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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Benoit's Cove,
Bay St. George District
{171 Persons in 34 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 91                    
2 945 HUMBER John AMHead Married 1897April24 Bonne Bay
  946 HUMBER Miariam FWife Married 1899June22 Bay Of Islds
  947 HUMBER AlexM Brother Single 1899 July 22 Bonne Bay
3 948 MITCHELL ArchMHead Married 1871 May 50 Bay Of Islds
  949 MITCHELL AnnieFWife Married 1881 May 40 Bay Of Islds
  950 MITCHELL HannahFDaughterSingle 1905April16 Bay Of Islds
  951 MITCHELL JosephMSon Single 1907Sept14 Bay Of Islds
  952 MITCHELL LauraFDaughterSingle 1910Dec11 Bay Of Islds
  953 MITCHELL MaryFDaughterSingle 1912Mar9 Bay Of Islds
  954 MITCHELL EthelFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Bay Of Islds
  955 MITCHELL WmMSon Single 1916 Oct 5 Bay Of Islds
  956 MITCHELL FrankMSon Single 1919Dec2 Bay Of Islds
  957 MITCHELL ArchMSon Single 1921 May 4M Bay Of Islds
3 957 (sic) MITCHELL FredMHead Married 1870 Jan 41 Bay Of Islds
PAGE 92                    
  958 MITCHELL Wiliminia? FWife Married 1880Aug41 Carbonear
  959 MITCHELL Mary AFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 Bay Of Islds
  960 MITCHELL HerbertMSon Single 1900 May 21 Bay Of Islds
4 961 MITCHELL HenryMHead Married 1869Oct52 Bay Of Islds
  962 MITCHELL ElizaFWife Married 1869Dec52 Burgeo
  963 MITCHELL W GMSon Single 1893 July 28 Bay Of Islds
  964 MITCHELL Emiy F Daughter Married 1900Mar21 Lamaline
  965 MITCHELL LesterM Grand Son Single 1920Aug1 Bay Of Islds
3 966 MITCHELL JohnMHead Married 1893Aug28 Bay Of Islds
  967 MITCHELL ElizabethFWife Married 1898June23 Bay Of Islds
  968 MITCHELL HenryMSon Single 1919July2 Bay Of Islds
  969 MITCHELL John AMSon Single 1921Sept 8 Days Bay Of Islds
1 970 BROCKWAY HenryMHead Widower 1864Jan57 Burnt Island
  971 BROCKWAY WalterMSon Single 1897 Dec 24 Bay Of Islds
  972 BROCKWAY May G MSon Single 1903 Mar 18 Bay Of Islds
  973 BROCKWAY John A MSon Single 1906Oct15 Bay Of Islds
  974 BROCKWAY Alfred R MSon Single 1908Sept13 Bay Of Islds
  975 BROCKWAY H WMSon Single 1910June11 Bay Of Islds
1 976 CARROLL JohnMHead Married 1895Aug26 Bay Of Islds
  977 CARROLL AliceFWife Married 1897 Dec 24 Bay Of Islds
  978 CARROLL Mary EFDaughterSingle 1921Dec 9 M Bay Of Islds
2 979 STICKLAND Geo MHead Married 1884Aug37 Bay Of Islds
  980 STICKLAND CarolineFWife Married 1884Oct37 Bay Of Islds
  981 STICKLAND GordenMSon Single 1915Feb6 Bay Of Islds
  982 BROCKWAY CliftonMNeph Single 1918Nov3 Bay Of Islds
3 983 BROCKWAY Thos MHead Married 1878July43 Bay Of Islds
  984 BROCKWAY SussieFWife Married 1892July29 Bay Of Islds
  985 BROCKWAY ReginaldMSon Single 1912 May 9 Bay Of Islds
  986 BROCKWAY CecilMSon Single 1913July8 Bay Of Islds
  987 BROCKWAY MarjoryFDaughterSingle 1915Feb6 Bay Of Islds
  988 BROCKWAY FrankMSon Single 1916Sept5 Bay Of Islds
  989 BROCKWAY AlbertMSon Single 1921Sept4D Bay Of Islds
4 990 BATT SamuelMHead Married 1847Aug74 Dorchester, Eng
PAGE 93                    
  991 BATT MarthaFWife Married 1855Mar66 Burnt Island
  992 BATT FrankMSon Single 1888Nov33 Bay Of Islds
  993 BATT Martha AFDaughterSingle 1890Oct31 Bay Of Islds
3 994 DORMODY JamesMHead Married 1877Jan44 Bay Of Islds
  995 DORMODY BessieFWife Married 1888Oct33 Bay Of Islds
  996 DORMODY MagrettFDaughterSingle 1911Mar10 Bay Of Islds
  997 DORMODY IleneFDaughterSingle 1913 June 8 Bay Of Islds
  998 DORMODY FrancisFDaughterSingle 1916Dec5 Bay Of Islds
  999 DORMODY EdwardMSon Single 1918 Mar3 Bay Of Islds
3 1000 DORMODY EdwardMHead Married 1846Jan75 Placentia
  1001 DORMODY Mary AFWife Married 1857Aug 64Codroy
  1002 PELLY Maell ? M Son (Adt) Single 1903Sept18 Bay Of Islds
3 1003 DORMODY DanielMHead Married 1887April34 Bay Of Islds
  1004 DORMODY AnnieFWife Married 1899July22 Bay Of Islds
  1005 DORMODY NoraFDaughterSingle 1919Oct2 Bay Of Islds
  1006 DORMODY StephenMSon Single 1920June1 Bay Of Islds
  1007 DORMODY AngelaFDaughterSingle 1921July2M Bay Of Islds
2 1008 WAYSON WmMHead Married 1856June65 Cape Breton
  1009 WAYSON JosephineFWife Married 1856Aug65 Bay Of Islds
  1010 WAYSON WmM Son (Adt) Single 1895Jan26 Bay Of Islds
  1011 JAYNES ThelmaF Grand Daughter Single 1911Mar10 Bay Of Islds
3 1012 BATT GeoMHead Married 1880 May 41 Bay Of Islds
  1013 BATT MaryFWife Married 1886Nov35 Bay Of Islds
  1014 BATT Arthur RMSon Single 1908Nov13 Bay Of Islds
  1015 BATT RussellMSon Single 1910Jan11 Bay Of Islds
  1016 BATT EffieFDaughterSingle 1912Oct9 Bay Of Islds
  1017 BATT AlfredMSon Single 1913Sept8 Bay Of Islds
  1018 BATT SamuelMSon Single 1916Oct5 Bay Of Islds
  1019 BATT JamesMSon Single 1918July3 Bay Of Islds
2 1020 ELDRIDGE ThosMHead Married 1873April48 Trout River
  1021 ELDRIDGE EstherFWife Married 1884July37 Fortune Bay
  1022 ELDRIDGE ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Bay Of Islds
  1023 ELDRIDGE WilliamMSon Single 1910Sept11 Bay Of Islds
PAGE 94                    
  1024 ELDRIDGE VioletFDaughterSingle 1912Mar9 Bay Of Islds
  1025 ELDRIDGE Stanley MSon Single 1918Jan3 Bay Of Islds
  1026 ELDRIDGE JanetFDaughterSingle 1921Dec9M Bay Of Islds
2 1027 WHITE WmMHead Married 1879 May 42 Bonne Bay
  1028 WHITE EmmaFWife Married 1873 May 48 Labrador
  1029 WHITE AlfredMSon Single 1899Dec22 Bay Of Islds
  1030 WHITE WalterMSon Single 1903Feb18 Bay Of Islds
  1031 WHITE JosephMSon Single 1904June17 Bay Of Islds
  1032 WHITE JohnMSon Single 1906April15 Bay Of Islds
  1033 WHITE MurdockMSon Single 1907Dec14 Bay Of Islds
  1034 FRENCH JaneF Mother Widow 1834April87 Labrador
  1035 FRENCH Sara JF SisterSingle 1872July49 HaHa Bay
4 1036 STICKLY AlbertMHead Married 1845Mar76 Dorchester, England
  1037 STICKLY AmeliaFWife Married 1842June79 Burnt Island
3 1038 THISTLE PatrickMHead Married 1854Aug67 Carbonear
  1039 THISTLE EllenFWife Married 1860Sept61 Carbonear
  1040 THISTLE DorothyFDaughterSingle 1905Aug16 Bay Of Islds
  1041 THISTLE FrankMSon Single 1895Sept26 Bay Of Islds
  1042 THISTLE PatMSon Single 1901Nov20 Bay Of Islds
2 1043 SHEPPARD AgnesFHead Widow 1871Mar50 Bay Of Islds
  1044 SHEPPARD LucyFDaughterSingle 1904Feb17 Bay Of Islds
  1045 SHEPPARD EllenF Daughter (Adt) Single 1920 May 1 Bay Of Islds
3 1046 JAYNES GeoMHead Married 1883Feb38 Bay Of Islds
  1047 JAYNES MarieFWife Married 1894Aug27 Fortune Bay
  1048 JAYNES GeoMSon Single 1912July9 Fortune Bay
2 1049 JAYNES CharlesMHead Married 1852July69 Rose Blanche
  1050 JAYNES MaggieFWife Married 1866July55 St George's
  1051 JAYNES PatMSon Single 1904 May 17 Bay Of Islds
  1052 JAYNES AnitaFDaughterSingle 1905Nov16 Bay Of Islds
3 1053 REUVELLE JamesMHead Married 1877July44 Bay Of Islds
  1054 REUVELLE EllenFWife Married 1893Nov28 Bay Of Islds
  1055 REUVELLE AugustusMSon Single 1907Nov14 Bay Of Islds
2 1056 REUVELLE EugeneMHead Single 1860Aug61 Bay Of Islds
PAGE 95                    
  1057 BOPATUO ? P ? M Boarder Single 1871Aug50 Bay Of Islds
  1058 BOPATUO ? RosieF Niece Single 1906Nov16 St Pierre & Miquelon
  1059 BOPATUO ? WmM Nephew Single 1917Dec4 Bay Of Islds
4 1060 SHEPPARD JamesMHead Married 1845June76 Bay Of Islds
  1061 SHEPPARD BertinaFWife Married 1856July65 St George's
  1062 SHEPPARD DominicMSon Single 1876Aug45 Burgeo
3 1063 GALLANT AlonzoMHead Married 1891July 30Bay Of Islds
  1064 GALLANT JaneFWife Married 1896Dec25 Bay Of Islds
  1065 GALLANT LeonFDaughterSingle 1917Jan4 Bay Of Islds
  1066 GALLANT RitaFDaughterSingle 1918Jan3 Bay Of Islds
  1067 GALLANT MarieFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Bay Of Islds
  1068 GALLANT MaryF Mother Widow 1855 Nov66 Carbonear
3 1069 WHEELER ThosMHead Married 1881Nov40 Bay Of Islds
  1070 WHEELER ElizFWife Married 1882 May 39 Bay Of Islds
  1071 WHEELER WilifredMSon Single 1905July16 Bay Of Islds
  1072 WHEELER HaroldMSon Single 1907Jan14 Bay Of Islds
  1073 WHEELER CliftonMSon Single 1909Sept12 Bay Of Islds
  1074 WHEELER EdnaFDaughterSingle 1911Oct10 Bay Of Islds
  1075 WHEELER Jeroux ? FDaughterSingle 1912Aug9 Bay Of Islds
  1076 WHEELER BernardMSon Single 1915Sept6 Bay Of Islds
  1077 WHEELER EvaFDaughterSingle 1917Dec4 Bay Of Islds
  1078 WHEELER LeoMSon Single 1919June2 Bay Of Islds
3 1079 JAYNES JamesMHead Married 1885Nov36 Bay Of Islds
  1080 JAYNES MayFWife Married 1897Dec24 Bay Of Islds
  1081 JAYNES FredMSon Single 1919Nov2 Bay Of Islds
3 1082 GALLANT MasceliaMHead Single 1860 May 61 St George's
2 1083 JAYNES CharlesMHead Married 1888Sept33 Bay Of Islds
  1084 JAYNES JohannaFWife Married 1894Aug27 Bay Of Islds
  1085 JAYNES BenjMSon Single 1916Dec5 Bay Of Islds
  1086 JAYNES ChristinaFDaughterSingle 1917Jan4 Bay Of Islds
  1087 JAYNES Mary MFDaughterSingle 1919 Dec2 Bay Of Islds
  1088 JAYNES Frances PMSon Single 1921Nov 9 M Bay Of Islds
2 1089 BASHA SimonMHead Married 1893 May 28 New York
PAGE 96                    
  1090 BASHA ArnetFWife Married 1895July26 Syria
  1091 BASHA JosephMSon Single 1915Sept6 Bay Of Islds
  1092 BASHA MaryFDaughterSingle 1917Oct4 Bay Of Islds
  1093 BASHA GeoMSon Single 1920Feb1 Bay Of Islds
  1094 BASHA SophiaF Vistor Single 1907Sept14 Bell Island
  1095 HALL RosieF Servant Single 1905Dec16 Green Bay
6 1096 BASHA EliasMHead Married 1884Nov37 Syria
  1097 BASHA MargrettFWife Married 1887April34 Bay Of Islds
  1098 BASHA JosephMSon Single 1910Oct11 Halifax, N.S.
  1099 SHEEHAN MaggieF Servant Single 1907June14 Bay Of Islds
  1100 HYNES BerthaF VisitorSingle 1901Nov20 Port Au Port
3 1101 TUCKER WmMHead Married 1874Mar47 Bay Of Islds
  1102 TUCKER Mary AFWife Married 1877Jan44 Bay Of Islds
  1103 TUCKER JeremiahMSon Single 1902 May 19 Bay Of Islds
  1104 TUCKER Wm JMSon Single 1904 Nov 17 Bay Of Islds
  1105 TUCKER BessieFDaughterSingle 1907Aug14 Bay Of Islds
  1106 TUCKER Rich JMSon Single 1915Sept6 Bay Of Islds
  1107 HILLIARD GeoM Uncle Single 1859 May 62 St John's
2 1108 SHEEHAN MargrettFHead Widow 1878 Nov43 Bay Of Islds
  1109 SHEEHAN ThosMSon Single 1897Nov24 Bay Of Islds
  1110 SHEEHAN JamesMSon Single 1898Sept23 Bay Of Islds
  1111 SHEEHAN JohnMSon Single 1908Dec13 Bay Of Islds
  1112 SHEEHAN SarahFDaughterSingle 1901Oct20 Bay Of Islds
  1113 SHEEHAN AnnieFDaughterSingle 1910April11 Bay Of Islds
  1114 SHEEHAN NellieFDaughterSingle 1918Mar3 Bay Of Islds

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Debbie Brake, Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

Posted May 3, 1999

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)
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