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This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages - Mary Rawlinson (April 2006)




1   HEALE James M Head Married 1872/July 39 St John's,NFLD
    HEALE Bess F Wife Married 1879/May 32 St John's,NFLD
    HEALE Chesley M Son   1902/June 9 St John's,NFLD
    HEALE Herbert M Son   1904/March 7 St John's,NFLD
    HEALE Elsie F Daughter   1906/May 5 St John's,NFLD
    SULLIVAN Thomas M Servant Widower 1856/May 52 St John's,NFLD
2 2 COOKE Edwin M Head Married 1870/March 41 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Hannah F Wife Married 1871/Feb 40 Caplin Cove,NFLD
    COOKE Hector M Nephew   1895/Dec 15 Whittowne,NFLD
3 3 COOKE Thomas M Head Married 1839/Aug 72 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1846/Jan 65 Torbay,NFLD
    COOKE Arthur M Son Single 1884/Sept 27 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Tasker M Son Single 1887/July 24 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Hilda F Grand Daughter   1892/Aug 19 St John's,NFLD
4 4 KELLY Robert M Head Married 1846/March 65 Torbay,NFLD
    KELLY Margaret F Wife Married 1841/Feb 70 St John's,NFLD
5 5 COOKE George R M Head Married 1855/Oct 55 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1850/Nov 60 Trinity,NFLD
    COOKE Lilly F Daughter Single 1885/Sept 26 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Walter M Son Single 1886/Oct 24 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Joseph M Son Single 1889/Seot 22 St John's,NFLD
6 6 COOKE George J M Head Married 1882/Nov 28 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Alice M F Wife Married 1881/March 30 St John's,NFLD
    COOKE Elton C M Son   1910/Oct 11mos St John's,NFLD
7 7 DYMOND John M Head Married 1878/April 33 St John's,NFLD
    DYMOND Margaret F Wife Married 1877/Dec 34 St John's,NFLD
    DYMOND Herburt M Son   1901 9 St John's,NFLD
    DYMOND Florence F Daughter   1905/March 6 St John's,NFLD
8 8 CLOONEY John M Head Married 1883/April 28 St John's,NFLD
    CLOONEY Mary F Wife Married 1885/April 26 St Mary's,NFLD
9 9 CLOONEY Thomas M Head Married 1881 30 St John's,NFLD
    CLOONEY Johannah F Sister Single 1883 28 St John's,NFLD
    CLOONEY Gregory M Brother Single 1887/March 27 St John's,NFLD
    CLOONEY William M Brother Single 1887/June 24 St John's,NFLD
    HEALE Mary F N   1906 5 St John's,NFLD
    CLOONEY Martin M Cousin Single 1884/Jan 27 St John's,NFLD
10 10 HORWOOD Robert M Head Married 1878/May 33 St John's,NFLD
    HORWOOD Precilla F Wife Married 1879/Feb 32 St George's Bay,NFLD
    HORWOOD Weston M Son   1906/Aug 5 St John's,NFLD
    HORWOOD William M Son   1908/Nov 2 St John's,NFLD
    HORWOOD Rita F Daughter   1911/March 6mos St John's,NFLD
    HANNAHEY Hannah F Mother I Law Widow 1848/Jan 63 St John's,NFLD
11 11 MARTIN Sarah J F Head Widow 1853/Dec 57 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN Herbert M Son Single 1885/Aug 26 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN George M Son   1893/Feb 18 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN Elsie F Daughter Single 1889/July 22 St John's,NFLD
12 12 MARTIN William M Head Married 1877/Aug 34 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN Harriet F Wife Married 1881/March 30 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN Cyril G M Son   1910/May 1 St John's,NFLD
    MARTIN Mina F     1896/April 15 St John's,NFLD
    THORNE Lillie F     1908/July 3 St John's,NFLD
12 13 SNOW Edmund M Head Married 1855/April 56 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Elizabeth F Wife Married 1857/June 54 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Edgar M Son Single 1889/Oct 21 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Annie F Daughter   1891/Nov 16 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Mable F Daughter   1893/Feb 18 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Bessie F Daughter   1897/Feb 14 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Allan M Son   1899/Sept 12 St John's,NFLD
    BRIDDEN Henrietta F Grand Daughter   1907/May 4 St John's,NFLD
13 14 CROTTY John Sr M Head Widower 1849 62 St John's,NFLD
    CROTTY John Jr M Son Single 1875/Jan 36 St John's,NFLD
    CROTTY Patrick M Son   1892/Nov 18 St John's,NFLD
    CROTTY Mary M F Daughter   1894/Oct 16 Coachmans Cove,NFLD
14 15 SCOTT William M Head Married 1855/June 56 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT Kate F Wife Married 1962/Aug 49 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT George M Son Single 1888/March 23 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT Richard M Son Single 1890/Jan 21 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT John M Son   1891/Dec 19 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT Mary F Daughter   1897/Sept 14 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT Catherine F Daughter   1899/Aug 12 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT Ann F Daughter   1900/Aug 11 St John's,NFLD
    SCOTT William M Son   1902/March 9 St John's,NFLD
15 16 AINSWORTH William M Head Single 1843/Aug 68 Bay Roberts,NFLD
16 17 EWING William M Head Married 1875/Sept 36 St John's,NFLD
    EWING Ann F Wife Married 1883/May 28 St John's,NFLD
    EWING John T M Son   1902/July 9 St John's,NFLD
    EWING Isabel F Daughter   1904/April 7 St John's,NFLD
    EWING Estelle F Daughter   1909/Aug 2 St John's,NFLD
17 18 FRENCH John M Head Married 1876/March 35 Bay Roberts,NFLD
    FRENCH Ann F Wife Married 1881/June 30 Labrador
    FRENCH Ronald M Son   1899/Sept 12 St John's,NFLD
    FRENCH Alex M Son   1901/Sept 10 St John's,NFLD
    FRENCH Maud F Daughter   1904/July 7 St John's,NFLD
    FRENCH Bernard M Son   1906/Dec 5 St John's,NFLD
    FRENCH William J M Son   1911/Sept 1 mon St John's,NFLD
18 19 SHORTALL William M Head Married 1870/Mar 41 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL Anastasia F Wife Married 1870/Aug 41 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL Leo M Son   1898/April 13 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL Fred M Son   1900/May 11 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL William M Son   1904/Oct 6 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL Mary F Daughter   1908/June 3 St John's,NFLD
    FRAHEY? Mary F Servaqnt   1866/Aug 45 St John's,NFLD
    SHORTALL Mary F Mother   1842/Aug 69 St John's,NFLD
19 20 WOODLEY William W M Head Widower 1849/Oct 61 St John's,NFLD
    WOODLEY Rose F   Single 1887/Oct 23 St John's,NFLD
20 21 WOODLEY William H M Head Married 1873/Feb 38 St John's,NFLD
    WOODLEY Jessie C F Wife Married 1883/Feb 28 Indian Islands,NFLD
21 22 DOOLEY John M M Head Married 1861/Oct 49 St John's,NFLD
    DOOLEY Margaret F Wife Married 1862/Sept 49 St John's,NFLD
    DOOLEY Stanley M Son   1892/Sept 19 St John's,NFLD
    DOOLEY Gerald M Son   1898/May 13 St John's,NFLD
    DOOLEY Mary F Daughter   1900/July 11 St John's,NFLD
22 23 HANNABURY Thomas F M Head Married 1869/March 42 White Bear Bay,NFLD
    HANNABURY Ann F Wife Married 1871 40 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Wm F M Son   1894/Nov 16 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY John M Son   1896/Aug 15 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Olive F Daughter   1900/Aug 11 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Joseph M Son   1898/Sept 13 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Sue F Daughter   1902/May 9 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Ewin M Son   1906/Feb 5 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY George M Son   1908/May 3 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Hannah F Daughter   1911/Jan 9mos St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Diana F Mother Widow 1827/Jan 84 Petty Hr,NFLD
23 24 McNAMARRA James M Head Married 1848/Aug 63 Broad Cove,NFLD
    McNAMARRA Mary F Wife Married 1856/April 55 St John's,NFLD
    McNAMARRA Christ F Daughter Single 1887/Sept 24 St John's,NFLD
    McNAMARRA William M Son Single 1889/Sept 22 St John's,NFLD
24 25 McCARTHY William M Head Married 1851/July 60 St John's,NFLD
    McCARTHY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1848/July 63 St John's,NFLD
25 26 HANNABURY Joseph M Head Married 1856/Oct 55 St John's,NFLD
    HANNABURY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1861/May 50 Flat Rock,NFLD
    AMMINSON Joseph M Nephew Single 1888/Mar 23 St John's,NFLD
26 27 PYNN Fredrick M Head Married 1868/Aug 43 St John's,NFLD
    PYNN Mary A F Wife Married 1871/Sept 40 St John's,NFLD
27 28 KISSINGTON Joseph S M Head Married 1835/Feb 75 St John's,NFLD
28 29 GULLIVER Robert M Head Married 1874/Feb 36 St John's,NFLD
29 30 BRAGG Stephen M Head Married 1846/Dec 64 Grate's Cove,NFLD
    BRAGG Mary F Wife Married 1856/May 55 Grate's Cove,NFLD
    BRAGG Stephen J M Son Single 1887/May 24 St John's,NFLD
    BRAGG James M Son Single 1884/Feb 22 St John's,NFLD
    BRAGG William M Son Single 1893/May 18 St John's,NFLD
    BRAGG Arthur M Son Single 1895/April 16 St John's,NFLD
    BRAGG Susy F Daughter     14 St John's,NFLD
    SQUIRES Martha F Daughter Widow   30 St John's,NFLD
    SQUIRES Edith F Grand Daughter     8 St John's,NFLD
    SQUIRES Florence F Grand Daughter     6 St John's,NFLD
    SQUIRES William M Grand Son     4 St John's,NFLD
30 31 YOUNG James M Head Married   45 St John's,NFLD
    YOUNG Elizabeth F Wife Married   40 Cupids,NFLD
    YOUNG Henry G M Son     9 Cupids,NFLD
    YOUNG Edward A M Son     6 Cupids,NFLD
31 32 YOUNG Naomi F Head Widow   54 Grate's Cove,NFLD
    YOUNG Elizabeth F Daughter     14 St John's,NFLD
    YOUNG Alfred M Son     12 St John's,NFLD
32 33 PENDERGAST Elizabeth F Head Widow   75 St John's,NFLD
    PENDERGAST Margaret R F Daughter Single   33 St John's,NFLD
    MORRIS Maud F Daughter Married   32 St John's,NFLD
    MORRIS Edgar M Son in Law Married   34 Trinity,NFLD
    MORRIS Mary J F Grand Daughter     1 St John's,NFLD
    BASTONE Hannah F Grand Daughter     15 St John's,NFLD
    PENDERGAST Elizabeth F Grand Daughter Single   18 St John's,NFLD
    PORTER Edgar J M Grand Son     4 Kelligrew's,NFLD
33 34 SNOW Arthur M Head Married   34 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Sophia F Wife Married   34 Bonavista,NFLD
    SNOW Marion F Daughter     6 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Philip M Son     3 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Alda M Son     2 St John's,NFLD
34 35 SNOW Hannah M F Head Widow   35 Hr Grace,NFLD
    SNOW Elizabeth F Daughter     9 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Irene F Daughter     8 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Marjory E F Daughter     4 St John's,NFLD
35 36 SNOW Henry T M Head Married   54 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Hannah F Wife Married   46 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Beatrice F Daughter Single   21 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Hilda M F Daughter Single   20 St John's,NFLD
    SNOW Henry S M Son Single   23  
    SNOW Bella F Daughter     15  
    SNOW Earnest M Son     12  
    SNOW Raymond M Son     10  
    SNOW Arthur G M Son     8  
    SNOW Mary H F Daughter     1  
    SNOW William M G Son     9mos  
36 37 HORWOOD William T M Head Married   59  
    HORWOOD Sarah F Wife Married   59  
    HORWOOD Minerva F Daughter     19  
37 38 HORWOOD Jacob M Head Married   63  
    HORWOOD Emma F Wife Married   54  
    HORWOOD George M Son Single   23  
    HORWOOD Mary F Daughter Single   19  
    HORWOOD John M Son     16  
    HORWOOD Ethel F Daughter     10  
17 18 SNOW Fanny F   Widow   65  
38 39 CHURCHILL Calvin? M Head Widower   68  
39 40 MALLARD Patrick M Head Married   55  
    MALLARD Margaret F Wife Married   45  
    MALLARD James M Son     21  
    MALLARD Suzan F Daughter     19  
    MALLARD John M Son     17  
    MALLARD Margaret F Daughter     15  
    MALLARD George M Son     9  
    MALLARD Sarah F Daughter     7  
40 41 PYNN Martha F Head Widow   69  
41 42 MALLARD Ellen F Head Single   50  
    MALLARD Susy F Niece Single   31  
42 43 MALLARD William M Head Married   60  
    MALLARD Mary F Wife Married   54  
    MALLARD Susy F Daughter Single   30  
    MALLARD Mary J F Daughter Single   28  
    MALLARD Mary E F Daughter Single   25  
    MALLARD Agnes F Daughter     14  
    MALLARD John M Son Single   23  
    MALLARD Edward M Son     18  
43 44 PYNN Richard M Head Married   27  
    PYNN Ann F Wife Married   22  
    PYNN Clara B F Daughter     2  
    PYNN Maria F Mother Widow   58  
    PYNN William M Brother Single   24  
44 45 CHURCHILL George M Head Married   53  
    CHURCHILL Bridget F Wife Married   52  
    CHURCHILL Elizabeth F Daughter     18  
45 46 MAHAR John M Head Married   33  
    MAHAR Mary F Wife Married   21  
46 47 MAY Lawrence M Head Married   30  
    MAY Emiline F Wife Married   28  
47 48 WEIR William M Head Married   58  
    WEIR Mary F Wife Married   46  
    WEIR Catherine F Daughter Single   18  
    WEIR John M Son     17  
    WEIR William Jr M Son     14  
    WEIR Elizabeth F Daughter     13  
    WEIR Mary A F Daughter     9  
48 49 SNOW William M Head Married   26  
    SNOW Mary F Wife Married   25  
    SNOW Sarah M F Daughter     8mos  
49 50 MALLARD Thomas M Head Married   50  
    MALLARD Ellen F Wife Married   50  
    MALLARD Francis M Son Single   21  
    MALLARD Thomas M Son     18  
    MALLARD Hugh M Son     15  
    MALLARD Nellie F Daughter     16  
    MALLARD Gerald M Son     13  
50 51 MALLARD Richard M Head Single   58  
51 52 MAY Bernard M Head Married   28  
    MAY Mary F Wife Married   27  
    MAY Nellie F Daughter     2  
52 53 KING James M Head Married   23  
    KING Elizabeth F Wife Married   24  
    KING Mary F Daughter     1  
53 54 FIELD Martha F Head Widow   26  
    FIELD Leslie M Son     3  
    FIELD Albert M Son     2  
    FIELD Philip M Son     5mos  
54 55 MARTIN Robert M Head Married   32  
    MARTIN Virtue F Wife Married   28  
    MARTIN William M Son     4  
    MARTIN Lily F Daughter     3  
    MARTIN Ada F Daughter     1  
    MARTIN Jane F Mother Widow   51  
    MARTIN Bella F Sister Single   22  
    MARTIN Clara F Sister Single   19  
55 56 MERRIN Ralph M Head Married   25  
    MERRIN Hilda F Wife Married   23  
    MERRIN Eileen F Daughter     4mos  
56 57 CRITCH Jabez M Head Married   53  
    CRITCH Adeline F Wife Married   39  
    CRITCH Jane F Daughter     13  
    CRITCH Harvey M Son     10  
    CRITCH Thomas M Son     9  
    CRITCH Hazel F Daughter     9 wks  
57 58 TAVERNOR Michael B M Head Married   35  
    TAVERNOR Elizabeth F Wife Married   33  
    TAVERNOR Thomas M Son     12  
    TAVERNOR Robert M Son     10  
    TAVERNOR James M Son     9  
    TAVERNOR Hannah F Daughter     7  
    TAVERNOR Michael M Son     3  
58 59 SQUIRES Francis M Head Married   37  
    SQUIRES Mary F Wife Married   27  
    SQUIRES William M Son     1  
    SQUIRES William M Father in Law Married   70  
    SQUIRES Mary A F Mother in Law Married   67  
    SQUIRES William J M Brother in Law Single   32  
59 60 SQUIRES John G M Head Married   27  
    SQUIRES Elizabeth F Wife Married   28  
    SQUIRES John J M Son     1  
    SQUIRES John M Father Widower   54  

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (April 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday April 30, 2006 (Don Tate)
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