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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Cod Roy,
Bay St. George District
{496 Persons in 103 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 341                    
63 68MIESSAU LydiuFHeadWidow1865 Oct 55 Cape Ray
  MIESSAU ThomasMSonSingle1904 Oct 17 Woody Head Cove
64 69MARTIN MaryFHeadWidow1831Mar 90 Broad Cove Canada 1851
65 70LOMOND IsaacMHead Married 1872July49 Cape Ray
  LOMOND JaneFWifeMarried 1873Sept 48 Cod Roy
  LOMOND DavidMSonSingle1902May19 Cod Roy
  LOMOND JosephMSonSingle1904 Nov 16 Cod Roy
  LOMOND JohnMSonSingle1907 Feb 14 Cod Roy
  LOMOND GeorgeMSonSingle1915 April 6 Cod Roy
  LOMOND AgnesFDaughterSingle1909June12 Cod Roy
PAGE 342                    
  LOMOND LizzieFDaughterSingle1913 April 8 Cod Roy
  LOMOND RachelFDaughterSingle1917 Feb 4 Cod Roy
  71 GALE WilliamM HeadMarried 1897Sept 24 Great Cod Roy
    GALE MaryF Wife Married 1899 Nov 21 Cod Roy
  GALE WilfredMSonSingle1921 Feb 7m Cod Roy
66 72 LEGGE Mary AnnF Head Married 1867May54 Cod Roy
  LEGGE IsaacM HusbandMarried 1861 Jan 60 Robinson's Head
  LEGGE JohnMSonSingle1899Sept 22 Cod Roy
  LEGGE GeorgeMSonSingle1902Sept 19 Cod Roy
67 73BRAGG JohnMHead Married 1865 Oct 55 Isle Aux Morte
  BRAGG JaneFWifeMarried 1872 Jan 49 Cod Roy
  BRAGG ErnestMSonSingle1901Mar 20 Cod Roy
  BRAGG KennethMSonSingle1904 Feb 17 Cod Roy
  BRAGG MarjorieFDaughterSingle1906May15 Cod Roy
  BREEN MoniaFadptSingle1913Dec 7 Burgeo
68 74FIANDER JamesMHead Widower 1865 April 56 Cod Roy
  FIANDER WallaceMSonSingle1905Dec 15 Cod Roy
  FIANDER GladysFDaughterSingle1903 April 18 Cod Roy
  FIANDER AmeliaFDaughterSingle1908 Aug 13 Cod Roy
69 75KENDELL SusannahFHeadWidow1864 Oct 56 Lapoile
  KENDELL JohnMSonSingle 1886 Oct 34 Cod Roy
  76 KENDELL FrancesFHeadMarried 1893 Nov 27 Cod Roy
  KENDELL HenryMHusbandMarried 1888 April 33 Cod Roy
  KENDELL HerbertMSonSingle1915 Nov 5 Cod Roy
  KENDELL NorahFDaughterSingle1920Mar 1 Cod Roy
70 77HUELIN EllenFWifeMarried 1885June36 Cape Ray
  HUELIN WilliamMHead Married 1881 Nov 39 Grand Bay
  HUELIN JamesMSonSingle1919May2 Cape Ray
71 78MOORE CharlesMHead Married 1883 Aug 38 Cod Roy
  MOORE LeilaFWifeMarried 1893Dec 27 Cod Roy
  MOORE RobertMSonSingle1911Dec 9 Cod Roy
  MOORE RetaFDaughterSingle1913July8 Cod Roy
  MOORE MinnieFDaughterSingle1921 Jan 8m Cod Roy
PAGE 343                    
72 79PARSONS AmbroseMHead Married 1892May29 Cod Roy
  PARSONS EmmaFWifeMarried 1900July21 Cod Roy
  PARSONS JamesMSonSingle1920 Oct 11m Cod Roy
  PARSONS ElizabethFDaughterSingle1918 Nov 2 Cod Roy
73 80MUGFORD JamesMHead Widower 1842 Aug 79 Clarke's Beach
  MUGFORD JamesMNephewSingle1902 No Entry 19 Cod Roy
74 81REID JosephMHead Married 1878May43 Cod Roy
  REID MaryFWifeMarried 1886Sept 35 Great Cod Roy
  REID WilliamMSonSingle1910 Nov 10 Cod Roy
  REID WilfredMSonSingle1919May2 Cod Roy
  REID AnnFDaughterSingle1913 Jan 8 Cod Roy
  REID LucinaFDaughterSingle1915 April 6 Cod Roy
  REID EdithFDaughterSingle1916Sept 5 Cod Roy
  REID JaneF DaughterSingle1918 Jan 3 Cod Roy
  REID MaryFDaughterSingle1921 Jan 8m Cod Roy
  REID WilliamMFatherWidower 1851July70 Cod Roy
75 82PATTEN ElizabethFHeadWidow1856Dec 64 Cod Roy
  PATTEN RobertMSonSingle1883 Aug 38 Cape Ray
  CHESSON ElizabethF AdoptedSingle1918Sept 3 Searston
76 83KENDELL ThomasMHead Widower 1882Sept 39 Cod Roy
  GALLOP NelsonM Step Son Single1901July20 Cod Roy
  KENDELL NoahMSonSingle1912 Aug 9 Cod Roy
  KENDELL IsaacMSonSingle1918 Oct 2 Cod Roy
  KENDELL BerthaFDaughterSingle1906 Oct 14 Cod Roy
  KENDELL CharlotteFDaughterSingle1913June8 Cod Roy
  KENDELL ClaraFDaughterSingle1916 Aug 5 Cod Roy
77 84REID GeorgeMHead Married 1882Dec 38 Cod Roy
  REID LillianFWifeMarried 1892Nov 28 Cod Roy
  REID WilliamMSonSingle1913Sept 8 Cod Roy
  REID NathanMSonSingle1918Dec 2 Cod Roy
  REID CharlotteFDaughterSingle1916Mar 5 Cod Roy
78 85REID ThomasMHead Married 1855 Nov 65 Cod Roy
  REID SarahFWifeMarried 1858 Aug 63 Cod Roy
PAGE 344                    
  REID JohnMSonSingle1893 Oct 27 Cod Roy
  REID JamesMSonSingle1900July21 Cod Roy
  REID ClementMSonSingle1902Sept 19 Cod Roy
79 86 ANDERSON JaneFHeadMarried 1874 Feb 43 Cape Ray
   ANDERSON EliMHead Married 1868Mar 53 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON AlfredMSonSingle1899 Nov 21 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON EmanuelMSonSingle1904July17 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON AugustusMSonSingle1906Sept 16 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON LeoMSonSingle1908 Nov 12 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON CharlesMSonSingle1911June10 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON PaulMSonSingle1914 Nov 6 Cod Roy
80 87MOORE AbrahamMHead Married 1886May35 Cod Roy
  MOORE SarahFWifeMarried 1898Dec 22 Cod Roy
  MOORE MaryFDaughterSingle1918 Oct 2 Cod Roy
  MOORE LillianFDaughterSingle1921May4m Cod Roy
81 88CARTER JohnMHead Married 1863Mar 58 Channel
  CARTER Mary JFWifeMarried 1872Mar 49 Cod Roy
  CARTER WilliamMSonSingle1901 Feb 20 Cod Roy
  CARTER JohnMSonSingle1910 Feb 11 Cod Roy
  CARTER AgnesFDaughterSingle1906Dec 14 Cod Roy
82 89MCLELLAN WilliamMHead Married 1883May38 Cod Roy
  MCLELLAN MaryFWifeMarried 1888July33 Great Cod Roy
83 90 HILLYERD RichardMHead Married 1887 Aug 34 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD EmmaFWifeMarried 1897 Jan 24 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD NicholasMSonSingle1916Dec 4 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD GeorgeMSonSingle1919 Jan 2 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD LauraFDaughterSingle1915Sept 6 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD AnnFMotherWidow1853 Jan 68 St. John's
84 91SAMMSMary AnnFHeadWidow1872 Jan 49 Isle Aux Morte
  SAMMS FirzemanMSonSingle1902Mar 19 Cod Roy
  SAMMS WilliamMSonSingle1905 Feb 16 Cod Roy
  SAMMS BenjaminMSonSingle1912June9 Cod Roy
PAGE 345                    
85 92MARSHALL BernardMHead Married 1876 Oct 45 Canals Cove, Lab
  MARSHALL ElizabethFWifeMarried 1877 Feb 44 Cod Roy
  MARSHALL HectorMSonSingle1901Mar 20 Cod Roy
  MARSHALL ArthurMSonSingle1907 Oct 13 Cod Roy
  MARSHALL EdwinMSonSingle1911 Nov 9 Cod Roy
  MARSHALL Mary RFDaughterSingle1904 Jan 17 Cod Roy
  MARSHALL MabelFDaughterSingle1913 Oct 7 Halifax Canada
86 93ANDERSON AlexanderMHead Married 1866Mar 55 Grand River
  ANDERSON LevinaFWifeMarried 1873 Jan 48 Cod Roy
  94SAMMS John AMHead Married 1899 Jan 22 Cod Roy
  SAMMS CharlotteFWifeMarried 1901 Aug 20 Cod Roy
  SAMMS FredMSonSingle1919 Nov 1 Cod Roy
87 95DALTON GeorgeMHead Married 1883June38 Cod Roy
  DALTON MaggieFWifeMarried 1884 Feb 37 Grand River
  DALTON JamesMSonSingle1908Dec 12 Cod Roy
  DALTON JohnMSonSingle1911 Feb 10 Cod Roy
  DALTON AgnesFDaughterSingle1913 Aug 8 Cod Roy
  DALTON AnnieFDaughterSingle1920 Aug 1 Cod Roy
88 96DALTON JohnMHead Married 1846July75 Western Bay
  DALTON Mary JFWifeMarried 1858 Aug 63 Cod Roy
  DALTON PhilipMSonMarried 1894 April 27 Cod Roy
  DALTON AnnieFWifeMarried 1899 Oct 21 Glasgow Scotland
  DALTON Mary JFDaughterSingle1920May1 Cod Roy
89 97ANDERSON HughMHead Married 1873June48 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON SusanFWifeMarried 1892July29 Cape Ray
  ANDERSON AngusMSonSingle1902 Nov 18 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON AnnieFDaughterSingle1905June16 Cod Roy
90 98ANDERSON JohnMHead Married 1868Sept 53 Grand River
  ANDERSON AmeliaFWifeMarried 1871June50 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON William JMSonSingle1893 Aug 28 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON Albert ? MSonSingle1896May25 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON EliasMSonSingle1898July23 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON AlexanderMSonSingle1901June11 Cod Roy
PAGE 346                    
  ANDERSON PiusMSonSingle1913July8 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON MaryFDaughterSingle1903July18 Cod Roy
91 99BARTER EdmundMHead Married 1871Mar 50 Cod Roy
  BARTER JaneFWifeMarried 1891 Feb 30 Cape Ray
  100BARTER EugeneMHeadSingle1854Dec 66 Cod Roy
  BARTER JohnMBrotherSingle1861May60 Cod Roy
92 101MOORE ThomasMHead Married 1860 Aug 61 St.John's
  MOORE JosephineFWifeMarried 1861 Jan 60 Cod Roy
93 102ELLISJohnMHead Married 1885Mar 36 Cape Anguille
  ELLIS ElizabethFWifeMarried 1885 Oct 35 Brigus
  ELLIS MinnieFDaughterSingle1906 Oct 14 Cod Roy
  ELLIS ElizaFDaughterSingle1908Sept 13 Cod Roy
  ELLIS EmmalineFDaughterSingle1917Mar 4 Cod Roy
  ELLIS MaudeFDaughterSingle1919 April 2 Cod Roy
  ELLIS EmmalineFMotherWidow1853 April 68 Cod Roy
94 103HARDINGGeorge HMHead Married 1865 Jan 56 Cod Roy
  HARDINGMary AnnFWifeMarried 1879 Oct 41 Cod Roy
  HARDINGDolcieFDaughterSingle1919 Dec 1 Cod Roy
  HARDINGJohnMBrotherSingle1869Dec 51 Cod Roy
  104YOUNGJamesMHead Widower 1874Mar 47 Cod Roy
  YOUNGAnnieFDaughterSingle1909 Aug 12 Cod Roy
95 105ANDERSONWilliamMHead Married 1874Sept 47 Cod Roy
  ANDERSONMaryFWifeMarried 1882 April 39 Cape Ray
  ANDERSONJosephMSonSingle1908Mar 13 Cod Roy
  ANDERSONMaryFDaughterSingle1917June4 Cod Roy
  ANDERSONLizzieFDaughterSingle1919 Oct 1 Cod Roy
96 106PARSONS CharlesMHead Married 1865Sept 56 Cod Roy
  PARSONS MaryFWifeMarried 1886Sept 35 Cod Roy
  PARSONS SarahFDaughterSingle1920 Feb 1 Cod Roy
97 107GALLOP EmmanuelMHead Married 1858Mar 63 Cod Roy
  GALLOP AliceFWifeMarried 1862 Jan 59 Cod Roy
  GALLOP JohnMNephewSingle1893 April 28 Cod Roy
98 108GALLOPGeorgeMHead Married 1876Sept 45 Cod Roy
  GALLOP MinnieFWifeMarried 1879Sept 42 Cod Roy
  GALLOP John HMSonSingle1903June18 Cod Roy
  GALLOP GeorgeMSonSingle1917 Jan 4 Cod Roy
  GALLOPAnnieFDaughterSingle1907Mar 14 Cod Roy
  GALLOP MaudeFDaughterSingle1914 April 7 Cod Roy
  GALLOP CatherineFMotherWidow No Entry No Entry 78 Cod Roy
99 109GALLOPWilliam HMHeadSingle1869Mar 52 Cod Roy
  GALLOP FrancesFMotherWidow1850Mar 71 Cod Roy
100 110HISCOCK WilliamMHead Married 1855 Jan 66 Lapoile Bay
  HISCOCKHannahFWifeMarried 1869May52 Cod Roy
  HISCOCK GeorgeMSonSingle1896 Jan 25 Cod Roy
  111 FIANDER EstherFHeadMarried 1898 Aug 23 Cod Roy
   FIANDER NathanMHusbandMarried 1895June26 Cod Roy
  FIANDER DorisFDaughterSingle1920Mar 1 Cod Roy
101 112HARDING JamesMHead Married 1855July66 Cod Roy
  HARDING ElizabethFWifeMarried 1861Dec 59 Rose Blanche
  HARDING CharlesMSonMarried 1886 Nov 34 Cod Roy
  HARDING EffieFWifeMarried 1895May26 Cod Roy
102 113EVANS WilliamMHead Married 1881Mar 40 Cod Roy
  EVANS Mary AnnFWifeMarried 1890June31 Cod Roy
  EVANS RalphMSonSingle1912June9 Cod Roy
  EVANS JohnMSonSingle1914July7 Cod Roy
  EVANS ChesleyMSonSingle1918 Nov 2 Cod Roy
  EVANS WilliamMSonSingle1920 Oct 11m Cod Roy
  EVANS MyraFDaughterSingle1911May11 Cod Roy
  EVANS ClaraFDaughterSingle1916Sept 5 Cod Roy
  EVANS HarrietFMotherWidow1852 Jan 67Cod Roy
103 114GILLIS JohnMHead Married 1873 Aug 48 Cod Roy
  GILLIS MaryFWifeMarried 1881 Jan 40 Bay of Islands
  GILLIS EdwardMSonSingle1901Dec 19 Cod Roy
  GILLIS GeraldMSonSingle1903 Oct 17 Cod Roy
  GILLIS JohnMSonSingle1917 Nov 3 Cod Roy
PAGE 348                    
  GILLIS ElizabethFDaughterSingle1906 Feb 15 Cod Roy
  GILLIS MaryFDaughterSingle1907Sept 14 Cod Roy
  GILLIS EmmalineFDaughterSingle1909June12 Cod Roy
  GILLIS AnnieFDaughterSingle1911 April 10 Cod Roy
  GILLIS ClaraFDaughterSingle1912July9 Cod Roy
  GILLIS KathleenFDaughterSingle1915July6 Cod Roy
  GILLIS TheresaFDaughterSingle1916 Nov 4 Cod Roy
  GILLIS VeronicaFDaughterSingle1919Dec 1 Cod Roy
  JENNINGS ElizabethFMother in LawWidow1846 Jan 75 Grand River
104 115GILLISJohnMHead Married 1834 Nov 86 Broad Cove Canal
  GILLIS EmmalineFWifeMarried 1845Sept 76 Channel
  GILLIS WallaceMSonSingle1875May46 Cod Roy
105 116EVANS LauraFHeadMarried 1885May. 36 Cod Roy
  EVANS RobertMHusband Married 1881Mar 40 Cod Roy
  EVANS ClementMSonSingle1916 Nov 4 Cod Roy
  EVANS GordonMSonSingle1918Dec 2 Cod Roy
  EVANS BlancheFDaughterSingle1908May13 Cod Roy
  EVANS BeatriceFDaughterSingle1910 Feb 11 Cod Roy
  EVANS MurielFDaughterSingle1911 Feb 10 Cod Roy
  EVANS LeilaFDaughterSingle1914Sept 7 Cod Roy
  EVANS MaryFMotherWidow1855 Oct 65 Cod Roy
106 117YOUNG DeborahFHeadWidow1873May48 Bonne Bay
  YOUNG WalterMSonSingle1898Mar 23 Cod Roy
  YOUNG BenjaminMSonSingle1900May21 Cod Roy
  YOUNG HowardMSonSingle1902 Oct 18 Cod Roy
  YOUNG JohnMSonSingle1909 Nov 11 Cod Roy
  YOUNG LillianFDaughterSingle1907 Jan 14 Cod Roy
  YOUNG HildaFDaughterSingle1914Sept 7 Cod Roy
  118YOUNG HubertMHead Married 1893June28 Cod Roy
  YOUNG EthelFWifeMarried 1899Mar 22 Cod Roy
  YOUNG GordonMSonSingle1920 April 1 Cod Roy
  YOUNG WilliamMSonSingle1921 April 5m Cod Roy
PAGE 349                    
107 119 YOUNG SarahFHeadMarried 1883 Nov 37 Bonne Bay
  YOUNG George WMHusband Married 1871July 50 Cod Roy
  YOUNG FrankMSonSingle1906July15 Cod Roy
  YOUNG JamesMSonSingle1911 Aug 10 Cod Roy
  YOUNG GeorgeMSonSingle1912Dec 8 Cod Roy
  YOUNG HenryMSonSingle1919Mar 2 Cod Roy
  YOUNG CassieFDaughterSingle1904 Feb 17 Cod Roy
  YOUNG HildaFDaughterSingle1916Mar 6 Cod Roy
108 120SAMMS JohnMHead Married 1867July54 Cod Roy
  SAMMS KeziahFWifeMarried 1871Sept 50 Cod Roy
  SAMMS AgnesFMother in LawWidow1843 April 78 Cod Roy
  YOUNG RachelF AdoptedSingle1914Sept 7 Cod Roy
109 121PARSONS William AMHead Married 1868 Feb 53 Cod Roy
  PARSONS SusannahFWifeMarried 1869Sept 52 Rose Blanche
  PARSONS JohnMSonSingle1909Dec 11 Cod Roy
  PARSONS LeonaFDaughterSingle1903May 18Cod Roy
  PARSONS AdaFDaughterSingle1906June15 Cod Roy
110 122BALL GeorgeMHead Married 1863Sept 58 Cod Roy
  BALL EmmalineFWifeMarried 1863June58 Channel
  BALL EthelFDaughterSingle1896July25 Cod Roy
  BALL VioletFDaughterSingle1905 Jan 16 Cod Roy
111 123GALLOP HenryMHead Married 1869 Feb 52 Cod Roy
  GALLOP MargretFWifeMarried 1865 Nov 45 Harbour Grace
  GALLOP EmanuelMSonSingle1898Sept 23 Cod Roy
  GALLOP DaisyFDaughterSingle1907 Aug 14 Cod Roy
  GALLOP MorganMSonSingle1910Sept 11 Cod Roy
112 124GILLIS Edwin JMHead Widower 1877May44 Cod Roy
  GILLIS WallaceMSonSingle1909Dec 11 Cod Roy
  GILLIS MichaelMSonSingle1916June5 Cod Roy
  GILLIS AlfredMSonSingle1918July3 Cod Roy
  GILLIS MaryFDaughterSingle1908June13 Cod Roy
  GILLIS AnnieFDaughterSingle1912Sept 9 Cod Roy
  GILLIS LeilaFDaughterSingle1914Sept 7 Cod Roy
PAGE 350                    
113 125FITZPATRICK JohnMHead Married 1872June49 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK EmmalineFWifeMarried 1882May39 Cod Roy
  FITZPATRICK JohnMSonSingle1909Mar 12 Cod Roy
  FITZPATRICK WallaceMSonSingle1914May7 Cod Roy
  FITZPATRICK StephenMSonSingle1916June5 Cod Roy
  FITZPATRICK GeorgeMSonSingle1920June1 Cod Roy
  FITZPATRICK LucyFDaughterSingle1911July10 Cod Roy
114 126SAMMS Emanuel GMHead Married 1889July32 Cod Roy
  SAMMS MabelFWifeMarried 1899Mar 22 Cod Roy
  SAMMS ReginaldMSonSingle1920 Feb 1 Cod Roy
  SAMMS MetaFDaughterSingle1918 Feb 3 Cod Roy
  SAMMS BessieFNieceSingle1908 Feb 13 Cod Roy
115 127FIANDER WilliamMHead Married 1860July 61Cod Roy
  FIANDER LucretiaFWifeMarried 1865Mar 56 Cod Roy
  FIANDER ThomasMSonSingle1890 Feb 31 Cod Roy
  FIANDER MaxwellMSonSingle1904 Aug 17 Cod Roy
116 128MOORE Thomas EMHead Married 1878 Oct 42 Cod Roy
  MOORE AmeliaFWifeMarried 1885May36 Cod Roy
  MOORE BenjaminMSonSingle1911July10 Cod Roy
  MOORE EdwinMSonSingle1911July10 Cod Roy
  MOORE MayFDaughterSingle1907 Nov 13 Cod Roy
  MOORE IdaFDaughterSingle1909June12 Cod Roy
  MOORE RuthFDaughterSingle1914Sept 7 Cod Roy
  MOORE CassieFDaughterSingle1917 Oct 3 Cod Roy
  MOORE WinnieFDaughterSingle1919 Feb 2 Cod Roy
117 129FIANDER WilsonMHead Married 1882Mar 39 Cod Roy
  FIANDER FrancesFWifeMarried 1891 Aug 30 Cod Roy
  FIANDER WillisMSonSingle1918Dec 2 Cod Roy
  FIANDER ReubenMSonSingle1921June3m Cod Roy
  FIANDER MildredFDaughterSingle1911 Oct 11 Cod Roy
  FIANDER MarieFDaughterSingle1913 Aug 8 Cod Roy
  FIANDER MaryFDaughterSingle1916May5 Cod Roy
  FIANDER ReubenMFatherWidower 1862 Nov 58 Cod Roy
PAGE 351                    
118 130MOORE WilliamMHead Married 1868July53 Cod Roy
  MOORE HannahFWifeMarried 1870 Dec 50 Channell
119 131COLLIER John HMHead Married 1851 April 70 Cod Roy
  COLLIER SusanFWifeMarried 1845Mar 76 Lapoile
  132COLLIER HenryMHead Married 1889 Oct 31 Cod Roy
  COLLIER AnnieFWifeMarried 1892Dec 28 O'Regans
  COLLIER James WMSonSingle1911Dec 9 Cod Roy
  COLLIER ThomasMSonSingle1915 Aug 6 Cod Roy
  COLLIER CharlesMSonSingle1918 April 3 Cod Roy
  COLLIER MinnieFDaughterSingle1913Sept 8 Cod Roy
  COLLIER LizzieFDaughterSingle1920Mar 1 Cod Roy
120 133COLLIER JamesMHead Married 1881May40 Cod Roy
  COLLIER LevinaFWifeMarried 1885 April 36 Cod Roy
  COLLIER John HMSonSingle1908 Feb 13 Cod Roy
  COLLIER GeorgeMSonSingle1912May9 Cod Roy
  COLLIER JamesMSonSingle1914 Nov 6 Cod Roy
  COLLIER Sarah JFDaughterSingle1921Sept 2wk Cod Roy
121 134KARNO WilliamMHead Married 1850Dec 70 Cod Roy
  KARNO MaryFWifeMarried 1871Mar 50 Cod Roy
  KARNO JosephMSonSingle1893 Aug 28 Cod Roy
  KARNO ElizabethFDaughterSingle1908June13 Cod Roy
122 135KERNO John WMHead Married 1891July30 Cod Roy
  KERNO Sarah AFWifeMarried 1889July32 Grand River
  KERNO MaryFDaughterSingle1920 Aug 1 Cod Roy
123 136COLLIERJohn TMHead Married 1876 Nov 44 Cod Roy
  COLLIER AmeliaFWifeMarried 1866May55 Cod Roy
  COLLIER JosephMSonSingle1902Dec 18 Cod Roy
  COLLIER MaryFDaughterSingle1905May16 Cod Roy
  COLLIER HarrietFDaughterSingle1908 Jan 13 Cod Roy
  COLLIER BerthaFDaughterSingle1912 Jan 9 Cod Roy
124 137NOSEWORTHY WilliamMHead Married 1880 Feb 41 Bay of Islands
  NOSEWORTHY AliceFWifeMarried 1892 Aug 29 Cod Roy
  NOSEWORTHY MaryFDaughterSingle1919July2 Cod Roy
PAGE 352                    
125 138NOSEWORTHY JaneF HeadWidow1855 Nov 65 Cod Roy
  NOSEWORTHY JosephM Grand Son Single1917May4 Cod Roy
126 139PARSONS AmbroseMHead Married 1858 Jan 63 Cod Roy
  PARSONS ClaraFWifeMarried 1862 Jan 59 Cod Roy
  PARSONS ArchibaldMSonSingle1901May20 Cod Roy
  PARSONS WilfredMSonSingle1907 Jan 14 Cod Roy
  PARSONS FlorenceFDaughterSingle1896 Oct 24 Cod Roy
127 140BARTER FrankMHead Married 1852Dec 68 Cod Roy
  BARTER SusanFWifeMarried 1885July36 Cod Roy
  BARTER ClementM AdoptedSingle1906Mar 15 Cod Roy
128 141BRAKE William JMHead Widower 1863June58 Mary's Town
  BRAKE MorrisMSonSingle1906 Aug 15 St.Pierre Miq
129 142HILLYERD ThomasMHead Widower 1874June47 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD RoyMSonSingle1903Sept 18 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD GeorgeMSonSingle1906 Jan 15 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD KittyFDaughterSingle1908 Oct 12 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD LizzieFDaughterSingle1911Mar 10 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD PhebeFDaughterSingle1913Mar 8 Cod Roy
130 143HILLYERD JohnMHead Married 1871 Aug 50 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD MatildaFWifeMarried 1896 Oct 24 Deer Harbour
  HILLYERD GeorgeMSonSingle1908 Oct 12 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD AganettiaFDaughterSingle1918 April 3 Cod Roy
  HILLYERD HenryMSonSingle1921Sept 1m Cod Roy
  144TIBBO MabelFHeadSingle1900Dec 20 Deer Harbour
  TIBBO HenryMFatherWidower 1868 April 53 Deer Harbour
  TIBBO JohnMSonSingle1906 Nov 14 Cod Roy
131 145GALE James EMHead Married 1875 Oct 45 Cod Roy
  GALE GraceFWifeMarried 1873 Nov 47 Cod Roy
  GALE JamesMSonSingle1907 Oct 14 Cod Roy
  GALE ThomasMSonSingle1909 Aug 11 Cod Roy
  GALE ArchibaldMSonSingle1917June4 Cod Roy
  GALE HarrietFDaughterSingle1902Dec 18 Cod Roy
PAGE 353                    
132 146 HILLYERD JamesMHead Married 1875 Nov 45 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD AnnieFWifeMarried 1877 April 44 Burnt Island
   HILLYERD GeorgeMSonSingle1903 April 18 Cod Roy
   HILLYERDSolomonMSonSingle1910June11 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD ErnestMSonSingle1915May6 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD ThomasMSonSingle1918 Nov 2 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD AnnieFDaughterSingle1905Dec 15 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD MaggieFDaughterSingle1908July13 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD RoseFDaughterSingle1912 April 9 Cod Roy
   HILLYERD OliveFDaughterSingle1913Mar 8 Cod Roy
  SMITH AnnFMotherWidow1838   83 Grand Bank
133 147CUNNINGHAM Rev. Victor MHead Married 1870 *1 June31 Burgeo
  CUNNINGHAM SelinaFWifeMarried 1897 April 24 Greens Pond
134 148BALL John TMHead Married 1894June27 Cod Roy
  BALL QueenieFWifeMarried 1896 April 25 Seven Oaks, Eng
135 149MOOREJamesMHead Married 1887 Jan 34 Cod Roy
  MOORE CassieFWifeMarried 1886Dec 34 Rose Blanche
  MOORE CharlesMFatherMarried 1848June73 Cod Roy
  MOORE MarthaFMotherMarried 1856 Jan 65 Fortune
PAGE 355                    
147 161COLLIER WilliamMHead Widower 1843July78 Cod Roy
  TIBBO Philip HMGrand SonSingle1905 Jan 16 Cod Roy
148 162JEANES DarceyMHead Married 1880 Oct 41 Cape Ray
  JEANES MarieFWifeMarried 1894July27 Cod Roy
  JEANES JamesMSonSingle1909 Feb 12 Cod Roy
  JEANES GeorgeMSonSingle1916May5 Cod Roy
  JEANES ArthurMSonSingle1918 Aug 3 Cod Roy
  JEANES ClaraFDaughterSingle1920 Oct 1 Cod Roy
  163BRAITHWAITE Frederick P. MHeadSingle1854 Jan 67 Newark Eng.
  JEANES AnnieFadptSingle1907 Feb 14 Cod Roy
PAGE 356                    
149 164REID IsraelMHead Married 1886 Nov 34 Cod Roy
  REID MinnieFWifeMarried 1879May42 Cod Roy
  REID SedilaFDaughterSingle1918 Feb 3 Cod Roy
  SONER BeatriceFStep DaughterSingle1906June15 Halifax Canada
No # 165ANDERSON WilliamMHead Married 1894Sept 27 Cod Roy
  ANDERSON AgnesFWifeMarried 1897 Jan 24 Cape Ray
No # 166 FIANDER JohnMHead Married 1866 Feb 55 Cod Roy
  FIANDER SelinaFWifeMarried 1875   46 Cod Roy
  FIANDER FreemanMSonSingle1902 Nov 19 Cod Roy
  FIANDER RobertMSonSingle1906Sept 15 Cod Roy
  FIANDER WalterMSonSingle1915 Oct 6 Cod Roy
  FIANDER AdaFDaughterSingle1913 Nov 8 Cod Roy
150 167PARSONS PhebeFHeadWidow1863 April 53 Cod Roy
151 168HISCOCK JohnMHead Married 1892 Jan 29 Cod Roy
  HISCOCK OliveFWifeMarried 1897May24 Cod Roy
  HISCOCK ErnestMSonSingle1915Sept 6 Cod Roy
  HISCOCK GeorgeMSonSingle1918Dec 2 Cod Roy
  HISCOCK AlmaFDaughterSingle1920 Jan 1 Cod Roy
152 169GILLIS RobertMHead Married 1880 Jan 41 Cod Roy
  GILLIS MaryFWifeMarried 1880 Nov 40 Highlands
  GILLIS JohnMSonSingle1907 Oct 14 Sydney Canada
  GILLIS GertrudeFDaughterSingle1909June12 Sydney Canada
  GILLIS JaneFDaughterSingle1914May7 Cod Roy
  GILLIS LorettaFDaughterSingle1916June5 Cod Roy
  GILLIS GenevievFDaughterSingle1918July3 Cod Roy
No # 170SAMMSEmanuelMHead Married 1900 Feb 21 Cod Roy
  SAMMS BerthaFWifeMarried 1900June21 Cod Roy
No # 171HALL JohnMHead Married 1841 Nov 79 Grand River
  HALL Christy AnnFWifeMarried 1855 Aug 66 Cod Roy

* See the following errata

Richard Oliver *1 Date should be 1890 not 1870 Brenda Alverson

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Debra Brake, Benoit's Cove, Nfld.

Posted May 28, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

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Be aware that the 1921 files have been reorganized and may not return a valid address until Google catches up.
If you get an error message, go back through the menus and access the files through them. Files are all there and available for use.

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