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Fishing Certificate for the Fisheries on the Banks or Coasts of Newfoundland or
Labrador, or the Dependencies thereof.


Custom House, Saint Johns
8th June

This is to Certify, that the Vessel Swan
whereof Wm Hoskins  is Master, has this

day been specially cleared out of this Port

for the Fisheries on the Banks or Coasts of Newfoundland, or Labrador,
or the Dependencies thereof, without having on board any article of traffic
(except only such Provisions, Nets, Tackle, and other things as are
usually employed in and about the said Fishery, and for the conduct and
carrying on of the same).

           This Certificate is to be in force for the present Fishing Season
and no longer.


Wm Doutney Jr?   Collector of the Customs.


*** This Certificate to be granted by the Collector or other principal Officer of the Customs
from whence the Fishing Vessel clears out : 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 59. s. 19.


Plantation No. 28.--Certificate for the Fisheries.--Newfoundland, &c,


E. & S.--8 rms.--7/58.





Abstract Of Laws Granting Fishing Licences, and of the Penalties and
Forfeitures incurred by misusing such Licences.

The Master of every Fishing Vessel is required to observe, that upon his first arrival at any port in the said Colony of Newfoundland, or its Dependencies, a report of such arrival is to be made to the principal Officers of the Customs at such Port, and that after the Fishing Vessel has been so reported, and while actually engaged in the Fishery, or in carrying coastwise to be landed or put on board any other Ship engaged in the Fishery, any Fish, Oil, Salt Provisions, or any necessaries for the use and purposes thereof, the Master is excempt from all obligations to make an entry at or obtain any clearance from any Custom House at Newfoundland upon arrival at or departure from any of the Ports or Harbours of the said Colony, or its Dependencies, during the continuance of the Fishing Season, for which this Certificate is granted.

The Master will also observe, that previously to obtaining a clearance at the end of the Season for any other Voyage at any of such Ports, he is to deliver up this Certificate to the principal Officer of the Customs of such Port. If there shall be on board any Fishing Vessel, during the time the same may be engaged in the said Fishery, any Goods or Merchandize whatsoever other than Fish, Seals, Oil made of Fish or Seals, Salt Provisions, and other things being the produce of or usually employed in the said Fishery, the Fishing Licence is forfeited, and the Vessel thenceforth becomes subject and liable to all such and the same Rules, Restrictions, and Regulations as Ships in general are subject and liable to.

Such Goods or Merchandize taken on board at any Foreign Port or other Place will be forfeited, unless reported by the Master on his arrival at any Port in the British Possessions, and the omission thereof will subject the Master to the Penalty of 100£. Such Goods or Merchandize, if laden on board a Fishing Vessel in any British Possession, without being entered outwards, will subject the Master to a Penanlity of 50£.

And any Master departing from any Port in the British Possessions, without a Clearance, with Goods or Merchandize on board, will be subject to a Penality of 100£.

Stores or other Goods landed, without the authority of the Officers of Customs, from any Fishing or other Vessel, render the party concerned liable to a prosecution for treble the value thereof, or 100£.





List of Stores taken on board the Swan  for
the use of her present Voyage.

Twenty five Hogsheads Salt
Three Barrels Flour, Seven Bags Bread,
Two Barrels Pork, Ten Gallons Molasses,
One Firkin Butter, Twenty pounds
Coffee, Fifteen pounds Tea.

All Duties paid here



Customs House St. John's
8th June 1865
Wm Doutney Jr?



Transcriber's Note

William Hoskins was my Great Grandfather, and this document was passed down passed down from my Grandfather, Peter Hoskins whose family had Fishing Rooms in the Bay de Verde area.


Contributed by Lorraine Smith (October 2004)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Wednesday March 06, 2013)

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