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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Coley's Point, (Harbour Grace District)
{909 Persons in 200 Households}

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Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 299                    
1 1 SPENCER JohnMHeadMarried1852 Nov68 Coley's Point
  SPENCER NaomiFWifeMarried1858Feb62 South River
  SPENCER George,BMSonMarried1891May30 Coley's Pt
  SPENCER Virty, BFDaughter in LawMarried1895Aug25 Coley's Pt
22FRENCH BenjaminMHeadMarried1852Mar69 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SarahFWifeMarried1852Feb69 Bay Roberts
 3FRENCH John, JMHeadMarried1881Oct39 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH EthelFWifeMarried1882 Nov38 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH EvelynFDaughterSingle 1911Aug09 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH AliceFDaughterSingle 1913Feb07 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH StellaFDaughterSingle 1916Sept04 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH LucindaFDaughterSingle 1921May03mo Coley's Pt
34FRENCH IsaacMHeadMarried1853May68 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH RebeccaFWifeMarried1854Sept66 Bareneed
  FRENCH WilliamMSonMarried1886May35 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Fanny, MF Daughter in LawMarried1886Aug34 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH HarryMGrand Child Single 1913Oct07 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Frank, DMGrand ChildSingle 1916July05 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH MarionFGrand ChildSingle 1918 Nov02 Coley's Pt
45FRENCH EsauMHeadMarried1860 Nov 60 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Sarah, PFWifeMarried1869Sept51 Country Rd
  FRENCH ElizaFDaughter Single 1903Dec17 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH E. GarfieldMSon Single 1908June13 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH DorisFDaughterSingle 1910Oct10 Coley's Pt
56JACKSON HenryMHeadMarried1885Aug35 Coley's Pt
  JACKSON Emma, JFWifeMarried1886Jan35 Coley's Pt
  JACKSON SusannaFMotherWidow1856Jan65 Coley's Pt
  JACKSON MyrtleFDaughterSingle 1908July13 Coley's Pt
  JACKSON HarveyMSon Single 1918May03 Coley's Pt
67DAWE AnnieFHeadWidow1836April85 Port-de-Grave
  BATTEN William, T.MSon in LawWidow1864Oct56 Bareneed
  BATTEN HarveyMGrand SonSingle 1899Jan22 Coley's Pt
78GOOSNEY RobertMHeadWidow1861 No Entry 60 Coley's Pt
PAGE 300                    
89IVIMEY JonathanMHeadMarried1882Aug38 Cupid's
  IVIMEY MaryFWifeMarried1884Sept36 Coley's Pt
  IVIMEY RaymondMSon Single 1908Sept12 Cupid's
  IVIMEY CarlMSon Single 1910July11 Cupid's
910BOWERING IsaacMHeadMarried1882 Nov38 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING EllenFWifeMarried1892Jan29 Bareneed
  BOWERING EthelFDaughterSingle 1912Dec08 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING LesterMSon Single 1914Aug07 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING HeberMSon Single 1917Mar04 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING NathanMSon Single 1918Oct02 Coley's Pt
1011STEVENS Chas .SMHeadMarried1864Oct56 Bareneed
  STEVENS SarahFWifeMarried1871Sept49 Southern Bay(B.B.?)
  BARNES JamesMStep SonSingle1898 Nov22 Brigus
  BARNES Henry, GMStep SonSingle1900Oct20 Brigus
  STEVENS AnnieFDaughterSingle1904Aug17 North River
1112FRENCH John(of Jna?)MHeadMarried1865Feb56 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH JaneFWife Married 1870Nov50 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH WillieMSonSingle1909Feb11 Coley's
  FRENCH ElizaFSisSingle1872Aug49 Coley's Pt
1213FRENCH ThomasMHeadMarried1878Mar45 Coley's
  FRENCH JessieFWifeMarried1883Sept37 Coley's Pt
1314ROWSELL George, HMHeadMarried1887Sept34 Coley's Pt
  ROWSELL JessieFWifeMarried1888April33 Burnt Hd
  ROWSELL CharlesMSon Single 1913May08 Coley's Pt
  ROWSELL Hilda, GFDaughterSingle 1915Mar06 Coley's Pt
  ROSWELL Arthur, AMSon Single 1918Oct02 Coley's Pt
  ROSWELL MarionFDaughterSingle 1921Feb06mo Coley's Pt
  FRENCH CharlesMUncleWidower1845Sept75 Bareneed
1415FRENCH JohnMHeadMarried1846June75 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH JuliaFWifeMarried1843Mar78 Bay Roberts
  GOOSNEY IsaacMSon in LawMarried1873Jan48 Coley's Pt
  GOOSNEY Annie, LFDaughterMarried1882Sept38 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN VerenaFBoarder Single 1914Feb07 Coley's Pt
PAGE 301                    
1516FRENCH JamesMHeadMarried1847 Nov73 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH MaryFWifeMarried1850Feb71 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH Robert, JMSonMarried1886Dec34 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH NaomiFDaughter in LawMarried1892 No Entry29 Bareneed
  FRENCH Mary, EFGrand ChildSingle 1912Oct08 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SusieFGrand ChildSingle 1915Dec05 Coley's Pt
1617PARSONS Samuel(of Is.?)M HeadMarried1887May34 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS SusieFWifeMarried1886Aug35 Labrador
  PARSONS RaymondMSon Single 1913June08 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS ClaraFDaughterSingle 1920Aug01 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN MarjoryFBoarder Single 1911No Entry 10 Coley's Pt
1718SNOW JohnMHeadMarried1858May63 Coley's Pt
  SNOW RuthFWifeMarried1858Sept62 Bareneed
  SNOW LaviniaFDaughterSingle1905 No Entry15 Coley's Pt
  SNOW AnnieFDaughterSingle1899 No Entry21 Coley's Pt
1819PARSONS AugustusMHeadMarried1889 Nov31 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS IsabelleFWifeMarried1895July26 Bareneed
  PARSONS Fred, JMSon Single 1918Sept02 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS Ruby, GFDaughterSingle 1921June02mo Coley's Pt
1920SAMWAYS JohnMHead Separated 1856Aug65 Labrador
  SAMWAYS FannyFDaughterSingle1898Oct22 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS JohnMSonSingle1900Sept20 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS LaviniaFDaughterSingle1902Aug19 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS DorothyFDaughter  1911June10 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS George, RMGrand Son  1920Mar01 Coley's Pt
2021PARSONS AllanMHeadMarried1891Mar30 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS MaryFWifeMarried1892Dec28 Port-de-Grave
  PARSONS BarbaraFDaughterSingle 1915Dec05 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS GertrudeFDaughterSingle 1917Oct03 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS AllanMSon Single 1919Aug02 Coley's Pt
  TUCKER MaryFMother in LawWidow1848Aug72 Bishops Cove
2122CURNEW JohnMHeadMarried1853Aug68 Bareneed
  CURNEW Mary,FF WifeMarried1862Jan59 Port-de-Grave
PAGE 302                    
2223PARSONS StewartMHeadMarried1884Aug36 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS VioletFWifeMarried1893Aug28 Bareneed
  PARSONS SamuelMSon Single 1916July05 Coley's Point
  PARSONS WilliamMSon Single 1918Oct02 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS MalcolmMSon Single 1920July01 Coley's Pt
2324FRENCH James(of Jno?)MHeadMarried1876Aug45 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH ElfridaFWifeMarried1883Sept37 Port-de-Grave
  FRENCH ThomasMSon Single 1907Aug14 Coley's Point
  FRENCH HaroldMSon Single 1910Dec10 Coley's Pt
  FRENCHNo EntryMSon Single 1921July10dys Coley's Pt
2425FRENCH RobertMHeadMarried1842Sept78 Bareneed
  FRENCH ElizabethFWifeMarried1849June72 South Shore, C.B.
  GREENLAND ErnestMGrand SonSingle1903April18 Coley's Pt
2526PARSONS Samuel(of Jas)M HeadMarried1853Aug68 Labrador
  PARSONS FannyFWifeMarried1855Mar66 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS EllenFDaughterSingle1896Aug25 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS SebastianMSonSingle1898Mar23 Coley's Pt
2627MARTIN HenryMHeadMarried1860May61 Cartwright, Labrador
  MARTIN Elizabeth, AFWifeMarried1864June57 Bareneed
  MARTIN GilbertMSonMarried1895June26 Cartwright
  MARTIN Annie, F F Daughter in LawMarried1901June20 Bareneed
  MARTIN Myrtle, (C?)FGrand ChildSingle 1913July08 Coley's Pt
2728KINGSLEY JosephMHeadMarried1878July43 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY LilyFWifeMarried1878Sept42 North River
  KINGSLEY KennethMSonSingle1903 Nov18 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY Violet,MF DauSingle1907May14 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY GilbertMSon Single 1918Aug03 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY SamuelMSon Single 1912Mar09 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY FrankMSon Single 1913April08 Bareneed
  KINGSLEY Wm., JMSon Single 1915Aug06 Bareneed
2829FRENCH Chas., SMHeadMarried1883Sept37 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH MinnieFWifeMarried1884 Nov36 Country Rd
  FRENCH Mary, AFMotherWidow1844Oct76 Bareneed
PAGE 303                    
2930MORGAN JacobMHeadMarried1845Oct75 Port-de-Grave
  MORGAN FrancisFWifeMarried1845Aug76 Port-de-Grave
  MORGAN WalterMSonMarried1876Dec44 Port-de-Grave
  MORGAN EmmelineFDaughter in LawMarried1878Mar43 Bay Roberts
  MORGAN MaudFGrand ChildSingle 1906Sept14 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EvelynFGrand ChildSingle 1909July12 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN OctaviaFGrand ChildSingle 1911June10 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN MaryFGrand ChildSingle 1914Oct06 Coley's Pt
3031PARSONS CharlesMHeadMarried1881Dec39 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS Mary, AFWifeMarried1886Dec34 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS CarrieFDaughterSingle1906Dec14 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS CharlesMSon Single 1908 Nov12 Coley's Pt
3132PARSONS JohnMHeadMarried1875 Nov45 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS EmmaFWife  1882Jan39 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS RebeccaFDaughterSingle1902July19 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS SarahFDaughterSingle1905Sept15 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS EthelFDaughterSingle 1909July12 Coley's Pt
3233FRENCH StephenMHeadMarried1873Mar48 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Mary, EFWifeMarried1873Mar48 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH ReubenMSonSingle1903Sept17 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Emmie, JFDaughterSingle 1908Feb13 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Stephen, AMSon Single 1913May08 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH JamesMSon Single 1915Feb06 Coley's Pt
3334LAMB WilliamMHeadMarried1860Oct60 Port-de-Grave
  LAMB FannyFWifeMarried1864Feb57 Shearston
  LAMB PearlFDaughterSingle1902 Nov18 Coley's Pt
  MOORE Mary, AFMotherWidow1829Mar92 Bareneed
3435BISHOP Elizabeth, AFHead Widow 1855Oct66 Port-de-Grave
3536BISHOP IsaacMHeadMarried1884 Nov36 Burnt Hd
  BISHOP BelleFWifeMarried1894Aug27 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP Vera, RFDaughterSingle 1917Sept03 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP EnidFDaughterSingle 1919Sept01 Coley's Pt
3637TIPPETT SamuelMHeadMarried1852Oct68 Coley's Pt
PAGE 304                    
  TIPPETT Patience, EFWifeMarried1858Jan65 Bareneed
  TIPPETT (Ebenezor?)MSonSingle1897April24 Coley's Pt
  TIPPETT NathanielMSonSingle1899June22 Coley's Pt
3738CURNEW SusannaFHead Widow 1860 No Entry60 Coley's Pt
  CURNEW Jas., Jno.MAdopted SonSingle1898Mar23 St. John's
3839MERCER Robt., SMHeadMarried1873Oct47 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Sarah, JFWifeMarried1875April46 Bay Roberts
  MERCER LolitaFDaughterSingle1904Aug17 Coley's Pt
  MERCER M. GwendolynFDaughterSingle 1907Mar14 Coley's Pt
  MERCER E. ReginaldMSon Single 1912June9 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Bertram, AMSon Single 1916April05 Coley's Pt
  CURTIS SusieFDomestic ServantSingle1902Aug19 King's Cove
3940BRADBURY JosephMHeadMarried1887Oct33 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY ElizabethFWifeMarried1890Jan31 Bareneed
  BRADBURY MelicentFDaughterSingle 1921Aug1 Wk Coley's Pt
4041SNOW AdamMHeadMarried1863Jan58 Coley's Pt
  SNOW LeahFWifeMarried1868 July 53 Coley's Pt
  SNOW IsaacMSonSingle1898Oct22 Coley's Pt
  SNOW AnnieFDaughterSingle1902 Sept 2 Coley's Pt
  SNOW EmmieFDaughterSingle 1908 Jan 13 Coley's Pt
4142BRADBURY JamesMHeadMarried1845Aug75 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY Elizabeth, AFWifeMarried1866Sept54 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY JamesMSonSingle1901Oct19 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY ClaraFDaughterSingle1899Feb22 Coley's Pt
 43BRADBURY JohnMHeadMarried1892Oct28 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY ElizabethFWifeMarried1897Jan24 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY RonaldMSon Single 1920Feb01 Coley's Pt
4244SNOW GeorgeMHeadMarried1894Oct26 Coley's Pt
  SNOW DorcasFWifeMarried1895Mar26 Shearston
  SNOW LeahFDaughterSingle 1920Aug01 Coley's Pt
4345SNOW WilliamMHeadMarried1860 No Entry60 Coley's Pt
  SNOW MarionFWifeMarried1866 No Entry54 Coley's Pt
PAGE 305                    
  SNOW JohnMSonMarried1886Aug35 Coley's Pt
  SNOW Ester,FDaughter in LawMarried1893Sept27 Bareneed
  SNOW DorcasFDaughterSingle1901Oct19 Coley's Pt
  SNOW DorisFGrand ChildSingle 1918July03 Coley's Pt
  SNOW VioletFGrand ChildSingle 1920Aug01 Coley's Pt
4446RUMBOLDT WilliamMHeadMarried1892Sept28 Battle Hr., Lab
  RUMBOLDT SusannaFWifeMarried1892Oct28 Graves, Lab
  RUMBOLDT John, FMSon Single 1914Sept06 Coley's Pt
  RUMBOLDT MaryFDaughterSingle 1916July05 Coley's Pt
  RUMBOLDT StewartMSon Single 1920May01 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH FannyFMotherWidow1848 Nov72 Bareneed
4547THOMPSON GeorgeMHeadMarried1880Feb40 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON VictoriaFWifeMarried1888Sept32 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON ClaytonMSon Single 1908Feb13 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON GertrudeFDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON AbramMSon Single 1911Sept09 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON James, AMSon Single 1913Jan08 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON Wallace, EMSon Single 1918Aug03 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON GeorgeMFatherMarried1836Feb84 Bareneed
  THOMPSON AnnieFMotherMarried1836Feb84 Bareneed
4648SNOW Mary, HFHead Wid 1858Aug63 Bareneed
4749SNOW JamesMHeadMarried1886June35 Coley's Pt
  SNOW EstherFWifeMarried1886 No Entry35 Clarkes Beach
  SNOW HannahFMotherWidow1850Oct70 Bareneed
4850MERCER JohnMHeadMarried1885Aug36 Coley's Pt
  MERCER JaneFWifeMarried1888Aug33 Bay Roberts
  MERCER EmmieFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Coley's Pt
  MERCER MarionFDaughterSingle 1912Aug09 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Nellie, FF Daughter Single 1914Aug07 Coley's Pt
  MERCER MaryFDaughterSingle 1918Oct02 Coley's Pt
4951MORGAN Isaac (of Abm)MHeadMarried1849July72 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EmilyFWifeMarried1851May70 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN AlbertMSonMarried1877Oct44 No Entry
  MORGAN Sarah, IFDaughter in LawMarried1879May42 Burin
PAGE 306                    
  MORGAN JohnMGrand SonSingle 1903Dec17 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN OlgaFGrand ChildSingle 1914July07 Coley's Pt
5052FRENCH Wm., JMHeadMarried1878Aug43 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Mary, JFWifeMarried1880Aug41 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH MyraFDaughterSingle1902Dec18 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH AllanMSon Single 1913Aug08 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH ElizabethFMotherWidow1835 Nov85 Bareneed
5153MORGAN BenjaminMHeadMarried1853Aug68 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN HarrietFWifeMarried1863Jan58 Country Rd
5254MORGAN Wm.MHeadMarried1857Sept63 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN Mary, GFWifeMarried1872July49 Bareneed
  MORGAN NathanielMSonSingle1899June22 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN AbramMSon Single 1907Jan14 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1909Jan12 Coley's Pt
5355MORGAN IsaacMHeadMarried1846Feb75 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN SelinaFWifeMarried1855Jan66 Port-de-Grave
  MORGAN AllanMSonMarried1891Sept29 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN MaudFDaughter in LawMarried1897 No Entry24 Bay Roberts
  MORGAN IsaacMSon Widow 1881Sept39 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN GeorgeMGrand ChildSingle 1908Dec12 Coley's Pt
5456GRAY AbramMHeadMarried1849Sept71 Coley's Pt
  GRAY ElizabethFWifeMarried1856Jan65 Shearston
  GRAY JohnMSonMarried1877July44 Coley's Pt
  GRAY EllenFDaughter in LawMarried1882 Nov38 Bay Roberts
  LACEY JaneFDaughter Widow 1895Feb26 Coley's Pt
  LACEY JosiahMGrand SonSingle 1914Sept06 Coley's Pt
5557THOMPSON James, AMHeadMarried1892June29 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON SalomeFWifeMarried1892Mar29 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON Jas., LMSon Single 1918Mar03 Coley's Pt
  THOMPSON Wm., JMSon Single 1919Dec01 Coley's Pt
5658MORGAN RichardMHeadMarried1875 Nov45 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN FannyFWifeMarried1882Mar39 Shearston
  MORGAN EthelFDaughterSingle 1907Feb14 Coley's Pt
PAGE 307                    
  MORGAN AlexanderMSon Single 1910Sept10 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN Mary, HFDaughterSingle 1920Feb01 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN Mary, JFMotherWidow1849July72 Coley's Pt
5759MORGAN Wm., EMHeadMarried1879Oct41 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN SelinaFWifeMarried1887Dec33 Bareneed
  MORGAN HerbertMSon Single 1911Aug10 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EmmieFDaughterSingle 1915Oct05 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN HildaFDaughterSingle 1918July03 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN W., StanleyMSon Single 1919Oct01 Coley's Pt
5860BATTEN JosephMHeadMarried1870May51 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN GraceFWifeMarried1872July49 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN Carma?FDaughterSingle1897 Nov23 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN HildaFDaughterSingle1901 Nov19 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN TenaFDaughterSingle1903Dec17 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN JohnMSon Single 1905Sept15 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN MinaFDaughterSingle 1907Aug14 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN RebeccaFDaughterSingle 1910Feb11 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN CliftonMSon Single 1914Oct06 Coley's Pt
5961RALPH CharlesMHeadMarried1846May75 Port-de-Grave
  RALPH MaryFWifeMarried1847Mar74 Collier's
  RALPH NathanMSonMarried1881Feb40 Coley's Pt
  RALPH ElizaFDaughter in LawMarried1883July38 Bay Roberts
  RALPH JamesMGrand SonSingle1904Dec16 Coley's Pt
6062BRADBURY EdwardMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY MaryFWifeMarried1885Sept35 Shearston
  BRADBURY MildredFDaughterSingle1904Dec16 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY IsaacMSon Single 1906 Nov14 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY WinifredFDaughterSingle 1909Oct11 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY EdwardMSon Single 1912Sept08 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY StellaFDaughterSingle 1915Aug06 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY RubyFDaughterSingle 1920 Nov09mo Coley's Pt
6163BRADBURY IsaacMHeadMarried1890Aug31 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY FannyFWifeMarried1895 No Entry26 Coley's Pt
PAGE 308                    
  BRADBURY LouisaFMotherWidow1844Aug77 Carbonear
6264LITTLEJOHN'S JamesMHeadMarried1884May37 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S Mary, AFWifeMarried1886Oct34 Country Rd
  LITTLEJOHN'S AlecMSon Single 1906Oct14 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S Myrtle, RFDaughterSingle 1910July11 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S AlbertMSon Single 1912Sept08 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S Edw., JMSon Single 1914Aug07 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S GraceFDaughterSingle 1916Oct04 Coley's Pt
6365LITTLEJOHN'S W. HMHeadMarried1863Oct57 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S EmmaFWifeMarried1865May56 Bay Roberts
  LITTLEJOHN'S WilliamMSonSingle1901Feb20 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S VictorMSonSingle1903July18 Coley's Pt
  TIPPETT EmmaFStep DaughterSingle1900Dec20 Coley's Pt
6466BOWERING RichardMHeadMarried1878Jan43 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING BerthaFWifeMarried1882Aug39 Bareneed
  BOWERING AdeleFDaughterSingle 1907Feb14 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING AnnieFDaughterSingle 1910July11 Coley's Pt
6567BRADBURY StephenMHeadMarried1890Sept30 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY AnnieFWifeMarried1894Feb27 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY FannyFDaughterSingle 1917 Nov03 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY LlewellynMSon Single 1920Oct10mo Coley's Pt
6668FRADSHAM Hy, JMHeadMarried1863Oct57 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM SarahFWifeMarried1869Oct51 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM AlbertMSonSingle1901Sept19 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM GilbertMSon Single 1907Feb14 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM HaroldMSon Single 1914 Nov06 Coley's Pt
6769LESLIE WilliamMHeadMarried1875 No Entry 46 Coley's Pt
  LESLIE SelimaFWifeMarried1886 No Entry 35 Labrador
  LESLIE SarahFDaughterSingle 1909Feb12 Coley's Pt
6870LESLIE JohnMHeadMarried1864Sept56 Coley's Pt
  LESLIE Mary, GFWifeMarried1869Oct51 Coley's Pt
  LESLIE AliceFDaughterSingle1896April25 Coley's Pt
  LESLIE FrederickMSonSingle1897Sept23 Coley's Pt
PAGE 309                    
6971LESLIE John, T.MHead Wid 1842Dec78 Coley's Pt
  LESLIE HenryMSonSingle1888Jan33 Coley's Pt
7072BOWERING EdwardMHeadMarried1845Oct75 Labrador
  BOWERING SarahFWifeMarried1850Mar71 Cupid's
  BOWERING JamesMSonMarried1876July45 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING Flora, WFDaughter in LawMarried1885Oct35 Salmon Cove
7173BOWERING JohnMHeadMarried1851Mar70 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING PatienceFWifeMarried1852Aug69 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING WilliamMSonMarried1886Sept34 Purbeck Cove
  BOWERING ClaraFDaughter in LawMarried1892June29 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING FloraFDaughterSingle1894Mar27 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING EffieFGrand ChildSingle 1917Dec03 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING EvaFGrand ChildSingle 1920Feb01 Coley's Pt
7274BOWERING EbenezerMHeadMarried1885Aug36 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING SelinaFWifeMarried1886Sept35 Coley's Pt
7375DAWE Geo., HMHeadSingle1861May60 Port-de-Grave
7476MORGAN IsaacMHeadMarried1858Feb63 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EllenFWifeMarried1858May63 Coley's Pt
  MERCER ArchibaldMSon in LawMarried1890Sept30 Bay Roberts
  MERCER EstherFDaughterMarried1890Oct30 Coley's Pt
7577MORGAN GeorgeMHeadMarried1849Mar72 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EmmaFWifeMarried1854Feb67 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN HaroldMSonMarried1892Oct28 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN CoraFDaughter in LawMarried1894Jan27 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN EvaFGrand ChildSingle 1918Jan03 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN Rita, EFGrand ChildSingle 1921July01mo Coley's Pt
7678MORGAN JosephMHeadMarried1854May67 Coley's Pt
  MORGAN RebeccaFWifeMarried1867 No Entry64 Coley's Pt
7779MORGAN AbramMHead Widower 1841Aug80 Port-de-Grave
  MORGAN ElizabethFDaughterSingle1874 Nov46 Coley's Pt
7880BOWERING JohnMHeadMarried1884 Nov36 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING RhodaFWifeMarried1890Jan31 Country Rd
  BOWERING CharlotteFMotherWidow1846Sept75 Coley's Pt
PAGE 310                    
  BOWERING NellieFDaughterSingle 1914June07 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING RubyFDaughterSingle 1916 Nov04 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING DugaldMSon Single 1919June02 Coley's Pt
7981BOWERING ArthurMHeadMarried1892Oct28 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING FlorenceFWifeMarried1898Dec22 Coley's Pt
8082BOWERING HenryMHeadMarried1862Aug59 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING AliceFWifeMarried1865Feb56 Bareneed
  BOWERING SophieFDaughterSingle1898Aug23 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING MalcolmMSonSingle1902Oct18 Coley's Pt
8183BRADBURY JonathanMHeadMarried1850Aug71 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY SarahFWifeMarried1855Feb66 Bay Roberts
8284BISHOP RichardMHeadMarried1875Feb46 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP Mary, AFWifeMarried1876 Mar 45 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP JohnMSonMarried1899Jan22 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP EthelFDaughter in LawMarried1898Aug 23 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP RowenaFDaughterSingle1903 Nov17 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP VioletFDaughterSingle 1909June12 Coley's Pt
8385BISHOP AugustusMHeadMarried1886Oct34 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP EthelFWifeMarried1887Jan34 South River
  BISHOP ChesterMSon Single 1911July10 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP Joseph, AMSon Single 1920Feb01 Coley's Pt
8486SQUIRES Wm., JMHeadMarried1875April46 Coley's Pt
  SQUIRES Miriam, GFWifeMarried1879Oct41 Bareneed
  SQUIRES Annie,FF Niece Single 1910June11 Coley's Pt
8587BRADBURY JosephMHeadMarried1868 No Entry 53 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY ElizaFWifeMarried1868 No Entry53 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY JohnMSonSingle1896Oct24 Catalina
  BRADBURY JosephMSonSingle1905May16 Coley's Pt
8688SQUIRES AbramMHeadMarried1878 No Entry43 Coley's Pt
  SQUIRES SelinaFWifeMarried1892Dec28 Coley's Pt
  SQUIRES JohnMSonSingle1906Sept15 Coley's Pt
  SQUIRES Wm., RMSon Single 1917Aug04 Coley's Pt
8789BISHOP JacobMHeadMarried1841Dec79 Collier's, C.B.
PAGE 311                    
  BISHOP Elizabeth,FWifeMarried1848Aug73 Port-de-Grave
8889BISHOP CarolineFHead Widow 1866Sept55 Cupid's
  BISHOP GeorgeMSonSingle1903Oct17 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP EstherFDaughterSingle1900Jan21 Coley's Pt
8991BADCOCK RobertMHeadMarried1855July56 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK RachelFWifeMarried1882Dec38 Country Rd
  BADCOCK EllaFDaughterSingle1899Oct21 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK MaryFAdopet DaughterSingle1906July15 Country Rd
  BADCOCK RobertMSon Single 1910Dec10 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK ErnestMSon Single 1911Mar09 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK HaroldMSon Single 1915July06 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK FannyFDaughterSingle 1916 Nov04 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK AnnieFDaughterSingle 1918Jan02 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK MelvinMSon Single 1921Mar05mo Coley's Pt
9092RUSSELL MaryFHead Widow 1844Feb77 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MaryFDaughterSingle1887Aug34 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL StewartMGrand ChildSingle 1906Feb15 Coley's Pt
9193RUSSELL WilliamMHeadMarried1883Aug38 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL BlancheFWifeMarried1886 Nov34 Country Rd
  RUSSELL CliffordMSon Single 1912July09 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MaryFDaughterSingle 1914Sept06 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL GwendolynFDaughterSingle 1916July05 Coley's Pt
9294RUSSELL PatienceFHeadSingle1879Dec41 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL H., BernardMNephewSingle1904Jan17 Halifax, N.S.
9395TIPPETT RobertMHeadMarried1862Aug59 Coley's Pt
  TIPPETT AnnieFWifeMarried1863Oct57 Bareneed
9496TIPPETT Sarah, FF Head Widow 1863June58 Port-de-Grave
9597PARSONS AbramMHeadMarried1846July75 Coley's Point
  PARSONS ElizabethFWifeMarried1845Oct75 Coley's Pt
9698BRADBURY SamuelMHeadSingle1864Oct57 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY JamesMBrotherSingle1869 No Entry52 Coley's Pt
9799PARSONS WilliamMHeadMarried1847 No Entry74 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS EmmaFWifeMarried1857Aug64 Coley's Pt
PAGE 312                    
98100SPENCER TryphenaFHeadWidow 1872Sept48 Brigus
  SPENCER DaisyFDaughterSingle1907Feb14 Coley's Pt
99101SPENCER JamesMHeadMarried1849 No Entry72 Coley's Pt
  SPENCER SusannaFWifeMarried1850 No Entry70 Bareneed
100102PARSONS IsaacMHeadWidow 1863Sept58 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS RobertMSonMarried1890Mar31 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS LilyFDaughter in LawMarried1890Aug31 Bareneed
  PARSONS Mary, JFGrand ChildSingle 1917Jan04 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS ChesterMGrand ChildSingle 1919 Nov01 Coley's Pt
101103SAMWAYS CharlesMHeadMarried1871 No Entry 50 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS CarolineFWifeMarried1870Dec50 Port-de-Grave
  SAMWAYS GladysFDaughterSingle1900Sept20 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS WilliamMSon Single 1908Mar13 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS IsaacMSon Single 1913Feb08 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS JesselineFDaughterSingle 1918Jan03 Coley's Pt
102104PARSONS JonathanMHeadMarried1865June56 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS EmmaFWifeMarried1868Sept53 Bareneed
103105DAWE RobertMHeadMarried1856Dec64 Coley's Pt
  DAWE RebeccaFWifeMarried1871Aug50 Bareneed
  DAWE HarveyMSonSingle1898Aug23 Coley's Pt
  DAWE AlbertMSonSingle1902Sept19 Coley's Pt
104106LITTLEJOHN'S Thos.MHeadMarried1864 No Entry57 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S FannyFWifeMarried1865 No Entry56 Port-de-Grave
  LITTLEJOHN'S JohnMSon Single 1909 No Entry12 Coley's Pt
  LITTLEJOHN'S HazelFDaughterSingle 1905 No Entry 16 Coley's Pt
105107BISHOP Geo., HMHeadMarried1871Aug50 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP LeahFWifeMarried1875 No Entry 46 Bareneed
  BISHOP ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1906Oct15 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP JacobMSon Single 1911Sept10 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP HaroldMSon Single 1913Aug08 Coley's Pt
106108BISHOP JosephMHeadMarried1876 No Entry 45 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP FannyFWifeMarried1876 No Entry 45 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP WilliamMSonSingle1903 No Entry18 Coley's Pt
PAGE 313                    
107109DAWE IsaacMHeadWidow 1851Oct69 Coley's Pt
  DAWE DianaFGrand ChildSingle1907Mar14 Coley's Pt
Not NumberedNot NumberedDAWE HenryMHeadMarried1855Sept65 Coley's Pt
  DAWE MaryFWifeMarried1859Aug62 Shearston
  DAWE IsaacMSonMarried1884Dec36 Coley's Pt
  DAWE EllenFDaughter in LawMarried1889 Nov31 Coley's Pt
  DAWE MiriamFDaughterSingle1898Jan23 Coley's Pt
  DAWE CarrieFGrand ChildSingle 1907Aug14 Coley's Pt
  DAWE EvelynFGrand ChildSingle 1911Oct09 Coley's Pt
  DAWE HarryMGrand ChildSingle 1915Aug06 Coley's Pt
  DAWE MaryFGrand ChildSingle 1918Aug03 Coley's Pt
  DAWE ArthurMGrand ChildSingle 1920Sept01 Coley's Pt
109111FRADSHAMHoratioMHeadMarried1858May63 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM Mary, JFWifeMarried1858Aug63 Bay Roberts
110112BRADBURY IsaacMHeadMarried1868June53 Treaty ? Shore
  BRADBURY LizzyFWifeMarried1876Jan45 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY LizzyFAdopted DaughterSingle1906June15 Bay Roberts
111113FRENCH ReubenMHeadMarried1882June39 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SusieFWifeMarried1883Aug38 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH DoraFDaughterSingle 1908June13 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Mary,MF Dau Single 1909Aug12 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SarahFDaughterSingle 1911Sept09 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH ArchibaldMSon Single 1913Dec07 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH GladysFDaughterSingle 1913Dec07 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH StephenMSon Single 1919Jan02 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AmeliaFMotherWidow1845June76 Bay Roberts
112;114RUSSELL JamesMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EllaFWifeMarried1882Oct38 Burin
  RUSSELL EdwardMSon Single 1909Aug12 Sydney, N.S.
  RUSSELL ChesterMSon Single 1911Jan10 Sydney, N.S.
113115RUSSELL RebeccaFHeadWidow 1855Sept66 North River
  RUSSELL AlbertMSonMarried1897Sept24 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EdithFDaughter in LawMarried1901July20 Bareneed
PAGE 314                    
114116RUSSELL StephenMHeadMarried1876 Nov44 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL ElizabethFWifeMarried1878 Nov42 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL WilliamMSonSingle1890Aug22 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AzariahMSonSingle1903July18 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AbramMSon Single 1908Mar13 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL SusieFDaughterSingle 1910Jan11 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EmmelineFDaughterSingle 1912Oct08 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL RachelFDaughterSingle 1915May06 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AliceFDaughterSingle 1916Sept05 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL JohnMSon Single 1918Aug03 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL IsaacMSon Single 1919 Nov01 Coley's Pt
115117RUSSELL EdwardMHeadMarried1861Feb60 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL Sarah, JFWifeMarried1864Feb57 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL StephenMSonSingle1896 Oct24 Coley's Pt
116118RUSSELL ArthurMHeadMarried1889Sept31 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL RosieFWifeMarried1894 No Entry 27 Bareneed
117119RUSSELL JohnMHeadMarried1876 No Entry45 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL SusannaFWifeMarried1891 No Entry30 Shearston
  RUSSELL LizzyFDaughterSingle 1915 No Entry6 Coley's Pt
118120RUSSELL WilliamMHeadMarried1881 July 40 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL JaneFWifeMarried1880Sept41 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL Cecil, GMSonSingle1904Aug17 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MaudFDaughterSingle1905 Nov15 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL CarrieFDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MaryFDaughterSingle 1916Jan05 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AllanMSon Single 1917Jan04 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL HarveyMSon Single 1919Feb02 Coley's Pt
119121RUSSELL AzariahMHeadMarried1883Dec37 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EttaFWifeMarried1891Mar30 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL HildaFDaughterSingle 1910April11 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL WilfredMSon Single 1911 Nov09 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL PearlFDaughterSingle 1917Sept03 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL DellaFDaughterSingle 1919Oct01 Coley's Pt
PAGE 301                    
  RUSSELL WalterMSon Single 1920Oct10mo Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL ElizabethFMotherWidow1843Aug73 Bay Roberts
120122MERCER MosesMHeadWidow 1875 No Entry46 Bay Roberts
  MERCER JohnMSonSingle1905Jan16 Coley's Pt
  MERCER AlbertMSon Single 1911Aug10 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MaryFMother in LawWidow 1846Sept75 Coley's Pt
121123BATTEN SamuelMHeadMarried1860 No Entry 60 Coley's Pt
  BATTEN SusieFWifeMarried1871July50 Coley's Pt
122124PURDY ThomasMHeadMarried1882Sept38 Codroy
  PURDY ElizaFWifeMarried1884July37 Coley's Pt
  PURDY RitaFDaughterSingle1906April15 Sydney, N.S.
  PURDY MildredFDaughterSingle 1908April13 Sydney, N.S.
  PURDY Wm., Thos.MSon Single 1913Sept08 Coley's Pt
  PURDY JessieFDaughterSingle 1918Sept03 Coley's Pt
123125MORGAN CatherineFHeadWidow 1855May66 Coley's Pt
124126CULLETON MichaelMHeadMarried1869Feb52 Bay Roberts
  CULLETON MargaretFWifeMarried1869Sept52 Bay Roberts
  CULLETON AliceFDaughterSingle1905Feb16 Coley's Pt
  CULLETON WilfredMSonSingle1901Sept19 Coley's Pt
  CULLETON EdwardMSonSingle1903July18 Coley's Pt
  CULLETON MaryFDaughterSingle 1908April13 Coley's Pt
  CULLETON MargaretFDaughterSingle 1909Oct11 Coley's Pt
  CULLETON PatrickMSon Single 1912July09 Coley's Pt
125127RUSSELL WilliamMHeadMarried1868 No Entry 53 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EmmaFWifeMarried1872Sept48 Country Rd
126128KELLY EsauMHead Widow 1871Feb50 Coley's Pt
127129KELLY AmaziahMHeadMarried1872 Nov48 Coley's Pt
  KELLY ZelahFWifeMarried1875Sept46 Coley's Pt
  KELLY WinnieFDaughterSingle1901Dec19 Coley's Pt
  KELLY BerthaFDaughterSingle1913Aug18 Coley's Pt
128130MERCER IsaacMHeadMarried1876Oct44 Coley's Pt
  MERCER EmmelineFWifeMarried1881 Nov39 Bay Roberts
  MERCER NormanMSonSingle1903Sept18 Coley's Pt
PAGE 316                    
  MERCER EdmundMSon Single 1905Dec15 Coley's Pt
  MERCER GordonMSon Single 1906Dec14 Coley's Pt
  MERCER LloydMSon Single 1911Aug10 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Bert.MSon Single 1914June07 Coley's Pt
  MERCER IreneFDaughterSingle 1920May01 Coley's Pt
  MERCER DianaFMotherWidow1845Aug76 Bay Roberts
129131MERCER John, SMHeadMarried1890Dec30 Coley's Pt
  MERCER AnnieFWifeMarried1894Aug27 Bareneed
  MERCER LewisMSon Single 1913Dec07 Coley's Pt
  MERCER GraceFDaughterSingle 1917Dec04 Coley's Pt
  MERCER LesterMSon Single 1918Feb03 Coley's Pt
  MERCER EdmundMSon Single 1919Sept02 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Mary, EFDaughterSingle 1921May03mo Coley's Pt
  MERCER GraceFMotherNo Entry 1848Oct72 Coley's Pt
130132KELLY JohnMHeadMarried1853Aug68 Coley's Pt
  KELLY FannyFWifeMarried1856 No Entry 65 Coley's Pt
  KELLY HerbertMSonSingle1894Jan27 Coley's Pt
  KELLY WilliamMSonSingle1897Feb24 Coley's Pt
131133KELLY Wm, HMHeadMarried1860 Nov60 Coley's Pt
  KELLY ElizabethFWifeMarried1867Sept54 Port-de-Grave
  KELLY Malcolm, HMSonSingle1898 Nov22 Coley's Pt
  KELLY JohnMSon Widow 1892July29 Coley's Pt
  KELLY Jessie, EFGrand ChildSingle 1915April06 Coley's Pt
132134KELLY IsaacMHeadMarried1869Mar52 Coley's Pt
  KELLY JaneFWifeMarried1871Sept49 Coley's Pt
  KELLY ErnestMSonSingle1899Aug22 Coley's Pt
  KELLY GilbertMSonSingle1902Aug19 Coley's Pt
133135BISHOP ChristopherMHeadMarried1882Mar39 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP LeahFWifeMarried1881Jan40 Bay Roberts
134136BADCOCK RobertMHeadSingle1903Aug18 Coley's Pt
  BADCOCK WillieMBrotherSingle1906June15 Coley's Pt
135137BOWERING JohnMHeadMarried1861Feb60 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING ElizabethFWifeMarried1870Aug50 St. John's
PAGE 317                    
  BOWERING PearlFDaughterSingle1898Feb23 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING AmadoreMSonSingle1903Feb18 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING BramwellMSonSingle1904 Nov16 Coley's Pt
136138KELLY GeorgeMHeadMarried1869April52 Coley's Pt
  KELLY SusannaFWifeMarried1866 Nov55 Bareneed
  KELLY Bert.MSon Single 1906 Nov14 Coley's Pt
137139KELLY John, L ?MHeadWidow 1878Aug43 Coley's Pt
  KELLY EsauMSonSingle1903June18 Coley's Pt
  KELLY Wm., RMSonSingle1904Sept17 Coley's Pt
  KELLY John, TMSon Single 1908Aug13 Coley's Pt
  KELLY EmilyFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Coley's Pt
  KELLY EvelynFDaughterSingle 1914Feb07 Coley's Pt
138140BISHOP John, RMHeadMarried1872July49 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP JessieFWifeMarried1875Oct45 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP LewisMSon Single 1915July06 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP JohnMSonSingle1901Sept20 Coley's Pt
139141MERCER AzariahMHeadMarried1881Aug40 Coley's Pt
  MERCER LilyFWifeMarried1881Dec39 Bay Roberts
  MERCER John, HMSon Single 1905Feb16 Coley's Pt
  MERCER NinaFDaughterSingle 1906Sept15 Coley's Pt
  MERCER WalterMSon Single 1913Feb08 Coley's Pt
  MERCER WinnieFDaughterSingle 1917Feb04 Coley's Pt
  MERCER PearlFDaughterSingle 1918Oct02 Coley's Pt
140142BOWERING EdgarMHeadMarried1891Oct29 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING NellieFWifeMarried1891Aug30 Country Rd
  BOWERING ClariceFDaughterSingle 1916June05 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING DorothyFDaughterSingle 1918Aug03 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING HerbertMSon Single 1920Mar01 Coley's Pt
141143BOWERING WilliamMHeadWidow 1857 Nov64 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING GilbertMSonSingle1903Oct17 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING MyrtleFDaughterSingle1906Jan15 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING MarjoryFDaughterSingle1900Sept21 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING BuelahFDaughterSingle1897July24 Coley's Pt
PAGE 318                    
142144SMITH JohnMHeadMarried1862 Nov58 Bishop's Cove
  SMITH MatildaFWifeMarried1862Dec58 Island Cove
  SMITH WillisMSonMarried1888Dec32 Coley's Pt
  SMITH SusieFDaughter in LawMarried1891Jan30 Bay Roberts
  SMITH EmmieFDaughterSingle1897Dec23 Coley's Pt
  SMITH Evelyn, MFGrand ChildSingle 1919Feb02 Coley's Pt
  SMITH John, D. IMGrand ChildSingle 1920Dec08mo Coley's Pt
143145BARRETT FannyFHeadWidow 1866Sept55 Bay Roberts
  BARRETT RobertMSonSingle1890Oct30 Coley's Pt
  BARRETT DorcasFDaughterSingle1901July20 Coley's Pt
144146KEEFE PeterMHeadMarried1853July68 Coley's Pt
  KEEFE Mary, JFWifeMarried1863Oct57 Coley's Pt
  KEEFE AugustusMSonMarried1890Sept31 Coley's Pt
  KEEFE EthelFDaughter in LawMarried1898Sept23 Grand Bank
  KEEFE AnnieFDaughterSingle1899Mar22 Coley's Pt
  KEEFE IreneFDaughterSingle1903Oct17 Coley's Pt
  KEEFE Ada, WFGrand ChildSingle 1919July2St. John's
  KEEFE GwendolynFGrand ChildSingle 1921May3 moSt. John's
145147BURSEY WilliamMHeadMarried1870Jan 51 Catalina
  BURSEY MaryFWifeMarried1878July43 Bay Roberts
  BURSEY Fred.MSonSingle1901Jan20 Summerville
  BURSEY WilliamMSonSingle1903Jan18 Cambridge U.S.A.
  BURSEY BeatriceFDaughterSingle1905Jan16 Summerville
  BURSEY ArthurMSon Single 1909July12 Cambridge U.S.A.
  BURSEY HermanMSon Single 1911Dec10 Coley's Pt
  BURSEY WinnieFDaughterSingle 1912Sept08 Coley's Pt
  BURSEY WarrenMSon Single 1916Oct04 Coley's Pt
  BURSEY Albert, JMSon Single 1918July03 Coley's Pt
  BURSEY GrahamMSon Single 1921June02mo Coley's Pt
146148GREENLAND WilliamMHeadMarried1870Sept51 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND SusieFWifeMarried1871Oct49 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND John, FMSonSingle1898Mar23 Coley's Pt
  GREENLANDMayFDaughterSingle1902Jan19 Coley's Pt
PAGE 319                    
  GREENLAND WilfredMSon Single 1905Sept16 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND StephenMFather Widower 1828 Nov92 Coley's Pt
147149GREENLAND JohnMHeadMarried1863April58 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND EmmaFWifeMarried1872Mar49 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND ArthurMSonSingle1894Oct26 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND CecilMSon Single 1906Oct14 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND IsaacMSonSingle1902Dec18 Coley's Pt
148150GREENLAND GeorgeMHeadMarried1897Aug24 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND SarahFWifeMarried1898Sept22 Trinity
149151GREENLAND Isaac***MHeadMarried1863Aug58 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND AnnieFWifeMarried1870Aug51 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND EleanorFDaughterSingle1904Aug17 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND RoyMSon Single 1906July15 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND MarionFDaughterSingle 1915Feb06 Coley's Pt
PAGE 326                    
  GREENLAND JessieFDaughter Single 1901Dec19 Coley's Pt
PAGE 319                    
150152GREENLAND Lemuel?MHeadMarried1888Oct32 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND MaudFWifeMarried1889 Nov31 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND ClarenceMSon Single 1914May07 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND MildredFDaughterSingle 1917Oct03 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND HarveyMSon Single 1919Dec01 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND EuniceFMotherWidow1847 No Entry 74 Coley's Pt
151153GREENLAND HenryMHeadMarried1853Oct67 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND HannahFWifeMarried1854Jan66 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND AlbertMSonMarried1887Sept33 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND CharityFDaughter in LawMarried1888Dec32 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND RichardMGrand ChildSingle 1913Mar08 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND Ethel, GFGrand ChildSingle 1915Feb06 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND Vera, EFGrand ChildSingle 1920Mar01 Coley's Pt
152154GREENLAND SamuelMHeadMarried1881May40 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND FannyFWifeMarried1886Feb35 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND Lena ?FDaughterSingle 1908 Nov13 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND EmmaFDaughterSingle 1910July11 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND EdwardMSon Single 1912May09 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND HarryMSon Single 1914Sept07 Coley's Pt
PAGE 320                    
  GREENLAND CatherineFDaughterSingle 1916Mar05 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND WilliamMSon Single 1919July02 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND AliceFDaughterSingle 1921July01mo Coley's Pt
153155GREENLAND StephenMHeadMarried1876Oct44 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND Mary, EFWifeMarried1879Sept43 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND AugustusMSonSingle1903Aug18 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND JohnMSonSingle1906Sept15 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND J, WinnieFDaughterSingle 1909Oct11 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND HaywardMSon Single 1912Mar09 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND Victor, HMSon Single 1914Sept07 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND StephenMSon Single 1917Jan04 Coley's Pt
154156GREENLAND Wm., HMHeadMarried1872Mar49 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND RachelFWifeMarried1874Dec46 Burnt Hd.
  GREENLAND MadgeFDaughterSingle1905Mar16 Bay Roberts
  GREENLAND RitaFDaughterSingle 1908 Nov 12 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND EdithFDaughterSingle 1911April10 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND A., BarbaraFDaughterSingle 1918Jan02 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND RebeccaFSister Single 1880Oct40 Coley's Pt
  ROACH EmmieFServant Single 1906 No Entry15? Coley's Pt
155157FRENCH WilliamMHeadMarried1887July34 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Emma,MF WifeMarried1888Mar33 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH DouglasMSon Single 1909June12 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH GladysFDaughterSingle 1914Jan07 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH WilliamMSon Single 1916Oct04 Boston, U.S.A.
  FRENCH AnnieFDaughterSingle 1919July02 Boston, U.S.A.
  FRENCH EmmieFDaughterSingle 1921Jan08mo Coley's Pt
156158FRENCH AlbertMHeadMarried1880 Nov40 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH EthelFWifeMarried1879July42 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH RonaldMSon Single 1906Dec14 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SusieFDaughterSingle 1912Aug09 Coley's Pt
157159FRENCH Chas., SMHeadMarried1867Oct53 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Rebecca, JFWifeMarried1884 Nov36 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH WillieMSonSingle1902Oct18 Coley's Pt
PAGE 321                    
  FRENCH IsaacMSon Single 1910April11 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Chas., SMSon Single 1915April06 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH LewisMSon Single 1917Feb04 Coley's Pt
158160FRENCH StephenMHeadWidower 1839April82 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH SelinaFDaughterSingle1872Aug49 Coley's Pt
159161FRENCH Wm., Jno.MHeadMarried1871Aug50 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH BerthaFWifeMarried1874Oct46 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH Fred.MSonSingle1899Aug22 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH GrahamMSonSingle1903Aug18 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Wm., TMSon Single 1906July15 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH BerthaFDaughterSingle 1908 Nov12 Coley's Pt
160162FRENCH SarahFHeadWidow 1849June72 Port-de-Grave
  FRENCH WilliamMSonSingle1885Feb36 Coley's Pt
161163FRENCH ElijahMHeadMarried1872Sept49 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Mary, SFWifeMarried1873July48 Battle Hr.,Lab
  FRENCH JacobMSonSingle1896Oct24 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH EmilyFDaughterSingle1900Aug21 Coley's Pt
162164FRENCH JohnMHeadMarried1879Sept42 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH ElizabethFWifeMarried1882Mar39 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH StellaFDaughterSingle 1906 Nov14 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH IdaFDaughterSingle 1913July08 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH RitaFDaughterSingle 1916 Nov04 Coley's Pt
163165TIPPETT GeorgeMHeadMarried1892Oct28 Coley's Pt
  TIPPETT EstherFWifeMarried1893Oct27 Coley's Pt
164166ROACH JacobMHeadWidow 1861 No Entry 60 Coley's Pt
  ROACH ArthurMSonMarried1893Oct27 Coley's Pt
  ROACH A., LetitiaFDaughter in LawMarried1896 Nov24 Coley's Pt
  ROACH NellieFDaughterSingle1900Dec20 Coley's Pt
165167ROACH ElizabethFHeadWidow 1871Sept50 Coley's Pt
  ROACH ClaraFDaughterSingle1903Aug18 Coley's Pt
  ROACH WilliamMSon Single 1907Aug14 Coley's Pt
  ROACH GraceFDaughterSingle 1909Sept12 Coley's Pt
  ROACH VioletFDaughterSingle 1900Oct20 Coley's Pt
PAGE 322                    
166168ROACH StephenMHeadMarried1880 Nov40 Coley's Pt
  ROACH ElizabethFWifeMarried1883Aug38 Bay Roberts
  ROACH NaomiFMotherWidow1847 Nov73 Coley's Pt
167169ROACH IsaacMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley's Pt
  ROACH EleanorFWifeMarried1888July33 Country Rd
  ROACH John, AMSon Single 1908Jan12 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Susie,MF Dau Single 1910 Nov10 Coley's Pt
  ROACH EdwardMSon Single 1914 Nov06 Coley's Pt
  ROACH FrankMSon Single 1919May02 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Elsa?FDaughterSingle 1921Mar05mo Coley's Pt
168170NORMAN James, JMHeadMarried1869Feb52 Bay Roberts
  NORMAN BessieFWifeMarried1871May50 Brigus
  NORMAN HildaFDaughterSingle1902May19 Coley's Pt
169171ROACH JohnMHeadMarried1867June54 Coley's Pt
  ROACH FannyFWifeMarried1869Aug52 Labrador
  ROACH StanleyMSonSingle1902June19 Coley's Pt
  ROACH AllanMSonSingle1904Dec 16 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Ella,MF Dau Single 1910Mar11 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Fanny J.FDaughterSingle 1913Oct07 Coley's Pt
170172ROACH SamuelMHeadMarried1862Aug59 Coley's Pt
  ROACH LilyFWifeMarried1870June51 Bay Roberts
  ROACH SamuelMSonSingle1898 Nov22 Coley's Pt
  ROACH WillisMSonSingle1902Jan19 Coley's Pt
  ROACH RobertMSonSingle1904Feb17 Coley's Pt
  ROACH MeredaFDaughterSingle 1910 April 11 Coley's Pt
  ROACH HarryMSon Single 1913Sept08 Coley's Pt
171173ROACH RobertMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Dorcas?FWifeMarried1890Feb31 Bay Roberts
  ROACH MarjoryFDaughterSingle 1910Feb11 Bay Roberts
  ROACH Annie, MFDaughterSingle 1914April07 Coley's Pt
  ROACH Emmie, JFDaughterSingle 1919Oct01 Labrador
172174ROACH JosephMHeadMarried1894Aug27 Coley's Pt
  ROACH LizzyFWifeMarried1897July24 Coley's Pt
PAGE 323                    
  ROACH LewisMSon Single 1917Aug04 Bay Roberts
  ROACH J., DonaldMSon Single 1919Aug02 Coley's Pt
  ROACH DorisFDaughterSingle 1921Mar05mo Coley's Pt
173175ROACH HenryMHeadWidow 1880Dec40 Coley's Pt
  SAMWAYS ElizaFServantSept1868Jan53 Coley's Pt
174176SNOW Edward***MHeadMarried1875Feb46 Coley's Pt
  SNOW RebeccaFWifeMarried1875 Nov45 Country Rd
  SNOW SusieFDaughterSingle 1910Feb11 Coley's Pt
  SNOW Mary,MF Dau Single 1914Mar07 Coley's Pt
  SNOW WillieMSon Single 1918Sept03 Coley's Pt
  SNOW WinnieFDaughterSingle1900Aug21 Coley's Pt
PAGE 326                    
  SNOW AnnieFDaughterSingle1900Sep21 Coley's Pt
PAGE 323                    
175177DAWE SamuelMHeadMarried1860Dec60 Coley's Pt
  DAWE Sarah, GFWifeMarried1865Sept56 Bareneed
  DAWE GraceFDaughterSingle1900Sept21 Coley's Pt
  DAWE VioletFDaughterSingle1902July19 Coley's Pt
  DAWE SamuelMSonSingle1904Aug17 Coley's Pt
  DAWE AgnesFDaughterSingle 1908April13 Coley's Pt
  DAWE AllanMGrand SonSingle 1911 Dec9Coley's Pt
176178DAWE IsaacMHeadMarried1865 Nov55 Coley's Pt
  DAWE FannyFWifeMarried1869Jan52 Coley's Pt
  DAWE HectorMSonSingle1901Feb20 Coley's Pt
  DAWE GeorgeMSonSingle1904July17 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH WilmotFStep DaughterSingle1905 July 16 Coley's Pt
177179BARRETT GeorgeMHeadMarried1851Oct69 Bishop's Cove
  BARRETT SarahFWifeMarried1852Feb69 Bishop's Cove
178180DAWE JohnMHeadMarried1848June73 Coley's Pt
  DAWE CarolineFWifeMarried1859Feb62 Bay Roberts
  DAWE CarrieFDaughterSingle1901Feb20 Coley's Pt
  DAWE Emily, GFGrand ChildSingle 1920Mar01 Coley's Pt
179181DAWE JamesMHeadMarried1887 Nov33 Coley's Pt
  DAWE EthelFWifeMarried1888May33 Bay Roberts
  DAWE EricMSon Single 1913Jan08 Coley's Pt
  DAWE WalterMSon Single 1914Oct06 Coley's Pt
PAGE 324                    
180182DAWE JosephMHeadMarried1860Feb60 Coley's Pt
  DAWE MaryFWifeMarried1874 No Entry47 North River
  DAWE StephenMSon Single 1910Jan11 Coley's Pt
181183DAWE HenryMHeadWidow 1843Oct77 Port-de-Grave
182184RUSSELL WilliamMHeadMarried1884Oct36 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL JaneFWifeMarried1885Dec35 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ArthurMSon Single 1911April10 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL AnnieFMotherWidow1851Dec69 Bay Roberts
183185PARSONS WilliamMHeadMarried1857Sept64 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS EmmaFWifeMarried1860Oct61 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS VictorMSonSingle1903Feb18 Coley's Pt
184186DAWE SusannaFHeadWidow 1863Feb58 North River
  FRADSHAM IsaacMSon in Law Widow 1885 Nov35 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM SusieFGrand ChildSingle 1908 Nov12 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM JessieFGrand ChildSingle 1909Dec11 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM RalphMGrand ChildSingle 1915Jan06 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM Mary F.FGrand ChildSingle 1918June03 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM IdaFGrand ChildSingle 1918June03 Coley's Pt
185187FRENCH GeorgeMHeadMarried1878Aug 43 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH Sarah,FF WifeMarried1877Feb44 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH Wm., JMSon Single 1906 Aug 15 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH AllanMSon Single 1909 Aug 12 Coley's Pt
  SNOW JohnMFather in Law Widow 1836? Nov 84 Coley's Pt
186188SNOW JohnMHeadMarried1879June42 Coley's Pt
  SNOW EuniceFWifeMarried1881Sept40 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MarionFDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Coley's Pt
  SNOW BertMSon Single 1913Feb08 Coley's Pt
  SNOW GladysFDaughterSingle 1919 Dec 01 Coley's Pt
187189SNOW JohnMHeadWidow 1853Oct67 Coley's Pt
  SNOW AbramMSonMarried1883 Nov37 Coley's Pt
  SNOW RebeccaFDaughter in LawMarried1885Feb36 Bay Roberts
  SNOW AdamMGrand SonSingle1904Sept17 Coley's Pt
188190SNOW AbramMHeadMarried1864Sept57 Coley's Pt
PAGE 325                    
  SNOW Mary, A.FWifeMarried1871Dec49 Bareneed
  SNOW JanieFDaughterSingle1901Jan20 Coley's Pt
189191RUSSELL JohnMHeadMarried1856Feb65 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EmmaFWifeMarried1858July63 Bareneed
  RUSSELL WilliamMGrand SonSingle 1915April06 Coley's Pt
190192RUSSELL JohnMHeadMarried1881 No Entry40 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL SusieFWifeMarried1882July39 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL VictorMSon Single 1905Oct15 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL LlewellynMSon Single 1912 Nov08 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL MildredFDaughterSingle 1916Dec04 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL ClaraFDaughterSingle 1919Aug02 Coley's Pt
191193SNOW WilliamMHeadMarried1851Mar70 Coley's Pt
  SNOW HannahFWifeMarried1863June58 Exploits?
192193SNOW SamuelMHeadMarried1872Feb49 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Mary, EFWifeMarried1874July47 Coley's Pt
  SNOW NellieFDaughterSingle1900Feb21 Coley's Pt
  SNOW JamesMSon Single 1909Oct11 Coley's Pt
  SNOW MarcellaFDaughterSingle 1916 Nov04 Coley's Pt
  SNOW EmilyFDaughterSingle1897Aug24 Coley's Pt
193195SNOW RuebenMHeadMarried1875Aug46 Coley's Pt
  SNOW RebeccaFWifeMarried1875 Nov45 Bay Roberts
  SNOW FannyFDaughterSingle1906Aug15 Coley's Pt
  SNOW StellaFDaughterSingle 1909July12 Coley's Pt
  SNOW AbramMSon Single 1912Oct08 Coley's Pt
194196BRADBURY StanleyMHeadMarried1882Aug39 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY EmilyFWifeMarried1883Aug38 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY Lewis, SMSon Single 1913June08 Coley's Pt
  BRADBURY G., Chorine?FDaughterSingle 1915Oct05 Coley's Pt
195197PARSONS StephenMHeadMarried1861 No Entry60 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS Elizabeth, AFWifeMarried1864Sept57 Bareneed
  PARSONS SamuelMSonMarried1897Feb24 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS RosannaFDaughter in LawMarried1897Sept24 Mose Ambrose
  PARSONS RobertMSonSingle1899Sept22 Coley's Pt
PAGE 326                    
  PARSONS Ethel, BFGrand ChildSingle 1919June02 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS GilbertMGrand ChildSingle 1921Aug01mo Coley's Pt
196198SNOW AlbertMHeadMarried1893Aug28 Coley's Pt
  SNOW MaryFWifeMarried1892Aug29 Bareneed
  SNOW EmmieFSisterSingle1903Jan18 Coley's Pt
  SNOW GordonMSon Single 1921June04mo Coley's Pt
  SNOW RachelFMotherWidow1854Aug67 Coley's Pt
197199HIERLIHY GeorgeMHeadMarried1883Feb38 Coley's Pt
  HIERLIHY NellieFWifeMarried1885Oct36 Hr. Grace
  HIERLIHY MurielFDaughterSingle 1906Sept15 Coley's Pt
  HIERLIHY CliffordMSon Single 1910June11 Coley's Pt
  HIERLIHY OscarMSon Single 1912 Nov09 Coley's Pt
  HIERLIHY MarjoryFDaughterSingle 1915Dec06 Coley's Pt
198200DAWE AzariahMHeadWidow 1861 No Entry60 Coley's Pt
  DAWE ClaribelFDaughterSingle1901 No Entry20 Coley's Pt
  DAWE AzariahMSonSingle1908 No Entry13 Coley's Pt
 201KELLY AlbertMHeadMarried1901 No Entry 20 Coley's Pt
  KELLY SadieFWifeMarried1902 No Entry19 Coley's Pt
  SNOW AnnieFDaughterSingle1900Sept21 Coley's Pt
  GREENLAND JessieFDaughterSingle1901Dec19 Coley's Pt
  JACKSON ClaraFNo EntrySingle1896 No Entry25 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL EdwardMNo EntrySingle1904 No Entry17 Coley's Pt
  FRENCH EdwardMNo EntrySingle1901 No Entry20 Coley's Pt

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Robin and Ann Simpson, Jackson’s Point, ON, Canada

Posted June 27, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Don Tate)

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