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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bay St. George District
{571 Persons in 109 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 14                    
1 --- BARRETT Andrew MHead Married 1878Mar43 Fresh Water
  BARRETT Dora FWifeMarried 1884May37 Curling
  BARRETT HilaryF Daughter Single 1906Aug 15 Curling
  BARRETT Elsie F Daughter Single 1908Feby 13 Curling
  BARRETT Inez F Daughter Single 1910Feby 11 Curling
  BARRETT Frank MSon Single 1912July 9 Curling
  BARRETT Cyril MSon Single 1913Sept 8 Curling
  BARRETT Eric MSon Single 1914Sept 7 Curling
  BARRETT Greta F Daughter Single 1916Sept 5 Curling
  BARRETT Patrica FDaughterSingle 1918Feby 3 Curling
  BARRETT Jean F Daughter Single 1918Oct 2 Curling
  BARRETT Andrew MSon Single 1921Dec8M Curling
2 --- NOSEWORTHY AbrahamMHead Widower 1847July74 Labrador
  NOSEWORTHY BlancheFDaughterSingle 1896Aug25 Curling
3 --- NOSEWORTHY Wm. MHead Married 1877Feby44 Curling
  NOSEWORTHY Mary FWife Married 1894Aug27 Mount Moriah B. of I.
4 --- BARRY MargaretF HeadWidow 1844Mar77 Harbor Grace
5 --- BARRY Ed MHead Married 1884June37 Summerside, B of I
  BARRY Annie FWifeMarried 1887June34 Summerside, B of I
  BARRY Jack MSon Single 1915Feby 6 Summerside, B of I
  BARRY Mary F Daughter Single 1919Aug 2 Summerside, B of I
  BARRY Kevin MSon Single 1921Sept10D Curling
  BARRY Gus MSon Single 1916June 5 Summer Side, B of I
  CHAFEGeneveve F Niece Single 1910May 1 Summer Side, B of I
  THISTLENellie F D. Servant Single 1901April20 Benoits Cove
6 --- PROSPER Geo. MHead Married 1892June29 Bonne Bay
  PROSPER Annie FWifeMarried 1900July21 Summerside, B of I
  PROSPER Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1921April5M Summerside, B of I
7 --- HYNES Alexander MHead Married 1860Feby61 St. John's
  HYNES Minnie FWifeMarried 1880June41 Bonavista Bay
  HYNES Flossie F Daughter Single 1900June21 St. John's
  HYNES Rita F Daughter Single 1905Aug 6 Petries, Bay of Isles
  HYNES Stanley MSon Single 1909Nov 2 Petries, Bay of Isles
  HYNES John MSon Single 1911Dec 9 Petries, Bay of Isles
  HYNES Bessie F Daughter Single 1913Nov 8 Petries, Bay of Isles
  HYNES Edith F Daughter Single 1916Feby 5 Petries, Bay of Isles
  HYNES Jean F Daughter Single 1921Sept 11 M Petries, Bay of Isles
8 --- BAGGS Serena F HeadWidow 1885Sept36 Bay de Verde
  BAGGS MacDonald MSon Single 1904 Nov 7 Curling
  BAGGS Ida F Daughter Single 1909Aug 12 Curling
  BAGGS Alvina ? F Daughter Single 1911Sept10 Curling
9 --- MUSSEAU BenjaminMHead Married 1886Mar35 Port au Basque
  MUSSEAU Julia B.FWife Married 1892Dec29 St. Georges
  MUSSEAU Sadie M.FDaughterSingle 1912Sept 9 Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU Chas. N MSon Single 1914April 7 Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU Marie E.FDaughterSingle 1916April 5 Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU Benj. R.MSon Single 1917July 4 Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU Francis FDaughterSingle 1919April 1 Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU EvelynF Daughter Single 1920Feby6M Bay of Islands
  MUSSEAU Mary F MotherWidow 1855Sept66 Burnt Islands
10 --- MUSSEAU John MHead Married 1889May32 Port au Basque
PAGE 108                    
  MUSSEAU Selina FWife Married 1892June29 Johns Beach, B of I
  MUSSEAU Howard MSon Single 1912Mar 9 Curling
  MUSSEAU Margarie? F Daughter Single 1914May 7 Curling
  MUSSEAU Ivey FDaughterSingle 1916May 5 Curling
  MUSSEAU Rita FDaughterSingle 1918May 3 Curling
  MUSSEAU John MSon Single 1911 (sic) Oct10M Curling
11 --- WELLS Cecila FHeadWidow 1897Sept42 Curling
  FULLETON Sydney B. MBoarder Married 1894May27 Nova Scotia
  FULLETON Elsie FWife Married 1892Aug29 Nova Scotia
  FULLETON Vivian FDaughterSingle 1917June 4 Halifax NS
  FULLETON Sydney B MSon Single 1920May 1 St John's
12 --- PECK James B MHead Married 1859July62 St. John's
  PECK Charlotte FWife Married 1866Jan55 Liverpool Eng.
  McCARTHY ElizabethFBoarderWidow 1890May31 Corner Brook
  McCARTHY Mary FDaughterSingle 1921May4M Curling
  McCARTHY Madeline FDaughterSingle 1921May4M Curling
13 --- KNIGHT Wm. MHead Married 1880July41 Curling
  KNIGHT Eliza FWife Married 1881Sept40 Port au Basque
  KNIGHT Geo MSon Single 1905Feby16 Curling
  KNIGHT Stephen MSon Single 1912April 9 Curling
  KNIGHT Lena FDaughterSingle 1913Feby 8 Curling
  KNIGHT John MSon Single 1916April 5 Curling
  KNIGHT Stella FDaughterSingle 1919May 2 Curling
14 --- COLEMAN Joseph MHead Single 1847Feby74 Trinity
   COLEMAN Minnie FNiece Single 1899June22 Bonne Bay
15 --- BASHA Iannus? MHead Married 1848June73 Seria *1884
  BASHA Madeline FWife Married 1867June54 Seria *1884
  BASHA Michael MSon Single 1896May25 Seria *1899
  BASHA Sophie FDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 Seria *1903
  McDONALD Louis MServant Single 1882Oct39 Seria
16 --- WEBBER Iereba? FHeadWidow 1879Oct41 Curling
  WEBBER Frank MSon Single 1905Oct16 Curling
  WEBBER Marietta FDaughterSingle 1906July15 Curling
PAGE 109                    
  WEBBER Lamond MSon Single 1908July13 Curling
17 --- BOLAND Julia FHead Single 1871Feby50 St John's
  BOLAND Elenor FSister Single 1876Nov45 Curling
  BOLAND Ed MUncle Single 1851Mar70 Curling
  DALTON Michael J M Boarder Single 1861Mar60 St John's
18 --- CASHIN James MHead Married 1876Aug45 Highlands St. Georges
  CASHIN Elizabeth FWife Married 1886May35 Nfld Labrador
  DUNN Mathew ` MFather in Law Married 1850Aug71 St John's
  DUNN Elizabeth FMother in Law Married 1856Sept65 St John's
19 --- MESSERVEY Wm. MHead Married 1876Mar45 Curling
  MESSERVEY MargaretFWife Married 1886July35 Halifax NS
  MESSERVEY Edna FDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Halifax NS
  MESSERVEY ThosMSon Single 1906Sept15 Curling
  MESSERVEY Mary FDaughterSingle 1910Jan11 Curling
  MESSERVEY Mercie? FDaughterSingle 1917Jan 4 Curling
  MESSERVEY Geo MSon Single 1919Jan 2 Curling
  MESSERVEY Levina FDaughterSingle 1921Feby7M Curling
20 --- KNIGHT Ed MHead Married 1858Aug63 Nfld Labrardor
  KNIGHT Susan FWife Married 1861Mar60 Port au Port
  KNIGHT Guss MSon Single 1886Nov35 Curling
  PROSPER Walter MNephew Single 1915May 6 Curling
21 --- RYAN Sarah FHeadWidow 1853Sept68 Wales (Scotland)
  O'QUIN Wm MAdopted Single 1905Feby16 Curling
22 --- FURLONG John MHead Single 1844July77 St John's
23 --- CLARKE John MHead Married 1880Oct41 Bay of Islands
  CLARKE Darcass FWife Married 1881Nov40 Nfld Labrador
  CLARKE ThosMAdopted Single 1910Feby11 St Georges
24 --- DAVIS Rev. EarnestMHead Married 1888June33 Hr. Grace
  DAVIS Florance FWife Married 1890Jan31 Hr. Grace
  DAVIS Dorothy FDaughterSingle 1919Jan 2 Little Bay Islands.
  DAVIS Gertrude FSister Single 1897Aug24 Hr. Grace
  PELLY Bessie F D. Servant Single 1907Oct14 Cape Charles Lab.
25 --- LeMOINE Wm. MHead Married 1891Nov30 Curling
PAGE 110                    
  LeMOINE Mary FWife Married 1892Aug29 Mc Ivers, B of I
  LeMOINE Susie FDaughterSingle 1913Dec 8 Curling
  LeMOINE Veronica FDaughterSingle 1915Feby 6 Curling
  LeMOINE Nellie FDaughterSingle 1917April 4 Curling
  LeMOINE Minnie FDaughterSingle 1919Feby 2 Curling
  LeMOINE John MSon Single 1921Dec8M Curling
26 --- LeMOINE John MHead Married 1864April57 Channel
  LeMOINE Victoria FWife Married 1871Nov50 St Georges
  LeMOINE Geo MSon Single 1895Feby26 Curling
  LeMOINE Jennie FDaughterSingle 1899Jan22 Curling
  LeMOINE Minnie FDaughterSingle 1901Dec20 Curling
  LeMOINE Albert MSon Single 1903Aug18 Curling
  ROSE Robert FServant Single 1873Sept48 Fortune Bay
27 ---THORNE James T. MHead Married 1875June46 Trinity
  THORNE Effie FWife Married 1884April37 Bay of Islands
  THORNE Charlie MSon Single 1905Aug16 Curling
  THORNE John MSon Single 1906Aug15 Curling
  THORNE James MSon Single 1911July10 Curling
  PARK Beatrice F D. Servant Single 1896Oct25 Curling
28 ---BARRY James MHead Married 1874Sept47 Curling
  BARRY Annie FWife Married 1886Feby35 Curling
  BARRY James MSon Single 1901Jan20 Curling
  BARRY Jack MSon Single 1902Mar19 Curling
  BARRY Ona FDaughterSingle 1904Oct17 Curling
  BARRY Bob MSon Single 1906Oct15 Curling
  BARRY Margaret FDaughterSingle 1912June 9 Curling
  BARRY Fred MSon Single 1914July 7 Curling
  BARRY Veronica FDaughterSingle 1915Mar 6 Curling
  BARRY Joseph MSon Single 1918April 3 Curling
  BARRY Maureen FDaughterSingle 1920Oct 1 Curling
  CORMIER Mary F D. Servant Single 1903Sept18 Codroy
29 ---FISHER Dr. F MHead Married 1875Aug46 Corner Brook
  FISHER Beatrice FWife Married 1881Jan40 Dartmouth, NS
PAGE 111                    
  FISHER Margarie FDaughterSingle 1906May15 Curling
  FISHER John MSon Single 1907June14 Curling
  AUQUIN W.K. MFather in Law Widower 1847Sept74 Trinity Bay
  BROCKWAY? Emma FServant Single 1897June24 Frenchmans Cove
30 ---WELLS Abraham MHead Widower 1876April45 Bay of Islands
  MARSHALL ElizabethFBoarder Widower 1887Sept34 Scotland
  MARSHALL John MBoarder Single 1909Sept12 Montreal
  MARSHALL Jessie FBoarder Single 1912Jan 9 Montreal
  MARSHALL Agnus FBoarder Single 1918Feby 3 Montreal
  MARSHALL Arthur MBoarder Single 1919Nov 2 Montreal
31 ---WELLS Jean FHeadWidow 1836June85 Hr. Grace
32 ---KEHOE Michael MHead Single 1880Feby41 St John's
  KEHOE Bridget FMotherWidow 1843Feby78 St John's
  KEHOE Mary A FSister Single 1879June42 St John's
33 ---SINCLAIR James MHead Married 1878May43 Bay of Islands
  SINCLAIR Alice FWife Married 1881June40 Placentia
34 ---SCOTT J.P. MHead Married 1859Sept62 St John's
  SCOTT Annie FWife Married 1862Aug59 St John's
  SCOTT Mary Louise FDaughterSingle 1902May19 St John's
  SCOTT Donald M & G MSon Single 1905June16 St John's
35 ---ROCKETT Maurice MHead Married 1894June27 Bay of Islands
  ROCKETT Catherine FWife Married 1891May30 St John's
  ROCKETT Maurice Gerald MSon Single 1921April3M Boston
  PARK William MBoarder Single 1878May43 Bay of Islands
  QUIRK William MBoarder Single 1884June37 Bay of Islands
PAGE 22                    
1 1KENNEDY Thomas MHead Married 1878Sept43 Bay of Islands
  KENNEDY Margaret FWife Married 1885Aug36 Conception Bay
  KENNEDY Cyril MSon Single 1901Nov20 Curling
  KENNEDY Teresa FDaughterSingle 1906July15 Curling
2 2KENNEDY William MHead Married 1852Dec 68Carbonear
  KENNEDY Anastasia FWife Married 1854May67 Carbonear
  3KENNEDY Wm P.MHead Married 1879Feby32 Curling
  KENNEDY Margaret FWife Married 1894Feby27 Curling
  KENNEDY Mary FDaughterSingle 1916Jan 5 Curling
  KENNEDY Gerald MSon Single 1917Mar 4 Curling
  KENNEDY Maurice MSon Single 1918Aug 3 Curling
  KENNEDY Frank MSon Single 1919Oct 2 Curling
  KENNEDY Madeline FDaughterSingle 1921Jan7M Curling
3 4McDONALD Stephen MHead Married 1881Apr40 West St. Modest
  McDONALD Annie FWife Married 1887Dec34 Curling
  McDONALD VeronicaFDaughterSingle 1906Sept15 Curling
  McDONALD Michael MSon Single 1907Nov14 Curling
  McDONALD William MSon Single 1908Oct13 Curling
  McDONALD Harold MSon Single 1909July12 Curling
  McDONALD Ralph MSon Single 1910Apr11 Curling
  McDONALD Doreites ? FDaughterSingle 1912Mar 9 Curling
  McDONALD Ronald MSon Single 1914July 7 Curling
  McDONALD AnastasiaFDaughterSingle 1915 Feby 6 Curling
  McDONALD Thomas MSon Single 1916Sept 5 Curling
  DONALD Owen MSon Single 1919Feby 2 Curling
  McDONALD Joseph MSon Single 1920Oct11M Curling
4 5LEWIS Joseph MHead Married 1861Aug60 Isle Au Morts
  LEWIS Sarah Jos FWife Married 1862Apr59 Carbonear
5 6GRIFFIN Israel MHead Married 1882Nov29 Canadian Labrador
  GRIFFIN Norah FWife Married 1888Sept33 Bay of Islands
  GRIFFIN David MSon Single 1917July 4 Bay of Islands
  GRIFFIN Margaret FDaughterSingle 1919Dec 2 Bay of Islands
  GRIFFIN John MSon Single 1920July 1 Bay of Islands
PAGE 23                    
5 7GRIFFIN Patrick MHead Married 1885July36 Canadian Labrador
  GRIFFIN Mary FWife Married 1885Apr36 Brigus
  GRIFFIN Margaret FDaughterSingle 1913Mar 8 Curling
  GRIFFIN Kathleen FDaughterSingle 1914July 7 Curling
  GRIFFIN Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1918Dec 3 Curling
  GRIFFIN Patrick MSon Single 1921May3M Curling
6 8O'BRIAN Thomas MHead Married 1871Mar50 Carbonear
  O'BRIAN Mary FWife Married 1871Aug50 Harbor Grace
  O'BRIAN John MSon Single 1897May24 Curling
7 9O'BRIAN Peter MHead Married 1872July49 Bay of Islands
  O'BRIAN Philomena FWife Married 1894May27 Stephenville
  O'BRIAN Patrick MSon Single 1898Jan23 Halifax
  O'BRIAN Thomas MSon Single 1906July15 Curling
  O'BRIAN John MSon Single 1910Sept11 Curling
  O'BRIAN Stanley MSon Single 1913Oct 8 Curling
  O'BRIAN Ronald MSon Single 1914Nov 7 Curling
  O'BRIAN Mary FDaughterSingle 1918May 3 Curling
  O'BRIAN Annie FDaughterSingle 1920Nov 1 Curling
8 10DUGGAN Bridget FHeadWidow 1866Apr65 Carbonear
  DUGGAN Harold MSon Single 1900Oct21 Halifax, NS
9 11TAYLOR Ernest MHead Married 1897Aug29 French Shore
  TAYLOR Mabel FWife Married 1894Sept27 Harbor Grace
  TAYLOR Harold MSon Single 1917Dec 4 Curling
  TAYLOR Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1918Oct 3 Curling
  TAYLOR Marion FDaughterSingle 1920Mar 1 Curling
10 12LEGGO John MHead Married 1870June 51Curling
  LEGGO Sarah FWife Married 1878May43 Curling
  LEGGO Chesley MSon Single 1910Apr11 Curling
  LEGGO Gordon MSon Single 1912June 9 Curling
  LEGGO John Alex MSon Single 1916Feby 5 Curling
  LEGGO George R. MSon Single 1918Mar 3 Curling
  LEGGO Eric Reg MSon Single 1920Aug 1 Curling
PAGE 24                    
11 13LEGGO Phoebe FHeadWidow 1851Oct70 Frenchman's Cove
  LEGGO Archibald MSon Single 1894Jan27 Curling
12 14LEGGO Reuben MHead Widower 1877Nov44 Curling
  LEGGO Sybil FDaughterSingle 1906July15 Curling
  LEGGO Reuben MSon Single 1908Oct13 Curling
  LEGGO Hazel FDaughterSingle 1912July 9 Curling
13 15LEGGO William MHead Married 1880June44 Curling
  LEGGO Mary FWife Married 1888Sept33 Curling
  LEGGO Walter WmMSon Single 1908Oct13 Curling
  LEGGO Henry MSon Single 1909Dec12 Curling
  LEGGO Clyde MSon Single 1913Dec 8 Curling
  LEGGO Everill PatricaFDaughterSingle 1916Oct 5 Curling
  LEGGO Shirley MSon Single 1920Jan 1 Curling
14 16TRACEY William MHead Married 1843June78 Straits of Bell Isle
  TRACEY Laura FWife Married 1854Feby67 Pouch Cove
  TRACEY Walter MAdopted Single 1905Nov16 Curling
15 17CASHIN Richard MHead Married 1890Nov31 St. George's
  CASHIN Catherine FWife Married 1895Sept26 Straits of Bell Isle
  CASHIN William MichelMSon Single 1920Oct10M Curling
16 18CUMMING Joseph MHead Married 1876Aug45 Curling
  CUMMING Victoria FWife Married 1882Aug39 St. George's
  BROWN Ellen FBoarder Single 1894Oct27 Musgrave Town
17 19BELLOWS Robert MHead Married 1857Aug64 Labrador
  BELLOWS Aries N. FWife Married 1858Sept62 Harbor Grace
  20BELLOWS Levi MHead Married 1893Sept28 Curling
  BELLOWS Agnes FWife Married 1899July22 Bay of Islands
18 21CUMMING Alexander MHead Married 1868Nov53 Curling
  CUMMING Leah FWife Married 1873May48 Lark Hr
  CUMMING Alice FDaughterSingle 1906June15 Curling
  CUMMING Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1909Nov12 Curling
  CUMMING George MSon Single 1910Nov11 Curling
19 22ABBOTT Joseph MHead Married 1872April49 Robinson's Head
  ABBOTT Agnes FWife Married 1879Mar42 Curling
PAGE 25                    
  ABBOTT Annie FDaughterSingle 1904Aug17 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Hazel FDaughterSingle 1907Sept14 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Rhoda FDaughterSingle 1909July12 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Myrtle FDaughterSingle 1911July10 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Irvine MSon Single 1914Feby 7 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Pearl FDaughterSingle 1918Feby 3 Middle Arm
  ABBOTT Walter MAdopted Single 1909July12 Port au Port
   RUSSELL Bessie FAdopted Single 1901Oct20 Goose Arm
   RUSSELL Eylera ?? FAdopted Single 1921July2M Curling
No # No # CUNNING Walter MHead Married 1902May19 Curling
  CUNNING Doris FWife Married 1902May19 Exploits
  CUNNING John MSon Single 1919Sept 2 Curling
  CUNNING Harold MSon Single 1919Sept 2 Curling
  CUNNING George B. MSon Single 1921Jan7M Curling
20 23BALLAM Mary FHeadWidow 1848May73 Carbonear
  BALLAM Mansh ? MSon Married 1871Jan50 Curling
  BALLAM Alice J. FWife Married 1876Feby45 Bay of Islds
  BALLAM May FDaughterSingle 1895May26 Curling
  BALLAM Samuel MSon Single 1897Jan24 Curling
  BALLAM Charlie MSon Single 1891May20 Curling
  BALLAM John MSon Single 1903May18 Curling
  BALLAM Ada FDaughterSingle 1909Dec12 Curling
  BALLAM Nellie FDaughterSingle 1912Dec 9 Curling
  BALLAM Reg: KitchenerMSon Single 1916Dec 5 Curling
  BALLAM Jessie FDaughterSingle 1919Jan 2 Curling
21 24SHEPPARD Joshua MHead Married 1861Oct60 Harbor Grace
  SHEPPARD Susanah FWife Married 1863Nov58 Harbor Grace
22 25JAMES John W. MHead Married 1878Nov43 North W??es Ex
  JAMES Georgina FWife Married 1876Mar45 Bay of Islands
  JAMES Ida FDaughterSingle 1897May24 Bay of Islands
  JAMES Joseph MAdopted Single 1910Sept11 Bay of Islands
23 26WILLIAMS Albert MHead Widower 1871Oct47 Harbor Grace
  WILLIAMS Fred MSon Single 1901Nov20 Harbor Grace
PAGE 26                    
   CALLAHAN Dennis MHead Married 1876Oct64 St. John's
   CALLAHAN Margaret FWife Married 1876 Oct45 Hr. Grace
   CALLAHAN John MSon Single 1898Sept23 Curling
   CALLAHAN Margaret FDaughterSingle 1901Mar20 Curling
   CALLAHAN Ena FDaughterSingle 1907Oct14 Curling
25 28PAWLEY Barnard MHead Married 1865Aug56 Trinity Bay
  PAWLEY Emily M. FWife Married 1885July36 Curling
  PAWLEY Cyril MSon Single 1907Jan14 Curling
  PAWLEY Sam JerryMSon Single 1916Oct 5 Curling
  PAWLEY Alice Jane FDaughterSingle 1918Aug 3 Curling
26 29O'RONRKE James MHead Widower 1884Nov39 Curling
  BYRNE Henry MHead Married 1867 Sept 54 Island Cove, C.B.
  BYRNE Alice FWife Married 1863Nov58 Island Cove, C.B.
  BYRNE Patrick MSon Single 1897Sept24 Spaniard Bay
  BYRNE Bernard MSon Single 1891Feby20 Spaniard Bay
  BYRNE James MSon Single 1904July17 Spaniard Bay
  30BYRNE George MHead Married 1894Sept27 Spaniard Bay
  BYRNE Mary FWife Married 1891Aug30 Bay of Islands
  BYRNE Bernard MSon Single 1920Oct 1 Bay of Islands
27 31PARSONS James MHead Married 1858Feby63 St. George's
  PARSONS Susanah FWife Married 1864Dec57 Channel
  PARSONS Susanah FDaughterSingle 1898June23 Curling
  PARSONS Gorgina FDaughterSingle 1900Mar21 Curling
  PARSONS Lena FDaughterSingle 1901Oct20 Curling
  PARSONS Garland MSon Single 1907 Aug14 Curling
28 32JOHNS' Morgan A. MHead Married 1886July35 Lindsey, Ont. Canada
  JOHNS' Isabell FWife Married 1895July26 St. John's
  KEEGAN Pat W. MSon Single 1900Aug21  
  ALLEN Francis E. M ???Single 1904Mar17  
  DOLLARD Francis N.M ???Single 1901Sept20 Stephen Ville
29 33SHEPPARD George MHead Married 1884Oct37 Curling
  SHEPPARD Lillian FWife Married 1882July39 St. John's
  SHEPPARD Marjory FDaughterSingle 1908May13 Curling
PAGE 27                    
  SHEPPARD Delsie FDaughterSingle 1910June11 Curling
  SHEPPARD Fred MSon Single 1912June 9 Curling
  SHEPPARD John MSon Single 1913Feby 8 Curling
  SHEPPARD Susannah FDaughterSingle 1915June 6 Curling
  SHEPPARD Muriel FDaughterSingle 1917Jan 4 Curling
30 34PETLEY Rev. Hy MHead Married 1870Aug51 Trinity Bay
  PETLEY Jessie E. FWife Married 1876Nov45 St. John's
  PETLEY Olive W. FDaughterSingle 1900Oct20 Manuels
  PETLEY Donald N. MSon Single 1903Feby18 Fox Trap
  PETLEY Ralph NobleMSon Single 1905June16 Curling
  PETLEY Dorothy N. FDaughterSingle 1907Dec13 Curling
31 35PARSONS Joseph MHead Married 1881Sept40 Curling
  PARSONS Leah FWife Married 1885Aug36 Curling
  PARSONS Susannah FDaughterSingle 1910Jan11 Curling
  PARSONS John MSon Single 1911Mar10 Curling
  PARSONS Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1912July 9 Curling
  PARSONS Joseph MSon Single 1913Sept 8 Curling
  PARSONS Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1915Mar 6 Curling
  PARSONS Angelina FDaughterSingle 1916May 5 Curling
  PARSONS Ada FDaughterSingle 1917Aug 4 Curling
  PARSONS James MSon Single 1919May 2 Curling
32 36READ Alexander MHead Married 1854Nov64 Channel
  READ Elizabeth FWife Married 1869Nov52 Curling
33 37SWEETLAND ElizabethFHeadWidow 1855June66 Conception Bay
  SWEETLAND Harry R.MSon Single 1898 Dec23 Trinity Bay
34 38PENNELL Mary FHead Married 1854Aug67 St. Georges
  PENNELL Sarah Ann FDaughterSingle 1886 No Entry 35 Curling
  PENNELL Agustus MSon Single 1888 No Entry 33 Curling
  PENNELL James MSon Single 1895 No Entry 26 Curling
35 39PENNELL Charles MHead Married 1877Aug44 Curling
  PENNELL Amanda FWife Married 1877Aug44 Curling
  PENNELL Vera FDaughterSingle 1899Sept22 Curling
  PENNELL Mary FDaughterSingle 1902Jan18 Curling
PAGE 28                    
  PENNELL Ada Maud FDaughterSingle 1904July17 Curling
  PENNELL Bryant MSon Single 1908June13 Curling
  PENNELL Stanley MSon Single 1903Apr 8 Curling
  PENNELL Kitchener MSon Single 1917Oct 17 (sic) Curling
  PENNELL Raymond MSon Single 1920Nov 1 Curling
36 40BAGG William H MHead Married 1873Oct47 Curling
  BAGG SusanahFWife Married 1881 No Entry 40 Curling
  BAGG Maria FDaughterSingle No Entry No Entry 19 Curling
  BAGG Lena FDaughterSingle No Entry No Entry 14 Curling
  BAGG Ulrica FDaughterSingle No Entry No Entry 4 Curling
  BAGG Elwood A. MSon Single No Entry No Entry 3 Curling
37 41BAGG Agustus E. MHead Married 1866July55 Curling
  BAGG Jessie M. FWife Married 1878July33 Curling
  BAGG Joseph MBrot Single 1863Sept58 Curling
38 42MARCH Leir (J.P.) MHead Widower 1841Sept80 St. John's
  MARCH Belle J. FDaughterSingle 1893Nov28 St. John's ?
39 43PENNELL Joseph MHead Married 1867Dec54 Curling
  PENNELL Martha A. FWife Married 1873Oct48 Curling
  PENNELL James F. MSon Single 1897May24 Curling
  PENNELL Annie FDaughterSingle 1900Feby21 Curling
  PENNELL UlricMSon Single 1901Oct20 Curling
  PENNELL Susie A. FDaughterSingle 1902Feby18 Curling
  PENNELL Rita L. FDaughterSingle 1904Nov17 Curling
  PENNELL Florence M. FDaughterSingle 1907June14 Curling
  PENNELL Hilda FDaughterSingle 1908July13 Curling
  PENNELL Leola FDaughterSingle 1910April11 Curling
  PENNELL Shirley MSon Single 1913Dec 8 Curling
  PENNELL Cora P. FDaughterSingle 1916Mar 5 Curling
40 44EFFORD Clarence MHead Married 1884Mar37 Trinity
  EFFORD Angelina FWife Married 1880Oct41 Trinity
  EFFORD Georgina FDaughterSingle 1906Nov15 Trinity
  EFFORD George MSon Single 1908Oct13 Trinity
  EFFORD Bride L. FDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Trinity
PAGE 29                    
  EFFORD Caroline FDaughterSingle 1914May 7 Curling
  EFFORD Wm Chas M Son Single 1916June 5 Curling
  EFFORD Raymond MSon Single 1919Apr 2 Curling
41 45BOLAND Maurice MHead Married 1867Apr54 Curling
  BOLAND Mary FWife Married 1873 Mar48 St. Mary's
  BOLAND Elsie FDaughterSingle 1894Nov26 Curling
  BOLAND James MSon Single 1899May22 Curling
  BOLAND Madeline FDaughterSingle Dec (sic) Dec20 Curling
  BOLAND Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1919 (sic) Oct18 Curling
  BOLAND Cecilia FDaughterSingle 1904June17 Curling
  BOLAND Reginald MSon Single 1907Aug14 Curling
  BOLAND Neil MSon Single 1909Apr12 Curling
  BOLAND Annie FDaughterSingle 1911Feby10 Curling
  BOLAND Mercedes FDaughterSingle 1913May 8 Curling
42 46McHUGH James MHead Married 1876Feby46 Conception Bay
  McHUGH Julia FWife Married 1874Nov47 Curling
  McHUGH Joseph MSon Single 1899June22 Curling
  McHUGH Mary FDaughterSingle 1901Mar20 Curling
  McHUGH Cicilia FDaughterSingle 1904Apr17 Curling
  McHUGH Felix MSon Single 1905July16 Curling
  McHUGH Rita FDaughterSingle 1906May15 Curling
  McHUGH Gerald MSon Single 1911May10 Curling
  McHUGH Gertrude FDaughterSingle 1912June 9 Curling
  McHUGH Millie FDaughterSingle 1914Jan 7 Curling
  McHUGH Neil MSon Single 1915June 6 Curling
  McHUGH Josephine FDaughterSingle 1916May 5 Curling
  McHUGH James MSon Single 1920July 1 Curling
43 47McEVOY M.J. MHead Married 1871Dec50 St. Jacques
  McEVOY Francis FWife Married 1881Apr40 Placentia
  McEVOY Amy FDaughterSingle 1896May25 Placentia
  McEVOY Frank MSon Single 1897Nov24 Placentia
  McEVOY Albert MSon Single 1899May22 Placentia
  McEVOY Patrick MSon Single 1901Feby20 Placentia
PAGE 30                    
  McEVOY John MSon Single 1903Sept18 Curling
  McEVOY Fergus MSon Single 1904Jan17 Curling
  McEVOY Mary FDaughterSingle 1907May14 Curling
  McEVOY Paul MSon Single 1909Oct12 Curling
  McEVOY Francis FDaughterSingle 1911 Aug10 Curling
  McEVOY Elizabeth FDaughterSingle 1915 Aug 6 Curling
44 48BATTCOCK John J. MHead Married 1854Nov67 Brigus S.
  BATTCOCK Katrina FWife Married 1867Aug54 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Thomas MSon Single 1897Nov24 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Teresa FDaughterSingle 1898July23 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Mona FDaughterSingle 1902June19 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Mary FDaughterSingle 1907Oct13 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Fred MSon Single 1910Aug11 Bay of Islands
  BATTCOCK Anne FDaughterSingle 1917June 4 Bay of Islands
45 49DAVIS James MHead Married 1873Aug48 Bay of Islands
  DAVIS Irene FWife Married 1886Sept35 Conception Bay
  DAVIS Kermit MSon Single 1907Dec14 Conception Bay
46 50WHEELER Symeon MHead Married 1867Apr54 Bay of Islands
  WHEELER Minnie FWife Married 1875Oct46 Harbor Grace
  WHEELER Vera GladysFDaughterSingle 1906May15 St. John's
  WHEELER Ella M. D.FDaughterSingle 1913Oct 8 Curling
47 51HUGHES Owen MHead Single 1869Nov52 Wales
48 52BROWN William MHead Married 1849June72 Toronto, Canada
  BROWN Mary Anne FWife Married 1853July68 Labrador, NF
  BROWN Elizabeth DoraFGdau Single 1916Feby 5 Bay of Islands
49 53DENNIS Charles MHead Married No Entry No Entry 48 St. Georges
  DENNIS Susanah FWife Married No Entry May32 Curling
  DENNIS Stewart MSon Single No Entry Mar12 Curling
  DENNIS William MSon Single No Entry Mar10 Curling
  DENNIS David CecilMSon Single No Entry Aug 6 Curling
  DENNIS Et??? FDaughterSingle No Entry Dec 4 Curling
  DENNIS Bessie FDaughterSingle No Entry Aug 1 Curling
PAGE 31                    
50 54BAGGS Susanah FHeadWidow 1865July56 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS May FDaughterSingle 1893Aug28 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Angelina FDaughterSingle 1896Aug25 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Martha FDaughterSingle 1898Sept23 Curling
  BAGGS Agusta FDaughterSingle 1900Sept21 Curling
  BAGGS Frank MSon Single 1902Dec19 Curling
  BAGGS Ada FDaughterSingle 1904Aug17 Curling
51 55PARSONS ClarrisaFHeadWidow 1831 (sic) Nov84 St. Georges
  PARSONS Charles MSon Single 1871June50 St. Georges
  PARSONS Israel R. MSon Single 1872May49 Bay of Islands
52 56ROCHE J.P. MHead Married 1853Sept68 St. Julius
  ROCHE Mary FWife Married 1853Sept68 Harbor Main
  ROCHE Mary FDaughterSingle 1892Apr29 Cow Head
  57ROCHE Frank MHead Married 1882Apr39 Bay Roberts
  ROCHE Gertrude FWife Married 1893May28 Labrador
  ROCHE Marguerte FDaughterSingle 1920Apr 1 Curling
53 58PAYNE William H. MHead Married 1864May57 Parson's Pond
  PAYNE Ellen FWife Married 1868Sept53 Parson's Pond
  PAYNE Douglas MSon Single 1897June24 Parson's Pond
  PAYNE Ambrose MSon Single 1902July19 Parson's Pond
  PAYNE Austin MSon Single 1906Aug15 Bay of Islands
  PAYNE Roy MSon Single 1914Dec 7 Bay of Islands
  PAYNE Kathleen FDaughterSingle 1916Apr 5 Bay of Islands
54 59PAYNE Thomas MHead Married 1890June31 Bay of Islands
  PAYNE Florance FWife Married 1896May25 Bay of Islands
  PAYNE Bernice *1MSon Single 1916Feby 5 Bay of Islands
  PAYNE Stewart MSon Single 1920 No Entry 1 Bay of Islands
55 60BAGGS Eugene MHead Married 1878Feby43 Bay de Verde
  BAGGS Laura FWife Married 1880Jan41 Bay de Verde
  BAGGS Mildred FDaughterSingle 1903Sept18 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Eva FDaughterSingle 1905Jan16 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Ralph MSon Single 1908Nov13 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Pearl FDaughterSingle 1909June12 Bay of Islands
PAGE 32                    
  BAGGS Clyde MSon Single 1914Apr 7 Bay of Islands
  BAGGS Lloyd MSon Single 1916Sept 5 Bay of Islands
56 61STAPLES Mary FHeadWidow 1872Jan49 Labrador
  STAPLES William MSon Single 1897Mar24 Labrador
  STAPLES John MSon Single 1898Apr23 Labrador
  STAPLES Sarah FDaughterSingle 1900May 21Labrador
  STAPLES Maggie FDaughterSingle 1903Jan18 Curling
  STAPLES Stephen MSon Single 1905Aug16 Curling
  STAPLES Mary FDaughterSingle 1907May14 Curling
  STAPLES Mike MSon Single 1909June12 Curling
57 62COOK Sidney D. MHead Married 1880May41 Fogo
  COOK Isabell FWife Married 1885Nov36 Twilingate
  COOK Donald MSon Single 1906 Jan15 Change Islands
  COOK Ena FDaughterSingle 1908June13 Change Islands
  COOK Reginald MSon Single 1910Aug11 Change Islands
  COOK Dorothy FDaughterSingle 1912Dec 9 Change Islands
  COOK Winifred FDaughterSingle 1913May 8 Change Islands
  COOK Margaret FDaughterSingle 1915Sept 6 Curling
  COOK Elsie FDaughterSingle 1919Oct 2 Curling
58 63HAYES Thomas MHead Married 1870May51 Bay of Islands
  HAYES Eliza FWife Married 1887Oct34 Parises, P.B.
  HAYES Joseph MSon Single 1909Dec12 Curling
  HAYES Bernice FDaughterSingle 1911Dec10 Curling
  HAYES Thomas MSon Single 1914May 7 Curling
  HAYES Bertha FDaughterSingle 1917Oct 4 Curling
59 64PARSONS W. H. MHead Married 1878Mar43 Curling
  PARSONS Martha FWife Married 1888Jan33 Halifax, N. S.
  PARSONS Charles E.MSon Single 1906Jan15 Curling
  PARSONS Clarrissa FDaughterSingle 1907Nov14 Curling
  PARSONS Richard MSon Single 1910Feby11 Curling
  PARSONS Henry FSon Single 1911June10 Curling
60 65 THISTLE John M No Entry Single 1893Sept28 Benoits Cove
  ROCHE Martha F No Entry Single 1889 No Entry 32 Cow Harbor
61 66BEMISTIR P. G. MHead Married 1892Aug29 Carbonear
  BEMISTIR H. E. FWife Married 1896Nov 25St. Jacques
  BEMISTIR Nelly M. FDaughterSingle 1921 No Entry M St. Jacques
62 67BOLAND William MHead Married 1881Jan40 Bay of Islands
  BOLAND Margaret FWife Married 1883Sept38 Port au Port
  BOLAND Frank MSon Single 1909Oct12 Curling
  BOLAND Thomas MSon Single 1912Feby 9 Curling
  BOLAND Marietta FDaughterSingle 1914Mar 7 Curling
  BOLAND Leo MSon Single 1916April 5 Curling
63 68PENNELL John A MHead Married 1873Aug48 Curling
  PENNELL EuniceFWife Married 1888July33 Bonne Bay
  PENNELL Gordon MSon Single 1907July14 Curling
  PENNELL John MSon Single 1909June12 Curling
  PENNELL Alva FDaughterSingle 1913Nov 8 Curling
  PENNELL Beulah FDaughterSingle 1915Feby 6 Curling
  PENNELL Herman MSon Single 1917Oct 4 Curling
  PENNELL Regby MSon Single 1918Feby 3 Curling
  PENNELL Bristol MSon Single 1921 No Entry 1/2Curling
64 69PENNELL Mary FHeadWidow 1851Sept70 Nova Scotia
  PENNELL Sarah Ann FDaughterSingle 1886Nov35 Curling
  PENNELL James MSon Single 1884Feby37 Curling
  PENNELL Augustus MSon Single 1889May32 Curling
65 70 DUNPHY Alexander MHead Married 1893Aug28 Placentia
   DUNPHY Isabell FWife Married 1901Oct20 St. George
   DUNPHY Raymond MSon Single 1921May4M Curling
66 71READ James MHead Married 1893Jan28 Curling
  READ Olive FWife Married 1896May25 Bridgwater, N. S.
  READ Raymond MSon Single 1918July 3 Curling
67 72LILLY Bernard MHead Married 1890Sept31 St. Julius, NF
  LILLY Angelina M. FWife Married 1892May29 Curling
  LILLY Frank MSon Single 1918Oct 3 Curling
  LILLY Joan May FDaughterSingle 1921May3M St. Julius
  BARRETT Maud FBoarder Single 1892Feby29 Bay Roberts

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Fred Powell, Richmond, BC, Canada
Transcription by Denise Snooks Wilson, Leaf Rapids, MB, Canada

Cyril DuBourdieu, Kippens, NF, Canada

Posted 8 May, 1998 Updated July 4,1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

PAYNE, Bernice*1 She should have been enumerated as a daughter instead of as a son. Barbara Young
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