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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Fortune Bay District
{698 Persons in 140 Households}

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Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 96                  
11KEEPING BenjaminMHead Married 1860Aug61 Stone's Cove
  KEEPING Martha FWife Married 1866June55 Belleoram
  KEEPING Zynia MSon Single 1897Dec23 Belleoram
  KEEPING Lily FDaughter Single 1904Sept17 Belleoram
22NOTT George B. MHead Married 1861Feb60 Topshem, Devon, England 1875
  NOTT Emma FWife Married 1863Feb58 Twillingate
  NOTT Wm. G. MSon Single 1886April35 Twillingate
  NOTT Eliza A. FDaughter Single 1899Dec21 Twillingate
  NOTT Sophia L. FDaughter Single 1901Nov19 Twillingate
33PIKE Robert G.MHead Married 1861Nov59 Hr. Grace
  PIKE Jessie L. FWife Married 1864Nov56 Hr. Grace
  PIKE Alice. M. FDaughter Single 1895April26 St. John's
  PIKE Robert AlecMSon Single 1900April21 St. John's
  PIKE Susie FNeice Single 1894Nov27 St. John's
  BAKER Laura FDomesticSingle 1895May26 Rencontre FB
44ROSE Francis MHead Married 1880Sept41 Belleoram
  ROSE Elfreda FWife Married 1881Mar40 Belleoram
  ROSE Lucy FDaughter Single 1914Sept7 Belleoram
  ROSE Josiah MFatherMarried 1842April79 Belleoram
  ROSE Mary Ann FMother Married 1848May73 Belleoram
55KEEPING ReginaldMHead Married 1894May27 Belleoram
  KEEPING Annie F.FWife Married 1896Dec24 Little Bay
66YOUNG Charles MHead Married 1885May36 St. Jacques
  YOUNG Minnie FWife Married 1891Jan30 Mose Ambrose
  YOUNG Vincent MSon Single 1911Dec9 St. Jacques
  LACE Annie FAdopted DaughterSingle 1918Nov2 Rencontre, F. B.
77DOMINIQUE WilliamMHead WidowerNo EntryNo Entry 55 Barrow, F.B.
  DOMINIQUE HenryMSon Single 1907Aug14 Barrow, F.B.
88CLUETT Samuel J. MHead Married 1893June28 Belleoram
  CLUETT Bertha FWife Married 1897April24 Belleoram
  CLUETT Mary JaneFMother Widow 1872April49 Belleoram
  CLUETT MagdalenFSister Single 1904Aug17 Belleoram
  CLUETT Gladys FNiece Single 1907July14 Belleoram
PAGE 97                  
  CLUETT LlewelynMNephew Single 1912No Entry 9 Belleoram
99LUSH Ernest P.MHead Married 1890Mar31 Pinchards Island
  LUSH Hilda MaryFWife Married 1890July31 Belleoram
  LUSH Ada May FDaughter Single 1913Aug8 Belleoram
  LUSH Reginald J.MSon Single 1918Jan3 Belleoram
  LUSH Ernest MSon Single 1920May1 Belleoram
  LACE Maggie FServantWidow 1870Dec50 Lally Cove, F.B.
1010ROSE Jerome MHead Married 1880Sept41 Belleoram
  ROSE Sarah FWife Married 1885July36 Pool's Cove, F.B.
  ROSE Ena FrancesFDaughter Single 1910Nov10 Belleoram
  ROSE Eldred MSon Single 1912Jan9 Belleoram
  ROSE Elsie M. FDaughter Single 1917Aug4 Belleoram
  ROSE Doris EllenFDaughter Single 1920Dec8m Belleoram
1111ROSE William MHead Married 1847Dec73 Belleoram
  ROSE Esther FWife Married 1852July69 Woody Island, P.B.
1212FUDGE William MHead Married 1887Jan34 Belleoram
  FUDGE Beatrice FWife Married 1892Sept29 Belleoram
  FUDGE John MSon Single 1920Sept1 Belleoram
  POOLE Bertha FServantSingle 1900Aug21 Corbin, F.B.
1313KEARLEY John JamesMHead Married 1884Nov36 Belleoram
  KEARLEY Julia AnnFWife Married 1889Sept32 Coombe's Cove, F.B.
  KEARLEY Joseph V.MSon Single 1912July9 Belleoram
  LAWERENCE JuliaFServantSingle 1896Aug25 Bay L'Argent
1414HARDIMAN Alec MHead Married 1890April31 Grand John, F.B.
  HARDIMAN Janet FWife Married 1897April24 Barrow, F.B.
  HARDIMAN Annie FDaughter Single 1917Sept4 Belleoram
  HARDIMAN Elizabeth M. F Daughter Single 1920Mar1 Belleoram
  HARDIMAN Hilda FNeice Single 1909May12 Grand John, F.B.
1515BOND Isaac MHead Married 1879Oct41 Stones Cove, F.B.
  BOND Elsie May F Wife Married 1882May39 Belleoram
  BOND Janet FDaughter Single 1904Feb17 Belleoram
  BOND Neil MSon Single 1908June13 Belleoram
  BOND Masie FDaughter Single 1916Jan5 Belleoram
PAGE 98                  
1616Rose Ernest M Head Married 1879Feb42 Belleoram
  Rose Sarah Ann F Wife Married 1877July44 Grand Le Pierre
  Rose Ella FDaughterSingle 1905July16 Belleoram
  Rose Florence FDaughterSingle 1908Jan13 Belleoram
  Rose Hilda FDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Belleoram
  Rose Blanche FDaughterSingle 1913Dec7 Belleoram
  Rose Ernest M Son Single 1917July4 Belleoram
  Rose Alice FDaughterSingle 1920April1 Belleoram
1717FUDGE Edward O. M Head Married 1884Sept37 Belleoram
  FUDGE Enola F Wife Married 1890Jan31 Belleoram
  FUDGE Gordon C. M Son Single 1913Mar8 Belleoram
  FUDGE Vivian C. FDaughterSingle 1915Jan6 Belleoram
  FUDGE Frances E. FDaughterSingle 1918April3 Belleoram
  FUDGE Evelyn M. FDaughterSingle 1920Sept1 Belleoram
1818KEARLEY Emmanaiel ? M Head Married 1890Aug31 Belleoram
  KEARLEY Annie F Wife Married 1895Nov25 Bay du Nord,
  KEARLEY Alice FDaughterSingle 1918Dec2 Belleoram
  KEARLEY Sarah R. FDaughterSingle 1921Feb6m Belleoram
  BREWER Martha FSister in LawSingle 1908Jan13 Bay du Nord
1919DOMINIQUE Allen M Head Married 1894Aug27 Barrow
  DOMINIQUE Jane F Wife Married 1897Jan24 St. Jacques
  DOMINIQUE Una FDaughterSingle 1918Dec2 Belleoram
2020HARDIMAN Andras ? M Head Married 1875May46 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Sarah Ann F Wife Married 1882July39 Corbin
  HARDIMAN John Thos. M Son Single 1904July17 Grand John
  HARDIMAN George M Son Single 1910Dec10 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Laura FDaughterSingle 1912Nov9 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Janet FDaughterSingle 1916June5 Belleoram
2121SEELEY Maxwell H.W. M Head Married 1890Feb31 Channel
  SEELEY Lovetta F Wife Married 1892Mar29 Channel
  SEELEY Mary Julia FDaughterSingle 1916July5 St. Anthony
  SEELEY Maxwell John M Son Single 1917Dec3 Belleoram
  SEELEY Pauline G. FDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Belleoram
PAGE 99                  
  SEELEY Torbert Ward M Son Single 1921July2m Belleoram
  BAKER Melinda FServantSingle 1905May16 Bay de Leau
2222CURNEW Frederick M Head Married 1897May44 St. John's
  CURNEW Caroline F Wife Married 1875Dec45 Bay L,Argent
  CURNEW Mary FDaughterSingle 1904Dec16 Belleoram
  CURNEW Augustus M Son Single 1906Jan15 Belleoram
  CURNEW Thomas M Son Single 1909April12 Belleoram
  CURNEW Alice R. FDaughterSingle 1915Dec5 Belleoram
2323ROSE William J.MHead Married 1868Dec52 Belleoram
  ROSE Esther EmilyFWife Married 1874July47 Belleoram
  ROSE Irene FDaughter Single 1896Feb25 Belleoram
  ROSE Josiah MSon Single 1898Jan23 Belleoram
  ROSE William B.MSon Single 1899Dec21 Belleoram
  ROSE Nathan MSon Single 1903Nov17 Belleoram
  ROSE Esther EmilyFDaughter Single 1905Oct15 Belleoram
  ROSE Erastus MSon Single 1906Dec14 Belleoram
  ROSE Philip MSon Single 1909Sept12 Belleoram
  ROSE Benjamin MSon Single 1911May10 Belleoram
  ROSE James MSon Single 1914July7 Belleoram
  ROSE Myrle MSon Single 1915July6 Belleoram
  ROSE Janet Evans FDaughter Single 1916Sept5 Belleoram
2424BARNES Randall MHead Married 1894Aug27 Hr. Mille, F.B.
  BARNES BeatriceFWife Married 1896July25 Lobster Cove, F.B.
  BARNES Violet LydiaFDaughter Single 1919Jan2 Belleoram
  BARNES Randall P.MSon Single 1921June3m Belleoram
  DAVAGE Frances W.FServantSingle 1902June19 Bay du Nord
2525KEARLEY Thomas Hy.MHead Married 1886Oct34 Belleoram
  KEARLEY Emma C.FWife Married 1886Aug35 Belleoram
  KEARLEY George P.MSon Single 1910April11 Belleoram
  KEARLEY DorothyFDaughter Single 1918Oct2 Belleoram
  POOLE Eliza FMother in Law Widow 1862Jan59 Stones Cove, F.B.
2626SCEANS RebbeceaFHead Widow 1887Oct33 Belleoram
  SCEANS Isabel FDaughter Single 1913Sept8 Belleoram
PAGE 100                  
  SCEANS Doris BlancheFDaughter Single 1914Oct6 Belleoram
  SCEANS Leslie GowerMSon Single 1916Dec4 Belleoram
  SCEANS Robert ChasMSon Single 1919May2 Belleoram
  ROSE Elizabeth FGrand MotherWidow 1837July84 Belleoram
  OSBORNE Eva FServantSingle 1898Jan23 Little Bay East, F.B.
2727FUDGE George MHead Married 1879Jan42 Muddy Hole, Herm B.
  FUDGE CatherineFWife Married 1878May43 Carbonear
  FUDGE Margaret L. E.FDaughter Single 1914May7 Balena
  FUDGE Georgina K.FDaughter Single 1919Oct1 Belleoram
  PIKE Lorenzo G. MStep SonSingle 1898Mar23 St. John's
  PIKE Horatio N.MStep Son Single 1905Oct15 St. John's
  MOREY Annie M. FServantSingle 1901Aug20 Pushthrough
2828CLUETT John Wm.MHead Married 1878Feb43 St. Jacques
  CLUETT Ida AliceFWife Married 1885Feb36 Belleoram
  HARDIMAN Eva M.FServantSingle 1907Aug14 Grand John
  MILES Jessie FBorder Single 1893Mar28 Tilt Cove
2929DRAKE Stanley MHead Married 1897Oct23 Belleoram
  DRAKE Winnifred FWife Married 1901May20 Corbin, F.B.
  DRAKE Levi MSon Single 1920April1 Belleoram
  DRAKE Thomas MFatherWidower 1845June76 Little Bay W, F.B.
3030DRAKE Allen MHead Married 1883July38 Belleoram
  DRAKE Gertrude FWife Married 1882Nov38 Belleoram
  DRAKE John CluettMSon Single 1912Dec8 Belleoram
  DRAKE Howard MSon Single 1916Aug5 Belleoram
  DRAKE Alice A. FDaughter Single 1918Aug3 Belleoram
3131BARNES Albert MHead Married 1857Jan64 Hr. Mille, F.B.
  BARNES Mary AnnFWife Married 1867May54 Belleoram
  BARNES William A.MSon Single 1888Nov32 Belleoram
  BARNES Harold MSon Single 1895Nov25 Belleoram
  BARNES Loran MSon Single 1901Sept20 Belleoram
  BISHOP Julia FServantSingle 1903 No Entry18 English, Hr. W. BB
3232BARNES Thomas J.MHead Married 1891Aug30 Belleoram
  BARNES Jemima FWife Married 1899April22 Pool's Cove, F.B.
PAGE 101                  
  BARNES WinnifredFDaughter Single 1919Sept2 Belleoram
3333EVANS Wilson MHead Married 1894May27 Femme, F.B.
  EVANS Sarah FWife Married 1895Aug26 Belleoram
  EVANS Charles K.MSon Single 1915July6 Belleoram
  EVANS CharlotteFDaughter Single 1917July4 Belleoram
  EVANS PriscillaFDaughter Single 1919June2 Belleoram
  EVANS Allen R. MSon Single 1921April4m Belleoram
  KEARLEY RebeccaFServantSingle 1900Oct20 English Hr. East, F.B.
3434JENSEN Herbert MHead Married 1878Jan43 Belleoram
  JENSEN Rebecca FWife Married 1877Sept44 Belleoram
3535GILBERT George MHead Widower 1880Aug41 Belleoram
  GILBERT Hazel FDaughter Single 1907Aug14 Belleoram
3636MILLS George R.MHead Married 1893April28 Pool's Cove F.B.
  MILLS Susanna FWife Married 1894May27 Lobster Cove F.B.
  MILLS Caroline FSister Single 1908Dec12 Doctor's Hr. F.B.
3737BROWN Onslow MHead Married 1882Mar39 Belleoram
  BROWN Elizabeth J.FWife Married 1891Aug30 Mc Callum, H.B.
3838KEARLEY George MHead Married 1859Feb62 Belleoram
  KEARLRY Frances J.FWife Married 1864Sept57 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  KEARLEY Aaron MSon Single 1899Dec22 Belleoram
  KEARLEY Levi MSon Single 1901Aug20 Belleoram
3939KEARLEY William G.MHead Married 1888Aug33 Belleoram
  KEARLEY ElizabethFWife Married 1888Feb33 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  KEARLEY BeatriceFDaughter Single 1912Nov8 Belleoram
  KEARLEY FrancesFDaughter Single 1914Aug7 Belleoram
  KEARLEY HoratioMSon Single 1916Oct4 Belleoram
  KEARLEY William G.MSon Single 1918Sept3 Belleoram
  DOMIMIQUE Frances L.FServantSingle 1903Dec17 Bay du Nord, F.B.
4040KEEPING George MHead Married 1868July58 Stone's Cove, F.B.
  KEEPING Emily S.FWife Married 1873June48 Doctor's Cove, F.B.
  KEEPING Elizabeth E.FDaughter Single 1893July28 Doctor's Cove. F.B.
  KEEPING Martha FDaughter Single 1911Sept10 Belleoram
4141KEEPING Thomas A.MHead Married 1899Nov21 Doctor's Cove F.B.
PAGE 102                  
  KEEPING Sarah E.FWife Married 1901Aug20 English Hr. West, F.B.
  KEEPING Evelyn B.FDaughter Single 1921Aug1m Belleoram
4242CLUETT John HyMHead Married 1881May40 Belleoram
  CLUETT ElizabethFWife Married 1891June30 Belleoram
  CLUETT Mabel FDaughter Single 1909Nov11 Belleoram
  CLUETT PatienceFDaughter Single 1912Aug9 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Henry MNephew Single 1915Oct5 Belleoram
  CLUETT Jane FMother Widow 1852Oct68 Belleoram
4343MAY Abraham MHead Single 1864Dec56 Garnish, F.B.
  MAY Frances FSIL Widow 1870April51 Belleoram
  MAY Rowena FNeice Single 1898Dec22 Belleoram
4444CLUETT Abner M.MHead Single 1878Aug43 Belleoram
  CLUETT CharlotteFMother Widow 1855Jan66 Belleoram
  ROSE Ellen FServantSingle 1904Oct16 Pushthrough H.B.
4545CLUETT Isaac MHead Widower 1855Dec65 Belleoram
4646JENSEN Stanley MHead Married 1882Mar39 Belleoram
  JENSEN Agnes C.FWife Married 1882Jan39 Belleoram
  JENSEN Olive FDaughter Single 1904Dec16 Belleoram
  JENSEN Dorothy FDaughter Single 1906July15 Belleoram
  JENSEN PasqueeniaFDaughter Single 1908Aug13 Belleoram
  JENSEN Allen R.MSon Single 1909Aug12 Belleoram
  JENSEN Abraham L.MSon Single 1910Nov10 Belleoram
  JENSEN Roy Stanley K.MSon Single 1914Nov6 Belleoram
  JENSEN Agnes RoseFDaughter Single 1918May3 Belleoram
  JENSEN Robert MFatherWidower 1842Jan79 Hr. Breton
4747BURDOCK William B.MHead Married 1871Dec49 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Agnes FWife Married 1875Dec45 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Rupert H.MSon Single 1899Aug22 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Nellie FDaughter Single 1901June20 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Jessie G.FDaughter Single 1903June18 Belleoram
  BURDOCK William B.MSon Single 1912Jan9 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Sarah A.FDaughter Single 1915April6 Belleoram
  BURDOCK George S.MSon Single 1915April6 Belleoram
  GRANDY Agnes F Widow   70 
PAGE 103                  
4848TAYLOR Esaw JacobMHead Married 1887Jan34 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Maria G.FWife Married 1890Sept31 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Mary FDaughter Single 1917Oct3 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Gwendolyn E.FDaughter Single 1920Aug1 Belleoram
  CLUETT Sarah FMother in Law Widow 1862Sept59 Belleoram
4949ROSE Philip MHead Married 1860June61 Belleoram
  ROSE Frances E.FWife Married 1859Dec61 Belleoram
  TWEEDLE ElizabethFAunt Widow 1841Sept80 Belleoram
5050ROSE Esther FHead Widow 1848Feb73 Belleoram
  ROSE Clarissa FDaughter Single 1881Dec39 Belleoram
  ROSE Ernest F. MGrand SonSingle 1905May16 Gloucester, Mass. U.S.A. 1905
5151FUDGE John M. MHead Married 1879Dec41 Belleoram
  FUDGE Mary A.FWife Married 1885Dec35 Rencontre, F.B.
  FUDGE Greta FDaughter Single 1913Sept8 Belleoram
  FUDGE Randall MSon Single 1921May4m Belleoram
  TIBBS Maud FServantSingle 1899Nov21 Hare Hr., F.B.
5252LACE George MHead Married 1883June38 Rencontre, F.B.
  LACE Susie Grace FWife Married 1887June34 Belleoram
  LACE Grace FDaughter Single 1913Mar8 Belleoram
  LACE Kenneth F.MSon Single 1914Nov6 Belleoram
  LACE Ethel R. FDaughter Single 1918Oct2 Belleoram
  LACE Elsie F. FDaughter Single 1920Sept1 Belleoram
  FUDGE Silas MFather in Law Widower 1851July70 Belleoram
5353BURDOCK William A.MHead Married 1874Aug47 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Julia FWife Married 1875Aug46 Belleoram
  BURDOCK LauncelotMSon Single 1901Aug20 Belleoram
  BURDOCK John R.MSon Single 1904June17 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Pearl H.FDaughter Single 1917June4 Belleoram
  BURDOSK Emily A.FMother Widow 1853Nov67 Belleoram
5454CLUETT Alfred T.MHead Married 1872Jan49 Belleoram
  CLUETT PatienceFWife Married 1884Aug37 St. Lawrence
  CLUETT William P.MSon Single 1902Dec18 Belleoram
  CLUETT Bronson MSon Single 1906Sept15 Belleoram
PAGE 104                  
  CLUETT Alfred T.MSon Single 1907Oct13 Belleoram
  CLUETT Reuben J.MSon Single 1910Sept11 Belleoram
  CLUETT Mildred FDaughter Single 1913Jan8 Belleoram
  CLUETT Gladys H.FDaughter Single 1919Sept2 Belleoram
  PINK Emma CluettFNeice Single 1910Oct10 Lamaline
5555ROSE Eli MHead Married 1871Feb50 Belleoram
  ROSE Lily S. FWife Married 1877Jan44 Belleoram
  ROSE Sophie FDaughter Single 1901Jan20 Belleoram
  ROSE Robert MSon Single 1903Aug18 Belleoram
  ROSE Amy FDaughter Single 1906Mar15 Belleoram
  ROSE Otto H. MSon Single 1908June13 Belleoram
5656CLUETT Allen M.MHead Widower 1865Jan56 Belleoram
  TULK Albert MNephew Married 1891Feb30 Belleoram
  TULK Julia F Neice by MarMarried 1898Aug23 Belleoram
  TULK Tryphenia C. F Grand Niece Single 1921Feb7m Belleoram
  SCOTT Louisa FServantSingle 1902June19 Little Hr, F.B.
5757FUDGE Kenneth MHead Married 1883July38 Belleoram
  FUDGE TrypheniaFWife Married 1893Aug28 Grand Bank
5858BISHOP Elias A.MHead Married 1889June32 Burnt Hd.
  BISHOP Julia B.FWife Married 1891Sept30 Gaultois, H.B.
  BISHOP Eva M. FDaughter Single 1910Dec10 Porcupine Bay Labrador
  BISHOP Alice L.FDaughter Single 1913Feb8 Flat Is. B.B.
  BISHOP John Ed.MSon Single 1919Oct2 New Hr.
  BISHOP Harold A.MSon Single 1921Feb7m Belleoram
5959ROMPKEY John MHead Married 1866Sept55 Belleoram
  ROMPKEY Selina FWife Married 1867Dec53 Belleoram
  ROMPKEY William Hy.MSon Single 1898Sept23 Belleoram
6060POOLE Thomas Wm.MHead Married 1876Nov44 Corbin F.B.
  POOLE Mary ElizabethFWife Married 1873Sept48 Belleoram
  POOLE Maud FDaughter Single 1900July21 Belleoram
  POOLE Sidney MSon Single 1903Nov17 Belleoram
  POOLE Newman MSon Single 1905Nov15 Belleoram
  POOLE Aquilla MSon Single 1907June14 Belleoram
PAGE 105                  
  POOLE Maria FDaughter Single 1911May10 Belleoram
6161CLUETT Samuel A.MHead Married 1875July46 Belleoram
  CLUETT HarriettFWife Married 1882Dec38 Belleoram
  CLUETT Nina FDaughter Single 1904Jan17 Belleoram
  CLUETT Waldron MSon Single 1907Nov13 Belleoram
6262TAYLOR Robert MHead Married 1891Aug30 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Sarah RebeccaFWife Married 1892Aug29 Belleoram
  CLUETT Hilda FStep Child Single 1914Dec6 Belleoram
  CLUETT Sarah EstellaFStep Child Single 1917Sept4 Belleoram
  TAYLOR William MFatherWidower 1849Mar72 Burnt Hd.
6363CLUETT Arthur Sam MHead Single 1888Sept33 Belleoram
  CLUETT Matilda FMother Widow 1856Nov64 Belleoram
  CLUETT Lillian FSister Single 1881Aug40 Belleoram
  CLUETT Frances FSister Single 1883June38 Belleoram
6464CLUETT Levi T. MHead Married 1854Mar67 Belleoram
  CLUETT Martha FWife Married 1855Dec65 Belleoram
  CLUETT HenriettaFDaughter Single 1882April39 Belleoram
  CLUETT Susanna FDaughter Single 1894Sept27 Belleoram
 65BURDOCK Samuel J.MHead Widower 1878June43 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Joseph MSon Single 1906July15 Belleoram
  BURDOCK WilfredMSon Single 1910Jan11 Belleoram
  BURDOCK Levi MSon Single 1911Sept10 Belleoram
  BURDOCK WinfredMSon Single 1915Sept6 Belleoram
6566CLUETT Albert W.MHead Married 1871Dec49 Belleoram
  CLUETT Frances A. FWife Married 1878Nov42 St. Lawrence
  CLUETT Clara P.FDaughter Single 1904Dec16 Belleoram
  CLUETT Hubert MSon Single 1907Oct13 Belleoram
6667BRINTON James MHead Married 1855Oct65 Burin
  BRINTON SusannaFWife Married 1862Sept59 Belleoram
  BRINTON Joseph H.MSon Single 1890Nov30 Belleoram
  BRINTON Emma FDaughter Single 1893Sept28 Belleoram
6768TAYLOR Samuel F.MHead Married 1884April37 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Mary M. FWife Married 1892Mar29 Rock Hr. P.B.
PAGE 106                  
  TAYLOR Amelia EdnaFDaughter Single 1915May6 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Susanna FDaughter Single 1919May2 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Maxwell J.MSon Single 1921July2m Belleoram
  BAKER Ada FServantSingle 1900Jan21 Belleoram
6869STROWBRIDGE Christiania F Head Widow 1867Dec53 Belleoram
  DAVAGE WinnifredFDaughter Single 1897Nov23 Bay du Nord, F.B.
6970HARDY Jacob Geo. MHead Married 1887Aug34 The Reach, Belleoram
  HARDY Emma S. FWife Married 1886May35 Belleoram
  CLUETT Caroline`FNeice Single 1905Oct15 Belleoram
7071CLUETT Lewis MHead Married 1883June38 Belleoram
  CLUETT Ida FWife Married 1887Jan34 Belleoram
  CLUETT Gordon A.MSon Single 1916Sept5 Belleoram
  CLUETT Barbara E.FDaughter Single 1920Dec9m Belleoram
  CLUETT ElizabethFMother in Law Widow 1865Mar56 Belleoram
7172CLUETT Willard MHead Married 1891Oct29 Belleoram
  CLUETT Elsie FWife Married 1893April28 Rencontre, F.B.
  CLUETT Estella FDaughter Single 1917May4 Belleoram
  CLUETT Wilson MSon Single 1918Sept3 Belleoram
  CLUETT Clara FMother Single 1861Dec59 Belleoram
  CLUETT John Wm.MUncle Single 1874Nov46 Belleoram
7273CLUETT Samuel F.MHead Married 1893Sept28 Belleoram
  CLUETT Leah FWife Married 1893June28 Belleoram
  CLUETT Annie FMother Widow 1866Feb55 Bay du Nord, F.B.
7374CLUETT Adam MHead Married 1891May30 Belleoram
  CLUETT CarolineFWife Married 1894July27 Belleoram
  CLUETT Matthew MSon Single 1915July6 Belleoram
  CLUETT Hannah FDaughter Single 1917Oct3 Belleoram
  CLUETT Jacob GeoMSon Single 1919Sept2 Belleoram
7475GRANDY Thomas Geo.MHead Married 1872Dec48 Belleoram
  GRANDY Martha FWife Married 1885Dec35 Belleoram
7576HARDY Philip MHead Married 1887April34 Corbin, F.B.
  HARDY Clarissa FWife Married 1893Feb28 Belleoram
  HARDY Mary Ann FMother Widow 1851May70 Brunette. F.B.
PAGE 107                  
  SAVOURY Allen MBrother in Law Single 1906Feb15 Corbin, F.B.
7677HARDY William John MHead Married 1872May49 Corbin, F.B.
  HARDY Julia FWife Married 1877Oct43 Corbin, F.B.
  HARDY Cluda MCousin Single 1908Oct12 St. Jacques, F.B.
7778BUFFETT JeremiahMHead Married 1860Nov60 Belleoram
  BUFFETT Mary AnnFWife Married 1867Jan54 Belleoram
  BUFFETT John BenMSon Single 1888Dec32 Belleoram
  BUFFETT William J.MSon Single 1895Mar26 Belleoram
  BUFFETT HerbertMSon Single 1898May23 Belleoram
  BUFFETT Cyril H.MSon Single 1901Aug20 Belleoram
 79HARDIMAN Cecelia FHead Widower 1892Sept29 Belleoram
  HARDIMAN Herbert J. M Son Single 1916Jan5 Belleoram
  HARDIMAN Reta FDaughter Single 1918July3 Belleoram
7880CLUETT William Hy.MHead Married 1883Aug38 Belleoram
  CLUETT Jessie FWife Married 1887May34 Boxey, F.B.
  CLUETT CharlotteFDaughter Single 1908Oct12 Belleoram
  CLUETT Abner M.MSon Single 1912Mar9 Belleoram
7981CLUETT John RupertMHead Single 1880Nov40 Belleoram
  CLUETT John MFatherWidower 1840May81 Belleoram
  CLUETT Owen L. MBrotherSingle 1867Sept54 Belleoram
  ROMPKEY Lydia FServantSingle 1865Mar56 Belleoram
8082CLUETT John Thos.MHead Married 1850Dec70 Belleoram
  CLUETT Susanna FWife Married 1860July61 Belleoram
  CLUETT William G.MNephewSingle 1871Mar50 Belleoram
8183CARTER Henry A.MHead Married 1868Jan53 Parkston, Dorset, Eng. 1880
  CARTER Susanna FWife Married 1873Dec47 Bay L'Argent, F.B.
  CARTER Selina FDaughter Single 1903Sept18 Belleoram
  CARTER Viola FDaughter Single 1914Nov6 Belleoram
8284McCUISH Levi A.MHead Widower 1864April57 Belleoram
  FUDGE Gabriel S.MSon in Law Married 1889Feb32 Belleoram
  FUDGE Flora FWife Married 1897Mar24 Belleoram
  FUDGE Murdock M.C.MGrand Son Single 1921July2m Belleoram
  ROSE Ida FServantSingle 1904June17 Bay du Nord, F.B.
PAGE 108                  
8385CRITCHELL Matthew L.MHead Married 1884Sept37 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL MariaFWife Married 1890Dec31 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL Bertha W.FDaughter Single 1909July12 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL MarthaFDaughter Single 1913Sept8 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL MelitaFDaughter Single 1918Oct2 Belleoram
  FERREIRA de FREITAS Jose F Servant Single 1904Mar17 Oporto, Portugal 1921
8486DICKS John Ben MHead Married 1875Feb46 Belleoram
  DICKS Leah FWife Married 1877Jan44 Belleoram
  DICKS Murdock J.MSon Single 1902Oct18 Belleoram
  DICKS Ann FDaughter Single 1904Aug17 Belleoram
  DICKS Allan MSon Single 1909Nov11 Belleoram
  DICKS Muriel V.FDaughter Single 1913Mar8 Belleoram
  DICKS Ann FMother Widow 1844Mar77 Pool's Cove, F.B.
8587MAY Philip Owen MHead Married 1886July35 Lally Cove, F.B.
  MAY Beatrice FWife Married 1895May26 Mose Ambrose F.B.
  MAY James KeefeMSon Single 1914Oct6 Belleoram
  MAY William MSon Single 1918Feb3 Belleoram
  MAY Ernest E. MSon Single 1921July2m Belleoram
  MAY Ellen A.FServantSingle 1907July14 Lally Cove, F.B.
8688DICKS Uriah MHead Single 1899May22 Belleoram
  DICKS Elizabeh A.FSister Single 1902May19 Belleoram
  DICKS George MUncle Single 1860Sept61 Belleoram
  KEARLEY PriscillaFAunt Widow1867No Entry 54 Belleoram
8789TAYLOR Ernest A.MHead Married 1893Nov27 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Priscilla M.FWife Married 1897Dec23 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Mary Cluett FDaughter Single 1918May3 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Dorothy F.FDaughter Single 1919May2 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Richard J.MFatherMarried 1849June72 Burnt Hd., Cupids
  TAYLOR Susanna FMother Married 1856Dec64 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Harold PhilipMBrotherSingle 1885July36 Belleoram
8890DICKS Abram JohnMHead Married 1865April56 Belleoram
  DICKS Emily JaneFWife Married 1870July51 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  DICKS PriscillaFDaughter Single 1901Sept20 Belleoram
PAGE 109                  
  DICKS Ester AnnFDaughter Single 1905Nov15 Belleoram
  DICKS Eva FDaughter Single 1913Nov7 Belleoram
  DICKS Thomas Hy.MSon Married 1894July27 Belleoram
  DICKS Beatrice A.FDaughter in Law Married 1897Oct23 Little Bay West, F.B.
  DICKS Emily FGrand DaughterSingle 1920Sept1 Belleoram
8991DICKS Philip MHead Married 1869Feb52 Belleoram
  DICKS Mary Ann FWife Married 1871Mar50 Burgeo
  POPE Elizabeth AnnFDaughter Widow 1898Dec22 Belleoram
  DICKS Martha V.FDaughter Single 1903Nov17 Belleoram
  DICKS Frances FDaughter Single 1905July16 Belleoram
  POPE Aubrey MGrand SonSingle 1920Sept1 Belleoram
9092FOOTE William HyMHead Single 1896Sept25 Belleoram
  FOOTE Elizabeth J.FMother Widow 1870Jan51 Burgeo
 93MULLINS George MHead Married 1896Jan25 Rencontre, F.B.
  MULLINS Alma FWife Married 1898Oct22 Belleoram
  MUKKINS ClarenceMSon Single 1920July1 Belleoram
9194CLUETT Loran NaussMHead Married 1892Sept29 Belleoram
  CLUETT Maria FWife Married 1893Feb28 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  CLUETT Nina FDaughter Single 1920Aug1 Belleoram
  CLUETT Martha FMother Widow 1853Mar68 Burgeo
9295CLUETT Stephen V.MHead Married 1879Nov41 Belleoram
  CLUETT Mabel E.FWife Married 1882July39 Belleoram
  CLUETT Arthur L.MSon Single 1905Aug16 Belleoram
  CLUETT Edward MSon Single 1907Nov13 Belleoram
  CLUETT Reta FDaughter Single 1911Aug10 Belleoram
  CLUETT Stephen V.MSon Single 1915Dec5 Belleoram
  CLUETT Myrtle FDaughter Single 1921April5m Belleoram
  MAY Alvina FServantSingle 1903Oct17 Lally Cove, F.B.
9396YARN William MHead Widower 1881June40 Belleoram
  YARN Parthena FDaughter Single 1909Jan12 Belleoram
  YARN Harriett FStep MotherWidow 1866Feb55 Little Bay East, F.B.
9497SAVOURY Isaac MHead Married 1876Feb45 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Sarah JaneFWife Married 1891Dec29 Corbin, F.B.
PAGE 110                  
  SAVOURY Levi AngusMSon Single 1899Jan22 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Amos MSon Single 1911Sept10 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY WilliamMSon Single 1914Oct6 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Ralph MSon Single 1916Oct4 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Dorothy M.FDaughter Single 1920Nov10m Corbin, F.B.
9598FUDGE Randall M.MHead Married 1872Dec48 Belleoram
  FUDGE Frances A.FWife Married 1885Nov35 Belleoram
  FUDGE Marshall MSon Single 1904Aug17 Belleoram
  FUDGE Alton W. MSon Single 1907Aug14 Belleoram
  FUDGE Winston MSon Single 1912Sept9 Belleoram
  FUDGE Alice M. FDaughter Single 1914Nov6 Belleoram
  FUDGE Frances C. F DaughterSingle 1919Feb2 Belleoram
  CLUETT Mary AnnFMother in LawWidow 1846Oct74 Rencontre, F.B.
9699DODGE John MHead Married 1893Dec27 English Hr. East, F.B.
  DODGE Ursula FWife Married 1897Oct23 Belleoram
  DODGE Phoebe AnnFDaughter Single 1921Mar6m Belleoram
97100STONE Thomas MHead Married 1841Sept80 Gillingham, Dorset, Eng. 1858
  STONE Susanna FWife Married 1859June62 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  STONE AlexanderMSon Single 1887Jan34 Belleoram
98101WHATLEY John MHead Married 1855June66 Belleoram
  WHATLEY ChristianiaFWife Married 1862June59 Belleoram
  BRINTON John MSIL Widower 1881Nov39 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  BRINTON Linda FGrand DaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Belleoram
  BRINTON Muriel FGrand DaughterSingle 1917Sept4 Belleoram
  DRAKE Florence FServantSingle 1904Oct16 Lally Cove, F.B.
99102DOMINIQUE JamesMHead Married 1872Aug49 Barrow, F.B.
  DOMINIQUE Jane FWife Married 1876Sept45 Corbin, F.B.
  DOMINIQUE John Thos.MSon Single 1900Aug21 Belleoram
  DOMINIQUE UriahMSon Single 1902June19 Belleoram
  DOMINIQUE GeorgeMSon Single 1904May17 Belleoram
  DOMINIQUE Samuel Jos M Son Single 1907Aug14 Belleoram
  DOMINIQUE Cecil JamesMSon Single 1909July12 Belleoram
  DOMINIQUE Albert A.MSon Single 1913Aug8Belleoram
PAGE 126                  
100103BAKER Harold MHead Married 1896Nov24 Belleoram
  BAKER Jane FWife Married 1897Jan24 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  BAKER William J.MSon Single 1918Nov2 Belleoram
  BAKER Rosanna FMother Widow 1872Dec48 Sagona
  BAKER Ada FSisterSingle 1900Jan21 Belleoram
101104FUDGE John MHead Married 1855July66 Belleoram
  FUDGE Sylvia FWife Married 1869Dec51 Sagona
  FUDGE Wilson T.MSon Single 1908Oct12 Belleoram
  FUDGE Lillian FDaughter Single 1911Sept10 Belleoram
  FUDGE Lavina FDaughter Single 1913Nov7 Belleoram
102105LEE Samuel MHead Married 1865Aug56 Belleoram
  LEE Clarissa FWife Married 1875Dec45 Belleoram
  LEE Mary Ann FDaughter Single 1902June19 Belleoram
  LEE William J. MSon Single 1909Dec11 Belleoram
103106BUFFETT Edwin A.MHead Married 1870Dec50 Belleoram
  BUFFETT Susan E.FWife Married 1872Feb49 Belleoram
  BUFFETT Charlotte A.FDaughter Single 1913Mar8 Belleoram
104107GOULD Philip J.MHead Married 1872June49 Belleoram
  GOULD Hannah FWife Married 1878Nov42 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  GOULD ElizabethFDaughter Single 1900Sept21 Belleoram
  GOULD Lemuel J.MSon Single 1903Nov17 Belleoram
  GOULD Lucy FDaughter Single 1905Oct15 Belleoram
  GOULD Philip Geo.MSon Single 1907Sept14 Belleoram
  GOULD Susan FDaughter Single 1910Sept11 Belleoram
  GOULD Michael MSon Single 1913Sept8 Belleoram
  GOULD Simon MSon Single 1918Sept3 Belleoram
  GOULD ElizabethFMother Widow 1832June89 Blanchet, F.B.
105108MAY Isaac MHead Married 1894Feb27 Lally Cove, F.B.
  MAY Verina FWife Married 1897Aug24 Belleoram
  MAY Clarence MSon Single 1919Sept2 Belleoram
  MAY Philip JohnMSon Single 1921July2m Belleoram
106109WHATLEY Matilda E.FHead Widow 1862Dec58 Belleoram
  WHATLEY Bertha FDaughter Single 1891Aug30 Belleoram
PAGE 127                  
  WHATLEY John MSon Single 1895Dec25 Belleoram
  WHATLEY Simean MSon Single 1897Sept24 Belleoram
107110BRINTON Thomas JamesM Head Married 1879Oct41 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  BRINTON Matilda E.FWife Married 1888Dec32 Coombes Cove, F.B.
  BRINTON Mary AnnFDaughter Single 1913Sept8 Belleoram
  BRINTON Meta FDaughter Single 1916Jan5 Belleoram
  BRINTON Noel RandellMSon Single 1918July3 Belleoram
  BARNES Bessie FNeice Single 1908June13 Coombes Cove, F.B.
108111STROWBRIDGE SamuelMHead Married 1855Dec65 Belleoram
  STROWBRIDGE MarthaFWife Married 1861Jan60 Pt. Enragee, F.B.
109112STROWBRIDGE Charles S.MHead Married 1878July43 Belleoram
  STROWBRIDGE DinahFWife Married 1890Aug31 Pt. Enragee, F.B.
  STROWBRIDGE Mary AnnFDau Single 1914July7 Belleoram
  STROWBRIDGE Wm. JohnMCousin Single 1902June19 Pt. Enragee, F.B.
110113POOLE Albert Wm.MHead Married 1883Jan38 Belleoram
  POOLE Margaret JaneFWife Married 1886Oct34 Rencontre, F.B.
  POOLE Cecil GeorgeMSon Single 1907July14 Belleoram
  POOLE Annie K. FDaughter Single 1909Aug12 Belleoram
  POOLE Albert IvanMSon Single 1920Mar1 Belleoram
  FOOTE Bessie FAdopted DaughterSingle 1903July18 Rencontre, F.B.
111114POOLE Charles S.MHead Married 1886July35 Belleoram
  POOLE Maria FWife Married 1886Nov. 32Bay du Nord, F.B.
  POOLE Harvey MSon Single 1910Nov10 Belleoram
  POOLE Marjorie FDaughter Single 1914Nov6 Belleoram
  POOLE Aaron GeorgeMSon Single 1917Feb4 Belleoram
  POOLE Annie FMother Widow 1862Oct58 Stones Cove, F.B.
  POOLE Irene FSister Single 1897Dec23 Belleoram
  TIBBO Sabina FServantSingle 1899July22 Stones Cove, F.B.
112115HARDY Philip MHead Married 1856April65 Belleoram
  HARDY Susan FWife Married 1871Feb50 Belleoram
113116HOLMANS JeremiahMHead Married 1863 Jan 58 Brunette, F.B.
  HOLMANS Hannah FWife Married 1867Sept54 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  HOLMANS Philip MSon Single 1904Aug17 Belleoram
PAGE 128                  
  HOLMANS Amy FDaughter Single 1906Oct14 Belleoram
 117HOLMANS Arthur MHead Married 1898Aug23 Lobster Cove, F.B.
  HOLMANS MargaretFWife Married 1899Feb22 Kilgrammie, Scotland 1919
  HOLMANS JeremiahMSon Single 1920Mar1 Belleoram
114118BRAGG Rupert D.MHead Married 1881Nov39 Channel
  BRAGG Bertha FWife Married 1887July34 Belleoram
  BRAGG Maria C. FDaughter Single 1908Sept13 Belleoram
  BRAGG Edward Wm.MSon Single 1910July11 Belleoram
  BRAGG Rupert D.MSon Single 1921May4m Belleoram
  DODGE Harriett FServantSingle 1904July17 English Hr. East, F.B.
  MACKAY C.M. MBoarderSingle 1890 No Entry 31 Shelburn, N.S. 1920
  EMERSON John G.MBoarderSingle 1902 No Entry 19 St. John's
115119HANAMS Levi MHead Married 1891Sept30 Corbin, F.B.
  HANAMS Selina FWife Married 1891Jan30 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  HANAMS Emily FDaughter Single 1910Aug11 Belleoram
  HANAMS CharlotteFDaughter Single 1917Oct3 Belleoram
  HANAMS Charles W.MSon Single 1920Aug1 Belleoram
 120SAVOURY BenjaminMHead Married 1874June47 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Agnes FWife Married 1886July35 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY FrederickMSon Single 1906Aug15 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Anna MaryFDaughter Single 1908June13 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY FrancesFDaughter Single 1910July11 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Susie JaneFDaughter Single 1916July5 Corbin F.B.
116121HANAMS James MHead Married 1859May62 English Hr. West, F.B.
  HANAMS Susanna FWife Married 1861May60 Pt. Enragee, F.B.
117122KEEFE James MHead Married 1888Sept33 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
  KEEFE Hannah FWife Married 1899Oct21 Belleoram
  KEEFE Beatrice FDaughter Single 1919Jan2 Belleoram
118123TAYLOR Henry MHead Married 1881July40 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Mary AgnesFWife Married 1891July30 Belleoram
  TAYLOR Sarah FDaughter Single 1919Oct1 Belleoram
  MOULTON Lucy FStep DaughterSingle 1910Nov10 Belleoram
  MOULTON William A.MStep SonSingle 1915Aug6 Belleoram
PAGE 129                  
  BREWER Ida FServantSingle 1903May18 Bay du Nord, F.B.
119124MOULTON Edward MHead Married 1863Dec57 Belleoram
  MOULTON Mary JaneFWife Married 1870Mar51 Bay D'Est, F.B.
  MOULTON Jacob MSon Single 1899July22 Belleoram
  MOULTON LillianFDaughter Single 1910May11 Belleoram
  MOULTON Sarah JaneFDaughter in LawMarried 1899July22 Grand Bank
  MOULTON Mary JaneFGrand DaughterSingle 1921Aug5d Belleoram
  CROSS William Geo.MBrother in LawSingle 1875Feb46 Bay D'Est, F.B.
120125MOULTON John Sam.MHead Married 1872Oct49 Belleoram
  MOULTON Elizabeth J.FWife Married 1878Nov42 Lobster Cove, F.B.
  MOULTON Cecil JamesMSon Single 1901Oct19 Belleoram
  MOULTON JeremiahMSon Single 1903Aug18 Belleoram
  MOULTON Morgan J.MSon Single 1905Oct15 Belleoram
  MOULTON Amelia J.FDaughter Single 1907Nov13 Belleoram
  MOULTON William G.MSon Single 1910Nov10 Belleoram
  MOULTON Edward MSon Single 1920Jan1 Belleoram
121126SAVOURY Levi JohnMHead Married 1878June43 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY JosephineFWife Married 1881Dec39 Hr. Mille, F.B.
  SAVOURY CarolineFDaughter Single 1903July18 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Maria FDaughter Single 1905Mar16 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Effie FDaughter Single 1910Dec10 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY VincentMSon Single 1913Aug8 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY TrypheniaFDaughter Single 1915Aug6 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Ellen JaneFDaughter Single 1917Oct3 Corbin, F.B.
122127CROSS Edward MHead Married 1860July61 Bay D'East, F.B.
  CROSS Susan FWife Married 1870July51 Fortune
  CROSS Edward W.MSon Single 1914Sept7 Grand Bank
  THORNHILL RobertMBrother in LawSingle 1850Nov70 Fortune
123128HILLIER Philip Geo.MHead Married 1883Aug38 Bay du Nord, F.B.
  HILLIER Frances C.FWife Married 1886Feb35 Belleoram
  HILLIER CarolineFDaughter Single 1911May10 Belleoram
  HILLIER Albert MSon Single 1915Oct5 Belleoram
  HILLIER John C.MSon Single 1918Aug3 Belleoram
PAGE 130                  
  HILLIER Uriah MSon Single 1920Aug1 Belleoram
124129POOLE John AlecMHead Married 1885Mar36 Corbin, F.B.
  POOLE Rebecca FWife Married 1890July31 Belleoram
  POOLE Mary FDaughter Single 1914July7 Belleoram
  POOLE John MSon Single 1918June3 Belleoram
  POOLE Elizabeth A.FDaughter Single 1920June1 Belleoram
125130SAVOURY George MHead Married 1878July43 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Eva FWife Married 1887May34 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Jessie FDaughter Single 1907Sept14 Belleoram
  SAVOURY William G.MSon Single 1918Mar3 Belleoram
  SAVOURY Samuel MSon Single 1921May4m Belleoram
126131POOLE George Robt.MHead Married 1882June39 Corbin, F.B.
  POOLE Selina FWife Married 1887June34 Belleoram
  POOLE Clayton MSon Single 1907Sept14 Belleoram
  POOLE John MSon Single 1909Sept12 Belleoram
  POOLE Lottie FDaughter Single 1911Nov9 Belleoram
  POOLE Betsey JaneFDaughter Single 1917Mar4 Belleoram
  POOLE Philip OwenMSon Single 1919Jan2 Belleoram
  POOLE Lena MaudFDaughter Single 1921Jan7m Belleoram
127132POOLE John MHead Married 1843April78 Longue Serf, F.B.
  POOLE CharlotteFWife Married 1852Aug69 Hr. Mille, F.B.
  POOLE Samuel I.MSon Married 1894Oct26 Corbin, F.B.
  POOLE Adelaide FDaughter in LawMarried 1898Nov22 Belleoram
  POOLE Annie C. FGrand DaughterSingle 1921May4m Belleoram
128133SAVOURY Abraham J.MHead Married 1870Aug51 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Emily FWife Married 1879Nov41 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY William J.MSon Single 1901Sept20 Belleoram
  SAVOURY Vera FDaughter Single 1908Aug13 Belleoram
  SAVOURY George MSon Single 1910Oct10 Belleoram
129134CRITCHELL UriahMHead Married 1883June38 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL Eva IsabelFWife Married 1891Aug30 Coombes Cove, F.B.
  CRITCHELL CecilMSon Single 1913Jan8 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL MalcolmMSon Single 1921Feb7m Belleoram
PAGE 131                  
  CRITCHELL Matthew V.MFatherWidower 1850Jan70 Burin
  SIMMS Lillian FServantSingle 1905Jan16 Mose Ambrose, F.B.
130135CRITCHELL J. RichardMHead Married 1872Dec49 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL Sarah AnnFWife Married 1872July49 Stones Cove, F.B.
  CRITCHELL John Thos.MSon Single 1897Jan24 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL LeslieMSon Single 1900June21 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL Emily B.FDaughter Single 1903April18 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL NewmanMSon Single 1906July15 Belleoram
  CRITCHELL WilfredMSon Single 1909May12 Belleoram
  BOND Sarah A. FNeice Single 1898July23 Stones Cove, F.B.
131136LEIGHT Henry MHead Married 1878June43 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Mary ElizabethFWife Married 1882July39 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT John GeorgeMSon Single 1901Nov19 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Charles MSon Single 1906Oct14 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Albert A.MSon Single 1908Mar13 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Julia M.FDaughter Single 1909Aug12 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Frances FDaughter Single 1915June6 The Reach, Belleoram
  LEIGHT Hilda FDaughter Single 1917April4 The Reach, Belleoram
132137SKINNER BenjaminMHead Single 1873Sept48 Sagona, F.B.
  LEIGHT Mary EllenFSister Married 1856Mar65 Blanchat, F.B.
  LEIGHT John MBrother in LawMarried ---- --- 59 The Reach, Belleoram
 138NOYER John MHead Married 1859Oct61 Jersey Hr., F.B.
  NOYER Julia FWife Married 1890Oct30 The Reach, Belleoram
  NOYER Geo. Robt.MSon Single 1909Sept12 The Reach, Belleoram
  NOYER John Hy. MSon Single 1915Aug6 The Reach, Belleoram
133139DOMINIC Albert A.MHead Married 1893May28 The Reach, Belleoram
  DOMINIC Charlotte J.FWife Married 1897Feb24 The Reach, Belleoram
  DOMINIC Annie FDaughter Single 1918Aug3 The Reach, Belleoram
  DOMINIC Jacob Geo.MSon Single 1920Aug1 The Reach, Belleoram
134140SAVOURY Wm. Geo.MHead Married 1871Jan50 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY FrancesFWife Married 1889Jan32 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY OrlandoMSon Single 1912Sept9 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Emily FDaughter Single 1907Mar14 Corbin, F.B.
PAGE 132                  
  SAVOURY Loylie MSon Single 1914Dec6 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Flora FDaughter Single 1917May4 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY William M.MSon Single 1919June2 Corbin, F.B.
  SAVOURY Mary AnnFDaughter Single 1921May4m Corbin, F.B.

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Wayne P. Bennett, Buchans, NF, Canada

Posted 20 June, 1998

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