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Subscribers to Diocesan Mission Fund
Bay of Islands

As recorded in the 1916 Publication:
Accounts of the Diocesan Synod of Newfoundland

Note: Only subcribers giving $3 or more had their names listed in this publication

ALLEN Henry Curling
BELLOWS Robert Curling
BALLAM Manoah Curling
BAGG Brothers Curling
BARRETT Andrew Curling
CANDOW Herbert Curling
CHAFFEY Fred Curling
CLARK John Curling
CUNNING Alexander Curling
CUNNING Joseph Curling
DENNIS Charles Curling
DEMAREZ Arch Curling
GOULD O.C. Curling
JONES John Curling
KNIGHT Mariott Curling
KNIGHT Thomas Curling
KNIGHT William Curling
KNIGHT Edward Curling
LEGGO John Curling
LEGGO William Curling
LEGGO Reuben Curling
LEGGO Arch Curling
LILLY B.D. Curling
LEMOINE John Curling
LEMOINE George (C.W) Curling
LEMOINE William Curling
LEWIS John Curling
LEWIS Stephen Curling
MARKS J.H Curling
MESSERVEY William Curling
NOSEWORTHY William Curling
OROURKE James Curling
PARSONS C.H. Curling
PARSONS Joseph H Curling
PARSONS Wm A Curling
PARSONS James Curling
PENNELL James Curling
PENNELL C.H. Curling
PENNELL John A Curling
PENNELL Wm & Chas, of Jos, 1st Nfld Regiment Curling
PENNELL Joseph Curling
PENDER James Curling
PARSONS J.R. Curling
PARSONS Chas. E. Curling
PAYNE William Curling
RUEL F.H.J., Bank of Mont Curling
READ Alexander Curling
SHEPPARD Joshua Curling
SHEPPARD George Curling
SWEETLAND Harry Curling
STONE Henry K Curling
SWEET John Curling
THORNE J.T. Curling
TAYLOR Ernest Curling
WHITAKER Mrs. J.R. Curling
WILLIS William Curling
WHEELER Simeon Curling
WELLS Thomas Curling
WELLS John Curling
CARROLL Abraham Lark Harbour
DARRIGAN John Lark Harbour
DARRIGAN Maurice Lark Harbour
FORSEY A.J and wife Lark Harbour
GABRIEL W.A. Lark Harbour
HIGGINS John Lark Harbour
MOULTON Robert M.H.A. Lark Harbour
PARK Henry Lark Harbour
PARK Robert Lark Harbour
PARK Augustns (sic) Lark Harbour
PARK George Willis Lark Harbour
PURDY Leonard Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Henry Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Isaac M Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Moses of Moses Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Jonathan of Isaac Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Isaac Sr Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD George of Geo Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD George Sr Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Moses of George Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Wm of Moses Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Richard C.W. Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Richard W Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Martin Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD William H Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Geo of Isaac Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Isaac of Moses Lark Harbour
TEACHER   Lark Harbour
ALLEN Robert Gile's Point
COOPER James & Son Gile's Point
COOPER Edward Gile's Point
DOMAN Roland Gile's Point
DOMAN William, C.W. Gile's Point
EDMONDS Edward Gile's Point
FRENCH Samuel Gile's Point
FRENCH Harold Gile's Point
HUSSEY John Gile's Point
PORTER H.T. Gile's Point
PARRETT Henry Gile's Point
PERRETT George Gile's Point
PERRETT John Gile's Point
STONE John E. Gile's Point
WELSHMAN George Gile's Point
COMPAGION Henry John's Beach
COMPAGION Michael John's Beach
DENNIS John L. John's Beach
HUMBER Thomas Benoit's Cove
MITCHELL Fred Benoit's Cove
MITCHELL Henry T Benoit's Cove
VARDY William Benoit's Cove
ANDERSON John E. Meadows Point
BRAKE John W and son Meadows Point
BRAKE A.E. And son Meadows Point
BRAKE Jeremiah Meadows Point
BRAKE Cornelius Meadows Point
BRAKE Hayward Meadows Point
BRAKE Thomas H. Meadows Point
BRAKE Francis Meadows Point
BRAKE Joseph H. Meadows Point
BRAKE John H. Meadows Point
BLANCHARD John W Meadows Point
BLANCHARD James H Meadows Point
DAVIS Edward Meadows Point
DAVIS George Meadows Point
HOUSE Thomas Meadows Point
BROCKWAY Henry Frenchman's Cove
STICKLAND George Frenchman's Cove
STICKLAND Alexander Frenchman's Cove
WHEELER George Frenchman's Cove
WHEELER Alfred Frenchman's Cove
ROBINSON Benjamin Brooms Bottom
ROBINSON Stephen Brooms Bottom
LOVEL Joseph Sr McIvers Cove
LOVEL Esau McIvers Cove
PARK Richard McIvers Cove
PARK John McIvers Cove
BLANCHARD Thomas Crabbs
BLANCHARD Joseph Crabbs
PARK William Crabbs
BUFFETT Peter Chimney Cove
BRAKE Edward Humbermouth
BRAKE William Humbermouth
BRAKE George Humbermouth
BRAKE Luke Humbermouth
BELL Mrs L. Humbermouth
FIFIELD Walter Humbermouth
PENNY John Humbermouth
BARNES Wiliam J. Wood's Island
BARNES Jacob Wood's Island
MILLER Henry Wood's Island
BUTLER Miss E. M., Teacher Wood's Island
SPENCER Arthur T. Wood's Island
SHEPPARD Jonathan Wood's Island
TUCKER Charles Wood's Island
ANTLE Robert Summerside
BAILEY Susie Summerside
DAVIS George Summerside
DAVIS James Summerside
LOADER Jeremiah Summerside
LOADER Walter Summerside
LOADER George Summerside
LOADER Albert Summerside
MURPHY Robert Summerside
McDONALD Daniel Summerside
PENNY Henry Summerside
PENNY Gilbert Summerside
PENNY Edgar Summerside
WHEELER Thomas Summerside
WHEELER Joseph Summerside
WHEELER John Summerside
WHITE James Summerside
BALDWIN Edward Middle Arm
COX John Middle Arm
COX George jr Middle Arm
NOSEWORTHY Solomon Middle Arm
NOSEWORTHY James Middle Arm
PARK James J. Middle Arm
PARK Jeremiah Middle Arm
PARK John E. Middle Arm

Copy Provided by Leslie A. Winsor
Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (2008 02)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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