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SECTION of Moreton's Harbour and vicinity

Whales Gulch

The following was transcribed by Joe Jennings from a copy of the 1911 census kept at the Moreton's Harbour Museum. The attendant at the museum said that visitors had noted 'many' errors and that the other directories and census information seemed to be more reliable. The people are listed by household, with the head of the household in bold capital letters. Robert Layte
  SurnameFirst Name
Head of household RIDEOUT ELIJAH
  Rideout Lucy
  Rideout Walter
  Rideout Bramwell
  Rideout Jeremiah
  Rideout Mary J.
  Rideout Phillipina
Head of household RIDEOUT SARAH
  Rideout Simon
Head of household RIDEOUT REUBEN
  Rideout Martha
  Rideout Pleman
  Rideout Claude
  Rideout Willie
  Rideout Maggie
  Rideout Rosanna
Head of household RIDEOUT SOLOMON
  Rideout Julia
  Rideout Clementine
  Rideout Charles
  Rideout Jane
  Rideout Bazil
  Rideout ?Redvers
  Rideout Leander
Head of household RIDEOUT THEOPHILUS
  Rideout Lucy
  Rideout Archibald
  Rideout Fred
  Rideout Chesley
  Rideout Bertie
  Rideout Roland
  Rideout Florence
  Rideout Adam
  Rideout Adolphus
Head of household RIDEOUT HENRY
  Rideout Blanche
  Rideout George
Head of Houshold RIDEOUT ALBERT
  Rideout Lucy
  Rideout Keywood
  Rideout Rodney
  Rideout Susie
  Rideout Daisy
  Rideout Austin
Head of Household RIDEOUT ?ENEAS
  Rideout Dulcie
  Rideout Beatrice
  Rideout Rachel
  Rideout Jessie
  Rideout ?Leodore
Head of Household RIDEOUT JOHN
  Rideout Matilda
  Rideout Barbara
  Rideout Winifred
  Rideout Emily
  Rideout ?Ettie
  Rideout Edgar
  Rideout Atwood
Head of Household RIDEOUT MARK
  Rideout Alberta
  Rideout Heber
  Rideout Carrie
  Rideout Frank
  Rideout Olive
  Rideout ?Sedelia

Contributed and Transcribed by Robert Layte (September 2006)

Page Last Modified: Sunday October 01, 2006 (Don Tate)
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