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Subscribers to Diocesan Mission Fund
White bay

As recorded in the 1916 Publication:
Accounts of the Diocesan Synod of Newfoundland

Note: Only subcribers giving $3 or more had their names listed in this publication

BURTON Henry Albert Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Lot Sr Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Shem Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN George Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Lot Jr (C.W.) Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Joseph Sr Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Wm John Jackson's Arm
COMBDEN Titus Jackson's Arm
FORD Shem Jackson's Arm
FORD Simeon Jackson's Arm
FORD Andrew Jackson's Arm
FORD John Jackson's Arm
HEAD Lot (C.W.) Jackson's Arm
HEAD James Jackson's Arm
LUSH Kenneth Jackson's Arm
READ George Jackson's Arm
SPARKES Isaac (L.R.) Jackson's Arm
WICKS Wm Thomas Jackson's Arm
WICKS Charles Jackson's Arm
HINES Charles Sr Coney Arm
RALPH John Thomas Coney Arm
RALPH Charles Coney Arm
RAISON Joseph Coney Arm
SACKERY George Coney Arm
CASSELL William (C.W.) Harbour Deep, N.E.
CASSELL Samuel Harbour Deep, N.E.
CASSELL John Harbour Deep, N.E.
CASSELL George Harbour Deep, N.E.
MORGAN J.S. (L.R.) Harbour Deep, N.E.
PITTMAN Elijah Harbour Deep, N.E.
PITTMAN Edward (C.W.) Harbour Deep, N.E.
POLLARD Thomas Harbour Deep, N.E.
RICKETTS William Harbour Deep, N.E.
MURCELL Joseph Duggan's Cove
PITTMAN John Duggan's Cove
PITTMAN Andrew Duggan's Cove
RENDELL Peter Duggan's Cove
RENDELL Robert Duggan's Cove
CASSELL James Harbour Deep, S.W.
ELGAR John Harbour Deep, S.W.
ELGAR James Harbour Deep, S.W.
LODER Levi Harbour Deep, S.W.
LODER John Harbour Deep, S.W.
NICHOLAS Arthur Harbour Deep, S.W.
BRINTON William Williamsport
RENDELL Wm John Williamsport
RENDELL Hebert Williamsport
BALL Arthur Sop's Island
DAVIS George Sop's Island
PITTMAN Alfred Sop's Island
PITMAN Abram Sop's Island
GALE Simon Hampden
GALE Luke Hampden
GALE Richard Hampden
RICKETTS John F. Granby Island
HEWITT Alexander Westport
HEWITT Thos (R.N.R) Westport
HEWITT James Westport
HEWITT Joseph Westport
HURLEY George Westport
JACOBS Darius Westport
JACOBS William Westport
JACOBS Simon Westport
JACOBS Mrs. A.J. Westport
PEARCE H. L. Westport
RICKETTS Alexander Westport
FUDGE Andrew, CW Pound Cove
JACOBS Luke Pound Cove
JACOBS Stephen, C.W. Pound Cove
BREEN G Bear Cove
PYE Edmund Bear Cove
RICE Adam Bear Cove
RICE Andrew Bear Cove
BANKS Geo W., C.W. Seal Cove
BANKS Leonard J Seal Cove
OSBORNE Joseph, C.W. Seal Cove
OSBORNE James Seal Cove
OSBORNE Mr. & Mrs. Geo W. Seal Cove
OSBORNE Arthur Seal Cove
PINKSTONE Geo Wm Seal Cove
RICE William John Seal Cove
WATTON Arthur, L.R. Seal Cove
WATTON Mrs. Arthur Seal Cove
BLACKMORE A. L. Baie Verte
BLACKMORE Harold Baie Verte
BANKS Leander Baie Verte
JACKMAN W.J. Baie Verte
JACKMAN W.R.E. Baie Verte
JACKMAN Jessie M.E. Baie Verte
PURCHASE John, L.R. Baie Verte
ROBINSON Samuel Baie Verte
SAUNDERS George Baie Verte
SAUNDERS Richard Baie Verte
WHITE Edward Baie Verte

Copy Provided by Leslie A. Winsor
Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (2008 02)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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