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1836 Census of Newfoundland


1836 Census of Newfoundland,
Alphabetically, Providing Community Found In
Adams Burying Place, Durrell's Arm, Joe Batts Arm, South Island
Andrews Back Harbour, Nipper's Harbour
Ansty/Anstey North Island, Bluff Head Cove
Arnold Back Harbour, Burnt Isles/Exploits
Ashburn (Ashbourne) Farmer's Arm
Baker Barr'd Islands, Herring Neck
Barnes Black Island, Herring Neck, Joe Batts Arm, Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Bartlett Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Bath Herring Neck, South Island
Batt Herring Neck
Beadon North Island
Bennett Tilton Island
Bide/Boyde North Island, Tizzard's Harbour
Birt (Burt) Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Blackler Back Harbour
Blackmore North Island
Blake Barr'd Islands, Herring Neck, Joe Batts Arm
Blandford Herring Neck
Boal (Ball) Burnt Isles/Exploits
Boarden South Island
Bound Robbin's Cove, Shoe Cove
Bourden (Boarden) Durrell's Arm
Bower Nipper's Harbour, Round Harbour
Boyls Barr'd Islands
Bridger North Island
Britt Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Joe Batts Arm, North Island
Brodice Tilton Island
Brooks Back Harbour
Broomley (Bromley) Farmer's Arm
Brown Back Harbour, Herring Neck, Joe Batts Arm, Pike's Arm
Brun Lions Den
Budden Fortune Harbour
Budgel/Budgell Burnt Isles/Exploits, Shoe Cove, Flurry's Bight
Bulgin Farmer's Arm
Burge/Burges Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Tizzard's Harbour, Back Harbour
Burk/Burke Tilton Island, Sandy Cove
Burt Herring Neck, Little Harbour, Tizzard's Harbour
Burton Durrell's Arm, Joe Batts Arm, Ward's Harbour
Butler Fortune Harbour
Butt Burnt Isles/Exploits
Byrne Tilton Island
Cafe´ (Keefe), Keaf, Kief Little Harbour, Tilton Island
Camberland Barr'd Islands
Canning Barr'd Islands
Card Merrit's Harbour
Cary (Kearley) Herring Neck
Castle (Cassell) Herring Neck
Chant Herring Neck, Tizzard's Harbour
Chapman North Island
Chatman Back Harbour
Chaulk Barr'd Islands
Chinn Farmer's Arm
Chipman Flurry's Bight
Churchill Farmer's Arm
Clance Tilton Island
Clark, Clarke Back Harbour, North Island
Clement Herring Neck
Clench Hare Bay
Coaker South Island
Cob/Cobb Barr'd Islands
Coffin Joe Batts Arm
Colborne North Island
Cole Hare Bay
Coleman Tilton Island
Collins Herring Neck
Compton South Island
Condon Joe Batts Arm
Cook Merrit's Harbour, North Island
Coombs Round Harbour
Cooper Farmer's Arm, South Island
Cornish Tilton Island
Crab (Crabb) Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Crump Shoe Cove
Cull Barr'd Islands
Curtis North Island, South Island
Cutler Herring Neck
Dally (Dalley) Durrell's Arm
Dalton Burnt Isles/Exploits
Davey Farmer's Arm
Dick Shoe Cove
Dillon Joe Batts Arm
Dinny (Dinney) Herring Neck
Dolay Tilton Island
Dolling Nipper's Harbour
Dooling North Island
Dory (Dorey) Black Island
Dowling Little Harbour
Downton Burnt Isles/Exploits
Doyle Sandy Cove
Dwyer Lions Den, Tilton Island
Early Herring Neck
Elliott Back Harbour, South Island
Emberly Joe Batts Arm
Etheridge Joe Batts Arm
Every North Island
Fifield North Island
Foley Tilton Island
Foot (Foote) Burnt Isles/Exploits
Foresyth Sandy Cove, Tilton Island
Forward Tizzard's Harbour
Foss Herring Neck
Foster Barr'd Islands, Shoe Cove
Fox Back Harbour
Frake Joe Batts Arm
Frampton Burnt Isles/Exploits
French Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Western-head Harbour
Fudge Herring Neck
Furlong Joe Batts Arm
Gallop Joe Batts Arm
Gamble Lions Den
Gardner Herring Neck
Gatehouse Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Geany Tilton Island
Gidge Durrell's Arm
Gill Burnt Isles/Exploits
Gillett Burnt Isles/Exploits, Farmer's Arm, Herring Neck, Pike's Arm
Gilliard (Gillard) Bluff Head Cove, Platter's Point
Glasby Flurry's Bight
Godden Barr'd Islands
Green Durrell's Arm, Tilton Island
Greenham South Island
Grey Shoe Cove
Grimes Herring Neck
Guinge (Genge) Burnt Isles/Exploits
Guy North Island
Hackett Barr'd Islands, Joe Batts Arm
Haggett Tilton Island
Haines Burnt Isles/Exploits, Durrell's Arm
Hallett Little Harbour
Hamilton Black Island
Hancock Barr'd Islands
Hann Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Harding Herring Neck
Harold Farmer's Arm
Hathy Joe Batts Arm
Hawkins Durrell's Arm
Hayden Back Harbour
Hays Tilton Island
Head Joe Batts Arm
Heath Hare Bay
Hellier (Hillier) South Island, Platter's Point
Hennesy Joe Batts Arm
Hent Herring Neck
Hewlett Shoe Cove, Ward's Harbour
Hicks Joe Batts Arm
Higgins Tilton Island
Hill Black Island
Hodder Dog Bay, North Island
Hoddinot/Hoddinott Seldom Come By, Burnt Isles/Exploits
Hollahan Flurry's Bight
Hornett Seldom Come By
Horton Tilton Island
House Back Harbour, Flurry's Bight, North Island
Hull Bluff Head Cove
Hunt South Island
Hutchins (Hutchings) Burnt Isles/Exploits
Inder Back Harbour
Ings Durrell's Arm
Jacobs Joe Batts Arm
Jeans Back Harbour
Jenkins Durrell's Arm
Jennings Western-head Harbour
Johnson Tilton Island
Jolliff Joe Batts Arm
Jones Burnt Isles/Exploits, Little Harbour, Western-head Harbour
Jure (Jewer) Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Kavanagh North Island
Kehoe Tilton Island
Kelids Tilton Island
Kendle North Island
Kennedy Tilton Island
King Nipper's Harbour, South Island
Knight Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Lacey North Island
Lahee Fortune Harbour
Lane Tilton Island
Langdon, Langdown Burnt Isles/Exploits, Merrit's Harbour, Nipper's Harbour
Langford Herring Neck
Lawler Tilton Island
Linfield South Island
Lock (Locke) Tizzard's Harbour
Loder Herring Neck
Loughman Lions Den
Luff Burnt Isles/Exploits
Lunnen North Island
Luscomb (Luscombe) Herring Neck
Lyte South Island
Mackey Beaver Cove
Maidment Back Harbour
Malanly Joe Batts Arm
Mansfield Tilton Island
Manuel Burnt Isles/Exploits, North Island
Martin South Island
Mason Tilton Island
May North Island
McDonald Fortune Harbour
McGrath Tilton Island
McHarnet Tilton Island
Mehaney/Mehany Burnt Isles/Exploits, Tilton Island
Melly (Milley) Burnt Isles/Exploits
Menchinton Burnt Isles/Exploits
Mew Barr'd Islands
Miles Herring Neck
Miller Joe Batts Arm
Mills Pearce's Harbour
Minty Durrell's Arm
Mitchard South Island
Mitchel/Mitchell Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Farmer's Arm, Capl(a)in Cove
Mohan Tilton Island
Moors Back Harbour/North Island
Morcum Fortune Harbour
Morgan Shoe Cove, Seldom Come By
Morris Tilton Island
Mosher Joe Batts Arm
Moss South Island
Mudford Back Harbour
Mullins Herring Neck
Neal Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Newbury Shoe Cove
Newman Joe Batts Arm, North Island, South Island
Nippard Hare Bay
Noble Nipper's Harbour, Rogue Harbour
Osborn Barr'd Islands
Osmond Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Oxford Herring Neck, South Island
Paddock Ward's Harbour
Pain North Island
Pardy Black Island, Little Harbour
Parsons South Island
Patton Burnt Isles/Exploits
Pearce Joe Batts Arm, North Island, South Island
Penton Joe Batts Arm
Perry Burnt Isles/Exploits
Phalen Joe Batts Arm
Philips South Island
Philpot (Philpott) Herring Neck
Pitman (Pittman) Back Harbour
Pollard Herring Neck
Pook (Pooke) South Island
Poole Little Harbour
Poor Fortune Harbour, South Island
Porter Burnt Isles/Exploits
Powell Merrit's Harbour
Preston North Island
Pride Back Harbour, North Island
Primer/Primmer Barr'd Islands
Prole Burying Place
Purchase Back Harbour, Joe Batts Arm
Randell Herring Neck, Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Rapson (Ropson) Durrell's Arm
Reardon Sandy Cove
Rice Little Harbour, North Island
Richmond Herring Neck
Ridout/Rideout Back Harbour, Bluff Head Cove, Rogue's Harbour, Whale's Gulch
Roberts North Island, Platter's Point, Seldon Come By, Bluff Head Cove
Rogers Durrell's Arm, Farmer's Arm
Rools South Island
Rousal Ladle Tickles
Rousel Ward's Harbour
Russel (Russell) Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Ryan Fortune Harbour, Tilton Island
Saunder Beaver Cove
Saunders Capl(a)in Cove
Scaviour Burnt Isles/Exploits
Seymour Burnt Isles/Exploits
Sharpe Back Harbour, Western-head Harbour
Shelly Barr'd Islands
Sheperd North Island
Sherring Flurry's Bight
Short North Island
Simms Fortune Harbour
Slade South Island
Small Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Tizzard's Harbour
Smart Herring Neck
Smith Back Harbour, Farmer's Arm, Little Harbour, North Island, South Island
Snow Pearce's Harbour, Sam's Cove
Spencer Back Harbour
Squires Herring Neck, Pike's Arm
Stark Joe Batts Arm
Starkes Nipper's Harbour
Stoneman South Island
Strickland Joe Batts Arm, Nipper's Harbour
Stride Burnt Isles/Exploits
Strong South Island
Stuckey Herring Neck
Stuckless Farmer's Arm, North Island, Tizzard's Harbour
Studley Burying Place
Styles North Island
Sugg Little Harbour
Swung Fortune Harbour
Tate Tilton Island
Taylor Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic), Joe Batts Arm
Teken Herring Neck
Thoms Shoe Cove
Tilley Bet(t)'s Cove
Tizzard Back Harbour
Toop (Toope) Durrell's Arm
Tremblett North Island
Troke (Troake) Durrell's Arm
Tuffin Herring Neck
Twine North Island
Walker North Island
Wall Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Ward North Island
Ware, Warr, Weir Back Harbour, Tizzard's Harbour, Back Harbour, Little Harbour
Warren Herring Neck
Waterman Durrell's Arm
Watkins Herring Neck, Little Harbour, North Island
Wells Back Harbour, Burnt Isles/Exploits, North Island
Welsh Farmer's Arm, Herring Neck
Welshman Shoe Cove
Wheeler South Island, Tizzard's Harbour
White Burying Place, Herring Neck, North Island, Platter's Point
Whitehorne South Island
Whyatt North Island
Wild North Island
Wills Joe Batts Arm
Wiseman Herring Neck, Pike's Arm, Tizzard's Harbour
Witcher Barr'd Islands
Wolfrey (Woolfrey) Morden's Harbour/Moreton's Habour (sic)
Woodford Herring Neck
Yates South Island
Young, Youngs North Island, South Island, Shoe Cove

Contributed and Transcribed by Linda Stent-Campbell (2011)

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