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Words to Old Newfoundland Songs
Heard Around the Harbor Main Region

Waiting at Gambo Station
by - Emily Wicks Mullett

Emily Wicks Mullett wrote the song "Waiting at Gambo Station" in the early 1950's, as an additional item for a church concert. It was an immediate (local) success and was used many times in concerts around the Wesleyville area. At that time, the only connection "outside" was by boat. One had to travel to Gambo, and wait for several hours to join the train to get to one's destination. In the song the individuals have all come from "Bonavist' Nart" and they introduce themselves as they sit waiting. She has used the old dialect prevalent at that time. The song shows quite a bit about the way of living in that area in the first half of the twentieth century.

"Waiting at Gambo Station"

Emily Wicks Mullett

Tune: A Yankee Doodle


Oh, we're off to take a trip
We've different destinations.  
We all belong to Bonavist' Nart  
And we're waiting at Gambo Station 
Now I belong to Brookfield   
I'm goin' out swile huntin'.    
And if we gets a bumper trip   
Den won't we fly de buntin'. (Chorus) 
I come up from Templeman 
I'm goin' in to Glenwood.    
I got me saw and  'atchet  'ere    
For cuttin' down the pulpwood. (Chorus) 
I belong to Wesleyville    
I'm goin' to New Yark City .     
But while I'm waitin' fer de train,    
I'll join ya in yer ditty. (Chorus) 
Pool's Island, that is my  'ometown.     
'tis across from Badger's Quay.     
Went fishin' when I wus a boy?    
'twas a "cut?tail' share dee gived me. (Chorus) 
I come from the Island, byes,      
Mine's call Silver Hair Fox      
What clothes I couldn't get in me bag      
I had t' put in me box. (Chorus) 
I'm from de Islands, too, me son.      
Dat gert big one named Greenspond.     
Got t' see the doctor in 'Sin' John's,        
But I'll join ees in yer song. (Chorus) 
Newtown, it is my hometown         
About sixty miles from Gambo.         
I'm teaching in a little place         
That's not too far from Dildo. (Chorus) 
Valleyfield and Safe Harbour         
Das where we two brudders dwell.          
We're lookin'  fer work in Carner Brook          
And we're hopin' to do well. (Chorus) 
Pound Cove is where I come from          
'tis 'tween Wesleyville and Newtown.           
Got t' go 'Sin' John's in service now,             
And I'm feeling mighty down. (Chorus) 
'ark!  'ark! I  ears de train me dears.           
Pick up yer tings and 'urry.            
We'll sing fer you again sometime,            
When we're not in such a flurry.  
Oh, we're off to take the train.             
We've different destinations.             
Goodbye to you, and you, and you,             
And 'goodbye' to Gambo Station. 
-  Emily Wicks Mullett 



Contributed by Emily Wicks Mullett

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