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J.B. Jukes, List of Inhabitants, 1839

			# in	dwelling					Location/
Name			Family	here	Native		Age	Occ.		Remarks
										Sandy Point
Forest, William		2	11	New York	23	merchant	purchasing fish
Parsons, John		11	born	St. Geo. Bay
Dennis, Philip		9	born	do		43	do		do
Messervey, Abraham	2	born	do		28	Salmon &
								herring fishery
								& _______
Hore, George		4	born	do		38	do
LeHeart, Francis	5	9	St. Pierre		do
Parsons, Mrs.		2	born	St. Geo. Bay		do
Messervey, George	5	born	do			do
Parsons, John		9	born	do			do
Swyer, Samuel		2	58	England		76	do
Dennis, John		7	born	St. Geo. Bay	46	do
Parsons, James 		6	born	do			do
Meservey, Philip	8	born	do			do
Oizon, John		3	15	St. Pierre
Meservey, John		9	born	St. Geo. Bay
Prowey, George		6	14	St. Pierre
Pennell, John		7	born	St. Geo. Bay
Pennell, Clement	5	born	do
Hunt, William		1	born	do
Meservey, Je__		1	born	do
Pennell, Joseph		8	born	do
Pennell, James		7	born	do
Jessou, Joseph		20		Sydney, C.B.				very poor,
March, Francis sr	4		Cape Breton				 employed by
Young, Benjamin	2			Cape Breton				 merchants in the
										 Cod fishery, at
Marsh, Rose		2		Cape Breton				 other times
Renouf, Julien		3		Cape Breton				 by the French
March, Francis jr.	2		Cape Breton				 merchants. All
Duval, Charles		2		Cape Breton				 are of French
Jessou, Louis		1		Cape Breton				 descent.
Mole, William		2		Cape Breton
McHall, Jane		3		Cape Breton		runs a boarding
Hurley, William		1	13	Ireland			Salmon fishery
								 & keeps cattle
Maddore, John		7		Cape Breton
Maddore, George		6		Cape Breton				Herring and Cod 
Maddore, James		6		Cape Breton				 fishery very
Young, James		2		Cape Breton				 poor, not very
Young, Francis jr.	2		Cape Breton				 hen_ sometimes 
Young, Isaac		2		Cape Breton				 by English
Young, Lixey		6		Cape Breton				 merchants and
Parisaine, Benjamin	5		Cape Breton				 sometimes by
Hoare, Mrs.		1	born	Sandy Point				 the French. Very
Biniard, Isaac		5		Cape Breton				 imprudent and
Bennett, Brazou		3		Cape Breton				 fare badly
Bennett, John		1		Cape Breton				 during winter.
Young, James		1		Cape Breton
Pilley, John		3		Cape Breton
Lucau, John		3		Cape Breton
Merry, John		2
Hayes, Bill		7
Bennett, Francis	50		Canada		80			Le Belier
Lucau, Jean		40	15	France		40			(English subjects
Paley, John		15		St. Pierre	45			 by birth but of 
____, John		50	8	St. Pierre	38			 French descent)
Hulin, Anne		6	45	Port aux Basque				Barchois
Rowly, John		6		Guensey
Morris, Robert		20	20	Kent
Hulin, James		7	36	Garyou					Little Barchois
Hulin, John		8	50	Garyou		65			Crabs, Barchois
Gale, John		8	30	Isle of Wight
Huelin, Moses		6		born
Legg, Thomas		6	16	La Poile
Gillam, Charles		8							Book River
Inhabitants mostly English, Scottish, Jersey descent				Great Codroy
- 15 families  80 people
Inhabitants mostly from Cape Breton						Little Codroy
- 3 or 4 families, of 20 people
Prosper, Robert		6	11	France					Little Harbor
										 (B. O. I.)



Contributor: Laverne Cormier

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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