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District of Twillingate

Dwelling Family Surname Given Sex Relation Status Birth Year Birth Mo Age Born
PAGE 5                    
107 115 TOMS George M Head Married 1836 Mar 75 Shoe Cove
    TOMS Mary F Wife Married 1842 Apr 69 St Mary's Hr
    TOMS John M Head Widower 1863 Aug 48 Shoe Cove
    TOMS Minnie F Daughter Single 1890 Mar 21 Little Wards Hr
    TOMS John M Son Single 1891 Aug 20 Shoe Cove
    TOMS Michael M Son Single 1895 Apr 6 Little Wards Hr
108 116 SAUNDERS Geprge M Head Married 1875 Jan 36 Shoe Cove
    SAUNDERS Mary F Wife Married 1887 Oct 24 Horse Islds
    SAUNDERS Eleazer M Adopt Son Single 1898 Oct 13 Sunday Cove Isld
109 117 DAY Maud F Head Single 1887 Nov 24 Tilt Cove
110 118 ENGLAND Enos M Head Married 1862 Sept 49 Harrys Hr
    ENGLAND Mary F Wife Married 1864 Aug 47 Bay Roberts
    ENGLAND Stanley M Son Single 1890 Nov 21 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND Harold M Son Single 1892 Nov 19 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND Sarah F Daughter Single 1893 June 18 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND May F Daughter Single 1894 May 16 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND William M Son Single 1897 June 14 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND Alberta F Daughter Single 1900 Apr 11 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND Winnie F Daughter Single 1902 Mar 9 Little Wards Hr
    ENGLAND Ethel F Daughter Single 1905 June 6 Little Wards Hr
111 119 SAUNDERS Adam M Head Married 1881 Dec 29 Shoe Cove
    SAUNDERS Bessie F Wife Married 1887 Ma4 24 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Lewis M Son Single 1896 Oct 15 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Eli M Son Single 1897 Sept 14 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Lavinia F Daughter Single 1901 Jan 10 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Adam M Son Single 1908 Sept 3 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Mary F Daughter Single 1910 Apr 1 Little Wards Hr
112 120 DICKS Elias M Head Married 1880 Aug 31 Shoe Cove
PAGE 6                    
    DICKS Susanah F Wife Married 1887 Mar 24 Sunday Cove
    DICKS John M Son Single 1905 Sept 6 Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Maud F Daughter Single 1908 Aug 3 Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Edward M Son Single 1911 July 2 months Little Wards Hr
113 121 DICKS Uriah M Head Married 1861 Aug 50 Wild Bight
    DICKS Mary F Wife Married 1859 Jan 52 Shoe Cove
    DICKS Mathew M Son Single 1885 Nov 26 Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Archibald M Son Single 1893 Mar 13? Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Pearce M Son Single 1901 Mar 10 Little Wards Hr
114   DICKS George M Head Married 1874 Jan 37 Shoe Cove
    DICKS Georgina F Wife Married 1879 Dec 32 Little Bay
    DICKS Agnes F Daughter Single 1899 Oct 12 Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Muriel M? Son? Single 1905 Jan 6 Little Wards Hr
    DICKS Allan M S Single 1910 Feb 1 Little Wards Hr
115 122 SNOW James M Head Married 1878 Oct 33 Clarkes Beach
    SNOW Elizabeth F Wife Married 1881 Sept 30 Halls Bay
    SNOW Adolph M Son Single 1907 Sept 4 Little Wards Hr
    SAUNDERS Henry M Boarder Single 1893 Dec 17 Little Wards Hr
116 123 WEIR Kenneth M Head Married 1871 Sept 40 Snooks Arm
    WEIR Matilda F Wife Married 1881 Oct 30 Snooks Arm
117 124 YOUNGS Alexander M Head Married 1874 May 37 Snooks Arm
    YOUNGS Susanah F Wife Married 1874 Sept 37 Little Bay Islds
    YOUNGS Arthur M Son Single 1898 Dec 12 Little Bay Islds
    YOUNGS Kenneth M Son Single 1902 Jan 9 Little Bay Islds
    YOUNGS Elsie F Daughter Single 1904 Feb 7 Little Bay Islds
    YOUNGS William M Son Single 1907 July 4 Little Wards Hr
    YOUNGS Olive F Daughter Single 1090 Nov 2 Little Wards Hr
118 125 BENNETT James M Head Married 1855 Feb 56 Fogo
    BENNETT Sarah F Wife Married 1866 Apr 45 Change Islds
    BENNETT William M Son Single 1885 Nov 26 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Jessie F Daughter Single 1893 Oct 18 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Beatrice F Daughter Single 1891 Apr 20 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Julia F Daughter Single 1895 Oct 16 Little Wards Hr
PAGE 7                    
    BENNETT Ethel F Daughter Single 1904 Dec 7 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Dormond M Son Single 1901 Apr 10 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Arthur M Son Single 1896 Sept 15 Little Wards Hr
119 126 BENNETT Fredrick M Head Married 1885 Sept 26 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Mary F Wife Married 1887 Oct 24 St Anthony
    BENNETT Gordon M Son Single 1904 May 7 Little Wards Hr
    BENNETT Thomas M Son Single 1906 June 5 Little Wards Hr

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (October 2007)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday May 27, 2014 (Don Tate)
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