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District of Twillingate

Dwelling Family Surname Given Sex Relation Status Birth Year Birth Mo Age Born
PAGE 3                    
98 105 MARSHALL William M Head Married 1864 Mar 47 Beaver Cove
    MARSHALL Mary F Wife Married 1866 Sept 45 Jacksons Cove
    MARSHALL William M Son Single 1893 May 18 Pilley's Isld
    MARSHALL Blanch F Daughter Single 1894 July 17 Woodfords Cove
    MARSHALL Beatrice F Daughter Single 1897 July 14 Woodfords Cove
    MARSHALL Rhoda F Daughter Single 1899 Nov 12 Woodfords Cove
    MARSHALL Phoebe F Daughter Single 1901 July 10 Woodfords Cove
    MARSHALL Charles M Son Single 1905 Sept 6 Woodfords Cove
99 106 OSMOND George M Head Married 1836 Apr 75 Mortons Hr
    OSMOND Victoria F Wife Married 1842 Dec 69 Tizzards Hr
  107 OSMOND Dormond M Head Married 1876 Aug 35 Betts Cove
    OSMOND Agnes F Wife Married 1878 Mar 33 Betts Cove
    OSMOND William M Son Single 1898 Aug 13 Little Bay
    OSMOND Flora F Daughter Single 1900 Sept 11 Woodfords Cove
    OSMOND Winnie F Daughter Single 1902 May 9 Woodfords Cove
    OSMOND Lulu F Daughter Single 1906 July 5 Woodfords Cove
    OSMOND Lewis M Son Single 1911 Apr 6 Mo Woodfords Cove
100 108 MILLEY Absalom M Head Married 1857 May 54 Conception Bay
    MILLEY Laura F Wife Married 1862 Apr 49 Tizzards Hr
    MILLEY William M Son Single 1882 Nov 26 Woodfords Cove
    MILLEY George M Son Single 1893 Feb 18 Woodfords Cove
    MILLEY Rosie F Daughter Single 1894 Feb 17 Woodfords Cove
    MILLEY Nancy F Daughter Single 1897 Sept 14 Woodfords Cove
    MILLEY Hayward M Son Single 1900 Aug 11 Woodfords Cove
PAGE 4                    
    MILLEY Eliza M Son Single 1903 Dec 7 Woodfords Cove
101 109 SNOW James M Head Married 1849 June 62 Clarke's Beach
    SNOW Elizabeth F Wife Married 1858 July 53 Little Bay Islds
    SNOW Herbert M Son Single 1890 June 21 Woodfords Cove
    SNOW Samuel M Son Single 1892 Sept 19 Woodfords Cove
    SNOW Robert M Son Single 1895 May 16 Woodfords Cove
    SNOW Jane F Daughter Single 1896 May 15 Woodfords Cove
    SNOW George M Son Single 1903 Sept 12 Woodfords Cove
102 110 BUDDEN Henry M Head Married 1856 Sept 55 Burying Place
    BUDDEN Elizabeth F Wife Married 1876 Oct 35 Englee
    BUDDEN Maggie F Daughter Single 1900 June 11 Woodfords Cove
103 111 SNOW Warrick M Head Married 1885 Feb 26 Woodfords Cove
    SNOW Dulcie F Wife Married 1888 May 23 Beaver Cove
    SNOW Virtue F Daughter Single 1911 Oct 10 Mo Woodfords Cove
104 112 LOCKE Archibald M Head Married 1887 Oct 24 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Emaline F Wife Married 1889 Apr 22 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Beatrice F Daughter Single 1911 Aug 2 Mo Woodfords Cove
105 113 LOCKE Israel M Head Married 1856 No Entry 55 Twillingate
    LOCKE Frances F Wife Married 1875 Nov 36 Beaver Cove
    LOCKE Margaret F Daughter Single 1897 Dec 13 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Peter M Son Single 1899 July 12 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE William M Son Single 1901 Jan 10 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Dora F Daughter Single 1902 June 9 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Edward M Son Single 1905 Oct 6 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Thomas M Son Single 1908 July 3 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1911 Aug 1 Mo Woodfords Cove
106 114 LOCKE George M Head Married 1858 Oct 53 Twillingate
    LOCKE Annie F Wife Married 1863 Nov 48 Little Bay Islds
    LOCKE James M Son Single 1884 May 27 Little Bay Islds
    LOCKE Frederick M Son Single 1889 Mar 22 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Lucy F Daughter Single 1890 July 21 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Stanley M Son Single 1893 Apr 18 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Annie F Daughter Single 1896 Aug 15 Woodfords Cove
PAGE 5                    
    LOCKE Gorden M Son Single 1898 July 13 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Bessie F Daughter Single 1901 June 10 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Arthur M Son Single 1903 Nov 8 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Albert M Son Single 1906 Jan 5 Woodfords Cove
    LOCKE Minnie F Daughter Single 1907 Aug 4 Woodfords Cove

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (October 2007)

Page Last Modified: Saturday November 17, 2007 (Don Tate)
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