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From the Thomas R. Cole Collection
The Journal of James Yonge (1641-1721),
Plymouth Surgeon, ed., F.N.L.Poynter, (London).
An Account of the Ships and Planters
that fished in St. Johns, 1669, the Marigold Admiral,
together with the number of men each ship had.
Boats Men
Mr Xpr Martin in the Marigold of Plymouth 18 90
Mr. Jno Rich in the Blessing of Dartmouth 10 50
Mr. Wm Cock in the Fortune of Dartmouth 5 25
Mr. Tho: Fowles in the Solomon of Dartmouth 11 55
Mr. Rob. Fletcher in the Unity of Dartmouth 12 60
Mr. Knowles in the James of Dartmouth 8 40
Mr. Barthol. Hill in the Diamond of Topsham 3 15
Mr. Jno. Martin in the Phenix of Tinmouth 12 60
Mr Lux &c. in the Nonesuch of Dartmouth 15 75
Mr Allen Heyn in the _____ of Dartmouth 8 40
Mr. Tho: Waymouth in the Fortune of Dartmouth 6 30
Mr. Ball in the Unity of Plymouth 5 25
Mr. Cope of London 3 15
Mr. Ellice Martyn of Dartmouth 3 15
Mr. Bawden of Tinmouth 5 25
A list of Planters and Interlopers:
Boats Men
Mr. Dennis Loany 3 15
Mr. Furze 3 15
Mrs Grace Porter 2 10
Mr Nicho Hopkings 2 10
Mr Andrew Blase 1 5
Mr Rogers 2 10
Mr Andrew Holeman 1 5
Goodman Coke 1 5
Goodman Bennett 2 10
Mr Downing 2 10
John Lashly 1 5
Mr. Durdell 2 10
Mark Bickford 3 15 (Intr.)
Jno Bickford 2 10
Jno Woods 2 10
Old Mr Cullen 1 5
Mr Roger Andrews 2 10 (Intr.)
Mr Tho: Grigs 2 10
Old Churchwood 1 5.
Note from Thomas Cole: The first captain to arrive in the Spring got to be admiral over all others who followed him (and lawgiver to any settlers who overwintered): the captain of the Marigold (the well known Christopher Martin, a true Newfoundland hero) was admiral in 1669. Surprisingly there is little mention of Martin's defense of St. John's against the Dutch.

Contributed by: Thomas R. Cole
February 21, 2001
Posted: March 1st, 2001 (Donna Randell)

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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