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1911 Census of Bonavista Bay District
Community of


Section from North West Arm (Exclusive)
to Charlotte Town (Inclusive)

Name of Enumerator: Chas Garland Residing at Musgrave Town

Dwelling Family Surname Given
Name of town or settlement Age at last birthday Religion
    Last Name First Name      
1 1* PENNEY Wm Jas Charlotte Town 30 Methodist
    PENNEY Effie M Charlotte Town 25 Methodist
    PENNEY Mary Charlotte Town 75 Methodist
    PENNEY Alfred Charlotte Town 4 Methodist
    PENNEY Elias Charlotte Town 1 Methodist
2 2* MARTIN Thos Charlotte Town 40 Methodist
    MARTIN Catherine Charlotte Town 28 Methodist
    MARTIN Phenie Charlotte Town 8 Methodist
    MARTIN Louis Charlotte Town 3 Methodist
    MARTIN Jane Charlotte Town 11 months Methodist
3 3* PENNEY John Charlotte Town 46 Methodist
    PENNEY Rachel Charlotte Town 41 Methodist
    PENNEY George Charlotte Town 20 Methodist
    PENNEY Eugene Charlotte Town 19 Methodist
    PENNEY Irene Charlotte Town 13 Methodist
    PENNEY Percey Charlotte Town 7 Methodist
    PENNEY Beatrice Charlotte Town 4 Methodist
4 4* HUSSEY Wm Charlotte Town 86 Methodist
    HUSSEY Hannah Charlotte Town 63 Methodist
  5* DROVER Wm Charlotte Town 35 Methodist
    DROVER Isabella Charlotte Town 30 Methodist
    DROVER Garfield Charlotte Town 7 Methodist
    DROVER Annie Charlotte Town 6 Methodist
    DROVER Georgina Charlotte Town 4 Methodist
    DROVER Henry T Charlotte Town 2 Methodist
5 6* SPRACKLIN Weston Charlotte Town 73 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Charlotte Charlotte Town 73 Salvation Army
  7* SPRACKLIN Weston Charlotte Town 30 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Elizabeth Charlotte Town 29 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Maxwell Charlotte Town 6 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Lilian Charlotte Town 5 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN W.W. Boyd Charlotte Town 3 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Nellie Charlotte Town 1 Salvation Army
    MARTIN Elizabeth Charlottetown 18 Salvation Army
    CARTER Wm Charlottetown 24 Salvation Army
6 8 PENNEY Wm Charlottetown 56 Methodist
    PENNEY Elizabeth Charlottetown 52 Methodist
    PENNEY Issac J Charlottetown 23 Methodist
    PENNEY Minnie Charlottetown 19 Methodist
    PENNEY Gertie Charlottetown 11 Methodist
    PENNEY Mary Charlottetown 9 Methodist
7 9 TEMPLEMAN Arthur Charlottetown 47 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Elizabeth Charlottetown 35 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Susie Charlottetown 18 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Samuel Charlottetown 16 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Stuart Charlottetown 11 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Jennie Charlottetown 9 Salvation Army
    TEMPLEMAN Evelyn Charlottetown 7 Salvation Army
8 10 HUSSEY George Charlottetown 32 Salvation Army
    HUSSEY Phoebe Charlottetown 29 Salvation Army
    HUSSEY Lily M Charlottetown 8 Salvation Army
    HUSSEY Wm. R Charlottetown 6 Salvation Army
    HUSSEY Alex Charlottetown 3 Salvation Army
9 11 SPRACKLIN Simon Charlottetown 38 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Annie Charlottetown 34 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Watson Charlottetown 13 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Augustus Charlottetown 11 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Charlotte Charlottetown 9 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Barmwell Charlottetown 7 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Susie Charlottetown 5 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Mabel Charlottetown 4 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Violet Charlottetown 2 Methodist
10 12 FORD Wm Charlottetown 56 Methodist
    FORD Sarah Charlottetown 52 Methodist
    FORD Ethel Charlottetown 26 Methodist
    FORD Emma Charlottetown 19 Methodist
    FORD Elias Charlottetown 17 Methodist
    FORD Hector Charlottetown 16 Methodist
    FORD Robert Charlottetown 9 Methodist
    FORD Priscilla Charlottetown 3 Methodist
11 13 CHALK Chas Charlottetown 34 Methodist
    CHALK Sophie Charlottetown 31 Methodist
    CHALK Ella M? Charlottetown 12 Methodist
    CHALK Samson Charlottetown 10 Methodist
    CHALK Albert Charlottetown 8 Methodist
    CHALK Isabella Charlottetown 5 Methodist
    CHALK Harold Charlottetown 3 Methodist
    CHALK Berti Charlottetown 8 mos Methodist
12 14 CHALK Lawrence Charlottetown 69 Methodist
    CHALK Casanda Charlottetown 60 Methodist
    CHALK Earnest Charlottetown 25 Methodist
    CHALK Bertie Charlottetown 19 Salvation Army
    CHALK Heber Charlottetown 15 Methodist
13 15 SPRACKLIN Alex Charlottetown 46 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Miriam Charlottetown 42 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Chesley Charlottetown 16 Salvation Army
    SPRACKLIN Lockyer Charlottetown 15 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Lottie Charlottetown 12 Methodist
14 16 ABBOTT Samuel Charlottetown 39 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Fannie Charlottetown 24 Methodist
    ABBOTT Annie Charlottetown 67 Methodist
    ABBOTT Isaac Charlottetown 27 Methodist
    ABBOTT Elsie Charlottetown 2 Methodist
15 17 ABBOTT Wm Charlottetown 44? Methodist
    ABBOTT Mary Charlottetown 40 Methodist
    ABBOTT Arthur Charlottetown 16 Methodist
    ABBOTT Sidney Charlottetown 13 Methodist
    ABBOTT Baxter Charlottetown 9 Methodist
    ABBOTT Robert Charlottetown 6 Methodist
    ABBOTT Alice Charlottetown 3 Methodist
    ABBOTT Annie Charlottetown 11 mos Methodist
16 18 SYMMONDS John Charlottetown 47 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Mary Charlottetown 35 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Laura Charlottetown 16 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Joseph Charlottetown 14 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Sarah Charlottetown 11 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Simon Charlottetown 5 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Lorenza Charlottetown 20 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Archibald Charlottetown 18 Methodist
17 19 SYMMONDS James Charlottetown 26 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Katie Charlottetown 26 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Emily Charlottetown 7 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Chas Charlottetown 4 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Walter Charlottetown 3 mos Methodist
18 20 SYMMONDS Chas Charlottetown 27 Methodist
    SYMMONDS Elizabeth Charlottetown 26 Methodist
19 21 SPRACKLIN Wm Charlottetown 46 Methodist
    SPRACKLIN Sarah Charlottetown 72 Methodist
  22 CHATTMAN W.J. Charlottetown 36 Methodist
    CHATTMAN Miriah Charlottetown 33 Methodist
    CHATTMAN Sarah Charlottetown 7 Methodist
    CHATTMAN Mary Charlottetown 5 Methodist
    CHATTMAN Chas Charlottetown 3 Methodist
    CHATTMAN Ida E. Charlottetown 1 Methodist
20 23 CHALK Archibald Charlottetown 29 Salvation Army
    CHALK Annie Charlottetown 26 Salvation Army
    CHALK Dwyth? L Charlottetown 4 Salvation Army
    CHALK Wm. L Charlottetown 1 Salvation Army
21 24 POWELL Chas Charlottetown 75 Salvation Army
    POWELL Rebecca Charlottetown 50 Salvation Army
    POWELL George Charlottetown 25 Salvation Army
  25 COLES Abraham Charlottetown 30 Salvation Army
    COLES Mary Charlottetown 23 Salvation Army
    COLES Jennie Charlottetown 3 mos Salvation Army
22 26 MURPHY Jas Charlottetown 42 Methodist
    MURPHY Hannah Charlottetown 34 Methodist
    MURPHY Thos Charlottetown 16 Methodist
    MURPHY Fred Charlottetown 12 Methodist
    MURPHY Alice Charlottetown 8 Methodist
    MURPHY Sarah Charlottetown 6 Methodist
    MURPHY Elias Charlottetown 3 Methodist
    MURPHY Wm Charlottetown 11 mos Methodist
23 27 ABBOTT Richard Charlottetown 68 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Jane Charlottetown 71 Salvation Army
  28 ABBOTT Albert Charlottetown 40 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Elizabeth Charlottetown 35 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Jessie Charlottetown 13 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Beatrice Charlottetown 9 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Moses Charlottetown 7 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Weston Charlottetown 5 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Thos Charlottetown 3 Salvation Army
    ABBOTT Annie Charlottetown 5 mos Salvation Army
24 29 CHALK Allan Charlottetown 41 Methodist
    CHALK Mary Charlottetown 40 Methodist
    CHALK Richard Charlottetown 17 Methodist
    CHALK Chas Charlottetown 15 Methodist
    CHALK Alphenus Charlottetown 14 Methodist
    CHALK Gordon Charlottetown 12 Methodist
    CHALK Wilis Charlottetown 10 Methodist
    CHALK Archibald Charlottetown 8 Methodist
    CHALK Albert Charlottetown 6 Methodist
    CHALK Esley Charlottetown 4 Methodist
    CHALK Louis Charlottetown 1 Methodist
*Note: The first 6 households and most of the 7th household were included in Book I. I also included them here so that all of Charlottetown is together.

Transcribed and contributed by Wanda Garrett ( 2013)

Page Last Modified: Monday January 28, 2013 (Don Tate)

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