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The Algerine Off Hopedale 1966





There's a noble fleet of sealers
	Being fitted for the "Ice"
They'll take a chance again this year
	Tho' fat's gone down in price.
And the owners will supply them
	As in the days of old
For in Newfoundland the Sealing Voyage
Means something more than gold.

For the is drifting "suddard"
	It's getting near the Funks
And men will leave their feather beds
	To sleep in wooden bunks.
Tho' times are getting hard again
	Our men have not gone soft,
They'll haul their tows o'er icy floes
	Or briskly go aloft.

The Algerine is first to sail
	She's steaming out the Harbor
With eager sealers on her deck
	And on the bridge-Wilf Barbour
The "Viking" blood runs in his veins
	As in the days of  yore
When the Barbours fought the seal and whale
	And fish the Labrador.

The "Terra  Nova's  next  to  sail
	In charge of Charley Kean
In the history of our fisheries
	That's a grand and worthy name
His crew of bully, northern men
	Can handle gaff or gun
To get their share, they'll risk and dare
	And think it all great fun.

The Arctic Sealer's late to sail
	Her crew worked with a will
Led by that modern Jowler
	The sealer's friend-Sid Hill
Tho' the last to leave the Harbour
	He was first to strike the patches
And on march the twenty-ninth
	Bore in log-loaded to the hatches.

There's one sailed from Catalina
	Her owner is Commander
She's the staunch and sturdy, local built
	The good ship "Newfoundlander"
When the white coats bawl, he'll risk his all
	Despite hard luck before
For there's ne'er a man in Newfoundland
	The likes of John Blackmore.

And  now  they're back in old St. John's
	A-sharing out the flippers
 Let's wish good luck to sealers all
	Likewise their gallant skippers,
Tho' Newfoundland is changing fast
	Some things we must not lose
May we always have our Flipper Pie
	And codfish for our brewis.	



Contributed by Donna Randell

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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