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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burin District

{48 Households - 216 Individuals}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2004 by Don Tate)

Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burin District
Creston South
Col. 1
Col. 2
Col. 3
Given Name
Col. 3
Col. 5
Col. 6
Col. 7
Col. 8
Birth Yr.
Col. 9
Birth Month
Col. 10
Col. 11
Birth Pl.
PAGE 65                    
1 1 MAYO Robert M HeadMarried 1877 Nov 44 Burin
  MAYO Elma F WifeMarried1876 Feb 45 Fortune Bay
  MAYO Martha F DaughterSingle1917 Nov 4 Creston
  MAYO James M Son Single1919 Jan 2 Creston
2 2 MAYO John J. M HeadMarried 1882 Sep 39 Burin
  MAYO Melinda F WifeMarried1901 Aug 20 Burin
3 3 HODDER James C. M HeadMarried 1877 Aug 44 Creston
  HODDER Lily F WifeMarried1885 Nov 36 Creston
  HODDER Rebecca F DaughterSingle1905 Nov 16 Creston
  HODDER Levi M Son Single1907 May 14 Creston
  HODDER Samuel B. M Son Single1909 Oct 12 Creston
  HODDER Jane F DaughterSingle1911 Nov 10 Creston
  HODDER Raymond M Son Single1914 Jan 7 Creston
  HODDER Walter B. M Son Single1915 Jul 6 Creston
  HODDER Charlotte F DaughterSingle1917 July4 Creston
  HODDER Willis M Son Single1918 July3 Creston
  HODDER Donnald (sic) M Son Single1913 Jan 8 Creston
4 4 BRUSHETT Widow S. F HeadWid 1848 July73 (Teds ?? Brook
  HODDER Minnie F Grand DaughterSingle1904 Mar 17 Creston
5 5 FAREWELL John M Head Married 1877 June 44 Burin
    FAREWELL Mary E. F Wife Married 1869 Feb 52 Burin
    FAREWELL William ? M Son Single 1898 Dec 23 Burin
    FAREWELL Isabell F Daughter Sngle 1907 June 14 Burin
    FAREWELL Thomas M Son Single 1910 Aug 11 Creston
6 6 FAREWELL Thomas Sr.M HeadMarried 1892 Nov 29 Creston
  FAREWELL CarolineF WifeMarried1893 July28 Creston
  FAREWELL William M Son Single1914 Aug 7 Creston
  FAREWELL Lily J. M Son Single1916 Apr 5 Creston
  FAREWELL Elma F DaughterSingle1919 Apr 2 Creston
7 7 FOOTE John M HeadMarried 1862 Feb 59 Burin
  FOOTE Haruli ? F WifeMarried 1876Oct 45Creston
  BRUSHETT Thomas W.M Step Son M 1908 Apr 13 Marble
Mortier ? Cove
  WHITE Mary A. F Mother In Law Wid1837 Apr 84 Bulls Cove
PAGE 66                    
8 8 FOOTE Joseph M HeadMarried 1889 Aug 32 Creston
  FOOTE Annaja ? F WifeMarried1890 Sep 28 Rock Hr
  FOOTE Isabell F DaughterSingle1919 Feb 2 Creston
  9 MAYO Earnest M HeadMarried 1887 Sep 41 Burin
  MAYO Susie F WifeMarried 1897 Oct 24 Bonne Bay
9 10 MAYO William M HeadMarried 1893 May 28 Burin
  MAYO Frances F WifeMarried1896 Sep 26Creston
10 11 MAYO Samuel M Son Single1918 Feb 3 Creston
  MAYO Jesse F DaughterSingle1919 Nov 2 Creston
  MAYO Samuel M HeadMarried 1867 Oct 54 Burin
  MAYO Annie F WifeMarried1873 Feb 48 Burin
  MAYO James M Son Single1896 Apr 25 Burin
  MAYO Earnest M Son Single1899 Sep 22 Burin
  MAYO ThosM Son Single1902 Feb 19 Creston
  MAYO Samuel M Son Single1909 Aug 12 Creston
  MAYO George M Son Single1913 July8 Creston
  MAYO Beatrice F DaughterSingle1903 Jun 18 Creston
  MAYO Rose F DaughterSingle1907 July14 Creston
11 12 MAYO John S. M HeadMarried 1894 Jun 27 Burin
  MAYO Jane F WifeMarried 1896Oct 25 Creston
12 13 MAYO James M HeadMarried 1870 Nov 51 Burin
  MAYO Elizabeth F WifeMarried1880 Nov 41 Burin
  MAYO James M Son Single1908 Apr 13 Creston
  MAYO Joseph M Son Single1913 Oct 8 Creston
   PETERS Martha F BoarderSingle1900 Apr 21 Springdale
13 14 MURLEY Enoch M HeadMarried 1856 Apr 65 Creston
  MURLEY Caroline F WifeMarried1866 Jun 53 Burin
  MURLEY Samuel M Son Single1891 Nov 30 Creston
  FAREWELL John M StepSon Single1889 Aug 33 Burin
  15 FAREWELL LewisM HeadMarried 1891 Apr 30 Burin
  FAREWELL Isabell F WifeMarried1897 Jun 24 Burin
  FAREWELL Samuel J.M Son Single 1915Nov 6 Creston
  FAREWELL Elea ? M Son Single1917 Oct 4 Creston
PAGE 67                    
  FAREWELL Frances M.F DaughterSingle1919 May 2 Creston
14 16 BRUSHETT Samuel M HeadMarried 1893 Aug 28 Creston
  BRUSHETT Hattie F WifeMarried1901 Aug 20 Creston
  BRUSHETT Aurthur M Son Single1921 Aug 7 mthsCreston
15 17 HAMEN Benjamin M HeadMarried 1856 Illegeable 65 Burin Bay
   HAMEN Susie F WifeMarried1865 Aug 56 ? Creston
   HAMEN Douglas M Son Single 1980 (sic) May ? 41 ? Creston
16 18 WISCOMBE Samuel M Head M 1888 Sep 33 Creston
  WISCOMBE Dina F WifeMarried1895 Mar 26 Creston
  WISCOMBE Ida F DaughterSingle1914 Jun 7 Creston
  WISCOMBE William M Son Single1917 Oct 4 Creston
  WISCOMBE Alma F DaughterSingle1921 May 4 mthsCreston
17 19 YOUNG James M HeadMarried 1881 Aug 40 Creston
  YOUNG EvangelineF WifeMarried1902 Aug 19 Creston
  YOUNG Richard M Son Single1920 Aug 1 Creston
  YOUNG Louisa F DaughterSingle1905 Feb 16 Rock Hr
  YOUNG David M Son Single1908 July13 Rock Hr
  YOUNG Albert M Son Single1909 Oct 12 Rock Hr
  YOUNG John M Son Single1912 Sep 9 Rock Hr
  YOUNG Liza F DaughterSingle1913 Sep 8 Rock Hr
18 20 LEGGE James M HeadMarried 1897 July24 Burin
  LEGGE Margret F WifeMarried1898 Jan 23 Marystown
  LEGGE Bertha F DaughterSingle1918 Oct 3 Marystown
  LEGGE Joseph M Son Single1920 Oct 1 Creston
19 21 RODGERS Henry M HeadMarried 1861 July 60 Burin
  RODGERS Elizabeth F WifeMarried1881 Oct 40 Flat Islands
20 22 RODGERS Thomas M HeadMarried 1885 Sep 36 Burin
  RODGERS Ruth F WifeMarried1888 Sep 23 Creston
  RODGERS John M Son Single1908 Dec 13 Creston
  RODGERS William M Son Single1911 Aug 10 Creston
  RODGERS Lewis M Son Single1914 Nov 7 Creston
  RODGERS Joseph M Son Single1917 July4 Creston
  RODGERS Clinton ? M Son Single1920 July1 Creston
PAGE 68                    
21 23 RODGERS Mariah F Head Widow 1870 Feb 51Burin
  MAYO Ephraim M Son Single1902 Jan 19 Burin
  MAYO Abeluim ? M Son Single 1904Dec 17 Burin
22 24 RODGERS Henry M HeadMarried 1894 Nov 27 Creston
  RODGERS Elizabeth F WifeMarried1895 Jan 36 Creston
  RODGERS James M Son Single 1904 Aug 17 Creston
  RODGERS Caroline F DaughterSingle1907 July14 Creston
  RODGERS Frederick M Son Single1914 July7 Creston
  RODGERS John M Son Single1919 Nov 2 Creston
23 25 CROCKER EliaM HeadMarried 1877 Dec 44 Creston
  CROCKER Edith ? F WifeMarried1880 Oct 41 Burin
  CROCKER Leonard M Son Single1902 Sep 19 Creston
  CROCKER Etta F DaughterSingle1910 Oct 11 Creston
  CROCKER Arch M Son Single1912 Feb 9 Creston
  CROCKER Thomas M Son Single1914 July7 Creston
  CROCKER Lizzie F DaughterSingle1921 Apr 5 mthsCreston
24 26 CROCKER William M HeadMarried 1888 Feb 36 Creston
  CROCKER Jessie F WifeMarried1886 Feb 35 Creston
  CROCKER Samuel M Son Single1905 July16 Creston
  CROCKER Alice F DaughterSingle1907 Sep 14 Creston
  CROCKER Florence F DaughterSingle1910 Oct 11 Creston
  CROCKER Ruth F DaughterSingle1914 Sep 7 Creston
  CROCKER Mildred ? F DaughterSingle1916 Mar 5 Creston
  CROCKER William M Son Single1918 May 3 Creston
25 27 CROCKER George M HeadMarried 1873 Oct 48 Creston
  CROCKER Lernoa F WifeMarried 1881Apr 40 Grt Burin
  CROCKER Emily F DaughterSingle1907 Sep 14 Creston
  CROCKER George M Son Single1912 Jun 9 Creston
  CROCKER Martha F DaughterSingle1913 Aug 8 Creston
  CROCKER Joseph M Son Single1915 Oct 6 Creston
  CROCKER Daisey F DaughterSingle1917 Sep 4 Creston
  CROCKER Dina F DaughterSingle1921 Jan 8 mthsCreston
26 28 CROCKER W ? Thos F (sic) Head Widow 1863 Jan 58 Creston
PAGE 69                    
   CROCKER Charlotte J. F DaughterSingle1900 Dec 21 Creston
27 29 COX Andrew M HeadMarried 1858 July63 Bull Cove
  COX Jane F WifeMarried1864 Apr 57 Rock Hr
  COX Eliza F Niece Single1902 Feb 19 Creston
  HODDER Fred C. M Boarder Married 1896 Mar 26Creston
  HODDER Sarah J. F WifeMarried1901 Dec 20 Bay Largent
  HODDER Andrew M Son Single1917 Dec 4 Bay Largent
  HODDER Hestin ? F DaughterSingle1918 Dec 3 Creston
28 30 HOLLETT Benjamin M HeadMarried 1878 Mar 43 Grt Burin
  HOLLETT Lucy F WifeMarried1882 Aug 39 Grand Bank
  HOLLETT Frank M Son Single1907 Aug 14 Burin Bay
  HOLLETT Grace M. F DaughterSingle1909 Sep 12 Creston
  HOLLETT MarionF DaughterSingle1910 Sep 11 Creston
  HOLLETT Dorothy F DaughterSingle1912 Mar 9 Creston
  HOLLETT MargritteF DaughterSingle1913 Feb 8 Creston
  HOLLETT Philip M Son Single1915 Jan 6 Creston
  HOLLETT Gladys F DaughterSingle1917 Jun 4 Creston
  HOLLETT GwendolynF DaughterSingle1918 Jun 3 Creston
  HOLLETT Ida F DaughterSingle1919 Aug 2 Creston
  MAYO Beatrice F Servant Single1904 Jan 17 Creston
29 31 WHITE Charles M HeadMarried 1895 July26 Creston
  WHITE Isabell F WifeMarried1900 Oct 21 Creston
30 32 MURLEY Widow G. F Head Widow 1856 July65 Creston
  MURLEY Susie F DaughterSingle1900 Oct 21 Creston
31 33 HOOPER John C. M HeadMarried 1889 May 32 Rock Hr
  HOOPER CarolineF WifeMarried1894 Aug 27 Creston
  HOOPER Myrtle F DaughterSingle1917 Mar 4 Creston
  HOOPER Samuel M Son Single1920 Jan 8 mthsCreston
32 34 HOOPER James M HeadMarried 1849 July72 Rock Hr
  HOOPER Frances F WifeMarried1853 Apr 68 Rock Hr
  35 HOOPER Stephen M HeadMarried 1892 Apr 29 Creston
  HOOPER Mary F WifeMarried1897 Nov 24 Creston
  HOOPER Martha F DaughterSingle1920 Aug 1 Creston
PAGE 70                    
33 36 HOOPER Charles M HeadMarried 1861 Nov 60 Rock Hr
  HOOPER Isabell F WifeMarried 1865 (sic) May 26 (sic) Rock Hr
  HOOPER Mary F DaughterSingle1886 May 35 Rock Hr
  HOOPER James C. M Son Single1901 Dec 20 Rock Hr
  HOOPER Nicholas M Son Single1905 Oct 16 Rock Hr
  HOOPER Gabriel M Son Single1909 Aug 12 Rock Hr
34 37 HODDER Widow R. F Head Widow 1840 Nov81 R Hr
  HODDER Bridget F DaughterSingle1869 Oct 52 Creston
  HODDER John C. M Gd son Single1898 Dec 23 Creston
  HODDER James M Gd son Single1899 Aug22 Creston
  HODDER Ronald M Gd son Single1903 Mar 18 Creston
  HODDER Robert M Gd son Single1904 Feb 17Creston
  HODDER Jennie ? F Gd Daugh Single1899 Nov 22 Creston
35 38 STEVENS Henry M HeadMarried 1869 Nov 52 Creston
  STEVENS Rebecca F WifeMarried 1872Nov 49Hr Buffett
  39 HODDER Henry E. M HeadMarried 1895 Oct 26 Creston
  HODDER E ? F WifeMarried1897 Nov 24 Creston
  HODDER Gladys F DaughterSingle1919 Dec 2 Creston
  HODDER Norah F DaughterSingle1921 Aug 1 month Creston
36 40 WISCOMBE William M HeadMarried 1875 Jan 46 Creston
  WISCOMBE Mary F WifeMarried1870 Feb 51 Grand Bank
  WISCOMBE James M Son Single1900 Jan 21 Creston
  WISCOMBE Samuel M Son Single1904 May 17 Creston
37 41 WISCOMBE William J. F (sic) Head Widow (sic) 1866 Dec 55 Creston
  WISCOMBE Fred M Son Single1898 Jan 23 Creston
  WISCOMBE James J. M Son Single1901 Aug 20 Creston
  WISCOMBE Harold M Son Single1907 Jan 14 Creston
  WISCOMBE John M Son Single1909 Aug 12 Creston
38 42 WISCOMBE Isaac M HeadMarried 1893 July28 Creston
  WISCOMBE Leah F WifeMarried1897 Jun 24 Poole's Cove
  WISCOMBE Fred M Son Single1918 Sep 3 Creston
39 43 HODDER Fred S. M HeadMarried 1882 Apr 39 Creston
  HODDER Frances F WifeMarried1883 Mar 38 Port au Bras
PAGE 71                    
  MURLEY Samuel M Step Son Single1907 Nov 14 Creston
  HODDER Fred M Son Single1901 Aug 20 Creston
40 44 FAREWELL Samuel M HeadMarried 1899 July22 Creston
  FAREWELL Sarah F WifeMarried1903 July18 Bulls Cove
  FAREWELL Vera F DaughterSingle1920 Nov 10 mthsCreston
41 45 HODDER Andrew J. M HeadMarried 1893 Mar 28 Creston
  HODDER Elizabeth F WifeMarried1893 Apr 28 Rock Hr
  HODDER Albert M Son Single1912 Dec 9 Creston
  HODDER BrideF DaughterSingle1915 Aug 6 Creston
  HODDER Mary F DaughterSingle1919 Jan 2 Creston
42 46 HODDER Widow C. F Head Widow 1863 May 58 Creston
  HODDER Alfrida F Gr Daughter Single1912 Mar 9 Creston
  47 HODDER James W. M HeadMarried 1899 Aug 22 Creston
  HODDER Anna B. M WifeMarried1900 May 21 Creston
  48 HODDER John T. M HeadMarried 1893 May 28 Creston
  HODDER Frances F WifeMarried1899 Dec 22 Rock Hr
  HODDER Mary J. F DaughterSingle1919 Nov 2 Creston
  HODDER Martha, Dau of Jas.FDaughterSingle1919 Mar 2 Creston

Transcription by Lil Sandling Meza AZ USA

Posted 17 July 1998

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected as necessary (January 2004 - Don Tate)

Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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