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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Cooks Harbour,
St. Barbe District
{158 Individuals in 25 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 192                    
152 172 PENNEY George M Head Married 1862 Feb 59 Burgeo West Coast
    PENNEY Naomie F Wife Married 1870 Aug 51 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Walter M Son Single 1918 Feb 3 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Edward M Son Single 1910 Dec 11 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Willis M Son Single 1902 May 19 Cooks Hbr
  173 PENNEY George Jr M Son Married 1898 Nov 23 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Fannie F Daughter in Law Married 1899 Jun 22 Blake Town
    PENNEY Silby M Grand Son Single 1920 Apr 1 Blake Town
153 174 PITMAN William M Head Married 1894 July 27 Locks Cove
    PITMAN Rachel F Wife Married 1896 Aug 25 Cooks Hbr
    PITMAN Edna F Daughter Single 1914 Jun 7 Cooks Hbr
    PITMAN Stella F Daughter Single 1916 Feb 5 Cooks Hbr
    PITMAN Ralph M Son Single 1920 Nov 1 Cooks Hbr
154 175 SMITH Henry M Head Married 1898 Sep 23 Big Brook
    SMITH Agnes F Wife Married 1902 Jun 19 Cooks Hbr
    SMITH Cecil M Son Single 1921 4 (sic) No Entry Cooks Hbr
155 176 KATES Levi M Head Married 1870 Feb 51 Cooks Hbr
    KATES Eliza F Wife Married 1864 Apr 57 Winterton TB
    ANDREWS Lias M Servant Single 1899 Oct 22 Island Bright
156 177 ELLIOTT Benjamin M Head Married 1851 July 70 Western Bk HB
    ELLIOTT Naomie F Wife Married 1873 Jan 48 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Eli M Son Single 1894 Dec 27 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Arustus? M Son Single 1899 Dec 22 Locks Cove HB
PAGE 193                    
    ELLIOTT Leonard M Son Single 1904 Jan 17 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Harrison M Son Single 1907 Sep 14 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Leah F Daughter Single 1909 Apr 12 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Rosannah F Daughter Single 1914 Apr 7 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Laura F Daughter Single 1916 May 5 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Lucy F Daughter Single 1910 Dec 10 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Benjamin Jr M Son Single 1912 Aug 9 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Absolom M Son Single 1896 Feb 25 Locks Cove HB
157 178 WARREN Isaac M Head Married 1869 Oct 51 Cooks Hbr
    WARREN Eliza F Wife Married 1871 May 50 Flowers Cove
    WARREN Lyddia F Daughter Single 1902 Nov 18 Cooks Hbr
  179 WARREN Caleb M Son Married 1898 Jan 23 Cooks Hbr
    WARREN Rosannah F Daughter in Law Married 1900 Jun 21 Cooks Hbr
    WARREN Jessie F Grand Daughter Single 1920 Apr 1 Cooks Hbr
  180 WARREN Harrison M Son Widow 1896 Jan 25 Cooks Hbr
    WARREN Irene F Grand Daughter Single 1918 July 3 Cooks Hbr
158 181 ELLIOTT Bert M Head Married 1896 Jun 25 Locks Cove HB
    ELLIOTT Priscella F Wife Married 1900 Jun 21 Cooks Hbr
    ELLIOTT Gladys F Daughter Single 1918 Oct 3 Cooks Hbr
    ELLIOTT Doria F Daughter Single 1921 2 (sic) No Entry Cooks Hbr
159 182 PENNEY John M Head Married 1886 Feb 35 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Lucy F WIfe Married 1886 Apr 35 Winterton TB
    PENNEY Raymond M Son Single 1913 Sep 8 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Evelyn F Daughter Single 1915 Apr 6 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Viola F Daughter Single 1918 Apr 3 Cooks Hbr
    PENNEY Gilbert M Son Single 1921 1 (sic) No Entry Cooks Hbr
160 183 ELLIOTT Arron M Head Married 1854 Sep 67 Island Bright
    ELLIOTT Isabella F Wife Married 1866 May 55 Island Bright
  184 SCANLAN William Sr M Servant Widower 1872 Aug 49 Cooks Hbr
    SCANLAN William Jr M Servant Single 1904 Aug 17 Cooks Hbr
  185 PITMAN John M Adopted Son Married 1898 Aug 23 Locks Cove
    PITMAN Eliza F Dughter in Law Married 1901 Dec 19 Locks Cove
161 186 PATEY David M Head Married 1870 Jun 57 Goose Cove
PAGE 194                    
    PATEY Alice F Wife Married 1880 Sep 41 Hanse HR TB
    PATEY WIlliam M Son Single 1900 Jun 21 Cooks Hbr
    PATEY Alexander M Son Single 1915 Jan 6 Cooks Hbr
    PATEY Mary J F Daughter Single 1912 Aug 9 Cooks Hbr
162 187 PITMAN Abraham M Head Married 1881 July 40 Locks Cove
    PITMAN Edith F Wife Married 1888 Jun 33 Hanse Hr TB
    PITMAN Ambrose M Son Single 1907 Oct 13 Cooks Hbr
    PITMAN Sidney M Son Single 1914 Aug 7 Cooks Hbr
    PITMAN Andrew M Son Single 1919 Aug 2 Cooks Hbr
163 188 STRANGEMORE John M Head Married 1874 Sep 47 Island Bright
    STRANGEMORE Eva F Wife Married 1891 July 30 Locks Cove
    STRANGEMORE Hayward M Son Single 1908 Oct 12 Locks Cove
    STRANGEMORE Edna F Daughter Single 1911 Aug 10 Locks Cove
    STRANGEMORE May F Daughter Single 1917 Mar 4 Locks Cove
    STRANGEMORE Charles M Son Single 1919 Aug 2 Cooks Hbr
164 189 KINSULA Thomas M Head Married 1855 Sep 66 Burgio
    KINSULA Mary F Wife Married 1865 Apr 56 Cooks Hbr
    ELLIOTT Thomas M Adopted Son Single 1898 Jun 23 Locks Cove
  190 ELLIOTT Arron M Son in Law Married 1892 Nov 29 Locks Cove
    ELLIOTT Emma F Daughter Married 1887 Sep 34 Wild Bight
    ELLIOTT Hazel F Grand Daughter Single 1916 Aug 5 Cooks Hbr
    ELLIOTT Wilfred M Grand Son Single 1919 Jan 2 Cooks He
165 191 DECKER William H M Head Married 1868 May 53 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Edith F WIfe Married 1878 Aug 43 St Anthony
    DECKER Flossie F Daughter Single 1905 Sep 16 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Laura F Daughter Single 1908 July 13 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Blanche F Daughter Single 1911 Aug 10 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Naomie F Daughter Single 1913 Jun 8 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Senie (?) F Daughter Single 1915 Mar 6 Cooks He
    DECKER Alice F Daughter Single 1918 July 3 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Eric M Son Single 1902 Mar 19 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Mark M Son Single 1904 Aug 17 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Ernest M Son Single 1907 Sep 14 Cooks Hbr
PAGE 175                    
166 192 LODER John M Head Married 1891 Jan 30 Cooks Hbr
    LODER Christina F Wife Married 1898 Feb 23 Cape Norman
    LODER Alexander M Son Single 1919 May 2 Cape Norman
    LODER Stanley M Son Single 1921 4 (sic) No Entry Cooks Hbr
    LODER Arthur M Brother Single 1905 Aug 16 Cooks Hbr
167 193 HANCOCK James M Head Married 1868 Sep 53 St Johns
    HANCOCK Sarah F Wife Married 1875 Oct 46 Lanse au Meadows
168 194 DECKER John C M Head Married 1873 Mar 48 Lanse au Meadows
    DECKER Caroline F Wife Married 1880 Apr 41 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Effie J F Daughter Single 1902 Mar 19 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Clara F Daughter Single 1904 Mar 17 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Garland M Son Single 1906 Jun 15 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Charles M Son Single 1908 Jun 13 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Jesse F Daughter Single 1910 Aug 11 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Hazel F Daughter Single 1912 Feb 9 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Evelyn F Daughter Single 1915 Aug 6 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Milley F Daughter Single 1917 July 4 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER H Gerald M Son Single 1918 Oct 3 Cooks Hbr
    DECKER Frederick M Son Single 1912 Feb 9 Cooks Hbr
169 195 FIELD James M Head Married 1885 Sep 36 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Amelia F Wife Married 1886 Dec 35 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Arthur M Son Single 1908 Dec 12 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Sandy M Son Single 1909 Dec 11 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Rhoda F Daughter Single 1911 Oct 9 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Elsie F Daughter Single 1914 May 7 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Minnie F Daughter Single 1915 Mar 6 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Virtue F Daughter Single 1917 Jun 4 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD George M Son Single 1918 Oct 3 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Casandra F Daughter Single 1920 May 1 Cooks Hbr
170 196 FIELD George M Head Married 1882 Oct 39 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Jane F Wife Married 1885 Aug 36 Greens Pond
    FIELD James M Son Single 1905 Dec 15 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Dasie F Daughter Single 1908 May 13 Cooks Hbr
PAGE 176                    
    FIELD Beatrice F Daughter Single 1914 May 7 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Percy M Son Single 1910 Feb 11 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD William M Son Single 1912 Mar 9 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Francis M Son Single 1916 May 5 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Lenora F Daughter Single 1919 Sep 2 Cooks Hbr
    FIELD Herbert M Son Single 1921 2 (sic) No Entry Cooks Hbr
    BRADBURY Fannie F Mother Widow 1849 Apr 72 Musgrave Harbour
171 197 BARRETT Henry M Head Married 1890 Oct 31 Lanse Au Meadows
    BARRETT Susannah F Wife Married 1892 Aug 29 Cooks Hbr
    BARRETT Joseph M Son Single 1914 Sep 7 Cooks Hbr
    BARRETT Blanche F Daughter Single 1916 Apr 5 Cooks Hbr
    BARRETT Gretta F Daughter Single 1917 Nov 4 Cooks Hbr
    BARRETT Mary F Daughter Single 1863 Dec 58 Raleigh
    DECKER John M Father in Law Widower 1854 Aug 67 Cooks Hbr
172 198 SAUNDERS George M Head Married 1897 Jan 24 Cooks Hbr
    SAUNDERS Diana F Wife Married 1898 July 23 Cooks Hbr
    SAUNDERS Bessie F Daughter Single 1919 Nov 2 Cooks Hbr
173 199 ALLINGHAM William Sr M Head Married 1851 Aug 70 Battle Harbour, Lab 1876
    ALLINGHAM Diana F Wife Married 1867 Sep 54 Cooks Hbr
    ALLINGHAM Robert M Son Single 1884 Oct 37 Cooks Hbr
    ALLINGHAM George M Son Single 1900 Mar 21 Cooks Hbr
    ALLINGHAM Sarah F Daughter Single 1909 Nov 12 Cooks Hbr
    ALLINGHAM Emma F Daughter Single 1915 Jan 6 Cooks Hbr
    PILGRIM William M Father in Law Widower 1832 July 89 Carbonear, C.B
174 200 ALLINGHAM William Jr M Head Married 1894 Aug 27 Cooks Hbr
    ALLINGHAM Gladys F Wife Married 1899 Feb 22 St Anthony
    ALLINGHAM Olive F Daughter Single 1920 Apr 1 Cooks Hbr
175 201 SHORT Albert M Head Married 1875 Aug 46 Hance Harbour, T.B
    SHORT Emily F Wife Married 1886 Sep 35 St. Leonards
    MAIDMENT Simon M Adopted Son Single 1900 Aug 21 Hance Harbour
176 202 SHORT James M Head Married 1883 Aug 38 Cooks Hbr
    SHORT Mary F Wife Married 1893 Oct 28 Cooks Hbr
    SHORT Chesley M Son Single 1907 Aug 14 Cooks Hbr
PAGE 177                    
    SHORT Walter M Son Single 1909 Nov 12 Cooks Hbr
    SHORT Gertrude F Daughter Single 1912 Aug 9 Cooks Hbr
    SHORT Stanley M Son Single 1920 June 1 Cooks Hbr

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Imelda Hopkins, Richardson, TX, USA
and Tony Parsons, Eastport, Nfld

Posted May 11, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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