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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bear Cove - Community #2,
St. Barbe District
{150 Individuals in 27 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

The two Bear Cove Communities were found on two widly separated pages of the census so they have been included as two separate communities. If anyone is knowledeable of these two communities and whether they should have been posted as a single community or has information relating to these two communities, please contact me.


Don Tate

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 301                    
361   RICE George M Head Married 1861 Dec 60 Bear Cove
    RICE Susan F Wife Married 1858 Oct 63 Bear Cove
    FUDGE Robert M Adopted Single 1894 Mar 27 Bear Cove
362   BALDWIN William M Head Married 1873 Jan 48 Bay of Islds
    BALDWIN Dulcie F Wife Married 1896 Feb 25 Bear Cove
    BALDWIN Francis M Son Single 1917 Sep 4 Bear Cove
    MARTIN Richard M Boarder Single 1863 Jan 58 Placentia
363   RICE Simon M Head Married 1873 Mar 48 Bear Cove
    RICE Rebecca F Wife Married 1882 Jun 39 Bear Cove
    RICE S??? M Son Single 1905 Jul 16 Bear Cove
    RICE Aaron M Brother Single No Entry No Entry No Entry Bear Cove
364   RICE Hezekiah M Head Married 1885 Jan 36 Bear Cove
    RICE Lucy F Wife Married 1895 Mar 26 Bear Cove
    RICE Sidney M Son Single 1915 Apr 6 Bear Cove
    RICE Dorcas F Daughter Single 1917 Mar 4 Bear Cove
    RICE Wallis W M Son Single 1919 Jul 2 Bear Cove
365   GILLINGHAM William M Head Married 1882 Mar 39 Middle Arm
    GILLINGHAM Elizabeth J. F Wife Married 1894 Apr 27 Hauling Pt.
    GILLINGHAM Edmund M Son Single 1911 Feb 10 Middle Arm
    GILLINGHAM Lora C. F Daughter Single 1913 Aug 8 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Elias M Son Single 1919 Aug 2 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Susanna F Mother Widow 1834 Mar 77 Herring Neck
366   PITTMAN Archibald M Head Married 1893 Aug 28 Sops Isld
    PITTMAN Ruth F Wife Married 1899 No Entry 22 Sops Isld
    PITTMAN Gladys F Daughter Single 1920 Aug 1 Bear Cove
367   HARDY William M Servant Single 1895 Mar 26 Bay Roberts
    SNOW John M Servant Married 1861 Oct 60 Brigus CB
PAGE 302                    
368   RICE Eli M Head Married 1873 Feb 48 Bear Cove
    RICE Annie F Wife Married 1875 Nov 46 Bear Cove
    RICE Heber M Son Single 1899 Jun 22 Bear Cove
    RICE Obidiah M Son Single 1902 Apr 19 Bear Cove
    RICE George M Son Single 1905 Sep 16 Bear Cove
    RICE Stanley M Son Single 1908 Aug 13 Bear Cove
    RICE Edith F Daughter Single 1914 Jun 7 Bear Cove
    GOODSKNOW Miss F Boarder Single No Entry No Entry No Entry New York USA
369   BREEN Edward W M Head Married 1867 Jan 54 Port De Grave
    BREEN Anna (?) F Wife Married 1879 Apr 42 St. Johns
    BREEN Gertrude F Daughter Single 1903 Nov 18 St. Johns
    BREEN Mary F Daughter Single 1906 Oct 15 St. Johns
    BREEN Frank M Son Single 1908 Aug 13 St. Johns
    BREEN Marion F Daughter Single 1912 Nov 9 St. Johns
    BREEN Ruth F Daughter Single 1913 Oct 8 St. Johns
    RICE Thomas M Head Married 1867 Oct 52 Bear Cove
    RICE Charlotte F Wife Married 1871 Oct 51 Bear Cove
    RICE Irene F Daughter Single 1901 Jan 20 Bear Cove
    RICE Minnie F Daughter Single 1903 Oct 18 Bear Cove
    RICE Hector M Son Single 1907 Aug 14 Bear Cove
    HALLET Dorothy F



Single 1914 Apr 7 Bear Cove
    BRETT Charity F Mother Widow 1841 Jan 80 Bear Cove
371   RICE Adam M Head Married 1878 Dec 43 Bear Cove
    RICE Rebecca F Wife Married 1883 Mar 38 Bear Cove
    RICE Myrtle M F Daughter Single 1908 Aug 13 Bear Cove
    RICE Beatrice F Daughter Single 1911 Jul 10 Bear Cove
    BANNISTER Eli Allen M Adopted Single 1902 Jun 19 Bear Cove
372   RICE Andrew M Head Widower 1871 Jul 50 Bear Cove
    RICE Phoebe F Mother Widow 1851 Sep 70 Bear Cove
    RICE Llewyllen M Brother Single 1891 Aug 30 Bear Cove
    RICE Stafford V M Son Single 1899 Jul 22 Bear Cove
    RICE Annie V F Daughter Single 1901 May 20 Bear Cove
PAGE 303                    
373   RICE Samuel M Head Married 1878 Aug 43 Bear Cove
    RICE Rhoda F Wife Married 1883 Dec 38 Bear Cove
    RICE Gwendda (?) F Daughter Single 1906 Aug 15 Bear Cove
    RICE Gertrude F Daughter Single 1911 Jun 10 Bear Cove
    STUCKLESS Elizabeth F Adopted Single 1901 Oct 20 Bear Cove
374   RICE Joseph M Head Married 1879 Feb 42 Bear Cove
    RICE Arabella F Wife Married 1889 Nov 32 Bear Cove
    RICE Ethel F Daughter Single 1913 Nov 8 Bear Cove
    RICE Maud F Daughter Single 1915 Jun 6 Bear Cove
    RICE Chesley M Son Single 1917 Sep 4 Bear Cove
375   RICE William J M Head Married 1873 Oct 48 Bear Cove
    RICE Charlotte F Wife Married 1875 Jun 46 Bear Cove
    RICE Pearce M Son Single 1900 Jan 21 Bear Cove
376   RICE Bartholomew M Head Married 1875 Mar 46 Bear Cove
    RICE Jane F Wife Married 1873 Aug 48 Bear Cove
    RICE Arthur M Son Single 1900 Jan 21 Bear Cove
    RICE Cyril M Son Single 1902 Jul 19 Bear Cove
    RICE Olive F Daughter Single 1910 Sep 11 Bear Cove
    TWINE Robert M Head Married 1884 Nov 37 Bear Cove
    TWINE Charity F Wife Married 1886 Jan 35 Bear Cove
    TWINE Clarence F Daughter Single 1913 Sep 8 Bear Cove
    TWINE Willis M Son Single 1916 Mar 5 Bear Cove
    TWINE Abraham M Son Single 1919 Mar 2 Bear Cove
378   TWINE Thomas M Head Married 1895 Mar 26 Bear Cove
    TWINE Jane F Wife Married 1898 Jun 23 Bear Cove
    TWINE Mary F Daughter Single 1918 Jun 3 Bear Cove
    TWINE Joseph M Son Single 1919 Nov 2 Bear Cove
    TWINE James M Father Widower 1854 Mar 67 Bear Cove
PAGE 304                    
379   GAVON John M Head Married 1878 Aug 43 Bear Cove
    GAVON Julia F Wife Married 1888 Aug 33 Bear Cove
    GAVON George M Son Single 1906 Aug 15 Bear Cove
    GAVON Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1910 Feb 11 Bear Cove
    GAVON Mariah F Daughter Single 1912 Feb 9 Bear Cove
    GAVON John M Son Single 1914 May 7 Bear Cove
    GAVON Arthur M Son Single 1917 Mar 4 Bear Cove
    GAVON Mary G F Daughter Single 1919 Jul 2 Bear Cove
    GAVON Stephen M Son Single 1921 July 1 M Bear Cove
    WEEKS Stephen M Brother in Law Widower 1891 Nov 30 Bear Cove
380   GILLINGHAM Mrs. E F Head Widow 1887 Sep 34 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Thomas M Son Single 1903 Mar 18 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Joab M Son Single 1904 Nov 17 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Diana F Daughter Single 1907 Feb 14 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Luke M Son Single 1909 Nov 12 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM William M Son Single 1913 Dec 8 Bear Cove
    GILLINGHAM Charity F Daughter Single 1920 Aug Scratched out Bear Cove
381   BLANCHARD William M Head Married 1894 No Entry 27 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Dorcas F Wife Married 1900 No Entry 21 Bear Cove
382   BLANCHARD Martha F Head Widow 1882 Mar 39 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Mary F Daughter Single 1905 Mar 16 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Rebecca F Daughter Single 1909 Jul 12 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Belinda F Daughter Single 1911 Jan 10 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Andrew M Son Single 1915 Dec 6 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Margaret F Daughter Single 1917 Aug 4 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Robert M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Emma J F Daughter Single 1919 Apr 2 Bear Cove
PAGE 305                    
383 1 BLANCHARD Margaret F Mother Widow 1871 Oct 50 Hampden
    BLANCHARD Leander M Son Single 1905 Nov 16 Bear Cove
  2 BLANCHARD Joseph M Son Married 1893 Dec 28 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Charlotte F Daughter in Law Married 1893 May 28 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Martha F Grand Daughter Single 1916 Sep 5 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Daisy F Grand Daughter Single 1918 Aug 3 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Mabel F Grand Daughter Single 1921 Jan 9m Bear Cove
  3 BLANCHARD Emma F Sister Single 1870 Mar 51 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD Abraham M Grand Son Single 1897 Jul 24 Bear Cove
    BLANCHARD John M Husband Single 1859 Feb 62 Bear Cove
384   GAVON William M Head Married 1874 Sep 47 Bear Cove
    GAVON Jane F Wife Married 1873 Feb 48 Bear Cove
    GAVON Alvinia (?) F Daughter Single 1904 Dec 17 Bear Cove
    GAVON Dennis M Son Single 1905 Mar 16 Bear Cove
    GAVON Alberta F Daughter Single 1908 Apr 13 Bear Cove
    GAVON Thomas M Son Single 1912 Jan 9 Bear Cove
    GAVON Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1919 Apr 2 Bear Cove
385   GAVON Thomas M Head Married 1886 Jan 35 Bear Cove
    GAVON Phoebe F Wife Married 1891 Nov 30 Bear Cove
    GAVON Hayward M Son Single 1915 Nov 6 Bear Cove
    GAVON Allan M Son Single 1919 Jul 2 Bear Cove
386   GAVON James M Head Married 1881 May 40 Bear Cove
    GAVON Sarah F Wife Married 1894 Sep 27 Bear Cove
    GAVON Ambrose M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Bear Cove
    GAVON Ellen F Daughter Single 1919 Jul 2 Bear Cove
    GAVON Rosanna F Daughter Single 1921 Apr 4m Bear Cove
    BANKS William M Cousin Single 1884 Oct 37 Bear Cove
    BANKS Martha F Cousin Single 1890 Aug 31 Bear Cove
    BANKS Prudence F Cousin Single 1896 May 25 Bear Cove
    BANKS Tom M Cousin Single 1898 Oct 23 Bear Cove
    BANKS Percy M Cousin Single 1901 Jul 20 Bear Cove
    BANKS E? M Cousin Single 1908 Aug 13 Bear Cove
PAGE 306                    
    BANKS Edith G. F Cousin Single 1919 Jul 2 1/2 Bear Cove
387   STUCKLESS Mary F Head Widow 1872 Aug 49 Bear Cove
    STUCKLESS Jessie M. F Daughter Single 1900 Mar 21 Bear Cove
    STUCKLESS Winnie M F Daughter Single 1907 Jan 14 Bear Cove

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Dave Hollis & Laurie Smadella (Hawkins), Aylmer,
Quebec and Sarah Goodyear, Sidney, B.C.

Posted 14 June, 1998

Updated June 23, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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