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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bay Roberts - Pt. 2, (Harbour Grace District)

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2005 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 250                    
246278 SNOW John C.MHead Married 1883Oct38 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MaryFWife Married 1884Feb37 Bay Roberts
  SNOW PatienceFMotherWidow1845Oct75 Bay Roberts
247279 SNOW George C.MHead Married 1868Sept52 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Eliza A.FWife Married 1874Mar47 Shearstown
  SNOW JamesMBrother Single 1874July47 Bay Roberts
248280 YETMAN JosephMHead Married 1853Sept65 Bay Roberts
  YETMAN JaneFWife Married 1856Apr65 Island Cove
  YETMAN GeorgeMSon Single 1899Sept21 Bay Roberts
  281 YETMAN JohnMHead Married 1895Sept25 Bay Roberts
PAGE 251                    
    YETMAN Pearl F Wife Married 1898 Oct 22 Bay Roberts
    YETMAN Roy M Son Married 1921 Apr 4 Mo Bay Roberts
249 282 SNOW Edward M Head Married 1875 Feb 46 Bay Roberts
    SNOW Elizabeth F Wife Married 1879 Sept 41 Coley's Pt
    SNOW Gracie F Daughter Single 1905 Nov 15 Bay Roberts
250 283 PARSONS Abraham M Head Married 1867 May 54 Coley's Pt
    PARSONS Fannie F Wife Married 1871 Oct 49 Bay Roberts
    PARSONS Jack M Son Single 1889 Oct 21 Bay Roberts
251 284 DELANEY John T. M Head Married 1872 Mar 49 Bay Roberts
    DELANEY Margaret M. F Wife Married 1875 Nov 45 Bay Roberts
    DELANEY Monica M, F Daughter Single 1900 Oct 20 Bay Roberts
    DELANEY Genevieve F Daughter Single 1904 July 17 Bay Roberts
    DELANEY Wilfred M Son Single 1908 Nov 12 Bay Roberts
    DELANEY Martin M Son Single 1910 Nov 10 Bay Roberts
252 285 MOORE John C. M Head Married 1857 Feb 64 Bay Roberts
    MOORE Sarah F Wife Married 1868 Sept 52 Coley's Pt
    BISHOP Mary F Adopted Daughter Single 1895 Sept 25 Coley's Pt
    MOORE Wm M Son Single 1896 Feb 25 Bay Roberts
    MOORE Eva F Daughter Single 1904 May 20 Bay Roberts
    MOORE Alma F Daughter Single 1905 May 16 Bay Roberts
253 286 WILCOX Ralph M Head Single 1887 Mar 34 Bay Roberts
254 287 BARRETT Wm M Head Married 1873 Oct 47 Old Perlican
    BARRETT Grace F Wife Married 1886 Sept 10 Old Perlican
    BARRETT Hilda F Daughter Single 1907 Aug 14 Bay Roberts
    BARRETT Leanie F Daughter Single 1910 Sept 10 Bay Roberts
    BARRETT Benjamin M Son Single 1917 July 4 Bay Roberts
255 288 FITZ PATRICK Jas M Head Married 1879 Apr 42 Bay Roberts
    FITZ PATRICK Margaret F Wife Married 1872 Sept 38 Bay Roberts
    FITZ PATRICK Nellie F Daughter Single 1902 July 19 Bay Roberts
    FITZ PATRICK Jas M Son Single 1909 Aug 12 Bay Roberts
    FITZ PATRICK John M Son Single 1812 Aug 9 Bay Roberts
    LUTTERAL Mary F Mother in Law Widow 1846 Jan 75 Bay Roberts
256 289 CONNELL Richard M Head Married 1889 July 32 Bay Roberts
PAGE 252                    
  CONNELL MaryFWife Married 1896Oct24 Ferryland
  CONNELL FrankMSon Single 1920Mar1 Bay Roberts
  CONNELL BettyFDaughter Single 1921July1 mo Bay Roberts
  CONNELL JamesMfather Widower No Entry No Entry 80 Bay Roberts
257290 SNOW HenryMHead Married 1845Sept75 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Mary A.FWife Married 1853Mar68 Bay Roberts
  291 SNOW Jas (of Hy)MHead Married 1882July38 Bay Roberts
  SNOW AnnieFWife Married 1884Apr37 Coley's Pt
  SNOW ClarenceMSon Single 1908July13Bay Roberts
258292 KEEFE Ellen M.FHeadWidow1870Mar51 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE EdwardMSon Single 1901Nov20 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE PatrickMSon Single 1902Aug19 Bay Roberts
259293 KEEFE JohnMHeadWidow1871Sept49 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE Thos.FSon Single 1903Aug18 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE SusannahFDaughter Single 1906Aug15 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE JohnMSon Single 1912Oct8 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE SusannahFMotherWidow1849Sept71 Spaniard's Bay
260294 KEEFE Thos.MHead Married 1854Oct66 Bay Roberts
  KEEFE ElizabethFWife Married 1864Jan57 Bay Roberts
261295 FITZPATRICK Thos.MHead Widower 1867Feb 54 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK Thos.MSon Single 1899Oct21 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK KatherineFDaughter Single 1902Apr19 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK JamesMSon Single 1903Feb18 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MargaretFDaughter Single 1909July12 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK LucyFDaughter Single 1914Apr7 Bay Roberts
262296 FITZPATRICK MatthewMHead Married 1849Dec71 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MaryFWife Married 1850Aug71 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK BridgetFDaughter Single 1883Apr38 Bay Roberts
263297 FITZPATRICK JohnMHead Married 1843Nov77 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK EllenFWife Married 1850July71 North River
  FITZPATRICK AgustusMSon Single 1890Nov30 Bay Roberts
264298 DAWSON EllenM.FHead Single 1870Feb51 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Margaret C.FSister Single 1874July47 Bay Roberts
PAGE 253                    
  DAWSON LeoMNephew Single 1906Sept14 Bay Roberts
  BROPHY MaryFAunt Single No Entry No Entry 85 Kilkenny, Ireland
 299 DELANEY MaryFHeadWidow1863Feb58 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY Thos. R.MSon Single 1887Sept33 Bay Roberts
265300 DAWSON John M.MHead Married 1870Mar51 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Mary K.FWife Married 1872Sept48 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON TheresaFDaughter Single 1907Oct13 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON BrendanMSon Single 1909Feb12 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON FelixMSon Single 1913Mar8 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON AlphonsusMNephew Single 1904Aug17 Bay Roberts
266301 DAWSON Jas.MHead Single 1861Jan60 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Thos. F (sic) Brother Single 1863Aug58 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON BridgetFMotherWidow1825Feb96 Kilkenny, Ireland
267302 WHALEN Mary A.FHead Single 1871June50 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK Mary A.FAunt Single 1844Sept76 Bay Roberts
268303 FITZPATRICK PatrickMHead Married 1856Mar65 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MargaretFWife Married 1860 Nov 60 Spaniard's Bay
  FITZPATRICK AnnieFDaughter Single 1894 July 27 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK BernardMSon Single 1897Jan24 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK PatrickMSon Single 1899July22 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MichaelMSon Single 1901Dec14 Bay Roberts
269304 BAGGS HenryMHead Married 1854 May 67 Bay Roberts
  BAGGS FannieFWife Married 1857Apr64 Bay Roberts
  BAGGS LeahFDaughter Single 1896Dec24 Bay Roberts
  ABBOTT GeorgeMboarder Single 1905July16 Little River
  305 MERCER Thos.MHead Married 1889Jan32 Coley's Pt
  MERCER EllaFWife Married 1892July29 Bay Roberts
  MERCER HarryMSon Single 1912Dec7 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Lewis M.MSon Single 1919Aug2 Bay Roberts
270306 ENGLISH PatrickMHead Married 1888Mar33 Bay Roberts
  ENGLISH MaryFWife Married 1891Mar30 Holyrood
  ENGLISH GenevieveFDaughter Single 1914Jan7 Bay Roberts
  ENGLISH MaryFDaughter Single 1918Oct2 Bay Roberts
PAGE 254                    
271307 FITZPATRICK StephenMHead Married 1874Feb47 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MaryFWife Married 1871Mar40 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK KatherineFDaughter Single 1914Sept6 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK RonaldMSon Single 1916Apr5 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK ThomasMSon Single 1918Sept2 Bay Roberts
272308 FITZPATRICK PatrickMHead Married 1877 Aug 44 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK KatherineFWife Married 1876Apr45 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK KathleenFDaughter Single 1903 Aug18 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK MaryFDaughter Single 1911Oct10 Bay Roberts
273309 FLEMING Thos.MHead Married 1850 June71 Bay Roberts
  FLEMING MaryFWife Married 1848Aug73 Spaniard's Bay
274310 DAWSON Thos.MHead Married 1868Sept52 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Ellen M.FWife Married 1871Apr50 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON HelenaFDaughter Single 1902Apr19 Bay Roberts
275311 DELANEY Mark T.MHead Single 1891Jan30 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AliceFMotherWidow1863Aug58 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY ElizabethFSister Single 1893Mar28 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY LeoMBrother Single 1896 July 25 Bay Roberts
276312 DELANEY PhilipMHead Married 1891Aug30 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY MaryFWife Married 1899Oct21 Conception Hr
  DELANEY AlphonsusMSon Single 1920Jan1 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY Mary E.FMotherWidow1860Feb61 Job's Cove, BDV
  DELANEY VeronicaFSister Single 1892Mar29 Bay Roberts
277313 BRENNAN JamesMHead Widower 1845Aug76 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN WinifredFDaughter Single 1882Feb39 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN TheresaFDaughter Single 1889Aug32 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN PatrickMSon Single 1894Jan27 Bay Roberts
  314 BRENNAN BernardMHead Married No Entry No Entry 31 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN ElizabethFWife Married No Entry No Entry 27 Bay Roberts
278315 BRENNAN JohnMHead Married 1845Oct76 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN ElizabethFWife Married 1856Nov66 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN MarkMSon Single 1891Mar30 Bay Roberts
279316 BRENNAN WalterMHead Married 1851Aug70 Bay Roberts
PAGE 255                    
  BRENNAN ElizabethFWife Married 1855Nov65 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN WalterMSon Single 1888Mar33 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN MaudFDaughter Single 1893Feb28 Bay Roberts
  BRENNAN JosephMSon Single 1895Feb26 Bay Roberts
280317 CLEAREY Wm.MHead Widower 1857Oct63 Bay Roberts
  CLEAREY EdwardMSon Single 1897July24 Bay Roberts
281318 CLEAREY DanielMHead Widower 1858Nov62 Bay Roberts
282319 RUSSELL Elizab. A.F HeadWidow1870Nov50 Bareneed
  RUSSELL CecilMSon Single 1903Dec17 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL KatieFDaughter Single 1906July15 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Wm.MSon Single 1909Feb12 Bay Roberts
  MERCER RebeccaFDaughter Single 1898Nov22 Bay Roberts
283320 RUSSELL Wm.MHead Married No Entry No Entry 50 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL FannieFWife Married 1873July48 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL HubertMSon Single 1899Oct21 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ChesleyMSon Single 1904Jan17 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL RobertMSon Single 1906Sept14 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL BramwellMSon Single 1908Jan13 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL AlpheusMSon Single 1909Oct11 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL KarlMSon Single 1914Jan7 Bay Roberts
  321 RUSSELL EdwardMHead Married 1897Nov23 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ElsieFWife Married No Entry No Entry19 Hants Hr
284322 RUSSELL IsaacMHead Married 1865Oct55 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Sarah J.FWife Married 1881July40 Clarke's Beach
  RUSSELL HarveyMSon Single 1901Feb20 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL IsaacMSon Single 1902 May 19 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL EdithFDaughter Single 1904Feb17 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL LeahFDaughter Single 1906Mar15 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL MaudFDaughter Single 1907Aug14 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Walter H.MSon Single 1912Aug9 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL PearlFDaughter Single 1914 June 7 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL MargaretFDaughter Single 1918Feb3 Bay Roberts
285323 RUSSELL John J.MHead Married No Entry No Entry 30 Bay Roberts
PAGE 256                    
  RUSSELL Mary J.FWife Married 1896Aug25 Salmon Cove
  RUSSELL EthelFDaughter Single 1918Oct2 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL DorisFDaughter Single 1920Aug1 Bay Roberts
286324 SQUIRES GeorgeMHead Married 1880Nov40 Coley's Pt
  SQUIRES EmmaFWife Married 1882Feb39 Bay Roberts
  SQUIRES WillieMSon Single 1904Sept16 Bay Roberts
287325 BROWN Wm.MHead Married 1867Mar54 Bay Roberts
  BROWN Elizabeth A. F Wife Married 1869 Jun 52 Shearstown
  BROWN Wm. J.MSon Single 1897Feb24 Bay Roberts
  BROWN HarveyMSon Single 1901June 20 Bay Roberts
288326 MERCER SusannahFHeadWidow1854July67 Port de Grave
  MERCER Ethel M.FDaughter Single 1894Oct26 Bay Roberts
289327 RUSSELL SamuelMHead Married 1860July61 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ElizabethFWife Married 1863July58 Salmon Cove
  RUSSELL FrederickMSon Single 1895July26 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL LilyFDaughter Single 1901Oct19 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Mary J.FDaughter Single 1904July17 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Wm. G.MSon Single 1908 Jun 13 Bay Roberts
290328 DAWSON JohnMHead Married 1880Aug41 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON CharlotteFWife Married 1880 Sept41 Perry's Cove. BDV
  DAWSON Richard J.MSon Single 1906Nov14 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON MarieFDaughter Single 1908Aug13 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON JohnMSon Single 1910 Jun 11 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON AnnastatiaFDaughter Single 1917 Jun 4 Bay Roberts
291329 FLEMING JohnMHead Single 1871Feb40 Bay Roberts
  FLEMING Mary J.FMotherWidow1858Sept63 North River
  FLEMING WinnieFDaughter Single 1896July25 Bay Roberts
292330 RUSSELL Wm.MHead Married 1894 May 27 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL AlfredaFWife Married 1895Oct25 Salmon Cove
  RUSSELL StephenMSon Single 1914Apr7 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL AlbertMSon Single 1917Oct3 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL GrahamMSon Single 1919Dec1 Bay Roberts
293331 MERCER AlexanderMHead Married 1896Jan25 Bay Roberts
PAGE 257                    
  MERCER AlfredaFWife Married 1899Aug 22Bay Roberts
  MERCER Thos. G.MSon Single1920Jan1 Bay Roberts
294332 TIPPLE Harold S.MHead Married 1893Jan28 St. Georges
  TIPPLE MinaFWife Married 1898 May 23 Bay Roberts
  TIPPLE MelitaFDaughter Single 1913Apr8 Bonavista
295333 SPARKS RichardMHead Widower 1884Aug37 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS IdaFDaughter Single 1915July6 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS Wm. J.MSon Single 1918Jan3 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS FannieFMotherWidow1856Feb65 Bay Roberts
296334 SPARKS AubreyMHead Married 1895 Mar 26 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS AletheaFWife Married 1895Nov25 Bareneed
  SPARKS Ada PhylisFDaughter Single 1921Jan8 mos Bay Roberts
297335 SPARKS IsaacMHead Married 1843Feb78 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS FannieFWife Married 1853 Oct 67 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS MargaretFDaughter Single 1894Sept27 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS MalcolmMSon Single 1895 Jun 26 Bay Roberts
  CHURCH? EmmieFGrand Daughter Single 1902 Oct 18 Bay Roberts
298336 SPARKS JohnMHead Married 1882Jan39 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS JaneFWife Married 1888May 32 Coley's Pt
  SPARKS VictorMSon Single 1911Feb10 Bay Roberts
  SPARKS DulcieFDaughter Single 1913Feb8 Bay Roberts
299337 PARSONS James E.MHead Married 1875Dec45 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS TriphenaFWife Married 1876July45 Bay Roberts
300338 BROWN StephenMHead Widower 1846July75 Bay Roberts
301339 BROWN Thos.MHead Married 1835 May 86 Bay Roberts
  BROWN MargaretFWife Married 1857 Oct63 Bareneed
  BROWN Thos. R.MNephew Single 1902Jan19 Bay Roberts
302340 BROWN SamuelMHead Married 1867Aug54 Bay Roberts
  BROWN EmilyFWife Married 1872 Jun 49 Bay Roberts
  BROWN Jas. S.MSon Single 1897Aug24 Bay Roberts
  BROWN Wm. Hy.MSon Single 1900Nov20 Bay Roberts
  BROWN Sarah G.FDaughter Single 1903July18 Bay Roberts
  BROWN HaywardMSon Single 1905Feb16 Bay Roberts
PAGE 258                    
    BROWN Nathan M Son Single 1909 Aug 12 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Emily S. F Daughter Single 1913 Jan 8 Bay Roberts
303 341 BROWN Edward M Head Married 1893 Mar 28 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Lydia F Wife Married 1895 July 26 Port de Grave
    BROWN John F. M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Arthur A. M Son Single 1914 Dec 6 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Nathan M. M Son Single 1917 July 4 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Beatrice F Sister Single 1902 Sept 18 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Wm Clarence M Brother Single 1909 July 12 Bay Roberts
304 342 SNOW John M Head Married 1873 May 48 Coley's Pt
    SNOW Margaret F Wife Married 1888 Mar 33 Loo Cove PB
    SNOW Eva F Daughter Single 1904 Aug 17 Coley's Pt
    SNOW Rachel F Daughter Single 1909 Nov 11 Bay Roberts
    SNOW Susie F Daughter Single 1913 Dec 7 Bay Roberts
    SNOW Lily F Daughter Single 1919 Dec 1 Bay Roberts
305 343 WOOLFREY Adjt. Philip M Head Married 1870 Jan 41 Morton's Hr
    WOOLFREY Mary K F Wife Married 1884 Sept 36 Bay Roberts
    WOOLFREY Hubert M Son Single 1910 July 11 Fortune
    WOOLFREY Ida Lily F Daughter Single 1912 Jan 9 Gambo
306 344 KELLY James M Head Married 1857 July 64 Coley's Pt
    KELLY Johanna F Wife Married 1867 Aug 55 Coley's Pt
307 345 BROWN John A. M Head Widower 1835 Oct 86 Bay Roberts
308 346 BROWN Samuel L. M Head Married 1892 Oct 28 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Voilet B. F Wife Married 1892 Sept 28 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Mildred F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 11 mo Bay Roberts
309 347 BROWN Harry M Head Married 1864 Feb 57 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Emma F Wife Married 1864 Mar 57 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Norman M Son Single 1903 July 18 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Chester M Son Single 1909 Aug 12 Bay Roberts
    DEERING Owen M Lodger Single 1874 Nov 46 Shearstown
310 348 BROWN James M Head Married 1868 Oct 52 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Mary E. F Wife Married 1868 Mar 52 Coley's Pt
    BROWN Cyril J. F Daughter Single 1902 Aug 19 Bay Roberts
PAGE 259                    
    BROWN Myrtle F Daughter Single 1904 Oct 16 Bay Roberts
    BROWN Allan W. M Grand Son Single 1919 Jan 2 Bay Roberts
311 349 CROSBIE Walter M Head Married 1867 Oct 53 Brigus
    CROSBIE Mary F Wife Married 1873 Feb 48 Bay Roberts
    CROSBIE Eva F Daughter Single 1900 Jan 21 Bay Roberts
    CROSBIE Walter B. M Son Single 1910 July 11 Bay Roberts
    CROSBIE Wm B. M Son Single 1915 Nov 5 Bay Roberts
312 350 HAYES Archibald M Head Married 1887 Sept 33 Bay Roberts
    HAYES Lelah F Wife Married 1892 Jan 29 Bay Roberts
    HAYES Doris F Daughter Single 1916 Oct 4 Bay Roberts
    HAYES Jean F Daughter Single 1919 Sept 1 Bay Roberts
313 351 BADCOCK George M Head Married 1861 Feb 60 Bay Roberts
    BADCOCK Lelah F Wife Married 1856 Mar 55 Coley's Pt
    BADCOCK Clara F Daughter Single 1891 Jan 30 Bay Roberts
314 352 RUSSELL Reuben A. M Head Married 1882 Oct 38 Coley's Pt
    RUSSELL Mary J. F Wife Married 1883 Feb 38 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Lewis L. M Son Single 1910 Feb 11 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Malcolm M Son Single 1912 Sept 8 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Hilda G. F Daughter Single 1814 Dec 6 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Graham G. M Son Single 1916 Oct 4 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Annie W. F Daughter Single 1919 May 2 Bay Roberts
  353 RUSSELL Joseph M Head Married 1851 Oct 69 Bay Roberts
    RUSSELL Selina F Wife Married 1852 May 69 Bay Roberts
315 354 MORGAN John M Head Married 1879 Feb 42 Coley's Pt
    MORGAN Mary F Wife Married 1882 Feb 39 Coley's Pt
    MORGAN Emmie F Daughter Single 1909 Feb 12 Bay Roberts
    MORGAN Clarence R. M Son Single 1918 Oct 2 Bay Roberts
316 355 NORMAN Henry M Head Married 1867 Oct 53 Bay Roberts
    NORMAN Emma F Wife Married 1868 Aug 53 Bareneed
    NORMAN Constance F Daughter Single 1898 Aug 23 Bay Roberts
    NORMAN Geo. Arch. M Son Single 1901 Sept 19 Bay Roberts
    NORMAN Emma N. F Daughter Single 1909 Sept 11 Bay Roberts
    NORMAN Henry G. M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 Bay Roberts
PAGE 260                    
  NORMAN John R. MSon Single 1915July6 Bay Roberts
317356 MERCER JohnMHead Married 1870Sept50 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Hilda G.FWife Married 1882Jan39 Kingston on Thames, ,Eng
  MERCER John AlexMSon Single 1911Mar10 Bay Roberts
  MERCER May RoseFDaughter Single 1913 May 8 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Hilda L.FDaughter Single 1916July5 Bay Roberts
318357 BADCOCK JamesMHead Married 1892Sept28 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK BerthaFWife Married 1893Dec27 Country Rd, Nfld
  BADCOCK MarionFDaughter Single 1914June 7 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK MinnieFDaughter Single 1915Oct5 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK GeorgeMSon Single 1917Sept3 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK CharlieMSon Single 1919Sept1 Bay Roberts
319358 HAYES JohnMHead Married No Entry No Entry 62 Bay Roberts
  HAYES SarahFWife Married 1879Feb42 Spaniard's Bay
  HAYES RobertMSon Single 1891Mar30 Bay Roberts
  HAYES GladysFDaughter Single 1918Aug3 Bay Roberts
  PORTER SimeonM Adopted Son Single 1904Oct17 Spaniard's Bay
  PORTER RoyM Adopted SonSingle 1908July13 Spaniard's Bay
  PORTER WinnieF Adopted DaughterSingle 1911Jan10 Spaniard's Bay
  HAYES WinnieFDaughter Single 1898Sept23 Bay Roberts
320359 PARSONS AbramMHead Married 1870Sept50 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS MaryFWife Married 1870Oct50 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS AlbertMSon Single 1900Jan21 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS RebeccaFMotherWidow1844Nov76 Coley's Pt
321360 BADCOCK JohnMHead Married 1857Nov63 Bay Roberts
  BADCOCK SarahFWife Married 1865Apr56 Hr Main
  BADCOCK MauriceMSon Single 1903Oct17 Bay Roberts
322361 BOWERING Thos.MHead Married 1867Mar54 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING ElizabethF wife Married 1866Sept54 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING Victor E.M son Single 1900Jan21 Bay Roberts
323362 DELANEY JamesMHead Married 1860Sept60 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AliceFWife Married 1870Sept50 Spaniard's Bay
  DELANEY RaymondMSon Single 1903Nov17 Bay Roberts
PAGE 261                    
  DAWSON Wm.M Father in LawWidower 1836Sept84 Bay Roberts
324363 KELLY ArthurMHead Married No Entry No Entry 28 Coley's Pt
  KELLY MyraFWife Married 1891Mar30 Bay Roberts
  KELLY Wilfred RMSon Single1920Aug1 Coley's Pt
325364 BOWERING Wm Thos MHead Married 1871Dec49 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING CarolineFWife Married 1876Sept44 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING Harold C.M Son Single 1902Oct18 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING DorcasFDaughter Single 1906Oct14 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING Wm. M.MSon Single 1914Oct6 Bay Roberts
  MERCER ElizaFMother in LawWidow1846July75 Coley's Pt
326365 DELANEY Patrick J.MHead Married 1857July64 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AnnastatiaFWife Married 1870Nov50 North River
  DELANEY Mary Phil.FDaughter Single 1903Aug18 Bay Roberts
327366 REID KennethMHead Married 1890July31 Island Cove
  REID EmmaFWife Married 1890Sept30 St John's
  REID JuliaFDaughter Single 1910July11 Spaniard's Bay
  REID VoiletFDaughter Single 1917Sept3 Coley's Pt
  REID EllaFDaughter Single 1919Dec1 Bay Roberts
328367 MORGAN HenryMHead Married 1883July38 Port de Grave
  MORGAN MaryFWife Married 1885June36 Little Bay
  MORGAN EmmaFDaughter Single 1906Sept14 Glace Bay, CB, Canada
  MORGAN AlbertMSon Single 1913Aug8 Glace Bay, CB, Canada
  MORGAN VoiletFDaughter Single 1916Oct5 Glace Bay, CB, Canada
  MORGAN DorisFDaughter Single 1919Mar2 Glace Bay, CB, Canada
329368 FLEMING PatrickMHead Single 1871Mar50 Brigus
  FLEMING AliceFSister Single No Entry No Entry 47 Brigus
330369 BISHOP HelenorFHeadWidow1857Sept63 Bay Roberts
331370 MOORE FrankMHead Married 1877Sept43 Bay Roberts
  MOORE MaryFWife Married 1879Apr43 Bay Roberts
  MOORE BridgetFDaughter Single 1912Sept8 Bay Roberts
  MOORE MaryFDaughter Single 1912Sept8 Bay Roberts
  MOORE AnnieFDaughter Single 1916Jan5 Bay Roberts
  MOORE PhilipMSon Single 1918Sept2 Bay Roberts
PAGE 211                    
332371 DELANEY Patrick F. M Head Married 1881Sept39 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY Ita FWife Married 1879Nov41 Brigus
  DELANEY EdwardMSon Single 1909Oct11 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY MasieFDaughter Single 1911Dec9 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY LorettaFDaughter Single 1913Oct7 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY RonaldMSon Single 1914Feb6 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY KevinMSon Single 1916Oct4 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY Angela FDaughter Single 1918Nov2 Bay Roberts
333372 DELANEY Richard M MHead Single 1867Aug54 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY ElizabethFSister Single 1864Nov56 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY BridgetFSister Single 1878Oct42 Bay Roberts
334373 MERCER EdmundMHead Married 1880 July 41 Coley's Pt
  MERCER LouiseF WifeMarried 1886Aug35 Country Road
  MERCER Willie C. MSon Single 1906Nov14 Coley's Pt
  MERCER WarrenMSon Single 1910Sept10 Coley's Pt
  MERCER MarionFDaughter Single 1913Feb8 Bay Roberts
  MERCER RaymondMSon Single1915Sept5 Bay Roberts
  MERCER EdmundMSon Single 1921Apr 3 Mos Bay Roberts
335374 MERCER Albert E.MHead Married 1883Aug38 Coley's Pt
  MERCER MaryFWife Married 1884 May 37 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Vera M.FDaughter Single 1910Mar11 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Edward A.MSon Single 1911Sept9 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Gladys M.FDaughter Single 1916Aug5 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Dorothy J.FDaughter Single 1916Aug5 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Annie G.FDaughter Single 1920Sept 11 mos Bay Roberts
336375 DELANEY Wm.MHead Widower No Entry No Entry 70 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY Wm P.MSon Single No Entry No Entry 23 Bay Roberts
337376 DELANEY JamesMHead Married 1888Aug33 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AgnesFWife Married 1889July32 Spaniard's Bay
  DELANEY JamesMSon Single 1910Oct10 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY WinnieFDaughter Single 1915June 6 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY FrancisFDaughter Single 1917July4 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY BelleFDaughter Single 1919Dec1 Bay Roberts
PAGE 212                    
338377 DELANEY MarkMHead Married 1876Aug43 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY EllenFWife Married No Entry No Entry 38 North River
  DELANEY BernardMSon Single No Entry No Entry 20 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY SebastianMSon Single 1904Feb17 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY JohnMSon Single 1915Mar6 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY MargaretFDaughter Single 1921Apr5 mos Bay Roberts
339378 BISHOP JosephMHead Married 1871Sept49 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP PatienceFWife Married 1874Jan47 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP ElvaFDaughter Single 1905Apr16 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP EmmieFDaughter Single 1907Apr14 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP PalmerFDaughter Single 1908Aug13 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP MarcellaFDaughter Single 1910Jan11 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP HenryMSon Single 1911Dec9 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP EllyFDaughter Single 1914Jan7 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP BendixMSon Single 1916Apr5 Bay Roberts
340379 DELANEY Richard P.MHead Single 1866 May 55 Bay Roberts
341380 DELANEY MartinMHead Single 1893Oct27 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AliceFMotherWidow1861Mar60 Spaniard's Bay
  DELANEY JuneFSister Single 1890 Nov30 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY JohnMBrother Single 1895Sept25 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY AliceFSister Single 1892Aug29 Bay Roberts
342381 BADCOCK AliceMHead Single 1894Mar27 Bay Roberts
343382 BISHOP JohnMHead Married 1873Oct48 Coley's Pt
  BISHOP LeveniaFWife Married 1874Mar48 Bay Roberts
  BISHOP MildredFDaughter Single 1910Feb11 Bay Roberts
344383 BOWERING IsaacMHead Married 1871June50 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING FannieFWife Married 1885Jan36 North River
  BOWERING Frederick T.MSon Single 1909Oct11 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING Gordon N.MSon Single 1911 Jun 10 Coley's Pt
  BOWERING RufusMSon Single 1914Aug7 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING BaxterMSon Single 1918Apr3 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING EllenFDaughter Single 1920Mar1 Bay Roberts
  BOWERING MaryFDaughter Single 1920 Dec1 Bay Roberts
PAGE 213                    
345 384 CRITCH Fannie F Head Widow 1851 Mar 70 Bay Roberts
  385 CRITCH Hedley F. M Head Widower 1875 Jan 46 Brigus
346 386 ROACH Stephen M Head Married 1859 Aug 62 Coley's Pt
      Elizabeth F Wife Married 1859 Oct 1861 Bay Roberts
      Stella F Daughter Single 1896 July 25 Bay Roberts
347 387 LAWRENCE Wm M Head Married 1845 Aug 76 Carbonear
      Emma F Wife Married 1858 Mar 63 Bay Roberts
      Susie F Daughter Single 1896 Apr 25 Bay Roberts
348 388 SNOW Joseph M Head Married 1898 Sept 22 Bay Roberts
      Voilet F Wife Married 1899 Aug 22 Bay Roberts
      Lorraine F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 Bay Roberts
349 389 RUSSELL Robert M Head Widower 1845 July 76 Bay Roberts
350 390 BRADBURY Jacob M Head Widower 1878 Oct 42 Bay Roberts
351 391 RUSSELL Abram M Head Married 1884 Aug 37 Bay Roberts
      Ellen R. F Wife Married 1890 Sept 30 Shearstown
      Wm M Son Single 1910 Dec 10 Bay Roberts
      Fannie F Daughter Single 1914 Aug 7 Bay Roberts
      Grace F Daughter Single 1918 Sept 2 Bay Roberts
      Edward M Uncle Widower 1838 Mar 83 Bay Roberts
352 392 RUSSELL Mary J. F Head Widow 1853 Feb 68 Bay Roberts
353 393 PIKE Timothy M Head Married 1864 Oct 56 Bay Roberts
      Hannah F Wife Married 1867 Mar 54 Bay Roberts
  394   Myra F Head Widow 1893 Apr 23 Bay Roberts
    VOKEY James A. M Son Single 1918 Jan 2 Bay Roberts
354 395 CAVE Elijah M Head Married 1887 Oct 33 Bay Roberts
      Sarah F Wife Married 1894 July 27 Port de Grave
355 396 ELMS William M Head Married 1875 Sept 45 Bay Roberts
      Dinah F Wife Married 1893 June 28 Fair Island
      Wm K. M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 Bay Roberts
      Florence B. F Daughter Single 1915 July 6 Bay Roberts
      Clement M Son Single 1919 Nov 1 Bay Roberts
      Sarah M Mother Widow 1845 Aug 76 Bay Roberts
    VEY Stephen M Uncle Single 1863 Apr 58 Bay Roberts
PAGE 214                    
356 397 ATKINSON Hubert S. M Head Married 1879 Aug 42 Twillingate
      Elsa F Wife Married 1880 Oct 40 Flat I, BB
      Hugh W. S. M Son Single 1912 Sept 8 Bay Roberts
      David M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Bay Roberts
    SNOWDEN Jessie S F Mother in Law Widow 1860 Sept 60 Musgravetown
357 398 FRADSHAM Albert M Head Married 1883 Oct 37 Coley's Point
      Fannie F Wife Married 1880 Jan 41 Bay Roberts
      Ella F Daughter Single 1902 July 19 Bay Roberts
      Walter R. M Son Single 1905 Aug 16 Bay Roberts
      Beatrice F Daughter Single 1909 Sept 11 Bay Roberts
      Vira (sic) F Daughter Single 1913 Sept 7 Bay Roberts
      Olga F Daughter Single 1915 Feb 6 Bay Roberts
358 398 PLOUGHMAN John M Head Married 1893 July 28 Port Rexton
      Addie F Wife Married 1896 Oct 24 Carbonear
      Reuben H. M Son Single 1920 Nov 9 Mo Port Rexton
359 400 ELMS John M Head Married 1858 Sept 62 Bay Roberts
      Eunice F Wife Married 1861 Dec 59 Bay Roberts
      Pearl F Daughter Single 1899 Aug 22 Bay Roberts
360 401 PARSONS Joseph T. M Head Married No Entry No Entry 40 Bay Roberts
      Mary S. F Wife Married No Entry No Entry 35 Bay Roberts
      Gertrude F Daughter Single No Entry No Entry 16 Bay Roberts
      Minnie P. F Daughter Single No Entry No Entry 14 Bay Roberts
      Wm Edw M Son Single No Entry No Entry 12 Bay Roberts
      Roy M Son Single No Entry No Entry 9 Bay Roberts
361 402 RENDELL Wm M Head Widower 1882 Dec 38 Brigus
362 403 RUSSELL Chas E. M Head Married 1877 May 44 Bay Roberts
      Francis F Wife Married 1878 Aug 43 Hr Grace
      Gladys M. F Daughter Single 1904 June 17 Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Chas R. M Son Single 1908 Jan 13 Toronto, Ont, Canada
      George E. M Son Single 1910 June 11 Bay Roberts
      Winifred F Daughter Single 1912 Oct 8 Bay Roberts
      Arthur S. D. M Son Single 1914 Apr 7 Bay Roberts
      David M Son Single 1916 July 5 Bay Roberts
PAGE 215                    
      Wilson A. M Son Single 1918 July 3 Bay Roberts
      Mary A. F Mother Widow 1834 Aug 87 Upper Island Cove
363 404 WHITEWAY Wm. C. M Head Married 1856 Jan 65 Hr Grace
      Elfrida F Wife Married 1856 Aug 65 Bay Roberts
364 405 MERCER Alice M. F Head Widow 1875 Aug 46 Bay Roberts
      Chesley M Son Single 1900 Oct 20 Bay Roberts
      Roy C. B. M Son Single 1902 Sept 18 Bay Roberts
      Doris M F Daughter Single 1904 Oct 16 Bay Roberts
365 406 TAYLOR Dorcas F. F Head Widow 1869 July 52 Bay Roberts
366 407 WILCOX Thos M Head Married 1853 Aug 68 Bay Roberts
      Sarah A. F Wife Married 1852 May 69 Port de Grave
      Myrtle F Adopted Daughter Single 1906 Aug 15 Bay Roberts
367 408 WILCOX Archibald M Head Married 1881 Mar 40 Bay Roberts
      Mary F Wife Married 1882 Nov 38 Coley's Pt
      Emma F Daughter Single 1904 Sept 16 Bay Roberts
      Clarice F Daughter Single 1908 June 13 Bay Roberts
      Mae F Daughter Single 1909 May 12 Bay Roberts
      Wilfred A. M Son Single 1910 Feb 11 Bay Roberts
      Wm F. M Son Single 1912 Sept 8 Bay Roberts
      Ida F Daughter Single 1916 July 5 Bay Roberts
      Jean F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 11 Mo Bay Roberts
      Kathleen F Daughter Single 1920 Sept 11 Mo Bay Roberts
      Emma F Step Mother Widow 1843 Sept 77 Bay Roberts
368 409 O'NEIL Mabella F Head Widow 1886 Oct 34 Bay Roberts
      Mary C. F Daughter Single 1912 Dec 8 Bay Roberts
      Patrick M Son Single 1914 Sept 6 Bay Roberts
      Stephen M Son Single 1919 Feb 2 Bay Roberts
369 410 DAWSON Jeoffrey M Head Married 1884 Mar 37 Bay Roberts
      Johannah F Wife Married No Entry No Entry 19 North River
      Agnes B. F Sister Single 1897 Sept 23 Bay Roberts
370 411 FITZ PATRICK Patrick J. M Head Married 1868 Mar 53 Bay Roberts
      Annie F Wife Married 1871 June 50 Hr Grace
      Madeline F Daughter Single 1899 Aug 22 Bay Roberts
PAGE 216                    
  FITZPATRICK RosieFDaughter Single 1902Jan19 Bay Roberts
371412 PRITCHARD Dr Lionel SMHead Married 1880Jan41 Toronto
  PRITCHARD MurielFWife Married 1884 May 37 St John's
  PRITCHARD HopeFDaughter Single 1911Mar10 Bay Roberts
  PRITCHARD WalterMSon Single 1913Mar8 Bay Roberts
372413 DAWSON PatrickMHead Married 1849Jan72 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON EllenFWife Married 1860Sept60 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Wm.MSon Single 1886 May 35 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Julia A.FDaughter Single 1889Feb32 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON SylvesterMSon Single 1890 May 31 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON PatrickMSon Single 1891Sept29 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Chas.MSon Single 1893Sept27 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON NellieFDaughter Single 1895Sept25 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON AgustusMSon Single 1899 May 22 Bay Roberts
373414 DAWSON SelinaFHeadWidow1877Nov43 Placentia
  DAWSON GenevieveFDaughter Single 1902Jan19 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON RitaFDaughter Single 1903Aug18 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON JamesMSon Single 1906Aug15 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON JohnMSon Single 1908Sept12 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON MargaretFDaughter Single 1911 Nov 9 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON RonaldMSon Single 1913Dec7 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON AnnieFDaughter Single 1916Oct4 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON MargaretFMother in LawWidow1836 July85 Bay Roberts
374415 DAWSON James C.MHead Married 1869Jan52 Bay Roberts
  DAWSON Bridget M.FWife Married 1875 May 46 Bay Roberts
375416 DAWE WilliamMHead Married 1846Jan75 Coley's Pt
  DAWE Mary E.FWife Married 1867Mar54 Bay Roberts
  DAWE AgustusMSon Single 1895Oct25 Bay Roberts
  DAWE FrederickMSon Single 1897Sept23 Bay Roberts
  DAWE MaxwellMSon Single 1899Nov21 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Myrtis M.FDaughter Single 1902Feb19 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Chester E.MSon Single 1903 May 18 Bay Roberts
  DAWE E. ChristeenFDaughter Single 1909Mar12 Bay Roberts
PAGE 217                    
376417 DAWE WilfredMHead Married 1892Mar29 Coley's Pt
  DAWE Jean N.FWife Married 1892Sept28 Round Hr, N.D.B
  DAWE Wm B.MSon Single 1918Dec2 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Clarence L.MSon Single 1920 June1 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Eric N.MSon Single 1921 May 3 mos Bay Roberts
  DAWE Gerald B.MSon Single 1921 May 3 mos Bay Roberts
377418 DAWE LewisMHead Married 1890Feb31 Coley's Pt
  DAWE Laura G.FWife Married No EntryNo Entry 29St John's
378419 DAWE Edward V.MHead Married 1896July25 Bay Roberts
  DAWE DaisyFWife Married 1887Mar34 Bay Roberts
  DAWE PatriciaFSon Single 1921Aug1 mo Bay Roberts
379420 SNOW Henry W.MHead Married 1867Mar54 Bay Roberts
  SNOW RachelFWife Married 1870Jan51 Bay Roberts
  SNOW LockyerMSon Single 1897Aug24 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Harry N.MSon Single 1901Oct19 Bay Roberts
  SNOW StellaFDaughter Single 1900Feb21 Bay Roberts
380421 FITZPATRICK Thos.MHead Married 1871 May 50 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK BrideFWife Married 1878Nov42 Placentia
  FITZPATRICK VincentMSon Single 1904 June17 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK AliceFDaughter Single 1906Nov14 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK FrankMSon Single 1910July11 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK LeinusMSon Single 1911Oct9 Bay Roberts
381422 WINSOR LemuelMHead Married 1858Sept63 Tilt Cove
  WINSOR Elizabeth J.FWife Married 1864Aug57 Coley's Pt
  WINSOR WalterMSon Single 1900July21 St John's
  WINSOR CliffordMSon Single 1901Aug20 Tilt Cove?
  WINSOR Bertie V.MSon Single 1903Oct17 Tilt Cove?
382423 FITZPATRICK JamesMHead Married 1871Aug50 Spaniard's Bay
  FITZPATRICK AnnastatiaFWife Married 1872Oct48 North River
  FITZPATRICK MaggieFDaughter Single 1900Dec20 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK John T.MSon Single 1903June18 Bay Roberts
  FITZPATRICK SusieFDaughter Single 1906Dec14 Bay Roberts
  424 LANAGIAN Thos.MHead Single No Entry No Entry 70 Bay Roberts
PAGE 218                    
383425 SNOW ElijahMHead Widower 1865Feb54 Bay Roberts
  SNOW HarryMSon Single 1900July21 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MildredFDaughter Single 1903Sept17 Bay Roberts
  SNOW JohannahFMotherWidow1831Aug90 Coley's Pt
384426 NORTH ArthurMHead Married 1894Dec26 Bay Roberts
  NORTH FannieFWife Married 1895July26 Cupids
  NORTH Emma L.FDaughter Single 1915Dec5 Bay Roberts
  NORTH LloydMSon Single 1918Oct2 Bay Roberts
385427 SNOW EdwardMHead Married 1869June52 Bay Roberts
  SNOW LelahFWife Married 1869July52 Coley's Pt
  SNOW GladysFDaughter Single 1898Aug23 Bay Roberts
  SNOW JohnMSon Single 1900Jan21 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Hughie R.MSon Single 1902Aug19 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Edward A.MSon Single 1908Feb13 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Chesley A.MSon Single 1910Sept10 Bay Roberts
386428 SNOW JohnMHead Married 1868Sept52 Bay Roberts
  SNOW RachelFWife Married 1889Nov39 Coley's Pt
  SNOW GertrudeFDaughter Single 1904Jan17 Bay Roberts
  SNOW HildaFDaughter Single 1914June 7 Bay Roberts
387429 SNOW Edward A.MHead Married 1888July33 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Annie R.FWife Married 1890July31 Coley's Pt
  SNOW MaryFDaughter Single 1906Oct14 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Charley D.MSon Single 1912Dec8 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Alethea B.FDaughter Single 1915Aug6 Bay Roberts
  SNOW NaomiFMotherWidow1863 May 58 Coley's Pt
388430 SNOW EdwardMHead Married 1865Sept55 Bay Roberts
  SNOW CatherineFWife Married 1866June55 Bareneed
  SNOW CarrieFDaughter Single 1896 May 25 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MarionFDaughter Single 1899Jan22 Bay Roberts
  SNOW PearlFDaughter Single 1903July18 Bay Roberts
389431 DELANEY Michael J.MHead Married 1857 May 64 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY MaryFWife Married No Entry No Entry 60 Bay Roberts
  DELANEY JamesMSon Single 1895Feb26 Bay Roberts
PAGE 219                    
  DELANEY MaryFDaughter Single 1896Nov24 Bay Roberts
390432 PARSONS JohnMHead Married 1868Oct52 Coley's Pt
  PARSONS Susannah E.FWife Married 1870Apr51 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Gladys S.FDaughter Single 1896Aug25 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS IdaFDaughter Single 1903Nov17 Bay Roberts
391433 SNOW Jas. S.MHead Married 1892Feb29 Bay Roberts
  SNOW NaomiFWife Married 1894Mar27 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Phyllis K.FDaughter Single 1917Aug4 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Maxwell E.MSon Single 1918Dec2 Bay Roberts
392434 SNOW JosephMHead Married 1867Feb54 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MaryFWife Married 1886Oct34 Bareneed
  SNOW WinnieFAdopted DaughterSingle 1907Sept13 Bay Roberts
  SNOW LevieFAdopted DaughterSingle 1910Feb11 Bay Roberts
  SNOW HildaFAdopted DaughterSingle 1913Jan8 Bay Roberts
  SNOW FloraFAdopted DaughterSingle 1915 May 6 Bay Roberts
393435 SNOW CharleyMHead Married 1894Aug27 Bay Roberts
  SNOW AnnieFWife Married 1893Jan28 Brigus
  SNOW Audrey M.FDaughter Single 1915Aug6 Bay Roberts
  SNOW CeliaFMotherWidow 1868Aug 53Bay Roberts
  SNOW Mary J.FSister Single 1902Feb19 Bay Roberts
394436 SNOW JohnMHead Married 1865 May 56 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Mary A.FWife Married 1866Dec54 Bay Roberts
  SNOW JessieFDaughter Single 1899Aug22 Bay Roberts
  SNOW EmmieFDaughter Single 1901Nov19 Bay Roberts
  SNOW BaxterMSon Single 1903Dec17 Bay Roberts
  SNOW JohnMSon Single 1897Feb24 Bay Roberts
395437 BROWN MariaFHeadWidow1865Sept55 Bay Roberts
396438 NOSEWORTHY JosiahMHead Married 1878Aug43 Spaniard's Bay
  NOSEWORTHY ElizaFWife Married 1881Dec39 Bay Roberts
  NOSEWORTHY Wm.MSon Single 1908Sept12 Bay Roberts
  NOSEWORTHY HildaFDaughter Single 1911Sept9 Bay Roberts
  NOSEWORTHY DorisFDaughter Single 1913Nov7 Bay Roberts
  NOSEWORTHY John E.MSon Single 1917Nov3 Bay Roberts
PAGE 220                    
  EVANS Mary A.FMother in LawWidow1856May65 Coley's Pt
397439 EVANS HenryMHead Married 1865Oct55 Bay Roberts
  EVANS AnnieFWife Married 1869Sept52 Bay Roberts
  EVANS Mary V.FDaughter Single 1897Aug23 Bay Roberts
  EVANS LilyFDaughter Single 1899Sept21 Bay Roberts
  EVANS JohnMSon Single 1901Sept19 Bay Roberts
  EVANS AllanMSon Single 1909Nov11 Bay Roberts
398440 DAWE RobertMHead Married 1877Feb44 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Mary E.FWife Married 1876Sept44 Hr Grace
  DAWE MarionFDaughter Single No Entry No Entry 17 Bay Roberts
  DAWE CharlesMSon Single No Entry No Entry 16 Bay Roberts
  DAWE AdrainMSon Single 1905Sept15 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Emma W.FDaughter Single 1909Apr12 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Robert C.D.MSon Single 1916May5 Bay Roberts
399441 SMITH Samuel A.MHead Married 1878Aug42 London, Eng
  SMITH LilyFWife Married 1878July42 London, Eng
  SMITH Alfred C.MSon Single 1905Apr16 Halifax, N.S.
  SMITH LilianFDaughter Single 1906Aug15 Halifax, N.S.
  SMITH DaisyFDaughter Single 1908July13 Halifax, N.S.
400442 COURTEEN Ashley B.MHead Married 1882Dec38 Canso, N.S.
  COURTEEN MaryFWife Married 1878Nov42 Noel, N.S.
  COURTEEN CarrieFDaughter Single 1904Mar17 Mass, U.S.A.
  COURTEEN ArthurMSon Single 1909May12 Noel, N.S.
401443 MURPHY AnnieFHead Single 1852Dec68 Catalina
  MURPHY MaggieFSister Single 1875Mar46 Catalina
402444 WELLS Robert J.MHead Married 1858June63 Salmon Cove
  WELLS RuthFWife Married 1863Nov57 Bareneed
  WELLS Donald J.MSon Single 1893Jan28 St John's
  WELLS VeraFDaughter Single 1896Jan25 Bay Roberts
  WELLS ClariceFDaughter Single 1898July23 Bay Roberts
  WELLS Robert B.N.MSon Single 1900July21 Bay Roberts
403445 CHURCHILL RobertMHead Married 1864May57 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL IsabellaFWife Married 1866Apr55 Bay Roberts
PAGE 221                    
  CHURCHILL FannieFDaughter Single 1896Aug25 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL Robert M.MSon Single 1899Jan23 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL Wm. S.MSon Single 1901May20 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL IsaacMSon Single 1903Aug18 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL AltonMSon Single 1906July15 Bay Roberts
404446 FRADSHAM JohnMHead Married 1888May33 Coley's Pt
  FRADSHAM SusieFWife Married 1898Feb23 Shearstown
  FRADSHAM SarahFDaughter Single 1916Aug5 Pacquet
  FRADSHAM WilfredMSon Single 1918Dec3 Pacquet
405447 BARTLETT SophiaFHeadWidow1851Jan70 Port de Grave
  EVANS HectorMNephew Single 1905Aug16 St John's
406448 BAGGS Jas. G.MHead Married 1876May45 Bay Roberts
  BAGGS LouiseFWife Married 1891Dec29 Brigus
  BAGGS MaryFDaughter Single 1903Sept17 Boston, Mass U.S.A.
  BAGGS Rita B.FDaughter Single 1906June15 Bay Roberts
  BAGGS RichardMSon Single 1910Sept10 Boston, Mass U.S.A.
  BAGGS John J.MSon Single 1913July8 Boston, Mass U.S.A.
  BAGGS Wm.F.MSon Single 1920Feb1 Bay Roberts
407449 LEE JamesMHead Single 1886Feb35 Canton,China
408450 SNOW IsaacMHead Married 1865Feb56 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Lucinda P.FWife Married 1879Oct41 Port de Grave
  SNOW Hayward A.MSon Single 1902Dec18 Bay Roberts
  SNOW NaomiFDaughter Single 1894Aug27 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Ellen S.B.FDaughter Single 1904July17 Bay Roberts
409451 MERCER RobertMHead Married 1866Nov54 Bay Roberts
  MERCER AnnieFWife Married 1870Oct50 Coley's Pt
  MERCER PearlFDaughter Single 1906June15 Bay Roberts
410452 SNOW LotMHead Married 1871Mar50 Bay Roberts
  SNOW CarolineFWife Married 1871Aug50 Bay Roberts
  SNOW EmmaFDaughter Single 1896July25 Bay Roberts
  SNOW JosephMSon Single 1903Oct17 Bay Roberts
411453 WHITE JohnMHead Married 1855Aug66 Bay Roberts
  WHITE RosannaFWife Married 1863Sept57 Bay Roberts
PAGE 222                    
  WHITE JaneFDaughter Single 1898Oct22 Bay Roberts
  WHITE LiviniaFDaughter Single 1910July11 Bay Roberts
  DWYER HarryMGrand SonSingle 1913June8 Shearstown
  454 WHITE GeorgeMHead Married 1896July25 Bay Roberts
  WHITE LizzieFWife Married 1897Oct23 Coley's Pt
  WHITE LeslieMSon Single 1920July1 Bay Roberts
412455 SNOW JosephMHead Single No Entry No Entry 31 Bay Roberts
  SNOW StewartMBrother Single No Entry No Entry 20 Bay Roberts
413456 WHITE Jas.F.MHead Married 1894Nov26 Bay Roberts
  WHITE Elsie M.FWife Married 1896July25 Bay Roberts
  WHITE Alice E.FDaughter Single 1918July3 Bay Roberts
  WHITE Margaret L.FDaughter Single 1920Jan1 Bay Roberts
414457 EARLE LebedeeMHead Married 1866Mar55 Bay Roberts
  EARLE JuliaFWife Married 1868Mar53 Bay Roberts
  EARLE John T.MSon Single 1893Oct27 Bay Roberts
415458 MERCER Nathan C.MHead Married 1876Nov44 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Rachel L.FWife Married 1876July45 Port de Grave
  MERCER GwendelineFDaughter Single 1906Nov14 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Ronald T.MSon Single 1909Aug12 Bay Roberts
416459 WOOD Andrew J.MHead Married 1862June59 Leith, Scotland
  WOOD Sophia C.FWife Married 1871Apr50 LaPoile
  WOOD AdeladeFDaughter Single 1904Mar17 Grand Bank
  WOOD MaggieFDaughter Single 1908Mar12 Bay Roberts
  WOOD Mabel H.FDaughter Single 1914July7 Bay Roberts
417460 MERCER SamuelMHead Married 1865Sept55 Bay Roberts
  MERCER ElizabethFWife Married 1873Mar48 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Wilfred J.MSon Single 1896Sept24 Bay Roberts
418461 FRASER Margaret K.FHead Single 1870Oct50 Bay Roberts
419462 MERCER SimonMHead Married 1854Nov67 Bay Roberts
  MERCER SusannahFWife Married 1869July52 Hr Grace
  463 MERCER JohnMHead Married 1886July35 Bay Roberts
  MERCER MaryFWife Married 1896July25 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Wm.L.MSon Single 1915Aug6 Bay Roberts
PAGE 223                    
  MERCER Susie L.FDaughter Single 1917Dec3 Bay Roberts
  MERCER GladysFDaughter Single 1920July1 Bay Roberts
420464 BARTLETT Wm.H.MHead Married 1863Apr58 Bay Roberts
  BARTLETT LucindaFWife Married 1862Dec58 Bay Roberts
  BARTLETT W. JudsonMSon Single 1900Jan21 Bay Roberts
421465 CAVE StephenMHead Married 1869July52 Bay Roberts
  CAVE EmmaFWife Married 1868Oct52 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Wm. E.MSon Single 1901Sept19 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Raymond J.MSon Single 1903Sept17 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Ida R.FDaughter Single 1907Oct13 Bay Roberts
422466 CAVE Edward C.MHead Married 1867Aug54 Bay Roberts
  CAVE SarahFWife Married 1874June47 Coley's Pt
  CAVE VioletFDaughter Single 1905Feb16 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Ethel F.FDaughter Single 1907Aug14 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Eva E.FDaughter Single 1910Apr11 Bay Roberts
423467 WOOD Andrew H.MHead Married 1893July28 Grand Bank
  WOOD Edith J.FWife Married 1893Feb28 Coley's Pt
  WOOD Andrew A.MSon Single 1916Oct4 Bay Roberts
  WOOD Wm. F.MSon Single 1918Mar3 Bay Roberts
  WOOD Harry Wm.MSon Single 1919Aug2 Bay Roberts
  WOOD Eric R.MSon Single 1921Apr4 mos Bay Roberts
424468 CAVE GeorgeMHead Married 1858Aug63 Bay Roberts
  CAVE FrancisFWife Married 1862Aug59 Bay Roberts
  CAVE JohnMSon Single 1896July25 Bay Roberts
  CAVE ArthurMSon Single 1898Nov22 Bay Roberts
425469 CAVE CharlesMHead Married 1851Feb70 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Elizabeth J.FWife Married 1848July73 Bryant's Cove
426470 CAVE Geo. C.MHead Married 1875Feb46 Bay Roberts
  CAVE ElizabethFWife Married 1885Jan36 Bay Roberts
  CAVE EvelynFDaughter Single 1907Dec13 Bay Roberts
  CAVE IvyFDaughter Single 1909Sept11 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Wilson C.MSon Single 1911Sept9 Bay Roberts
  CAVE HazelFDaughter Single 1915Jan6 Bay Roberts
PAGE 224                    
  CAVE ClaraFDaughter Single 1917Mar4 Bay Roberts
  CAVE CavellFDaughter Single 1920Oct9 mos Bay Roberts
427471 MCLEOD Dr T. C.MHead Widower 1865July56 Sydney, C.B.
  MCLEOD GertrudeFDaughter Single 1903Nov17 Bay Roberts
  MCLEOD Roy B.MSon Single 1906Apr15 Bay Roberts
  BROWN CharlotteFHousekeeperSingle 1874Jan47 Hr Grace
428472 FRASER Donald G.MHead Married 1865Jan56 Bay Roberts
  FRASER MARYFWife Married 1876Sept44 Coley's Pt
  FRASER DorothyFDaughter Single 1904Dec16 Bay Roberts
  FRASER JeanFDaughter Single 1907Feb14 Bay Roberts
  FRASER MargaretFDaughter Single 1908Sept12 Bay Roberts
  FRASER MaryFDaughter Single 1911July10 Bay Roberts
  FRASER KatherineFDaughter Single 1913Mar8 Bay Roberts
  FRASER EdithFDaughter Single 1916Sept4 Bay Roberts
  FRASER AlisonFDaughter Single 1918Aug3 Bay Roberts
429473 SERRICK Geo.MHead Widower 1878Mar43 Cupids
  SERRICK WilfredMSon Single 1903Sept17 Bay Roberts
  SERRICK AggieFDaughter Single 1905July16 Bay Roberts
  SERRICK JanetFDaughter Single 1907Dec13 Bay Roberts
  SAUNDERS IsabellaFHousekeeperWidow1873Mar48 West Bay, Labrador
  SERRICK SarahFMotherWidowNo Entry No Entry 78 Cupids
430474 WILSON Arthur FinlayMHead Married 1896Sept24 Waterville, Kerry, Ireland
  WILSON Mildred FinlayFWife Married 1894Sept26 Bay Roberts
  WILSON Eileen FinlayFDaughter Single 1918Sept2 Bay Roberts
431475 SNOW Mary A.FHeadWidow1857Dec63 Bay Roberts
432476 SNOW PhilipMHead Married 1887Nov33 Bay Roberts
  SNOWMayFWife Married No Entry No Entry 33 Freshwater
  SNOW Ellen R.FDaughter Single No Entry No Entry 11 Bay Roberts
  SNOW MarkMSon Single No Entry No Entry 9 Bay Roberts
  SNOW WarrenMSon Single No Entry No Entry 7 Bay Roberts
  SNOW James S.MSon Single No Entry No Entry 3 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Edward L.MSon Single No Entry No Entry 1 Bay Roberts
433477 CALPIN Agustus M.MHead Married 1870Dec50 Bay Roberts
PAGE 225                    
  CALPIN AnnieFWife Married 1880Jan41 Bay Roberts
  CALPIN BarbaraFDaughter Single 1903Nov17 Bay Roberts
  CALPIN RonaldMSon Single 1907Oct13 Bay Roberts
434478 PEACH Frederick F.MHead Married 1887Apr34 Carbonear
  PEACH GertrudeFWife Married 1894Mar27 St John's
435479 PARSONS Wm.MHead Married 1849Mar72 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Dorcas K.FWife Married 1858Sept62 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Rachel F.FDaughter Single 1882Sept38 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Wilfred C.MSon Single 1897Dec23 Bay Roberts
436480 PARSONS IsaacMHead Married 1858Mar 63Bay Roberts
  PARSONS CharlotteFWife Married 1882June 57Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Esther W.FDaughter Single 1896Oct25 Bay Roberts
  PARSONS Hugh R.MSon Single 1901Oct19 Bay Roberts
437481 DAW John W.MHead Married 1887Sept33 Bay Roberts
  DAW Beatrice F.FWife Married 1890Aug31 Bay Roberts
  DAW Joan G.FDaughter Single 1918Jan3 Bay Roberts
438482 MERCER Wm.MHead Married 1855Dec65 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Mary P.FWife Married 1876July45 Bay Roberts
  MERCER FlorenceFDaughter Single 1898July23 Bay Roberts
  MERCER MarcellaFDaughter Single 1909Jan12 Bay Roberts
439483 TRENCHARD IsaacMHead Married 1872July49 Bay Roberts
  TRENCHARD SarahFWife Married 1882Sept38 Shearstown
440484 MERCER EliMHead Widower 1859Sept61 Bay Roberts
441485 CAVE HenryMHead Married 1861Nov59 Bay Roberts
  CAVE AnnieFWife Married 1876Aug45 Bay Roberts
  CAVE MaryFDaughter Single 1898Aug23 Bay Roberts
  CAVE IreneFDaughter Single 1900Sept21 Bay Roberts
  CAVE CarolineFDaughter Single 1902Oct18 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Wm. Chas.MSon Single 1907Sept13 Bay Roberts
  CAVE Henry V.MSon Single 1915July6 Bay Roberts
442486 CALPIN Charles H.MHead Married 1841June80 Bay Roberts
  CALPIN SusannahFWife Married 1845Feb76 Coley's Pt
443487 DAWE Henry G.MHead Married 1850Aug71 Port de Grave
PAGE 226                    
  DAWE NaomiFWife Married 1853July68 Coley's Pt
  DAWE WinifredFDaughter Single 1893Nov27 Bay Roberts
444488 FRENCH John W.MHead Married 1892Sept28 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH EllenFWife Married 1894Sept26 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH HattieFDaughter Single 1917Jan4 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH GertrudeFDaughter Single 1919Feb2 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH EstherFMotherWidow1861Jan60 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH AbramMbrot Single 1890Jan31 Bay Roberts
445489 MERCER Thos.MHead Married 1831Mar90 Bay Roberts
  MERCER NaomiFWife Married 1856Oct64 Bareneed
  MERCER Fannie R.FDaughter Single 1898Aug23 Bay Roberts
  490 SNOW Jas. H.MHead Married 1890July31 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Winifred M.FWife Married 1898Oct22 Bay Roberts
  SNOW Allan H.MSon Single 1920Mar1 Bay Roberts
446491 SNOW JohnMHead Married 1867Sept53 Bay Roberts
  SNOW AnnieFWife Married 1870Sept50 Coley's Pt
  492 SNOW ArthurMHead Single 1888July33 Coley's Pt
447493 MERCER Wm. R.MHead Married 1871Dec49 Bay Roberts
  MERCER PatienceFWife Married 1873July48 Bay Roberts
  MERCER Fannie J.FDaughter Single 1898Sept22 Bay Roberts
448494 FRENCH IsaacMHead Married 1846Sept74 Bay Roberts
  FRENCH SelinaFWife Married 1856Aug65 Coley's Pt
449495 WINSOR Frederick J.MHead Married 1885Jan36 Michigan, U.S.A.
  WINSOR Elizabeth E.FWife Married 1886July35 Kelligrews
  ABBOTT RoyMadson Single 1906June15 Kelligrews
  WINSOR SusieFDaughter Single 1916Aug5 Bay Roberts
450496 CRANE GeorgeMHead Married 1866Mar55 Bay Roberts
  CRANE JessieFWife Married 1871Feb50 Bay Roberts
  CRANE WilfredMSon Single 1900Sept20 Bay Roberts
  CRANE PearlFGrand DaughterSingle 1910Sept10 Bay Roberts
451497 TRENCHARD EdwardMHead Married 1894Aug27 Bay Roberts
  TRENCHARD WinnieFWife Married 1896Aug25 Coley's Pt
  TRENCHARD VioletFDaughter Single 1914Dec6 Bay Roberts
PAGE 227                    
  TRENCHARD EdwardMSon Single 1918May3 Bay Roberts
  TRENCHARD Dulcie B.FDaughter Single 1920July1 Bay Roberts
452498 MERCER BenjaminMHead Married 1847Oct73 Bay Roberts
  MERCER OliviaFWife Married 1864June67 Bay Roberts
453499 SNOW EdwardMHead Married 1856Aug65 Bay Roberts
  SNOW EmmaFWife Married 1859June62 Coley's Pt
  SNOW EdwardM Adopted SonSingle1910Aug11 Bay Roberts
  FRADSHAM JohnM Brother in :LawSingle 1865Nov55 Coley's Pt
454500 MERCER HenryMHead Married 1860Nov60 Bay Roberts
  MERCER LiviniaFWife Married 1862Feb58 Coley's Pt
  MERCER FloraFDaughter Single 1897July24 Bay Roberts
  MERCER RitaFDaughter Single 1899Oct21 Bay Roberts
455501 MERCER Charles S.MHead Married 1869Aug52 Bay Roberts
  MERCER HarrietFWife Married 1861Aug60 Bay Roberts
  502 MERCER John R.MHead Married 1899Apr22 New Glasgow, N.S.
  MERCER Mary G.FWife Married 1900Sept20 Bay Roberts
  MERCER John C.MSon Single 1920Jan1 Bay Roberts
456503 MERCER AgustusMHead Married 1891Dec29 Bay Roberts
  MERCER LucyFWife Married 1898Oct22 Hr Grace
  MERCER ClydeMSon Single 1919June2 Hr Grace
  MERCER ChesleyMSon Single 1921July1 mo Hr Grace
457504 MERCER CyrilMHead Married 1893Feb 28Bay Roberts
  MERCER HenriettaFWife Married 1892Feb29 Coley's Pt
  MERCER Hilda M.FDaughter Single 1919July2 St John's
  MERCER ElizabethFMotherWidow1856Sept64 Clarke's Beach
458505 JOY Jas. G.MHead Married 1883Feb38 St John's
  JOY Mary J.FWife Married 1888June33 Hr Grace
  JOY Mary A.FDaughter Single 1911Feb10 Bay Roberts
  JOY Margaret L.FDaughter Single 1912Mar9 Bay Roberts
  JOY David O'RyanMSon Single 1913Sept7 Bay Roberts
  JOY ElizabethFDaughter Single 1916Sept4 Bay Roberts
  JOY Kevin M.MSon Single 1921June2 mos Bay Roberts
459506 HAMBLING John F.MHead Married 1890Mar31 Canso, N.S., Canada
PAGE 228                    
  HAMBLING Florence V.FWife Married 1892Aug29 Bay Roberts
  HAMBLING Agustus T.MSon Single 1917Apr4 Bay Roberts
  HAMBLING DonaldMSon Single 1918Oct2 Bay Roberts
460507 O'LEARY Patrick J.MHead Married 1892Aug29 Cork, Ireland
  O'LEARY Rose F.FWife Married 1889Feb32 Brigus
  O'LEARY Sheila E.FDaughter Single 1918Jan3 Bay Roberts
  O'LEARY PatriciaFDaughter Single 1919Aug2 Bay Roberts
461508 NOSEWORTHY Harry R.MHead Married 1881June40 Exeter, Eng.
  NOSEWORTHY EllenFWife Married 1880Jan41 Tamworth, Eng.
  NOSEWORTHY MarjorieFDaughter Single 1911May10 Hr Grace
  NOSEWORTHY HarveyMSon Single 1913Sept7 Hr Grace
  NOSEWORTHY PhyllisFDaughter Single 1915Mar6 Hr Grace
462509 BAILEY J. C.MHead Married 1875June46 Placentia
  BAILEY WinifredFWife Married 1896Aug25 Bay Roberts
  BAILEY Emily G.FDaughter Single 1920Sept1 Bay Roberts
463510 DAWE Stephen R.MHead Married 1879Nov41 Bay Roberts
  DAWE Maria E.FWife Married 1880Dec40 Hr Grace
  DAWE Lancelot A.MSon Single 1904Mar17 St John's
464511 GORDON AlexanderMHead Married 1891Oct29 Aberdeen, Scotland
  GORDON Voilet L.FWife Married 1895Aug26 Bay Roberts
  GORDON MargaretFDaughter Single 1916Dec4 Bay Roberts
  GORDON John A.MSon Single 1918July3 Bay Roberts
  GORDON Francis N. F.FDaughter Single 1919Dec1 Bay Roberts
465512 MYERS Roy Wm.MHead Married 1889Feb32 Halifax, N.S., Canada
  MYERS HelenaFWife Married 1891Aug30 Bay Roberts
  MYERS Gordon A.MSon Single 1915Apr6 Bay Roberts
  MYERS MargaretFDaughter Single 1916Oct4 Bay Roberts
  MYERS OliveFDaughter Single 1918June3 Bay Roberts
  MYERS Roy W.MSon Single 1920Aug1 Bay Roberts
466513 KIELLY JohnMHead Married 1886Nov34 Carbonear
  KIELLY AgnesFWife Married 1891Sept29 St John's
  KIELLY JamesMSon Single 1918June3 Bay Roberts
  KIELLY JohnMSon Single 1920June1 Bay Roberts
PAGE 229                    
  MERCER JaneFservant Single No Entry No Entry 24 Coley's Pt
467514 GEORGE ArthurMHead Married 1881June40 Heart's Content
  GEORGE Sarah L.FWife Married 1880Dec40 Heart's Content
  GEORGE R. Claire Y.FDaughter Single 1906Oct14 Heart's Content
  GEORGE Alice L.FDaughter Single 1908Dec12 Heart's Content
  GEORGE AudreyFDaughter Single 1911June10 Bay Roberts
  GEORGE Dorothy S.FDaughter Single 1914Nov6 Bay Roberts
468515 BUTT Chas. C.MHead Widower 1890Dec30 St Pierre Miq.
  BUTT RalphMSon Single 1914Aug7 Bay Roberts
  BUTT GeorgeMSon Single 1914Aug7 Bay Roberts
  BUTT WinifredFDaughter Single 1920Sept1 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ElizabethFHousekeeperSingle 1855May66 Bay Roberts
469516 BATT George S.MHead Married 1881Aug40 St Pierre Miq.
  BUTT Lulu M.FWife Married 1886Nov34 Heart's Content
  BUTT AliceFDaughter Single 1914Feb7 Bay Roberts
  BUTT MargaretFDaughter Single 1915Feb6 Bay Roberts
  BUTT MaryFDaughter Single 1917Mar4 Bay Roberts
470517 BATEMAN Frank T.MHead Married 1892June29 Stockton on LeeDs, Eng
  BATEMAN ClaraFWife Married 1882Oct38 Hr Grace
  BATEMAN Frank W.MSon Single 1915Sept5 Hr Grace
  BATEMAN ElizabethFDaughter Single 1918Apr3 Hr Grace
  BATEMAN ClaraFDaughter Single 1921Aug1 mo Hr Grace
471518 BEMISTER ReubenMHead Married 1888Jan33 New Perlican
  BEMISTER Hilda J.FWife Married 1890Apr31 Bay Roberts
  BEMISTER LorraineFDaughter Single 1920Mar1 Bay Roberts
472519 JONES Wm. Thos.MHead Married 1860June61 Swansea, Eng.
  JONES BlancheFWife Married 1867Nov53 Melbourne, Australia
473520 RIDEOUT AnnieFmatronWidow1850Oct70 Devonshire, Eng.
  FINN RichardMboarder Single 1896Aug25 Spaniard's Bay
  GUY Wm.Mboarder Single 1898July23 Carbonear
  HILLIARD BertramMboarder Single 1901Nov19 Black Hd, B.d.V.
  DUNN RobertMboarder SingleNo EntryNo entry 20 Hr Grace
  HURST GeraldMboarder Single 1900July21 Canso, N.S., Canada
PAGE 230                    
  BARKER JamesMboarder Single 1900Oct20 Brigus
  ULPH EdwardMboarder Single 1900Oct20 Brentwood, Eng
  PARSONS GrahamMboarder Single 1903Aug18 Hr Grace
474521 DAWE SarahFHeadWidow1848Aug73 Coley's Pt
475522 JARDINE Geo. W.MHead Single 1873Feb48 Bay Roberts
  ADAMS MurielFhsekpr Single No Entry No Entry 23 St John's
476523 RUSSELL StephenMHead Married 1866Nov54 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL BerthaFWife Married 1881Feb40 Bareneed
  RUSSELL HerbertMSon Single 1898Nov22 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL FlorenceFDaughter Single 1901June20 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL JanetFDaughter Single 1903Oct17 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL ElizabethFDaughter Single 1907Jan14 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL BerthaFDaughter Single 1911Nov9 Bay Roberts
477524 RUSSELL JohnMHead Married 1864July57 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL EmmaFWife Married 1867Feb54 Coley's Pt
  RUSSELL Stephen F.MSon Single 1894Sept26 Bay Roberts
  RUSSELL Wm. Hy.MSon Single 1897Oct23 Bay Roberts
(note: this name above was crossed out and "___ALLOWED" written beside it)
  RUSSELL Annie E.FDaughter Single 1903Dec17 Bay Roberts
478525 FARRELL FrancisFHeadWidowNo Entry No Entry 60??
  FARRELL JohnMSon Single No Entry No Entry 33 Bay Roberts
  FARRELL ThosMSon Single No Entry No Entry 27 Bay Roberts
479526 HOWARD Albert Hy.MHead Married 1880Aug41 Liverpool, Eng
  HOWARD MamieFWife Married 1885Oct35 New York, U.S.A.
  HOWARD HarryMSon Single 1904Apr17 New York, U.S.A.
  HOWARD MaisieFDaughter Single 1905June6 New York, U.S.A.
  HOWARD EdithFDaughter Single 1907July14 Delaware
  HOWARD EdwardMSon Single 1909July12 Delaware
  HOWARD EllenFDaughter Single 1911Oct9 Delaware
  HOWARD FrederickMSon Single 1915July6 Bay Roberts
  HOWARD AdaFDaughter Single 1917Jan4 Bay Roberts
  HOWARD EthelFDaughter Single 1918Sept2 Bay Roberts
480527 BRADBURY Wm. H.MHead Married 1875Mar46 Bay Roberts
  BRADBURY Mary E.FWife Married 1877Dec43 New Hr., T B.
PAGE 231                    
  MERCER Stella M.FAdopted DaughterSingle 1906Oct14 Bay Roberts
481528 BELL Andrew T.MHead Married 1892Feb29 Dundee, Scotland
  BELL ElizabethFWife Married 1892May29 Dundee, Scotland
  BELL Alice E.FDaughter Single 1900Jan1 Bay Roberts
482529 WITHERS Joseph J.MHead Married No Entry No Entry 54 Marystown
  WITHERS Mary L.FWife Married No Entry No Entry 44 Marystown
  WITHERS MelindaFDaughter Single No EntryNo Entry 16 Marystown
483530 SNOW WillisMHead Married 1883Feb38 Bay Roberts
  SNOW GraceFWife Married 1895Nov25 Coley's Pt
  SNOW JosephMSon Single 1907Aug14 Bay Roberts
  SNOW EmilyFDaughter Single 1910July11 Bay Roberts
484531 DAWSON KatherineFHead Single No Entry No Entry 49 Bay Roberts
485532 MERCER ElizabethFHeadWidowNo Entry No Entry 55 Battle Hbr, Labrador
  MERCER EdwardMSon Single No Entry No Entry 20Bay Roberts
  533 CHURCHILL NathanMHead Married No Entry No Entry 27 Bay Roberts
  CHURCHILL Jessie J.FWife Married No Entry?? No Entry 25 Bay Roberts
473520 YETMAN MosesMboarder Single 1902 Dec 18 Hr Grace
  COUGELAN Frank G.Mboarder Single No EntryNo Entry 31 Hr Grace
  NOEL FrankMboarder Single No EntryNo Entry 28 Hr Grace
  WELLS EugeneMboarder Single No Entry No Entry 16 Bristol's Hope
7691 BRADBURY DaisyFDaughter Single 1904Sept16 Bay Roberts
8399BRADBURY RenieFDaughter Single 1901Nov19 Bay Roberts
206235 HARDING PatienceFMotherWidowNo Entry No Entry 87Bay Roberts
370417 NEWMAN JaneFservant Single No Entry No Entry 20 Tors Cove ?
  BRADBURY MurielFservant Single No Entry No Entry 19 Bay Roberts
  HARRIS DeborahF No Entry Single 1903Feb18 Bonavista
  HULL BerthaF No Entry Single 1894June27 Twilingate

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Janet Morton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Posted Sept. 10, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Don Tate)

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