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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Country Road, (Harbour Grace District)
{367 Persons in 87 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2005 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 327                    
1 1 MAHONY JohnMHeadMarried1882July39 Country Rd
  MAHONY Mary EFWifeMarried1887June34 Bristol's Hope
  MAHONY MichaelMSonSingle1905Dec15 Country Rd
  MAHONY MargaretFDaughterSingle1909Nov11 Country Rd
  MAHONYStanwar?MSonSingle1911Oct09 Country Rd
  MAHONY Mary, EFDaughterSingle1914Mar07 Country Rd
  MAHONY KathleenFDaughterSingle1916Mar05 Country Rd
  MAHONY JohnMSonSingle1918July03 Country Rd
2 2 O'RORKE JamesMHeadSingle1882Oct38 Country Rd
3 3 FRENCH AbramMHeadMarried 1863 Dec 57 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH Mary, JFWifeMarried1863 May 58 Bay Roberts
  4 FRENCH EdwardMHeadMarried1885July35 Country Rd
  FRENCH Sarah, JFWifeMarried1889Dec31 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH PearlFDaughterSingle1909May12 Country Rd
  FRENCH ClydeMSonSingle1912June09 Country Rd
  FRENCH Oswald, GMSonSingle1914Dec06 Country Rd
4 5 BELBIN Wm.MHeadMarried1861Feb60 Country Rd
  BELBIN JuliaFWifeMarried1863June58 Bay Roberts
  BELBIN Robt.MSonSingle1900Aug21 Country Rd
5 6 SPENCER Wm.MHeadMarried1879 July ?42 Coley's Point
  SPENCER Mary, JFWifeMarried1882April39 Country Rd
  SPENCER MinnieFDaughterSingle1905Aug15 Country Rd
  SPENCER AnnieFDaughterSingle1908Feb13 Country Rd
  SPENCER WilliamMSonSingle1910Sept10 Country Rd
  SPENCER MayFDaughterSingle1914July07 Country Rd
  SPENCER JohnMSonSingle1917Oct03 Country Rd
  SPENCER FannieFDaughterSingle1920 Mar 01 Country Rd
  PARSONS Mary, JFMother in LawWidow1849Sept71 Bay Roberts
6 7 SNOW AbramMHeadMarried1862Oct58 Coley's Point
  SNOW EmmaFWifeMarried1869July52 Bay Roberts
  SNOW DorcasFDaughterSingle1903June18 Coley's Point
7 8 MERCER JohnMHeadMarried1864Nov56 Country Rd
  MERCER NaomiFWifeMarried1864Nov56 Bareneed
PAGE 328                    
  MERCER Wm.MSonSingle1901June20 Country Rd
  MERCER GertieFDaughterSingle1903June18 Country Rd
NOTE: The two entries for Gertie and Wm were both crossed out on the original page and are posted here for information only.
  MERCER StewardMSonSingle1906Jan15 Country Rd
  MERCER BlancheFDaughterSingle1910Aug11 Country Rd
8 9RUSSELL NathanMHeadMarried1867Mar54 Country Rd
  RUSSELL Annie, M F WifeMarried1872Sept48 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL NathanMSonSingle1902Oct18 Country Rd
  RUSSELL AlbertMSonSingle1904Nov16 Country Rd
  RUSSELL ChesleyMSonSingle1910Feb11 Country Rd
9 10SNOW Henry. RMHeadMarried1861Sept59 Coley's Point
  SNOW BerthaFWifeMarried1872April49 Bay Roberts
  SNOW RuebenMSonSingle1911Aug10 Bay Roberts
10 11MERCER JamesMHeadMarried1872Sept48 Country Rd
  MERCER ElizaFWifeMarried1880April41 Coley's Point
  MERCER AlbertMSonSingle1907April14 Country Rd
11 12RUSSELL JohnMHeadMarried1860Oct60 Country Rd
  RUSSELL AnnieFWifeMarried1865April56 Country Rd
  RUSSELL Cassie, RFDaughterSingle1904Nov16 Country Rd
  13RUSSELL WalterMHeadMarried1896Aug25 Country Rd
  RUSSELL Florie, MF WifeMarried1896July25 Country Rd
12 14MERCER Robt.MHeadMarried1851June70 Mercers Cove
  MERCER JaneFWifeMarried1868Sept52 Labrador
  MERCER BeatriceFDaughterSingle1899Sept21 Country Rd
  MERCER JosephMSonSingle1901Dec19 Country Rd
13 15MERCER JosephMHeadMarried1882June39 Country Rd
  MERCER EmmaFWifeMarried1891June30 Shearston
  MERCER JaneFDaughterSingle1911Oct09 Country Rd
  MERCER HarrisMSonSingle1913Nov07 Country Rd
  MERCER PearlFDaughterSingle1920Oct09mo Country Rd
14 16BRADBURY EdwardMHeadMarried1840Aug81 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY JuliaFWifeMarried1843Feb78 Spaniards Bay
  SKEANS TomMAdoptedSingle1885June36 North River
15 17PARSONS JohnMHeadMarried1851Feb70 Country Rd
PAGE 329                    
  PARSONS Eliza JaneFWifeMarried1855Oct65 Country Rd
Not Numbered Not NumberedPARSONS JosephMHeadMarried1892Jan29 Country Rd
  PARSONS FannieFWifeMarried1897Jan24 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS IdaFDaughterSingle1917June04 Country Rd
  PARSONS MaryFDaughterSingle1918July03 Country Rd
  PARSONS Jutson?MSonSingle1920Nov09mo Country Rd
NOTE: Census taker May have transposed 'ts in Jutson-could be Juston?
16 18BAGGS Wm.MHeadMarried1886Aug35 Bay Roberts
  BAGGS Sarah, FF WifeMarried1889Jan32 Country Rd
  BAGGS AnnieFDaughterSingle1909June12 Country Rd
  BAGGS Willie, HMSonSingle1912Sept08 Country Rd
  BAGGS KateFDaughterSingle1914Nov06 Country Rd
  BAGGS Fannie, MF DaughterSingle1916Sept04 Country Rd
  BAGGS Eva, MF DaughterSingle1919Nov01 Country Rd
  19MERCER ThomasMHeadMarried1856July65 Bay Roberts
  MERCER AnnieFWifeMarried1860Aug61 Mercers Cove
17 20RUSSELL IsaacMHeadMarried1859Feb62 Country Rd
  RUSSELL EsterFWifeMarried1867Mar54 Bareneed
  RUSSELL Geo.MSonSingle1902June19 Country Rd
  RUSSELL MinnieFDaughterSingle1904Sept16 Country Rd
18 21BOWERING ThomasMHeadMarried1875Aug46 Coley’s Point
  BOWERING EmmaFWifeMarried1886Mar35 Bareneed
19 22FRENCH IsaacMHeadMarried1885Feb35 Country Rd
  FRENCH NaomiFWifeMarried1891July30 Country Rd
  FRENCH RoyMSonSingle1909Oct11 Country Rd
  FRENCH EthelFDaughterSingle1911Jan10 Country Rd
  FRENCH AllanMSonSingle1914April07 Country Rd
  FRENCH ClarenceMSonSingle1916Dec04 Country Rd
20 23FRENCH JethroMHeadMarried1875July46 Country Rd
  FRENCH DianaFWifeMarried1883Feb38 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH NathanMSonSingle1909July12 Bay Roberts
21 24MERCER EmmaFHeadWidow1881Oct39 Coley’s Point
  MERCER LewisMSonSingle1915Jan06 Country Rd
  FRENCH AbramMFathWidow1844Feb77 Brigus
PAGE 330                    
22 25SNOW JohnMHeadMarried1881Sept39 Country Rd
  SNOW MaggieFWifeMarried1882Dec38 Bay Roberts
  SNOW DorisFDaughterSingle1907Feb14 Country Rd
  SNOW EthelFDaughterSingle1910Jan11 Country Rd
  SNOW Calarace?FDaughterSingle1916Oct04 Country Rd
23 26FRENCH WilliamMHeadMarried1856Aug65 Coley’s Pt
  FRENCH Rachel, EFWifeMarried1868Feb53 Port-de-Grave
  FRENCH Max., LMSonSingle1898Mar23 Coley’s Pt
  FRENCH Florence, MF DauSingle1902 July 19 Coley’s Pt
  FRENCH Stella, MF DauSingle1906Aug15 Coley’s Pt
24 27SNOW AbramMHeadMarried1886 July 35 Coley’s Pt
  SNOW JessieFWifeMarried1890Aug31 Coley’s Pt
  SNOW MyrtisFDaughterSingle1910Aug11 Country Rd
  SNOW SussieFDaughterSingle1911Oct09 Country Rd
  SNOW RonaldMSonSingle1915Nov05 Country Rd
  SNOW ClaytonMSonSingle1917Jan04 Country Rd
  SNOW EdwardM Father Widower1844Feb77 Coley’s Pt
25 28TIPPETT Robt.MHeadMarried1891Oct29 Coley’s Pt
  TIPPETT EllenFWifeMarried1896Oct24 Coley’s Pt
  TIPPETT VernieFDaughterSingle1916June05 Country Rd
  TIPPETT SarahFDaughterSingle1918Feb03 Country Rd
  TIPPETT AliceFDaughterSingle1920Jan01 Country Rd
26 29FRENCH Wm.MHeadSingle1872Oct48 Country Rd
27 30SAMWAYS EmmaFHeadWidow1862Mar59 Bay Roberts
  SAMWAYS JamesMSonSingle1891Sept29 Coley’s Pt
28 31PARSONS NathanielMHeadMarried1864Aug57 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS AnnieFWifeMarried1869Aug52 Coley’s Pt
  PARSONS FredrickMSonSingle1896Oct24 Country Rd
  PARSONS Syril?MSonSingle1902July19 Country Rd
29 32GOOSNEY JamesMHeadWidow1853Oct67 Coley’s Pt
  33MERCER Uugene/Eugene?MHeadMarried1891Feb30 Bay Roberts
  MERCER MaryFWifeMarried1895Aug26 Country Rd
  MERCER James, H, MSonSingle1919 Nov 01 Country Rd
PAGE 331                    
30 34GOOSNEY JohnMHeadMarried1862Feb59 Coley’s Pt
  GOOSNEY Mary, JFWifeMarried1870Sept50 Labrador
  GOOSNEY Robt.MSonSingle1897Nov23 Country Rd
  GOOSNEY AllanMSonSingle1909July12 Country Rd
  BRADBURY? Isaac, H MBrother in LawWidow1868Aug53 Labrador
31 35SNOW JohnMHeadMarried1885Aug36 North River
  SNOW DelilahFWifeMarried1890Feb31 North River
  SNOW Stanley?MSonSingle1913Jan08 North River
  36PARSONS Wm.MHeadSingle1856April65 Country Rd
32 37 ? Unreadable Mary, AFHeadWidow1857July64 Bay Roberts
   ? Unreadable EdwardMSonSingle1892Oct28 Country Rd
33 38MERCER TyphenaFHeadWidow1845Feb76 Country Rd
34 39BRADBURY Robt.MHeadMarried1847July74 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY Mary, AFWifeMarried1851Jan70 Coley’s Pt
35 40ROBERTS LorenzaMHeadMarried1892Aug29 Country Rd
  ROBERTS JessieFWifeMarried1891Oct29 North River
  ROBERTS Elizabeth, AFDaughterSingle1909Dec11 North River
  ROBERTS DianaFDaughterSingle1913Jan08 North River
36 41BRADBURY Robt.MHeadMarried1883May38 Country Rd
  BRADBURY GertrudeFWifeMarried1884Feb37 Nova Scotia
  BRADBURY WilliamMSonSingle1913Nov07 Country Rd
  BRADBURY JohnMSonSingle1914Dec06 Country Rd
  BRADBURY RoyMSonSingle1918Nov02 Country Rd
  BRADBURY RobertMSonSingle1921Feb06mo Country Rd
36 42BRADBURY AbramMHeadMarried1855Sept65 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY Sarah, JFWifeMarried1866Jan55 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY HaywardMSonSingle1900Dec20 Bay Roberts
37 43RUSSELL HerbertMHeadMarried1895June26 Country Rd
  RUSSELL GladysFWifeMarried1897Nov23 Country Rd
  RUSSELL MillicentFDaughterSingle1918June03 Country Rd
  RUSSELL JohnMSonSingle1920Jan01 Country Rd
  RUSSELL WinnieFDaughterSingle1921Feb06mo Country Rd
38 44BRADBURY IsaacMHeadMarried1854Mar67 Bay Roberts
PAGE 332                    
  BRADBURY Mary, JFWifeMarried1857May64 Bareneed
  BRADBURY WillieMSonSingle1893Dec27 Country Rd
39 45RUSSELL EliMHeadMarried1890June31 Labrador
  RUSSELL Mary, EFWifeMarried1890Dec30 Bareneed
  RUSSELL Ethel, RFDaughterSingle1917Feb04 Country Rd
  RUSSELL Evellyn, LFDaughterSingle1920Jan01 Country Rd
40 46MERCER IsaacMHeadMarried1862Aug59 Country Rd
  MERCER MahalaFWifeMarried1864Aug57 Coley’s Pt
  MERCER Agustus?MSonSingle1899July22 Country Rd
  MERCER Jonie?, MF DauSingle1908Jan13 Country Rd
4 47MERCER HenryMHeadMarried1864Aug57 Country Rd
  MERCER IsabellaFWifeMarried1881June40 Country Rd
  MERCER WilliamMSonSingle1895April26 Country Rd
  MERCER LizzieFDaughterSingle1902Oct18 Country Rd
  MERCER PearlFDaughterSingle1905Aug16 Country Rd
  MERCER AllanMSonSingle1912Feb09 Country Rd
42 48MERCER JamesMHeadMarried1886April35 Country Rd
  MERCER DorcasFWifeMarried1892Mar29 Coley’s Pt
  MERCER JohnMSonSingle1912Jan09 Country Rd
  MERCER FannieFDaughterSingle1913Dec07 Country Rd
  MERCER WandaFDaughterSingle1919Oct01 Country Rd
  MERCER NaomiFMotherWidow1856Oct64 Labrador
43 49RUSSELL JosiahMHeadMarried1859Oct61 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL TyphenaFWifeMarried1859Jan62 Bare Need
44 50BRADBURY EliMHeadMarried1863Nov57 Country Rd
  BRADBURY MaryFWifeMarried1866June55 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP JaneFMotherWidow1836May85 Country Rd
  51BRADBURY JohnMHeadMarried1889June32 Labrador
  BRADBURY BeatriceFWifeMarried1895Aug26 Coley’s Pt
  BRADBURY GrahamMSonSingle1914July07 Country Rd
  BRADBURY HarveyMSonSingle1916June05 Country Rd
  BRADBURY WalterMSonSingle1921April04mo Country Rd
45 52KING MalcolmMHeadSingle1898July23 Country Rd
PAGE 333                    
  KING Dulcie?FSisterSingle1901Aug20 Country Rd
  KING JohnMBrotherSingle1902Nov18 Country Rd
  KING MaryFSisterSingle1906Aug15 Country Rd
  KING Simen?MBrotherSingle1910Sept10 Country Rd
46 53MERCER Jobe?MHeadMarried1867Oct53 Country Rd
  MERCER Hanmriah?FWifeMarried1870June51 Coley’s Pt
  MERCER GeorgeMSonMarried1895Oct25 Country Rd
  MERCER Idelle?FDaughter in LawMarried1900May21 ?
  MERCER DonaldMSonSingle1910Nov10 Country Rd
47 54MERCER JamesMHeadMarried1890Jan31 Country Rd
  MERCER NellieFWifeMarried1891June30 Bay Roberts
  MERCER EdnaFDaughterSingle1915Nov05 Country Rd
48 55BELBIN RobertMHeadMarried1852Feb69 Country Rd
  BELBIN Mary, AFWifeMarried1852July69 Bay Roberts
  BELBIN AnnieFDaughterSingle1894Jan27 Country Rd
49 56MORGAN AbramMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley’s Pt
  MORGAN MaryFWifeMarried1886July35 Bay Roberts
  MORGAN HaywardMSonSingle1910Aug11 Country Rd
  MORGAN MinnieFDaughterSingle1913July08 Country Rd
  MORGAN GwendolineFDaughterSingle1914Dec06 Country Rd
  MORGAN Voilet (sic)FDaughterSingle1916Dec04 Country Rd
  MORGAN ArthurMSonSingle1918Oct02 Country Rd
50 57HIERLIHY Mary, JFHeadWidow1864Aug 57 Trinity Bay
  HIERLIHY DulcieFDaughterSingle1895Feb26 Country Rd
  HIERLIHY MyrtleFDaughterSingle1897Aug24 Country Rd
  HIERLIHY BertMSonSingle1900Feb21 Country Rd
51 58EARL James, (K?)MHeadMarried1875Aug46 Battle Hr, Labrador
  EARL AnnieFWifeMarried1877Mar44 Coley’s Pt
  EARL EthelFDaughterSingle1901June20 U.S.A.
  EARL FlorenceFDaughterSingle1902Sept18 U.S.A.
  EARL RaymondMSonSingle1903Dec17 Coley’s Pt
  EARL Dots?FDaughterSingle1907Mar14 U.S.A.
52 59CARAVAN WalterMHeadMarried1887Feb34 Country Rd
PAGE 334                    
  CARAVAN FannieFWifeMarried1893Aug28 Coley’s Pt
  CARAVAN ArthurMSonSingle1913Sept07 Country Rd
  CARAVAN RoyMSonSingle1917May04 Country Rd
  CARAVAN LoisM (sic) Son (sic) Single1918 Jan03 Country Rd
  NOTE: Lois was recorded as male and son, in error?? 
  CARAVAN CarolineFMotherWidow1844Aug77 Bay Roberts
53 60CARAVAN JohnMHeadMarried1876May45 Country Rd
  CARAVAN Mary, GFWifeMarried1879May42 Coley’s Pt
  CARAVAN ChesleyMSonSingle1908Oct12 Country Rd
  CARAVAN CarryFDaughterSingle1910Dec10 Country Rd
  CARAVAN LizzieFDaughterSingle1913July08 Country Rd
  CARAVAN WillieMSonSingle1916April05 Country Rd
  CARAVAN MildredFDaughterSingle1918Dec02 Country Rd
54 61EARL ElizahMHeadMarried1847Oct73 Bay Roberts
  EARL TheresaFWifeMarried1848Jan73 Port-de-Grave
55 62MERCER StephenMHeadMarried1868July53 Country Rd
  MERCER SelinaFWifeMarried1876Aug45 Brigus
  MERCER AlbertMSonSingle1907June14 Country Rd
  MERCER MaryFDaughterSingle1908Sept13 Country Rd
  MERCER MinnieFDaughterSingle1911July10 Country Rd
  MERCER Voilet (sic)FDaughterSingle1912Oct08 Country Rd
  MERCER ElsieFDaughterSingle1919Dec01 Country Rd
  MERCER IsaacMSonSingle1916June05 Country Rd
56 63SNOW EdwardMHeadMarried1878Aug 43Country Rd
  SNOW EmmaFWifeMarried1883Dec37 Coley’s Pt
  SNOW AlbertMSonSingle1907April14 Country Rd
  SNOW GertieFDaughterSingle1909Aug12 Country Rd
  SNOW EdwardMSonSingle1910Oct10 Country Rd
  SNOW RaymondMSonSingle1915Jan 6 Country Rd
  SNOW William?MSonSingle1917Sept 3 Country Rd
  SNOW WinnieFDaughterSingle1919Aug 3Country Rd
57 64EARL EllenFHeadWidow1841June80 Bay Roberts
58 65BRADBURY WilliamMHeadMarried1853Mar68 Country Rd
  BRADBURY Mary, RFWifeMarried1866July55 Port-de-Grave
PAGE 335                    
59 66BRADBURY BertMHeadMarried1893July28 Country Rd
  BRADBURY Cairie?FWifeMarried1893June28 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY Ethel, OliveFDaughterSingle1916Mar05 Country Rd
  BRADBURY Carrie, EFDaughterSingle1917Oct03 Country Rd
  BRADBURY Malcolm, SMSonSingle1920July01 Country Rd
  All above BRADBURY’s are very poorly written-could also be BRADLEY
60 67DAWE RobertMHeadMarried1886Oct34 Coley’s Pt
  DAWE JaneFWifeMarried1887Feb34 Brigus
  DAWE MaggieFDaughterSingle1910Dec10 Country Rd
  DAWE JamesMSonSingle1920Feb01 Country Rd
61 68BANETT? JosephMHeadMarried1861Feb60 Bay Roberts
  BANETT? MaryFWifeMarried1862Jan59 Country Rd
  69BRADBURY? SamuelMHeadMarried1860Jan61 Country Rd
  BRADBURY? ElizabethFWifeMarried1859Oct61 Country Rd
  BRADBURY? StephenMSonSingle1901Nov19 Country Rd
62 70DAWE Wm.MHeadMarried1883Sept37 Coley’s Pt
  DAWE Fannie?FWifeMarried1893Sept27 Bay Roberts
  DAWE JamesMSonSingle1913Mar08 Bay Roberts
63 71BATTEN JohnMHeadMarried1867April54 Coley’s Pt
  BATTEN AnnieFWifeMarried1879Aug42 Country Rd
  BATTEN AnnieFDaughterSingle1902Oct18 Country Rd
  BATTEN John (D?)MSonSingle1906May15 County Rd
  BATTEN JosephMSonSingle1908Oct12 Country Rd
  BATTEN Rolis?MSonSingle1910Oct10 Country Rd
  BATTEN DaisyFDaughterSingle1917April04 Country Rd
64 72DAWE RobertMHeadWidow1874Feb47 Cupid’s
  DAWE GeorgeMSonSingle1905Feb16 Country Rd
  DAWE MinnieFDaughterSingle1906Nov14 Burnt Head
  DAWE StanleyMSonSingle1914Jan07 Country Rd
65 73BOWERING StephenMHeadMarried1875Nov45 Coley’s Pt
  BOWERING LizzieFWifeMarried1885Sept35 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING AllanMSonSingle1908May13 Country Rd
  BOWERING Leuis?MSonSingle1910July11 Country Rd
  BOWERING Donald?MSonSingle1912Dec08 Country Rd
PAGE 336                    
  BOWERING JessieFDaughterSingle1917June04 Country Rd
  BOWERING StephenMSonSingle1921Feb05mo Country Rd
66 74PARSONS Robt.MHeadMarried1885Nov35 Coley’s Pt
  PARSONS May F WifeMarried1888Oct32 Coley’s Pt
  PARSONS IdaFDaughterSingle1912Jan09 Boston, U.S.A.
  PARSONS FlorrieFDaughterSingle1913Nov07 Coley’s Pt
67 75MERCER AbramMHeadMarried1869July52 Bay Roberts
  MERCER FannieFWifeMarried1870Dec50 Country Rd
  MERCER EdithFDaughterSingle1899Dec21 Country Rd
  MERCER ElsieFDaughterSingle1901Oct19 Country Rd
  MERCER GordonMSonSingle1904Oct16 Country Rd
  MERCER CecilMSonSingle1907Mar14 Country Rd
  MERCER FannieFDaughterSingle1911Feb10 Country Rd
  MERCER RuebenMSonSingle1913Nov07 Country Rd
  MERCER Ordory?FDaughterSingle1914Dec06 Country Rd
68 76BELBIN SamuelMHeadMarried1879Jan42 Country Rd
  BELBIN MaryFWifeMarried1881Aug40 Coley’s Pt
  BELBIN StanleyMSonSingle1908Feb13 Country Rd
  BELBIN ClarenceMSonSingle1909Oct11 Country Rd
  BELBIN RitaFDaughterSingle1913Sept07 Country Rd
69 77MERCER EsauMHeadMarried1872Sept48 Country Rd
  MERCER Sarah, FF WifeMarried1874Oct46 Bay Roberts
  MERCER JaneFDaughterSingle1895Sept25 Country Rd
  MERCER William?MSonSingle1901Jan20 Country Rd
NOTE: The entry for William was crossed out on the original page and is included here for information only.
  MERCER AlexMSonSingle1903Sept17 Country Rd
  MERCER IreneFDaughterSingle1906Aug15 Country Rd
  MERCER PearlFDaughterSingle1909Oct11 Country Rd
  MERCER MayFDaughterSingle1912July09 Country Rd
70 78ROBERTS AbramMHeadMarried1863Aug58 Country Rd
  ROBERTS GraceFWifeMarried1875Sept45 Clarks Beach
  ROBERTS WilfredMSonSingle1900Dec20 Country Rd
  ROBERTS DorothyFDaughterSingle1904Sept16 Country Rd
  ROBERTS WilliamMSonSingle1908Nov12 Country Rd
71 79PARSONS ThomasMHeadMarried1893June28 Country Rd
  PARSONS MayF WifeMarried1897July24 Shearston
  PARSONS Harioth?FDaughterSingle1917Nov03 Country Rd
  PARSONS Voilet (sic)FDaughterSingle1919Dec01 Country Rd
  PARSONS MathewM Father Widower1841Aug80 Country Rd
72 80PARSONS FrancisMHeadMarried1890Sept30 Country Rd
  PARSONS SussieFWifeMarried1893Dec27 Shearston
  PARSONS ThomasMSonSingle1908Jan13 Country Rd
  PARSONS VictoriaFDaughterSingle1910Nov10 Country Rd
  PARSONS Myria?FDaughterSingle1914April07 Country Rd
  PARSONS AlbertMSonSingle1915Sept06 Country Rd
  PARSONS GeorgeMSonSingle1916Oct05 Country Rd
  PARSONS FrancisMSonSingle1917June04 Country Rd
  PARSONS SusieFDaughterSingle1918July03 Country Rd
  PARSONS Edgar, DMSonSingle1920Oct10mo Country Rd
73 81GOOSNEY William?MHeadMarried1856Sept64 Coley’s Pt
  GOOSNEY ElizabethFWifeMarried1851July70 Bareneed
74 82SNOW IsaacMHeadMarried1865Dec55 Coley’s Pt
  SNOW Mary, AFWifeMarried1871Aug50 Clarks Beach
  SNOW BenjaminMSonSingle1895Dec25 Country Rd
  SNOW JohnMSonSingle1901Dec19 Country Rd
  SNOW WilliamMSonSingle1903Sept17 Country Rd
  SNOW IsaacMSonSingle1910Mar11 Country Rd
75 83DELANEY Wm.MHead Widower 1853Feb68 Coley’s Pt
  DELANEY JohnMSonSingle1894May27 Country Rd
76 84BELBIN WilliamMHeadMarried1888Aug33 Country Rd
  BELBIN WinnieFWifeMarried1892July29 Newmans Cove
  BELBIN MildredFDaughterSingle1914Mar07 Boston, U.S.A
  BELBIN ChesleyMSonSingle1916Mar05 Clarks Beach
  BELBIN Annie J. FDaughterSingle1920June01 Country Rd
77 85MORGAN JacobMHeadMarried1881Sept40 Coley’s Pt
  MORGAN MayF WifeMarried1886Oct35 Country Rd
78 86PARSONS Wm. F (sic) Head Widower1868April53 Country Rd
PAGE 338                    
  PARSONS Jack, SMSonSingle1895Aug26 Country Rd
  PARSONS MyrtleFDaughterSingle1902Aug19 Country Rd
  PARSONS WilliamMSonSingle1904Sept17 Country Rd
  PARSONS LizzieFDaughterSingle1907Jan14 Country Rd

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Robin and Ann Simpson, Jackson’s Point, ON, Canada

Posted June 27, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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