr E.
  HYNES AndrewMSon Single 1901 May 20 English Hr E.
  HYNES Samuel J.MGrand ChildSingle 1916 Apr 5 English Hr E.
  HYNES Patrick J.MGrand ChildSingle 1918 July 3 English Hr E.
  HYNES William J.MGrand ChildSingle 1920 Oct 11m English Hr E.
409 452 HYNES MichaelMHead Married 1876 Oct 44 English Hr E.
  HYNES HannahFWife Married 1880 June 41 English Hr E.
  HYNES PeterMSon Single 1902 Oct 18 English Hr E.
  HYNES Phelomena? FDaughterSingle 1904 Feb 17 English Hr E.
  HYNES Patrick J. MSon Single 1906 Dec 14 English Hr E.
  HYNES John J. MSon Single 1908 June 13 English Hr E.
  HYNES Sarah A.FDaughterSingle 1910 May 11 English Hr E.
  HYNES Michael J. MSon Single 1912 Aug 9 English Hr E.
  HYNES George R.MSon Single 1914 Sep 7 English Hr E.
  HYNES William A.MSon Single 1916 Feb 5 English Hr E.
  HYNES MargaretFDaughterSingle 1919 Apr 2 English Hr E.
  HYNES Rendell MSon Single 1921 Sept 1/4 m English Hr E.
410 453 DODGE WilliamMHead Married 1867 Sept 54 English Hr E.
  DODGE SarahFWife Married 1869 May 52 English Hr E.
  HEARLEY EdwardM Son in Law Widower 1890 June 30 English Hr E.
  DODGE FrankMSon Single 1899 Sept 22 English Hr E.
  DODGE Absalom MSon Single 1902 May 19 English Hr E.
  DODGE HarriettFDaughterSingle 1904 June 17 English Hr E.
  DODGE LillianFDaughterSingle 1906 Oct 14 English Hr E.
  DODGE WilsonMSon Single 1909 Nov 11 English Hr E.
  DODGE HildaFDaughterSingle 1916 May 5 English Hr E.
411 454 HEASLEY JamesMHead Married 1882 Jan 39 English Hr E.
  HEASLEY SarahFWife Married 1884 July 37 English Hr E.
PAGE 62                    
  HEASLEY RendellMSon Single 1904 Aug 17 English Hr E.
  BARNES Estler ? FAdopted Daughter Single 1912 Nov 8 Hr Mille
412 455 DODGE William H.MHead Married 1891 Feb 30 English Hr E.
  DODGE AlliceFWife Married 1896 July 25 Anderson's Cove
  DODGE GeorgeMFather Widower 1846 May 75 English Hr E.
  DODGE Rendell T. MSon Single 1920 Nov 9 M English Harbour E
413 456 DODGE George E.MHead Married 1889 Feb 32 English Hr E.
  DODGE JaneFWife Married 1891 June 30 English Hr E.
  BAKER PhebieF Adopted Daughter Single 1906 Nov 14 Bay de Lean
  DODGE William A.MSon Single 1912 Sep 9 English Hr E.
  DODGE Sarah E.FDaughterSingle 1915 Aug 6 English Hr E.
  DODGE George G. MSon Single 1916 Oct 4 English Hr E.
  DODGE John J.MSon Single 1919 Aug 2 English Hr E.
414 457 KEEPING George S.MHead Married 1868 July 58 Stones Cove
  KEEPING ElizabethFWife Married 1878 Feb 43 English Hr E.
  KEEPING John J.MSon Single 1902 Dec 18 English Hr E.
  KEEPING GeorgeMSon Single 1906 Dec 14 English Hr E.
  KEEPING SusannahFDaughterSingle 1911 Sept 10 English Hr E.
415 459 HEASLEY ThomasMHead Married 1846 Jan 75 English Hr E.
  HEASLEY SusanahFWife Married 1852 Nov 68 Terrenceville
  HEASLEY RobertMSon Married 1883 Sept 38 English Hr E.
  HEASLEY AnnieF Daughter in Law Married 1895 July 26 St. Joseph's
  HEASLEY JohnMSon Single 1893 Mar 28 English Hr E.
  HEASLEY NelsonMSon Single 1900 July 21 English Hr E.
  HEASLEY PhebieFGrand ChildSingle 1918 Aug 3 English Hr E.
416 460 HACKETT RobertMHead Married 1873 Feb 48 English Hr E.
  HACKETT Mary A.FWife Married 1880 Sept 41 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT MarthaFDaughterSingle 1902 June 19 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT LizzieFDaughterSingle 1904 Dec 16 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT JohnMSon Single 1907 Sept 14 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT RomencineFDaughterSingle 1913 Aug 8 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT William G.MSon Single 1916 July 5 Little Bay Islands
  HACKETT Mary T.FDaughterSingle 1919 Aug 2 Little Bay Islands
PAGE 63                    
  HACKETT ElizabethFMotherWidow 1831 (sic) Aug 80 (sic) Little Bay Islands
417 461 HACKETT MichaelMHead Married 1892 Feb 29 English Hr E.
  HACKETT PhilemenaFWife Married 1894 Nov 26 St. Bernard's
  HACKETT ThomasMFather Widower 1839 Jan 82English Harbour E
  HACKETT (Felosa ???)FDaughterSingle 1913 Dec 7 English Hr E.
  HACKETT MarthaFDaughterSingle 1916 Aug 5 English Hr E.
  HACKETT FrankMSon Single 1918 Aug 3 English Hr E.
418 462 FUDGE CharlesMHead Married 1839 July 82 Burin
  FUDGE CatherineFWife Married 1865 Aug 56 Anderson's Cove
  FUDGE JohnMSon Single 1903 July 16 English Hr E.
419 464 BIRD WilliamMHead Married 1857 Dec 63 Grand John Nfld
  BIRD ElizabethFWife Married 1867 Aug 54 Flat Islands
  BIRD John H.MSon Married 1892 June 29 English Hr E.
  BIRD HannahF Daughter in Law Married 1896 Aug 25 English Hr E.
  BIRD FrederickMSon Single 1899 Aug 22 English Hr E.
  BIRD CharlesMGrand ChildSingle 1917 Aug 4 English Hr E.
  BIRD LorettaFGrand ChildSingle 1920 Sept 1 English Hr E.
420 465 COOMS LouisMHead Married 1883 June 38 Terrenceville
  COOMS Sarah J.FWife Married 1889 July 32 English Hr E.
  COOMS Mary A.FDaughterSingle 1908 June 13 English Hr E.
  COOMS LizzieFDaughterSingle 1912 June 9 English Hr E.
  COOMS CatherineFDaughterSingle 1914 Oct 6 English Hr E.
  COOMS Gillet (J/G)MSon Single 1917 Sept 4 English Hr E.
  COOMS Sarah A.FDaughterSingle 1918 Dec 2 English Hr E.
  COOMS MichaelM Adopted Son Single 1914 Aug 7 Terrenceville
421 466 EMBERLY PatrickMHead Married 1851 Aug 70 Merasheen Is.
  EMBERLY MargaretFWife Married 1853 Feb 68 Boat Harbour
  VATERS CatherineF Son in Law Single 1857 Nov 63 English Hr E.
  EMBERLY AllenFNiece Single 1902 Nov 18 Petit Forte
  CLARKE SamuelMGrand ChildSingle 1908 Oct 12 English Hr E.
  CLARKE BridgetFGrand ChildSingle 1909 Dec 11 English Hr E.
  CLARKE MargaretFGrand ChildSingle 1911 July 10 English Hr E.
  CLARKE JosephMGrand ChildSingle 1914 Dec 6 English Hr E.
PAGE 47                    
  CLARKE GeorgeMGrand ChildSingle 1918 Aug 3 English Hr E.
422 469 HYNES Mary A.FHeadWidow1849 Sept 72 Flat Isl.
  HYNES ThomasMSon Single 1870 Apr 51 Flat Isl.
  MITCHELL JamesM Son in Law Married 1872 Mar 49 Terrenceville
  MITCHELL JuliaFDaughterMarried 1887 June 34 English Hr E.
  HYNES PatrickMSon Married 1896 May 25 Flat Isl.
  HYNES ElizabethF Daughter in Law Married 1903 June 18 English Hr E.
  MITCHELL Mary A.FGrand ChildSingle 1905 Aug 16 English Hr E.
  MITCHELL ElizabethFGrand ChildSingle 1907 June 14 English Hr E.
  MITCHELL John S.MGrand ChildSingle 1912 Sept 9 English Hr E.
  MITCHELL Patrick D.MGrand ChildSingle 1915 July 6 English Hr E.
  MITCHELL MargaretFGrand ChildSingle 1921 Oct 4m English Hr E.
423 470 HACKETT JamesMHead Married 1872 Sep 49 English Hr E.
  HACKETT ElizabethFWife Married 1882 Mar 39 St. Bernards
  HACKETT LeoMSon Single 1903 Nov 17 English Hr E.
  HACKETT James J.MSon Single 1905 Apr 16 English Hr E.
  HACKETT ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1907 Jan 14 English Hr E.
  HACKETT HannahFDaughterSingle 1908 Oct 12 Bay of Islands
  HACKETT RendellMSon Single 1910 Nov 10 English Hr E.
  HACKETT MichaelMSon Single 1912 Nov 8 English Hr E.
  HACKETT JeromeFDaughterSingle 1915Dec 5 English Hr E.
  HACKETT MarthaFDaughterSingle 1917 Oct 3 English Hr E.
  HACKETT ClatonMSon Single 1920 Dec 9m English Hr E.
424 471 HYNES Patrick D.MHead Married 1879 Feb 42 English Hr E.
  HYNES CharlotteFWife Married 1973 Aug 48 English Hr E.
  HYNES Philip G.MSon Single 1907 Nov 13 English Hr E.
425 474 KEARLEY JamesMHead Married 1852 Oct 68 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY AllenFWife Married 1867 May 54 Terrenceville
  KEARLEY WilliamMSon Single 1896 Nov 26 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY LucyFDaughterSingle 1895 July 26 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY CharlesMSon Single 1896 Aug 25 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY SusanahFDaughterSingle 1902 Aug 19 Anderson Cove
  KEARLEY SarahFDaughterSingle 1901 Aug 20 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY GeorgeMSon Single 1903 Sept 18 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY JessieMGrand ChildSingle 1917 June 4 English Hr E.
  KEARLEY SimeonMSon Single 1918Aug 3 English Hr E.
426 476 SAUNDERS AlbertMHead Married 1886 Apr 45 Harbour Mille
  SAUNDERS MaryFWife Married 1887 Apr 44 English Hr E.
  HACKETT JosephMSon Married 1900 Aug 21 English Hr E.
  HACKETT CatherineF Daughter in Law Married 1899 Mar 22 Terrenceville
  HACKETT PatrickMSon Single 1903 Apr 18 English Hr E.
  HACKETT Sarah A.FDaughterSingle 1905 Apr 16 English Hr E.
  HACKETT John S.MSon Single 1907 Aug 14 English Hr E.
NOTE: George, Bridget and William were all written in originally as HACKETT and then changed to SAUNDERS.
  SAUNDERS GeorgeMSon Single 1911 Sept 10 English Hr E.
  SAUNDERS BridgetFDaughterSingle 1913 Sept 8 English Hr E.
  SAUNDERS WilliamMSon Single 1916 Sept 5 English Hr E.
  HACKETT John J.MGrand ChildSingle 1920 Dec 9m English Hr E.

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Denise Snooks Wilson, Leaf Rapids, MB, Canada

Posted Aug 15, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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