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A Register of the Families inhabitants in the District
of Ferryland 1800 - Settlement of Brigus [South]

An effort has been made to transcribe this manuscript retaining the spelling and format of the original document, hence some
words may appear to be spelled incorrectly. For an explanation of unfamiliar words and abbreviations, see the Glossary


Brigus [South]

Parents NamesChildrens Names &Ca.
FathersMothers SonsDaug.rsAge
John MackeyMary MackeyWilliam Mackey1 13
  Cornelius1 11
  Patrick1 5
  John1 4
  Anstice 118
  Mary 116
  Elizabeth 16
Nicholas DoyleSarah DoyleJohn Doyle1 24
  James1 13
  William1 12
  Anstice 118
  Ann 19
Robert JordanMary JordanJames Jordan1 14
  John1 12
  Maurice1 10
  Robert1 2
  Joan 118
  Margret 116
  Catharine 18
  Elizabeth 16
William LundreganMary Lundregan    



Brigus [South]

Parents NamesChildrens Names &Ca.
FathersMothers SonsDaug.rsAge
Number from page 17119 
 Anstice DullantyRobert Dullanty1 32
  Thomas1 25
  Edmund1 23
  Richard1 21
  John1 14
  Timothy1 7
  Anstice 112
  Joan 19
Michael HeaseJohn Hease1 2
  Margret 17
  Anstice 14
James KennedyMary KennedyJohn Kennedy1 6
  Mary 116
  Eliza 113
  Ann 111
  Catharine 18
  Flora 15
  Simea? 12
 Franny DunphyPatt Dunphy1 7
  Edmund1 2
  Margret 19
  Elenor 14



Brigus [South]

Parents NamesChildrens Names &Ca.
FathersMothers SonsDaug.rsAge
Thomas CarewElizabeth CarewJohn Carew1 11
  Edmund1 7
  Ann 117
  Bridget 112
  Catharine 113
  Elizabeth 15
 Ann DobbenWilliam Carroll1 10
  John Mullins1 6
Edmund PowerAnn Power    
John SloanAnstice Dwyer - unmarried    
Edmund DunphyAnstice DunphyThomas Buckley1 32
 [by the first husband]Bate*1 Buckley1 27
Maurice ConnersMary Conners    
Joseph PowerPeter Power1 11
  Mary1 *2 8
Edmund PowerMary Power    
"Bate" Buckley *1This forename appears to be Bate, which is a shortened form of Bartholemew. However, the scribe also wrote Patt, the shortened form of Patrick, with a smaller second t - uncrossed, therefore it has been difficult to distinguish at times which forename was actually intended. Research for this individual uncovered a Ferryland court record which shows that in 1816 a Bartholemew Buckley was ordered to sign over his fishing premises at Brigus to Edward Dunphy (his step-father).Kevin Reddigan
Nov. 3, 2012
Mary Power *2This entry appears to be "Mary", but the entry was marked and counted as a son.Kevin Reddigan
Nov. 3, 2012

Recorded and Transcribed by Richard & Roberta Sullivan inAugust 1999.

Layout revised; Updates and Errata added November 2012 by Kevin Reddigan.

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