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1911 Census Information from the Port De Grave Area








Place of Birth

LEAR Willis Hibbs Hole head married 1883 October Hibbs Cove
LEAR Caroline   wife married 1885 July Picks Eyes
LEAR Ebenezer   son single 1909 October Hibbs Hole
LEAR Walter   son single 1910 December  
LEAR George H Hibbs Hole head widower 1872 March Hibb's Hole
LEAR  Lilly G   daug. single 1905 January Hibb's Hole
LEAR Susey B   daug sinngle 1907 August Hibbs Hole
KENNEDY Samuel Hibbs Hole head widower 1848 September Hibb's Hole
KENNEDY Charles   son married 1885 July  
KENNEDY Dinia   d-i-law married 1891 August Pick Eyes
KENNEDY Robert J.   gr son single     Hibb's Hole
KENNEDY William Hibb's Hole head married 1849 June Long Pond
KENNEDY Sarah Anne   wife married 1855 April Ship Cove
KENNEDY Jacob T   son single 1885 September Hibb's Hole
KENNEDY Elsie   daug single 1887 July  
KENNEDY George   son single 1892 August  
KENNEDY Emmaline   daug single 1895 November  
PORTER Jacob Hibb's Hole head widower 1845 Feburary Hibb's Hole
PORTER Esau   son married 1881 December Clarkes Beach
PORTER Elizabeth G   d-i-law married 1880 December Hibb's Hole
PORTER Eva ?   gr daug single 1907 July  
PORTER Hazel   gr daug single 1909 August  
PORTER James Hibb's Hole head married 1851 March Hibb's Hole
PORTER Lavinia   wife married 1861 April Foxtrap
PORTER John C Hibb's Hole head married 1881 January Hibb's Hole
  wife married 1885 September Burnt Head
PORTER James G   son single     Hibb's Hole
PORTER Elizabeth   daug single      
PORTER William Hibb's Hole head married 1855 July Hibb's Hole
  wife married 1857 March Lance Cove S.S
PORTER Sarah   mother widow 1834 August Blowmy Down
PORTER Ida     single 1898 December Hibbs Hole
PORTER George     single 1901 November  
PORTER William Hibb's Hole head married 1871 Feburary Hibb's Hole
PORTER Elizabeth A   wife married 1876 April B me D
PORTER Elizabeth   mother widow     Hibb's Hole
PORTER Clarence   son son 1900 September  
PORTER Henry G   son son 1908 September  
LEAR William Hibb's Hole head married 1861 January Hibb's Hole
LEAR Susanna   wife married 1873 December Long Pond
LEAR William J   son son 1900 July Hibb's Hole
LEAR Eli   son son 1902 December  
LEAR John Hibb's Hole head widower 1832 December Hibb's Hole
LEAR James   son married 1873 March  
LEAR Anne S   wife married 1872 December Pick Eyes
LEAR Frank   gr son single 1908 Sept Hibbs Hole
LEAR Henry   gr son single 1910 March  
LEAR Samuel Hibbs Hole head married 1851 July  Hibbs' Hole
LEAR Patience   wife married 1857 March Coley's Point
LEAR Abraham   son single  1892 July Hibbs Hole
LEAR Theresa   daug single 1894 July  
LEAR Dorcas   daug single 1898 September  
LEAR Alice   daug single 1900 August  
LEAR John Hibbs Hole head married  1886 Feburary Hibbs Hole
LEAR Harriet   wife married 1885 September Petty Hr.
LEAR Lousia G   daug single 1909 July Hibbs Hole
LEAR Gladys   daug single 1911 August  
LEAR William Hibbs Hole head married 1856 March  
LEAR Annie   wife married 1859 March Ship Cove
PORTER HENRY   head married 1872 July  
PORTER BELINDA   wife married 1877 July Pick Eyes
PORTER Samuel   head married 1871 April Hibbs Hole
PORTER Sarah J   wife married 1872 June Foxtrap
PORTER Sandy   cousin   1899 July St John's
PORTER Eli     married 1841 July  Hibbs Hole
    married 1845 Oct  
LEAR Richard Hibbs Hole head married 1846 January Hibbs Hole
LEAR Selina   wife married 1850 August Clarke's Be.
LEAR Anthony   son single 1894 May Hibbs Hole
LEAR Ernest   son single 1895 Feburary  
DAWE William H  Hibb's Hole head married 1885 September Hibbs Hole
DAWE Bridgett
  wife married 1875 September Long Pond
PORTER Ester   st daug single 1896 March Hibbs Hole
PORTER Josiah   st son single 1898 March  
PORTER Arthur   st son single 1900 Feburary  
PORTER Florence   st daug single 1902 August  
PORTER Walter   st son single 1904 September  
DAWE Ronald S?   son single 1909 March  
PORTER Robert Hibbs Hole head widower 1861 May Hibbs Hole
PORTER Cyril   son single 1898 December  
PETTEN James Pick Eyes head married 1879 November Pick Eyes
PETTEN Clara   wife married 1882 August  
PETTEN Hazel   daug single 1910 January  
PETTEN Flora   daug single 1911 Feburary  
BISHOP Henry G Pick Eyes head married 1853 February  
BISHOP Sarah   wife married 1855 Feburary Ship Cove
BISHOP Elizabeth   daug single 1885 February Pick Eyes
BISHOP Henry   son single 1886 October  
BISHOP Rachel   daug single 1898 August  
PETTEN William Pick Eyes head married 1861 March  
PETTEN Elizabeth A   wife married 1863 November Ship Cove
PETTEN Elizabeth   daug single 1885 October Pick Eyes
PETTEN George   son single 1892 November   
PETTEN Clara   daug single 1898 September  
PETTEN Ethel   daug single 1900 November   
PETTEN Joseph Pick Eyes head married 1872 July Pick Eyes
PETTEN Jane   wife married 1879 March B me D
PETTEN Bulah ?   daug single 1909 July Pick Eyes
PETTEN William R   son single 1911 July  
PORTER Israel B me D head married 1869 August  
  wife married 1867 Feburary Burnt Head
PORTER Virtue   daug single 1895 April B  me D
PORTER Bertram   son single 1897 December  
PORTER Solomon T   son single 1898 September  
PORTER William   son single 1900 Feburary  
PORTER Samuel G   son single 1903 October  
PORTER Ellen   daug single 1906 October  
PORTER Isaac B me D head married 1859 October Seal Cove
PORTER Sarah   wife married 1860 August Bay Roberts
Dawe Lily   niece single 1898 September Coley's Pt
PORTER John B me D head married 1849 September B-me-D
  wife married 1949 July Foxtrap
PORTER Leonard   son married 1887 August  
  d -i -law married 1890 August Ship Cove
PORTER Abraham B me D head married 1851 October B me D
PORTER Margaret   wife married 1854 October  
PORTER Albert   son single 1894 Feburary  
PORTER Benjamin B me D head married 1859 January B me D
  wife married 1860 October Pick Eyes
DAWE John B me D head married 1885 May Ship Cove
DAWE Florence   wife married 1888   B me D
DAWE Lillian       19o9 December  
DAWE Ezra B me D head  married 1836 November B me D
DAWE Harriet   wife married 1846 January Ship Cove
DAWE John   son single 1869 Feburary B me D
MORGAN Joseph H B me D head married 1875 January B me D
MORGAN Elizabeth
  wife married 1875 October  
MORGAN Jessie M   daug single 1895    
MORGAN Annie   daug single 1897    
MORGAN Edie? P   daug single 1910    
Dawe John   f in L widower 1841    
MORGAN Stephen   head single 1895 June B me D
MORGAN Henry B me D head married  1875 October B me D
MORGAN Effie M   wife married 1883 October Heart's Content
MORGAN Hiram   son single 1908 October B me D
MORGAN Annie M   daug single 1910 September  
MORGAN Jacob   father widower 1838 January  
MORGAN James   nephew single 1900 October Lower Cove
MORGAN Samuel B me D head married 1886   B me D
MORGAN Selena   wife married 1883 October Ship Cove
MORGAN Harry   son single 1908 October  
MORGAN Gladys   daug single 1910 December  
WARFORD Azariah B me D head married 1844 November B me D
WARFORD Susanna   wife married 1855 September Salmon Cv.
MORGAN Charles   apprentice single 1893 Feburary North River
MORGAN Lorenzo B me D head   1877 October B me D
MORGAN Bridget   mother   1836    
MORGAN William B me D head married 1863    
MORGAN Selina   wife married 1866 July Hibbs Cove
MORGAN Grace A   daug single 1890 October B me D
MORGAN Mary   daug single 1896 August  
MORGAN Henry w   son single 1900 September  
MORGAN Esau   son single 1904 September  
MORGAN Florence   daug single 1906 July  
MORGAN Esau   uncle single 1841 Feburary  
MORGAN Edward B me D head married 1869 August  
MORGAN Sarah   wife married 1875 July  
MORGAN Mary Ann            
PORTER William B me D head married 1835 May  
Long Pond

B me D

MORGAN John B me D head married 1861 May  
MORGAN Virtue   wife married 1863 Feburary  
WARFORD Wilfred B me D head single 1887 February  
WARFORD Joanna   mother widow   1859 Bay Roberts
PORTER Appolos B me D head married 1862 March B me D
  wife married 1862 March  
PORTER Martha   daug single 1889 October  
PORTER William H   son single 1890 November  
PORTER Mary   daug single 1893 November  
PORTER Emily   daug single 1895 August  
PORTER Leah   daug single 1897 September  
PORTER Ellen M   daug single 1899 October  
PORTER Clarence   son single 1901 July  
PORTER Alice   daug single 1903 Jaanuary  
PORTER Ida   daug single 1905 Seeptember  
PORTER John B me D head widower 1841 June  
PORTER James J   son married 1874 March  
PORTER Mary G    d i law married 1875 September Ship Cove
PORTER Susanna    gr daug single 1897 March  
PORTER Charles   gr son single 1900 April  
PORTER Hubert   gr son single 1902 August  
PORTER George   gr son single 1906 March  
PORTER Laura   gr  daug single 1909 December  
WARFORD Heber B me D head married 1882 November B me D
WARFORD Ethel   wife married 1886 November P de G
WARFORD Ella   daug single   1907 B me D
PORTER James B me D head married 1876 July B me D
PORTER Ethel   wife married 1881 April Ship Cove
PORTER Hayward   son single 1905 January B me D
PORTER Henry   son single 1907 July  
MORGAN John A B me D head married 1869 September  
MORGAN Patience   wife married 1872 November  
MORGAN Annie   daug single 1896 November  
PORTER Thomas B me D head married 1884 December B me D
PORTER Emma L   wife married 1885 October  
PORTER William G   son single 1907 May  
PORTER Flora   daug single 1909 October  
MORGAN Charles H B me D head married 1870 Feburary B me D
MORGAN Hariett   wife married 1880 Feburary Ship cove
MORGAN Dorothy   daug single 1901 October  
MORGAN Reginald   son single 1905 October  
MORGAN Harold   son single 1909 October  
MORGAN Anne B me D head widow 1861 June Long Pond
MORGAN Mary E   daug single 1891 January  
MORGAN Fanny   daug single 1893 January  
MORGAN Arthur   son single 1894 August  
MORGAN Edith   daug single 1904 January  
PORTER Absalom   head married 1855 January B me D
PORTER Elizabeth
  wife married 1857 August Topsail
PORTER Edward    son single 1892 December  
PORTER Fredrick   son single 1895 July  
TUCKER John Ship Cove head married 1846 November Ship Cove
TUCKER Maria   wife married 1858 November Burnt Head
TUCKER William   son single     Ship Cove
TUCKER Elsie ?   daug single   January  
TUCKER Mildred   daug single      
TUCKER George Ship Cove head married 1884 November Ship Cove
TUCKER Winnifred   wife married 1888 January Pick Eyes
TUCKER Edna   daug single 1910 April Ship Cove
TUCKER Joseph Ship Cove head married 1848 November Ship Cove
TUCKER Elizabeth   wife married 1852 November Sandy Cove
TUCKER Tobias   son single 1884 July Ship Cove
TUCKER Beatrice   daug single 1889 July  
DAWE Abraham Ship Cove head married 1879 June  
DAWE Christina   wife married 1888 November Long Pond
TUCKER Charles Ship Cove head married 1835 November Ship Cove
TUCKER Mary   wife married 1844   B me D
TUCKER Henry C   son   1873 October Ship Cove
TUCKER Ann M   d i law single 1874 March Barneed
TUCKER Ada L    gr daug single 1909 November Ship Cove

Transcribed by Jean Hardy (June (2001)

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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