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(from the Weekly Record of July 2, 1892

Bravery Rewarded

We have much pleasure in giving publicity to the following despatches which are self-explaining: --

No. 24 Downing Street
24th May 1892

Sir: - With reference to my telegram of the 1st of March last, I have the honor to inform you that I communicated to Her Majesty the Queen your despatches of the 5th and 11 of March, containing further particulars respecting the late disaster of the fishing fleet in Trinity Bay.

The Queen has commanded me to convey to you the expression of the deep interest with which she has read the account of that disaster, and Her Majesty wishes that the high appreciation which she entertains of the conspicuous bravery and devotion of those concerned in the work of rescue may be conveyed to them.

I duly referred to the Board of Trade your recommendation of the names of certain persons who render most signed service in saving life on this occasion.

I have much pleasure in now transmitting to you, for communication to your Government, a copy of a letter which has been received from the Board of Trade in reply.

You will be so good as to cause this sums of money awarded by the Board of Trade to be paid to the several persons indicated in this letter, and to furnish to me with the further particulars desired by the Board of Trade in regard to the services of Crocker and Legge, in order that their cases may be considered for the Albert medal.

You will take an early opportunity of publishing this despatch.

I have, etc.,    Knutsford,
Governor Sir T. O'Brien, K.C.M.G., &c.,


Board of Trade,
Marine Department
London, S. W., 19th May, 1892

Sir: - I am directed by the Board of Trade to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 26th ultimo, transmitting a copy of a despatch from the Governor of Newfoundland submitting for reward the services rendered by certain persons in saving life in connection with the recent disaster in Trinity Bay, and, in reply to state, for the information of Lord Knutsford, that it is not the practice of the Board to give rewards for rescues from the shores of Colonies, but taking into consideration all the circumstances of this case they have made an exception in favour of the gallant party who set out over the ice to rescue Ivany and his sons, and have accordingly awarded a sum of (pounds) 5 to each of the rescuers, viz., Jacob Hobbs, Samuel Legge, Albert Crocker, Joseph Looley (Sooley) and Edmund Looley.

I am to request that you will be good enough to move His Lordship to cause instructions to be sent to the Governor of Newfoundland to pay this sum to each man and to draw a bill for the amount, at three days sight, on the Assistant Secretary, Finance Department of this Board. The men's receipts for the sums paid should be forwarded to the Board of Trade.

I am to add, with regard to Crocker and Legge who, by leaping from one piece of ice to another, succeeded in crossing the belt of loose ice which finally separated Ivany and sons from the rescuing party, that the Board will be glad to consider their cases for the Albert Medal if they receive a more detailed account of their services, together with statements from the men saved, and any others who can give personal and reliable testimony of the circumstances and the actual amount of risk run.

I have, etc.,
(Sgd.) Geo. J. Swantson.
The Under Secretary of State,
Colonial Office.

Transcribed by James Butler, 1997
Revised by Jim Butler, 2002



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