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1891 Population Census Index
for Communities
In The St. Barbe District

Anchor Point Back Cove - 1 Back Cove - 2 Barrock's Cove Bartlett's Harbour
Beaches Bear Cove - 1 Bear Cove - 2 Belburns Big Brook
Big Cove No. 1 Big Cove No. 2 Bird Cove Black Duck Cove Boat Harbour
Boutito or Hillier's Harbour Brent's Cove Brig Bay Broom Point Brown's Cove
Canada Cape Bauld Cape Norman Cat Cove Clay Cove
Coachman's Cove Conche Harbour Cook's Harbour Cooper's to Bailey's Point Cow Head
Crawley's Cove Cremaillere Harbour Croc Harbour Currant Islands Daniel's Harbour
Deadman's Cove Deep Cove Deepwater Cove to Western Arm Dog Island Duggan's Cove
Eddie's Cove Englee English Harbour Ferrole Fishot Island
Fleur de Lys Flower's Cove Forester's Point Frenchman's Cove Gad's Harbour
Gargamelle Goose Cove Gouffre Harbour Gould's Point & Brook Grandby's Island
Grandes Vaches Grapnell Cove Great Brehat Great Harbour Deep Great Quirpon
Green Island Brook Green Island Cove Green Point Griguet Bay Griguet Harbour
Groais Harbour Groais Island Gull Marsh Ha-Ha Bay Handy Harbour
Harbour des Veaux Harbour Round Hay Cove How Harbour Ireland's Bight
Jackson's Arm King's Cove La Scie L'anse-au-Medee Leck's Cove
Little Bay North Little Brehat Little Coney Arm Little Quirpon Lobster Cove
Lobster Harbour Middle Arm Ming's Bight Nameless Cove Noddy Bay
Norris' Point Old House Point Onion Cove Paquet Parson's Pond
Perbec Cove Pigeon Cove Pine's Cove Point Riche Pond Cove
Port-au-Choix Port Saunders Pound Cove Prendergast's Cove Pumbly Cove
Rattling Brook River Castor River Ponds Riverhead Rocky Harbour
Sally's Cove Sandy Bay Sandy Cove Savage Cove Seal Cove - 1
Seal Cove - 2 Seal Cove - 3 Seal Islands Ship Cove Shoal Cove
Silverton Slaughterhouse Cove Sop's Island Southern Arm Spiller's Cove
St. Anthony Bight St. Anthony Harbour St. Barbe St. Barbe or Horse Islands St. Carol's
St. John's Islands St. Joseph's St. Julien's St. Lunaire Bay St. Paul's
Stark's Bight Stuckless Cove Three Mountain Harbour Trout River Westcountry Cove
Western Cove Wild Bight Wild Cove - Bonne Bay Wild Cove No. 1 Wild Cove No. 2
Winter House Brook Woody Point Zealot Harbout    

Contributeed & Transcribed by Terry Alexander (2017)

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