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Joseph Small's Diary of Burgeo - 1925, cont'd...


We will now move on to Hunt's Island.

Here we find John Hann, an Englishman, and a fine man he was. He died with cancer of the tongue twenty years ago. His wife was a Crewe from Dawson's Cove. She came here, no doubt, with her brothers, John, Martin, and William; all of whom settled here. John Hann was married September 13th, 1848 by Mr. Cunningham, the second wedding he had after coming here. Their family was William, Samuel, Andrew, John, Louise, and Miriam. The latter died many years ago, unmarried. Louise married Robert Porter, of James. They left a large family of girls and two boys, John and Samuel. Both married and lived on the Island. Unfortunately, they [John and Samuel Porter] were both drowned ten years ago while gunning. One of the girls of this family, Miriam, died at St. John's, in the hospital. Mrs. Louise Porter died before her husband. He married again, to Sarah Rose. Robert Porter died, say ten years ago. Two of the daughters married James and Robert Harris of Our Harbour. One, Edith, married James Porter, of James Porter. James junior died of consumption. Edith sold her house and went to Hermitage and married again. She is still living.

William [Hann], before mentioned, married a Harris at Our Harbour. Samuel [Hann] also married there to a daughter of William Harris. Andrew [Hann] married ] Green, daughter of Aunt Ann. They have a good family. John [Hann], who took over the place and property of his father, cared for the mother who was a nice person. John married ________ Green, daughter of William, before mentioned. They have a fine family, four boys and a girl or two. The first John was a tall man and the sons and grandsons take after him.

Next we come to John Rose who came here from Hermitage Bay. He was married on September 10th, 1846, by Mr. Blackmore, to Edith Porter. She was a daughter of old Samuel Porter and sister to James senior. They moved to Seal Islands in the late sixties. There was more fish up there and that's what this class of men wanted. I know very little of this family except for a daughter who married her cousin, one John Strickland, who went west at the same time.

Joseph Ingraham, or Engram, as the names were called when the writer came to this country, comes next. He was married, before coming here, to one of the Crewes, sister to Mrs. [John] Hann. They both died long ago. Their only daughter that I know of is widow McDonald, now living with her son. Martin [Ingraham] died early, a young man. George [Ingraham] married Edith Porter. both are dead, but not before he married again to ____ Green of Our Harbour. She is now living with her sons. Joseph Ingraham and his wife are long dead. Mrs. Ingraham was a Crewe, a nice woman. Mr. Ingraham was the son of old Grandmother Payne and a brother to Mr. William Taylor.

Next we find William Green, whose wife was a Northcotte, sister of John, Benjamin, and Mary, who married Joseph Matthews. William Green's family was Benjamin, Henry, John, Thomas, Rachel, and another daughter, who married John Francis of Hermitage. She is now a widow. Her husband drowned coming out of Sydney Harbour a few years ago. Mr. William Green died of cancer many years ago. His wife has long been dead. John, a single man, drowned on the Bankss in the Grace Hall, John Anderson Master, in 1887. Henry married Edith Porter, of Robert. Henry was a cripple, with a crutch, from boyhood but he was a most vigorous fisherman and saved some money. He had no help, since his family was all girls, except for one boy, the last of the family, and now only thirteen. Henry died of cancer in 1924, a widower. His wife was a daughter of the late James Ingraham of Hunt's. Alice married Joseph Ingraham of Hunt's. Both are still living. Rachel married Edward James. They had two boys. One, John, married a Foote of Red Island. He built and still lives on the same spot his grandfather James had his house. Edward, the second boy, is living at home. Sofia [daughter of Edward and Rachel (Green) James] married Charles Dominy and is living on Collier's Island.

This now covers Hunt's Island and we will go up the harbour.

Here we find Grandfather Samuel Porter, and Englishman. He was very old, but kept a little school for the children. He died in the early sixties. He was living with his son, James. Samuel had several daughters, one was named Elizabeth. I think there were others. James Porter married Edith, who I think was a Crewe. They had as family: Thomas, Philip, James, Robert, Sarah, Catherine, and one other, who married William Strickland, father of the John now living there. Mr. Porter and his wife have long been dead.

Thomas [Porter] married Mary, daughter of John Crewe. By this marriage there was a daughter, who married Peter Carrol. They lived at Deer Island. She died twenty-five or more years ago. Thomas married again. His second wife was the widow of Michael Carrol. Both died at Deer Island.

Philip [Porter], my old friend, died in 1923, 77 years old. His widow is still living. She was a daughter of Robert Hatcher of Muddy Hole, Hunt's.

James [Porter] was married to a daughter of James Ingram, of Hunt's Island. He was lost on the Bankss in the Grace Hall, in 1887. They had three sons. One, Henry, died at Hunt's Island. He was married to a daughter of Robert Porter. The other two sons of James Porter went away to Gloucester [Massachusetts] and are living there now. Both are married. Their last known place of residence was Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Robert [Porter] married Amelia Hann. They had a large family. Both are now dead. They lived on Hunt's Island. Of the daughters, two married at Our Harbour, to James and Robert Harris, one to Harry Green, one to Henry Porter, one died at St. John's.

Sarah [daughter of Samuel Porter] married Robert Strickland. Both died before they had a family.

Catherine [daughter of Samuel Porter] married Benjamin Simms. They, too, are both dead. Three of this sons, Charles, Robert, and Benjamin, are living here. One, James, was lost on the Bankss in the Grace Hall in 1887.

________ married William Strickland, brother to Robert. Both are dead.

William Crewe came here with his wife, from Dawson's Cove. They had a son, William, born, no doubt, before coming, as I find the next son, Martin, was baptized in 1847. They had a daughter who first married James Harris of Ramea. Her second husband was Robert Strickland. Thomas, now of Hunt's, represents this family. One daughter, Anne, married Thomas Parsons, an Englishman, in 1855. He died years ago and Mrs. Ann Parsons married John Northcotte. Both are now dead. They had lived at Deer Island. There may have been others of this family but I have no records at hand and the memory of this family is gone. They moved to Deer Island in 1870. They had sons, John and Martin.

John Crewe came, no doubt, at the same date, 1846. I remember the wife also. The Crewes were find people, as were the others of Hunt's. One son, Samuel, went to Rose Blanche with his sister-in-law. He was a widower. A daughter, Ann, married Thomas Hatcher, father to John of Muddy Hole. All of this family have been gone for some years.

Martin Crewe also lived here. His wife was Sarah, daughter of old Samuel Porter. Mr. Crewe was lost on the fishing grounds when his punt sank. He had, I think, a son with him. This was in 1860.

We also find James Ingraham living here. He came, no doubt, as a shareman to William Crewe since he married a daughter, Mary, whom I forgot to mention on the last page. They had a son, Thomas, who died a bachelor some years after the father and mother. The father was drowned out gunning along with John Northcotte. This was in the seventies. The son, James, is living at Hunt's still. He married ___________ Green, daughter of William. A daughter, Caroline, married William Dominy. They lived at Deer Island. William Dominy died, leaving a boy, James, now married to Sarah, a sister of John Hatcher. After William's death, the wife and boy came to live with the writer as servants. She remained until she married Peter Rossiter of Deer Island. Mrs. Rossiter died in 1925. There was no family by this marriage.

__________ married John Hatcher and they have a family, boys and one girl.

Benjamin Simms was the oldest of that great family of Muddy Hole East. There were seven in all, I think, and I have met them and knew Uncle Robert well. Benjamin came as a shareman, no doubt. to James Porter since he married his daughter. He and his wife are both dead. A son and a widowed daughter, Mrs. Strickland, are still living at Muddy Hole. I have mentioned this family a page or so before.



Transcribed by Bill Crant, Elmsdale, NS Canada

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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