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From the Thomas R. Cole Collection

Newfoundland & British North America School Society
Contributors 1832 - 1842



1832/3 Newfoundland & British North America School Society - 10th Annual Report. 

Bonavista Country Assoc. 

Mr & Mrs Meek Teachers
J Abbott, Sr.
J Abbott, Jr.
Jos Abbott
Roger Abbott
Solomom Abbott
S Abbott, Jr.
J Ackerman
Mrs Alexander
Arch Arnott
J Ayles, Jr.
John Brophy
Francis Brown
Geo Brown
Jas Brown
Thos Burge
Step Burton
Joe Carol
Chas Cole
Robt Cross
John Cuff, Jr.
Joe Cuff
John Dominey
Mich Doody
Robt Dorey
Mr Drawbridge
John Edmonds
John Etsell
Thos Etsell
Wm Etsell
Chas Fisher
John Fitzgerald
Mr M Flemming
Thos Gaylor
W Goodland, Jr.
Wm Green
Jas Hampton
Jas Harris
Mr C Hayward
T Hicks, Sr.
Thos Hicks
Moses Keele
John Launder/ LANDER
Wm Littles
Wm Meek
Joe Mifflin
Thos Mifflin
S Mifflin, Esq.
John Miles
Hugh Mouland
Mrs J Mouland
Ed Mulally
Jas Murphy
John Murphy
Mr N Nowlan
Henry Pardy
Robt Power
Step Power
Mr M Quinland
Thos Reader
Geo Rider
Geo Robins
Ed Rocket
Abel Rolls
R Rolls, Jr.
Sam Rolls
Thos Rolls
Robt Russell
C Saint, Sen.
Obi Sharp
John Simmons
John Skelton
Mr A Skeffington
Mr A Squires
S Squires, Jr.
Ed Stagg
Ed Strathie
J Templeman
T Templeman
Patrick Terry
Joe Tilly
Rich Tilly
Thos Tilly
Robt Wade
Joe Way
Wm Way, Jr.
Wm Welsh
John White
Jas White



Abbott		Mr. H.
Alexander	Mr.
Ayles		Mr. J. Sen.
Clark		Mr. R.
Cuff		Mr. J. Sen.
Domenoy	Mr. John
Drawbridge	Mr.
Ellis		Rev. W.
Fisher		Mr. Charles
Fitzgerald	Rev. H. J.
Harris		Mr. J.
Little		Mr. Wm.
Mifflen		Mr. Thos.
Mullally	Mr. Edw.
Quinland	Mr. M.
Reader	Mr. Thos.
Rider		Mr. George
Saint		Mr. C. 
Skelton	Mr. J.
Skiffington	Mr. J.
Soper		Mr. T.
Templeman	Mr. J.
Templeman	Mr. T.
Brown		Mrs. R.
Meek		Mr. W.
Mifflen		S. Esq.



Abbott		Mr. R.
Abbott		Mr. Roger
Abbott		Mr. S.
Brown		Mr. G.
Carol		Mr. James
Carol		Mr. Jos.
Clark		Mr. R.
Cuff		Mr. J. Jr.
Domenoy	Mr. John
Fennell	Mr. M.
Fitzgerald	Rev. J.
Halliham	Mr. L.
Harris		Mr. J.
Lander	Mr. J.
Little		Mr. Wm.
Manuel	Mr. J.
Mifflen		Mr. Thos.
Mifflen		Mr. E.
Mifflen		Mr. J.
Moseland	Mr. H.  (Mouland?)
Mullally	Mr. Edw.
Powell		Mr. J.
Saint		Mr. C. Sr.
Saint		Mr. C. Jr.  (James Charles)
Sexton	Mr. R.
Skelton	Dr.
Skelton	Miss A.
Skiffington	Mr. J.
Soper		Mr. T.
Strathie	Mr. A.
Sweetland	Mr. J.
Templeman	Mr. J.
Templeman	Mr. T.
Templeman	Mr. Jno.
Terry		Mr. P.


1841/2 Proceedings of the NFLD & BNA Society for educating the poor.
19th Annual.

Bonavista Country Assoc.
Abbott		R.
Addy		Rev. M.
Brown		Mrs. A.
Brown		F.
Burge		T.
Clark		R.
Cuff		John
Cuff		Joseph
Cuff		W.
Domonoy		J.
Edmonds		J.
Fitzgerald		Rev. J.
Ford		S.
Harris		James
Hicks		John
Little		James
Little		Messrs. J & W.
Manuel		J.
Mifflen		Joseph
Mifflen		S.
Mifflen		T.
Mifflen		E.
Mulally		Ed.
Rogers		W.
Rolls		R.
Saint		C.
Saint		James
Seller		W.
Shears		J.
Skelton		Dr.
Soper		Thos.
Templeman	John
Templeman	Thos.
Welsh		Mr.
Wood		Rev T.M.


1842 NFLD. & BNA Society for Educating the Poor.
Bonavista Contributors:

Judge Lilly & Suite
Mrs. S. Brown
Rev. G. Ellidge
Mr. S. Ford
Mr. W. Green
Mr. T. Hunt
Mr. Joseph Mifflen
Mr. S. Mifflen
Mr. T. Mifflen
Mr. Ed. Mulally
Mr. James Saint
Dr. Skelton
W. Sweetland, Esq.
Mr. J. Templeman
Mr. Thos. Templeman
Mr. Welsh
Rev. T. M. Wood




Contributed by Thomas R. Cole (February 2000)

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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